The history of the popularity of babette

The stylish hairstyle of Babette, despite its long history, is no less relevant in 2018. For the first time talked about her after the movie "Babette goes to war"in which the main character Brigitte Bardot shone with a magnificent hair drawn by a wide ribbon.

The main advantage of Babetta in the simplicity of execution, so there is no reason to deny yourself the pleasure to be fashionable and attractive at the present time.

With bagel

To create this styling is not necessary to perform bouffant, so this is a great option for those with weak hair. Modern women of fashion choose a hairstyle with a bagel for parties and celebrations. But the main advantage of this variant of Babette is the possibility of its implementation on hair of different lengths.

With pigtails and harnesses

If a girl has short hair, then this option will not suit her. Best looks hairstyle with a thick bang, which should not be pinned up. If you want to go to a party, then simply add beautiful hairpins or a shiny ribbon.

Shell shaped

This type of Babette was especially in demand in the 60s, but in 2018 it was no less popular. Hairstyle shell is simple: you need to create a bouffant along the entire length, pre-treated curls with varnish.

At first glance it may seem that Babette with a bow is difficult to perform, but if the hair is long, no problems will arise. For short strands styling is not designed.

Wedding Babette

The bride can use several variants of her hairstyle to create a cute and original look: classic, with a roller, with pigtails and even with loose hair. But to make laying solemn will allow various kinds of decoration: flowers, ribbons, beads, tiaras.

Has the execution technology changed by our time?

As mentioned above, Babette became popular hairstyle of almost all girls in the 60s after the release of the same film. But it was only in the film that the actress wore such a set in everyday life, but in reality, Babette could only be allowed on a holiday.

Over time, the classic version has received many additions, so you can pick up Babette for any occasion and occasion.

In 2018, the styling can be performed with loose hair, with braids, harnesses, curls.

How to perform a hairstyle at home?

Independently make Babette at home is not difficult. And although there are many variants of the hairstyle, it is more convenient for yourself to do the classic styling.

First you need to prepare the necessary tools and materials:

  • flat scallop
  • massage brush comb,
  • invisible,
  • gum
  • bagel,
  • foam
  • hair spray,
  • iron (if necessary)
  • thermal means (if necessary)
  • decorative elements: hairpins, bezel, ribbon and so on (optional).


  1. Before performing the hair head, be sure to wash your hair using shampoo with the effect of additional volume. Wet hair blow dry.
  2. Apply to the curls softening protective spray. It will prevent the formation of microcracks in the hair, protects against brittleness and loss. After that it is possible to process strands with foam.
  3. When all the preparatory activities are over, you can proceed to the creation of a foundation - a pile. It can be of two types: under the root or in the strand. For the first option, the pile is performed from the inside of the hair at the roots, and for the second, along the entire length. Use for this purpose you need a fine comb with sparse teeth and rounded tips.
  4. All hair divided by a horizontal parting into 2 parts.
  5. Secure the upper part with a clip so as not to interfere.
  6. The remaining hair to collect in a high tail and gently comb them. Now lay the tail so as to obtain an oval roller. For maximum reliability, fasten all the studs.
  7. Now go to the hair at the top of the head. Make a small bouffant and gently comb the strands to the side of the roller.
  8. The resulting construction of the pads is fixed invisible.
  9. Finished hairstyle for reliability handle varnish.

Stylish and elegant retro hairstyle ready. You can give a more solemn look if you decorate the laying with a satin ribbon or decorative pins. You can run classic Babette on long and medium hair. If a girl's curls are short, then she needs to use a special roller.

Babette, despite the rather long existence, is not inferior in popularity to many modern hairstyles. And this is not surprising, since it can rightly be considered universal. It is perfect for every day or celebration, and additional elements in the form of hairpieces and rollers allow you to make styling even on short hair.

How to make a classic version of their own hands?

  1. Wash your hair and apply cleanser to slightly damp clean hair to increase the shine of the hair.
  2. Use a hair dryer or iron to pull the hair out.
  3. Separate the hair from the back of the head in a horizontal part. Thus, the parting should be carried out through the top of the head from ear to ear.
  4. Collect the occipital part of the hair in a high tail and fix it with rubber or hairpins.
  5. To separate free hair, you should use zigzag or straight parting.
  6. Bangs comb over forehead.
  7. Collect the hair in the tail thoroughly, using the method of tupping (the strand must be scratched without piercing the hair). It should be combed from the outside of the curl from the bottom up.
  8. Smooth the back side with a flat bristle brush. For elastic fixation, treat the strand with hairspray.
  9. Fix the end of the combed strand with an elastic band and wrap in advance. The tips should be hidden inside the chignon of the hair, which you got in the previous step.
  10. Hair should form a kind of dome, which should be fixed stealth or hairpins.
  11. The left part of the loose hair from the inside should be combed and form a plane with the help of smoothing. Lay this strand as a continuation of the main chignon, at the same time, the base of the tail is closed. The strand is again fixed invisible.
  12. The right strand is processed in the same way and stacked on top of the left. The tips are hidden on the back of the head under the left strand below.
  13. All hair, except for bangs, should be as a whole, not breaking up into separate curls or zones.
  14. Bang should smoothly comb over the forehead. It should be perfectly smooth. Treat it with an iron so that individual hairs do not get out of the general strand. Above the bangs you can fasten a ribbon, hairpins with large rhinestones or a tiara.

Tip: bangs can be part of the hair, but babette can be done without it.

  • For example, if you have a short bang, divide it into two parts and straighten it with an iron, you can also use a curling iron.
  • If you have a bang of medium length and it frames the face, carefully select it from the general structure and mix it on its side, place the ends to the temples.
  • Most often, the bangs fit the side parting, but styling can be done without it, combing the entire front sector of the hair on the chignon.

The original version of the hair with a roller and a bow of hair

  1. Make a high tail and tie it in two places with a rubber band.
  2. Place a large roller under it and fix it on the head with studs.
  3. Lower the tail on the roller and use the gum to fix it under the roller.
  4. Spread the babette, and divide its tips into two parts. Attach each piece under the styling part.
  5. Wrap each piece in the form of a bow and fix it in the center. Of the two halves of the tip babette should form a bow.

How to make a haircut for medium hair?

If you do not have long hair, but they are enough for laying on top of the chignon, babette can also be made.

  • As with the previous versions, it is necessary to make a high tail, separating a thin strand of hair from the side.
  • Wrap this strand around the elastic to hide it and lock it.
  • Secure the roller under the tail and proceed to the next step.
  • In the next step, you should put hair in the tail on top of the roller, collect the tips and hide them under the roller with hairpins or invisible hair.

What is babette

At first hair is combed, and then placed in a high or low bun-cone - very lush and voluminous. The hairstyle can be complemented by various accessories - ribbons, flowers, hairpins with rhinestones or beads, tiaras and hairpins.

On the red carpet with her you can see Jennifer Lopez, Eva Mendez, Paris Hilton, Beyonce, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Penelope Cruz, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Gwen Stefani, Misha Barton. Also with babette such icons of the past decades as Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren and, of course, Bridget Bardo, often flaunted, and from the Soviet stars Anastasia Vertinskaya and Natalya Selezneva.


Babette is made as a solemn hairstyle for weddings, dinner parties, social events and trips to the theater. In such cases, it is usually decorated with additional decoration in the form of satin ribbons, rims and hoops, wreaths and tiaras.

Hairstyle fits perfectly into fashionable retro images. To create such a look, use a dress with a wide wrinkled skirt, large adornments, satin ribbon and matching makeup with arrows.

Babette fit and business dress code. For an office look, a more strict hairstyle is suitable - smoothly combed and without decor.

She does not tolerate neighborhoods with deliberately casual clothes and accessories. Choosing companions for her, stop at romantic blouses, business suits and strict dresses. Complete the image with a string of pearls, do a make-up with arrows - and you will definitely not go unnoticed.

Pros and cons of babette

The positive features include the following:

  • hairstyle can be done on the hair of any type - both thick and rare,
  • There are many varieties of hairstyle - high and low, with a tail and smoothly combed, with a bun and on loose curls, with a bow of hair, braids and plaits,
  • helps a petite woman look a little taller visually.

However, there is a significant disadvantage - it can not be done every day. Frequent combing can damage the hair structure. To prevent this from happening, babette needs to be done from time to time, and the comb should be created only according to certain rules.

How long can a haircut be?

Ideal for babetty - long and medium haircuts. If the haircut implies short hair on the top of the head, it is recommended to use overhead strands that hide an insufficient length. The most convenient way to do babette, if you have curls of the same length.

The only exception in which to create this hairstyle will be problematic, it is a very short haircut. However, in this case, will come to the aid chignon.

Types of babette

Classic (high and low). Hairstyle can be done both on the top and on the back of the head.

With roller. Roller is a soft foam rubber device of oblong shape, which is enclosed under the hair to give them a larger volume.

With a bagel. A bagel is a soft round shape with a hole in the center. When choosing it, be guided by the color of your hair. There are three types of bagels - blond, black and brown.

With curls. If you release a few strands on the sides of the face and curl them with a curling iron, you will get a sophisticated aristocratic image.

With loose hair. This type of hairstyle is usually done with a bagel.

With air pile. Lush bouffant adds styling ease. It was this variant of the Babette that Bridget Bardo wore.

With a bow (out of hair). Brings a touch of glamor into the image, so the hairstyle should be complemented by appropriate makeup, a cocktail dress and high heels.

With pigtails and harnesses. If you do not like the hanging ends of curls, you can braid them in a braid or twist them into a flagellum, then wrap it around the cone.

With a tail. Good for everyday looks.

With rim (tape). Complete the finished hairstyle with a rim or ribbon - and you get a stylish retro look.

How to choose the right option

Babette is not suitable for every woman. Depending on the shape of the face, it can either highlight its strengths or highlight the flaws.

  • Oval. Any variety of babette will do.
  • Round. Give up smoothly combed strands - a disheveled version would be better for you. A person should not be too open: if you let out a pair of curls on the sides, they will disguise wide cheekbones.
  • Triangular and rhombic. Suitable hairstyle with loose strands or with a volume on the sides.
  • Elongated. You should not do a high smooth styling, as it will even more stretch the face. Stay at a more luxurious version.
  • Square. A classic high babette with a filleted or graduated oblique fringe.

  • Curly. It is advisable to straighten the iron or podtvydut to the waves. Do not forget to use a thermoprotectant.
  • Wavy. If the hair has a light wave, it can not straighten. Sometimes even curlers are used to create babetta to make curls more voluminous.
  • Straight hair. Suitable for creating this hairstyle best.
  • Thick. Babette implies a pile, and on thick hair it is the easiest to make.
  • Liquid. You can use overhead strands and hairpieces, rollers and special bagels.
  • Thin. In this case, you will have to use more fixing varnish, so that thin hair will keep its shape better. You can use rollers, bagels, etc.

  • Straight. Such a hairstyle with a straight volumetric bang just below the eyebrows looks stylish.
  • Short Since Babette implies refinement and femininity, it is better not to combine it with a bold short bang.
  • Long Ideal for this hairstyle: you can slightly twist it with a curling iron or a flat iron and put it in soft curls on both sides of the face.
  • On the side. Oblique bangs add a touch of noble aristocracy to the image, so it is in perfect harmony with the sophistication of babette.
  • Thick Especially beautiful in combination with this hairstyle looks thick dark or red bangs.
  • Air. Well-shaped bangs can complement babette, especially if you have a heart-shaped or pear-shaped face.
  • Without bangs. An open forehead (which visually makes you taller) can only be afforded by a short girl. Also remember that a smoothly combed upward hair may not show itself from the best side of the owners of an elongated and round face.

What accessories fit?

In addition to the mandatory studs, rubber bands and stealth, you can use jewelery for a babette - a ribbon, hairpins, a scarf or kerchief, flowers (artificial and real), a hoop, a bezel, a diadem. If the hairstyle is done for a festive event (weddings, dinner parties, etc.), the head is decorated with hairpins with rhinestones or pearls, tiaras, crowns, and for the wedding - veil.

Babette has not lost its popularity for half a century now, and during this time she has become a real classic. Therefore, if you want to create a stylish and elegant look, feel free to make this hairstyle.

Babette hairstyle do it yourself

Despite technical progress, the most popular feminine hairstyles remain popular. One of them is babette's hairstyle.

What is the reason? Yes, just babette surprisingly feminine, romantic and elegant.

Babette is most often created for solemn occasions or evening shows.But this women's hairstyle is quite versatile and looks good in any situation. In addition, it shows off the density and beauty of the hair in a favorable light, opens the neck and ears, makes the image more gentle and refined.

Traditionally babette make for big holidays. This is a classic image of the bride and graduate. And this is not surprising, since babette comes to any outfit and harmoniously combines with various hair accessories: ribbons, headbands, tiaras. It is possible to build such beauty on the head independently, without resorting to the help of stylists.

How to make a babette with your own hands

Gathering for the first time to perform such a hairstyle, it is necessary to break the process into stages.

Remember that haircut is performed only on clean hair.

So that hair does not fall apart from the hair, you can apply styling product on your hair.

The whole head of hair should be divided into two parts, a smaller part from the top of the head should be screwed on large curlers and heated with a hairdryer, and most of them should be smoothly combed and twisted into a bun on the back of the head.

To fasten the bundle you need stealth and studs. When the top of the smaller part warms up, you need to build a pile.

This should be done carefully so as not to damage the hair with a comb. The more voluminous it gets, the more luxurious babette will be, so try.

From your efforts depends all the beauty of Babette and her sophistication. Nachel need to do bottom up. Then roll up the strands like a roller and fix on top of the beam.

To secure, also use studs and stealth, and the finished result sprinkle fixing varnish. For girls with very thick hair, there is another method to create babette. For it you need to collect the hair in a ponytail and divide the hair into two equal parts. The lower half of the hair is required to be well combed and layed with a roller, and then fixed with stealth. The upper part of the hair is required to straighten with the help of an iron and wrap around the created roller.

The final result is desirable to fix the varnish. It is possible to bloom the resulting babette with mascara for hair, colored lacquer and elegant hairpins. Originally it is possible to supplement babetta with bangs, and with its help you can correct the shape of the face.

Collected curls

It would seem that difficult to curl curls, if there is a thermal spray, curling iron, hands, a mirror and patience? Unfortunately, not everyone manages to make neat and symmetrical waves at first. The elastic curls filled with varnish look completely unattractive and will negate all efforts. If you still comprehend the skill of creating waves, then you can try a safe option - to collect curls in his hair. Such aerial and romantic styling is also loved to be called Greek.

To do this, the hair should be divided into strands, each strand from the middle to the ends should be curled with a curling iron. Curls give hair volume. Wear a thin ribbon on your head, skip in front at the level of hair growth, and in the back under the lower strands. Now methodically wrap the ribbon in hair. On the sides, you can release a couple of thin strands.

Simple elegant hairstyles take a little time, but it depends on how you style your hair, what impression your image will make, so they can never be neglected.

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Who would babette do?

Babette - so universal and stylish hairstyle that will suit absolutely everyone. Make it lush, release a few strands on the sides, and you will conquer everyone at the gala event, add a veil and get a wedding hairstyle. It should be perfectly smooth lay Babette, put on a classic suit and the image of a business woman is ready! However, to emphasize and rejuvenate the face, hairdressers stylists have identified several rules for a more rational use of this hairstyle. Babette will change a bit according to your type of face:

  • Oval. All kinds of hairstyles are appropriate.
  • Round. You should not do a smooth hairstyle. More fit volumetric bouffant, do not forget to release a few beautiful curls on the sides to visually stretch the oval face and hide the wide cheekbones.
  • Triangular. Best of all will look option with loose strands. Assume a light lateral volume.
  • Elongated. In this case, forget about the high styling. Give preference to the "lower" volumetric babette or a fluffy hairstyle. Brigitte Bardot and her famous hairstyle “Babette”
  • Square. Stop on classic babette with bangs. For bangs of short or medium length, the oblique version is ideal.

And a picture to help select the type of person:

Of course, a lot depends on the hair itself, so there are several recommendations, according to the type of curls:

  • Curly. It is best to straighten them or make a light wave.
  • Wavy. You can leave the natural structure of the hair intact, as often even straight hair slightly curled or curled using curlers.
  • Straight lines. Ideal because working with them is easiest.
  • Thin. Such hair requires more work. It is necessary to make stuffed and slightly curled them. Thus, it will be possible to hide the lack of density.
  • Thick. In this case, everything is elementary. Make a small basal lash, and at the ends wrap the ends slightly with a curling iron or hair curlers.

Do it yourself

To get a babette hairstyle, step by step instructions will help you:

  1. Styling is done on clean hair. Therefore, wash them, dry and apply styling products.
  2. Then separate the upper part of the hair - curl from the forehead to the top and from one temple to another.
  3. This bundle of hair is required to be made voluminous, since all refinement and beauty depends on volume.
  4. The rest of the hair is removed back, twisting into the shell and locking hairpins.
  5. Now the most important point - the formation of a pile, which is the foundation. Pumping is done from below. For optimal volume, the hair is wound on large curlers and heated by a hair dryer. Through time, the curlers are removed and combed the upper strands, which are formed by a roller and fixed on top of the already twisted seashell with pins or stealth.
  6. Then slightly comb the front of the hair to get a neat look, and treat them with hair spray. It turned out great!

There is still a way to make a babette's hair itself. It is suitable for owners of thick hair:

  1. To do this, collect the hair in a tight tail and divide it into two parts.
  2. Screw the bottom half well (volume depends on it) and carefully lay with a roller, while securing with pins.
  3. Straighten the upper part with a flat iron, comb and wrap around the roller.
  4. All this is fixed with lacquer and studs. Babette's hair with a roller is ready.

Classic version of babette

The classic version involves a combed and high-laid hair. To try on a Bridget Bardo style hairstyle, you need to:

  1. Divide the curls into two parts horizontally,
  2. Fix the top part with a barrette so as not to interfere
  3. Assemble the bottom in a high tail and gently mix. After laying it in such a way that an oval roller is obtained, for reliability, fasten with pins,
  4. Now let's work on the top of the hair. Make a little stuffed and carefully combed in the direction of the roller,
  5. Then the structure of the hair secure with stealth,
  6. Sprinkle hair with lacquer for reliability.

Elegant hairstyle in retro style is ready! If desired, tie a satin ribbon or add decorative studs and barrettes. The classic version is suitable for ladies with long or medium hair length. Girls with short hair will have to use a special roller or a long chignon.

Let's experiment with babette

As a rule, babette is made for long hair and its peculiarity consists in combing curls in the form of a roller back. Such a model in hairdressing allows for bangs. Since the shape of the styling remains almost always the same, the roller can be decorated with various elements: hairpins, hairpins, decorate with a wreath, tiara, a crown or a bow of hair. Often, to give even more beauty, use a wide ribbon to match the dress. Therefore, fashionable women have an excellent opportunity to experiment and find new options.

By the way, it is very versatile. They wear it both in the afternoon and in the evening and are relevant for any occasion, be it a solemn event or business negotiations. But many consider her a classic wedding hairstyle with or without a veil, in creating a feminine and elegant image of the bride. It is convenient to attach a veil, wreath, tiara and other decorations.

Tips for your image

Like any other hairstyle, babette is not suitable for every woman:

  • Her classic version, with styling at the top of the hair, looks amazing on the owners of an oval face.
  • If a rhomboid or triangular face, then how to make babette need to consult with experts. Most likely they will advise to correct it with a bang, which will begin almost from the top of the head.
  • A rare bang is suitable for a square face, in order not to visually weight the cheekbones and chin.
  • An asymmetrical bang and a non-breathing babette, similar to a simple shell, will help to “widen” a little, stretched or oblong face.
  • And chubby, to succeed babette hairstyle how to do? They are recommended to release along with bangs on the sides of several strands that hide the fullness of the cheeks.

To see the step-by-step technology, how to make out for each type of face Babette hairstyle, how to do - video in good quality!

It is not recommended to make babette too often, as the constant use of styling products adversely affects the condition of the hair.

With flowing hair

Babetta with flowing hair looks soft and elegant. The main thing - this women's hairstyle is incredibly easy to do! You should:

  1. Comb strands from the parietal region to the forehead.
  2. After that, attach a special hairdressing roller to the crown, or make it out of your own hair (if it is thick enough).
  3. Lay the upper curls on the roller and securely fasten with pins or stealth.
  4. Loose hair can be screwed onto the curler to make the image more romantic.

This variation of classic babetta looks great with long hair or medium hair, but it should be below the shoulders. Do not forget to fix the result with varnish. This step by step photo will help you figure it out!

And as a result:

Casual option

This version of babette does not require much time, effort and cosmetics:

  1. Gather the hair on the top of the tail, secure with a rubber band.
  2. Curls shuffle and form a roller.
  3. Secure the tips of the tail stealth. Hairstyle can be made perfectly smooth or, on the contrary, volumetric and even careless. The casual version of babette is suitable for short hair.

Evening babette with a roller

Babette with the roller - rather simple laying. It looks neat and stylish, so it will complement any of your look. You can make it yourself! For this:

  1. Divide (horizontally) the hair into two parts.
  2. Tie the top one at the back of the head, and the bottom one by catching the first tail, just below, closer to the neck.
  3. Lay the roller under the tail.
  4. Make sure that it is securely fastened. This can be done with the help of stealth or hairpins.
  5. After wrap the roller and completely hide it under the hair.
  6. The tips sticking out from below can be stabbed under babette if they are short. Braid the long ends into a braid and wrap the bundle.
  7. To add extravagance, decorate your hair with original hairpins.

With pigtails or plaits

Unfortunately, this spectacular hairstyle is not suitable for owners of short hair. Braiding her is incredibly easy:

  1. You should make a babette with her hair loose.
  2. Then divide the hair into two equal parts, braid them in braids or plaits. AND
  3. The last step is to wrap a bundle.
  4. Of course, do not forget to fix the entire structure.

Laying looks beautiful with a thick bang, so do not stab her. Add beautiful hairpins, and feel free to go on a holiday!

Stylish Babette

As a rule, such a variation is suitable for owners of thick hair.

  1. Separate the spikes from the temples,
  2. Tie a ponytail on the back of your head or closer to the crown
  3. Put the tail in a bagel,
  4. Braid the braid or the braid in a circle, grabbing locks from the tail and temporal curls,
  5. Secure the bundle with the studs.

High tail

I bet every girl has ever seen such a hairstyle in a movie. Sure, many wanted to repeat, but it seemed that without the help of a hairdresser is not enough. Nonsense, there is nothing complicated about a tall tail babette!

  1. To begin to separate the hair on one line with the ears or slightly higher.
  2. Kill them to make it easier to work.
  3. After that, carefully comb the main body of hair and smoothly smooth it with a flat comb.
  4. Tie the tail, be careful not to spoil the volume.
  5. Now split the remaining strands in half, let go over the ears and twist their tail. 15 minutes and hair ready!

And the result of the work:

At first glance, a babette with a bow looks rather complicated styling, but it is not so!

  1. Make a tail and separate a large curl from it.
  2. After make a high stuffing, form a roller.
  3. Cover the chaotically combed head of hair with a small strand from the separated shovel.
  4. Pin the tips, after hiding them.
  5. Then take the remaining curls and form three new ones (two side ones are slightly larger in size).
  6. Fold the side on the principle of a bow and secure with barrettes.
  7. Medium curl overlap in the middle of the structure.
  8. Hide the tips under babette.

This hairstyle is not suitable for ladies with short hair!

Very lush babette

Such styling will create additional volume, so it will suit beauties with thin hair. She visually makes your hair thicker.

  1. For a start, nasheshite your strands, then gently smooth the scallop.
  2. Collect the hair in the tail, make sure not to spoil the volume. If there is no pomp on the top, you can cheat.
  3. Separate the curls at the level of the temples and tie them with a silicone rubber band.
  4. After attach the remaining curls and form a holistic tail. So the styling will be more airy.
  5. Then take a bagel for hair.
  6. Fix the tips on it and begin to twist the bagel, thereby twirling his hair on it.
  7. When you get to the head, pin Babette.

You can stretch a few strands so that they playfully fell on the face. At will they can be curled. Also do not forget to use hairspray, so styling will last much longer.

Babette's Wedding Hairstyle

Over the past few years, Babette's hairstyle is popular with brides. In fact, you can choose different wedding options: classic, with a roller, with pigtails and even flowing hair. Wedding is a special celebration, so you should better trust the hair to professionals. We recommend to stay on the classic or with flowing hair, as they are especially gentle and elegant. Above you have already read them.

Pay more attention to the decorations:

  • Especially refined styling will make a tiara. It is best suited for the classic version.
  • Veil - the main attribute of the bride. You can pin it with hairpins or pins under the bun. Will look charming!
  • Also interesting is the white satin ribbon tied around babette.
  • Flowers are always a great idea. Ask the hairdresser to weave a few colors in her hair, and you will be like a princess from a fairy tale!

With two cones on the sides

This hairstyle more youth. The main thing is that it can be made on almost all types of hair (except ultra-short).

  1. Separate the hair from ear to ear.
  2. Tie the lower part so as not to interfere.
  3. Upper split straight or zigzag parting.
  4. Tie two tails on top.
  5. Take two small bagels (these can be bought in specialized stores).
  6. Put them on the tails.
  7. Wrap the hair bagels and pin the tips.
  8. Lift the strands slightly to make them airy.
  9. The lower part of the dissolve, you can curl.

Stylist tips

Hairstyles with extra volume require some caution. First, do not do the hair too often, as they spoil the hair structure. Secondly, do not brush your hair. Better wash your head first, and then grab the scallop. Also make babette on wavy or straight curls. If we talk about makeup, then the arrows are appropriate, smoky eyes or bright lipstick. Do not forget that the emphasis is on either the eyes or the lips!

Follow our tips and you will always be irresistible!

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