Pyrophoresis or roasting hair with fire: reviews, secrets of effectiveness, benefits and essence of the procedure

More and more innovative hair care methods are emerging. This lamination, and cutting with hot scissors, and keratin straightening curls. New technology is pyrophoresis - burning hair with fire. Reviews about the procedure of satisfied clients convince to try this unforgettable method. It is based on the treatment of hair with an open flame.

Pyrophoresis - roasting hair

Burning hair with fire is a new method of healing hair. This procedure is called pyrophoresis (or Fire Cut). It has been used for a long time to change hairstyles and improve the structure of curls. Hair baking was designed to eliminate split ends and brittle, dry hair.

Pyrophoresis received recognition in our country and the approval of doctors, candidates of science of Russia. For those girls who are afraid of fire, it is better to refuse this technique. In fact, pyrophoresis is not as scary as it seems at first glance. Hair is pretreated with special means. Therefore, heating the strands will eliminate only problematic hairs.

The therapeutic procedure is to burn the hair with fire. Reviews of clients who have experienced this technology, sound positive. After the procedure, their hair became fresh, healthy, and retained elasticity and volume for a long time.

Feature of the procedure

Pyrophoresis is treating the hair with a flame. The effect of the procedure consists of exposing curls to high-quality cosmetics and open fire. But direct contact with the flame does not occur. Hair is processed by heating, which allows you to even its relief.

Among the masters-hairdressers are regularly held courses on pyrophoresis. Therefore, before the procedure should be familiar with the certificate that confirms the qualification of a specialist. The original document contains the signature of stylist Olga Kurbanova, who developed and patented this technology in Russia.

Safe in the hands of an experienced technologist burning hair with fire. Reviews, photos before and after the procedure confirm that the strands after pyrophoresis look much better. In order for the firing to be successful, the necessary requirements are met:

  • pyrophoresis is performed on wet curls to prevent ignition,
  • on hair pre-applied funds, selected individually,
  • the flame helps deliver beneficial components inside the hair.

Indications for pyrophoresis

Hair roasting is designed to restore the hair shaft. The procedure will be relevant to deal with such problems:

  • brittleness
  • split ends
  • dry hair.

Firing technology is suitable for men and women. It can be used with any type of hair. Even if the curls are colored, blonded or chemically curled - pyrophoresis will help to improve the strands, return them shine and beauty.

In addition, it accelerates the natural growth of hair by burning hair with fire. Reviews of clients and hairdressers warn that the procedure should be carried out no more than 1 time in 2-3 months.

The difference between pyrophoresis and hot scissors

At first glance it may seem that pyrophoresis is no different from cutting with hot scissors. They really have common features. Both methods will help get rid of split ends. They are suitable for all hair types.

However, hot scissors solder the hair only at the very tip. Pyrophoresis also helps to level the entire structure. It solders the hair along the entire length, increasing its volume by 25%.

It is performed on medium and long curls by burning the hair with fire. Customer reviews agree that the resulting effect from pyrophoresis lasts much longer than from hot scissors. The procedure is expensive, but after it you can forget about problem areas of curls for six months.

Burning hair with fire: before and after. Customer reviews

The effect of technology is that the flame acts as a conductor. The fire “solders” active substances, microelements, vitamins into the porous structure of the damaged hair. That is why pretreatment of strands with high-quality products is so important. After the procedure, flowing, silky hair will please the eye and heart.

What is the effect of burning hair with fire? Before and after the procedure, the hair looks completely different. Dry, dull curls turn into healthy, elastic strands. Lifeless before pyrophoresis, they completely restore their structure after firing.

Strands do not electrify, great comb. They can be laid, curled. After the procedure, the curls will keep a fresh, well-groomed appearance for a long time. The holistic structure of the hair will provide natural shine and elasticity.

In most cases, clients are satisfied with the effect. Hair after pyrophoresis looks silky, beautiful. Glitter appears, which previously could only be achieved with lamination.

Pros and cons of pyrophoresis

Hair scorching (customer reviews and masters confirm this) has its positive and negative sides. Before you succumb to the temptation and try the innovative method for yourself, be sure to examine the pros and cons of pyrophoresis.

Positive aspects of the procedure:

  • split ends disappear,
  • the volume and growth of hair increases,
  • natural shine appears,
  • hair get the necessary trace elements and vitamins.

Negatives of the procedure:

  • split ends may reappear (only regular grooming procedures will help get rid of them completely)
  • high cost of pyrophoresis,
  • for the best result, the procedure must be repeated,
  • The effect depends on the professionalism of the master.

The essence of technology

Burning hair with fire (before and after the procedure) is accompanied by the treatment of the strands with special, nutritious means. The whole process takes about 45 minutes and includes 4 stages.

  1. Washing the hair, massaging the scalp to enhance blood circulation. There is a cleansing of excess subcutaneous fat, dead keratin scales.
  2. The master, taking into account the individual characteristics of the curls, selects a complex of nutritious cocktails, moisturizing and protective masks.
  3. Processing by fire provides heating strands. When this occurs, the hair shaft is rounded (its relief is leveled) and penetration deep into amino acids and vitamins.
  4. Contrast rinsing headwash. At the end of the procedure, the master applies a nutrient to the hair that will help strengthen the strands.

How does the fire work?

The firing process is not to be feared. This is a painless and safe procedure. You can feel a specific smell or hear a slight crackle of hair. The curls themselves are not set on fire during the procedure. They are only heated using an open flame.

How does hair burn by fire? Reviews of girls who have tried pyrophoresis, compare the feeling after the procedure with euphoria. Appears amazing lightness, relaxation. And the disobedient, dull strands will turn into an elastic, brilliant wave, full of vitality.

During the procedure, the master on metal tongs, which every hairdresser has, coils a cotton swab. Dips it in alcohol and sets fire to it. With gentle movements the master carries the flame along the entire length of the strands. At this point, the dry areas of the curls are burned.

Pyrophoresis at home

Is it possible to repeat the burning procedure on my own? What security measures should be taken to prevent the hair from burning? On the Internet there are many videos on which you can see how the hair is roasted. Reviews of masters warn that pyrophoresis should be done only in beauty salons. There all safety measures were observed and the necessary conditions for the procedure were created.

If the client insists on burning at home, you should invite an experienced specialist. The master must have a certificate confirming his ability to correctly perform the procedure. The effect obtained will depend on the professionalism of the hairdresser and the quality of the care products.

Alternative methods of roasting hair

Do not do the procedure yourself. Hair health is no reason to experiment. A burning of hair can lead not only to the loss of hair, but also burns of the scalp.

If the price of pyrophoresis scares away - you can use a simplified version of getting rid of split ends. To begin with, it is necessary to treat the damaged areas with vegetable oil. This is necessary in order to prevent the ignition of the hair. Split hair into small strands. Take the curl away from the main part of the hair and flame the matches or lighters.

Burning hair with fire at home can be done in an even simpler way. For this you need an iron - every part of it should be wrapped with foil.

  1. Set the maximum temperature.
  2. Apply to the curls nourishing composition or oil.
  3. Process each strand ironing.

Burning hair with fire: reviews

Most of the clients are delighted with the procedure. They assure that headaches and migraines pass after it. Exposure to fire helps to get rid of the accumulated negative, the aura is cleared, lightness appears in the whole body.

Pyrophoresis helps to get rid of dry hair in the most inaccessible places. With scissors or self-firing, this effect cannot be achieved. After the first procedure, the curls are striking in their softness. If it is carried out regularly (once a quarter), then you can completely forget about the problem of fragility and dryness of hair.

Negative reviews claim that there is no therapeutic effect in pyrophoresis. This is only a temporary, visual improvement of the hair. That the porous structure cannot be restored by firing, but it is better to spend money on high-quality shampoos and masks.

Dissatisfied customers say that curls made pyrophoresis even more dry. A week after the procedure, the hair again lies dull, lifeless strands. They become straw, they constantly have to handle expensive foams, gels.

The positive and negative effect after pyrophoresis depends on the individual characteristics. Consultation specialist will help identify problem areas of hair and their solutions. Pyrophoresis helps protect curls from the negative effects of the environment, prevents their aging. It does not cause allergies and does not give side effects.

The essence and secrets of the effectiveness of the procedure

The technique was developed by an expert in the beauty industry, a famous stylist Olga Kurbanova. Extreme strand processing technology has been successfully tested and patented.

Fire treatments are not fiction. The procedure is available in the elite beauty salons.

The secret of the effectiveness of pyrophoresis:

  • Before using open fire, a special hair mask is applied to the curls. Strands get protection, hydration,
  • short-term exposure to high temperatures provides rapid penetration of nutrients into the hair shaft,
  • the transformation of hairs occurs almost instantly, the effect is noticeable after the first procedure.

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Can I dry my hair

Can I dry my hair? What is the likelihood of ignition strands?

Numerous studies have confirmed not only the effectiveness, but also the safety of the method. During treatment, ignition of hairs is excluded. The reason is that all the cavities of the cuticle are filled with moisturizing, nourishing ingredients. For a fire, dry strands are needed, but fire treatment is carried out only on curls, smeared with nutrient composition.

Benefits and Results

The effect of pyrophoresis on the state of hair is difficult to overestimate. Ladies using the services of skilled craftsmen felt the magical power of fire.


  • perfect smoothness of the strands
  • soldering split ends,
  • restoration of elasticity, pleasant shine,
  • improved hair texture
  • elimination of damage to the hair rods along the entire length,
  • the hair shines with health, looks luxurious.

Advantages and disadvantages

Why do the fair sex spend a decent amount on a fiery procedure? What secrets does the master know who tames fire? Let's figure it out.


  • instant effect, rapid recovery of rod health,
  • a noticeable improvement in the appearance of the hair after the first session,
  • effective treatment of split ends,
  • perfect smoothness, gentle gloss of curls,
  • strands easily comb, fit well into the hair, do not electrify,
  • active penetration of useful substances, the ideal state of curls immediately after the session,
  • slowing down the aging of the strands due to the active saturation of useful components that support the correct structure of rods,
  • The procedure is suitable for any length of strands. Especially prized pyrophoresis among the owners of luxurious long curls,
  • fire treatment is recommended for dyed, weakened, “burned out” after chemistry, strands,
  • pyrofoez allows you to cure long hair, stop the section, without having to cut,
  • therapeutic effect lasts up to two, sometimes up to three or four months,
  • no side effects, no allergic reactions.


  • high cost of the procedure: a session lasting 15–40 minutes will cost 2000–2500 rubles and more,
  • processing of strands with open fire can only master, having a certificate with the signature of Olga Kurbanova,
  • you can not hold sessions at home
  • after a certain period, it is desirable to repeat the treatment to preserve the health of the hair.

Indications for the procedure

Contact the master who has permission to carry out pyrophoresis for hair with the following problems:

  • noticeable section of hairs at the tips and along the entire length,
  • severe damage to the strands after curling, dyeing, permanent use of a hair dryer, ironing, styler,
  • fragility, excessive dryness, "fluffiness" of hairs.

Pay attention to the pyrophoresis if you do not want to get a haircut, but the poor condition of the long curls is troubling. To deal with the cross section of rods on short and medium strands is easier.

Owners of luxurious curls with a strong damage to the rods have to cut. Pyrophoresis reduces the likely mandatory haircuts to obtain a therapeutic effect.

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The technique is approved by scientists, recognized as safe and effective. With the correct conduct of the session, the risk of side effects, a negative reaction of the body is excluded.

Who is not fiery hair treatment? Choose another method of recovery of hair in the following cases:

  • you are terribly afraid of fire,
  • You did not find the wizard that has the certificate for the procedure.

How is the hair treatment session with fire

Fire treatment takes only a third of an hour. During the session, the discomfort is absent, special preparation for carrying out pyrophoresis is not required.

Hair treatment with open fire. Stages of the procedure:

  • after assessing the quality of the client's head of hair, the master cleans the head of dead scales, sebum, dust, dirt,
  • during washing the hairdresser performs a head massage for active microcirculation of blood. With mild pressure, the oxygen supply to the cells improves,
  • The next stage is applying a special mask with a rich composition. Required components: amino acids, minerals, vitamins, vegetable oils, proteins. For each client, the master selects a specific set of ingredients,
  • After the processing of the strands, the most crucial moment comes - the roasting of the hairs with a mini torch. Open fire is not in contact with the strands, but exposure to high temperature provides active absorption of the mask components into the cuticle,
  • the ends of the hairs are rounded, soldered, the problem of section disappears,
  • the firing time of the hair is 1.5–2 minutes depending on the length and density of the strands,
  • the master applies a nourishing composition to the treated hair, anchoring effect that prevents further section of the tips. Active ingredients strengthen hairs,
  • it remains to apply a moisturizing mask to preserve the elasticity, healthy appearance of curls,
  • at the end of the procedure, a contrast shower is necessary: ​​first, the master washes the hair with warm hair, then with ice water.

Hair dry naturally. After pyrophoresis you will be pleased with the ideal state of the curls. In an hour, instead of dull, brittle strands, you will see luxurious, smooth hair, shining with health. After 2, 3 or 4 months, repeat the session.

What is it and what is the secret of the procedure?

Under the influence of high temperatures, the damaged scales are sealed, the hair relief is leveled.

Processing is performed along the entire length, which guarantees an incredible transformation of hair. Burning hair with an open fire perfectly solves the most common problem - the section.

High temperatures cut and sealed split ends over the entire length. That is why the procedure is often called a haircut. The result is an absolutely smooth and shiny single hair.

The impressive effect is due not only to thermal effects. Pre-luxe care products are applied to the surface of the hair. In the process of fiery processing nutrient enzymes penetrate deep into the hair, strengthen and moisturize.

Heat stress “seals” them inside. Thanks to this technology, the effect persists for a long time.

What result to expect?

With proper execution of the procedure and competent qualifications of the master, the hair roasting promises:

  • Instant recovery.
  • The thickening of the hair along the entire length.
  • Sealing split ends.
  • Achieving perfect smoothness and softness.
  • Restoration of elasticity and shine.
  • Easy combing.

What types of firing are there?

Only two technologies of hair roasting have been patented in Russia. - These are procedures such as pyrophoresis and brilliance. They differ from each other primarily in the technique of execution and tools.

Pyrophoresis was developed and patented by Olga Kurbanova. The procedure is also called the treatment of hair with fire. Promises recovery and long-term effect.

  1. Before the procedure, the master thoroughly washes his head, cleans it.
  2. Then it plentifully applies special thermal protective and care products: vitamins, keratin.
  3. Hair remains slightly wet. On special forceps wrap a cotton swab, moistened in alcohol and set on fire.
  4. The resulting fiery torch is carefully carried out along the entire length of the hair.

The result of the procedure depends on the qualifications of the master! When choosing a specialist, you must make sure that you have a certificate with the personal signature of the author of the methodology Olga Kurbanova. After the procedure, dull dry hair turns into elastic shiny curls. They are not electrified and easy to comb.

Some women complain about the short-term effect of pyrophoresis. After a few days the hair loses its strength and healthy appearance. They become dry and lifeless. This is due to the individual feature and the sensitive reaction to alcohol, which is used in the firing process.

The cost varies from 2-4 thousand rubles.

We offer to watch the video about pyrophoresis:

Bryulyun - author's methodology of Anna Dneprovskaya. Based on the natural property of hair hygroscopicity. It is performed with the help of a special tool - Bruleur. This is a high-temperature compact gas burner. With it, you can easily adjust the length of the flame. The burning temperature is 1200 degrees Celsius. No other hairdressing tool can work so intensively.

    The preparatory stage of the vogue is to cleanse and apply professional luxury-class cosmetics.

Under the influence of high temperature, amino acids and vitamins contained in cosmetics are broken down and penetrate deep into the hair structure. The result is impressive - shiny, smooth and thick hair!

Negative reviews about the quarters are most often associated with the qualifications of the master.. As a result of the procedure, the self-taught specialist is able to make the hair “ragged” and lifeless. Mandatory certificate of completion with the personal signature of Anna Dneprovskaya, an open demonstration of skills and professional cosmetics is the key to the qualification of the master and the success of the procedure.

The cost ranges from 3 to 5 thousand rubles.

Before and after pictures

Next, we present visually what it is like firing using pulphoresis and obscene techniques, in the photo before and after cutting you can see the effect of hair treatment with fire.

What technique to choose?

For affordability and affordable price - plus in favor of pyrophoresis. Blouse is considered safer by twisting curls into plaits.. This technology is 100% eliminates inflammation and burns.

When pyrophoresis is used alcohol, which can dry the hair. Technologically, brillating wins. Total - 1: 1.

Before you make a choice in favor of a particular technology, you should carefully study the market of hairdressing services in your city. Read reviews on firing masters or chat with their clients. Beauty and health hairstyles are at stake.

How often should the procedure be performed?

The long-term effect of burning is ensured by the penetration of nutrients into the hair with the subsequent sealing of microchips. For this reason, the procedure should be carried out at least once every 3 months. Depending on the structure and condition of the hair, the effect can last up to six months.

Is it possible to make this haircut at home?

Not! This is dangerous not only for hair, but also for health. The procedure must be carried out exclusively by a trained master.. Do not trust the tips about "home" roasting with a curling or ironing. A similar experiment can burn and dry hair. Hair restoration will cost much more than the cost of roasting in the salon.

Hot scissors or fire cut?

Firing is often compared to cutting with hot scissors. Indeed, the principle of action is similar. However, the scissors only solder split ends. Cutting with hot scissors is not a wellness treatment. She only mechanically cuts hair.

During roasting, hair is saturated with nutritive oils and keratin.penetrating deep into the hair. Split hair soldered along the entire length.

Roasting complex heals and saturates the hair. Burning is preferable for long hair. It will save from excessive fluffiness and will add shine. Hot scissors, you can choose the owners of short hair and those who seek to save.

Firing is gaining popularity among Russian women, but has already been able to recommend itself as an effective procedure. Pyrophoresis or brilliance will return the strength, smoothness, shine and healthy look to the hair. Roasting will make hair thicker and visually thicker. The long-term effect of 3 to 6 months compensates for the high cost. Worth trying!

What is pyrophoresis?

Pyrophoresis is a special salon procedure designed for hair care, during which the master, without the use of scissors, burns them with open fire. This technology was invented by a Russian master of international class. Olga Kurbanova. In 2009, she patented her invention, which has been drafted for almost 15 years. Since then, this technology has become known and in demand around the world.

This procedure is not new, because even in ancient times, people learned how to shape hairstyles without using scissors. Today, this method was revived again and gained great popularity among the representatives of the female population, and now practically in the salon you can find such a service as hair cut or pyrophoresis.

The effect of fire has a beneficial effect on the hair and helps the active ingredients of cosmetic products penetrate deep into their structure.

Even the most damaged curls after performing this procedure become smoother and get a beautiful shine. The fire not only improves the structure of the hair, but also strengthens them, due to which the hair breaks less, and many lovers of this procedure mark them accelerated growth.

For what and how is the hairstyle applied by fire?

Pyrophoresis can be carried out at any time of the year and is suitable for all types of hair. The most noticeable result will be on loose and damaged strands. It is also worth noting that the hair that was processed by fire, almost cease to respond to the change of humidity and as a result, less push.

But in fact, this procedure is completely safe, because during its implementation The following conditions are met:

  • The haircut is performed only on wet hair in order to avoid the possibility of their ignition.
  • Before the start of the haircut, special products are applied to the hair, which are selected individually for the type and condition of the hair. All means are applied in a certain sequence, and due to the effect of open fire, they penetrate into the very core of the hair.
  • Each master who performs this procedure undergoes a special training course and receives a certificate signed by Olga Kurbanova, which attests to his high qualification.

Pyrophoresis should be used no more than 1 time in 3 months. The procedure continues no more than 45 minutes and be carried out as follows:

  • Cleansing the scalp. This is the first stage during which the hair and scalp are completely washed out. During washing the master conducts intensive massaging of the scalp, in order to increase blood flow and wash the skin from the remnants of subcutaneous fat and dead scales.
  • Nutrition. Special protective and moisturizing masks are used, which contain various trace elements and amino acids. All masks are selected individually depending on the type and condition of the client's hair.
  • Roasting by fire. There is no direct contact with the fire during the procedure. All its essence lies in the heating of the hair, using fire, after which the hair shaft is rounded. And also, due to heating, active nutrients penetrate into the hair structure and heal it from the inside. The master wets a cotton swab with alcohol, and then sets it on fire and begins to drive the flame along the entire length of the hair. As a result, the tips of the hair are soldered, and the hair is smoothed.
  • The final stage. After roasting, the hair is again thoroughly washed with a contrast shower, and then special nutrients are applied to them in order to strengthen the tips.

Indications for use can be:

  • a clear section of hair on the tips, as well as along the entire length,
  • damaged and brittle hair after permanent dyeing, curling and using a hair dryer, ironing or curling,
  • severe dryness and brittle hair, as well as the tendency of the hair to "fluffy".

It will not only help preserve the length of the hair, but also contribute to their recovery.


A haircut by fire does not require special care after it, but there are some recommendations which you need to listen to:

  • To keep the effect of pyrophoresis on as long as possible for the next 3 days, it is not recommended to wash your hair.
  • It is also recommended to refuse hair coloring in the next week after the procedure.
  • In the first days it is best to dry the hair naturally, but if you want them to dry faster, you can use a hairdryer with a cold air flow.
  • Once a week, use a hair mask that suits your hair type and condition.

How many pyrophoresis procedures are needed?

Pyrophoresis refers to those procedures that can be carried out until the end of life. As a rule, the effect of one procedure is kept up to 4 months. Yes, and experts themselves recommend to do a haircut with fire no more than 1 time in 2-3 months. It should be remembered that regular pyrophoresis will help your hair to forget about split ends.

The technology of pyrophoresis still seems very dangerous and mysterious to many. Someone thinks that this method is just a marketing ploy.

However, seeing positive results and a lot of good reviews, girls are increasingly beginning to think about the "fiery" haircut.

Do not forget that the choice of the salon and the master should be approached very responsibly. And do not hesitate to ask to show a certificate of completion of training, because the condition of your hair depends on it. If you decide to try something new and improve your hair, then "Fiery" haircut - this is what you need!

About the procedure

"Fiery" therapy is a whole range of measures aimed at improving the hair. The purpose of the pyrophoresis procedure itself is to level the structure of the hair, saturate it with the necessary substances, and solder the tips.

Enlarged photo of damaged hair

But its effectiveness depends on how the daily care will be subsequently carried out. It must include various wellness procedures, the transition to a proper balanced diet, taking vitamin complexes. (See also the article Diet for hair: how to eat.)

Indications for pyrophoresis

Fire treatment is indicated in cases where you have the following hair problems:

  • Dullness, loss of shine,
  • Thinning hair with the appearance of their fragility and dryness,
  • Split ends, splitting hair lengthwise
  • Damage due to curls, stains, discolorations, use of rectifiers, etc.

In short, if your hair has become similar to dry straw, if your hair is strongly electrified, disobeys, gets confused, cannot be styled, you should try this method.

When all products have been tried and failed, try pyrophoresis.

Far from every master has a good knowledge of the pyrophoresis technique, and illiterate actions may not help but harm.
Therefore, always require the presentation of a certificate giving the right to provide such services.

If every three months to undergo the procedure of treatment with open fire, and in the intervals between them accurately follow the recommendations of a specialist, the result will not take long.

What is it expressed in?

  • The structure of the hair is normalized, their natural life cycle is restored, aging slows down,
  • Increases the tone of the supplying bulb of the circulatory system,
  • Hair is saturated with all those substances that are for them a kind of building material - keratins, proteins, etc.
  • Already after one procedure, additional volume and shine appears, the elasticity and strength of the hair increases, the tips no longer separate, the combing and styling is facilitated.

Burning hair with fire - before and after the procedure

All this happens not only because under the action of high temperature nutrients better penetrate into the hair structure, but also due to the effect of "sealing" the tips, which helps to retain the natural moisture, enhances tissue regeneration and reduces the harmful effects of external aggressive factors.

Since the hair follicles no longer have to expend the keratin they produce to repair damaged tips, it completely goes to the formation of the hair shaft. From here - their faster growth.

For reference. Hair cutting with fire has been practiced by many of our ancestors since ancient times.
And in some countries she is still credited with magical and healing value, including in various rituals.

How pyrophoresis is performed

The active substances under the action of fire quickly and deeply penetrate deep into the hair, where they accumulate, making them soft, silky and smooth. But it should be remembered that this is one of the few procedures that should not be attempted with your own hands or with the help of volunteers.

Only a specially trained specialist can do pyrophoresis. Moreover, the result depends largely on a clear phased implementation of actions.

Stages of therapeutic roasting

To understand how well your master acts, you need to know how and in what sequence the procedure is performed.

  • Cleansing hair and scalp. Simply put - washing, during which a massage of the head is performed, enhancing the blood supply and nourishment of the hair follicles. This process also helps to relax and calm down, especially if you experience some fear of an unfamiliar procedure.

Preparation for the procedure is as important as the treatment by fire

  • Therapeutic application. This may be a finished ampoule preparation or a mask specially selected for its composition or serum, which includes the elements necessary for your hair.
  • Hair treatment nourishing cocktail with healing ingredients such as proteins, peptides, essential oils, minerals, etc.
  • Direct roasting with open fireduring which the master sequentially processes the curl after curl along the entire length, including the tips.

You will notice the result immediately after the burning of the hair with fire ends - before and after the procedure - these are two different people. Damaged, dry and matted hair will be smooth, docile, will get shine, volume and well-groomed appearance.

Daily care

Despite the effectiveness and long-term effects of pyrophoresis, damaged hair that has undergone such treatment must be treated carefully. How to do this, you will tell the master. He will select for you an individual set of drugs and tell you how and with what frequency to use them.


Beauty will save the world!

Pyrophoresis is similar to a certain magical ritual, which magically eliminates many of the problems of damaged and weak hair. The footage from the video in this article is really suggestive. In fact, everything is much more prosaic and quite understandable if one is well versed in the physiology and structure of the hair.

Indications for use

The “fiery” procedure is designed for medium and long hair of any type, especially if it is brittle, dry and porous, slowly grows and splits. Effectively after repainting, highlighting, tinting, bleaching and other manipulations with hair.

The result of the procedure

  • hair growth is improved and its structure is strengthened,
  • the problem of split ends is eliminated,
  • curls attached shine, volume, density and become silky,
  • strands become more elastic, stronger and cease to electrify,
  • effect lasts up to 4 monthsThe exact time depends on the condition of the hair before the session.

The essence of technology

Pyrophoresis takes from 15 to 45 minutes, depending on the length and thickness of the hair, and consists of several stages.

  • The first is the cleansing of the hair, including washing and head massage to improve blood circulation and remove fat residues.
  • At the second stage, the master creates a protective film, applying an air conditioner or a special thermal protective mask with nutrients. Hair is treated with a moisturizing cocktail (mask) of wheat proteins, sunflower oil, peppermint, chamomile, lavender, linden, etc. After that, the strands are saturated with amino acids, keratin, proteins and other beneficial substances.
  • Processing by fire begins only at the third stage. A cotton swab is immersed in an alcohol solution, wound on special metal tongs and ignited. So he becomes like a torch. Then the specialist holds the tip of the flame along the entire length of the hair. Under its influence all the useful components penetrate deeply into the structure of the strands, thanks to which they remain there for several months. During this procedure, the hair is smoothed and strengthened, their structure improves, a feeling of relaxation and lightness is created. On the tips of the formed "balls", which, after flame treatment are removed using a towel.
  • To avoid splitting curls, they put another solution on them, which after a while is washed off with warm water.
  • At the end, the head is washed with cold water to make the strands easier to comb, and dried with a hairdryer.

Means used:

When treating with fire, luxury cosmetics are used that were developed specifically for this procedure, one of the main brands is Labiosthetique. Use a cleansing shampoo of the same brand, a means to protect the hair from high temperature, ampoule concentrate or therapeutic serum. Means of this brand is used because they have the full range of nutrients required for pyrophoresis

After the procedure

Despite the fact that after the first procedure of pyrophoresis a noticeable effect is visible, it is recommended to undergo it at least once every three months. Home care is also needed: taking vitamins, healthy food, washing with special shampoos that the hairdresser selects.

Summing up

Firecut technology seems mysterious and dangerous to many, but seeing the result, I immediately want to change my opinion. It is necessary to take a responsible approach to the choice of a salon and a hairdresser, it is advisable to ask those who have already used this service to read reviews.

To understand what hair burning is, you can try a regular haircut with hot scissors, and only after a while try a haircut with fire.

“Fire” on guard of health of curls: the price of “fire” is acceptable

Pyrophoresis, also called “Fire Cut” or “cutting hair,” is a salon treatment for hair care by burning them with an open flame. As a result of this action, a special impact is exerted on the hair shaft, which seals them and prevents the cross-section of the tips.

This procedure was developed and patented by the Russian stylist Olga Kurbanova, after which she gained international recognition and popularity. It should be noted that the procedure of pyrophoresis is safe if a certified specialist undertakes to conduct it. I draw your attention: burning your hair at home in the desire to save finances will lead to a deplorable result: the curls will be hopelessly spoiled.

Pyrophoresis is better to entrust a specialist

Girls often have a question about who is recommended treatment by fire. The procedure is performed on all types of hair, but special attention should be paid in the following cases:

Is pyrophoresis of hair effective: pros and cons

The question of the effectiveness of pyrophoresis occurs quite often. Not all girls believe in the effectiveness of this procedure and its benefits in treating hair. Among the advantages noted after the shearing by fire, there are:

  1. elimination of the split ends problem,
  2. visual increase in density and volume of hair,
  3. luster-like shine increase,
  4. reduction of hair electrification.

The appearance of the hair after burning hair with fire (before and after) speaks for itself.

However, in addition to numerous advantages, the girls who have tried the treatment with fire on themselves, note some disadvantages.

First of all, it is a rather high cost of the procedure, which depends to a large extent on the length of the hair.

The procedure requires repeated repetition. For the absence of split ends, pyrophoresis is recommended every three months.

Not every hairdresser will undertake the procedure of treatment with fire, since it requires certain knowledge and an appropriate certificate confirming the qualifications of the master.

The question of whether to treat hair with the help of fire, every girl should decide for herself. After all, without trying, it is impossible to evaluate the effectiveness of this method. Here, the main thing is to understand that even this procedure will not immediately get rid of all the problems with hair. After all, care for hair - a constant and ongoing process in the life of every girl.

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