Hairstyles for 5 minutes with your own hands

Medium hair can be put in a haircut for no more than 5 minutes - a great solution for those who like to sleep longer or prefer to wash their hair from the evening.

For some styling, it is not even necessary for the hair to be clean: a dry shampoo, an elastic gum and a pair of invisible women will help create a casual or festive look with your own hands.

Casual hairstyles for medium hair in 5 minutes

Owners of medium hair length are, as a rule, active girls who value their time. This length looks no less feminine than the curls below the shoulders, but it is much easier to care for and styling as well. Options for everyday hairstyles are so varied that they will not get bored during the whole working week.

A bunch of braids

Do so:

  1. Comb through the hair with a brush and divide into a straight parting.
  2. Braid two braids on either side of the parting. They can be any: classic, "fishtail", French, the main thing - not too tight. There are a variety of hairstyles for 5 minutes on medium hair. A bunch of braids - one of the most popular.
  3. Pull out the ribs of the braids, giving them a disheveled look and texture.
  4. Cross the braids in the back of the head and place them in a bun, fastening with the help of pins.
  5. Release individual strands from the face and wind them into the curling.

A bunch of 2 tails


  1. Clean straight hair divided into a straight parting.
  2. Make two high tails in the back of the head or slightly higher. Secure each with a rubber band.
  3. Carefully lay one tail around the base of the other, slightly twisting the strand with your fingers. Secure the tip of the invisible.
  4. Repeat the same with the other tail, forming an oval beam.
  5. Slightly tousle the strands of the beam with your fingers, giving volume.

Bulk bundle


  1. Make a tail on the crown, trying not to smooth the hair at the roots.
  2. At the base of the tail wear a gum “bagel”, passing through it the free ends of the hair.
  3. Using the middle brush, evenly distribute the strands on the surface of the "donut".
  4. The ends of the hair wrap the base to hide the gum, and fasten a small invisible.
  5. You can add air to the hair on medium hair and texture in 5 minutes, gently pulling the strands with your fingers with styling wax.

Tail with hair


  1. Horizontal parting to separate the crown area from the occipital.
  2. At the nape collect the highest tail. Secure with colorless rubber.
  3. The rest of the process dry shampoo or powder for the roots. This item is optional for owners of thick, dryish, curly hair.
  4. The hair of the front part should be divided into rows parallel to the original parting, and make dense bouffant at the roots.
  5. Smooth finished bouffant, trying to keep the volume. To form a second tail from it, but not to fasten it.
  6. The tips of the second tail wrap the base of the first. Secure a pair of invisible, spray with spray paint.

Tail and knot


  1. The whole mass of hair combed back. Separate the area from the face with a width of 5 cm by a horizontal parting.
  2. The remaining mass to collect in a tight tail on the back of his head, secure inconspicuous rubber band.
  3. Lay the hair of the face on the familiar parting, pull the ends back and tie a knot over the base of the tail.
  4. Hide the tips of the knot under the rubber band and fasten it with a small silicone rubber band or invisible.

Romantic bow

This styling looks great on strands of any length. In addition, it can be performed on both straight and wavy hair. In the latter case, the section from which the bow itself will be made does not need to be twisted.

  1. Good combing strands.
  2. We take on the crown zone a strand of medium thickness.
  3. We tie it with an elastic band, not stretching the tail to the end. A bundle should form.
  4. We split the bundle in half to make a bow.
  5. For fixing each section using studs.
  6. We start the formation of the middle section - we wrap the free end of the hair from bottom to top and pass it under the elastic band. For reliability, we fix or invisible, or a stud.

Another quick romantic hairstyle:

Horse tail with two spikelets

1. Combing and dividing the hair parting in the middle.

2. On both sides we weave two outer spikelets.

3. Both braids are tied together with one rubber band made of silicone.

4. Separate the strand from the tail and wrap the base of the tail with it. Hide the tip under the rubber band.

Bundle with a "fish tail"

  1. We comb and collect the hair in the tail at the crown.
  2. In the middle of the tail we tie another gum.
  3. The rest of the hair weave into a braid (normal or "fishtail"). Tie it with a rubber band.
  4. Throw the braid back and lay the tail in a bun. Gum at the same time should be in contact.

5. For fastening use stealth or invisible.

6. Slightly stretch the weave to give it a tracery look. If you wish, you can leave a pigtail tight.

7. Wrap the bundle oblique, hide its tip under the hair and fasten it with another pin.

8. Spray hair varnish.

Careless shell

  1. We comb hair and beat them with our hands. This will make the hair bigger.
  2. We form a shell so that the ends of the hair hang loosely.
  3. We put them in random order, fix if necessary with a pair of small hairpins.
  4. Spray on the strands varnish.

3 helpful videos with hairstyles for every day:
Three quick hairstyles | three quick hairstyles | Beauty Blanc Quick hairstyles to school and to work, for every day on medium / long hair with your own hands SIMPLE and FAST hairstyles for short hair (cutting hair)

Hairstyle from tails

Stylish and neat haircut for 5 minutes with his own hands is ideal for trips to work and friendly get-togethers.

Step 1. Comb your hair.

Step 2. At the top of the head we separate two strands of medium thickness. Bind them with a silicone rubber band.

Step 3. We make a hole just above the gum, lift the tail and stretch it through this hole.

Step 4. At the temples, pick up two more medium strands and attach them to the tail. Also bind the hair with a thin elastic band.

Step 5. In this section we again make a hole and twist the hair through it.

Step 6. The remaining strands are tied together with a thin elastic band and again form an inverted tail.

Bow-shaped bundle

1. We well comb and collect strands in a tight tail in the back of the head.

2. From above we put on the second elastic band and make it one turn around the tail.

3. Make a second turn, twisting the gum is not fully and putting the tail inside. Do not pull the hair out of the gum completely!

4. Make the third turn of the gum, putting into it the rest of the tail. The ends also do not pull out completely. It turns out a bow.

5. Carefully hide the tips under the rubber band.

6. We distribute the two halves of the bow in the form of a fan around the base of the tail.

7. We stick in the middle of the crab.

8. Spray hair varnish.

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By the way, not so long ago we told how to make a bundle with your own hands. It is not only very fast, but also stylish.

Step 1. Comb your hair and divide it into two sections with a horizontal parting. The upper section should be slightly smaller.

Step 2. The upper part of the twist into a bun at a convenient height. The strand is turned against the clock.

Step 3. Fix the studs.

Step 4. Putting the hair in the lower section.

Step 5. We twist them into a bundle.

Step 6. Wrap it around the first bundle.

Step 7. The tip of the harness is hidden and secured with an invisible one.

Weave Twist

  1. Comb and transfer hair to the side.
  2. Tie the tail with a thin rubber band.
  3. We form an inverted tail and stretch it to openwork.
  4. A little lower we tie another gum.
  5. Again we form an inverted tail.
  6. Repeat the weaving further, not forgetting to slightly loosen the strands.

Do you like hair with a braid? Be sure to make this stylish spikelet:

A bunch of braids

1. Combing and parting.

2. We select two thin strands on either side of the parting.

3. From each weave a pigtail. We tie the tips with rubber bands.

4. We collect braids in a tail together with the remained hair.

5. We carry out free weaving and on the tail.

6. We put it in a bundle. Fix the studs.

Hairstyle of three harnesses

  1. Comb and divide hair into three sections.
  2. Each twisted into bundles.
  3. We lay the flagella in small bunches almost at the base of the neck. Fix them with studs.

As you can see, create a beautiful hairstyle in 5 minutes under the power of each of you. We hope our photo lessons will help you to diversify your own image for every day.

Fast hairstyles for 5 minutes to school or college

Every morning, many teenage girls face the problem of choosing hairstyles for going to school: this one is no longer fashionable, this one she went yesterday, and this one doesn’t suit her. So you have to go with her hair loose or quickly collect everything in the tail. But after all, there are many beautiful and uncomplicated hairstyles, and if in our free time to practice weaving them, then in the morning there will be no need to choose. Therefore, we now consider light hair for 5 minutes to school. Attention on the photo below:

Reverse tail

And the first eerily simple hairstyle that you can try on yourself is a reverse or an inverted tail. This variation of the usual tail is more suitable for long hair.

All you need is a comb and a rubber band.

  1. Comb your hair and tie a low tail
  2. Pull a little elastic band and divide the hair over it into two parts,
  3. Take the tail and pass it on top of the hole formed,
  4. Tighten

Tail based

And here is another hairstyle for every day, which is ideal for going to school, but requires preliminary preparation.

1) So, comb your hair and take two small strands from the top of your head.

2) Lay the strands as shown in the photo.

3) Pick up a new strand from above and weave it into the top main one (shown in white).

4) Do the same with the bottom strand.

5) Twist into a bundle, now the lower strand goes over the top.

We continue to weave, until we reach the back of the head. We reach and fasten at the time of the clip.

6) Repeat the same on the other side, but now fix the harness with an elastic band.

7) Remove the clip and collect the hair in the tail.

And here is a video from which you clearly know better how to create such beauty.

How to create the effect of long hair

But this hairstyle is perfect for those who want to see their hair much longer than they really are. In addition, this hairstyle is created quickly and looks beautiful.

  1. Comb your hair and collect some of the hair from the top of the head, lying on top of the rest,
  2. The rest of the hair is also collected in the tail at some distance from the first tail,
  3. Lower the first tail on the second and comb.

Now I invite you to watch video tutorials on creating beautiful hairstyles.

4 simple options:

It should be noted that children's hairstyles should be not beautiful, but practical. Little girls are pretty active and cheerful for the most part, so making them just a ponytail is clearly not an option, it will quickly crumble, and the whole look will be spoiled.

The ideal option, many mothers believe braid. Of course, because if you firmly tighten even the most ordinary pigtail, it will not untie, and will firmly fix the hair throughout the day. Therefore, we now consider the possible variations of the pigtails.

But this video will teach you to weave a fishtail braid.

For short hair

And now we will separately consider hairstyles for short hair. Of course, they are much smaller, because with short hair you cannot go far, but here you can look irresistible.

And now we look at light hairstyles for short hair without styling, at home.

1) Take a strand at the temple, twist it into a bundle, take it back and secure it with an invisible one. The same with the other side.

2) Comb your hair and collect them in the back of a small tail, while leaving the locks at the temples free.

3) Take two strands on each side of the parting and mix them well, put them in place and smooth slightly. Get the effect of voluminous hair.

4) Take one strand from the temples, take them back and up, secure with a pin.

5) Divide the hair into two parts. Take small rezinochki and tie two tails.

You can see more hairstyles in this video, where weaving shown above is also clearly shown.

But in this video you will learn how to make braids for short hair.

TOP 5 beautiful and simple hairstyles for 5 minutes

Often girls are wondering what hairstyle can be done in 5 minutes. After all, I want to look great anyway. Complicated styling is better to entrust the hairdresser, but for every day, girls can independently choose something stylish and comfortable.

Do not forget that before you make a hair, you need to make sure that it suits you. To do this, be sure to take into account the hair texture, face shape and color type of appearance.

In this article, you will find 5 beautiful and simple hairstyles in 5 minutes.

Beautiful braid or tail with inversion in 5 minutes

To make this hairstyle, we need pearly hairpins with flowers (6 pieces) and a scrunchy. You can also pick up similar accessories.

1. First you need to collect the hair in the center of the back of the head in a horse's tail. Fix it with a rubber band for hair. Just above the tail we make a hole. Hair a little apart on the sides.

2. Pull the tail through the hole, tucking it down.

3. Now you need to pull the tail by the ends to straighten it to the sides. This will improve fixation.

4. Next, insert into the right side of the tail pin with flowers with the tip down.

5. Repeat the previous paragraph, evenly distributing the remaining hairpins on both sides of the fast hairstyle.

This simple hairstyle in 5 minutes can be slightly changed. To do this, just braid a beautiful braid from the tail. And if the hair is short, you can attach a tail strip. In this case, you can get a stylish hairstyle with overhead strands.

Such a beautiful and fast hairstyle can be done every day. It is perfect for study, work or regular walk.

Casual hairstyle for 5 minutes.

Casual hairstyle for 5 minutes.

Casual hairstyle for 5 minutes.

Casual hairstyle for 5 minutes.

Casual hairstyle for 5 minutes.

Casual hairstyle for 5 minutes.

Casual hairstyle for 5 minutes.

Casual hairstyle for 5 minutes.

Casual hairstyle for 5 minutes.

Casual hairstyle for 5 minutes.

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Simple and fashionable hair style in the style of Gossip Girl in 5 minutes

Today you can not blame haughty hair with a tail. And no one dares to doubt the aesthetic appeal of such a hairstyle. After all, horse tail has long been considered a fashion trend. Its length can be different - from short strands to long curls.

Making a fashionable hairstyle in 5 minutes in the style of Gossip Girl is very simple. The most important element here is the crossing of strands.

1. Separate a strand of hair 5 cm wide on both sides of the head. This part of the hair is necessary for crossing. The hair that remains is tied to the tail.

2. Using a comb with a sharp end, separate the left strand of loose hair. Now we transfer this strand to the right side. We fix invisible.

3. Next, you need to take the same strand on the right and move it to the left side (above the tail). We fix invisible.

4. Take the hair that remained on the left side and move it to the right. Wrap them gum. Now it is necessary to fix this part of the hair with invisibility (under the tail).

5. Repeat step 4 with the remaining hair on the right side.

Our light and original hairstyle is ready in 5 minutes.

Stylish hairstyle in 5 minutes.

Stylish hairstyle in 5 minutes.

Stylish hairstyle in 5 minutes.

Stylish hairstyle in 5 minutes.

Stylish hairstyle in 5 minutes.

Stylish hairstyle in 5 minutes.

Stylish hairstyle in 5 minutes.

Stylish hairstyle in 5 minutes.

Stylish hairstyle in 5 minutes.

Stylish hairstyle in 5 minutes.

Beautiful hairstyle based on an inverted tail

A variety of hairstyles based on the tail will always be fashionable. Make the original fashionable hairstyle in 5 minutes - the dream of every girl. And for its implementation it is necessary to choose something that emphasizes beauty and individuality.

A light hairstyle made on the basis of an inverted tail will look perfect if the hair is smooth and controllable in structure. You can also use a little silk serum to achieve shine.

To make this hairstyle, we need a comb and a few hair ties.

1. First, comb the hair and separate the two strands in the upper part of the head. We connect them with gum.

2. In the upper layer of hair we make a hole. We part a little hair and pass a tail through this hole.

3. Pick up the hair from the temporal part of the head and tie the tail just below the first elastic band.

4. Make a hole in the center. Now turn the tail through this hole.

5. Next, you need to bind the remaining hair, securing a rubber band. Just as in the previous paragraphs, let the tip of the tail through the central hole.

To create such a simple hairstyle takes no more than 5 minutes. And its owner will look charming and romantic.

Fast beautiful hairstyle do it yourself.

Fast beautiful hairstyle do it yourself.

Fast beautiful hairstyle do it yourself.

Fast beautiful hairstyle do it yourself.

Fast beautiful hairstyle do it yourself.

Fast beautiful hairstyle do it yourself.

Fast beautiful hairstyle do it yourself.

Fast beautiful hairstyle do it yourself.

Fast beautiful hairstyle do it yourself.

Fast beautiful hairstyle do it yourself.

Hairstyle with a bunch of hair in 5 minutes

To create a hairstyle with a bundle in 5 minutes in just 5 minutes we need a comb, comb for comb, two elastic bands, 5-10 invisible hair and hairspray. If the hair is wavy, you first need to straighten it.

1. Comb the hair, separate the strands in the upper part of the head and tie them with a rubber band.

2. Now we need to comb the tail, directing upward movement.

3. We tie the hair a little lower.

4. After completing each step, it is better to look in the mirror to check the correctness of the implementation. It is necessary to do this so that in case of an error, it is not necessary to perform all the actions first.

5. At this stage it is necessary to raise the lower tail and wrap between the upper strands of hair. We fix invisible.

6. Finishing the creation of a bundle of hair, slightly sprinkling hair with varnish.

Such a hairstyle in 5 minutes always looks beautiful and elegant.

Simple summer hairstyle.

Simple summer hairstyle.

Simple summer hairstyle.

Simple summer hairstyle.

Simple summer hairstyle.

Simple summer hairstyle.

Simple summer hairstyle.

Simple summer hairstyle.

Simple summer hairstyle.

Simple summer hairstyle.

Braid on the side in 5 minutes

This hairstyle is very light in execution. The braid, braided on its side, is ideal for girls who want to create an original and not boring image, having spent no more than 5 minutes on such a simple summer hairstyle.

1. First you need to carefully comb your hair, untangling all sorts of nodules.

It is important to make sure that the hair is not matted. This may interfere with the further process of weaving the braid. To facilitate combing, you can use the mousse.

2. Now take a strand of hair at the top of the head and divide it into three parts.

3. Next, begin the process of weaving the braids. We transfer the right strand of hair over the central. Then left as well. Again, right over the center, while grabbing a separate strand of hair from the forehead. Here it is better to hold the pickup under the main strands. Now we transfer the left strand of hair over the central one and make a pickup already from the back of the head.

4. Spit should be free. After all, it will be necessary to extend the side strands.

5. We continue to weave the usual pigtail when the hair for grabing ends. Now you can fix the tip of a small rubber band.

6. Carefully and slowly pull out the side of the pigtails, completing a beautiful hairstyle in 5 minutes.

Quick hairstyle to school

Easy and beautiful hairstyles to school in 5 minutes

Hairstyle to school in 5 minutes should be neat and as close as possible to the school image of the girl.

If the hairstyle is performed in such a short time, it does not mean that it can become frayed during the day.

A child with any hairstyle should be comfortable, in addition, it is not necessary for her to use too many bright accessories.

School hairstyle "Malvinka"

The hairstyle of “Malvinka” is considered to be a universal variant of styling, suitable for wearing to school by girls of different ages.

Very often, a similar hairstyle can be found on the hair of high school graduates, in this case, its only difference is a noticeable pile.

This model of hairstyles to school is really easy, it can be done in just 5 minutes on different types of hair.

"Malvinka" on curls will look touching and gentle, but on straight strands, on the contrary, strictly.

Hairstyle "Malvinka" performed in 5 minutes:

  • Hair should be combed and divided into a horizontal parting, so that in the upper part of the head there is the third part of the strands of their total weight,
  • The rest of the curls need to comb back, and from the front strands to collect on the crown of the tail,
  • At the end you need to decorate the hair, you can hide the gum with ribbons or a hairpin, as well as with a flagellum or pigtail made of a strand, specially separated from the tail in advance.

Hairstyle to school - "stylish bunch"

Since school life is characterized by activity, all the hairstyles that schoolgirls wear should be as comfortable and firmly collected as possible.

Especially they are relevant when it comes to those days of the week in school, in the schedule of which there are physical education lessons.

Cool bunches are not only convenient and for a long time are not disheveled, they also look stylish.

An elegant bun can be attributed to hairstyles that make in 5 minutes, but despite this, you can choose them to go to the movies or other recreational school activities.

Instructions that will make the beam to school in 5 minutes:

  • Hair should be carefully combed and tied at the back of the head, if desired, it can be placed on the side of the head,
  • Then the tail must be divided into two equal parts, rolled out of each flagella, rotating in opposite directions, from each other,
  • Finished harnesses need to be twisted together, the result is a double harness
  • Double harness frame the base of the tail, stretched elastic. The tip of the flagellum is stretched through the central part of the future bundle, we hide it under the elastic band,
  • Fix the styling studs.

Using fashion accessories, it remains to decorate the beam.

Hairdo to school "fishtail"

Laying "fishtail", despite the visual complexity, simple and easy, it is the same as the above options hairstyles to school, you can perform in 5 minutes.

"Fishtail" - an ideal alternative to the classic spit, because its design looks more interesting.

If the fishtail braid braids for the first time, it is recommended to start weaving it from the bottom of the neck, and when your fingers gain experience, you can make weaving using the upper strands of the head:

  • On both sides of the head near the temporal zone, you need to separate them by strands, then cross them on the top of the head - put the left strand on the right,
  • At the second stage we select more strands of loose hair, but now the right strand should lie on top of the left. Thus, alternating strands, we continue to weave to the bottom of the neck,
  • Weaving from the neck continues along the same lines, except that the right and left strands will need to be picked up alternately from the sides of the tail,
  • Pigtail "fishtail" is performed along the entire length of the hair.

Hairstyle for medium and long strands to school

Baraka is one of those that are suitable for girls with hair of different lengths. To form such a stylish styling in 5 minutes can be in different variations.

Its distinctive feature is the originally performed parting, as well as a different arrangement of the main styling elements:

  • The hair is divided by parting, we make two tails, they can be located above or below the head, behind the ears,
  • We curl tight and beautiful flagella from the tails, they will act as the basis of the hairstyle,
  • Each harness needs to be wrapped around the rubber band, which was intercepted by the tail, to fix the position of the "bagel" hairpins.

School haircuts in 5 minutes for girls with medium hair length do not differ in variety.

But still, there are fashionable and beautiful styling patterns with which you can attend not only school, but also festive events.

Hairstyle in 5 minutes with a rim to school

The headband or hair band is popular among schoolgirls for several reasons.

Firstly, this accessory is neat and comfortable, and secondly, it can be used to protect your face from annoyingly falling bangs.

A simple hairstyle with a rim can be made with a short bang pile - if there is one, as well as a pile of forehead strands - if there are no bangs.

In the first case, combed hair is additionally fixed with invisible hair on the vertex, after which the rim is put on. Hair in the back is collected in a bun or tail.

Spit to the side and loose strands to school

Since it is forbidden to wear loose hair to school, and throughout the day you have to follow its accuracy, which is not always convenient, you can make an interesting hairstyle in 5 minutes with weaving on loose strands.

Using the comb, you need to separate a small strand and comb it to the side, where and secure with a rubber band.

After that, from the resulting tail will remain a braid pigtail, in this case, you can apply weaving on 3 or 4 strands, perform a fish tail.

It is advisable to decorate the place of fastening of the tail with a beautiful accessory - it can be a ribbon or a barrette. That's all, the children's hairstyle to school is ready in 5 minutes.

Hairstyle "wreath" for 5 minutes to school

The wreath styling is suitable for girls of lower grades, as a rule, at this age they are all active and mobile, therefore special hair styles are required for their hair.

If the mother makes a “wreath” on the daughter’s head for a festive event, you can use eight bright multi-colored rubber bands, but for everyday wearing of the gum it is recommended to take two or one shade.

We collect from the order wreath on the head for 5 minutes:

  • We make an equal central parting, we collect temporarily two tails,
  • From each tail with the help of even partings we make two tails,
  • Of the four tails available, we collect tails with additional partings. As a result, we get a total of 8 tails, intercepted by beautiful bright rubber bands, and forming a circle on the head of the child,
  • Weaving a wreath: we connect the first working tail, located above the right temporal zone, to the next one; to do this, remove the gum from the second element and put it on again, but on a strand of two tails. The process of connecting all the tails in a circle is the same - when a strand of the last tail remains above the left temporal zone, its edge should be pulled further under the elastic bands until it is completely hidden in the hairstyle.

Braids and weaving in fast hairstyles

The fashion for the braids has never faded away. And according to trends, fashion shows will not fade away soon. On the contrary - more and more weaves appear. They are becoming more interesting, and they are becoming easier. One of the simplest but most beautiful weaves is the French braid. It can be braided in and out. From the first time a beautiful French braid is unlikely to work, but when you put your hand in, you will be able to make different hairstyles for yourself in 5 minutes with your own hands.

Very interesting look in the female hairstyles bunches. Combining them with braids, you can easily hide tails from the braids inside them, and the hairstyle itself will acquire some elegant, but at the same time romantic chic.

Let's try to tell and visually show one of these hairstyles.

Braid two braids along the head, starting from the forehead. Spit zatuzhivat not necessary. Everything should look natural and at ease. Connect them in one braid, and then twist it into a bun and decorate it with a barrette. For convenience, you can use hairpins, then the hairstyle will be more secure to hold.


Very good and always elegant in hairstyles look loose hair. But just to dissolve the hair to look unique and unique will certainly not be enough. But in order to change in an instant it is enough to decorate the hair with a rim of hair. How to make a haircut in 5 minutes with your own hands, but at the same time, we’ll tell you about the length of your hair.

Separate 2 strands, starting from the forehead, about 5 cm wide each. Separate with a thin-ended comb to make partings even. Before the temporal region, begin to braid the French braids, aimed in different directions. Depending on your skills and preferences hair, you can braid either from one or from two sides. When you have reached the temporal zone, then weave two ordinary braids, which at the end simply connect on the back of your head with a beautiful hair clip.

The above bezel can be used not only on loose hair. You can make new hairstyles every day.

For example, at the end you can not fix the hair with a barrette, but do a tail or a bun. In addition, you can use for the rim not only the hair divided by the center parting, share it with oblique, zigzag and other partings for which there is enough imagination. If you can weave other types of braids (for example, fishtail), then you can use these weaves instead of the French braid to rim your hairstyle.

Fast hairstyles for 5 minutes on long hair

Harnesses they are done very simply - it does not require special skills. For example, make a hairstyle with harnesses around the edges of the head. This hairstyle looks elegant and feminine. For this:

  • Separate a wide strand in the temple area and divide it into two equal parts,
  • Twist each strand into a flagellum, it is desirable to twist them in different directions,
  • Intertwine bundles
  • Place the resulting bundle on top of the remaining hair and fix it with a barrette,
  • Make the exact same harness on the other side, connect it with the first one with the help of invisible women.

Watch step-by-step photos of holiday hairstyles here.

Simple hairstyles for 5 minutes on medium hair

Ponytail - It is a hairstyle that is ideal for both long and medium hair. Making a ponytail is very simple - you just need to tie up the hair on the back of your head with a rubber band.

There is a second variant of laying - tail on the side. To hairstyle looked spectacular, it is recommended to curl hair with the help of forceps. This hairstyle will seem slightly negligent. Despite this, it is also perfect for going to a restaurant or other special event.

Lightweight hair itself 5 minutes

For long and medium hair, a perfect hairstyle such as bundle. Despite the fact that it seems as if it is difficult to do, it only takes a few minutes to create a hairstyle. Instruction:

  1. Tie your hair into a tight tail a couple of centimeters higher than your ears,
  2. The hair is divided into several parts and create a comb with the help of a comb with fine teeth,
  3. Collect strands in the tail and wrap a bagel,
  4. Fix hair with four pins (or more).

The bundle can be made as follows:

  • Apply mousse for styling on hair
  • Comb the prepared hair and collect in the tail on the back of the head, twist the bundle fix,
  • Make a loop on the head of the rope, hide the tip of the hair inside the shell,
  • Secure the shell with the studs.

Beautiful hairstyle for 5 minutes with your own hands

Spikelet - a beautiful hairstyle that is suitable for both daily life and for special occasions. Make a spike is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. For this:

  1. Divide the hair on one part of the head from the parting into three strands and begin to weave an ordinary braid,
  2. For each new strand add a strand of hair from the same side (throw the left strand through the middle and add a new strand to it on the left, similarly proceed with the right strand of hair),
  3. Braid your hair all the way through
  4. Similarly, braid the spikelet on the other side of the parting,
  5. Lift the hair up and wrap the bagel,
  6. Secure the result with studs and means for fixation.

You can decorate such a hairstyle with different hairpins, for example, in the form of flowers. Invisibles serve only to fix the hair - the hair will look more beautiful if you decorate them with a stylish hairpin or elastic band.

Currently, the stores offer a wide range of different hair accessories, so you can easily find the product that will not only fix the hair, but also decorate it.

Beautiful hairstyles to school in 5 minutes: photo

Girls in junior high school are great pigtails. To create such a hairstyle does not take much time. There are 2 simple ways to weave braids:

    Gather the hair at the back of the head and divide them into three parts. Begin to weave a braid, interlacing alternately the right strand with the middle one, the left one with the middle one. At the end, fix the braid with a beautiful rubber band.

  • This hairstyle looks more original. In this case, divide the hair on the head into two parts (on both sides of the parting) and braid a pigtail on each of them, alternately throwing right and left across the middle strand. Connect two braids. Alternatively, you can braid pigtails only on the sides and then connect them to the tail with an elastic band, and leave the remaining mass of hair fluff.
  • How to make a simple hairstyle for medium hair? Read here

    Hairstyle for 5 minutes do it yourself: reader reviews

    Ekaterina Chizhova (St. Petersburg). I love various braids, often I braid them myself. In general, I like to experiment with hairstyles, and I do not understand girls who prefer to walk with their hair loose. Beautiful styling is just as important as manicure and makeup!

    Inna Ivanova (Tver). I love this hair as a shell. I do it since high school, and so far I have not bothered with this hairstyle. In my opinion, the shell looks very beautiful, it fits any event - it can be done, going to work or study, or to a party.

    Elizaveta Ekaterinchuk (Voronezh). I do not like to do hair at all - I think there is nothing more beautiful than loose, beautiful and healthy hair. Hiding such beauty, creating different hairstyles, is superfluous. At work you can make the same simple tail.

    Maria Batueva (Kaliningrad). I never liked experimenting with hairstyles, although I have long hair since I was a child. I have always preferred to do the simplest hairstyles like the ponytail, although most often I went with my hair loose.

    Olga Orlova (Krasnodar). I really like hairstyles based on flagella. Thus you can create a variety of hairstyles - both for everyday and for special occasions. Everything else, make flagella very simple - you just need to twist a strand of hair in one direction.

    Greek hairstyle for medium hair


    1. Clean dried hair treated with salt spray. To put on a hoop, a dense elastic band or a rim of a tone contrasting to a hair color.
    2. Starting with the strands of the face, alternately tuck the curls under the hoop. The ends of the hair hide inside.
    3. In the back of the head, in the zone with the greatest length and volume, the hair can be held together with a silicone rubber band. The tips also tuck under the hoop.
    4. To release several asymmetrical strands in the temples. Secure the hair with spray paint.

    Spit - tail


    1. Separate the front area of ​​the head with a horseshoe. The rest of the hair is temporarily removed back into the tail.
    2. Start weaving, picking up strands alternately right and left. Weaving is chosen according to taste and skills: French braid, plaits, fishtail, twist, spikelet. Also at this stage you can hide the growing bangs.
    3. Finish weaving on the crown, not reaching the end. All loose hair in the tail, carefully smoothing the occipital area with a brush. Secure with elastic rubber.
    4. Separate from the tail strand width in the index finger and weave from it a simple wide pigtail.
    5. Wrap a pigtail gum and fasten its tip invisible in the base of the tail.

    Side braid


    1. Disassemble the hair on the sideways or side parting in the usual way.
    2. Start weaving with a wider area from the parting. Separate three strands into a finger thick and, crossing them in turn, weave a classic braid.
    3. From the second link of the scythe to start picking up strands from the face. The interweaving is carried out only on one side.
    4. In the zone of the auricle, complete the strands of the strands from the head and finish braiding the little pigtail of the remaining strands to the end. Secure with a transparent silicone rubber band.
    5. The free mass of hair should be brushed to the side of the weaving and, together with a thin pigtail, weave it into a common side braid.
    6. If the side braid is too short due to insufficient hair length, its tip can be turned inward in the manner of a shell.

    Wrapped braid


    1. Taking three large strands from the forehead, begin to weave a braid.
    2. Alternately cross strands, braiding alternately all the hair on both sides of the braid.
    3. Secure the tip with an elastic band and tuck inwards, securing the Invisibles in the back of the head.

    Twist (double and single)

    A twist is a carelessly twisted bundle.

    Run like this:

    1. For a single twist, comb the hair back from the forehead. Remove loose ends to one side.
    2. On the opposite side, select a large strand above the ear, twist it into a loose tourniquet.
    3. Picking up extra strands to the harness, move to the back of the head.
    4. In the middle of the nape collect all loose hair, twist it into a large plait.
    5. Screw the harness on the edge of the palm, forming a shell. Secure with studs.
    6. For a double twist, the principle of action is the same, but the hair is divided into a straight parting and twisted on each side of the parting. Two low sloppy bundles are obtained.

    Malvina with a bunch

    Run like this:

    1. To carry out a horizontal parting from ear to ear, stab the top of the hair.
    2. Bottom of the sprinkle with a texturizing spray for curls or walk with an iron for straight hair.
    3. The upper part of the rubber band to collect in a high tail, with the fingers it is desirable to moisten with liquid varnish or gel. On the last turn, pull out the tail not to the end, leaving the “kichka”.
    4. To disheve hands kichka, giving it a shape of a beam. Wrap the elastic with loose hair tips.
    5. Add volume in the area of ​​the forehead, not fully pulling the strands from the beam. To fix a varnish.

    Elegant shell for medium hair

    Run like this:

    1. Comb hair, forming a voluminous top. Loose ends to comb back.
    2. "Stitch" the occipital zone stealth perpendicular to the line of the head.
    3. Wrap loose ends in the opposite direction in a small roll, hiding the base of the invisible.
    4. Fasten a hairstyle to the frame of stealth hair with a few small pins.
    5. Release natural strands from the face, fix with liquid varnish.

    Variety of tails on medium hair

    The most common hairstyle in 5 minutes for an average hair length is the horse's tail. Girls often collect it when there is no time to wash my hair.

    However, varieties of this hairstyle, made on clean hair, create a discreet, representative image, which will give a feeling of confidence both at the working meeting and at the first exam.

    Run like this:

    1. Make easy bouffant in the area near the face, fix with varnish.
    2. Assemble the tail 3-4 cm below the highest point of the head.
    3. Secure with a colorless rubber band and hide it by wrapping a thin strand of their tail. The tip is fixed stealth.
    4. Fingers, dipped in gel or wax, walk around the circumference of the hair, smoothing the fluffy hair.


    Run like this:

    1. Disassemble the hair at the usual parting or comb back without parting.
    2. With the help of elastic gum to collect a low tail on the nape.
    3. Above the rubber band push the base of the tail in different directions. Through the resulting hole to stretch the free ends of the hair.
    4. Comb the tail, fix the entire hair with lacquer.

    Run like this:

    1. Using a brush and gel for hair to collect a smooth tail slightly below the crown. Secure with a rubber band.
    2. Disassemble the tail into two parts, each of the strands is well combed and smoothed with gel.
    3. To form two strands, fingers scrolling each strand in a clockwise direction. Do not fix, hold tightly so as not to unfold.
    4. To twist the harnesses between themselves, additionally twisting each if necessary.
    5. Secure the tip with a silicone rubber band.


    1. Comb the hair in the middle tail, fastened with a tape or barrette.
    2. Select from the tail two strands the thickness of the little finger and braid each in a thin pigtail.
    3. To braid the tail, alternately crossing them from the bottom, then from the top.
    4. Fasten the tips with a colorless rubber band. Sprinkle with varnish.


    1. Separate the head area with a horseshoe part.
    2. The bottom of the comb and collect in the tail in the middle occipital zone.
    3. Iron the upper part with a brush and assemble it into a tail in such a way that it covers the base of the lower tail.
    4. Comb the hair together, spray with spray for volume.

    "Fishtail" on the side


    1. Comb hair, setting the direction back and to the side, throw all the ends on one shoulder.
    2. Divide the free length into two parts.
    3. Alternately separating thin strands from one or the other part, transfer them to opposite sides.
    4. Continue weaving until the end, secure with silicone rubber.
    5. Hands stretch the edges of the resulting spit, making it flatter.

    Flower for medium hair

    Run like this:

    1. The first step is to determine where the flower will be located. It can be above the ear, on the back of the head, on the side, or on the crown itself.
    2. At the location of the future flower to make a tight tail and secure it with a transparent rubber band.
    3. Braid tail hair in the back braid. To do this, divide the tail into three parts and weave, leading alternately to the extreme strands below and between the other two.
    4. Holding the tip with your hands, gently pull each edge of the spit only from the right side, trying to preserve its integrity.
    5. The result is a flat openwork tape, the tip of which is to be fixed with a rubber band.
    6. Wrap a pigtail around a rubber band, spreading its edges like flower petals. Hide the tip under the flower and stab it invisible.
    7. Sprinkle the finished flower with varnish. The core can be decorated with a pin with pearls or a large stone.

    The combination of tail and spit


    1. Determine the location of weaving. This may be a small zone of bangs or the entire crown part of the head.
    2. It is necessary to separate the forehead wide strand, fingers, dividing it into three equal parts.
    3. In the chosen direction to start weaving a classic spikelet, alternately transferring the extreme strands between the other two. In the process of weaving pick up hair at the edge line, alternately with one or the other.
    4. Finish weaving in the place where the tail is supposed to be made. Remaining hair combed and collected.
    5. Secure the tail with a rubber band. Weave the volume of the weave, disassembling it with your fingers and spraying it with varnish.

    A variety of hairstyles for medium hair, the basics of which are performed in 5 minutes, is infinite. Hairdressers are advised to choose 2-3 options and bring their performance to the machine - this will allow you to quickly get together both for work and for a sudden appointment.

    The main elements of hairstyles: braids, plaits, tails, weaving, combined with each other, create an infinite number of new images. And the use of styling tools allows you to modify the same hairstyle, giving it volume, smoothness or texture.

    Depending on the desired effect, any girl who does not want to spend a lot of time on styling can pick up her style: a young student, a mother of a small child or an active business woman.

    Daily fast hairstyles:

    Hairstyles for 5 minutes on medium hair:

    Hairstyle for 5 minutes with your own hands will allow you to look great

    In modern times, girls are accustomed to save time, because in the mornings they don’t want everyone to spend several hours creating styling or going to hairdressers. No less important is the ability to create hairstyles with their own hands for 5 minutes, because every day a woman can create a new image for herself.

    Tail with a pile: a spectacular and simple hairstyle for every day

    First you need to comb your hair, dividing them into 2 parts. The head zone combes well and creates volume. Further, all the curls are collected in the tail, after which, from either side of the tail, you should choose a thin strand and start wrapping the base around it. When there is no length at all, the tip hides under the gum and is fixed with invisible or decorative hairpins.

    There is nothing difficult in creating such a hairstyle. In addition, the location of the tail is adjustable. It is not necessary to create this hairstyle in one particular place. Medium hair will create a spectacular and beautiful tail. Having fantasized, you can dilute this styling with a hoop, a strip or other hair accessories.

    Simple spikelets in 5 minutes

    • Spike inside. Spinning the upper part of the curls should divide them into 3 equal parts. The strands are alternately placed one on top of the other, and new strands on the sides gradually join. At the base of the neck weaving should turn into ordinary. The end of the braid is tied with a rubber band.
    • Spikelet out. The principle of weaving will be slightly different from the previous one in that the strands are placed one under the other. This type of spikelet will look more effective if you manage to stretch your strands a little with your fingers, making them more voluminous.
    • Spikelet braided with bangs. The strands on the part of the parting need to be intertwined with strands of bangs, which from the level of the ear will go into an ordinary braid and will be fixed with an elastic band on the end. As a result, the front will get a beautiful and fast framing edges of the hair.

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    Quick hairstyles do-it-yourself on long hair

    1. Greek braid. Hair is divided into 2 rows. From the top you need to collect a high tail and make a bundle that will be fixed with the help of pins. The bottom row braids oblique rim. Hairspray is necessary for fixing this hairstyle for a long time.

    Spit in the spit. In the upper part of the hair, you will have to separate the strand and weave a pigtail out of it, which you will then need to skip to the second large one. The rest of all curls will be collected in it. The little pigtail in the process of weaving is one of the strands.

    Hairstyle with bagel, which does not require waste of time

    For such a hairstyle, a foam is applied to the hair, which will allow creating a neat tail without protruding strands. After it is possible to create a classic tail on the back of the head, you have to pass the entire volume of hair through a bagel.

    Next, distributing the curls on top of the bagel, it is important to try to disguise it. It should not be visible through the hair done. After it is possible to put a thin elastic on a bagel, the curls need to be fixed by it.Hanging tips can be braided into two or one pigtails, which will subsequently be twisted around the beam. Next, you need to decorate the created hairstyle.

    Hair "shell" for 5 minutes

    This is an original do-it-yourself hairstyle in 5 minutes. "Shell" is perfect for underscoring the evening or business image of a woman. She will make the image more feminine and elegant.

    Especially for you: Hairstyles in the style of the 60s (30 photos)

    To create a hairstyle you must carefully comb the curls, spreading the mousse over the entire length. Further, the curls are placed on the comfortable side. To prevent disintegration of the order, you need to fix them with stealth. After that, varnish is applied on the head.

    This is necessary so that the hairstyle looks smooth and does not allow individual strands to stand out. At the next stage of creating the hairstyle, the tail is assembled and spirals twist. It fits into a shell and hides invisible. Having securely fastened the hairstyle with the help of numerous hairpins, the tips of the hair are selected and determined into the shell itself.

    You can fix the hair with the help of means for strong fixation, and you will have to decorate it with accessories.

    Romantic hairstyle in 5 minutes

    In order to quickly create a hairstyle, you need to separate the short front curls, stabbed them at the crown with the help of two invisible women. So it will be possible to create a small climb. On the side of the resulting elevation, you will have to separate 3 strands and braid a loose French braid.

    Fast hairstyles of this type often have one problematic area at the temporal part of the free edge of the braid. To hide the flaw in the form of hair that covers the ear, will help large stealth or hairpins with flowers.

    Fast bunches at different hair lengths

    Such a hairstyle with your hands for 5 minutes is done simply. To do this, an ordinary tail is assembled and fixed with a thin rubber band to match the color of the hair. After that, the gum lowers a little.

    The tail in the end should be free, and the hair from the head to the edge of the elastic should be divided into 2 parts. The tail will be skipped between these parts.

    As a result of such manipulations get beautiful collected hair.

    Especially for you: African braids (35 photos)

    The next step in creating a romantic hairstyle will be simple hair curling around your finger. This creates the basis for the future beam.

    When all the hair will be curled, they will gather in a bun, and the girl will just have to align it and fix it with the help of hairpins. Ready fast hairstyle do it yourself will look like a bun with a small addition.

    That it is necessary to do to give originality hairstyle. The creation of this styling from a skillful lady will take no more than a couple of minutes.

    Fast casual hairstyles for medium hair: 5 minutes

    Who does not dream to look stunning every day? In the female image hairstyle has a significant role. But if for long hair hairstyles great variety, then what to do if you have medium hair? Today we will destroy the myth that for medium hair there are very few stylish and beautiful hairstyles for every day!

    So, let's start hairstyles for every day with your own hands for 5 minutes on medium hair!

    Create a fresh and original image is very easy and simple!

    How to make a Greek hairstyle with your hands on medium hair in 5 minutes?

    Greek hairstyles are ideal, which can be suitable for a party, an official meeting or just a walk with your loved one. In fact, this is a universal option for every day.

    Such hairstyles are good because they emphasize femininity, and the simplicity of execution allows you to make it each with your own hands.

    Steps to create hair in 5 minutes:

    1. To start preparing the bandage. As an option, a pair of black ribbons is taken and they are twisted clockwise in a clockwise direction.
    2. Take two ribbons and start weaving them together, only now counterclockwise. So the harnesses interlock with each other, and form a braid for future dressings.
    3. The ends of the harnesses need to be tied to make a bandage of the required length.

  • Then prepare your own hair. To do this, they are washed and dried, curled from the middle with curlers. Then put on a pre-made Greek bandage.
  • Hairstyle is made itself. For this, the strand is separated, twisted with a loose bundle. Then several times you need to wrap it around the bandage.

  • The procedure is repeated with the remaining remaining strands, which in turn are wrapped around the ribbons, only the ends remain free.
  • When finished with strands, correct the hairstyle, then collect the tips into a single bundle.
  • This bundle is fastened on top of the dressing knot in order to hide it under the hair. This is done with the help of stealth or hairpins.

    Make every Greek hairstyle can every girl.

    Tail on the side in 5 minutes for medium hair

    To perform such a girl's hairstyle does not take much time and effort, it is very easy to perform, and it looks spectacular on medium hair.

    A woman should have the following hairdressing attributes:

    • hairpin hairpins
    • a comb for dividing hair into strands,
    • means for additional fixing the hair (varnish, gel, foam).

    These tools will help to perform the hair at the highest level, not allowing it to disintegrate for a long time.

    Doing hair with your own hands:

    1. We take most of the strands from the side and beautifully wrap the rest of the hair, which is collected in a neat tail on the other side.
    2. The resulting tail side wrapped the remaining strands.
    3. Beautifully and gently fasten stealth and sprinkle fastening means, if necessary, at the end of the process.

    High beam

    This is a quick option for girls who love simplicity and accuracy in all its manifestations. This hairstyle for medium hair is perfect for every day, if a woman has no time for styling or luxurious curvaceous curls and has only 5 minutes to give her hair a neat look. A bundle will always save any girl.

    So, for the hair you need:

    • iron (if you want to straighten hair),
    • scrunchy,
    • hairdressing roller for even distribution of hair,
    • invisible or studs
    • lacquer for fixation.
    1. Comb your hair and make a high tail.

    2. You need to gently put a hairdressing roller on the finished tail, evenly distributing hair over it.
    3. Gently fasten stealth or hairpin.
    4. For the strength of the finished beam, you must sprinkle hair with any anchoring agent.

      A quick and easy alternative to the classic braid, which is easy to weave, even for a beginner. This hairstyle is easy to do with your hands for 5 minutes every day - and on medium hair, she looks incredibly stylish and flirty.

      Hairstyle execution algorithm:

      1. The girl needs a strand of hair, from the side on which it will be convenient to do her hair.
      2. Tie a low tail, use a rubber band as a secure fastener.
      3. Take a thick strand of hair and wind it around the elastic band, after hiding it, securing it with small hairpins.

    5. Spread the tail into two even strands. Carefully spray varnish on each strand so that hair does not crawl out.
    6. Twist both parts in the same direction. Then twist the finished spiral strands in the direction opposite to the weaving.
    7. Tie ready unusually - exquisite braid rubber band.

      It will look extraordinary and neat.

    Do it yourself:

    1. Comb the hair, giving volume to the hands.
    2. Gently form a bundle in the form of a shell, leaving the tips.
    3. Hair tips hidden in a bun, stabbed invisible.
    4. For the strength of the hairstyle apply fixing agent.

    “Beauty lies in simplicity” - this well-known proverb proves the variants of hairstyles.

    As you can see, beautiful, gorgeous, gorgeous - all this can be attributed to the simplest hairstyles for every day for medium hair, which you can do with your own hands in 5 minutes.

    It remains only to include a female fantasy ...

    Fashionable hairstyle in 5 minutes

    That left the last week of the holidays. It's time for all fashionistas to think about how to surprise others and how to make a haircut in 5 minutes. This video tutorial will help solve this problem in three ways.

    And so, the first way:

    We need: a small elastic band and some beautiful flower-shaped hairpin.

    Since hairstyles will predominantly be loose hair, then first you can twist the tips of your hair a little.

    We take a small strand above the head and divide it into three equal parts and begin to braid an ordinary braid.

    That is, we transfer the right strand to the central, then the left part to the central part and once again the left part to the central part - this will be the most important difference. On the right side, we simply transfer to the central part, and on the left side, two times to the central part.

    So we weave somewhere to the middle of our hair and pause. And slowly we begin to pull out the lower strands of hair, which we transferred to the center only once.

    As a result, we should get beautiful openwork links, and the upper interlaced strands will simply hold them. But be careful, in time weaving hairstyle turns out quite fragile.

    After we have braided our braid and stretched the links, we fix everything with a small rubber band. If there is a need, then our links can be a little more stretched or shaped. And all fasten well varnish. Next, all the stabbed hairpin behind the hair.

    We also divide the hair into three strands, but one of them must be very thin. And we braid them transferring the extreme strands under the central.

    That is, from the bottom, not from above, as in the usual braids. Braiding the hair to the middle, we begin to stretch the widest strands of the braid.

    A thin strand should always remain thin. This will help create a very original pattern. We ditch a braid, hike pulling strands.

    Transfer the entire hair to one side and tie the lower tail. So as not to see the gum, pull out a little strand and wrap it around the tail.

    To make our braid look more beautiful, you need to braid such a harness on the side.

    We pick up two strands and twist them among themselves from the face. And each time, twisting the strands, add hair from loose to the right. Then we tie all the hair with a rubber band. We divide our tail into two parts and twist them inside with bundles, rather tightly.

    We put the left strand on the right connecting all the hair, and then divide them again into two parts. And again, I twist the hair in these strands inside, laying already the right bundle on the central one, connecting them again.

    And we continue to the end, connecting and dividing and laying on top of the left, then the right strand. In the end, we fix everything with an elastic band and stretch the braid a little.

    Variants of beautiful stylish hairstyles in 5 minutes

    This graceful and romantic casual hairstyle in 5 minutes is suitable for medium and long hair and can be made in different variations. The easiest option is to braid the tail (high, low, on the side, etc.), make a small pile on it and wrap it around the base. You can fasten the bundle with a rubber band or a stud.

    Hairstyle for hair of all types and any length. To create it, washed hair should be dried with a hairdryer without using a comb, then divided into several strands, laid in a chaotic manner and sprinkled with varnish.

    Quite an unusual, cool hairstyle in 5 minutes, which would be an excellent option for long hair. To create it, divide the hair into a side parting and braid the braid, starting from the top of the head or near the ear. Having fixed the braid with an elastic band, you can slightly “stretch” the weaving with your fingers, so that it is larger.

    The tail with a strand of hair wrapped around its base is a variation of the ordinary horse's tail. To create this hairstyle, you should simply separate a small strand of hair before you collect it in the tail, and then sprinkle it with varnish and spin it around the base of the tail.

    Hair dressing (Greek)

    Salvation, if there is no time even to wash your hair. Having carefully combed your hair and put on a bandage, you should divide them into several strands (three or more) and spin them on the back of your head alternately around the bandage, fixing them with pins.

    Another option fast hair, which is suitable for young romantic girls with long hair, is as follows:

    1. Comb your hair and separate them into a middle parting.
    2. To braid the French braids on both sides of the head and, reaching the end of the hair growth, fasten them with thin elastic bands.
    3. Connect pigtails and tie them together.
    4. Select thin strand from remaining loose hair and wrap gum with it, fasten it with the help of stealth hair.

    In our gallery you can see other options for simple but beautiful hairstyles.

    Hairstyles in 5 minutes - styling options

    • Vintage styling with a handkerchief
    1. Comb your hair. The hairstyle will look more interesting if you wind the tips of your hair on a large curling hair.
    2. Take any scarf (fold it and tie the ends in a knot) or a headband and put it on top of the hair.
    3. Take the front side strands and wrap them around a bandage or shawl. Leave hair ends free.
    4. Now collect the strands that are a little further and also wrap a bandage or a scarf.
    5. So continue until the accessory is completely "hidden" under the curls.
    6. Hair is ready!
    • Option for a party
    1. Comb your hair thoroughly. Fine hair salon hair parting part.
    2. Select the curls at the crown (medium size) and set it aside.
    3. Put a strand a little behind the roots and “close” the first strand.
    4. Fix hairpin on the back of the head so that the styling remains voluminous.
    5. To hairstyle "lived" longer, fix it with hair spray.
    • Beam- "rosette"
    1. Divide the curls into three equal parts.
    2. Collect the central part in a low tail.
    3. Twist the tail into a loose bundle and wrap it in a ball. Secure it with studs.
    4. Each of the side strands divided into two parts. Twist each of them into a rope and wrap around the ball. Do not forget to fasten them with hairpins.
    • Original tails
    1. Divide the hair into two halves. They should be divided diagonally (see image). The result should be the upper and lower halves.
    2. Secure each tail with a thin elastic band.

    Hair styling will look especially bright on hair with coloring elements.

    • "Vintage Whirlwind"
    1. Divide the curls on the side parting.
    2. Comb the hair and divide it into three parts: the two side smaller and the rear part more.
    3. The part that is on the larger side, collect the hand in the tail.
    4. Attach a thin hair salon to the base of the tail and screw a curl on it.
    5. Next, take a strand at the ear and also screw it on the comb.
    6. Secure the resulting “tuft” with the studs and carefully remove the comb.
    7. Dissolve the curls. To hairstyle was more elegant, you can screw the tips of the hair on a large curling.
    8. Spray hairspray over styling.
    • Funny "jug"

    One more universal variant of a hairdress in 5 minutes, not demanding hairdresser's skills.

    1. Collect the strands in a tight tail at the back of the head. Secure with rezinochkoy.
    2. Now take the tip of the tail and run it through the base of the gum. To do this, you must make a hole in advance, pushing the hair apart.
    3. It should make a funny "bun" with sticking down the ends.
    4. Wrap the ends of the hair around the gum base and fix the hairpins so that the hair does not stick out of the hair.
    5. Spread the “jug”.
    6. Done!
    • Rockstar styling
    1. Collect the strand in front and divide it into two parts: leave the front one for now.
    2. The strand is a little behind, nabeshite the roots and over it, hold the front strand.
    3. Secure the hair at the top of the hairpin. There should be some kind of "comb".
    4. Collect also small strands from each of the temples and combine them behind the hairstyle. The resulting tail should be like a continuation of the hair coming from the "comb".
    5. Fix styling hair spray.
    6. Hair for 5 minutes is ready!
    • Tender bezel
    1. Comb the hair and divide it into left and right halves.
    2. Braid two low braids in the usual way. It is not necessary to do it carefully - easy carelessness will make the hairstyle more interesting.
    3. Take the left braid and wrap the head around it, moving to the right side. Secure the tip of the spit to the neck.
    4. Similarly, repeat with the right oblique, but it should already “look” to the left.
    5. Spit the tips of the braids gently into the "bagel" and secure with studs.
    6. That's all!
    • Option express hairstyle for 5 minutes on medium hair
    1. Comb the hair and divide it into a side parting.
    2. Twist the locks of the bang area into a tight tourniquet and secure to the temple.
    3. Hair is ready!
    • Hawaiian styling
    1. Comb the curls and place them with a comb on one side.
    2. Secure the naughty straps invisible.
    3. Screw the tips of the hair on a large curling.
    4. Decorate your hair with a bud of an artificial or live flower.
    • Laying for a romantic date
    1. Stir at the roots of the upper strands. Hold a fine comb over the top to give the styling a neat look.
    2. Collect the back strands in a low tail. Side curls should remain free.
    3. Make a hole above the rubber band at the base of the tail in your hair. Pass each of the side strands there.
    4. You should have one tail. Lay it to the side.
    5. Cute version of the romantic hairstyle is ready in 5 minutes!

    In general, the hair in 5 minutes you can think of yourself, combining your most daring fantasies in the styling. And then surely your image will be original and unique!


    Stylish looks another not too complicated hairstyle in the style of the Greek goddess. To create it, you will need a rubber band. You must have seen this, there are a lot of them on sale.

    First you need to separate the narrow strand along the forehead. Tie it on the tip of the rubber band. It should not be mixed with the rest of the hair when you wear a rubber band.

    Your next step is to put a rubber band on your head. Put on in such a way that all the hair, except for the separated strands, remain inside the wide band-gum.

    After that, transgress to the direct braiding. Under the gum, wind up the front strand and circle it around the gum, taking a little hair from the middle. Then the next bit of a little strand is also circling around the elastic and grabbing more hair from the middle.
    Your hair should wrap around the entire headband, then the hairstyle will look very beautiful and natural.

    The next hairstyle will look unusual too. Braid your hair. Press down the gum and make a hole in the center. Stretch your tail through it, turning it up.

    In addition, for a short period of time you can make all sorts of unusual beams. For example, winding the hair on your finger can result in a very original bunch.

    Photos of weaving

    And for you a few photos of how to gradually weave hairstyles in 5 minutes with your own hands.

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    Watch the video: 25 COOL HAIRSTYLES TO MAKE UNDER A MINUTE (January 2020).