What is a haircut debut, and how to cut it

Haircut Debut does not lose popularity over the years. She does not leave the catwalks at the shows of famous designers, visitors to beauty salons choose her. The secret of such popularity in the universality of haircuts. It is performed on long, medium and short curls. Models and changes the shape of the face, easy to style and allows you to create an image for any occasion. The styling is so diverse that it is difficult for an unknowing person to believe that this is the same haircut. Difficult to perform.

Haircut Debut is simple and amazing

To suit

In order to understand to whom the haircuts of debut are suitable, it is important to know how she is able to modify the face. Haircut pulls the oval of the girl's face, makes it a bit already. In this regard, it is impossible to make such a haircut for girls who have very narrow cheekbones, a sharp chin or oval face is elongated and without a haircut. This is the only thing that should be considered when performing a haircut. The debut is great for girls who have a round face or wide cheekbones. As a result, you can make the image more harmonious.

What other features should be considered?

  1. If the face is round or angular, then it is best to make a haircut debut with oblique bangs that need to be milled.
  2. In the case of an oval face you need to make a short hair debut and straighten your bangs. In this case, the face will be shorter.
  3. If they are thin, the haircut should be made on long hair. But the root zone will need to be profiled.
  4. When your strands are thick, you can make a pronounced filing 5 cm from the end.
  5. In the case of curly locks, it is best to choose a debut for long hair.
  6. If you don’t want to emphasize lips or eyes at all, then it’s best not to make a debut.

On the video - haircut debut:

For long hair

The technology of performance on long hair and curls of medium length will be about the same. The process itself will consist of the same steps that need to be followed. But it is clear that to use in practice this instruction is always equally difficult. Therefore, the versions may vary slightly. After all, to see two identical species is very difficult. When you know about all the steps, you can learn to make a haircut so that it will fall on your curls perfectly.


  1. Before starting, the strands are well washed, wiped with a towel and combed, as you usually do.
  2. Hair should be divided in the middle into 2 parts. Moreover, the parting should go from the forehead, through the entire center and end at the neck. As a result, you got 2 zones for work. Now each of these zones is also divided by a parting, which must go from one ear to the other, right through the crown.
  3. The two parts that were at the bottom, you need to fix with a rubber band or barrette. And the upper parts clean forward.
  4. The hair that appeared on the face, you need to cut it in the form of a semicircle. This way you will create a control strand.
  5. All curls will need to be shortened by overlaying the control strands.
  6. Next you need to make a second control strand. The work areas located in front are divided into 2 partings running vertically. Moreover, the distance between these partings should be about 3 cm. The mound remaining in the middle is subjected to a pull of 90 degrees and cut off.
  7. Curls are clipped with a delay, aligning them with the second control strand.
  8. When work with the front area will be completed, then you can proceed to the second occipital part.
  9. First you need to choose a strand on the back of your head. Then it is divided into a small part of the horizontal parting. This area should be as close as possible to the part with which you have already completed the work.
  10. Now you need to compare the strand with the occipital and trim.
  11. The lower zone is fully worked out, in the process it is necessary to compare the strands with the control occipital. All bundles are treated in this way.
  12. The final stage is hair filing.

What are the beautiful braids on the average length of hair is the easiest to do, help to understand the information from the article.

How to look at the photo beautiful short haircuts, you can see in this article.

But what beautiful buns of home-made hair are the most popular are shown here: http://opricheske.com/pricheski/p-prazdnichny/krasivye-puchki-iz-volos.html

But what beautiful tails for long hair are the easiest to perform, it is indicated in this article.

On short hair

In this case, the length of the hair will reach the earlobes. Here, girls can choose from two options for haircuts. One styling means the same length of hair all over the head. And the second is a haircut with lengthening. This variant of laying is most often used by sportswomen, as well as practical girls. Business and romantic ladies choose a haircut with the same length. Lay haircut is quite simple. You can use gels, mousses and various styling products.

The hairstyle will look volumetric due to the multistage look and filleting. In the process of cutting hair can be left behind long, to create a smooth transition to short-length hair, located on the side, as well as on the crown of the head. As a result, you will make the length optimal.

Also there is an option to comb all the hair forward so that they beautifully framed the oval of the face. A haircut will be perfectly combined with bangs, since soft and smooth lines will prevail in the styling. The bang will either be laid on its side, or it will be elongated and will be part of the entire haircut.

Also, hairdressers can now apply haircuts that go steps. Usually bangs long, which smoothly into the shorter occipital part. It turns out quite nice image. But how to make a short female haircut, in all details, can be seen on the video in the article.

What tips when creating a haircut debut should be followed?

  1. If you decide to do a haircut on short curls, then you must take into account the shape of your face. Strands that will go just below the chin, will be able to slightly extend the shape of the face. At the same time it is necessary to work out the entire upper part of the piling. If the shape of the face is triangular, the volume will not interfere in the area of ​​the cheekbones. For curly strands a great option. In this case, the girl can carefully remove all the flaws.
  2. Most often it is the hair of medium length haircut debut. As a result, the hairstyle helps to make the image direct. To hide some of the shortcomings of a triangular face can be due to strands that will fall on the shoulders. You do not need to create extra volume.
  3. In the case of long and thin hair, you can present the hair in a very good light. Strands will look more attractive. Thick hair can be beautifully laid and make the shape of the hairstyle correct.
  4. The best option is to combine an elongated haircut with straight bangs to the eyebrow line. As a result, the girl gets an elegant look. A woman at any age can make a similar styling.
  5. Young ladies still most often choose a haircut debut for medium length and oblique bangs. Those who watched the TV series “Friends” can recall the character Rachel's hairstyle. It was she who had a similar haircut.

Haircut debut can be laid in different ways, creating a new hairstyle each time. You can do the usual hairstyle, which is suitable for each day. To do this, just wash your hair a little dry. After that, you need a mousse, which you need to process the hair roots. Laying must be completed by blow drying with a round comb. To create volume, pull the locks in the area of ​​the crown up. The tips can also be screwed in with a hair dryer. Varnish will help fix the hair.

You can pack your hair using the iron. Most often, this method is used by girls whose haircut debut was made on short or semi-long hair. For the working atmosphere in the office, you can just pull them out and that will be enough. If you want to show some creativity, then it is worth the hair, located near the face, as if to take it to the side and fix it with varnish. Laying them is best with a gel.

Ladies with a cheeky character can make a similar hairstyle. Girls with short hair and medium hair can make hair look milled, and the total weight will look bulky. Washed hair should be left slightly moist and treated with mousse.

Strands slightly beat their hands, tilting his head down. And it is worth drying curls only, directing the hair dryer up. It is necessary to knead the hair with your hands, you must achieve a careless effect. Now, after drying the hair a little order and lay the bangs. Hair is treated with varnish.

You can look at the photo in this article how beautiful hairstyles with curls on long hair look like.

For those who want to see what a beautiful beam looks like on medium hair and what is the technique of making such a haircut, it is indicated in this article.

How to properly execute a beautiful hairstyle on medium hair with bangs at home will help to understand the video from this article.

What beautiful hairstyles from braids for long hair are the easiest to do, as detailed in the article with the photo.

Hair must be clean before styling. Now they can be applied mousse or gel. But do not overdo it with styling products, as it can make the hairstyle heavier. Now the hair needs to be dried, but at the same time the hair needs to be raised at the roots.

You do not need to dry the hair completely, the next step is to use large curlers. When the curls take the desired shape, you can remove the curlers. After that you need to comb all hair gently with a rare comb.

Bangs need to be laid on one side. If it is long, the image will be even more romantic. All finished hairstyle is fixed with varnish.

Haircut debut, performed on any length of hair, is able to emphasize the dignity of your face, it can highlight lips and eyes. The image will become even more attractive if you do makeup. Haircut is now considered quite fashionable, and a huge amount of styling options appeared.

What does a haircut debut look like

Haircut debut is a complex multi-layered, multi-layered hairstyle. Her strands are visually detached (“rvanka”), her face is open, smoothly framed with profiled hair, lying around him a horseshoe, clipped by a ladder. The length of the haircut is different - short, medium and long. The presence of bangs is not necessary, but it is present in most cases, often torn or shaped. Often, most of the entire mass of hair is left behind, covering the neck, or else it is evenly distributed throughout the head, creating volume.

Female Haircut Variants Debut

Modern haircuts debut performed mainly on the average length of the curls (up to the shoulders). She also looks great on the hair of any type - it is its undeniable plus, feature and advantage. However, how long the hair on which this haircut method is applied depends on the style of the future image of the woman, it varies from sports to romantic. After creating the final version, it can be adjusted by stacking.

Medium length hair

The most common length for creating hairstyle debut is medium. All models with strands from earlobes to shoulder line belong to this category. It can have different configurations: shorter curls on the back of the head, long on the bottom and on the sides, wide opening the face or flowing strands on it, with a straight, oblique, torn bangs and without. Haircut debut on medium hair easily fit. With the help of styling images of various styles can be created. Ideal for romantic ladies, practical, stylish, experiment-loving girls.

Laying can be done in the following versions:

  • Romantic. Curling curling or hair curlers will give soft lines.
  • Street, cheeky. Selection of the milled tips of the gel, will give clarity to the lines, will create a feeling of "unruly" hair.
  • Business. Drying and blow-dry with mousse will add pomp, volume and neatness.
  • Festive. Interweaving hair into a spike, basket, shell, snail with the release of the front strands. This will make the hairstyle intricate, but moderately careless to achieve a fashionable effect of naturalness.
  • Daily. Giving volume with fingers and mousse, fixing varnish, in which the hair is random, but do not lose their pomp and shape.

Long hair

Haircut debut for long hair is very beautiful, feminine and stylish. It allows strands, without the use of additional tools (irons, gel, varnish), lays down smoothly and gently. It is suitable for different thicknesses of hair, as it arranges them and makes them voluminous, harmoniously lying. Fits easier than any other haircuts. Creates a romantic and stylish look.

Too thin hair is better not to cut in this style, as the thinning will remove a considerable thickness. Either it is worthwhile to dwell on shorter models, or to mill strands superficially. If the hair is thin, a haircut debut will improve the situation, because short strands of volume are much easier to add than long straight ones. And curling hair or drying them in different directions, it is easy to create a feeling of density.

The scheme and technology of the haircut debut

The technology of the haircut will always be the same, but it can be applied in different ways, which creates a huge variety among the models. It is difficult to meet two absolutely identical hairstyles debut. This is a filigree process, knowing the basic methods of working with strands, it is easy to understand how to cut hair in this way and learn how to create any configuration according to a step-by-step description or instruction. Guide to action:

  1. Wash your hair, blot with a towel, comb it in the usual position.
  2. Divide into a vertical parting exactly in the center - from the forehead through the crown to the hairline on the neck. You have identified two work areas. Divide them into four: hold a horizontal parting over the crown to the ears.
  3. Slap the lower quarters with two hairpins or clips, and the upper quarters on the face.
  4. Identify the first control strand: comb the hair on your face and cut it in a semicircle relative to the face.
  5. Putting one strand on another and comparing them with the control, shorten all the hair.
  6. Create a second control strand: make 2 vertical partings (the distance between them is 3 cm) in the front working areas. Pull the intermediate cover 90 degrees from the head, cut.
  7. Putting one curl on the other, comparing them with the second control strand, cut the hair with a tie.
  8. Front zone worked out, go to the back of the head.
  9. Highlight the occipital strand: separate with a horizontal parting a thin area of ​​hair closer to the developed front strands.
  10. Compare the occipital strand with them, cut.
  11. Comparing with the control occipital, imposing one bunch on another, work through the lower zones.
  12. Profile all strands. Haircut is ready!

Video tutorial on creating a haircut debut for beginners

To learn how to cut hair with this method, get the recommendations of the wizard. If it is not possible to register for courses or individual consultation, it is worth watching video tutorials.They are described in great detail haircut debut, the method of working out "strand to strand", the rules for successful hair filing, selection of tools, selection of control beams. You will see how the whole process goes step by step, and all the incomprehensible moments can always be viewed several times. You can watch a good video lesson here:

Photo haircut Rhapsody with bangs and without 2017

The hairstyle debut is a haircut for a rhapsody. It is performed by overlaying the strands on each other, however, the cascade is more pronounced in it than in the previous model. Rhapsody gives the hair an even greater volume, since the “cap” on the top (short strands) is easier to fluff or hair curlers. It is practical, easy to fit, looks good on women of different types of appearance, thickness and length of hair. Provides the ability to design, create all sorts of images. The newest models look at the photo below:

Model haircut Debut is very popular among modern women of all ages. It looks great on the hair of any length and structure: long, short, curly, smooth. This versatile haircut is attractive due to its unpretentiousness and ease of daily styling, which can be done in a short time and feel elegant all day.

Hair Debut create, clearly following a specific pattern. Moist strands of hair neatly cut, creating a smooth texture of the "cascade". One strand is applied to another, forming a “ladder” along the entire length of the hair. The debut differs from other similar haircuts with a particularly clear face design. In this area, the haircut is shaped like a semicircle, which makes it possible to achieve lightness and additional volume in the occipital and parietal zone of the head.

Stages of haircut debut

All stages specified in the instructions for creating a haircut Debut should be performed in a strictly defined sequence.

Stage 1. Washed wet hair gently comb in a free position.

Stage 2 All hair should be divided into four parts. First, we divide the hair on the head into the left and right halves by an even vertical parting that passes through the center of the crown. Next, you need to select the left and right front-parietal and right and left occipital parts. We make a horizontal parting from one ear, through the crown, to the other. We pin and remove the hair on the back of the head so as not to interfere with the current work.

Stage 3 Now you need to form a strand on which we will align the haircut. With a horizontal parting, held at the top of the crown parallel to the hairline, we separate the strand and brush it on the face. We give it an arcuate shape in relation to the face and, applying strands on the control arc, align the hair of the frontal parietal zone with it.

4 stage. Further, in the parietal zone, we conduct two vertical partings at a distance of three centimeters. The resulting average strand will be considered a control, and a length will be formed on it. Trim the hair, comparing them along the control strand and pulling it off perpendicularly to the head.

Stage 5 Let's dissolve and carefully comb the hair on the back of the head and with a horizontal parting, select the control strand for the back of the head. We will compare it with the length of the frontal parietal zone and work out the remaining hair using the “strand to strand” method.

6 stage. Slightly profile the haircut, giving lightness and additional volume.

On short hair hairstyle Debut looks more clearly and clearly. The master needs to work out all the details so that the haircut looks perfect. Such a professional treatment of each curl can help a woman avoid long stacking and create bright different images every day.

Styling options haircuts debut

(click on photo to enlarge)

What should be the perfect haircut? Without a doubt, she is obliged to go to her mistress, leave the opportunity for experiments with styling, be stylish, fun and easy to clean. And the hairstyle should not tire with frequent correction, take into account fashion trends, but at the same time emphasize the individuality of a woman. Haircut debut "for all 100" meets these requirements.

Characteristic haircut debut

At the very end of the last century, a significant event took place in the world of hairdressing: megapopular among Russian fashionistas, inconceivable tails with dozens of multicolored rubber bands and irresistibly-lush chemical curls a la “The Rich also Cry”, pressed the new image with feminine curls that gently framed face, and voluminous haircut-cascade. Having conquered the hearts of beautiful women in the last century, the hairstyle did not sink into oblivion along with other once popular “chips”, but managed to keep afloat right up to our days.

Rachel from the series “Friends” has contributed a lot to the popularity of sham

True, some metamorphosis with the debut - namely, the name given to a haircut - still occurred. Instead of gentle curls, he acquired ragged, visually separated locks, the softness of the lines gave way to a more popular graphic design these days, and the general desire for naturalness made it possible to add a casual touch to the hairstyle. To date, the unrestrained fantasy of the master stylists has presented us with a lot of interesting variations on the theme of the usual haircut, so that sometimes two styling, made “according to one piece”, differ from each other in a most radical way. But the main features of the debut remained unchanged. It:

  • multi-layered or multi-layered
  • slightly elongated shape
  • face framed by hair
  • filleted tips
  • bangs, made in the form of a horseshoe (arch) or long strands of hair at the forehead, repeating the same shape.

Pluses hairstyles

The continued popularity of the debut is simply explained.

  1. Haircut is suitable for women of different ages with any length and structure of the hair.
  2. Multi-level ladders or cascades provide volume even to thin and weakened strands.
  3. Hair can always be put in order quickly and effortlessly. For everyday styling, brushing and a hair dryer is quite enough. And also curling - if the hostess is more like waves and rounded lines.
  4. However, on the basis of the debut it is easy to create impressive evening hairstyles with buns, twists and fluffy bangs.
  5. The variability of the haircut allows in each individual case to choose not only fashionable, but also an individual image with its own twist.

The final hairstyle depends on the type of face and the client's wishes.

Words about the variety of options - not an empty phrase. Only one bang can be made thick, thinned, straight, oblique, or even do without it, creating the notorious "arch" with the help of the folded hair. Funny ragged feathers-feathers will appeal to lovers of dynamic style. A smooth hat made of hair will appeal to the neat ones, who nevertheless do not wish to be content with a boring “sleek” style. Lightened tips, coloring and stretching of colors will make the hairstyle more interesting. There are a lot of opportunities for experiments, it remains only to decide what you personally and personally feel.

Features haircuts

Debut - a unique multi-layered haircut. Strands are harmoniously combined with each other, but arranged in a chaotic manner. This model is suitable for girls who want to demonstrate the merits of the face. It should be noted that the hairstyle looks good in a duet with bangs. To emphasize the shape of the face, you need to profile the ends. The shape of the debut resembles a horseshoe. Stylists emphasize that this option is very similar to the ladder.

The versatility of hair and that it fits different hair lengths. If you are the owner of medium or long hair, you should look at this model. Bangs not only complements the image, but also hides imperfections of the face, for example, high forehead (in this case it is recommended to make a bang a couple of centimeters higher than the eyebrows).

Hairstyle perfectly combined with easy styling. You do not need to buy expensive stylers and spend a lot of time on the debut. When choosing a hairstyle take into account the features of appearance.

  1. The considered model is ideal for a round face, it visually pulls the face and hides the fullness of the cheeks.
  2. Owners of the triangular face should prefer other models. The debut in this case will demonstrate a sharp chin.
  3. The considered model is for girls who have thick and sparse hair. If the hair is dull, you need to use additional care products. Hairstyle looks great on healthy hair.
  4. The owners of the oval face are recommended haircut with profiled ends, however, it is important to take into account the structure and thickness. Bangs can be straight.
  5. If the curls are thin and rare, you should look at the original coloring. Ideal basal highlighting. Thick strands are best profiled by 4 cm.
  6. If curls curl, it is recommended to choose an elongated model.

Debut types

Her alternative is a cascade. Styling depends on your style and hair length. Haircut debut for short hair looks gorgeous. Strands reach a length slightly below the earlobe. Can do lengthening. Some options involve the creation of strands of the same length. Gel or mousse should be used for modeling, but it is important not to overdo it. Refined hairpins show charm hairstyles.

Considered model ideal for medium length. In this case, the strands reach the length of the shoulders. Depending on the option chosen, you can make short strands in the neck and elongated at the sides. Haircut opens face. Medium length model fits perfectly with straight, asymmetrical bangs.

A variety of styling

A wide selection of styling allows you to experiment and choose for themselves new images. Laying can be classic, romantic, slightly negligent. For curling strands using curlers, tongs or curling. Stylers make it possible to get curls of different sizes, thereby changing the image.

Debut hairstyle may be slightly cheeky. The master mills the tips and applies a small amount of gel on them, then makes an even styling. Haircuts debut on medium hair are complemented by classic styling, which is ideal for every day. To create a hairstyle, a large brush and a hair dryer are used, and clamps are applied to the head of hair beforehand. The considered model makes it possible to create unusual hairstyles: shell, snail. To give the image raisins, you should release thin strands on the sides.

For everyday styling also worth using mousse. To get the volume, it is recommended to style the hair with a brush and fix it with varnish. The model emphasizes the beauty of long curls, it mainly demonstrates femininity. To make laying on a long head of hair, you need to use a small amount of mousse, instead of it also apply gel. If the curls are naughty, it is recommended to use irons for alignment. It is important to apply a thermal protective agent, it will protect the strands from the negative influence of the styler.

Profiled tips make the hair more soft. But the owners of thin curls are not recommended models with profiled ends. If you have a long, luxurious head of hair, you don’t need to finish the ends, otherwise it will seem rare. The model looks good on thin, sparse hair. If you create a volume, the image will be charming.

Who will haircut debut?

Haircut debut refers to the few models that are recommended for women with a round or square face. The advantage of the haircut debut is that it pulls the face, makes it more refined and hides the imperfection of proportions. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that this model is not suitable for women with a long and (or) thin face.

If we talk about the structure of the hair, here the universality, which distinguishes the haircut debut, manifests itself in full. Wavy, straight, thin, thick - on any hair model debut looks spectacular. Step haircut is ideal for poorly fitting wavy strands. Haircut debut for thin hair gives the necessary volume, hard - softness and smoothness of the lines.

Features of the model for hair of different lengths

The charm of the haircut debut is transmitted on both short and long hair.

The average length is most successful for this model. Consider all the options in more detail.

    • Short hair
      The usual length of a short haircut debut - to the chin line or slightly below (as in the photo). Ladder when this should be well expressed. Additional volume, which is often required for short length strands, can be given by filing.

    • Medium length hair
      This is a classic version of the haircut. On the hair of medium length, it is performed using the “five points” technique proposed by the famous British hairdresser Vidal Sassoun. However, even with the use of the cult technology, the haircut debut is an interpretation of the classic “cap” and the longest strands that are lightened as much as possible. Due to the vertical graduation of medium-length hair and the thinning of the tips, a modern image is created - impetuous and confident. At the same time, the smooth lines of the “cap” soften this effect, and the long oblique fringe unites the contrasting elements of the haircut debut.

    • Long hair
      Haircut debut will be the best option for owners of long curly hair, because it greatly facilitates styling. However, for straight strands, it is successful, as it gives them volume and original form.

Execution technology

The scheme of the haircut debut can not be called simple. In order to try on this image, it is better to contact an experienced and proven master.

Consider the technology to perform a haircut debut in more detail.

  1. On wet hair, make horizontal (from ear to ear through the crown) and vertical (along the center line of the crown) partings. In the right and left occipital zones of the strand are fixed clips.
  2. The hair in the frontal parietal region along the crown is separated by a parting running parallel to the hairline. Strands are combed on the face and cut around it in the shape of a horseshoe.
  3. Further, the haircut debut is performed using the “strand by strand” technique, focusing on the control length.
  4. In the center of the frontal parietal part, two vertical partitions are made at a distance of three centimeters from each other. The strand thus obtained also becomes the control. It is pruned with a 90-degree delay, and then, focusing on this length, they cut the hair on both sides of the head.
  5. In the back of the head make a horizontal parting. The resulting strand is cut to the level of the treated parietal hair. Then all the hairs of the occipital zone are cut along this length.
  6. Haircut debut ends trim and thinning.

Installation guidelines

Haircut debut, like many stepped models, has at least two styling options - casual and festive. In the first case, using a hairdryer and brushing with the required diameter is sufficient;

Haircut debut is suitable for women of any age, which means that it is never too late to decide on it.

Technique haircuts

The scheme of this model is complicated. To create a haircut, you need to have the skills of a hairdresser. Master Elena demonstrates the technique.

  1. First rinse and gently dry the curls. Visually, they are divided into 2 parts, parting is in the center. The resulting two zones are divided into four more. The horizontal parting is in the area of ​​the ears.
  2. The master finds the first approximate strand and cuts out the rest of them in a semicircle.Thanks to this technique, the face is framed.
  3. The model is created by the principle of imposing strands, each of them is compared with the selected control. Strands are shortened, the ends are milled.
  4. Master creates second approximate strand, makes two partings with a distance of 4 cm.
  5. Next, the intermediate stacks are processed. Curls are superimposed on each other, each of them is compared with the second approximate strand.
  6. After processing the front area of ​​the master goes to the head. One strand is separated in this area. It is necessary to shorten it with scissors and compare with the second orientation.
  7. You should profile the ends if this model implies.

One of the alternative models is rhapsody. It is also performed on the principle of imposing strands. Rhapsody oil is different from the debut, the hair is created on the basis of the cascade - this is its main feature. This model is ideal for thin hair, as it gives volume. In the crown you can make a hat. The advantage of the rhapsody is universality; it, like the debut, fits different styles. Female haircuts video technology "Implementation Technology" is presented below.

Haircut debut - what's she like?

Let's look at some of its features:

  1. This is a multi-layered haircut and is performed by applying a strand over the strand.
  2. Near the face hairstyle is made in the form of an arc. This is the main difference debutfor example from rhapsody.
  3. Strands should be visually separate from each other, and not a single mass in the ladder.
  4. To perform this haircut fit strands of any length, even on relatively short hair.
  5. In addition, the type of hair is almost not important: straight, wavy, thick, thin.
  6. By the way for wavy hair, stepped haircuts are the best choice. Such hair is complex, and the debut or cascade perfectly tames them.
  7. A little volume - the debut will give volume, everything is overwhelming and ugly lies - the debut will pacify the disobedient strands.
  8. Hairstyle looks good and with an oval face type, and with a square, and with a round.
  9. But ladies with a narrow, elongated face is better to refrain from such a haircut: a narrow face will look even more elongated.
  10. Debut well conceals and corrects various shortcomings of the face.
  11. Filirovka will give additional volume.
  12. Option bangs can be absolutely anything: straight, oblique, asymmetric, short, torn.

By the way, in order not to get confused in all these multi-layered haircuts, familiarize yourself with the differences of the cascade from the ladder, and the rhapsody from the debut.

The area of ​​the face is required. In the case of a debut, the design should be in the form of an arc (horseshoe), and in no other way. This design gives the hair a great pomp, gives an excellent volume at the back.

Correction and correction of the facial contours - this is what the debut is most of all valued for. Long bangs without sudden transitions flows into the side strands and goes down. It gently frames the face and forms the perfect oval.

You can perform this hairstyle for short hair, medium and long hair. Bangs may be, but may be absent. But mostly bangs still present.

On short hair, it looks most impressive if the strands are tight, they allow you to keep your shape and style well.

Haircut is very variable due to its multi-stage - every time a hairdresser can give it a new shape and shape.

And so it is very convenient, practical and versatile.

Haircut short hair debut

The length of this hairstyle usually comes to the chin or slightly below.

Debut on short hair can be both strict and business, and sloppy and shaggy. This version of hair looks very provocatively, modern, youthful. Well suited for both young girls and ladies aged.

Do you want lush and voluminous hair ?! Then haircut short hair debut for you. Radical filming will give a lot of additional volume and facilitate styling.

Haircut debut on medium and long hair

Medium hair is a classic hairstyle. Very feminine and naive somewhere. Perfectly corrects facial imperfections: wide forehead or large cheekbones.

Long hair is an elongated version of the classics. He will give thin strands additional volume. Thick - remove excess mass, streamline them, give smoothness, make more obedient.

Multiple styling options for haircut debut


Apply on strands of mousse or foam. Use a hair dryer and a round brush to twist the tips and form a very slight waviness.


Wet your hair. Dip your head down, apply a scum or mousse and start the drying process. This option of drying hair will give them extra pomp. Squeeze the curls with your hands until they are completely dry. This technique will give the effect of disheveled strands.


It is also quite easy styling. Just pull all the strands ironing and business, office image is ready. You can dilute the severity of the image with small but stylish accessories.


Moisturize the strands. Then, while drying, lift them at the roots. With the help of large curlers form curls. Be sure to fix all varnish.

Haircut debut is very stylish, chic and incredibly beautiful. This particular haircut will suit you, since the universality of this styling knows no bounds. If you decide to diversify your image or even change, but do not know how, then the debut is your choice!

Features: hair has bangs, can be short and long

The hairstyle differs in soft silhouette registration of volume. She has bangs. Attention is paid to the strands directly near the face.

In combination with the bangs, they form an arch. Changing bangs, the length and location of the side strands and provides the possibility of modeling facial contours, underlining some lines and hiding others.

The versatility of the hairstyle allows you to perform on long, medium and short curls. With the short version is better suited for tough hair, as they keep their shape. Both wavy and straight hair looks equally good.

Due to the multi-layered structure, it can differ significantly. It is possible to create classic and creative options, symmetrical and asymmetrical. The presence of bangs, hair design on the back of the head with a voluminous cap remains the same.

Who can decide to change the image?

Haircut debut is especially good because it allows you to simulate an oval face. It should first of all pay attention to the owners of heavy chins, protruding cheekbones, wide foreheads, rounded cheeks and too large or rough features. All this debut will visually stretch, lengthen and lead to harmony, especially if a competent wizard helps you to choose the right hairstyle. For example, a dense long bangs, coupled with light side strands well balances the proportions of an oval face, and oblique - softens angular.

However, it is precisely because of its ability to lengthen and stretch everything, the hairstyle is contraindicated in women with too narrow elongated faces and pointed chins. In your case, it will completely break all proportions and distort even quite pretty features.

Wide forehead, heavy chin, elongated oval face? Haircut fix it!

As for the other parameters - age, length, hair color - there are practically no restrictions here. Debut can be safely called a universal haircut. She goes to young girls, women aged, blondes, brunettes, brown-haired, long-haired and short-haired.

Mature ladies who opted for a haircut debut should avoid oblique fringe.

Short whirlwinds

If your curls do not reach the shoulders, matching the selected styling to the shape of the face takes on particular significance. Round cheeks and wide cheekbones will look good next to the strands, cut just below the chin line, lush crown and well-designed cascade at the back of the head. The pronounced triangular shape of the face will soften the additional volume along the line slightly below the cheekbones. Debut on the hair, ending in earlobes, perfectly fit into the look of girls who adhere to the sports style in clothes.

Your appearance can be both gentle and extravagant

Medium Length Strands

Hair, the boundary of which lies somewhere between the chin and shoulder blades, is considered an ideal "ground" for haircuts. The last thing that threatens you is to freeze in one image!

Curls, built with the help of curling or ironing, will add a little romance to the look. The tips allocated with gel will give a look reckless and impudent. Raised at the roots with a hair dryer and a round hairbrush and carefully strapped into a sleek "helmet" strands will allow you to turn into a business lady. And even apparent negligence, when you just combed your hair, put a little mousse on it and slightly modeled your fingers, it won't make it worse. You just get the everyday version of the haircut - natural and simple.

Average length is considered optimal for debut

Long hair with or without bangs

Mistress of luxurious hair, reaching the waist, the debut will help to present their wealth in all its glory, while simplifying the care of them. Here modern Rapunzel lurks only one danger: if the hair is too thin, the combination of length and thinning can simply destroy the volume. To prevent this, you should either shorten the curls or use surface filing.

The debut is excellent looking at smooth and curly hair

Step-by-step instruction

Let's be honest: the debut requires a master of skillful, even filigree possession of scissors, so for beginners it is better to immediately leave the venture with an independent transformation in peace and go in search of a good beauty salon. But if you have a serious experience in the hairdresser’s art, or if a girlfriend, who has put a hand on haircuts, is already clicking a pair of scissors, you can try to build a cherished hairstyle on your own.

It looks like this.

  1. Wash and dry your hair so that it remains slightly damp. Well comb your hair and divide it into 4 sectors, first holding a vertical parting from the forehead to the nape, and then horizontal, from ear to ear. Secure the locks of the back of the head with clamps until you need them.
  2. On the hair remaining free, make a new part, this time along the line of their growth, and comb the separated strands on the face. They will play the role of control. These strands and you have to cut them first - arcuate, repeating the shape of the face.

Haircut is applied from the frontal-parietal part of the head.

Strands trimmed with a 90 degree delay

Of course, it should be borne in mind that each master has his favorite techniques and subtleties of working with hair. The described haircut method is only one of the main ones, but you can easily be guided by it.

Styling options

There is no doubt that one of the reasons for the enduring popularity of the debut hairstyle was the variety of styling that it allows you to create. Judge for yourself.

After processing the roots of washed and dried hair with mousse, stretching slightly, and then putting curls with a hair dryer and a round brush, you will get a hairstyle for every day - moderately free, comfortable and interesting. It is better to walk along the ends with a curling iron, but not too hard, and finally finish sprinkling with varnish.

Every day you can look interesting and attractive.

Stretching the strands with an iron and curling the ends of the hair in or out, you will create a spectacular and neat image that is suitable for office and social events.

Beautiful and practical

Putting on a slightly wet curls styling means and shaking them with your fingers, you will create a playful and bold image for a party at the club. When you treat your hair with a hair dryer, direct the air stream from the bottom up to add volume, lay the bang and use lacquer with glitter.

Easy carelessness in fashion today

Having wound barely wet curls with foam or mousse applied on them to large curlers, you will get attractive curls for a romantic date.

Comb the finished curls with a comb, shape the hairstyle with your hands, comb the sides of your forehead

Haul, ribbons, hairpins and other flashy accessories make it possible to create evening styling of any degree of complexity.

Haircut leaves dozens of opportunities for a wonderful transformation

On the basis of a haircut debut you can build a lot of impressive hairstyles: high ponytail, a braid of ordinary weaving, a spikelet, an elegant snail, Greek styling and much more.

Hair Care Professional Tips

No special secrets care for a haircut debut does not conceal. From her happy owner are required only two things:

  • wash your hair regularly (strands that are weary of sebum lose volume and look sloppy),
  • follow the general condition of the hair. Weak, splitting, thinned hair will quickly deprive your transformed hair of every kind.

Choosing a new haircut is a matter of responsibility. It is she, successful or unsuccessful, who in the coming days, after the change of image, has to determine the mood of the hostess, give her confidence in her attractiveness or implant complexes. Approach the choice with all seriousness and be sure to find a good master to get from the acquaintance with the wonderful invention called “debut” only positive emotions.

Differences haircuts

The cascade has a sharper transition, either with the effect of “torn” hair, or, with a clearer line. Image forceps special relief contour. A face edging made in the form of an arc. It is applied on hair of different lengths - up to the shoulders and below. Too short hair does not fit.

Cascade, most often starts from the chin. The second haircut also goes all over the head, from the very top and in daily styling is much more convenient if you do not always have time for styling.

Both haircuts look incredibly beautiful. Give lightness to hair. And give the opportunity to express themselves, hide flaws and highlight facial features.

If you decide to diversify your image or completely change it, but do not know how, pay attention to these haircuts and do not forget about the means to care. After all, even the simplest haircut will not look well-groomed and repulsive if you forget about nourishing and strengthening the structure of the hair. Be beautiful and change only for the better.

Technology and scheme for the implementation of haircuts for medium hair

The universality of the haircut "debut" suggests that it is suitable for any image - romantic, business, bold. When choosing it, consider only the features of your face. If you are going to cut your hair like that, go only to an experienced master who has already had the experience of cutting the “debut”, since the technique of creating it has a high level of complexity. This step-by-step instruction will help you to understand the technology of haircuts:

  1. Wash your hair well and dry it out with a hairdryer to keep it moist. Using the sharp edge of the comb, probe the hairline: first, make a vertical parting going in the center through the top of the head, then a horizontal part, which stretches from one ear to the other. For convenience, the hair in the back of the head secure crabs.
  2. Make another parting at the level of the crown (in the frontal-parietal zone), add hair to your face and start cutting, giving them a horseshoe shape.
  3. At the previous stage, you created a control strand, which will equal the rest of the hair. When performing a haircut on the crown, use the method of "imposing strands on the strand."
  4. In the middle of the frontal parietal region, make two more partings, they should be vertical, exactly parallel to each other at a distance of about three centimeters. So you get another control strand on which to align the rest of the hair.Trim it with a quickdraw at right angles. The rest are sheared similarly to the previous step by the method of applying strands.
  5. Parallel to the initial parting, make a second horizontal one in the back of the head. Connect the strand with the crown of the hair, cut with a tie at a right angle. The rest of the hair is cut using the "overlay strands".
  6. Finish your hair trim and thinning.

Perform a haircut: cascade somewhere near

Haircut debut on medium hair or any other length is not considered to be extremely complicated and for an experienced master it is qualitatively simple to perform. However, inexperienced masters should be more careful, as this hairstyle can cause difficulties.

Of particular complexity is not so much the architecture itself and the shearing scheme, as its ability to visually change the shape of the face. It is necessary to work with strands near it very carefully, as there is a high risk to spoil the appearance of the client.

The easiest way to perform this form on the hair of medium length. The stages of the haircut are always approximately the same, no matter how long the hair is, but when working on short and long hair there are some nuances.

Step-by-step haircut Debut on medium-length hair: technique in diagrams

Consider the most detailed haircut on the average length.

  • Prepare the hair. Wash them with shampoo and blot with a towel,
  • As soon as they dry up a bit (to a state that is comfortable for work), comb them with a rare comb,
  • Spend a vertical parting from the middle of the forehead to the middle of the neck through the entire head,
  • Make a horizontal parting from the left ear to the right, through the highest point of the head,
  • Clip the strands into 4 zones, if length permits,
  • Separate one strand from the face, parallel to the hairline. Strand width 1 cm

  • Perform on the strands oval edging, it will be a control,
  • We select strands centimeter wide by making partings parallel to the hairline every centimeter,
  • Stripped selected strands forward and shear at the control level,
  • Thus, work through the entire parietal zone to the horizontal parting,
  • Select the second control lock. To do this, separate the strands on both sides of the vertical parting in equal quantities. Strip the resulting strip forward and trim to lengthen. This will be the second control curl,
  • Cut the zones one by one. Scratch trim also forward and shear the length of the second control,
  • Separate the next control lock on the back of the head, parallel to the horizontal parting. Cut it to the length of the remaining hair. This strand is needed for cutting the neck,
  • Spend the radial partings, pull the curls to the control and shear,
  • Comb your hair and turn over the back of your head,
  • Profile strands.

The hairstyle scheme is simple, try and make

If you work with long hair, then filing is better at a depth of 4 - 6 cm. If the hair is thin, choose a filigree closet. Detailed schemes will help an experienced master to create the perfect image.

Video: making haircut debut for medium length hair

The debut will allow every girl to look modern. To create a hairstyle, you need to contact a specialist. Video on the implementation of the haircut will be useful for both experienced craftsmen who want to once again recall the cutting technology, as well as for beginners who want to learn. In the tutorial below you will see the use of a strand overlay characteristic of debut haircuts. See a detailed video tutorial with step-by-step work, where every step of a professional master is clearly visible:

Photo haircuts debut with bangs 2017

Haircut debut is rarely performed without a bang, because this detail helps to emphasize perfect features or hide minor flaws. For example, asymmetrical bangs will suit chubby and square-faced girls, owners of an oval face can choose a straight line. It looks good her slightly sloppy, ragged version. Look below for a selection of photos of a haircut debut with and without bangs.

Many women are fans of cascading multi-layered haircuts. This is explained by the fact that such hairstyles are universal, practical in everyday life and look very impressive. An example would be a haircut debut for short hair. She is unpretentious, ideal for many women and at the same time in each case is unique. With it, it is easy to create any image and look elegant and attractive.

Haircut debut - what is it?

The debut has two main options: a haircut with lengthening and with the same length of strands. The first type of hair is an ideal solution for young, active and athletic girls, and the second is more suitable for a business or romantic lady. In any case, when cutting the debut side strands reach the middle of the ear or slightly cover the lobe. The “business card” of the hairstyle is the arcuate design of the hair around the face; it is precisely by this feature that it is easy to recognize the opening.

Haircut necessarily involves the completion of basal filing, so that the hair becomes pomp and spectacular volume. In addition, this technique greatly facilitates the installation. If we talk about the form of bangs, the debut is perfectly combined with any of its options, but it is preferable to make it not too thick. Hairstyle looks good and does not bang.

The debut not only allows its owner to always look attractive and fashionable, but also provides an excellent opportunity to show their individuality.

The main stages of the haircut

Debut involves a multistage form and the presence of profiled strands. All transitions between layers should be soft, and the lines - smooth. The technology for making hairstyles is quite complicated, and you will hardly be able to trim the hair yourself. At a minimum, you need to carefully study all the steps of this process:

  1. First, clean and slightly dried towel with a towel should be combed with a sparse teeth and made two partings, the first should go through the whole crown from one ear to the other, and connect the forehead and the base of the neck with the second frontal line,
  2. now it is necessary to make a control strand, for this purpose a narrow curl (about 1.5 cm thick) is selected with the forehead, stretched to the side of the face, twisted with a flagellum and cut off to the desired length,
  3. all the hair in this area should be combed forward and cut, focusing on the control curl, followed by an oval edging in the shape of a horseshoe,
  4. the rest of the hair in the parietal zone should be trimmed according to the “strand by strand” method, making parting and cutting through each centimeter,
  5. now you need to spend two more partings in the highest part of the head, they must pass on both sides of the central vertical at a distance of 3 cm,
  6. on the crown, another control strand stands out, it must be pulled at a right angle to the surface of the head and cut at the right level,
  7. all the hair in the area of ​​the crown should be cut according to the “strand on the strand” technique, focusing on the control curl,
  8. in the occipital region, one more parting should be performed parallel to the initial horizontal one and all hair should be cut, as in the previous stages,
  9. combing hair, you should check and adjust the haircut,
  10. The final step - you need to perform filiking strands to give volume to the hairstyle.

Due to its layering, the debut is a multivariate haircut. In each case, the master can bring individual forms and outlines into it, but the overall hairstyle remains the same.

Styling methods

Debut looks great on a normal day, and at celebrations. Haircut opens a wide scope for experiments, with it you can create different images. At the same time, it will not take much time to model styling, and each one can cope with such a task.

  1. To create a daily styling option, all you have to do is to curl the curls with foam or mousse, and then, armed with a hair dryer and brushing, slightly twist the ends of the strands inside and give the hair a slight waviness.
  2. Want to create a stylish look for an important business meeting? Just take the hair straightener and pull each strand out of it.
  3. It is very simple to become a gentle and romantic young lady: slightly moisturize your hair, dry it with a hair dryer, create volume in the basal area, and then wind the curls with a curling iron or large curlers, at the end we fix the result with varnish.
  4. You can add boldness and eccentricity to your hair, if you slightly wet the strands, put a little styling product on them, put your head down and dry the hair in this position, squeezing the curls with your hands. This technique will give the hair volume and the effect of negligence.

Haircut debut on short hair focuses on the face, so do not forget about the makeup, which will emphasize the beautiful features and disguise minor defects.

Watch the video: How to Get 360 Waves For Beginners: DAY 1 (January 2020).