Fashionable hair dye 2018

Classic highlighting, ombre, and maybe balayazh? We talked with leading stylists and now we know for sure which colors will be fashionable in the coming year.

Spoiler: what we wore last year, will not give up their positions, but the new trends have surprised us greatly.

Ombre and Sombre

These two effects differ only in the smoothness of color transitions. Ombre suggests contrasting transitions with very bright ends and very darkened roots, and sombre offers a more natural and natural play of colors and shades.

Both colors are ideal for fashionable haircuts in 2018 for medium hair length, but both are capricious - they need styling. As an option - beach curls like Jessica Beale.

Balayazh will not surrender its position for a very long time, and in 2018 it will be at the peak of its popularity. This coloring is suitable for both long hair, and for the bean megapopular in 2018, and also for highlighting long elements, such as bangs in short haircuts, such as pixies.

Kate Beckinsale shows us different options for balayazha: the actress prefers soft combinations of caramel-brown natural colors.

Classic highlighting

In fashion again the classic highlights or the effect of babylights. But do not forget about the quality of execution of such staining. In no case should there be a “mattress” (wide coarse bands) or sharp contrast transitions a la black and white zebra.

In the hands of a professional, classic highlighting can work wonders: refresh natural hair color, make the color much lighter, hide the first gray hair that appears. Many models and stars use classic highlighting both on short haircuts and haircuts of medium length, as well as on long hair, calling it the effect of burnt hair or sunkissed hair.

Look at the owner of thin and liquid hair, Karlie Kloss, who with the help of classical highlighting creates the effect of thick volumetric hair.

Bicolour staining

Bright and rich fashion-shades will be incredibly relevant in 2018. And the most fashionable technique in color staining will be Colombre - two shades, combined with each other. No small steps, only bright color nuances and large elements.

Trendsetter here - Kylie Jenner: the model successfully combined several fashion trends in 2018: the colombre effect on bob haircut with a sloppy beach texture of curls.

The most fashionable coloring 2018: 8 major trends

All the latest information in the article on the topic: "The most fashionable coloring 2018: 8 major trends." We have compiled a full description of all your problems.

Does the soul require a change? Start with your own hairstyle! Refresh the shade of hair, slightly transformed and become more confident in themselves will help the trends of the season. It remains only to find out exactly how fashionable hair coloring will be in 2018?

Mahogany and Titian shades

We missed these shades long ago. And so, in 2018, they are again at the peak of fashion! Meet the main characters of the 90s - cool red and brown-copper shades! Luxurious shades of autumn, from ocher to crimson, will suit many owners of brown eyes.

We look at them on the example of Demi Lovato. The singer experimented a lot with her hair and every time got into a fashion trend. This time she chose a chic mahogany-brown shade that perfectly emphasizes light skin and hazel-brown eyes.

Not pearly, not platinum, not a natural ash-blond, but a silver-gray fashion-shade without any hint of naturalness. In 2018, we are waiting for all shades of gray - from graphite to tin.

On the example of Ciara, a famous lover of experiments with hair, we see all the beauty of this shade in combination with a careless texture and a high horse tail.But keep in mind that gray is one of the most demanding and difficult to perform colors.

This means that you will need to carefully select not only a professional to create it, but also high-quality home care products - and, of course, timely update the color in the cabin.

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Coloring 2018 fashion trends

Every woman is unique. Do not believe? Take a look around and you will see: there are no two identical. They differ not only in height and weight, eye color and facial contours. In addition, nature has endowed every woman with her own hair type. Light, light brown, chestnut, ashen, red, black. But, like thousands of years ago, a woman is not always satisfied with what nature gave her.

And therefore she tries to improve herself. In accordance with its understanding of beauty, and in strict accordance with fashion trends in the art of hairdressing. Fashionable hair dye 2018 - this is what nature has bestowed. No less relevant is the game with color, allowing you to emphasize or shade the beauty of natural hair.

And now let's plunge into the world of fashion trends and fashion hair dye 2018.

Fashion trends in hair dye 2018

Current trends in hair color in 2018 will change significantly. Coloring, which recently seemed very bold and non-standard, will become not only familiar, but also extremely fashionable. The main trend of 2018 will be shades that complement the base. Expressive transitions go out of fashion, so when combined colors transitions should not stand out too much.

Stylish will be many shades of blond, blond, red and dark hair. The more natural the selected color looks, the better. In the fashion will be some not very familiar shades and tones. Greater popularity will get the effect of "brondirovaniya." Ashy hair color will also become a trend.

Those who like brighter colors and combinations, designers are advised to pay attention to the harmony of ashy tones with some shades of pink or cornflower blue. In the online fashion magazines about beautiful life, photos of stylish hair dye for 2018 are already appearing. Examples of the implementation of current trends look extremely extraordinary and unusual.

Combinations that previously seemed shocking and were perceived as a challenge, are now becoming fashionable and ordinary. However, in this situation the correct selection of shades is still relevant, since bright this year does not mean tasteless at all. Fashionable coloring must be carried out by a proven specialist.

If an inexperienced colorist takes over, he may incorrectly choose a combination of shades or use a technique that is not suitable for your hair.

Fashion trends in 2018

Stylists in 2018 offered fashionable women incredibly effective methods of changing the color of their hair. Moreover, if the technician is properly executed, no one will suspect that the hair is colored. This is the main highlight. In the trend - natural beauty, maximum naturalness and feminine charm. Squeak of fashion - partially burnt hair.

Coloring can be done on hair of any length. The most striking look will be elongated curls. On short hair (boyish haircuts), although it is difficult, but it also turns out to apply one of the techniques. True, not always the result will satisfy one hundred percent.

Wanting to change the color and shade of hair, you should pay attention to fashionable highlighting, sombre (ombre), balayazh, shatush. All these techniques are unique and attractive. Each method has its own subtleties and differences. Hairdressers will help you choose a specific fashionable technique after studying the condition and structure of the hair. At home, repeating fashionable in 2018 staining without experience is difficult. Better not to risk.

This season the trend is not only natural and natural colors and colors.I want to stand out and shine among all the fashionistas, you need to be painted in the most extraordinary colors.

Actual trends in hair dye 2018

Naturalness and naturalness are still in trend 2018. But monochromatic coloring has already ceased to satisfy fashionistas - more and more they + prefer fashionable coloring, opting for bright juicy shades that amaze with their extravagance.

Fashionable hair coloring today is a change in the color range of colors, the use of complex dyeing techniques, the colorization of individual strands.

Fashionable 3-D staining 2018

Brondirovanie (from the English words - "brown" and "blond") is a fashionable coloristic direction, carefully combining dark and light shades with a basic light brown and light brown color. This is one of the most complicated dyeing methods for which 4 closely related shades are used at once.

The main task of the 3-D bronzing is the creation of a natural natural volume, deep saturated color, expressive modulations and beautiful shine.

Gradient coloring is a classic of modern hairdressing, which is the main preference of fashionistas and has been popular with women for several years. The technique is divided into two varieties - ombre and sombre.

Ombre is a universal technique that is suitable for hair of different lengths from ultra-short to long. At the same time, the age of using this technique is not limited, only the colors change.

The technique of ombre is a painting of strands at once in several shades close to the base color. Looks great with different styling - straight hair, wavy curls and even curly hair. Ombre is a technique where you can give free rein to your imagination and choose any colors for coloring. In the trend of cool colors - copper, wheat, pastel - pink, black in various shades.

A sombre differs from an ombre by smooth transitions from one tone to another. Suitable for both long and medium and short hair.

Ombre technique is a combination of two or more tones of the same color, or completely different in tone colors. The transition from one color to another should be as smooth and concise as possible. Even if staining uses different contrasting colors, the transition between them is not striking.


Highlighting is the classic coloring of individual strands. It involves the use of a combination of several light shades, slightly different from each other. In 2018, in a trend, natural colors using a natural palette that look harmoniously on short, medium and long hair. Such a combination allows you to create the effect of slightly burnt strands. The most relevant for highlighting platinum and muted red hues.

Shatush and balayazh - fashion trends 2018

Balayazh is one of the most fashionable innovations in 2018. For coloring, different shades of the same color are used, which create the natural effect of sun-bleached hair. The transition from one color to another is similar to the ombre technique. The balayage uses a smooth gradient transition with the capture of individual strands on the head.

Celebrities like Jessica Bill and Sarah Jessica Parker have made this technique popular. The name "balayazh" in French translates as "revenge." Indeed, the work of the master with a brush when applied to the hair coloring composition resembles wide sweeps of a broom. Two or three shades flowing into each other are used. Color transitions can be sharp or smooth, with no clear boundaries.

The technique of balayazh is that the tips of the strands are shaded with a different color that differs from the natural one. Different tones with soft transitions are used to get a natural look.This color helps to create an individual image, it can be used at any age and used for short haircuts.

Fashionable coloring using the technique of balayazh also looks good on long hair. With it, it is easy to emphasize the individuality of women.

Highlighting on the sparing technology allows you to get the most natural glare on the hair, complemented by a smooth transition of shades. Thanks to this feature, it turns out to visually add volume.

Shatush is a method of coloring, in which two shades of similar color are used. You can dye your hair over the entire length or just the tips. With the help of this technique, the effect of sun-bleached hair is created.

Dyeing is carried out in several stages. Shatush looks great medium and long hair, which is the most advantageous game of colors. In the trend of dark expressive combination of shades - coffee with milk, dark and beige, amber, honey, hazelnut, titian.

Stencil on hair: Current trend for bright personalities

In place of the usual shades of strands, pixel fashionable hair dye comes. With it, on the strands, you can create unusual geometric patterns. This technique is suitable for brave and confident girls.

The Stencil technique allows you to apply various patterns and prints to your hair that look bold and extravagant. The most popular geometric prints, prints with elements of flora. For those who crave more creativity, can create a stencil on their own sketch. In the trend, leopard stencils, ornate waves, vegetable patterns - large flowers, leaves, oriental patterns, lace, and others.

Fashionable coloring: actual colors and shades

The upcoming 2018 year gives us a lot of interesting new products that will appeal to all fashionable women.

Blonde again relevant.

The most relevant favorite is sand blonde. A rich and bright tone softens the facial features, making them expressive, emphasizes pale and dark skin.

Lovers of cold colors suitable aristocratic platinum blond with a silver tint. If you want to soften the strict appearance, refresh your face and give a touch of playfulness to the image, you can pay attention to the strawberry blond. The juicy, interesting shade will appeal to bright, extraordinary girls. Light pink highlights that look natural.

Dark hair lovers stylists offer exquisite chocolate options that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Dark cinnamon has a deep and warm tone with a slight addition of copper. Elegantly combined with fair skin and eyes, giving the image of originality and enthusiasm. Rich, "rich" color will be relevant in the coming 2018.

Frosty chestnut is an amazing option for beauties who prefer cold shades. Aristocratic refinement with an abundance of light and brilliance is perfectly combined with any type of appearance.

Fashionable staining "purple chocolate" is a favorite of the coming year. The original, bright color gives the hair a diamond glow and additional volume.

SplashLights - sun flare in the hair

One of the latest innovations in coloring strands, which in the new season will become super popular. Splashlights repeats the overflow of sun glare, entangled in the hair and illuminating them with light.

The technique involves the use of shades of yellow color palette - gold, copper, bronze, straw, orange, sand, etc. Repeating it for yourself is almost impossible - the effect of the daylight can create only the master.

Brondirovaniye - stylish 3D coloring

Fashionable hair dye of the year 2018 offers all girls an incredibly complex way of dyeing hair. Three colors are taken at the same time in the reservation, but the end result looks very natural. His main task is to make a natural volume. With the help of 3D-bronda, even a rare head of hair looks luxuriously and volumetrically.

This technique is suitable for any color strands, but on the fair-haired ladies, it is much more spectacular.

More details about booking - read in this article.

Ombre Sombre - gradient on your strands

Ombre and sombre techniques can no longer be called a novelty. This is the classic of the genre, which appeared to stay forever in hairdressing. Coloring of these types is built on a combination of two or more shades of the same color or a completely different palette. The difference is only in the boundaries. If the ombra suggests a sharp contrast transition, then the borders of the sombre are not striking, but smoothly flow from one tone to another.

Techniques are universal - suitable for different lengths from short to long. Age is also not important. As for styling, it can be anyone - smooth, curly, wavy and even finely curled. You can make a tail, a bun, braid a light pigtail, or dissolve the strands - everything looks just fine!

And the last moment is colors. Season 2018 proposes to use a very wide palette. In the trend of cool blond, pastel pink, copper, burgundy, wheat, shallow black.

Balayazh - natural tone

This is one of the most fashionable hair dyeing season 2018! With the technique of balayazh you can mix two tones of the same color. As a result, we get a natural hairstyle, burned out in the sun.

Shatush - California highlighting

The main feature of shatush is versatility. The technique looks great both on medium hair and on a long braid. Hair color is not very important, although the transition is more noticeable on dark hair. Shatush echoes the classic highlighting and looks as if your hair has never touched the brush.

Stencil coloring - bright, bold, unusual

Young brave individuals who are not afraid of experimenting with style, we recommend to look at the stencil technique. Drawing drawings and various prints (geometric or animal) will not allow you to go unnoticed in the crowd. For all its unusual pattern stencil staining remains natural. But, of course, your master must be a professional.

Ronze - hot hit of the season

This technique was created specifically for redheads. It is a mixture of chestnut shades and warm light colors. Ronze will make the strands shine and will delight with its smooth color transition.

By the way, do you know what the most fashionable hair color this year? Read more in our article.

Olor melting - melting color

In this fashionable version you can not do without bright colors and iridescent hair strands! Soft and smooth overflow fills the hair with the glow of mother of pearl and precious opals - it looks incredible! The effect of melting color is so bright and beautiful that you can not even think about some complicated hairstyles - just enough careless styling.

For your hair to be shiny and silky, you need an effective mask. See video for more details:

As you can see, naturalness in the fashionable coloring of the strands of the season 2018, is the main point. Remember him when you make your choice. Successful to you transformation!

Change is necessary for any modern woman. The changes make it possible to feel renewed, look fresh and young, keep up with the most current fashion trends. Nothing so refreshing a woman as a spectacular hairstyle. It remains to find out what hair color is in fashion in 2018.

General directions of fashionable dyeing in 2018

Pages of famous magazines already reveal fashion secrets in the coming year. It is necessary to have the courage to look extraordinary, sometimes even outrageous. However, the brightness of the image should not border on bad taste. The technique of creating color implies a competent combination of shades, obtaining a stylish image from a competent specialist.

What hair color is in fashion in 2018? Non-standard solutions are relevant. In this case, sharp transitions should be left in the past.Stylish basic natural tones strands - blond, red, light brown and dark, complemented by smooth transitions to the additional.

In the trend - ashy tone, which can be combined with the brighter - pink, cornflower blue. Spectacular "booking" goes to the first position.

Actual colors and shades for coloring in 2018

Fashionable hair dye 2018 will allow you to be luxurious not only due to dramatic changes, but also retaining your favorite color. The actual directions of coloring, fresh technologies provide a wide range of possibilities for creating an updated image. Hair color 2018 offers fashion trends, you can choose any suitable image from the photo.

Colors and shades of coloring 2018 for light curls

Blond, competently created by professional hairdressers, does not give up its positions. Women trying to hide gray hair, prefer monochromatic color range. It is recommended to trust a specialist who will select the most gentle and natural hair dye 2018, a photo of each new item will allow you to make a choice.

To soften the strict appearance is proposed to use sand blonde. Both natural blondes and blond-haired girls can safely use them.

Sand range is very successful, as it is perfectly combined with any type of skin. It gives you the opportunity to effectively refresh the appearance without drastic changes, while giving brightness.

Fashionable hair color 2018 - platinum blond. Naturalness is achieved by coloring with the use of tones close to the main color solution. In the trend silver and ash tide. It is necessary to avoid the appearance of a yellowish tint, which reduces the cost of appearance. Note that platinum looks advantageous with pale skin.

Darkness of the roots, like those of Hollywood divas, will add style to the epatage. But this effect should not be confused with regrown roots. The actual direction in the form of darkened roots can be realized only by a competent master.

Strawberry blond slightly modified. Fashionable hair dye 2018 does not welcome a noticeable pink subtone. A new color nuance should resemble strawberries dipped in champagne. Such a relaxed strawberry tone is perfect for most girls. Thanks to the beautiful shimmering, the facial features are softened, they are given freshness, tenderness and youth. However, this color scheme is not for bleached curls. The most advantageous strawberry blond lies on light blond strands, honey.

Hair dyeing 2018 also offers blondes to add a zest to the look. In a color trend, creating on the main pearl background several kinds of cool shaded locks:

  • platinum silver,
  • light strawberry
  • light purple.

The main taboo in 2018 is yellowness. Therefore, many blond women of fashion will have to completely discolor curls.

Colors and shades of dye 2018 for dark hair

A variety of chocolate-colored nuances remain at the height of fashion in 2018. The coffee tone favorably emphasizes the beauty of the dark-skinned girls, and the appearance of the brown-haired makes it more vivid.

The undoubted favorite of the season is the warmest brown tone - coffee-glacé. The name speaks for itself, it reminds sweetness due to the play of golden and dark notes and is in harmony with any type of appearance.

Another favorite of the season is a cold brown called “frosty chestnut”. This complex color combination, unlike coffee-glass, excludes yellowish play. It is not easy to achieve a cold ashy chestnut palette, but it is in perfect harmony with gray or gray-blue eyes. This noble tone is quite capricious and requires a good wetting of the strands so that the ashes do not tarnish.

Another fashionable color is a cold frosty brown overflow - chocolate-lilac.His palette is created by the color base of dark chocolate with unexpectedly appearing purple subtone. This combination looks very rich and successfully replaces the too boring and unfashionable black.

Lovers of warm subton can use the color of dark cinnamon. Glimpses of copper in a deep chocolate tone look very impressive on light-eyed owners of skin with a warm subtone. No less beautiful color of cinnamon shades amber and dark eyes, giving them the enthusiasm and brightness. In the frame of the hair with a tone of cinnamon, you can not be afraid to go unnoticed, even with a minimum of makeup.

Colors and shades of dye 2018 for red hair

Elegant, but capricious red color gets in the new season a rich palette. Golden-red decorate a fair-haired girl, make her appearance brighter. Strands of delicious shade of caramel and gold will be gorgeous shimmer in the sun. Ginger-red becomes calmer, redhead only flashes in the sun from the depths of copper hair. This makes the look perky and, at the same time, elegant.

Achieving the skill of colorists becomes an exquisite bronze color of the hair. This is one of the favorites of Hollywood film stars with a pale skin tone and bright eyes. In the new season, the color becomes the most natural, uniform, with a barely perceptible reddish subtone. Dyeing hair in a shade of bronze implies a taboo on the slightest touch of vulgarity.

Colorists suggest experimenting with the creation of combinations of ashen and ginger loops with a copper tint. Harmonious flow of tone from the roots of the color of light cinnamon to the tips of a golden shade that has just faded in the sun is welcomed.

Creative coloring colors 2018

The obvious tendency to color uniformity of natural locks is noticeable. Ombre retreats a bit, a bold gradient is in fashion. Juicy purple or lavender color at the roots smoothly flows to the platinum on the tips. Too futuristic image with the use of acid shades is not for every girl. In order not to be mistaken, it is recommended to begin by giving an unusual tint to the individual strands, and then proceed to complete coloring.

Ideas for fashionable hair dye 2018 for different lengths

Corresponding to the fashion trends of the upcoming season can be without fundamental changes. Lightening, especially made at home, often leads hair in a deplorable state, so you should consult a specialist. In the new season, sparing methods of coloring become relevant - sombre, tiger eye, bebilites, shatush, balayazh. Beautiful effect is achieved without damaging effects on the curls.

Short haircuts

The new season emphasizes naturalness and unobtrusive chic. But lovers of shocking also found some creative solutions from stylists. Unusual shades of hair 2018 will look great on stylish girls with short cropped hair. Haircut "pixie", structured bob, as well as dark hair can be painted with a small number of wide strands, no more than 5, which are better located in the face or back of the head. Dark shades of chocolate look great with the current wine or lilac tones.

Long haircuts

Long curls are better to leave one tone, but you can experiment with bangs. In 2018, the contrast of the light brown bulk of curls and red bangs is welcomed. Ash-blond bangs can be combined with cold coffee the rest of the mass.

Highlighting, as a variant of careful clarification, remains in trend. One of its versions is balayazh - a technique of merging two tones along a horizontal line. Its difference is that the clarified strands start from the middle part, reaching full saturation of the tone to the tips. At the roots, the curls remain natural, then a transitional tone is created, and a gradient of saturated contrast completes the gradient.

In the new season, hair coloring is a soft, natural transition. The method is suitable for both dark and light curls. Especially beautiful this color looks on curly strands. In addition to a light shade, contrasting colors can be used. For balayazha recommended cascade haircut, as well as a ladder. Growing curls look no less elegant than just trimmed.

Ombre was replaced by a similar, but more interesting sombre technique. Painting is carried out with the selection of both the horizontal gradient line and the vertical. This technique allows you to achieve greater naturalness, due to the blurriness of colors you can not worry about growing roots.

Average length

The average length of the curls allows you to apply all available techniques. One of the masterpieces of color in 2018 is the technique of "tiger eye". This is the newest fashionable shade of hair. The curls acquire the softness of the tones of the semi-precious stone of the same name turning into each other, bewitching with their copper sheen. The unobtrusive combination of dark coffee base and caramel amber color flashes creates an unusually beautiful overflow of colors. This color masterpiece has already been tested by the stars and is able to come out on top in the new season.

The method of brondirovanie allows you to combine dark curls with light, keeping their natural look. The effect is achieved through the beginning of staining at a distance of 2-3 cm from the roots. It uses gold, coffee, brown tones. Hairstyle enlivened due to the effect of sun glare. Does not hand over the position of the Shatush technique, which creates the appearance of hair sunburned from the sun For the effect of maximum naturalness, a combination of 2-3 close shades is used.

New season 2018 in hair coloring

Among the innovations of the coming year, the pixel technique proposed by Spanish stylists deserves attention. Multicolored clear geometric patterns on the surface of the strands require not only courage, but also a certain styling. However, the result is worth it, stylish coloring 2018 satisfies the needs of the most extravagant people.

Dim-out - technology of darkening curls only in some places. It turns out the effect of increasing the volume, an unusual game of tones. The bulk and richness of color overlap is comparable to the effect of 3D. The hairstyle will also have to be laid correctly.

The contouring technique goes from make-up to hairdressing. With the help of artistic use of shades, you can intelligently darken or lighten certain strands. This allows you to adjust the shape of the face, making a wide face already, reducing the visual forehead.

The new season gives plenty of space to create the desired image. You can stay with the same hair tone, but thanks to the new technology of painting, present yourself in a new way. You can drastically change the image by trying the most fashionable hair dye 2018. The choice is yours!

A new hair color is one of the most proven and effective ways to change your image, start a new life, get out of depression and much more. Any girl who cares for herself knows that hair color is very important. Some women even claim that with the new hair color their inner perception of the world, of themselves, is changing. If you have long wanted changes and you do not know where to start, then fashionable hair coloring will save the day.

Each year, stylists focus their attention on certain shades, hair colors, dyeing techniques. Of course, it is sometimes impossible to keep up with fashion. Yes, and your hair will not sustain a constant change of color in each season. It is better if you find your universal master who will carefully and efficiently put your wishes to change colors.What will bring us the year 2018? What will be fashionable in dyeing hair in 2018? In this article, we will take a closer look at the most trendy shades for blond hair, red hair, chestnut hair, etc., and learn about new products among coloring techniques.

Hair dye techniques 2018. Balajazh

One of the most popular types of hair dye - balagaz. Sometimes the wizard is also called "ballet". A feature of this technique is the "stretching" of 2 or 3 colors, which are combined with each other, throughout the entire hair. This is a very gentle and natural coloring technique, which also applies to 3D techniques. Balayazh gives an incredible amount of hair.

Hair coloring techniques 2018. Shatush

Hair coloring "shatush" will certainly remain at the height of fashion in 2018. It has a lot of advantages, among which can be noted the maximum naturalness. A feature of this technique is the creation of "the effect of burnt hair." This effect can be achieved by staining the strands along the entire length or only the tips in 2-3 close colors.

Hair dye techniques 2018. Ombre

This kind of fashionable coloring, like ombre, has been in the ranking of the most popular coloring techniques for several seasons in a row. A feature of this technique is to create the most smooth transition between two colors. If this is a classic ombre, then the roots make a darker color, and the main hair length - light. There is also the opposite ombre, when the colors are inverted.

Hair dyeing techniques 2018. Sombre

Sombre is a coloring technique, one of the recent novelties. Fashionistas have already managed to love this color because of its naturalness and brightness. As you already understood, sombre is a technique very similar to ombra. The difference is that the gradient line runs not only horizontally, but also vertically. Such coloring is not only trendy, but also surprisingly practical. You will not need to worry about your grown roots. The color will look blurry and very beautiful.

Hair dyeing techniques 2018. Booking

At the peak of fashion will also brondirovanie hair. Dark shade underlies, at the roots, gradually flowing into the blond. The word "booking" comes from two English words "brown" (brown) and "blond" (light). In essence, booking is the same as an ombre, only on a chocolate base. Brown color tends and flows smoothly to the blonde tips.

Hair dye techniques 2018. California highlighting

Californian highlighting will remain in demand among fashionistas for a long time. All the beauty of this technique in creating a natural transition from darkened roots to the light part of the hair. Highlight dark hair with such technique is as possible as light and brown shades. Good masters use only the most gentle brightening pastes on hair strands. Dyed hair is not deliberately wrapped in foil so that the lightening effect of the paint gradually goes to zero without damaging the hair. Sometimes when performing Californian highlighting, not only pastel colors are used, but also bright ones. Then the amazing effect of multicolor coloring is obtained.

Hair dyeing techniques 2018. Splashlight

The Splashlight technique is quite difficult to perform, but the result is worth it. From English, the name of this coloring is translated as “splashing colors, splashes”. The final result of the Splashlight technique should be the effect of the beam around the entire perimeter of the head. Imagine that you are standing under the bright lights, and your hair acquires a specific “shine line”. This effect will be visible in any light, regardless of whether you are standing or moving.

Hair dyeing techniques 2018. Pixels

One of the trends in hair dye 2018 will be pixel technique. In its fashion entered the Spanish stylists.It should be noted that such coloring will suit not every girl:

  • first, it is quite extravagant staining. Instead of all your favorite smooth lines and transitions, pixel coloring offers clear geometric shapes of various colors that are arranged in a chaotic manner along the entire length of the hair,
  • secondly, such coloring requires daily special styling if you want the futuristic effect to be noticeable. If the hair is not smooth and fixed in a strictly defined form, the drawings will not be noticeable.

Hair dyeing techniques 2018. Dim-out

Among the novelties in the types of hair dye in 2018 is Dim-out, or partial darkening. With the help of skillfully created dark strands in certain places of haircuts, you can achieve a 3D effect in the volume of hair. But this coloring also requires constant styling, just like pixel technique. “Dark” places can be made in one or two zones and create an incredible play of colors and versatility of play.

Techniques for dyeing hair 2018. Contouring

Contouring is the real pinnacle and highlight of hairdressing. A master, like a real sculptor, is able to visually alter the shape of his head, cheekbones, etc. with the help of coloring. With contouring, many are familiar with makeup. In hair dyeing, the “laws” of contouring remain the same: what we need to highlight and emphasize is lightened, and what needs to be hidden is blacked out. Thus, it is possible to hide strongly protruding cheekbones, reduce too large forehead, lengthen the neck visually. Contouring in dyeing is complicated by the fact that it is a purely individual hair coloring, which can be subject to a true professional.

Actual staining colors 2018

In 2018, the main fashionable trend in coloring will be to use the most natural and natural colors and shades. If your natural hair color is boring for you, then you can slightly change its shade with the help of tinted shampoos, tonics, and gentle colors. Carefully weigh all the pros and cons of a dramatic color change. Perhaps the delight of the new color will gradually fade amid the constant coloring of the roots. Among the most recent trends in hair dye 2018 are the following:

  1. When painting in a fashionable blond, stylists advise to give preference to warm and golden shades that are as close as possible to natural wheat hair.
  2. In highlighting dark hair and light, including, should be avoided brightly brightened strands, which strongly contrast with the main hair color. It is better to do smooth transitions on the hair, to strive for the effect of naturally sun-bleached hair.
  3. Blondes who want to be in the absolute trend in 2018, stylists are advised to look at the toning in a delicate shade of pink quartz. Such a shade looks especially advantageous on mischievous Pixie haircuts and shortened Bob.
  4. Girls whose color type is as close as possible or coincides with the “cold winter” can not be afraid of platinum blonde. Moreover, it will be in the trend of 2018.
  5. Girls with light brown hair, brown-haired women can look at the cold shades of their hair color. Relevant will be a light ombra, flowing from a nutty subtone to bright colors at the ends of the hair.
  6. Bright shades of red with a red undertone will surely please lovers to always be in the center of attention.
  7. One of the trends in 2018 among coloring will be brown in all its shades. This version of hair color is perfect for girls of almost any color type.

Zaur Alborov, colorist Aldo Coppola

“The main image not only of this winter, but of the whole year, which should be noted, is the seductive and freedom-loving girl of the 1940s, as well as the rock-romanticist style.Therefore, it's time to recall the bangs: it was with their help that the cult images of divas of the mid-twentieth century were created.

If we talk about trends, the shatush still does not give up their positions. This technique is universal, really fits absolutely everything and remains in demand from season to season. As for the colors, in the winter of 2018 it is mainly working with cold, and not only with warm shades. The natural palette also remains, but it is performed without contrasts and vivid color nuances, as was the case last season. ”

Olga Nikultseva, Londa Professional stylist

“A distinctive feature of the last few seasons is the desire for individuality not only in fashion, but also in coloring. Choosing any popular technique, whether it is an ombre or balayazh, as a result, everyone wants to get something original - a shade that no one else will have. This trend is called hyperpersonalization. That is, the colorist literally creates a color that was created here and now and is chosen individually for a particular person.

Absolute hit in the hair coloring of the season autumn-winter 2017/2018 - strobing and contouring, which are also used in makeup for highlighting and creating facial relief. It is they who today hold the palm among the most fashionable hair coloring techniques. Proper application and distribution of color makes it possible not only to achieve the perfect shade, but also to correct the facial features.

Contouring involves the play of light and shadow: creating a contrasting combination of light and darker shades, you can visually stretch your face, give expressiveness to your eyes, and accent the cheekbones. Strobing in make-up is a kind of backlight for the face, and in coloristics there are light highlights, the location of which also depends on the features of the face structure. All this must certainly take into account the colorist in the process of applying color nuances when creating the most fashionable hair dye of the winter of 2018. ”

Hurst Shkulev Publishing

Moscow, st. Shabolovka, house 31b, 6th entrance (entrance from the Horse Lane)

Coloring dye 2018 for blond hair

Blonde hair will have in 2018 many fashionable shades. Sheer yellowness is something that a girl shouldn’t watch over her hair. Clear bleached strands are also not welcome. In the trend will be the effect of burnt hair, soft transitions from dark to light shades, etc. Among the most sought-after shades of blond in 2018 are:

  • sand. The sand shade of the blond will especially playfully look on short hair and hair of medium length. In addition, this shade is not considered to be as demanding in the care, as platinum, for example. Sand shades are remarkably complemented by lighter or darker strands,

  • caramel blond. The color of the caramel will also be a success among fair-haired ladies. Its advantage can be considered the ability to "reset" for several years. Caramel blonde looks on hair very naturally, without making you “artificial” blonde,
  • natural blond. Stylists advise to look at the warm natural blonde, which will undoubtedly be in trend. Wheat, sand, beige shades of blond hair do not require such complex care as cold blond colors, although they are less durable,
  • platinum. The undisputed leader among the stains in light colors will remain staining in platinum. With the help of this shade of hair very successfully manages to create romantic, businesslike images. Ideal for both young girls and women in the age category +40,

  • dirty blond The color of the dirty blond may not like its name. But this is the perfect color for impudent girls who are not afraid to attract attention to themselves, to be sexy and slightly aggressive.The color is created on the basis of an ashen color, to which light strands, gold or chalk, can be added,
  • rose quartz. Blonde hair tinted in rose quartz is often chosen by many celebrities. Light pink tone looks great on thin hair, haircuts “Long Bob”, “Kare”, etc. This color will give your image an extraordinary romance and make your look unforgettable. However, rose quartz is more suitable for young ladies,
  • aristocratic gray hair. Quite an extravagant personages can boast with silver curls, if of course, it is not natural gray hair. Artificially made gray hair looks pretty bold, unusual and bold. To achieve this effect when dyeing, you need to expose the hair quite aggressive lightening. Natural bright brunettes such coloring most likely will not work, as it will be too traumatic for their hair.

Color dye 2018 for dark hair

Owners of blond hair and brunettes should pay attention to the coldest shades of their hair color, which will enjoy extraordinary success in 2018. Among the most trendy colors of staining include the following:

  • coal black. Deep black color, like platinum for blond hair, is a real classic, never going out of fashion. Designers advise to forget about the blue in black hair. It should be rich, matte, deep black shade with a healthy sheen. This color is especially relevant for short, asymmetrical haircuts, haircuts with bangs, etc.,

  • color burgundi. Bright and juicy hair can be done by dyeing in burgundy color. The combination of black hair and burgundy color looks especially delightful. Experienced stylists skillfully make smooth transitions and play of these two colors, creating incredible curls,

  • the color of milk chocolate. Deep and juicy chocolate color looks especially feminine on long and wavy hair. This color is very practical to wear, suitable for women in different age categories,
  • coffee and caramel colors. The maximum natural and natural shades of coffee in all its various variations perfectly harmonize with the different color types of the exterior,

  • wine and cherry motifs. Red shades of wine and berries will look original and bright on the hair of any length. These shades are perfectly combined with dark brown, black hair.

Dye colors 2018 for red hair

The owners of natural red hair are very lucky, because their natural color will be at the peak of popularity in 2018. With the help of sparing paints you can easily give a brighter shade. Among the most popular "red" shades will be:

  • fiery-red. The color of this beast and bitch will be undoubtedly fashionable. If you are not afraid to be bright and attract the constant attention of others, then surely try on a similar image,

  • walnut. This is a more subtle and subdued version of staining in ginger color. It gives the image an incredible depth, sexuality and mystery,
  • golden red This option of bright coloring will be suitable, undoubtedly, more for young and impudent persons. Gives the image of energy and impulsiveness.

Dye hair ombre 2018 fashion trends

In 2018, the techniques of ombra and sombre are relevant. Ombre and sombre techniques can no longer be called a novelty. This is the classic of the genre, which appeared to stay forever in hairdressing.

Ombra and sombre staining is built on a combination of two or more shades of the same color or a completely different palette. The difference is only in the boundaries. If the ombra suggests a sharp contrast transition, then the borders of the sombre are not striking, but smoothly flow from one tone to another.

Techniques are universal - suitable for different lengths from short to long. Age is also not important.As for styling, it can be anyone - smooth, curly, wavy and even finely curled.

You can make a tail, a bun, braid a light pigtail, or dissolve the strands - everything looks just fine! And the last moment is colors. 2018 proposes a very wide palette. In the trend of 2018 cold blond, pastel-pink, copper, burgundy, wheat, shallow black.

Balayazh 2018 fashion trends

Another method of easy intervention in the tint gamut of your hair, pleasing with chic and elegant results is the French balayaz method, which creates unusual natural glares of the sun with non-standard horizontal strokes.

In the current 2018, this technique is in great demand, creating a summer mood and a positive mood, contrary to the vagaries of nature. As is the case with most popular modern techniques, the emphasis is on naturalness, the work is done with fairly thin strands, and coloring starts from the bottom layers of the hairstyle.

The accuracy of the application and the firm hand of the master are the key to success: by delaying each strand horizontally on the floor surface, the master with the brush tip draws a straight line that brightens the line, which, under skillful guidance, creates the effect of natural highlighting and, in the performance of the amateur, the zebra effect.

After a certain time (it all depends on the thickness of the hair, its color and other factors affecting the time of brightening the strands), the paint is washed off and the hair styled, giving it the desired dynamics and mood.

And - voila - you are in balayazh! A couple of tips from the master of styling and care, compliments of others, and high self-esteem in a duet with a great mood will become your constant companions, because this creative image created by a natural layout, so to you! Do not joke with balayazhey, this is not the technique that can be done at home, professionals warn - and hone their skills, year after year complementing and implementing all new bright and natural techniques that create a well-groomed and rich image that adds sexuality, femininity, audacity and creativity without a hint of artificiality and excessive shocking.

Elegant ombre fashionable in 2018

As soon as women of fashion tried on themselves the technique of highlighting by the ombre method, they immediately fell in love with such coloring. The effect is matchless and trendy. In literal translation, an ombra is a shadow. The task of the master: during the hairdresser's procedure, darken the roots (you can leave your color) and then proceed as evenly as possible to the clarified tips.

As a result of a special method of applying dyes, it will be possible to perform a smooth or contrasting natural transition of shades along the entire length of the hair.

The uniqueness and attractiveness of the technique is that it does not need to constantly tint growing hair after. On the coloring of the hair ombra need to allocate about an hour of time

The most beautiful is the ombra on long hair of light brown color, taking into account that the hair has not acquired gray hairs yet. On medium and short hair, it will also be possible to apply a dyeing technique that is fashionable in 2018. But the effect will directly depend on the chosen shades and skill of the hairdresser.

To paint a head of hair of medium and short length, provided that the subtleties of the procedure are studied, it will turn out independently. Hair is not required to be divided into thin curls. What can not be said about the ombra for long hair. There is no satisfactory effect without the help of a professional hairdresser. Long curls before applying dyes should be properly divided.

There are several types of ombre. To decide for yourself which method is more to your liking, it is worth examining the characteristics of each.

  1. For the classical method, colors are selected as closely as possible to the color of native hair. The task of the master is to refresh the hair and with the help of the game of shades organize a visual color game on the hairs.The boundaries between the transitions should not be. All transitions are smooth.
  2. When blonding, the roots are darkened, the tips are maximally lightened, and the middle of the curls consists of smooth tint transitions.
  3. Ombra in the reverse technique is the opposite: the roots are lightened, and then the hair to the very tips gradually darken. Allowed to leave the native color, if the hair is light brown, dark brown. This type of ombre looks elegant, but to maintain the beauty of dark-haired fashionistas will have to constantly resort to clarification of the root zone.
  4. Color ultra-glamor ombra will suit nature, prone to shocking and easily deciding on the most daring reincarnations of his image. To perform the coloring selected the most extraordinary shades: pink, purple, orange, blue and even the color of spring foliage. Only two colors are used. For example, departing from the root zone, stretching the native, which at the tips turns into a bright non-natural color, is performed.
  5. Ombre in the style of fiery languages ​​- the trend of 2018. Usually this version of the transformation offered brunettes. On the shoal carelessly smeared dye (bronze, gold, copper, red tones). As a result, it turns out to create a visual effect on a shovel, as if flames frolic in the curls.

Spectacular transformations with the technique of balayazh

Technique balayazh unique and practical. With this type of hair dyeing, you can lose a few years and correct the facial contours, visually hide the plump cheeks. Invented this way of painting in the center of fashionable Olympus - in France. Balayazh translated as sweeping. The visual effect - it seems that some strands of stacks burned out under the rays of the scorching sun.

Balayazh requires a non-trivial approach from the master. It is necessary for the hairdresser to connect all his creative thinking in order to create an extraordinary beauty on the head of fashion woman.

Balayazh technique is a permanent method that requires updating no more than 2 times a year. This is the main and main plus. Coloring is performed in multistage, the color transition changes from dark to light shades. Balayazh looks natural and aesthetic, as natural as possible. And this is not all the advantages of the method. Among others it is worth mentioning a few:

  • easily and effectively refreshes the image
  • helps to emphasize the texture and elegance of the haircut,
  • refreshes the skin, smoothes wrinkles, hides age,
  • perfect for curly and curly hair
  • the dye is not applied to the entire shock, which means that the hair is subjected to a lesser chemical attack,
  • foil is not used during dyeing, which also injures the hair less.

Having studied the technique of balayazh, its positive aspects, it seems like not finding the disadvantages of such coloring. However, everything is different. Balayaz has its downsides.

  1. If during the master painting errors were made,. That aesthetic result can not be expected. Sharp or absent transitions destroy the elegance and beauty of coloring. Particularly visible poor-quality work on dark or light brown hair, if the tips of the hair are painted inaccurately, look red.
  2. Balayaz requires regular styling. Beautifully looks technique on the head of hair with coarse curls.
  3. Balajaz on dark hair, some masters perform on top of the bouffant. Such a performance in a duet with a lightening agent negatively reflects the state of the hair.

Chic shatush for modern fashionistas

With the advent of shatush hair dyeing technique among the dark-haired stellar fashionistas, a real boom began. The effect, which is obtained after coloring, has amazed everyone. Hair, without losing its natural beauty, transformed and shone in a very beautiful way.

Indeed, the unique method of applying dyes to the curls is phenomenal. The hair after the procedure becomes more voluminous, it seems well-groomed and healthy health. But especially admires how smooth the transition between shades is obtained on the hair.Looks great on dark and blond, light and red hair.

Shatush coloring technique is suitable for hair of any length. The only one who fails to fulfill it is for those who have boyish short haircuts. You should not even try, the effect will still not be seen.

Hair coloring shatush has a lot of advantages:

  • With the help of this technique, it is easy to get to hide dyed earlier growing hair.
  • hair after painting looks bigger, healthier,
  • the image is transformed, becomes unique,
  • strands will seem to be faded, but the overall look of the hairstyle does not seem unattractive or untidy,
  • hair coloring, when compared with other methods, does not take long,
  • The cost of fashionable salon procedures available to many.
If coloring is planned shatush, hairdressers recommend a few days before the procedure, do not wash your hair. As well as for any staining, you should prepare a hair in advance: regularly perform masks, wrapping

Tips on how to dye blondes hair

Stylists offer several options for how to dye hair to blondes. The main thing: to choose the right colors and make the color fashionable in 2018 look as natural as possible.

It is worth paying attention to the classic highlighting (brondirovanie). In order to achieve the most fashionable effect, you can use several shades. Blondes fit sand, straw, light caramel, light-brown tones.

Experimenting with the dark colors of the spectrum is not worth it. It will be noticeable that the blonde took advantage of chemical dyes, and this will destroy the natural beauty of the image.

Balayazh and shatush not so impressive look on blond hair. True, an experienced master and then find a fashionable solution for his client. For example, having darkened the roots, in the technique of balayazh along the length, will stretch a platinum or ash-silver shade.

If you wish, you can darken your hair closer to a light brown, bronze or rich golden hue, and whiten your tips or bring to a silvery or caramel-golden tone.

A beautiful hair looks beautiful if a light pink tint was used when coloring the blonde. True, this version of the transformation will require frequent correction and special care.

Let it be said that the ombre looks losingly on blond hair. Do not believe it, feel free to contact the master and give your hair a transformation in this hair coloring technique. With proper execution, an ombre will decorate blondes. Especially since you can play with variants of this dyeing blond hair.

Fashionable dyeing for dark and blond hair

Fashionable coloring for brunettes in 2018 has no boundaries. Dark-haired fashionista will be able to afford all that the soul desires for a head of hair. Beautiful and incredibly elegant looks balayazh on light brown and dark hair. Especially beautiful effect is obtained hairstyle on long strands.

Fashionable coloring for brunettes in the technique of shatush, as if created specifically for them. On the long dark and blond hair turns out an incredibly beautiful stretch of color. Colors to perform the procedure for dark-haired beauties hairdressers offer a lot. It is worth paying attention to caramel, copper, chocolate, beige or gold. Looks beautiful silver, ash stretching.

It is worth trying on the face and ombre - looks great. Hollywood dazzling beauty is guaranteed. Moreover, the options and choice of shades for light brown hair is stunning.

Stunningly melodious look on dark hair. However, such a variant of coloring will not look as natural and natural as possible, as is fashionable this year. Well, here you have to make a choice between trend ideas and your own desire to be beautiful.

Stylish transformations with red hair

Red-haired beauties also have options from stylists how to dye their curls.An experienced stylist will be able to choose the right shades for any hair coloring technique. The only difficulty, if you want to perform, for example, highlighting with lightening curls, red hair is difficult to whiten to perfection. Yellowness is not allowed. On the other hand, you can first ottonirovye ginger curls, and then to perform the desired stretch of color.

Red-haired beauties will face balayazh, ombre. It is enough to add a little blond and perform a bronze stretch along the length of the curl, as the image is transformed. The curls with transitions of shades of mahogany, cherry, eggplant, copper and gold look spectacular.

For dyeing red hair using the Shatush technique, stylists suggest paying attention to shades of gold and copper. Beautifully looks beige, Burgundy, brandy ebb. If you want to surprise your new way, and no extraordinary suggestions do not frighten, you should perform a color stretch by choosing unnatural shades. The red hair looks beautiful blue, poisonous pink, rich cherry, crimson hue.

All presented techniques of hair coloring at first glance may seem exactly the same. In fact, it is not. There are differences, they are significant. To see them, you need to carefully examine the effect after painting in different techniques. How not to make a mistake with the choice?

Probably, there will be no mistake if you listen to the advice of an experienced master and carry out the procedure with his own hands. Do not be afraid. Whatever hair coloring method is chosen, it will still be fashionable and stylish this season. The main thing is to get on the hair to create naturalness and natural beauty.

Fashionable hair dye 2018: photos of new trends

Many modern women of fashion tend to create bright and unusual images. An integral part in this matter is the hair.

With the help of coloring stylists offer to create creative hairstyles and conquer others, catching their admiring glances.

Fashionable hair dye 2018 photos of the latest trends will surely appeal to modern and stylish girls to make their choice and find an interesting solution for themselves.

What will be fashionable hair coloring in 2018

In the new season, the game of color remains relevant, which creates an interesting overflow and gives the hairstyle a special elegance and originality. The combination of several shades in 2018 becomes an incredibly relevant technique.

In place of bright staining with contrasting accents came ease and ease. The soft color transition creates a unique effect and has gained particular popularity among many girls.

With the help of this technique on the curls are light glare of light, which give the hair a healthy shine and attractive volume. During dyeing, an almost imperceptible color transition border is created, so the hair looks natural.

Sombre looks good on both dark and blond hair, opening up new possibilities for experimentation.

In the new season, a special place was won by the balayazh technique, which is one of the types of highlighting.

French colorists propose to create a contrasting combination of colors, as a result of which a clear border between the individual curls and the main hair color will be noticeable.

Especially relevant hair dye 2018 fashion trends equipment balayazh for fair-haired girls. The transition of shades creates a rather light and relaxed, and the combination of long curls and soft curls will create a dizzying effect.

The leader among the fashion trends of the new season was the coloristic trick, which creates the effect of a tiger's eye. He received the name of a semi-precious stone is not by chance. With this technique, you can create a stylish transition of shades that sparkle with honey shine.

Such a fashionable hair dye in 2018 photos will create a dizzying effect and will not leave others indifferent. On the dark hair of a coffee color, lobs of caramel and amber hues are created, while the transitions are as unobtrusive as possible and without a clear expression.

Only a professional can make such coloring, which you can find on

6 interesting novelties of fashionable highlighting 2018

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Fashionable highlights 2018
Only that one will get the title “Modern Woman”, which constantly strives to be fashionable and spectacular. At the top of fashionable charts continue to reign hair color designs, which combine several colors.

As the hairstyle designers say, they are tired of the monotony, it is dull and uninteresting. But not every woman can afford a cardinal change of the image with the acid color of her hair.

Make the image modern allows highlighting, and it does not need a radical change of image. At the same time, coloring with the use of such a technique gives a number of other advantages, in particular, visually increases the volume of hair along the entire length, refreshes the complexion and emphasizes its advantages.

Before starting direct staining, be sure to consult a competent professional. He will assess the condition of the hair, select the correct method of applying the dye, and the combination of colors that will be as harmonious as possible for its owner.

So, we present a detailed story about highlighting 2018!

So what is it - highlighting?

The name of the term “highlighting” has already revealed a part of the principle on which staining is carried out. With this technique, individual parts, strands or even part of the hair strands are subjected to lightening from the entire mass of hair.

Translation of the word means - mixing. The result of this staining becomes a spectacular mixture of dyed and unpainted hair. What always adds to the image of harmony and freshness.

An experienced salon master should, before starting the procedure, discuss with the client all the nuances of the future procedure, its advantages and disadvantages, how much of the hair will be processed. In this case, more often, the experienced “look” of a professional can be trusted.

Salons practice 2 main methods of applying the dye:

  • using a special cap with hair holes,
  • using foil or glossy paper.

The technology with the use of caps is suitable only for owners of short haircuts. It will help to highlight even the thinnest strands for coloring. Through the holes in the cap, the master gently pulls out the hair in separate strands in order to produce their subsequent toning.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of highlighting 2018?

The undoubted advantages of the procedure include:

  • there is no staining of the entire mass of hair, which allows you to keep their most healthy appearance,
  • hairstyle "comes to life" while there is no need for a radical change in color,
  • You can leave the maximum amount of hair not colored, if there is such a desire.
  • This technology has no age limit, it harmoniously adorns the hairstyles of both schoolgirls and grandmothers.
  • there is no need for frequent application of the dye to the root zone. Enough once every 2-3 months.
  • allows you to mask gray hair,
  • additional volume appears, the hairstyle takes on a modern look.

But the procedure is not without flaws, which include:

  • High-quality staining on this technology is difficult to perform at home. This requires certain skills and adaptations,
  • The procedure takes a lot of time and consists of several stages. Some techniques require pre-bleaching followed by a stepwise application of several colors.
  • hair after dyeing looked healthy, and well-groomed, despite the processing of chemical dyes, will require additional costs of care products. It will be necessary to make masks, apply oils and balms to keep hair in perfect shape.
  • It is forbidden to carry out highlighting, if you did a chemical perm the day before or processed them with natural dyes (basma, henna).
  • If the natural structure of the hair contains a lot of gray hair, it will be difficult to color the roots.

Without a doubt, dignity largely overcomes. Therefore, do not give up such a wonderful invention of designers and colorists as highlighting, be stylish in 2018!

"BROND" highlighting or booking

Coloring with the use of several colors on the natural hair color is brondirovanie. This method can create unique combinations and shades in the gamut of a woman's hair palette. The play of colors, a wide range of shades perfectly increase the total volume of hair, they seem thicker. Hair as if changing energy, becoming iridescent and saturated.

This effect was immediately put on the service of Hollywood stars, and the leading trendsetters in hairstyles. And already from them went active worldwide distribution. In 2018, experts recommend the use of chocolate and coffee gamma, copper, chestnut, and other natural shades for bronding black hair.

If the main gamut of hair is light, brondirovanie can be made with amber flowers, we run, wheat, coffee gamma or nuts, light chestnut is also appropriate.

In 2018 there is no strict fixation of zones or principles of coloring, you can choose any zone that you like, or decorate your hair along the entire length (amber).

Highlighting "American-style" trends 2018

The essence of this technique is to use more than three colors for coloring.

Such coloring helps to create beautiful play in the range from light to dark shades. At the beginning of the history of this direction, the masters worked exclusively with shades of “red” colors such as: - copper, - red, - orange, - red, - bordeaux,

This year is not required from the fashionistas with the American highlights such brightness. In some cases, the master of coloring do this staining in a very soft color gamut concentration. Glare on the hair can be created even with the help of soft and soft yellow. It is important that the hair is refreshing and harmoniously fit into the overall appearance of the girl.

According to the masters, clients often ask them a question about the need to use so many colors. What colorists unanimously respond that it is urgently needed. If you do not apply at least three colors, or even all 5, your hair will not play so much with volume, you will not be able to get a deep 3D effect.

At this stage of technology development, colorists in their professional activities distinguish three types of highlighting by American technology:

  1. Traditional Style Coloring,
  2. The combination of contrasting dark and light range,
  3. Highlighting "Crazy colors", in which the brightest and even sometimes acid combinations are used.

Gentle Shatush is also the highlighting technology popular in 2018

Shatush technology can be safely attributed to one of the most careful when clarifying. This is the main hit in the trend of 2018 fashion trends.

It is characterized by roots of dark shades and "glare" coloring of the main mass of hair. The arrangement of bleached strands in a chaotic manner creates the natural effect of summer burning out on the hair. Well, as with other techniques, the effect of additional volume and deep color play is created.

When the hair is worked through with this technology, the borders are very smooth, the color is quenched in the entire length, the darkest part being located at the roots.When dyeing in the salons, this effect is created due to the pre-combing on the hair, or the use of special professional combs for applying dye.

Many masters with this technology do not use foil. The main advantage of this technique is a thin and smooth color transition along the entire mass of hair. The smoother the transition, the higher the qualifications of the master, the creation of such an effect can be attributed to the creation of a work of art.

A very advantageous moment in this case is that the hair that grows does not spoil the appearance of the hairstyle, and more often it looks very natural. This advantage in staining in the absence of a large amount of white hair allows staining to be done no more than once within three months.

California highlights trends 2018

The highlight for owners of dark hair will be the California highlights, which refers to the trends of 2018.

The latest development of colorists from America allows you to get very natural and subtle transitions between shades with fairly dark base colors. The technique of applying the dye does not provide for the use of foil, as in Venetian highlighting.

This technique is deservedly one of the most advanced and innovative. Hair of dark shades with the professional performance of this technology is becoming similar to the hair of girls who live in California, which is famous for its sunny weather. A strong sun contributes to the burning of hair color.

The hair color very gradually passes from the darkened roots to the clarified ends, the dyeing looks very natural. Naturalness is one of the main trends in 2018. When choosing such a coloring, its owner will receive another bonus. You can paint less often, and the coloring will look neat.

The famous highlighting - Ombre 2018

Most often, this technology is used by stylists to give a fresh look to brunettes and brown-haired women. The technology is costly in time and effort, but the result exceeds all expectations!

Dyeing begins approximately in the middle part of the hair, and reaches the ends. For bright girls who are not afraid of experiments, you can experiment with colored amber. With such coloring after a total bleaching of a part of hair, they are painted in bright colors that have nothing to do with natural hair color.

These may be shades of pink, blue, purple, red, or a combination of them in the most inconceivable proportions and ratios.

And the latest novelty was the flow of this color within a single strand, for example, from blue to gentle blue.

Highlighting - Venetian 2018

Highlighting which has a name - Venetian, in the technique of execution in 2018, refers to simple techniques in the framework of hairdressing.

But at the same time its implementation in order to achieve the correct effect on the hair requires certain qualifications and knowledge. Specialists who have at hand all the necessary equipment, tools and a set of dyes are able to work wonders when applying Venetian highlighting.

The technology of such coloring makes the hair deep, voluminous, and most importantly preserves the naturalness in the appearance of a woman. It is important that the Venetian version of highlighting does not spoil the hair! The shades that will emphasize the beauty of women's hair in the most powerful way, in a dark color will be: sandy, honey, cognac and chocolate.

In some cases it is appropriate to combine several colors for dyeing in one hairstyle. They further emphasize the beauty of the owner of such a fashionable coloring.

On the example of stars: 10 trends in fashionable colors 2017-2018

In the world of high fashion, stylists pay no less attention to women's hairstyle than to outfits.Experiments with hair length, styling styling and color strands inspire stylists and hairdressers to create new images for celebrities. Let's see what trends have become the most successful this season.

Ash Blonde

Ash blonde is designed for those who like to experiment and take risks. If you are that way - this is your color. In the world of cinema, the most spectacular owner of ashy strands is Cameron Diaz. She has not changed her style for many years.

But be careful, because this shade will suit many girls, but not every woman.

Rich black

Kendall Jenner, Megan Fox and Monica Bellucci choose women who are not willing to drastically change their image.

Remember, blondes are not recommended to be repainted to a brunette with a single procedure, so as not to damage the hair structure.

Sombre - fashionable coloring of the tips of the hair in a dark and light shade. From time to time, Beyonce stylists choose this hairstyle for the singer. Lack of a sombre - in constant maintenance of color and length of tips.

Stylists recommend copper color to green-eyed and brown-eyed girls. In Hollywood, the main red-haired beasts: Julianne Moore and Julia Roberts. If a woman chose a red color for herself, then a regular visit to a colorist cannot be avoided, especially in summer.

Balayazh became a hit of 2017 and eclipsed with its originality even a sombre and ombre. Fashion trend will decorate any hair color and give freshness to a female image. The best images in this style embodied Selena Gomez and Chloe Kardashian.


This year for coloring are taken two adjacent shades. The transition from one semitone to another gives volume to the hair and playful play. Actually color coloring when one pastel shade is used, and another one is deeper and more saturated.

Dark blond

Dark blond suitable for fair-skinned women who want to refresh their natural color. This hairstyle looks graceful and confirmation of this Olivia Wilde - the heroine of the series "Doctor House". Dark blond color never occupied a leading position, but this does not prevent him from being in demand.

World celebrities change hair color more often than outfits, and all in order to conform to the canons of fashion. If a woman wants a change, then a new hairstyle will be a great way to start a new chapter in life.

Fashionable coloring 2018

The modern woman is so inconsistent in her attachment to appearance. We are always in search of a breath of fresh air that will inspire us to act and act in a world that does not tolerate slowness. Appearance is, in fact, the muse and business card of a successful career woman.

Sometimes, our visible changes, not rarely, attract new habits and behaviors. Unfortunately, the new blouse will not bring proper satisfaction of the creative crisis, but changes in hair color, based on the fashion trends of 2018, will be much more effective. In this article we will give a detailed answer to the question: "What hair coloring will be fashionable in 2018?".

Fashionable booking 2018

Fashionable hair dye of the year 2018 offers all girls an incredibly complex way of dyeing hair. Three colors are taken at the same time in the reservation, but the end result looks very natural. His main task is to make a natural volume. With the help of 3D-bronda, even a rare head of hair looks luxuriously and volumetrically.

This technique is suitable for any color strands, but on the fair-haired ladies, it is much more spectacular. Bronding is a way to combine light and dark hair. It is similar to coloring, but instead of bright colors brown, coffee, golden shades are used. Coloring strands begin, departing a few centimeters from the roots, so frequent adjustment is not required.

As a result, the hair looks natural, and the bright lines in the hair create the effect of sun glare.

Fashionable hair dye crazy colors 2018

For bright girls in 2018, Crazy colors hair trend will be in trend. Often it is called in hairdressing circles, involves the use of saturated and even neon shades.

Of course, it is difficult to imagine strands of bright purple or pink color on a lady of Balsakov age, but impudent and courageous girls should take a closer look at him. After all, youth is time for ease and experimentation.

One of the advantages of Сrazy colors is its fragility - after washing the head with ordinary shampoo for 6-9 times the paint is completely washed off.

Fashionable hair coloring Ombre 2018

One of the most fashionable trends today is complex staining. There are plenty of options for its implementation by the modern beauty industry.

Perhaps the most common and original hair styling in 2018 is the ombré. Most often, the hair roots are colored in a darker color, and closer to the tips - in a lighter, close to natural (amber, light brown, wheat and others).

It is important that the shades look harmonious with each other, the transition takes place approximately in the middle of the length. If natural hair color allows, you can lighten only the tips. The photo shows how the colors are clearly separated and the transition between them is visible.

In order to give color the opportunity to fully open up and celebrate all the beauty of a smooth transition, ombra are most often carried out on long curls.

Fashionable hair dye sombre 2018

Also in 2018, the technique of dyeing the sombre effect of burnt hair is popular. This modification is a softer version of painting in comparison with the classic ombre.

Such coloring looks more natural, because, as a rule, the colors chosen for modeling differ by 1-2 tones or one color is generally used, but the dye is aged in certain areas of the curls for a different amount of time.

In order to more clearly show the difference, pay attention to the first photo, which is made in the style of ombre, and the second, painted in the way of sombre.

Sombre is suitable for both blondes and brunettes, but red-haired girls and owners of hair of unnatural colors will be more difficult, because in this case it is more difficult to achieve the desired effect of a smooth transition.

The photo shows that on those, and on other staining looks equally beautiful.

California and Venetian highlights 2018

Californian and Venetian highlighting remains popular in 2018. The Californian and Venetian dyeing techniques are essentially similar. But Californian technology suggests the effect of burning out in the sun, sunbeams, as if entangled in a haircut.

It is carried out sparingly in such a way that the dark color at the roots becomes lighter towards the tips. This technique looks very good on dark blond, chestnut curls.

Venetian highlighting implies the same variety of shades focused on the tips of the hair, but in this case these shades are dark.

Fashionable highlight 2018

Separate highlighting deserves special attention in 2018, as its safety and respect for curls over the past few years have made this type of clarification of individual strands extremely popular.

Gentle classic highlights are distinguished by the fact that the strands are not lightened much - only by 2-3 tones.

Soft highlighting 2018 is great for thin, weakened or damaged curls, as it is done with ammonia-free paint enriched with substances that moisturize and nourish hair.

So, what will be the fashionable hair dye in 2018 for medium hair?

Hair is the pride and dignity of every girl. But pride must be objective and justified. Therefore, in order that, not only you can admire your hair, but also those around you, you should know what coloring will be fashionable this year and will suit you.

As you already know, in a trend, natural beauty and harmony with nature. Therefore, in the fashion world, extravagant and outrageous colors such as “malvina” or “bright parrot” are not welcome.

The basis of beauty trends in dyeing is the lightening of the strands, or rather of some of their parts.

For owners of luxurious hair, there is an abundance of stylish hair coloring options.

Very popular in 2018 will be:

The positive side of these techniques is the ability to optically create the appearance of healthy and beautiful hair. After all, light colors well reflect the light, and the hair from this radiate seductive radiance. Such procedures will refresh your image and bring originality to it.

Medium length hair coloring using ombre, sombre (ombre | sombre). Gradient staining

| sombre). Gradient staining

For several seasons long-haired ladies have chosen the method of ombré hair coloring. Of course, girls are tempted by tempting, barely perceptible color transitions. One gets the feeling that mother nature herself worked on the color of your hair.

Highlighted strand endings give the appearance of hair that has burnt out in the sun.

This color, “kiss of the sun”, looks very harmonious and at ease.

Do not forget that there are a large number of ombre varieties:

  1. For lovers of naturalness and naturalness, metamorphoses of colors that differ by only a couple of tones (classic, vintage) are perfect.
  2. For confident, out-of-the-ordinary-thinking girls, the color ombre with a sharp transition will be suitable.
  3. Despite the great love of girls for this coloring, in 2018 he gradually leaves, reincarnating in a sombre. This hair dyeing technique has bypassed Ombre naturalness. A soft, slightly noticeable color transformation creates a very beautiful play of colors. That mademoiselle, who are afraid to change the color of hair dramatically, but want to bring variety and playfulness in their appearance.
  4. If the two previous techniques best suited for fair girls, then gradient hair coloring is perfect for brown-haired women and brunettes. Such coloring will help to realize the desire of girls to look stylish, less often visiting colorists in beauty salons. As the hair grows back, a great result is maintained. This type of coloring captivates the girls with its naturalness and a huge range of color variations.

All these three types of coloring are very close and united by naturalness. Divinely suitable for hair below the shoulders.

Classic highlighting method 2018

This kind of highlighting is chosen even by Hollywood stars. So why do not we follow their example, especially since the hair after such experiments look impeccable. And rhythmically colored locks give the missing volume and shine to your hair.

Traditional highlighting is very common among girls. This type of coloring is based on the partial tinting of some strands of hair. Just look amazing on the third length of hair. Highlighting can be made in different colors, differing among themselves on a few notes (traditional multi-color highlighting).

The thickness of the strand varies. It directly affects the result of staining. The thin, closely located painted locks looks very naturally. The more laborious the work is done, the more elegant and luxurious the effect will be.

The fact that your hair is very thin and painful is not the cause of refusal from highlighting. To do this, select the zonal traditional highlighting with gentle innovative paints. So staining will affect only the upper ball of hair. This does not harm the health of your hair, but their appearance will only improve, a “natural” glow will appear.

Perfectly hide gray hair and saturate the hair with rich pigment and vital energy. Choose warm natural shades: wheat, gold, honey.

Classic highlighting is suitable for women of different ages and statuses.

Strawberry blonde trend 2018

Are you tired of being like everyone else? Do you think that blond is boring and not original? Then the invention of colorists - "strawberry blond", just for you. If you, of course, have aristocratic pale "porcelain" skin. With this shade of hair, you will shine brighter than a star in the sky.

This shade with the appetizing name "strawberry" was the opening of 2018.

It gives blond hair ruddy pink undertone, and face freshness and charm. Here the main thing is not to cross the barely perceptible line between the beautiful ruddy-peach and outrageous pink color.

But if you still manage to realize this fashion trend, believe me, you will be irresistible and elegant. Be careful, this trend color is absolutely not suitable for girls with tanned skin. For girls of this type (as well as for everyone else), brondirovanie hair is a delightful fit.

Bronding of hair or 3D dyeing of medium length 2018 creative

The volume and elegance of your hair will give brondirovanie hair. This universal trend will suit girls of any appearance and all types. Shimmering hair shades create a luxurious glow.

Due to the use of natural, akin shades of hair look the most natural and noble.

The combination of evenly turning light and dark hair will give the hair brightness, health and thick 3D look. This is a compromise solution for girls who can not decide in the choice between light brown and brown hair.

A little about color preferences in 2018

Naturally, in nature there is no universal hair color. In the matter of choosing your ideal color, first of all, you should rely on your color type and your taste preferences. We will talk about the main recognized colors and shades of 2018, which will serve you as a starting point for choosing hair color.

The most relevant warm shades for blond hair are:

Each of the shades will give your hair a natural shine, and the skin - expressiveness.

It is not necessary that the color should be uniform. No, you can use one of the techniques we talked about above. The decision to make the basal area darker by a maximum of 2-3 tons will be stylish and creative (do not forget about naturalness).

Blackout of the root zone is another distinctive feature of 2018.

Dark-haired women of fashion should not drastically change their natural color, you just need to enrich your hair with chocolate or chestnut tone and you will bewitch everyone with your prettyness. Natural gloss to hair will give an orange-red pigment.

Actual shades on the average length of hair for "natural" blondes

Blond beauties have a special magic charm that fascinates the opposite sex. Nature has endowed such enchantors with light skin and expressive eyes. To emphasize the natural seductiveness of these fine natures and to make the delicate transparent skin more attractive, you need to give the right shade to your hair.

For girls of medium hair length, sand, honey, wheat, and strawberry undertones are perfect. Soft shades will give your face femininity and nobility. And the natural trill of your hair will resemble the caress of the summer sun.

Ashy or smoky shades look good on short haircuts, for long or medium hair, such shades should be combined with other warmer tones. To do this, you can realize an ash ombra with golden notes.

The symbiosis of strict cold and gentle warm strands will bring depth and mystery into your bow.

Actual shades of red to average hair length 2018

Daring, self-confident girls who choose red hair, surely know that such a color is out of fashion and out of time. This is the trend of many centuries. The red color is distinguished by its optimistic and cheerful look. Reddish tint will give your hair a unique sheen and lively dynamism.

Dazzlingly hot red hair will rivet attention to your person, so this choice implies impeccable appearance and healthy well-groomed hair. In the framework of naturalness try to avoid unnatural ornate shades of red. Leave this prerogative comic and jesters.Girls with dark deep-colored eyes and dark skin should choose deep expressive shades of copper and chestnut.

For girls who have an expressive blush, dull muffled caramel shades will harmoniously fit. On owners of light appearance the carrot shade looks complimentary.

Diversify the saturation of red color under the power of interesting color and color combination. Moreover, for the third length of hair there are many suitable techniques. Excellent grouped red with wheat and bronze shades. There are different light options, but in order to find your own - you need to work hard.

Any of the shade of red will give your hair playfulness and flighty side of your bow.

Actual shades for brunettes on average hair length 2018

Truly elegant and intelligent girls look brunette. No wonder that color chooses to know the highest echelon. The abundance of shades gives freedom of choice and uniqueness of color. A win-win is monochrome hair color in dark chocolate color. This color is pretty combined with a bronze skin color. Chestnut-honey shades remain in trend and create a well-groomed and radiant look to your hair.

For girls eager for exclusivity and non-triviality, colorists offer “tiger eye” or “balayaz” coloring. Images come out sophisticated and as natural as possible.

Slightly highlighted strands of caramel, beige shade create a miraculous structure and unique playings.

Actual shades for a fair-haired on average hair length 2018

Often owners of light brown hair of medium length are puzzled by their natural dullness and lack of gloss. To solve this problem and give vitality to your hair will be able to toning hair.

Hue should be selected based on your individual characteristics.

Often, fair-haired girls, wanting to add shine to hair, choose too bright pronounced shades of black, brown and bright red. Such staining will make your eyes dull and colorless, and your skin will give fading and soreness. To eliminate such chagrin, choose soft, light shades of milk chocolate or golden blonde. They are able to make the appearance expressive and fresh. Breathe in the hair starlight and give sexual relief.

Modern hair coloring: types of colors

The modern beauty industry has reached simply unprecedented heights in the invention of coloring compositions for hair. Depending on the effect you want to achieve, the coloring agents can be divided into the following large groups:

  • Physical paints. This is the most harmless way to give your hair a new shade, but also the most short-lived. Physical paints include various toning foams, mousses, and tint balms. Such agents do not penetrate deep into the hair and, therefore, do not damage it. Girls often resort to using such tools in order to slightly change the shade of hair for a short time, to add shine to their curls. Often use a different kind of physical paint is not forbidden. Many of them incorporate hair care ingredients.

  • Natural dyes. Among the most famous natural hair dyes are henna and basma. Some plants have the ability, for example, to lighten hair. These include chamomile. Of course, there is no need to speak of any cardinal and durable change of hair color with the help of natural harmless dyes. They are more aimed at improving the structure of the hair, a slight change in shade.

  • Chemical paints. Perhaps the most diverse type of hair dyes. Modern manufacturers of paints have stepped so far ahead in creating high-quality and most harmless coloring compositions that the process of hair dyeing has long ceased to be a “hair-killing” procedure. Chemical dyes are ammonia and ammonia free.They differ in their level of stamina. The undoubted advantage of chemical coloring compositions is an incredibly diverse palette of colors and their shades.

What method of painting to prefer and which paint to choose depends only on your choice. Although, it is better to entrust such a choice to a professional master. With your inexperienced attempts to dye your hair in the desired color, you can not only "kill" your hair, but also waste precious time in vain.

Fashionable dyeing short hair 2018. Photo

Owners of short haircuts just incredibly lucky. After all, they can change hair color as often as they like, without fear for the result. For short haircuts in 2018 such types of coloring will be popular as:

  • transparent staining
  • toning,
  • highlighting,
  • coloring,
  • permanent staining
  • depermanent staining,
  • coloring with design elements.


The technique, which is based on a combination of highlighting and balayazha. The result of staining is to obtain natural strands that seem to be burned out in the sun. Ideal for light brown hair that need a refreshing color.

The popularity of the ombra does not decrease in 2018. Looks beautiful on long hair. A smooth transition from dark color at the roots to lighter at the ends is performed.

New dyeing technique. It is a smoother ombre. The color transition occurs from one semitone to another. Coloring is carried out in the framework of a single tone. Suitable for girls who do not want to radically change the image, but want to bring something new into it.

Do you prefer bright colors? Modern technique Colombre offers you to combine staining with a bright color with your natural shade. Perfect for girls who want a rich color, but do not want to completely brighten the entire length to get a bright shade.

With a colombra, an ombre technique is performed. Then bleached strands are tinted with colored paint of fashionable shades.

The transition from dark hair color to light. In contrast to the ombre, a chaotic arrangement of the straightened strands occurs. More suitable for dark long hair.

Hidden color

Original coloring for bright personalities in the shower. With this technique, the hair is divided into two levels: upper and lower. The upper part remains intact and natural. The lower hair is painted in all sorts of colors, up to rainbow transitions. This results in hidden coloring.

It is in demand for girls who are forbidden to use bright colors in the image in a professional sphere. This coloring will be visible only with a certain styling or hairstyle.

Hair color 2018

Almost white hair color with a silvery sheen. To obtain it, it is necessary to lighten up to the maximum white base. The color is capricious in the care, requires the use of funds for the elimination of yellowness in shampooing.

Looks spectacularly on girls with light porcelain skin with blue or gray eyes.

Ash brown

Difficult natural shade. Cold overflow based on light brown color. Effectively looks on tones from 8 to 10th. It harmoniously fits into a cold type of appearance, when a girl has blue or gray eyes and light skin.

Sand Blonde

Natural shade of blond. Fits any skin color. Makes an image both brighter and softer. When coloring it is necessary to watch outflow of this color. It should not give yellow. Color aspires to a golden hue.

Strawberry Blonde

Playful and light color. The combination of pink and copper shades in the framework of the blond. The color of pink gold on the hair suits girls with a natural beige skin color and a warm shade of eyes.

Luxurious reddish hair. It has a red undertone. Not suitable for dark girls. Goes to pale skin with light colored eyes.

Saturated dark color with a warm sheen. Golden notes that look under the brown color.Suitable for dark-skinned girls and gives them softness.

Deep black

Classic for brunettes. Natural black shade without additional podton. This year it is worth refusing from the black giving in blue or ryzhina.

Shades from cherry to deep wine at the peak of popularity. This color is extremely bright and saturated.

Girls with fair skin and eyes should choose a shade with a purple undertone. In the presence of dark skin and warm eyes, choose shades based on chocolate color with a red tint.

Bright colours

We have already talked about the rainbow coloring. You can try it not only in the classic combination of rainbow colors. Use one bright base color and add strands of other contrasting colors to it. For the main color relevant purple, green, blue, pink.

If you want a bright color in one color, then dilute it with at least one adjacent shade to add depth.

Do you like the coloring that stylists offer in 2018? Would you decide on such experiments? Share in the comments!

Fashionable dyeing Balayazh 2018

One of the most popular types of hair dye in 2018 is balayazh. Sometimes the wizard is also called "ballet". A feature of this technique is the "stretching" of 2 or 3 colors, which are combined with each other, throughout the entire hair. This is a very gentle and natural coloring technique, which also applies to 3D techniques.

Balayazh gives an incredible amount of hair. The dye is applied by hand, without the use of caps, caps, foils, films, and thermoeffect is also excluded.

The master, like an artist, applies paint from the tips to the base of the curls, leaving it to act, while the brush paints even hard-to-reach places at the very roots, which cannot be achieved with ordinary highlighting on the foil. After 15–20 minutes, the paint on the roots is “swept away”, which results in a gradation of color and a smooth transition.

Technique balayazh requires from a hairdresser not only certain skills and abilities, but also serious creative talent, allowing you to reveal his inner genius and choose for you the most suitable, unique way.

Fashionable coloring Shatush 2018

Hair coloring "shatush" will certainly remain at the height of fashion in 2018. It has a lot of advantages, among which can be noted the maximum naturalness. A feature of this technique is the creation of "the effect of burnt hair." This effect can be achieved by staining the strands along the entire length or only the tips in 2-3 close colors.

This coloring technique is almost universal and is suitable for any age, type and color of hair, but there are still a few limitations. First of all, the limitation is the length of the hair. On long and medium curls, the game of color highlights will open in all its glory, while on a very short haircut it will look completely inappropriate.

How to be stylish and fashionable in 2018?

California and Venetian highlights 2018

Californian and Venetian highlighting remains popular in 2018. The Californian and Venetian dyeing techniques are essentially similar. But Californian technology suggests the effect of burning out in the sun, sunbeams, as if entangled in a haircut.

It is carried out sparingly in such a way that the dark color at the roots becomes lighter towards the tips. This technique looks very good on dark blond, chestnut curls.

Venetian highlighting implies the same variety of shades focused on the tips of the hair, but in this case these shades are dark.

Fashionable highlight 2018

Separate highlighting deserves special attention in 2018, as its safety and respect for curls over the past few years have made this type of clarification of individual strands extremely popular.

Gentle classic highlights are distinguished by the fact that the strands are not lightened much - only by 2-3 tones.

Soft highlighting 2018 is great for thin, weakened or damaged curls, as it is done with ammonia-free paint enriched with substances that moisturize and nourish hair.

Fashionable dyeing Balayazh 2018

One of the most popular types of hair dye in 2018 is balayazh. Sometimes the wizard is also called "ballet". A feature of this technique is the "stretching" of 2 or 3 colors, which are combined with each other, throughout the entire hair. This is a very gentle and natural coloring technique, which also applies to 3D techniques.

Balayazh gives an incredible amount of hair. The dye is applied by hand, without the use of caps, caps, foils, films, and thermoeffect is also excluded.

The master, like an artist, applies paint from the tips to the base of the curls, leaving it to act, while the brush paints even hard-to-reach places at the very roots, which cannot be achieved with ordinary highlighting on the foil. After 15–20 minutes, the paint on the roots is “swept away”, which results in a gradation of color and a smooth transition.

Technique balayazh requires from a hairdresser not only certain skills and abilities, but also serious creative talent, allowing you to reveal his inner genius and choose for you the most suitable, unique way.

Fashionable coloring Shatush 2018

Hair coloring "shatush" will certainly remain at the height of fashion in 2018. It has a lot of advantages, among which can be noted the maximum naturalness. A feature of this technique is the creation of "the effect of burnt hair." This effect can be achieved by staining the strands along the entire length or only the tips in 2-3 close colors.

This coloring technique is almost universal and is suitable for any age, type and color of hair, but there are still a few limitations. First of all, the limitation is the length of the hair. On long and medium curls, the game of color highlights will open in all its glory, while on a very short haircut it will look completely inappropriate.

How to be stylish and fashionable in 2018?

Fashionable coloring 2018

Coloring 2018 is a rather complicated method of coloring, because during such a procedure the master uses several shades at once to achieve the best effect. The hair is divided into several zones, each of which is applied a certain shade.

There may be only 2 or 10, but they should certainly be similar in color. The result of coloring largely depends not only on the paint, but also on the professional skills of the master performing coloring. For this reason, it is better to trust a trusted hairdresser, rather than carry out the procedure yourself.

There are many techniques of coloring: from bold ombre and staining in flashy purple and to create highlights that look the most natural. This procedure is suitable for any girl who wants to refresh the image. Coloring should be done based on your own color type.

The most trendy types of coloring and fashionable hair colors in 2018

This year is nearing its end, which means that now is the time to talk about the trends in fashionable coloring 2018. Rather, look, because it is definitely worth a try!

Among all the variety of fashionable colors and hair dye techniques in 2018, the palm will be dominated by blond and chocolate hair color. What other shades of hair will be in fashion in 2018, you can find out right now. Get inspired!

Subtle glare on the hair that shimmers in the sun, as if the sunbeams are about fashionable sombre dyeing, which comes back to us in 2018.

The difference between ombre and sombre is that the second one looks more natural, and the line between color transitions is almost not visible.

Such fashionable hair coloring in 2018 will be one of the most popular and suitable for owners of medium and long hair.

Fashionable staining - Shaded roots

The tendency to darken the roots moves from 2017 to 2018 - to the delight of those who dye their hair a light color. A smooth transition from dark roots to light hair color is one of the main trends in fashionable dyeing in 2018.

Fashionable coloring - Tiger's eye

We have already managed to tell you about this fashionable form of coloring. Tiger eye - perfect for brunettes. Sure, the combination of caramel strands and brown hair in 2018 will conquer millions of girls!

Fashionable dyeing - Metallic

Want to make others speechless at the sight of you? Try to paint your hair in a metallic color! It can vary - choose gray, blue or pink. A nice bonus will be an incredible shine of hair.

Fashionable coloring - Balayazh

Balayazh: the most fashionable type of coloring Technique of hair coloring “balayazh” continues to gain popularity and in 2018 will become fashionable more than ever! This fashionable coloring is absolutely for everyone. In addition, it can be done on both short and medium and long hair.

Fashionable coloring - White blond

Blond hair color, like natural blond hair, in 2018 is becoming one of the main fashion trends. But be careful, white blond is not for everyone. This hair color will favorably emphasize the appearance of girls with a cold color type. Therefore, if you have fair skin and bright eyes, and natural hair color is light brown or lighter, feel free to do this coloring in 2018!

Fashionable coloring -Chocolate brown

This "sweet" hair color will appeal to those who in 2018 want to dye their hair in classic natural tones. Chocolate brown actually looks amazing live: deep, with overflows, it changes its color depending on the lighting and gives an incredible shine to the hair. In general, you will like it!

Fashionable coloring - Chocolate-lilac

Another trend - hair coloring in color with chocolate mauve. Chocolate-purple hair is great for all the upcoming seasons of 2018! And although this shade is not natural, it still gives the hair a natural appearance.

Fashionable coloring -Pink Blonde

Pink blonde continues to hold the championship and becomes one of the fashionable colors of hair dye 2018. Particularly cool this hair color looks in combination with fashionable balayazhem.

Fashionable coloring -Brond

Coloring Brond (from the English. Blond + brown = bronde) involves mixing strands of color "blond" and "chestnut." In 2018, the term “brond” will also mean the mixing of several similar subtones. This will help create a complex multi-faceted color and rich modulations on the hair. A real brond will sparkle in the sun.

Fashionable coloring -Sand Blonde

Sandy hair color in 2018 will be one of the main in the field of fashionable hair dye. It is ideal for girls with natural blonde hair color, as well as blondes who do not want to drastically change their hair color. Sandy blond adds light shine to the hair and creates the effect of sun-kissed hair.

We told you about the most fashionable colors and types of hair coloring in 218. Sure, each of them deserves your attention, so choose the one you like and be the most-most in the New 2018!

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