How is hair depilation done on face and body?

Every girl, beginning at the age of 14-15, already understands that during her whole life she is faced with a not very pleasant procedure: removal of unwanted hair.

Today, the modern woman has many ways to get rid of unwanted hair. But first, let's see what is the difference between hair removal and depilation. It is necessary to know.

Epilation is the removal of hair through the destruction of their bulbs. The process of hair removal involves the removal of the hair from the root or the destruction of its bulb. As a result of this procedure, the subsequent growth of hair occurs in slow motion.

In addition, the structure of the hair itself is changing: it becomes thinner, lighter, and then stops growing altogether.

Depilation (razor, cream) involves the removal of hair exclusively from the surface of the skin. At the same time, the hair root and its bulb remain intact. Therefore, this procedure does not affect the subsequent growth of hair and gives only a temporary result.

How to remove unwanted hair

When it comes to the smoothness of the legs, arms or bikini line, each of us has to face a difficult choice: which way to use hair removal to achieve the maximum effect and the best result?

There are many different ways to remove hair. Unfortunately, the phrase "beauty requires sacrifice" most correctly describes the process of removing unwanted vegetation on the body, since most of these methods take a lot of time and money from us. And some ways, besides, also very unpleasant and painful.

Is it better to shave hair or remove it with wax? And what other worthy alternatives exist?

So, it's time to consider other options for removing hair on the legs, arms, bikini lines and underarms. This, of course, will be a cream for depilation, shugaring, laser and electronic hair removal.

Which way to choose, and which one is best to refuse for one reason or another?

In this article we will look at all the pros and cons of the main methods of hair removal.

Hair removal with a razor

According to statistics, most women remove unwanted hair with a razor. This is perhaps the most common and affordable way to deal with vegetation on the female body. The popularity of this method is quite understandable: as a rule, a razor is inexpensive, you can buy it at any supermarket, and the procedure itself is simple and affordable.

However, the main disadvantage of this method is that the razor removes only the upper part of the hair.

How much does it hurt?

Shaving is a relatively painless procedure if you try to do everything carefully and as properly as possible.

Before proceeding with the shaving procedure, make sure that you have shaving cream, oil and a moderately sharp machine at hand. In addition, following all the rules to shave, you reduce the likelihood of cuts and irritation.

How expensive is it?

As a rule, the price of a razor ranges from two to twenty dollars, depending on the type, brand and number of blades.

How long does the effect last?

Since the hair is removed only from the surface of the skin, it usually begins to germinate within one to three days. Agree, it is not very convenient if you are counting on a longer effect.

So, the advantages of shaving with a blade are as follows:

As mentioned above, this is the most popular and most affordable way to get rid of unwanted vegetation.

If your legs are not in the most well-groomed condition, and you need to look your best, resort to this simple and convenient method that does not take much of your time and effort.

In comparison with the same wax depilation, shaving is a very painless process. Unfortunately, women with a low pain threshold cannot tolerate the pain that occurs when carrying out the procedure with wax when the hair is pulled out from the root.

In this case, it is recommended to give preference to shaving.

Shaving is a procedure that is available to every woman. It is not expensive for money. In fact, this is the cheapest method of getting rid of vegetation on the body. All you need is a razor and shaving cream. Some women use regular soap instead of cream or foam.

4. Save time

This is a significant time saving, as the procedure for shaving does not require any special preparations.

For example, unlike the same wax depilation, you do not spend time on heating the wax to the desired temperature. You can shave your hair at any time convenient for you. In addition, the shaving procedure does not mean going to the salon, as required by other methods of depilation.

If we compare wax and razor, then it is worth noting that the advantage of the latter method also lies in the fact that shaving does not leave any sticky residue on the depilated body parts.

Therefore, shaving is definitely still a very practical method, since after it you don’t have to waste time washing your hands, feet, armpits from sticky wax and stains that remain after this not very pleasant procedure.

Shaving legs is very comfortable in the bathroom. Most women perform the procedure while taking a shower.

But as usual, everything has its pros and cons.

Disadvantages of shaving legs:

1. The main disadvantage of shaving - short-term effect

Unfortunately, due to the fact that the hair is simply removed exclusively from the surface of the skin, and the hair follicle is not removed, after a few hours the hairs begin to grow. The effect of smooth legs passes quickly, literally in a day or two they will have to be shaved again.

2. Enhanced hair growth

Unfortunately, cutting only the top of the hair causes active hair growth. In addition, unlike the pointed tips of natural hair, the tip of the shaved hair becomes blunted.

It is for this reason that regrown hair appears darker and tougher. Hence the existing myth that if you shave your hair with a razor, then they grow dark and hard.

3. Possible wounds or cuts

If you use an unsuitable razor (for example, if the blade is too sharp) you risk injuring your skin. One potential risk of a blade shaving is cuts, and as a result, scars.

Therefore, the razor should be chosen carefully and thoroughly. A properly selected razor should smoothly and smoothly slide over the skin, quickly and easily removing hair.

In addition, do not razor several times on the same skin area. So you risk injury and cuts.

4. Skin irritation

Another major disadvantage of shaving is irritation on the skin. This problem is faced by many women.

You take a razor to remove unwanted body hair. As a result, the following often happens: you risk skin irritation, which manifests itself in the form of two unpleasant symptoms: a rash and red spots.

Besides the fact that irritation of the skin spoils its appearance, and from an aesthetic point of view, it is unpleasant to look at such skin, it also causes troubles in terms of sensations: often the rash after shaving causes severe itching.

5. Ingrown hair

Unfortunately, there is another problem that everyone risks facing when shaving. We are talking about hated ingrown hair.

This happens if the hair is turned back or begins to grow inside. Unfortunately, almost every woman faces the problem of ingrown hair.

Again, this moment concerns not only beauty, but also carries a serious danger.Harmless, at first glance, shaving the legs can cause acne, boils and inflammatory processes. Agree, an unpleasant prospect.

If you are familiar with such a problem, and you often come across it, discard this method of hair removal in favor of another that is right for you.

Hair removal with electric epilator

Despite the obvious similarity in appearance, the razor and the epilator are completely different devices by their functionality, structure and, of course, the results.

Unlike a razor, which cuts only the upper part of the hair, the electric epilator removes hair from the root. Thanks to special rotating wheels, which are a lot of tweezers, the device pulls the hair entirely.

And here, of course, the following point should be canceled: for women with a low pain threshold, this procedure will not work. However, there are some tricks that reduce pain. First of all, we are talking about special cooling gels.

There are also epilators designed to remove hair while bathing. They are very convenient to use, because water has the ability to open the pores of the skin, due to which the hairs are removed easier and less painful.

The main advantage of the electric epilator is that after its long use, new hairs grow more slowly, unlike the same razor, they grow thin and light.

But are there any side effects when using the epilator?

To understand this, first of all, you need to understand what an epilator is, and on what basis it works.

An epilator is an electrical device that contains many tweezers. These tweezers pull the hair out of the root of your skin, unlike the same razor, which simply cuts the hair off its surface.

To understand the approximate sensations of the procedure, it is enough to recall the moment when you pluck your eyebrows. You use tweezers to remove hair by hair. Agree, not the most pleasant sensations. And now imagine, at least 40 such tweezers, at the same time pulling hair from your skin.

By the way, there are epilators with a huge amount of tweezers. One of the most popular models has 72 tweezers.

And all these tweezers simultaneously with the root pull the hair.

Are epilators safe? Of course, in general, it is a fairly safe device. For many decades, women have chosen these devices for removing body hair. As mentioned above, it all depends on how sensitive your skin is.

However, a significant disadvantage of using the epilator is that you cannot flaunt smooth legs immediately after the procedure itself. For aesthetic reasons, you will have to cover those parts of the body that you just underwent the procedure.

Another side effect may be ingrown hairs. Therefore, in order to avoid such a problem, be sure to make sure that you buy a high-quality electrical device.

Disadvantages of hair removal:

1. It is possible that you risk facing the problem of ingrown hair.

2. Redness of the skin, allergic reaction on the skin

3. The appearance of small red bumps on the skin

4. Inflammations and pustules

6. Possible bleeding

A painful skin reaction may persist for some time, causing some inconvenience.

However, of course, there are much more advantages in using the epilator than minuses. The main advantages should be highlighted.

The advantages of epilation:

Unlike shaving, which must be done almost every other day, hair removal should be carried out much less frequently.

2. Hair grow thinner than previous ones.

3. Reduced pain

With each subsequent hair removal pain decreases. Therefore, each new procedure will be less painful than the previous one.

4. Attractive price

Epilation does not require any costs, you buy the device once and under successful circumstances you have been using it for many years.

5. Easy to use epilator

Epilator can remove all-body hair, including legs, arms and bikini area.

7. Long lasting effect

Amazing results: very soft, smooth skin lasts for a long time.

Thus, there are many advantages of hair removal. The results are really worth enduring the pain during the procedure. However, this pain can be significantly reduced if additional funds are used.

In addition, some side effects can be avoided if you properly prepare the skin for the epilation process.

So, how to prepare your skin to avoid side effects when using an electric epilator?

In order to prevent ingrowth of hair, you need to consider the following point: before proceeding to the procedure of epilation, the skin must be carefully peeled off. And how can this be done:

- Use special exfoliating gloves or loofahs.

- Place in the warm water that part of the body that you are going to epilate. The water opens the pores and prepares the skin for further hair removal procedures.

Then dry your skin or leave it wet if your epilator is designed to work with water.

Then proceed to hair removal. Do not press the epilator on the skin, try to drive the device smoothly and carefully so as not to get hurt.

Follow these simple rules, and you will not have any problems with ingrown hairs when epilating.

Hair removal cream for depilation

The cream works on the principle of dissolving the hair.

As a rule, elements that destroy keratin are included in the depilation creams. It is from this protein that our hair consists.

By the way, do not believe the rumors that the substances that make up the cream are toxic, harmful and can poison the human body.

Yes, they irritate the skin, and you can observe an active chemical reaction, which will proceed with very unpleasant symptoms.

But the redness then passes. In addition, as a rule, these funds contain in their composition useful substances, such as aloe vera or cucumber extract, which have anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.

It is very simple to use the cream: it is usually recommended to apply it with a thick layer on the area from which you want to remove hair. It is necessary to leave the cream for a few minutes (usually the recommended time is indicated in the instructions, so it is best to check the time).

After the specified time elapses, the cream must be removed from the surface of the skin with a special spatula, which should be attached to the set.

As a rule, cream-depilators usually remove the upper part of the hair. However, they are not always effective when it comes to dark and tough hair. This moment must be taken into account.

And because of the chemicals that make up these creams, they can have an unpleasant pronounced smell.

How much does it hurt? Cream-depilator can cause a slight tingling, but, as a rule, the procedure itself proceeds rather painlessly. If you experience pain (usually a burning sensation), stop the depilation process and immediately wash the cream off the skin.

Pain, burning and discomfort mean that your skin is too sensitive or you have left the product on your body for too long, which you absolutely cannot do.

Advantages of depilation cream:

1. Relatively low price

Depending on the brand, depilatory cream can be purchased at prices ranging from several rubles to several thousand rubles.

2. No pain during depilation

This is usually a very painless procedure that can be performed independently at home.

The cream is very convenient to use at home.The procedure does not require much additional preparation. It can be held in the bathroom. Unlike a razor, the cream can not be hurt or get cuts and scratches.

Disadvantages of depilatory cream:

1. Relatively long-lasting effect

How long does the effect last? Since the hair is removed from the skin surface, it usually grows within 2-3 days after the procedure. Some even note that the hair begins to grow as early as the day after depilation.

2. Possible allergic reaction

Intolerance to one of the components that make up the cream can provoke an allergic reaction in the form of redness or rash.

3. Unpleasant chemical smell

A strong, pronounced chemical smell is what repels many women when choosing a depilatory cream as an alternative method of removing unwanted hair.

Hair removal wax

Waxing (waxing) is one of the most painful procedures for removing unwanted hair, because it involves removing hair from the root. However, for the same reason, the effect lasts much longer compared to other methods.

This method works on the following principle: sticky wax sticks to the skin, carefully grabbing hairs. Then the wax is broken by a sharp movement of the hand (sometimes with a strip of cloth, sometimes without). Wax pulls hairs right from the root. Hence the pain.

However, the main advantage of waxing is that you can do it yourself at home. But, at the same time, like any other procedure, waxing also has a number of some features that you should be aware of if you decide to opt for this particular method of hair removal.

To begin with, let's see what wax is like.

On the shelves of supermarkets you can see a huge variety of jars. However, you should not buy the first available product, on the package of which you will read "Wax for epilation." So, you should know that there are three main types of wax, with which you can get rid of unwanted body hair. Each type has its pros and cons, which should be explored before choosing the best option for yourself.

Despite the fact that it is very difficult to carry out epilation with cold wax (it takes much more time than epilation with hot wax), this product is chosen by many women. You must also understand that cold waxing hair removal takes more time than other procedures.

In addition, this procedure is quite painful. But cold wax is almost irreplaceable when it comes to, for example, epilation of a deep bikini area, as well as other hard-to-reach areas.

That cold wax copes with the capture of fine and fine hairs. Unlike hot wax, it perfectly removes short hair.

He perfectly copes with hair removal on any part of the body. This type of wax is great for waxing yourself at home. Warm wax does not cause burns, it should be used in a slightly heated state.

The speed, hygiene and efficiency, are the main advantages of warm wax. Despite its fairly low price (as a rule, warm wax is the most expensive product of the entire line), it is recommended for home procedures for removing unwanted hair.

With this kind of wax you need to be especially careful. Its use requires some training and special knowledge, therefore, as a rule, this type of wax is chosen by specialists in beauty salons or by women who already have a hand on carrying out such procedures.

If you are new to working with wax, it is best to forget about this option. You should not experiment and risk your own health.

The risk of using hot wax is that you can get serious burns. In addition, improper use of hot wax can lead to the development of varicose veins. By the way, women already suffering from varicose veins are strictly forbidden to remove their hair with hot wax.

The advantage of this type of wax is that this procedure is not as painful as, for example, epilation with cold wax.

The procedure of waxing is relatively fast, so you can remove hair in a very short period of time. However, as with any procedure, wax epilation has its pros and cons. Let's weigh all the advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of waxing wax:

1. Long lasting effect

Indeed, if you compare wax hair removal with other methods of hair removal, this method gains in many ways, primarily in the duration of the effect.

The effect lasts from three to six weeks. This means that in some cases you can forget about unwanted body hair for almost a month, and sometimes even longer.

This is very convenient, for example, if you are going on vacation. In this case, you do not have to take with you a huge arsenal of devices in order to shave off hair in the most convenient conditions.

Another undoubted advantage of waxing is the accessibility of the procedure. Today, it can be carried out both in the beauty salon and independently at home.

On the shelves of supermarkets you will find a huge range of various cosmetics, with which you can easily remove unwanted hair on your body yourself. What exactly to choose, wax strips or wax in the bank, is up to you.

3. Savings

Waxing is relatively inexpensive and accessible to everyone. Ate to compare it, for example, with laser hair removal, the difference in cost is quite noticeable.

The option with wax will cost you a mere penny. And if you decide to carry out the procedure yourself at home, you will save even more.

Can you imagine how it is to remove the hairs one by one with ordinary tweezers? Agree, a very dubious pleasure. This procedure will take forever. While thanks to waxing, you can get smooth legs in just a few minutes.

5. Less pain

No matter how strange it may sound, you will agree that it is much easier to suffer painful sensations for a few seconds while tearing off a wax strip than to torture yourself when plucking each hair individually with tweezers. First, it is unrealistic for a long time, and secondly, it really hurts.

6. Less skin irritation

With all the trouble, the procedure has a very significant advantage: the wax covers every hair and, seizing it, quickly pulls it out from the root. Thus, you get less irritation, the skin is almost not injured.

As a result of the procedure, your legs become smooth and well-groomed, and you get a minimum of irritation and inconvenience.

Waxing is one of the easiest ways to remove unwanted hair.

Agree that it can be easier than to cover a part of the body with a wax strip and pull it, removing it with the hairs.

8. Hair becomes thinner.

With each waxing procedure, hairs become thinner, lighter and less rigid.

Disadvantages of waxing:

1. Hair can not be short

Unfortunately, waxing involves the presence of hair of a certain length. Too short hairs wax simply does not capture. It is for this reason that some women refuse this method of hair removal, as they have neither the ability nor the desire to wait until the hair grows.

Waxing means that hair should be given some time to the industry. And this is not always convenient.

2. Painful sensations

A woman’s low pain threshold can also interfere with waxing. Even just imagine stripping a wax strip from the skin, maybe not everyone. This is unpleasant and painful especially for the first time (also depends on which zone on the body you have chosen). One of the most sensitive, according to most girls, is considered a bikini area.

There are some ways to make the procedure less painful. However, it should be understood that stopping the choice on the so-called waxing, you contribute to the fact that over time the hair will become more thin.

Shugaring, hair removal

Shugaring is very similar to waxing. As the name implies, this method involves the use of sugar paste or gel for hair removal. By the way, hair removal occurs on the same principle as wax hair removal: that is, hair is removed from the root.

Let's take a closer look at what shugaring is, and also find out why it has become so popular among modern women.

Shugaring hair removal is an ancient Middle Eastern method that uses all-natural pasta or gel made from sugar, water and lemon juice, sometimes with the addition of honey, salt and essential oils.

Thanks to this method, the hair follicle is removed from the root. Therefore, the result will please with its duration, the effect can last up to six weeks.

Today, there are many recipes that include various ingredients. However, initially the recipe used only natural ingredients. This procedure is also called sugar wax, because the gel really looks like wax (although this is not the correct term, because the wax contains tar).

A woman, depending on the type of skin, chooses herself, apply a paste or gel to her. And since such a procedure is absolutely simple, it can be done independently at home.

So, what is better to choose a paste or gel, and what is the difference between these two substances?

There are two main types of shugaring, using a paste or gel. Shugaring with pasta is considered a traditional technique. The heated, thick mixture is applied first in the opposite direction of hair growth with a special spatula. It is then removed in the direction of hair growth.

Using a gel is similar to waxing. The gel is applied in the direction of hair growth and is removed in the opposite direction with a cloth or muslin strip.

You can do your own shugaring at home, or you can choose a salon where your professionals will do everything for you.

After a few shugaring procedures, hair grows less active, it becomes thinner and lighter.

A few years ago, it was very difficult to find a professional who would perform a high-quality shugaring procedure using paste. However, today in many beauty salons you can take advantage of such services.

As a rule, the master will offer you two options: shugaring using paste and gel.

The advantages of shugaring:

The procedure itself is quite simple and quick.

The main advantage of the procedure is that it is even more effective than waxing. That is what most women who opted for shugaring thinks. One of the advantages of this procedure, undoubtedly, can be attributed to the fact that for one procedure you can immediately remove a large amount of hair, unlike wax, which you can use only on a limited space of the body.

Here you can speed up the process of hair removal, applying a paste for shugaring and grabbing a fairly large area on the base. The paste will not dry out quickly, even if you work with it rather slowly.

2. Hair grows thinner and light

Shugaring removes hair from the root, thus, the procedure provokes the growth of subsequent hair more thin, light and less rigid.

Over time, frequent saccharification leads to damage to the hair follicle, which, in turn, partially stops hair growth.

3. Availability of the procedure

The procedure can be carried out both in a professional salon and independently at home.

Shugaring kits can be purchased in specialized stores, ordered online, and also find all the necessary materials on the shelves of some supermarkets. You can cook your own shugaring paste at home.

4. Value for money

For all its effectiveness, the shugaring procedure is quite affordable.

The cost of hair removal in this way will depend primarily on what materials you intend to use.

For example, a professional set for this procedure at home may be close to 30-40 dollars. But you can make a paste for shugaring yourself from natural ingredients, spending on all no more than 1-2 dollars.

But if you contact a specialist, hair removal with shugaring will cost you a little more than a similar procedure with wax.

5. Duration of effect

Depending on the skin type, the effect of the procedure lasts from three to six weeks, which makes the procedure an ideal option, for example, before the upcoming release.

6. Convenience of the procedure

In addition, both paste and gel are water soluble substances. That is, you can remove the remnants left on the skin, simply by washing them with water or wiping them with a damp cloth. Unlike paste and gel, wax is not a water-soluble substance, which means that its removal will require a special tool containing oil.

In addition, unlike wax paste can be re-applied to skipped hair. The substance of the paste is quite soft and gentle, so apply it boldly on the already treated area, without fear of irritation of the skin.

Disadvantages of shugaring:

1. Painful sensations

How much does it hurt? Since the hair is pulled from the root, it is logical that the procedure is rather painful and will not work for women with a low pain threshold.

However, in spite of everything, according to the girls, shugaring is still a less painful procedure than waxing.

2. Hair can not be too short

Hair, as well as the procedure of waxing, hair can not be too short. Only in this case, the hair will be captured completely.

For shugaring a prerequisite is the presence of hairs of a certain length. When using traditional techniques with a paste, the required length is one and a half millimeters (it is exactly that length that hair grows after two to five days after shaving). The use of the gel implies a hair length of 5-6 millimeters.

3. Achieving the right consistency.

Unfortunately, obtaining the correct consistency of a paste or gel can cause some difficulties. The paste should be exactly the same, so that with its help you could easily grab the hairs on the body.

Some important recommendations and tips:

After waxing, shugaring or hair removal with a cream, you can not sunbathe on the beach, go to tanning salons, baths, saunas. By neglecting this simple rule, you risk skin irritation as well as unwanted pigmentation.

The same, unfortunately, applies to the pool, as well as swimming in the sea (chlorinated water and salt can cause irritation and cause serious problems). Remember that after such a radical procedure, your skin becomes sensitive and vulnerable.

Doctors also do not recommend waxing or shugaring for women who suffer from varicose veins. In this case, it is worth choosing another way to get rid of unwanted body hair.

In addition, the lack of knowledge and concepts of hygiene and cleanliness can lead to unpleasant consequences.If you neglect some of the rules, you may experience skin irritation or even injury and scratches.

So, pay attention to the fact that if you use retinol, vitamin C or if you are taking steroids, for objective reasons, shugaring would be better to refuse.

You should also avoid this procedure if you have bruises, swelling, a rash, open ulcers, sunburn, warts or herpes on your body. In the salons where the safety rules and basic hygienic norms are not observed, there is a risk of introducing a skin infection to the client, which can lead to serious illnesses.

So, most women consider shugaring a less painful procedure than waxing (waxing). Paste and gel do not stick to the skin just like wax. This means that you risk getting much less irritation than with a similar procedure with wax.

The most severe pain occurs when removing unwanted hair on the upper lip, chest, bikini area, as well as genitals. It is these zones, as acknowledged by the majority, that are the most sensitive, and therefore vulnerable.

The traditional technique of shugaring with paste causes less discomfort because the hair is removed in the natural direction of growth, but the wax removes the hair against their growth, hence the pain.

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is another sure way to get rid of unwanted hair. It involves the destruction of the root by the light.

The laser works on the principle of a point effect: its beam acts on the melanin of a hair. Each beam has a specific wavelength. It is the wave size that is responsible for the efficiency and high quality of the laser.

A laser device heats a hair to a certain temperature, due to which its structure is destroyed. One of the advantages of a laser is that only the hairs are heated, not the skin around it. This feature in the operation of the device allows you to avoid burns.

The laser hair removal procedure takes some time, since it is necessary to use a beam on each hair, but the skin around the hair does not suffer much.

A professional laser machine can handle a fairly large area from which to remove hair. In addition, experts use special gels that cool the skin and prevent the skin from heating.

It is recommended to perform the procedure until the amount of hair decreases or the hair disappears completely.

With each new procedure, hair becomes thinner and lighter.

The safest and most effective is the diode laser, which is best absorbed by melanin and, at the same time, it does not injure the skin, blood vessels, nerve endings. Therefore, when choosing a laser, pay attention to the diode one. Its energy and wavelength - 820 nm.

Advantages of the laser procedure:

1. Cumulative effect

With frequent procedures, there is a cumulative effect.

2. Long lasting effect

After 5-6 procedures you can notice the effect: the hair begins to grow less often, and those that appear grow much thinner and lighter.

What is the duration? The optimal number of initial procedures depends specifically on your skin type and hair thickness, as well as a number of other features of the body. It is recommended to repeat the procedure every six to twelve months until the desired effect is achieved.

3. Lack of pain

How much does it hurt? The pain associated with laser hair removal is comparable to the feeling when we tear the adhesive tape from the skin. In other words, the pain will depend solely on your pain threshold. But overall, this is a fairly painless procedure.

Disadvantages of the laser procedure:

1. Laser is not for everyone

The so-called laser works best on light skin and dark hair.In this case, the device "detects" the pigment.

The lighter the skin and the darker the hair, the easier and more effective the whole procedure. Therefore, laser hair removal is not suitable for women with tanned skin and blond hair.

Remember, laser hair removal will not remove blond hair and can simply burn brown or tanned skin. For optimal results, laser hair removal is usually recommended at a frequency of 6 to 12 sessions.

Today it is possible to perform laser hair removal at home. But the specialist must perform the procedure.

2. The high cost of the procedure

Unfortunately, not every woman can afford laser hair removal.

How much is it? First of all, the price depends on the salon and the number of procedures. On average, this procedure will cost you from 200 to 900 dollars, depending on the size of the treated area.

The cost of the option at home can vary from 200 to 500 US dollars.

Pay attention to a number of contraindications that are available, albeit in small quantities:

Absolute (laser hair removal is strictly prohibited to do):

● some diseases of the immune system

● idiosyncrasy of this procedure

Relative contraindications (that is, those in which the procedure can be carried out, but only after a mandatory consultation with a specialist):

● chronic skin diseases, the presence of inflammatory processes

● relatively fresh tan (up to 2-3 weeks)

● pregnancy, lactation

● the presence of burns, scars, abrasions, scratches on the area of ​​skin on which to epilate

It is also worth noting that the procedure is absolutely useless when working with gray or very blond hair.

Epilation shock

Three methods are characteristic of electrolysis: the method of electrolysis, thermolysis and the Blend method. Each of these methods involves the use of a small thin needle, which the specialist inserts into the hair follicle.

Electrolysis, or galvanic hair removal is the most popular of all existing methods of electrolysis. In addition, it is the only way to get rid of unwanted hair forever.

To begin with, let's understand the terms. So what is electrolysis? This is a complex electrochemical process that involves the use of galvanic current.

The principle of electrolysis is as follows: the current passes through the fabric itself between the two electrodes. At the same time, a chemical reaction that can be observed on the negative electrode (needle) contributes to the release of hydroxyl ions from water. These ions have destructive properties. They simply destroy the hair follicle to the ground.

Since this epilation causes the destruction of the root of each hair in the follicle by electric current, this method of hair removal is considered the most effective. Unlike laser hair removal, which does not always work for a certain type of hair or skin, electrolysis works on any skin with any type of hair.

However, since with this method of hair removal each hair is treated separately, it is quite logical that the procedure will take much longer than all previous methods (from 15 to 30 sessions).

On small areas, such as the face or bikini area, the results of hair removal can be observed much faster than, for example, on the hands or feet.

The advantages of electrolysis:

So, it is electrolysis that is considered the most effective method of hair removal.

How long does the effect last? If you follow all the necessary recommendations, after a few sessions the result will pleasantly surprise you. Nevertheless, unfortunately, it is impossible to say that epilation with current works for all one hundred percent. There are rare cases of unsuccessful procedures, after which the hair also continued to grow.

Disadvantages of the current hair removal procedure:

1. Pretty high price

How much is this hair removal? On average, a 30-minute procedure will cost from 25 to 50 US dollars.

2. Painful sensations

How much does it hurt? Of course, everyone has their own pain threshold. However, the whole procedure is quite painful.

Any kind of getting rid of unwanted hair on the body, which includes the introduction of a source of high temperatures under the skin (electrolysis or laser hair removal), is associated with the risk of burns.

Again, the discomfort from exposure to high temperatures on the skin depends solely on the characteristics of each person’s body and its pain threshold.

However, everyone who decides on this procedure should prepare for the sensations that are not the most pleasant in their life. Just imagine what it is like when the skin is punctured with a sharp needle through which current passes.

3. Electric shock and burns

If the doctor uses cheap or low-quality devices, unfortunately, there is a risk of a short circuit. In this case, an electric shock can play a truly cruel joke.

The patient runs the risk of skin burns and electric shock.

4. The occurrence of infections

Unfortunately, as in any medical procedure associated with the introduction of needles under the skin, there is a risk of infection with various infectious diseases. This trouble can happen during the procedure itself, and even some time later.

In order not to run into trouble during and after the procedure, make sure that the needle is completely sterile. Otherwise, there is a risk of contracting such terrible diseases as HIV, hepatitis, herpes.

In addition, infections can also wait for the patient some time after the procedure by electrolysis. The thing is that sometimes the wounds do not heal for a long time, micro-injuries can persist on the skin. This is where the danger lies: the infection that gets into them can provoke suppurations, acne, which can cause serious trouble to the patient.

5. Scars and Scars

Unfortunately, after the procedure performed by an unprofessional cosmetologist (with an incorrectly inserted needle), you risk remaining with scars and scars.

The needle must be inserted correctly so that the electric current penetrates exactly into the hair follicle. If he passes by and touches the surrounding tissues, in this case, unfortunately, a scar will form.

6. The appearance of unwanted pigmentation

A change in the pigmentation of the skin, the appearance of light spots is a frequent side effect after undergoing this type of epilation.

In patients (in particular, owners of dark skin), the following reaction may be observed: some areas of the skin that are subject to electrolysis epilation may suddenly become lighter. Unfortunately, these consequences are irreversible. As a result, the patient faces further problems, far more serious than unwanted hair growth.

It is worth noting that treatment of bleached skin is a rather expensive process and is not always effective.

Pay attention to the following contraindications:

● cardiovascular diseases (in particular, heart disease)

● inflammatory processes, burns, scratches or injuries in the area of ​​intended epilation

● varicose veins, thrombophlebitis

● some dermatological diseases, such as psoriasis, eczema, acne,

● the presence in the body of metal medical structures

● pregnancy, lactation

● diseases of the nervous system

Hair photoepilation

Photoepilation is another modern way to remove unwanted hair. The principle of the procedure is to use high-frequency high-intensity light pulses.

In general, the principle of photo epilation is similar to laser epilation with the only difference that the light flash when photo epilating consists of several rays. Each of these rays has a different wavelength.

In addition, this procedure uses so-called krypton lamps with a special filter that removes short wavelengths (ultraviolet). As is known, these very waves are considered the most dangerous for human skin.

However, it is also worth noting that the hair during hair removal is not removed as actively as in the process of laser hair removal.

If you compare photoepilation with the same laser, then compared to it, the procedure is more dangerous and traumatic. Unfortunately, the probability of getting burns during photoepilation is much higher than with laser hair removal. What, unfortunately, can not be said about the effectiveness of this method.

In general, the principle of operation of the photoepilator coincides with the principle of operation of the laser, however, there is a significant difference in the operation of these two devices. Hair removal occurs due to the heating and destruction of hair melanin.

What method to choose, everyone decides for himself, depending on the characteristics of his body, skin type, hair structure and other individual features.

Disadvantages of photo epilation:

1. Not the highest efficiency

Compared with other methods of hair removal (laser, electrolysis), photoepilation is not the most effective procedure.

Despite its relatively high efficiency, the price of this procedure is not the cheapest.

The cost of one procedure ranges from 20 to 100 US dollars.

3. The procedure does not work on some types of hair.

Photoepilation is not an effective method of removing gray, white and thin hair.

4. The risk of burns

If the doctor performing the procedure is not competent and experienced, or if he uses an old device, there is a risk of burns.

Also, be sure to pay attention to the following contraindications:

● susceptibility to allergic reactions

● during the exacerbation of chronic dermatological diseases (eczema, acne, psoriasis, lichen planus, atopic dermatitis)

● herpes at the stage of aggravation

● chronic endocrine diseases

● pregnancy and lactation

For greater efficiency and complete disposal of unwanted vegetation, it is recommended to carry out from 8 to 12 photoepilation sessions. However, even after the end of the course, to maintain the effect achieved, experts recommend repeating the procedure about once every six months.

General recommendations after any procedure for removing unwanted hair include the following points:

1. Mandatory hydration of the skin with special means after the procedure of epilation or depilation (moisturizing and soothing lotions or oils for the skin).

2. Refusal to visit the bath, pool or swimming in sea water.

3. You can not sunbathe on the beach or in the solarium.

By entrusting your body to experts, not saving on your health, as well as following all the recommendations correctly, you are guaranteed to get beauty and health in one bottle. Remember that the smooth and silky skin of your legs, hands and other parts of the body depends on the right attitude.

Shave: for everyone and for everyone

Let's start with shaving. Shaving is the first and simplest way to remove excess hair. Electric razors or razors are used for this.

For extravagant gentlemen, there is an opportunity to shave a “dangerous” razor and feel like a real 007 Agent, and for men who do not consider themselves to be superspy agents, the usual safe machine, perhaps even a one-time, is fine. Ladies prefer machines designed specifically for women.

Shaving methods are divided into two: dry and wet. For a dry shaved electric razor, for all other options, the skin should be moisturized, hair softened, and to facilitate sliding use a special tool.

Electric shavers

Electric razors are mainly used by men, as they are more suitable for shaving hard hair, that is, bristles.Female electric shaving machines are much less popular, although they are represented on the market in some quantities.

Some models of electric epilators are supplied with nozzles for shaving particularly sensitive areas and, as a rule, this shaving head is quite enough for women.

Electric shaver models are varied: with one or several heads, mobile or stationary, powered from the network or on batteries.

All of them have one important advantage: dry shaving eliminates the need to purchase all sorts of cosmetics, the process itself does not require the presence of water nearby, which is convenient in “hiking” conditions, for example, on a train, on a business trip. Especially if it is possible to use the shaver on batteries.

The second significant advantage of the electric razor is that during its use, cuts and skin injuries are excluded, the sensations from the procedure are comfortable, and the shaving itself is fairly clean. Irritations after the electric razor are almost absent. However, it is believed that women's razors for some reason work worse than men's.

The lack of an electric razor is that the hair after it grows almost instantly. Some men have to shave twice a day. Well, of course, if the shaver is not equipped with batteries, then without an electrical outlet to use it will not work.

Shaving razors

Conventional shaving razors are more common than electric razors. The machine and related products to it can be bought almost everywhere. This, as well as the relative cheapness of razors, explains their popularity. Someone basically uses only disposable machines - convenient, cheap and hygienic. Others, on the contrary, acquire an expensive machine, to which it is necessary to periodically buy interchangeable blocks.

Shaving razors are presented in a large assortment: disposable and reusable, monolithic and with floating heads, dry and with moisturizing strips, smooth and with raised hair combs, with one, two or even three blades.

A disposable razor gets dulled much faster, so it is unlikely to be able to use it many times without the risk of damaging the skin or causing an infection. Machines with interchangeable heads last longer, but they also need to be changed at least once a week or two.

You can shave hair anywhere on the body, but because of the danger of cuts and ingrowth of hair, it is not recommended to use them in the bikini area, and to shave armpits with great care. The lack of shaving machines is the same as an electric razor - hair grows quickly, besides incredibly prickly.

Shaving products

Before shaving, any “slippery” product is applied to the skin - soap suds, shower gel, hair balm, but optimally - a special cream, gel or foam. Hair is usually shaved off against growth - it turns out cleaner, but by growth it is safer and the skin is less irritated. If the hair has a tendency to grow, the skin should be scrubbed a couple of days before and after shaving. It is preferable to shave in the morning, while the skin is “rested”, but you should not do this just before going to the beach or the pool.

After shaving, you should apply a soothing moisturizer that will soothe irritation and prevent skin inflammation. Means "after shave" usually contain cooling menthol and disinfecting additives.

It should be noted, this method of depilation mainly for home use. With the exception of male shaving - this service is available in almost every barber shop. Shaving “caution” is the trend of the last couple of years and in salons it is turned into a real spa procedure for men. Issue price - 1000 - 1500 rubles for half an hour of pleasure.

Dangerous razor for individual use is in the range of $ 80-120, the range of machines is presented in a wide variety of options - from budget disposable sets for 75 rubles to ergonomic modern systems with spare tapes worth up to 1,500 rubles.

Female machines, as a rule, cost a little more than men’s, as well as replaceable heads for them, although cassettes of one ruler are usually equally suitable for both men’s and women’s machines (you can save ladies).

Means for and after shaving, too, differ in great diversity: from leading cosmetic brands worth a couple of thousand rubles to low-cost domestic lines costing one or two hundred. The most economical and “long-lasting” shaving product is considered to be a gel, and of the “after shave” balms, creams and lotions, the highest consumption of liquid lotion.

Chemical depilation of hair

Since we have moved to cosmetics, then we will focus on depilatory creams. Chemical depilatories are also available in the form of gels, sprays, aerosols. The form in this case does not matter, and the formula has the most immediate.

The composition includes calcium or potassium thioglycolate, which chemically destroys the protein bonds inside the hair, which allows to remove half-dissolved hair from the skin surface.

Depilatory creams are available for different parts of the body and different hair structure - taking into account the associated factors, the product contains different concentrations of the active substance and determines the time of exposure. Modern manufacturers enrich depilators with various additives: moisturizing, vitamin, plant extracts.

Since the depilator is a chemistry, it is important that the cream does not come into contact with any foreign substances on the skin. That is, neither before nor after the procedure on the body should not be cosmetics.

Before depilation it is recommended not only to wash the treatment area well, but also to clean it from fat and dead cells using a scrub or a hard washcloth. Pre-desirable to steam the skin in the shower or taking a bath. After the procedure, you also can not apply cosmetics so that they do not react with the remnants of depilatory cream.

Before the first use of the product, it is necessary to conduct a skin test for allergies within 24 hours. If everything is in order, then you can proceed to the hair removal procedure. The cream is applied to the place of depilation and left on the skin to affect the hair for the period recommended by the manufacturer in the instructions, it is usually 4 - 5 minutes.

During this time, if the tool has the desired effect, the hair curls up against the surface of the skin and looks like it is burned. Such hair can be easily removed along with the remnants of the cream. Scraped hair with a special spatula, machine, sponge - that is attached to the package.

This method is especially good for sensitive areas such as bikinis or underarms. The depilatory cream works effectively, the hair after its application begins to grow after 2 to 5 days, depending on the individual characteristics, while it is quite soft, thin and thin. The composition of some products include substances that slow down hair growth.

But there are also drawbacks to this method, and there are quite a few of them:

  • depilatory products usually do not satisfy those who have hard dark hair - either they don’t work at all, or they leave big “bald spots” of hair,
  • the effect of chemical depilation is short and slightly exceeds the effect of shaving,
  • possible ingrowth of hair under the skin,
  • visible black spots may remain in the place of the removed hair,
  • creams usually have an unpleasant odor, which is not muffled by any perfume additives, and the smell lasts a long time on the treated skin,
  • depilatory cream quickly deteriorates and requires compliance with storage conditions, in violation of which it loses its effectiveness,
  • Perhaps undesirable effects on the skin and nails, even in the absence of allergic reactions: burns, itching, irritation, dryness,
  • Chemical depilation, in contrast to shaving, has an impressive list of contraindications, such as pregnancy, dermatological problems, skin lesions and tumors on it,
  • cream should not be used near the mucous membranes, in order to avoid the ingress of the active substance in the eyes, nose, genitals,
  • You can not violate the instructions for using the tool, otherwise it will not have the desired effect or cause side effects (if you overdo the cream more than it should be).

The undoubted advantages of chemical depilation include its simplicity and low cost. The cream can be purchased in the range of 100 - 300 rubles, and enough for several applications. This method is completely painless, which is important, especially when used in sensitive areas.


What you need to forget, using the following methods of depilation, so it is painless. The so-called bio-epilation includes two types - waxing and shugaring. If in Russian, then it is depilation with wax and sugar paste.

It is worth noting that bioepilation has contraindications, in addition to those already listed for chemical depilation:

  • oncology,
  • diabetes,
  • nervous and mental diseases
  • keloid disease
  • bleeding disorders,
  • varicose veins and thrombophlebitis,
  • heart disease
  • infections.

These contraindications are associated with trauma and a high level of pain during procedures.

Hair waxing depilation (waxing)

Wax depilation for today, perhaps, the most demanded service of numerous cosmetologists. The advantages of this method are difficult to overestimate: quickly, reliably, efficiently, for a long time (relatively, of course). One thing is bad - it hurts, but you can't stand it just to get smooth skin, as much as 3 to 4 weeks.

The method is based on the removal of hair from the skin with wax mixtures. They include components of natural and synthetic origin: wood resins, beeswax, as well as paraffins and other products of the refinery.

The composition of the wax and the ratio of certain ingredients depend on the properties of the mixture: melting point, viscosity, and so on. Depending on the treated area and the characteristics of the skin and hair in this place, different wax-containing compounds are used.

Solid wax is melted to a hot state before use, and soft blends are already in a semi-liquid form and are used for warm and cold depilation. The composition may include various additives that are useful for the skin: oils, extracts, extracts from plants, vitamins.

You can use wax depilation on your own, at home. To do this, they buy ready-made strips with a wax coating, usually separately for each zone - the sizes and effective compositions differ from the strips of different purposes.

The wax strips are warmed with the warmth of the hands, glued to the skin in the direction of hair growth, and then disrupted by a sharp movement “against the coat”. After such depilation, wax residues are scrubbed with oily agents. Wax strips are more suitable for depilating small areas of the face and body.

Wax, sold in jars and cassettes, requires heating to a temperature of about 38 ° in a special device or in a water bath. This method is more labor-intensive and not very convenient for independent use, however, it is successfully used in home conditions and in beauty salons.

Warm wax allows you to quickly and efficiently process large areas of the body, such as legs. Hair removal occurs by sticking on the wax layer, already applied to the skin, special tissue or paper strips and their sharp tearing off.

Hot wax for waxing is intended for professional use only. Hot waxing requires special skills and training. The wax is melted for half an hour and heated to a temperature of about 42 °.

The wax is applied to the skin while hot and after cooling cooled off with the hair. Such wax is able to “take” any hair by any stiffness due to its dense structure, which firmly holds hairs.In addition, hot wax opens the pores of the skin, steam it, which makes the procedure a little less painful, which is especially important for sensitive areas of the body.

The disadvantages of wax depilation include:

  • soreness
  • allergic to wax and skin irritation after the procedure,
  • burns
  • hair ingrowth, changes in hair properties due to permanent injury to the bulbs,
  • the presence of contraindications.

To minimize side effects and increase the effectiveness of wax depilation, you need to prepare for it: grow hair up to 4-5 mm, peeling the skin on the eve, do not use creams and lotions before the procedure, do not apply cosmetics.

They love waxing and for the optimal price-quality ratio: the cost of purchasing wax for the house or for carrying out the procedure at the beautician is small (from 100 rubles for strips to 1000-1500 for depilation in the salon), and the quality of hair removal is high. Extend the effect of depilation can, if applied after the procedure means that slow down hair growth.

Shugaring - hair depilation with sugar

Another type of bio-epilation is depilation with a sweet paste. The technique of sugar depilation is analogous to wax - applying a layer of the composition to the skin and removing it together in the hair using a strip of cloth or directly with the hands. Unlike waxing, when shugaring hair removal is performed in the direction of their growth, thereby reducing the risk of ingrowth.

Professional sugar paste is produced industrially, sold in cans and heated to a warm state before use. Manual equipment, as well as home shugaring is done with the help of caramel or phyto-resin on the basis of honey. Such paste is not heated, but stretches in the hands, like clay and is superimposed on the desired area.

Sugar depilation has the same advantages as wax. In addition, it has additional advantages:

  • less pain compared to waxing,
  • lack of hair ingrowth,
  • lack of allergic reactions and irritations,
  • minimum damage to the skin
  • handheld technique is convenient to use on hard-to-reach areas of the body,
  • the remains of sugar paste are easily washed off with water,
  • no need to grow hair up to 4-5 mm, shugaring removes even the shortest hairs.

The cost of ready-made shugaring strips is 300 - 400 rubles, sugar paste - 700 - 1500 rubles. Cosmetic services for sugar depilation - 400-500 rubles on the face, from 1000 to 2500 rubles for one zone on the body.

To save on self-depilation, you can use "homemade" caramel for shugaring. For example, boil a thick syrup of 10 tablespoons of sugar, 1 tablespoon of water and juice of half a lemon. The mixture should be cooked over low heat, stirring for 10 minutes after boiling, until golden brown and caramel smell appear.

Then the caramel should be cooled, and, without waiting for it to harden, roll up the sugar ball in the hands, stretch it in your hands and smear it “against the fur” on the skin. Then you need to tear off the layer of paste on the growth of hair and, if necessary, repeat the process again before removing all the hair. One ball can be used until it starts to stick to hands.

Alternative ways

A few words about other known methods of depilation.

One of these methods, less common - hair removal using friction. Basically, such a depilation is used on the hands and feet: a special set for abrasive depilation, fine-grained sanding paper, pumice hair gradually “erased”, making the skin smooth for 1-2 days.

This method is painless, but may cause some discomfort, is effective on thin, weak hair. Remove hard hair in this way is unlikely to succeed. Abrasive depilation is not suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Depilation with tweezers or silk thread is often used and accessible to everyone.Its peculiarity is that it has practically no contraindications, however, it is more often used for removing single hair or for depilating small areas of skin (mustache, eyebrows) at home.

The use of electric epilator has a similar principle of operation, however, it allows using large areas of the body, but it is not recommended to use it on the face.

Ways to remove body hair at home - Home epilation

Epilation at home is cheap and sometimes as effective as in the salon. You can try all the ways that will be listed in this article, note their pros and cons, and then choose the one that you like best. Let us examine the most familiar methods of hair removal, which will remove hair on the legs, face and on the whole body.

Method number 1 - shaving machine

Procedure: you put on the skin shower gel or any means for shaving and step by step gradually shave off all the hairs. It is important to slightly tighten the skin and move against the growth of hair in order to avoid their ingrowth into the skin. It is important that the skin is steamed and moist. The tool or gel will allow the razor to slide freely and prevent cuts. At the end of the procedure, lubricate the already smooth skin with panthenol or tea tree oil. It will help heal wounds and moisten it.

Effect: from 3 days to 1 week depending on the time of year. In winter, hairs grow back more slowly.

Virtues: quick, very inexpensive, at least painful. Suitable for legs, underarms and bikini areas.

disadvantages:home hair removal with a razor does not give a long-lasting effect, and sometimes it can cause reddening of the skin and its lack of moisture. This happens in those cases if your razor is blunt or you practice “dry” shaving. Shaving can injure delicate skin after sunburn. You should not use a razor if you have varicose veins, protruding warts (nevi), papillomas or recent scars. Also, shaving should not be carried out for hands or delicate skin.

Shaving may seem to promote excessive hair growth. However, it is not. Your hair becomes thicker and tougher after shaving visually, and not after the fact. The reason is that the cut hair has a dense tip, but not refined with time (like old hairs). Hence the feeling that after shaving the hair grows thicker.

Features: Choose female or male depending on your gender. These items are specially designed with all the anatomical features of the body and allow the procedure to be more comfortable. Always use a new razor that is sharp enough to carry out the procedure without injury. Use special mousses (lotions) before and after shaving to prepare the skin and, accordingly, to calm it further and relieve irritation. The razors with special pads or pads (strips), which contain a soothing gel, have proven excellent.

Magic tip: to achieve perfect smoothness after shaving, go over the skin with a hard washcloth or a special loofah glove. Then repeat the shave (only gently) and do not forget to lubricate the skin with a soothing gel. In order for the gel to have a double effect on irritated skin, put it in a refrigerator before use. Try as rarely as possible to pass the machine on the same area of ​​skin.

Method number 2 - using a depilatory cream

Procedure: A particularly convenient and painless way to remove hair is depilation with a special cream. Chemicals that are in the composition of such a product (thioglycolic acid), destroy the hair, make it thin, fragile and thus allow to achieve perfect smoothness. To prepare the skin is not particularly necessary.You apply the cream with a spatula and leave it for a few minutes (5-10) after that with the same spatula remove hairs against hair growth.

Effect: 1-2 weeks.

Virtues: if you apply this cream every time, over time you will find that the hairs began to grow much slower and became thin and almost colorless.

disadvantages: Remember that depilatory cream has a very aggressive composition, which can cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, the cream should not be left on the skin longer than the specified time. Also, depilatory cream is undesirable to use in the summer, when solar activity reaches its peak, because the skin after depilation becomes very sensitive to light. Not suitable for removing facial, bikini and underarm hair , as it is not able to cope with bristly and strongly pigmented hairs. It should not be used in the presence of damaged skin and diseases of the epidermis.

Features: When buying, always look at the composition and shelf life of the cream. In addition to thioglycolic acid, it must contain caring components.

Types and principles of hair removal

The question of how to get rid of unwanted hair on the body, to varying degrees, cares for every woman. Someone understands this more, while others, for example, adolescent girls, have little experience and knowledge. Ways to combat excess vegetation are divided into two categories: hair removal and hair removal. Not everyone knows the difference between them, many believe that these are identical concepts, but they are not. Depilation implies a temporary result that lasts a short time, and the effect of hair removal lasts for a long time. In the first case, only that part of the hair that is above the skin surface is removed. Since nothing hinders his growth, the process resumes and within a day, a new short cover is formed on a smooth place. The essence of epilation is to act directly on the hair follicle. It is destroyed by various methods, after which the hairs stop growing.

Smooth legs - the dream of every girl and woman

There are several types of depilation, each of which at least once in my life heard any girl. Consider them in detail:

    Shaving. This method is the most common. According to statistics, 90% of girls begin to deal with excess vegetation by just this method. It is light and fast, does not require any special skills, except that careful handling of a sharp instrument. But experts have long determined that it is ineffective, and hair removal in this way is not worth it. When shaving injured skin: from the blades of micro-scratches are formed, which are invisible to the eye. Because of them, the top layer of the dermis reddens and itches. The risk of ingrown hairs is also very high, and it is very difficult to fight them.

On the shelves you can find razors for every taste.

Depilatory cream - a painless and quick option to remove unwanted hair

Depilatory wax is absolutely safe.

Almost every shugaring paste has a very beautiful honey color.

When choosing a depilator, be guided by customer reviews

Important! About shaving goes very common, but stupid myth. Some say that after such a procedure, the hairs become coarser and darker. Experienced cosmetologists and specialists in this field are trying in every way to refute it. Shaving hair does not affect its structure: you cut only the upper part. It may seem that it really has become darker, but this is explained by the following: if you do not carry out the procedure for a long time, the cover fades. New hairs will be closer to the color of the roots of your hair.

Now let's talk about the types of hair removal:

  1. Electrolysis It is carried out in the cabin. This should be done by a qualified specialist, otherwise there is a risk of getting the opposite from what is desired.The essence of electrolysis is the effect of electric current on the hair bulbs. The discharge is brought to the right place with a very thin needle. Clients with skin prone to inflammation, as well as those with sensitive derma, must anesthetize the process with special means. It can be both conventional anesthetics and modern cryotherapy. After the procedure, the skin turns red a little, you need to take care of it for about a week. So if you want to remove unwanted hairs before an important event, it makes sense to do it in advance.
  2. Photoepilation Otherwise, it is called quantum. The procedure can be carried out both at home and with a specialist. The cost of the device is from 25 thousand rubles. This price is due to the high and complex technology embedded in the device. This type of hair removal is based on the penetration of light impulses into the layers of the epidermis, which literally burn the hair follicles. The procedure is painless and quick. But in this method of removing unwanted vegetation there is a minus: it should not be done for girls with blond hair and pale skin due to the low content of melanin.
  3. Laser hair removal. It is based on the destruction of the follicles by a laser beam. During the procedure, pain does not occur. Unfortunately, this method is not suitable for the fair sex with blond hair and tanned skin. Also, hair removal stretches for 2–3 hours due to the small coverage of skin areas with the device.
  4. Elos. This method is very fashionable now. By the way, not just like that. Elos technology combines elements of photo and laser hair removal. This technique allows to achieve high efficiency for the minimum number of visits to the cabin. On sale there are devices for carrying out an Elos-epilation in house conditions, only they cost very much.

For epilation choose a salon with good reviews.

Regardless of the type, the effect of epilation is the same. Many people used to think that after such a procedure the hairs will never grow, but unfortunately this is not the case. Very rare cases when girls managed to get rid of excess vegetation once and for all. After hair removal, the hairs will not bother you for about three years, after which you will need to repeat the trip to the salon. There are cases when, literally in a couple of months, the girls noticed that the hairs in some places still grew. All this can be easily explained: dormant bulbs begin to show activity. The device is unable to detect them while they are in this state. Also, some damaged follicles are restored. That is why it is almost impossible to remove hair forever.

Method number 3 - with the help of the epilator

Procedure: hair removal on the body at home with the help of the epilator allows you to achieve a more lasting effect than using a cream or razor. The device has a lot of small pincers built in, which rotate and pull out several hairs at a time, and with the bulb. This allows for a longer lasting effect. You can use the epilator both on dry skin and on wet skin (for this purpose there are epilators that are not afraid of moisture).

Effect: month.

Virtues: long-lasting effect, speed, the ability to use anywhere and at any time.

disadvantages: expensiveness of the device, painfulness of the procedure. Only suitable if you do not have varicose veins and skin diseases, moles, as well as minor cuts. Remove facial hair using an epilator will be quite problematic, because on the face our skin is more sensitive to external influences. However, many manufacturers are not indifferent to women's problems, so they equip their devices with special nozzles that facilitate removal and relieve pain.

Features: Choose an epilator that, in addition to the rotating head, is equipped with additional attachments - cooling or massage. This will alleviate the pain of the procedure. Also, the device should have 2 speeds of rotation of the heads. Low suitable for those who are engaged in such hair removal for the first time. High speed - for the "advanced", whose skin is used to pain in the process of epilation.

Method number 4 - using wax, sugar and other sticky tools

Procedure: you heat the wax or apply the heated sugar on the skin, wait until it is completely dry, then remove it with a sharp movement against the growth along with the hairs.

Effect: 14 days.

Virtues: quickly, inexpensively, it becomes less painful over time. You can use products that are on hand, for example, among women is famous for hair removal with the power of sugar. Shugaring (Persian waxing, sugar hair removal) became known to us thanks to oriental beauties. Lemon juice, honey and water are added to sugar. This mixture is heated and applied to the skin. Cotton strips are pasted on top. Then, after drying, the fabric is removed with a sharp movement along with the hairs.

disadvantages: at home, it is best to use sticky tools for epilation in the foot zone. Bikini, armpits and facial skin should be entrusted to a professional in a beauty salon. Can not be used for varicose veins, skin lesions, the presence of moles and warts, as well as for cancer. Waxing can not remove facial hair, and sugar is not suitable for armpits and sensitive bikini area.

Features: To remove hair with this method as painlessly as possible, try waxing, which is used in beauty salons. Before the procedure, the skin is prepared, then strips of pine resin are applied and, in one precise movement, many hairs are removed at a time.

Magic advice: a new product has been developed for hair removal - elimination of excess cover with the help of a soy-based product that does not stick to the skin, but only captures hairs.

How can I remove facial hair at home?

You can try salon procedures for facial hair removal - Electro, photoepilation or laser. But this may not be enough for you. In this case, you can use folk remedies. This and hair removal with resin or wax, as well as the use of special strips for the face.

Ordinary plucking will also work, but it can be too tedious, because we are dealing with gun hair rather than bristly hair. Instead of removal, you can try to lighten the hair on the face with hydrogen peroxide (suitable 3% or 6% depending on the thickness). People also use alcohol, grape juice, baking soda to wipe and remove facial hair.

Ways to remove body hair - Salon hair removal

A trip to the salon for hair removal, although it will cost you a little, but it will help you easily and without problems. remove facial hair legs, arms, bikini or underarms. The choice of methods of hair removal is quite wide.

Method number 1 - laser hair removal, photoepilation

Procedure: both are similar. The hair is destroyed for a long time. Photoepilation is faster because the light flux, unlike a point laser, allows you to remove hair faster.

Effect: 1 year.

Virtues: painless, lasting effect, no irritation, ingrown hair, scars. Laser can remove the vellus hair on the face, and photoepilation will cope with dark and tough hairs.

disadvantages: This method of hair removal on the hands, feet and other parts of the body allows you to get rid of only those hairs that are in the growth stage. So do not be surprised if you notice the growth of new hair. To remove all the hairs, you will have to carry out several procedures (5-8). After the procedure can not sunbathe for about a week. Also, you can not remove the light hair with a photoepilator.Can not be performed with varicose veins, cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure. May cause hyperpigmentation and scarring.

Features: to get rid of excess hair, try the procedure ELOSwhich combines the most modern technologies, allows to achieve a good effect almost painlessly, as well as remove facial hair and any parts of the body.

Top 3 depilation products

Depilation at home is easy. Difficulties can cause quite another, namely the means for the procedure. In the huge assortment that current manufacturers offer, it is very easy to get confused. Consider the three best tools for depilation, based on their composition and reviews.

Method number 2 - electrolysis

Procedure: a small needle conducts current to the hair and destroys it. So carry out the procedure with each hair.

Effect: 3 months.

Virtues : allows you to remove hairs for a long time.

disadvantages: The procedure of electric hair removal - a painful way to remove hair on the legs. There may be scars, irritation and other complications. Therefore, it is better not to use this method to remove facial hair. Also not suitable for underarms and bikinis. Can not be used for cancer, pregnancy, varicose veins, skin lesions.

Features: more gentle procedure - electrolysis. Galvanic current is conducted to each hair individually and has an effect on it with the help of hydrochloric acid. Then the hairs are cleaned with tweezers. This method helps to remove all the hairs forever. However, it is slightly painful and requires the use of anesthetic creams. Ideal for getting rid of facial hair. Not used on dark skin.

Remember that whichever way you choose to remove the hair in the salon, you should consult with your doctor before the procedure. Overweight hair - always a consequence of hormonal disorders, so the endocrinologist will help to stop the growth of excess hair on the face or body. Salon procedures should not be combined with sugar, wax hair removal and other home procedures.

What types of hair removal are used today?

All existing methods of hair removal are based on one principle - the destruction of the bulb and overgrowing of the hair tubule. Moreover, epilation has a significant difference in this from depilation, in which the hair is removed, but the bulb itself is not destroyed. Although many consider these processes about the same, but in vain.

The chosen technology to combat unwanted vegetation, first of all, depends on your goals: remove hair only for a while or get rid of them forever. In the first case, you will approach such methods as:

  • Shaving is an old and proven way, after which bristles breaks through on the second day.
  • Plucking with an epilator or a thread is an unpleasant and painful manipulation.
  • Chemical methods (depilatory cream). Causes a lot of allergic reactions.
  • Bioepilation (waxing, shugaring, enzyme). Good method, but after an incorrectly performed manipulation, the hairs often grow under the skin.

For complete hair removal, one cannot do without the methods of hardware cosmetology, in which the destruction of the hair follicle occurs under the action of various types of energy. These include:

  1. Laser hair removal, in which the growth zone of the hair is exposed to laser radiation.
  2. Photoepilation - the growth zone is irradiated by thermal energy converted from the energy of light.
  3. Electrolysis - hair follicles are destroyed due to electrical energy converted to heat.
  4. ELOS hair removal - combines all types of energy - light, laser, electric.
  5. Qool-hair removal - differs from the usual laser hair removal by the selective influence of the laser only on the hairs themselves, leaving the skin intact.
  6. AFT-hair removal, in which there is a selective effect of pulsed infrared radiation on the hair follicles.

Pros and cons of various types of hair removal

In order to make it easier to choose for yourself the best type of hair removal or depilation, you need to take a closer look at their pros and cons. It is clear that all types of hair removal are a huge plus in that in just a few procedures you can get rid of the signs of excess vegetation for a long time or even forever.

Depilation methods cannot boast with such a property, but they do not cause any harm to health. No wonder all the methods dubbed one generalized term "bioepilation". So, below are the pros and cons of each technique, which you can learn more by clicking on the links provided.

  • the simplest of all procedures
  • short effect smooth skin, frequent irritation and ingrown hairs

Plucking depilator or thread

  • inexpensive procedure that partially destroys the structure of the hair follicles
  • soreness, frequent skin irritation and risk of wound infection

  • can be done independently at home, painlessness and speed of treatment of the problem area
  • the effect lasts only a few days

  • the speed of the procedure and the reduction of excess hair as the sessions are repeated
  • soreness, short effect

  • low cost and speed
  • short effect

  • hair removed for a long time
  • a course of several sessions, the use of chemical structures (chymotrypsin, trypsin), which can cause allergies, and the presence of contraindications

  • non-invasive and low pain when exposed, as well as the ability to get rid of vegetation for a long time (from 2 to 5 years)
  • the course of procedures "hits" afford, and the intervals between them consist of 2-3 months. The method has a number of absolute contraindications and is ineffective for light and gray hair.

  • high efficiency immediately after the first session, safety and slight discomfort during the treatment, disposal of vegetation for several years
  • high cost, the need for a course of several procedures, a number of contraindications, as well as a ban on the use of alcohol-based cosmetics after manipulation

  • more affordable cost compared to photo and laser hair removal, as well as the ability to remove hair permanently, regardless of the skin phototype and hair structure
  • duration and soreness at the venue (local anesthesia may be needed)

  • painlessness, lack of damage to the skin, removal of all types of hair permanently
  • high cost of sessions, for the full effect, you must pass the course

  • painlessness and safety of the method, the hair leaves the skin forever
  • high cost, wide range of contraindications

  • painless, safe, effective on all types of hair and removal of vegetation forever
  • high price

What type of hair removal to choose?

How to find out which type of hair removal is better and which one is best for you? For this you need to follow several rules:

  • In any case, first consult a specialist who will assess your health, hair type and skin type. Some types of hair removal may be ineffective for your hair type.
  • Identify the contraindications that are often found in the description of the procedures, do you have them? Often, their presence in the patient reduces the possibility of choosing one method or another.
  • It should be noted that some types of epilation cannot be performed if there are metal prostheses or electronic devices in the patient's body. In addition, you need to consider whether you are allergic to some drugs and cosmetic substances.

If you go through the selection "from the reverse," that is, first you can exclude all methods that can not be carried out (for whatever contraindication), then among the rest, it will be easy to choose the best way to remove hair. In this case, you will also need the help of a cosmetologist.

Which method is most effective?

What type of hair removal is the most effective, a cosmetologist can determine. The result of any method depends on the selection of the necessary parameters to perform the procedure and on the experience of a specialist. It is important not to violate the mode and intervals between the procedures, especially the hardware.

Recall that the purpose of each type of hair removal is the destruction of the hair follicles, and this is not always possible in one session. Not all human hair can be removed permanently. 30% of all hair follicles are in standby condition and can grow even after a full course, so be patient and achieve perfect skin! All the time and effort spent (and even money) can pay off a hundredfold after perseverance and patience.

Shugaring paste VOX

VOX shugaring paste has a mild effect on the dermis layers. Country of origin - Italy. It has the effect of scrub, because it removes dead skin scales. This paste is suitable for removing hair from any area. A jar of 445 g will cost about 500 rubles. The product is suitable for sensitive and irritated skin. When shugaring derma with this paste is not injured, so there is no risk to get ingrown hairs. There is nothing harmful in the composition, so it will not cause any harm to girls with allergies.

Vox shugaring paste - a good value for money

Reviews of this paste are very good:

One morning, going to the "Girlfriend", I noticed on the counter with the means for depilation sugar paste from the company VOX. Well, I think, come what may, and took this paste! Feelings incomparable to wax! Surprisingly, it didn’t hurt at all, I even got into courage. Oh, how pleased I am with the result! The skin became soft and silky, even a silk handkerchief, as in advertising. The skin does not prick, as it often happens to me because of a razor, the reddening is all gone quickly.


Vox shugaring paste is just a godsend for me. I was looking for an inexpensive but effective remedy. And found him! Compared to other similar products, this paste differs in cost by half, and the effect is the same. The legs are smooth for five weeks. Well, isn't this the ultimate dream?


Philips HP 6540 Depilator

Tired of messing with pasta and creams? Then an excellent solution is to purchase a depilator. Philips HP 6540 is notable not only for its pretty girly design, but also for its many features at an affordable price. Over 4 thousand rubles you get tweezers with lights, epilator and trimmer. The device operates at two speeds. Selecting them should be guided by the zone where you do the depilation. For the legs, the second one is suitable, and in order to remove hairs from more delicate places, such as bikini, you need to choose the first one. Nutrition depilator receives from the outlet. It copes even with the smallest hairs, making the skin silky and smooth. The only drawback is pain. Ointments such as menovazin and lidocaine will help to cope with them. The effect of the procedure lasts 3-4 weeks.

Depilator Philips HP 6540 copes well with the task

Positive feedback on the device:

I am very afraid of pain, and always acutely my body acutely perceives it. Therefore, I was afraid of the depilator and did not buy for a long time. I bought it on the holiday of March 8 - I chose it as a gift. Hairs grow very slowly! They are thin, and even a coward like me (I am very afraid of pain) can calmly shave them without anesthesia. And one more thing: they asked me about the points on my feet. They almost went to the places where I use the epilator.


It works loudly, as it seemed to me, although I did not use others and I can not compare louder than others or the same.Feelings after use: legs to the touch are smooth and there are no red points like after wax strips, but the fact is that I decided to use the epilator in the direction of hair growth, and not as with stripes against growth. There is also no annoyance. Build quality is excellent, plus a beautiful design. The epilator is light and comfortable in the hand.


Wax for depilation of White line Natura azulene

Wax for depilation White line Natura azulene is produced in an unusual form: it is produced in granules. One package costs about 150 rubles, and it is enough for a total of 4 times. This wax is considered one of the best, since it contains azulene - a very good moisturizing ingredient. The tool copes with the task, removing not only the long hairs, but also the smallest, and also soothes the skin. Irritation after this wax does not even have time to appear. The tool melts on reaching a temperature of 45 o, very quickly hardens. Depilation strips in this way are not required. The fragrance of the wax is very pleasant, a few hours unobtrusive odor keeps on the skin.

Depilatory wax White line natura azulene natural and safe to use.

Now we turn to the reviews:

I recommend this White Line film wax! The procedure is simple, easily performed at home! Minimal irritation, tolerable pain, getting rid of unwanted hairs for up to three weeks!


General impressions - the thing is just brilliant! Never regretted the purchase, now this wax is my favorite. Pleasant to use from all sides! Tested on all sites and proved effective everywhere. I noticed in the reviews that as a “flaw” they write that it hurts. It is always painful to pull out hair, it is not a lack of wax, it is the body's defense mechanism.


How many years is it better to start doing hair removal?

How many years is it better to start doing hair removal? Girls at the age of 12–13, who are just beginning an active process of growing up and need to shave off excess vegetation, have probably thought about it at least once. If you follow the advice and recommendations that are given by cosmetologists, then hair removal is best done not earlier than in 17-18 years. Up to this age is limited to depilation. All sorts of waxes, paste for shugaring, razors - these are the main assistants of young girls. Experts explain their position by saying that from 12 to 17 years an active restructuring of the body takes place. If you make hair removal, after a couple of months new bulbs can form and it turns out that the money for the procedure was thrown to the wind. Also at an early age there are a lot of sleeping follicles, which eventually wake up and throw new hairs to the surface.

Teenage girl may well do a normal depilation.

Many clinics refuse adolescent girls such a procedure. Laser hair removal can not be done at all, because the children's hairs contain a small amount of melanin, on which the laser action is based. In this case, there is a risk of injury from burns and severe pain.

Hair removal and depilation areas

Epilation and depilation can be carried out throughout the body. Consider all areas and zones:

  • neckline
  • armpits,
  • stomach,
  • standard bikini
  • deep bikini
  • arms,
  • legs,
  • shoulders
  • eyebrow,
  • the area above the upper lip,
  • the area around the mammary glands,
  • cheeks

Epilation can be done all over the body.

Each of these areas may be subject to epilation and depilation. Remember that hair removal on the face is best in the salon. Independently, you can only resort to this as a last resort.

Contraindications for epilation

All cosmetology procedures have their own contraindications. Epilation is no exception. Consider them in detail:

  1. Pregnancy and lactation.At such a crucial moment in the life of every woman, it is better to refrain from salon procedures to remove excess vegetation. If necessary, it is better to use safe means for depilation, such as a razor, sugar paste and wax.
  2. Menstruation. This period is not a strict contraindication, but nevertheless it is better not to perform epilation during menstruation. The fact is that at such times the female body reacts more sensitively to pain and even minor discomfort can be unbearable.
  3. Allergy. It manifests itself in severe redness and itching, which are very disturbing. In this case, you should use an antihistamine and apply a soothing ointment on the irritated area. This is better to talk with a specialist in advance.
  4. Oncological diseases. Hair removal is prohibited due to possible uncontrolled division of cancer cells due to electric current, laser or light rays used to destroy follicles.
  5. Taking vitamins of group A. Note that they make the skin a little thinner. This may cause injury.
  6. Diabetes. With this disease, metabolic processes are slowed down, as well as tissue healing. Since due to epilation, slight damage to the skin occurs, diabetics should not make it.

It is necessary to consider all contraindications.

Contraindications to various methods of depilation are only individual intolerance and allergies.

Reviews on different methods of combating unwanted hairs

I hate excess vegetation. I decided to try the miracle method, namely, laser hair removal. If your skin does not tolerate standard methods of hair removal and the material capabilities allow, the laser is a fairly effective way to remove hair with maximum frequency.


I use a regular razor, the effect is quite satisfactory. I do not use other methods because I have a very low pain threshold, even from pulling out a single hair, hellish pain, what can we say about whole areas. I have enough effect for 2 days, then the hairs are already visible.


A couple of years ago I became a client of one of the clinics where photoepilation is practiced. I decided to try and finally solve all the problems with the growth of unwanted hair on my body. After the procedure, there was a slight redness, but they were already the next day. After completing the course, you can undergo a one-time photo-epilation procedure once a half to support a “bald” state. That's all! As for payment, I will immediately tell you that this is not a cheap procedure. The price depends on exactly where you want to do the procedure of photo epilation.


Unwanted body hair is definitely a problem for every fair sex. But as it turned out, to deal with it is very simple. It remains only to choose the best option for yourself and enjoy the smooth and delicate skin. Be healthy and beautiful!

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