Experimenting with styling bangs

I want to appear in a new image, but there is no desire to radically change the appearance? A small change in the image will help bangs. Depending on her styling, the haircut changes the image of any woman.

If the hair does not fit, in the future you can change it without much difficulty. Beautiful strands of hair, framing the oval face and slightly hiding the forehead, give the image of a woman romance and refinement.

Carelessly falling strands on both sides make the lady mysterious. Long bangs on two sides in harmony with any hairstyle, the length of which is up to the chin line.

Who would suit this option bangs

This option looks great on any hair. Suitable for all types of strands - straight and wavy.

Perfect for girls with an oval face. Visually, this hairstyle makes the elongated face rounder, wide forehead - narrower.

This style is suitable and chubby ladiesbut the minimum length should be at the level of the chin, otherwise the cheeks will seem too plump.

Owners of the face in the form of a heart will also suit such a haircut. It gives the proportions of the face balance.

Long bangs on two sides look best on blond hair.

Who is not recommended bangs on two sides

Such a hairstyle should be avoided for girls with a square face. Elongated bangs, divided into two sides, on the contrary emphasize the disadvantages of the lower part.

Stylists do not advise girls with large noses to wear such a bang, this part of the face will seem more than it actually is.

Several contraindications for long bangs on two sides:

  • Heavy hanging eyelids
  • Deep-set eyes,
  • Little face
  • Too thin and sparse curls.

The advantages of bangs on 2 sides

  • Perfect for face correction,
  • It makes it possible to hide minor flaws on the sides of the face,
  • Suitable for ladies of all ages. This element of the haircut hides the extra years and significantly younger,

Long bangs on two sides surprisingly rejuvenates and refreshes a woman, because it fits any age category.

  • The universal element can be stacked in several ways, which allows you to not too drastically experiment with appearance. The bangs can be laid in different ways: to divide it into two sides, to make a side parting, comb it to one side. It can be combed, chopped with barrettes and even braided into a pigtail,
  • Easy to do styling. To care for this option hairstyles enough hairbrushes and hair dryer.
  • Most often, elongated bangs, divided into two sides - a forced measure. When a girl wants to grow long hair, a hairdresser cuts a long, smooth fringe and distributes it to the sides of her face. Despite the simplicity of this hairstyle will be popular, because now the fashion for naturalness.

    Many girls acquire a cute bang by accident. Specially they do not shear it, but grow it from short strands of straight bangs, after reaching the desired length they keep the shape of this hairstyle.

    Proper styling is half the success

    Beautifully laid elongated bangs, divided into two sides, will make the hostess the center of attention in any society. But it is important to be able to do the right styling.

    It is important to remember that any styling is done only on clean hair. After washing, the strands should be slightly dried with a towel and you can begin styling.

    Who is suitable?

    • Long bangs with parting on two sides - an appropriate addition to the hairstyle for girls with an elongated face. On cascading and graded haircuts, this element will emphasize multi-level styling. Such transitions are often created by stylists to hide the elongated shape of the face. To create the desired effect, the hair should slightly cover the forehead, forming an arch.
    • Strongly grown bangs, laid in hand, gives expressiveness to oval-shaped faces. Such an element of hairstyle creates a visual sensation of the height of the hairstyle. In this case, the strands should not be below the chin line, but rather just above it. A shorter line will give the cheeks bulkiness, which is undesirable in most cases.
    • Bangs has long been one of the female tricks to help conceal age. A new element of the haircut is noticeably younger.
    • The peculiar arch from hair is in harmony with any color, but best of all looks on a fair hair.
    • The density of the curls also has no determining value. Parting with parting look great on lush hair. They are much easier to lay. Owners of thin, light and not enough thick hair, this element will give a bit hooligan look.

    Casual styling

    Hairdressers recommend using this algorithm:

    1. Split the wet strands into two equal parts with the help of direct parting,
    2. Apply mousse to wet curls,
    3. Dry the main part of the hair and at the end go to the curls at the forehead,
    4. Each part must be laid separately,
    5. You can start laying from any side that is more convenient. A round comb should lift the strand of hair and below the necessary curls to send a stream of air from the dryer. You need to repeat these actions until the hair cools down in the right direction,
    6. Just put the second part of the bangs,
    7. At the end of styling hairstyle should be fixed with a small amount of varnish.

    This installation is suitable for everyday life. Gathering for a romantic dinner or a social event, I want to look more impressive and unique.

    Holiday styling options

    In this case, professional stylists are advised to twist the strands inside with electric curling irons.

    If you curl the curls out, you get an even more feminine, refined version of the hairstyle.

    For a trip to the restaurant, styling with a side parting is perfect. This hairstyle will give the lady elegance, emphasize the mysterious image. When laying you can use colored hairpins or invisible hairpins.

    Festive hairstyle option for medium hair with long bangs on two sides and side parting

    If you want to open your forehead, you can comb it back and fix it with a rim or light silk scarf.

    Long bangs on two sides - a good option for a girl who wants to change a little

    Do not be afraid of change! Perhaps this particular hairstyle will be a stylish addition to the new look.

    Useful video materials on how to make independently elongated bangs, options for laying on two sides

    How to make independently elongated bangs and lay it:

    Long haircut bangs and styling options on 2 sides:

    Creating hair with pigtails on long hair:

    Who will bang on two sides

    In most cases, elongated curls on two sides - this is a universal haircut, which is suitable for owners of wavy or straight hair, aged women and very young girls. This hairstyle rejuvenates, gives women a romantic aura. It is ideal for girls with light, obedient hair. The shortened strands framing the face will make the image more delicate and fragile, and the hair style will be voluminous. Another number of advantages of this haircut:

    • great for correcting the shape of the head,
    • able to hide flaws on the sides of the face,
    • young
    • it is easy to lay in different ways, thereby changing the image.

    When to avoid bangs on two sides

    With all the advantages of bangs on two sides, there are women who better to abandon such a hairdressing salon in favor of another hairstyle. Before you decide to cut hair, consult with your hairdresser - perhaps you are one of them.

    For example, owners of a square head should be as careful as possible when choosing a haircut. A bang on two sides in this case can “weight down” the already “heavy” lower part of the face. If you still ventured to change the style with shortened side strands, then comb them with asymmetrical parting. Also avoided from such a haircut should be women with:

    • hanging heavy eyelids
    • big nose
    • rare thin strands
    • small face
    • deep-set eyes.

    Long bangs on two sides are of different types, choose among them the one that suits you exactly. The most common are:

    • Short The front curls are cut at the level of the eyebrows or eyes. Suitable for girls with an oval face shape.
    • Average. The ends of the strands reach the cheekbones, mouth, chin. This option will decorate the ladies with a face "heart" or an oval shape.
    • Long The front curls are longer than the chin. It will look great on owners of a triangular face (top down), "heart", oval.
    • Ripped or milled. Strands are thinned with special scissors. The effect of torn curls is created. Looks good on girls with straight hair.
    • Straight with lengthening on the sides. Also suitable for girls with hair, not prone to curling.
    • Oblique, "stairs". Improve the hair of girls with wavy curls.

    Select by type of person

    Double bangs fit:

    • Women with an oval shape. Curls on two sides visually "hide" a wide forehead and make a narrow face more rounded.
    • Chubby ladies. If you treat them, then, trimming the curls on the sides, do not make them too short. Strands should not end at chin level. Long bangs on two sides optically make the face more elongated and hide round cheeks.
    • Girls with the shape of the face in the form of a heart. New haircut will give the proportions of the face balance.
    • Owners of persons in the form of an inverted triangle fit a very long two-sided bangs (below the chin).
    • Women with a square, pear-shaped and diamond-shaped face are better to change the image with the help of other stylistic solutions.

    Selection by hair type

    Good hairdressers focus not only on the shape of the face, hair color, but also on the texture of the curls. Hair that are prone to fat, you have to wash frequently, so you need to choose a bang that is so easy and quick to lay. Dry and brittle curls are contraindicated for frequent blow-drying, so split bangs should be dried naturally in most cases. Pick a variant of cutting the front strands that do not require styling with a hair dryer.

    Girls with wavy curls are not recommended to cut the side strands short. Curls will curl and hang around in different directions. Long side strands in this case will be a real decoration. Ladies with straight hair should try to make a “bold” torn fringe. This haircut looks very stylish, making its owner more self-confident. It is recommended for such women to give the bangs an additional color accent, for example, by highlighting or coloring.

    Face shape

    Divided strands change not only the profile, but the full face.

    Depending on the shape of the face, this simple hairdressing course solves different tasks (lengthening or expansion in a specific facial area), but all of them are aimed at visually leveling the proportions of the face.

    Despite its democratic nature, bangs in two are not suitable for everyone, in particular, a square or rectangular face with it becomes more angular.

    Laying on two sides has no age limit, but visually takes a couple of years.

    Good for any type of hair.

    Whose division of strands is particularly suitable

    It is worth paying attention to this technique to those who:

    • hides cosmetic defects (acne, fine wrinkles),
    • wants to balance not only the shape, but also the facial features (too large or small nose, short neck, protruding ears),
    • does not have the time or mood for regular long-term careful styling.

    • Best New Year hairstyle ideas for medium hair with bangs.
    • How to choose a hairstyle hedgehog, what are the options and how to put it right here.

    Kinds of bangs on two sides

    Depending on the length of the strands and the method of processing bangs on two sides can be: short, on the level of the cheekbones, elongated, torn and thick.

    It brings in the appearance of children's lightness and mischief, or, conversely, gives the impression of insolence.

    What effect you produce depends on how short the strands are cut, as well as on your overall image and behavior. But, in any case, such a bold element speaks of an extraordinary person.

    To make an image look organic, the lower parts of the face should be rounded (narrowing towards the chin) and non-massive.


    The most popular and versatile, long fringe on two sides fits almost everyone. Softens appearance, reveals femininity.

    This form is often chosen beau monde. Usually the length of the strands ends at the level of the earlobes or chin.

    Depending on the depth and intensity of the filing, torn strands make the image soft and romantic or, on the contrary, active and even somewhat aggressive.

    Face shape correction

      To balance this shape, it is recommended oblique split bangs, ending just below the chin line. If you choose a shorter option, your cheeks will appear plump.

    Leave the locks on the face up to the middle of the earlobes (a shorter length emphasizes the cheekbones, which in this case aggravates the situation).

    The best option is graded strands of a person of different lengths. Parting any.

    Pear shaped
    To balance the outlines, it is desirable that a split bang be voluminous and filleted.

    Diamond shaped
    Side parting is recommended. Strands of face should cover cheeks.

  • Oval
    Although such a person does not need to be corrected, divided in half hairs along the level of eyelash growth help to emphasize its expressiveness.
  • Correction of other features of appearance

      Large or bulged ears
      Cover up to the middle or down to the ear. It is important that the hairstyle itself was voluminous.

    Small or, on the contrary, a long nose
    Need extended (up to the level of the chin and below) split bangs. Short - attracts attention to the eyes and nose, which visually enhances your peculiarity.

  • Low forehead
    The elongated strands, separated by the center, create the impression of the height of the hairstyle and visually stretch the forehead.
  • Features of the method of processing strands in the face, depending on the type of hair

      Requires light graduated and elongated bangs.

    So that they less absorbed sebum, also choose a graduated elongated version (divided classical bangs just above the level of the eyebrows in combination with a fat type of hair quickly takes on a stale appearance).

    The side parting and length slightly above the eyebrows partly hide this shortcoming. If the hair is sparse and straight, with an arched bang in two you will have a slightly hooligan look.

    Due to lack of moisture, such hair is light and airy, therefore it does not tolerate torn ends. Easy lightning is enough.

  • Thin
    Choose a long, massive, smooth, divided in the middle bang. Due to this form, the impression is more dense hair.
    • Many ideas and tips on how to choose creative haircuts for medium hair.
    • Information on how to grow beautiful bangs, you will find this link.

    Styling methods

    Hair can be laid on a straight or side parting at any distance from the center. Choosing the place and direction of parting, focus on the individual features of the appearance and shape of the face.

    As for the way of laying, regardless of whether the short bangs or long, it can be:

    • open
    • covering the forehead
    • smoothly combed on two sides and connected to the bulk of the hair.

    Open eddy

    Gives fervent, optimistic nature. Focuses on the eyes. Suitable for both everyday and special occasions.

    • Treat the hair with light mousse with a thermal protective effect.
    • Divide the wet strands into a side or side parting.
    • Dry each side by brushing the roots and curling the ends of the hair to the temples. Pulling strands, direct the hot air up, then cold - on the contrary, down. So the hair will keep its shape better.
    • Fix hair with lacquer medium fixation.
    • Instead of a hairdryer for curling, you can use curling iron.
    • With it, you get a more pronounced effect. Taking one part of the bangs, curl it at once in one bundle, or in a single narrow strand, creating additional volume and the impression of graduation.

    Soft, covering the forehead, divided by center

    This form of framing the face makes you feminine and romantic. Strands do not require styling, and, conversely, are characterized by a soft fit to the forehead.

    Suitable for girls with straight hair. Also, this is an ideal option for owners of a wide face - visually it will seem already.

    Looks gently in combination with long hair, woven into a braid or collected in a hair.

    A recommendation for those who prefer such a bang, especially in the warm and hot season: to maintain a well-groomed and fresh look of hair, lightly powder the part of the forehead that comes into contact with the hair.

    Layed on the side parting and gently framing the face, it creates a kind of mystery, charm and sexuality, therefore it is considered the perfect complement to the evening look.

    Suitable for straight hair. Requires perfect skin condition, make-up and an elegant image in general.

    • Part and brush the strands.
    • Using a comb comb, spread some of the styling agent onto them.
    • Collect strands on the back of the head in a bun or tail.
    • Fix hair with lacquer.

    How beautiful to cut the bangs

    It is easy to cut the fringe on two sides independently, and mistakes, if they exist at first, are practically imperceptible.

    • Spend the central parting.
    • Separate the strands from the face of the bulk of the hair. To do this, from the middle of the parting and to the temple using a comb, draw a line.
    • Lock the strand.
    • Repeat for another part of the head.
    • Alternately dissolve each strand and symmetrically trim both parts.

    A fringe on two sides can change your habitual image in an instant.

    This is the safest way to start experimenting with your appearance, adding mischief and coquettiness, audacity and shocking or softness and romanticism to it as necessary.

    Natural growth or master's work

    Long strands are considered an intermediate option between the actual bangs and regrown hair. In rare cases, the element is created specially by the master. However, if you wish to diversify your image without drastic changes, a long fringe with a part on two sides is an excellent solution.

    1. Firstly, this is a change in style, noticeable to others, but not radical. The length can be varied depending on your own wishes,
    2. secondly, bangs with parting will not only refresh the image, but also become an indicator of awareness in the fashion industry. Stylists today consider bangs with clear cuts and originally laid edges as one of the main trends of the current year,
    3. thirdly, the new bangs will not require complicated styling. Long hair up to the chin or above is easy to twist on a curling iron or straighten with a flat iron.

    How to lay bangs with parting?

    To make laying bangs on two sides, you need:

    • divide the hair into a clear parting in the middle of the head,
    • dry hair dryer on each side,
    • bang tips to the temples using a round brush
    • after the end of the styling, the hair ends should be varnished to maintain the result. Apply the tool should be in a small amount, so as not to create the effect of carelessness and do not become like a doll. Varnish is used so that hair does not take on its normal shape under its own weight,
    • Curling can be used for curling. A uniform effect can be achieved if you process the entire bunch of hair at once. Waving one strand creates the impression of graduation.

    Laying on two sides can be not only a necessity, but also a way to bring diversity to the usual everyday life. She looks good with long hair, but you can also experiment on short haircuts with oblique bangs.

    • Open styling emphasizes the eyes. This method can be used for everyday wear and for special occasions.
    • Parting with bangs on two sides is a great option for the evening. Such an element of hair will give charm and sexuality. In combination with a beautiful dress on the occasion of oblique bangs, laid on two sides, will be the best accessory for the socialite.

    Types of bangs

    It is customary to distinguish the following types of bangs:

    1. Straight. Length can be any: short, to the eyebrows, middle of the forehead, long. You can lay it as you like.
    2. Oblique. It is suitable only for owners of straight hair, on curly strands will look careless. Must be smooth, thick.
    3. Asymmetrical. Suitable only for those who have straight hair. It must be laid daily.

    The tips of her can also be different: beautifully twisted in or out, profiled, even, torn. This effect is achieved with the help of various fixtures, fixing means.

    Tips for proper bangs

    Tips about bangs from the "Fashion sentence" - video:

    • It is most convenient to use a hairdryer and a comb with wide teeth. Pre-worth apply on the strands of foam or mousse for hair.
    • After styling, you need to fix the hair with lacquer so that they are not disheveled.
    • You can use for fixing various stealth, small hairpins, combing it back to the side.
    • If the hair is curly, you can straighten the strands ironing. Then dry them, fix varnish.
    • Varnish should not weigh thin strands.
    • Twist the hair near the face can be a round brush with a hairdryer or curling iron.
    • Hair must be clean.

    Laying short and medium bangs

    There are a lot of options how to lay a bang, if it is short or medium length. It fits different girls, hides the flaws of a round or narrow face.

    • Of the tools you will need a hair dryer, a round brush, a hairbrush, an iron, a mousse, or a foam with a suitable composition.
    • If curling is used, the temperature should be checked. Too hot the rod will burn thin hair, ruin the structure of the strand.

    Variants and simple styling methods

    1. Torn. Lay it easy. It is necessary to apply the mousse, rub it with your fingers, then slightly disheveled. You can comb the strands, short straightening with an iron, and long ones with a hair dryer at the roots. You can blow the tips inside, the main thing is not to overdo it.
    2. Straight. It gives the face seriousness, severity, emphasizes well-groomed eyebrows, the line of the forehead. It is best to straighten it with an iron or pull it down with a hairdryer and a brush.
    3. Teeth. To do this, the bangs of medium length must be wetted, smeared with foam, combed with a brush with occasional teeth. Then you need to dry it slightly with a hair dryer, fingers forming thinned cloves.
    4. Ingot. If the bang is cut obliquely or asymmetrical, it can be combed, smeared with mousse at the ends, a little bit. It is not necessary to curl the ends strongly, otherwise the hair will rise up, will open the whole forehead. It is enough to curl them with a hair dryer, drying, you can use a slightly heated curling iron.
    5. Sideways. First you should grease it with mousse, beat with your fingers. Then with a hair dryer we brush the strands on one side, fixing them with hot air. You can fasten the side of the barrette, wear a thin hoop.

    Laying long bangs

    There are also many options and simple ways to lay a long bang.

    • It can be twisted, combed to the side, back, fastened at the back of the head with a hairpin.
    • Such strands are fixed with varnish, gel, even hair band.
    • Tools such as hairdryer, iron, curling iron, brushes and combs are used.

    The main methods of laying long bangs:

    1. Straight.Too long strands cover the forehead, fall on the eyes, sometimes look unclean. It is better to lift it a little, having curled the ends inside with a hair dryer. To do this, apply the mousse, hair touched round large brush. You can use your fingers to give the right direction.
    2. On the side. Options on how to lay the bangs to the side, several. Strands are distributed on an uneven side parting, they are blown with a hair dryer inside. It is necessary that the hair does not return to their usual position. For this bang fix mousse or varnish. You can comb the whole bangs to one side, fix it with a gel or a hairpin. If there is a desire, each strand is smeared with foam, with a hairdryer laid on one side, beautifully curled inside. So the hair seems bigger, thicker, thicker.
    3. Back to the crown. All strands are collected in a bundle, combed from the roots, picked at the crown. Fix it so invisible or hoop. Strands can be slightly twisted with harnesses, so they will look stylish and very elegant. You can collect all the hair in the tail, and comb your cheloku so that she stood up on end. Then it is bent to the back of the head, the top is smoothed with a hand, varnish is sprayed from below. Such a high volume will look gorgeous. The tips are fixed on the top of stealth or taken away in the tail.
    4. Ironing All strands on the face smoothly straighten, but this option is only suitable when a flat or torn bangs. Strands must be completely dry.
    5. Shaggy. Hair smeared with mousse, beat with your fingers, lightly dried. This option is suitable for young, stylish girls with medium-length hair. You can spin it on the finger while drying.
    6. On two sides. In the middle of the head and bangs, an even parting is done, both halves are dried with a hair dryer, dividing the hair into two sides, twisting the tips out to the temples. In the end it is necessary to sprinkle the tips with varnish, but a little so as not to develop from its severity. It is possible to curl the entire half at once with a curling iron or to wrap oneself along a thin strand. In this case, the waves will be stepped, it looks very nice and stylish. How to lay a long bang on two sides - a video with a master class:
    7. Voluminous. Chelochka moistened with water, put mousse. Then we dry it with a hair dryer, winding it on a round brush of large diameter. The ends must be beautifully curled inside, and the roots lifted. It is better to divide it into two layers, lower the curl stronger, and the top - only slightly. So it will turn out very thick, voluminous.

    Laying oblique bangs

    To make your oblique bangs the same as that of bang-up models or actresses, you will need a mousse, hair dryer, round brush.

    • You can twist it inward towards the forehead or temple, make long tips curled out.
    • Beautifully looks oblique torn fringe, laid feathers or separate wide strands.

    Options for how to lay a slanting bang

    1. By spinning To do this, apply a little gel, the size of a pea. Distribute with your fingers, divide the hair into the necessary strands and wait for it to dry. You can lightly walk through the hair of a rare comb, preferably wood.
    2. Inserted inside. To do this, wind the hair on a brush, blow dry. The air should not be directed so strongly that it does not fly apart. Fix varnish. Stronger need to curl a longer edge.
    3. HAvaya long tips out. To do this, you can screw the tips on the curler in the opposite direction from the face or use a hairdryer. The longer part we roll stronger.
    4. On the side. Bangs and so oblique, it looks elegant, but combed it with a hairdryer with a brush on its side, you can make the strands even more beautiful. You need to fix the varnish, you can fix invisible by the hair color.

    Ways that you can lay asymmetric bangs at home

    1. On the side. To do this, slightly straighten the strands, brush them to the side with a round brush and fix with hot air from a hairdryer. First you need to apply the mousse, gel. The tips should be slightly curled inside, split fingers.
    2. Straight. If the locks are not very long, you can grease them with foam, dry them a little, curl with a curling iron inside. At the roots you need to make hair bulky, using a hair dryer. You can slightly comb the whole bang, lifting it.
    3. Shaggy. To do this, use a mousse, a little gel. Apply it, wait for natural drying, put it right on your fingers. You can slightly dry the dryer with a diffuser or without it. So it will be voluminous, slightly casual, but stylish.
    4. With the help of curlers. If the strands are thick, long, you can grease them with mousse, foam, curl into curlers of the required diameter, quickly dry with a hairdryer. The beautiful wavy locks twisted in the necessary party turn out. The result is required to sprinkle with varnish, trying not to get into your eyes.

    All these methods are simple and clear, do not take much time. Depending on the haircut, face shape and styling of the entire hairstyle, you should choose the type, shape of the bang.

    How to pack a regrown bang - video with options:

    It can be laid easily, the main thing is to follow all the rules and advice, experimenting with tools and fixing tools at home. Do not be afraid to be different, stylish, original, you must love yourself and learn to care for your hair according to all the rules.

    Who goes to whom - no?

    There is a certain type of appearance for which the elongated bangs are created as if specially. These are wide cheekbones and an overly large forehead. Also, it will suit enough adult ladies who have already come across wrinkles.

    With regard to contraindications, to them we can include:

    • Heavy hanging eyelids
    • Deep-set eyes,
    • Little face
    • Thin and too sparse hair.

    What is she good at?

    Long bangs have several significant advantages that have turned it into a real trend. Perhaps, having familiarized yourself with them, you immediately want to cut one yourself:

    • Visual correction of non-ideal face shape - elongated bangs make it more elongated and thin,
    • The ability to hide behind hair all minor flaws (pimples or wrinkles) and emphasize all the advantages,
    • Versatility - this type of person is suitable for women of all ages,
    • Multifunctional. Long bangs can be laid in a variety of ways - it is combed to the side, curled or pulled, tucked behind the ear or divided in half. This allows you to frequently change the daily image,
    • Lack of care To put yourself in order, you will need very little time and tools. In most cases, nothing is needed except a comb and hair dryer.

    Important! When choosing a long bang, you should pay attention not only to its length, but also to several other parameters - the number of layers, thickness, location, edge line. Listen to the advice of a hairdresser - this will only help you.

    Main types

    Long bangs may be different. For example, these photos consider the main types.

    Bangs with a clear even cut is relevant for many years. This is the best option to hide the high forehead and beautifully emphasize the cheekbones, cheeks, chin. However, there is one very important requirement - the hair structure should be dense and absolutely straight (ideally, Asian). Girls of Slavic appearance should be more cautious about their choice - soft and naughty strands can create the impression of untidiness.

    Long oblique bangs look good on almost all ladies. It easily fits both on a thick head of hair, and on sparse strands, hides plump cheeks and corrects the lower part of the face. And most importantly - oblique bangs go well with haircuts of any length. The image is sophisticated and refined.That is why this option has gained immense popularity among modern fashionistas.

    Arcuate or semicircular

    Incredibly beautiful bangs, which by its shape resembles an arch. They cut it in a semicircle, so the strands gently turn into a shock of hair and merge with the hairstyle.

    Strands on the edges of the face - this is the best option for women of all ages. A photo of an elongated bang on two sides confirms it once more - there is simply no better! Interestingly, most girls acquire such a fashionable “accessory” by pure chance. The bangs are not cut on purpose, but are obtained by growing short strands. When she reaches the required length, beautifully framing the oval of the face, the girls stop growing it further, and leave it as it is. It is important that such a length can either be braided into the hair, or tie into the tail.

    Tip! Bangs, located on the sides, is categorically not suitable for girls with a wide forehead and elongated face. In this case, it will make it longer.

    Asymmetrical strands allow you to create an unusual image and find new solutions in styling. In this case, the stylist has complete freedom for creativity - it can be expressed both in shearing of different lengths, and in the use of different colors. Asymmetry creates a beautiful image in a duet with a short haircut (pixie, bob or garson), but on a long hairstyle, it does not look very good.

    Important! Such experiments are more suitable for young and unusual ladies. On mature women, asymmetrical long bangs will look vulgar.

    Popular haircuts

    Haircuts with elongated bangs delight their diversity and beauty.

    For short hair

    Tandem elongated bangs and stylish short haircut looks just fine and, moreover, has a rejuvenating effect. Now very popular haircuts with shaved temple and a long chelochku on its side. Laying such a hairstyle is incredibly simple - the strands need to be greased with gel, put in the right direction and dry with a hairdryer.

    Bob caret with textured strands is no less in demand. However, it is necessary to take into account the type of person. If any kind of bangs suits the owners of the oval, then girls with a square, round or triangular face are better to opt for a long oblique version with torn edges.

    Continuing the list of pixies - a very fashionable hairstyle, which is chosen by both ordinary girls and Hollywood stars. This short haircut with long bangs (beveled, asymmetrical, torn or skewed) looks original, bold, stylish and perky.

    Tips to help you make yourself an elongated bang yourself:

    For medium hair

    Long bangs on medium hair looks just wonderful. Just at such a length, it occurs most often. For a ladder or cascade, it is worthwhile to choose a sideways slightly ragged version - such a duet occupies the leading places in the list of the most fashionable haircuts. An elongated bob with bangs can be safely added by strands on the sides. It will make your look feminine and romantic.

    For long hair

    To pick up a beautiful elongated bang for long hair will not be easy. You can experiment with almost any haircut - cascade, ladder, grunge. Long locks that frame the face make the look even more romantic, and straight strands give the look of mystery and depth.

    My own hairdresser

    How to cut long bangs? For this useful our detailed instructions.

    1. Using a sharp comb tip, separate part of the hair to form future bangs. They must be dry - wet strands stretch, so it will be difficult to cut the desired length.
    2. The rest of the hair, clean under the clamp, so as not to interfere with the work.
    3. Decide on the length. If you are cutting the bang for the first time, stop at the level of the chin or the tip of the nose.
    4. Split the hair in half with a horizontal parting. Slay the upper part.
    5. Attach the comb to the bottom and pull it down.
    6. Pinch the strand between your index and middle finger and make an even cut across the length of the hair.
    7. Lower the top and repeat the process.
    8. Trim both sides.
    9. Once more, pull the comb down and cut off the loose hair.

    Method 1. Bulk

    Long straight bangs may fall on the eyes. So that it does not interfere, the strands need to be laid using a hair dryer and a brush.

    1. Apply a little mousse to wet hair.
    2. Split the fringe into two layers by a horizontal part.
    3. Blow dry the bottom layer first, strongly twisting the tips down with a large round brush.
    4. Dry the bottom layer by slightly twisting it.

    Bang classification

    There are three options, which divided the bang into two sides, depending on the shape. This is a straight (classical), oblique and asymmetric. Moreover, the latter is suitable only for straight hair and will require daily styling with a hairdryer and styling products.

    Straight bangs fit any curls and are divided into:

    The option of oblique styling is suitable for straight hair and is unlikely to look good on curly strands. This model is necessarily made whole, without breaking curls.

    Styling tips

    In addition to knowledge of some of the nuances of styling, to create a beautiful bang will require a number of tools and materials:

    Any short, medium or long bang on two sides is done only on clean hair - preferably immediately after washing the head. Leaving the head to dry after bathing, good styling will not work.

    The dryer does not go straight when drying, but from the bottom up. This ensures the volume of the bangs, and in the summer it helps to ensure that it does not stick to the wet forehead. Although with the same purpose, going out into the street, the skin should be slightly powdered. While on the strands themselves should not apply a lot of money - it can overload the hair and spoil the volume.

    The radiance and smoothness of the bang will get after passing through it with an iron for straightening. Enough once - a larger number will make the strands too smooth. At the same time it is worth using varnishes with thermal protection, which allows to avoid unnecessary over-drying.

    Who are the direct options

    The straight bangs look good on any hair, short, long or medium. And suitable for all types of strands - from perfectly smooth to wavy. However, be aware that a completely flat line will not look a woman with a triangular or square face - in this case, you should choose the option with slightly uneven (torn) ends, adding to the image of harmony. It is necessary to abandon the direct people and owners of thin and devoid of volume strands.

    Short and medium with parted

    To obtain short bangs on both sides, suitable for hair of the same length, there are several ways. The simplest is the usual fixation of strands to the side with the selection of individual curls. If you use the gel, creating a small pile, you can get an excellent result without going to the salon.

    Neatly laid average bang looks on the oval face. And it turns out easily on straight hair. With curly curls, the situation is more complicated - most likely, you will have to perform straightening, or just bangs, or the entire hairstyle. To create it you have to do the following:

    Long and long bangs on two sides

    With long hair, elongated bangs on two sides become the only option. And it can be laid in different ways. For the "stubborn" strands choose the option with a rare bang, divided on both sides and fixed. Light hair allows you to use a thicker version.

    Skew cascading

    Oblique split bangs, best suited for a broad face, will require appropriate haircuts to begin with, and then moisturize them and lightly dry them with a towel. Next, a little foam is distributed on the curls and with a hairbrush the hair is smoothed in both directions. We recommend spraying varnish or other fixative.

    How to cut an asymmetrical fringe

    Make this option, looking good on any person and making its owner younger, you can quickly. Especially since there are a lot of styling options available.

    The following methods are allowed, each of which will give a special look to the hairstyle and the whole face as a whole:

    Beautiful styling with bangs will make you unforgettable

    For the asymmetrical variant, concealment of facial imperfections and underlining of an extraordinary style are characteristic. It should only be remembered that the bang should complement the main part of the hair, in harmony with her.

    Method 2. On the side

    There are several options for laying bangs on its side. In the first, it is divided into an oblique, uneven parting and twisted up with a hairdryer. To prevent the strands from returning to their usual position, they should be fixed with varnish. In the second, all the bangs are impregnated with gel and combed to one side. When the hair does not obey at all, they can be fixed with a barrette. If you have time, you can smear each strand with mousse and blow it with a hair dryer inside. This makes the hair more lush and thick.

    Method 3. Back

    If the bangs are tired and you want to open your forehead, try to do this styling.

    1. Separate the bang and lightly mix it at the roots.
    2. Comb it all back and spray it with varnish.
    3. If necessary, fix your hair with stealth or wear a hoop.

    Tip! To make the hairstyle not look too easy, divide the fringe into small strands and twist each of them into a tight flagellum.

    Method 4. Bulb

    Long bangs can be the main element of your image. This way will suit young impudent girls.

    1. Tie strands in high tail. It can be both straight and wound curling.
    2. Strongly bang bangs, so she stood on end.
    3. Bend the tips to the crown and kill them invisible.
    4. Smooth top coat.

    Method 6. Tousle

    The casual look of this hairstyle will once again underline your delicate and romantic nature. This is a good choice for owners of hairstyles of medium length.

    1. Soak the strands with mousse.
    2. Beat her with your fingers.
    3. Dry the bang with a hair dryer, crushing it with your hands or twisting it on your finger.

    Method 7. On two sides

    1. Make a parting by dividing the whole head of hair into two parts.
    2. Moisten the strands with water, grease with mousse or foam.
    3. Twist each part ironing, curling the tips towards the temples.
    4. Squirt hair varnish.

    How to lengthen the bangs?

    To get a haircut with long bangs, use the popular home methods. Of course, in this case, you need to be patient, as the hair can not grow in a single moment. So, what do folk procedures offer?

    • Use masks that activate the hair follicles,
    • Sate your diet with foods that contain vitamins H, A, C, B and E,
    • Regularly perform a head massage. It must be combined with special serums to stimulate growth,
    • Do not forget about rinsing. For these purposes, suitable broths of leaves of elderberry, burdock or walnut.

    Does your female soul want a quick change? Then use micro capsular hair extensions. This is a fairly effective and common technique that allows you to quickly get a long bang. Previously, this procedure was performed only on sufficiently long hair. Now it is used on short strands.

    Micro capsular extension gives the rare hair the missing volume, hides the bald areas and enlivens nondescript curls.

    Important! Such a build-up cannot be performed during chemotherapy or in the presence of dermatological problems.

    At last

    In summarizing give some tips:

    • Wash your bangs as often as possible - this part of the head of hair is muddy most quickly, because the strands lose their beautiful appearance,
    • Always keep different styling products with you, or at least 1-2 hairpins. Even if there is no wind on the street now and the installation keeps well, there is no guarantee that the situation will not change in the near future,
    • Try as little as possible to hold your bangs with your hands - this will make it look like icicles.

    See also: How to cut long bangs on your own (video)

    Every woman is inclined to experiment. By changing the individual elements of the exterior, we find ourselves, learn to care for ourselves, and find the best possible image. Most of the experiments concern the hair. Having tried all possible haircuts, women turn to a new space for fantasy - bangs. Over time, this element may bother your hairstyle, and some simply do not fit. Growing strands also need constant care. Here comes to the rescue option laying on two sides.

    Watch the video: How to Style Straight Bangs to the Side (December 2019).