What dreams lice?

In real life, lice are parasitic on the human body and cause a lot of inconvenience, as well as are carriers of diseases, including deadly diseases such as fever and typhoid. In the life of mankind lice were present at all times and were not only the poor, but even the royals.

They were so familiar that a person without lice was considered terminally ill, and since then many have interpreted the dream lice as a sign of financial well-being and good luck, despite the disgust they cause.

What dreams of lice on Miller's dream book

According to Miller, lice in a dream symbolize trouble and may indicate disease and pathology. Saw a louse on a pet or cattle - you are threatened by financial problems and poverty. Lice dreams also suggest that you may be busy searching for your own or for native symptoms of non-existent diseases.

What dreams louse - modern dream book

Dreamed lice to great sadness and many problems. If you saw a louse on yourself, then perhaps in the relationship with friends in the future you will not behave properly. Caught this disgusting insect, it means that in the near future you will get sick or your loved ones. Also, lice can indicate someone's intrusiveness.

Dream interpretation - interpreter of spring dreams

Consider what a louse or many lice dream about in the dream interpretation of spring dreams. Looking at lice from the side - means that the case that you start will require additional hassle and effort. Dreamed before the completion of a responsible business - to the success of your undertaking.

To see head lice on a pet means a loss in the future, and if it is on yourself, it means that problems with friends are waiting for you. Capturing lice in a dream foreshadows a disease, the severity of which will be greatly exaggerated by you.

What dreams of lice - family dream book

In the dream, you are haunted by an overwhelming desire to get rid of lice, which means that there is a real danger of missing out on your own fault the chance to become a very wealthy person, try to behave more thoughtfully and decisively in financial matters.

See lice in an intimate place means the likelihood of contracting the disease from your sexual partner. You see lice on yourself - to problems in business, to see on another person - to success.

What dreams of lice - English dream book

According to the English dream book, a dream in which lice are present is one of the most undesirable for any person. He foretells you and your loved ones financial problems, misfortunes in your personal life and at work.

For a businessman, such a dream means major trouble with the business, you may have to reduce the scale or completely close your business. There is even an opportunity to go to jail for unpaid debts.

Dreamed lice - Tsvetkova dream book

A louse seen in a dream on the body of another person or on any object can mean a quick addition to your family. You saw them on yourself, it means a quick illness or a chain of various misfortunes, perhaps even poverty or alcoholism.

What dreams of lice in the hair on the head

The appearance of lice in the head on the hair, both in real life and in a dream, speaks of poverty and illness, neglect and an indifferent attitude towards himself. Also, lifted lice can be interpreted as someone's perseverance, intrusiveness or problems of a legal nature. See lice on someone else's head - you are waiting for luck in your business.

Why dream of crushing lice

If you dream all the time trying to kill a louse, and she runs away from you, it means that you work a lot in real life, but mostly unproductive. Make an attempt to kill these insects - to the unexpected news. If you kill a nig or a louse in a dream, this will solve many of your problems, including financial ones.

What dreams lice

A good dream, he is getting rid of troubles, success or money.

You know that you have lice in your head, but not to see them - to the loss or loss.

To beat a louse in a dream - for money or unexpected news.

Crush a dream in a dream - you confidently go to your intended goal and nothing can lead you astray.

Nits on my head to see - the forerunner of the long-awaited success or promotion.

Dream Miller

It is the most common today traditional dream book. Gustav Miller's book is based on the knowledge of human psychology and years of work with the dreams of several thousand people.
According to this source, lice dream of a woman, heralding the imminent emergence of troubles, sorrows and tears in her life. Catching an insect on yourself means a serious illness, but, nevertheless, their appearance does not promise any major changes in life. So we can assume that the disease will not be fatal.

If a woman dreams of lice on the head of her child, it means that she cares too much for her child and she does not leave constant concern for his fate, even in a dream.
To see the parasite on your body means possible betrayal and ugly behavior towards old acquaintances.

Lice and nits on domestic animals and cattle, dreamed of female, promise hunger times and serious financial difficulties, up to complete poverty. To overcome these difficulties, a woman will need the help of loved ones.
If a girl sees insects in a dream on people who are completely unfamiliar to her, this is interpreted as a manifestation of insecurity in herself and her own forces, excessive complexes. It can also mean fear of losing your wealth.

Freight's Dream Interpretation

The book of Freud the psychologist is a scientific work, this is his first major work, entirely devoted to one question. The famous psychoanalyst believed that night visions contain oppressed human desires, and the imagery allows to achieve a balance between the need for sleep and the desires that violate it, in which people often do not give an account of themselves.
Why dream of lice in a woman's dream according to Freud? All his interpretations on these parasites are related to the intimate side of life.

It can also act as a warning against promiscuity, as the main cause of such infections. But the destruction of parasites and combing them out of their hair in a dream means, for the beautiful half of humanity, a successful outcome of intimate problems.
If a lady sees many insects in her dreams, then she wants to take part in bold sexual experiments and get a new experience in this field. Louse on the other person suggests the likely appearance of a new lover in a woman or just an object of desire.

Dream Vanga

Unlike the two previous interpreters of night visions, Vanga's dream book was composed according to the words of the great healer and prophetess. Her interpretation of dreams with the participation of little bloodsuckers is more optimistic.
If a woman sees in a dream one louse, then a large monetary increase is waiting for her. In a dream, where parasites crawl through her hair, and she shakes them off, there is a likely successful bargain. It's time to try your hand at business.

The destruction of the eggs of lice Vanga interprets how to safely get rid of debt.
But in the case of sleep, where a woman sees a large accumulation of insects, this means an uncomplicated and short-lived illness that resolves safely.

Dream interpretation Eugene Tsvetkova

The author of this book lives in the XXI century, for this reason his interpretations are modern and adapted to today's reality.
According to Tsvetkov's explanation, one louse who dreamed of a woman, who was crawling on her hair, was a sign of losing money, worsening financial situation, misfortunes and problems.

On the contrary, if the lady sees in the nightly dreams of the parasite on the other person, it speaks of a quick success in money matters.

Modern dream book

In modern books about the interpretation of dreams, it is very often possible to see the statement that if a girl or an unmarried woman sees lice in their dreams, then this will guarantee them the appearance of new lovers. A combing of parasites with a hairbrush indicates a possible transition of light flirtation into a serious affair, ending with a trip to the registry office.

As can be seen above, the options for what dreams of lice in a dream for a woman can be varied. What interpretation should we listen to? Each girl will decide for herself and determine which dream author is closer to her. First of all, when these insects appear in dreams, it is recommended to be guided by their sensations. If lice have not brought horror and disgust, then, most likely, their appearance will not result in anything bad. When sleep with insects scares, you should expect trouble.

To see parasites in a dream

A huge number of parasites with which you can easily handle, signals about the upcoming wealth or any other successful transaction. Try yourself in new areas and do not be afraid to do small experiments, because real wealth can be waiting for you somewhere.

Pet parasites are a very bad signal that warns you about upcoming financial problems. Care should be taken in the disposal of finances and for some time to transfer all important purchases.

If you accidentally brushed a parasite with a hand or a hairbrush, this indicates future luck. Be careful and do not miss your chance that you can get at any time. Lice killing almost always means future gain in personal and financial affairs.

What do lice mean in children?

If lice in a dream did not appear on you, but on a child, then this means the following:

  • Parasites in the hair - possible problems in the child. You should talk to him "heart to heart" and find out what bothers him. But do not lean on their children. If all is well with them, then you can turn to Tsvetkov's dream book, according to which this dream means overprotective parents. Give the child some air: stop constantly forcing him to do something and let him make some decisions on his own.
  • A pair of lice on the body of a child suggests that you need to stop worrying about your children. Leave excessive paranoia aside and do not spoil the life of your loved ones.
  • The destruction of insects. If in a dream you managed to rid the child of annoying insects, then this is a very good sign. He says that soon all family problems will be resolved. This is a good dream for those who have significant differences in the family.

Lice dream interpretation - to help deal with their own dreams easily help real psychologists and world famous predictors.

According to Miller's dream book

This famous dream book does not give the lice any positive color. However, relax: he does not predict any strong changes either. This insect means further setbacks, for example, problems at work or a quarrel with a loved one. But basically the focus is on self-conflict. Inability to accept oneself, permanent complexes about one’s appearance or wealth.

  • If you notice lice on other people, especially distant acquaintances, this is a sign that says about your fear of society.
  • You should think more about the opinions of loved ones than worry about what virtually unknown people say.

For students, these parasites talk about the impending failure of the exam. After such a dream, you should thoroughly think about your own preparation for study and fill in the gaps in knowledge.

According to the dream Wang

The interpretation of this dream book promises you great luck in business and relationships. The great seer considered it very important what accent the dream had. If in a dream a person experienced strong fear, then in real life this means the opposite effect: all affairs will be given easily and you can go for the most decisive actions.

Killing lice means fast payback of all debts or loans. After some short time, a person will be able to get rid of all his obligations to his wallet.

  • One insect predicts sudden luck in the future.
  • It will not necessarily be a major event that will change your life.
  • Wait for some kind of profitable event: with the most successful scenario, it will make life much more pleasant, and in the other case it may just lift your spirits.
  • Perhaps you are waiting for a win in the lottery or an unexpected return of forgotten debt.

Several parasites can talk about future disease. But do not expect big trouble - it will be a small cold, runny nose or another mild illness. In any case, you must endure the disease without much difficulty.

According to the female dream book

This dream book connects unwanted parasites with problems in relationships with others, and not with illness or financial difficulties. If you notice lice crawling on their own, then this means a resentment or an intrigue concealed against you. Perhaps you have offended someone in the heat of the moment and are now sharpening your tooth. Catching a louse with your hand is a bad sign, telling you about an upcoming disease that may not affect your appearance in the best way. But there are attractive predictions that promise you luck on the love front.

  • Louse, which can not be thrown off, means a new fan.
  • Pay attention to the people around you: maybe someone you know has long been in love with you.
  • However, the situation easily turns into a bad side: the fan will be not only annoying, but also frankly unappealing.

If you saw insects while combing, then this is for future trouble. They will not spoil your life much, but they will make it less happy. These are various domestic problems or disagreements with close people. Become more tolerant of the problems of relatives and friends, and also try not to quarrel over trifles.

According to the dream book of Aesop

Lice: Aesop's dream book will easily interpret your dream about annoying parasites. Louse as a symbol is the personification of ridicule and bullying that will come from distant acquaintances or colleagues. Perhaps you should behave more courageously and not let other people make fun of you. But also a dream can have a different color: other people laugh at you not because of insults or personal hatred, but because of your inappropriate behavior and aggression. Consider whether your actions were not too defiant or absurd.

Unsuccessful destruction of parasites says about the meaninglessness of your problems at work and at home. Stop thinking about minor difficulties and opinions of people of little importance to you.

Removing parasites from clothing means that you have to stop being offended or pay attention to insignificant and evil people. Review your relationship with others: there may be a quarrel with someone and not worth a damn, but someone has a negative effect on you and causes constant trouble.


As you can see, lice in dreams can mean a variety of things. The spread of values ​​is the biggest from big failure to sudden wealth. But all the predictions and interpretations unites one thing - these are symbols and signals that warn you against troubles or promise good luck. So you can change something in your life to smooth the blows of fate in the future. Therefore, even with the worst predictions do not need to panic and despair.

Treatment of sleep lice

A lot of lice are a sign of suffering, anguish due to prolonged illness, loss and poverty. Their destruction is deliverance from sadness and release from difficulties. And who in a dream bites lice, that some powerless people offend obscene language.

Whoever sees that lice or snakes are raining from his body or from some organ will acquire great wealth.

Interpretations from various sources

If we take the Modern Dream Book, we will see that it explains the stories about lice, depending on which part of the body they were seen on. For example, if you are located on the head, hair, then this is a sign of a slowly progressive disease.

When the hideous creatures occupied the back, the chest, not rising above the neck, the dreamer can rejoice at the upcoming cash receipts, the increase in income. This is sure to happen despite the fact that it would seem, in reality, nothing indicates such bright prospects.

Ukrainian dream book soothes those who dreamed lice in their hair. It turns out this is a sign of rapid progress on the career ladder. You will not just be promoted, but also encouraged financially, your services will be marked in a solemn halt. You will be very pleased.

What dreams of lice, according to the famous Vanga? Her dream book predicts in this case unexpected problems that the sleeper will have to resolve. If you cope with the task, the result will be completely unpredictable. In place of difficulties, happy, joyous events will come. As they say: would not happen happiness, but misfortune helped!

Another dream book of the Bulgarian soothsayer pays special attention to the color of insects. Losses and expenses, that's what dream translucent, white lice. But the dark parasites symbolize good luck and decent earnings, without much effort from the side of the sleeper.

Freud has his own opinion as to what lice might dream of. If in the nightly dreams a person has managed to persecute nits, then in reality he will solve a complex, personal problem. It can be a deliverance from the so-called crown of celibacy, loneliness, the revival of the former turbulent, passionate romance, the fateful meeting with a partner who will make up the happiness of a lifetime.

Dream interpretation Hasse explains the plot, depending on who settled the parasites. If they have chosen the body of the dreamer himself, then a streak of troubles and worries are predicted for him. But when a sleeper notices a louse on a person standing next to him, this is an excellent omen, associated with great surprises, profits, and positive changes in destiny.

The same seer, explains why lice, which managed to kill. It turns out that this plot foreshadows tears. Unfortunately, the interpreter gives no clue as to what will cause the suffering.

The famous Miller is very pessimistic in his predictions, believing that having seen lice in a dream will have to be very nervous, worried. And how, specifies his state, the most annoying that all these worries, as it turns out, were unreasonable.

Birthday Predictions

Born in the autumn months, people who dreamed of lice predict wealth and cloudless prospects in business. Only it is necessary to remember that excessive timidity, indecision can make adjustments and interfere with the career of the dreamer. He needs to try to be a little more insistent and confident.

If your birthday is in spring, pay attention to the visions in which pubic louses appear. This is a warning to be more careful and selective in romantic dating. Dream interpretation does not exclude the possibility that you are so carried away by another passion that you put at risk your health and reputation.

What dreams of lice, which are not watching with horror, but rather with surprise, even rejoicing? If they crawl on a neighbor that stopped nearby, then your wallet will always be full. Things will go uphill, and you can spend money without really thinking about saving.

Dreamed that nits crawling on a child? In this case, the dream book, recommends that you give the baby a little more will. He needs to learn independence, get used to responsibility. You still care too much for your child, which complicates, darkens your life.

There is also an opinion that fleas and lice that appeared in a dream can be identified with the dreamer's environment. Observe the closest. So you will understand which of them is extremely annoying, unceremonious. Is it worth continuing the friendship with such unpleasant persons who can spoil the opinion of other people about you.

How to explain to what dreamed linen louses? Dream interpretation gives a low-comforting description to a person who observed such a vision. It seems that he is accustomed to insult, humiliate others. Sometimes he is frankly rude, cynical, indifferent. The time will come when he will be left alone without comrades and loving family members. And only then he will understand what mistake he made because of the peculiarities of his character and upbringing. And when you receive the recommendation of the dream book, you might think about it earlier.

What dreamed of lice (interpretation of astro meridian dream book)

Louse is a curious symbol. It is considered an unclean insect, descended from dust and dust. Lice is considered to be the reptiles whom Christ or the Theotokos created, so that people have “what to do” or awaken them from sleep. However, due to the multitude of insects, their fertility, they are personified with small objects, such as coins, seeds of cultivated plants. Lice are credited with the ability to cause rain, easily enrich the host, heal a person or an animal from certain diseases.

See also: what is the dream of a hairdresser, what is the dream about hair, what is a dream in treating hair.

The parasites that have fallen down cry out to the dreamer to be cautious, not to accumulate affairs, may become a harbinger of financial well-being. All interpretations depend on the general background of sleep and the actions of a person in a dream.

  • What dreams of lice in a child means problems on your way or in the way of your child. If you have a child, be sure to ask if everything is in order with your child.
  • Crush lice in a child - to help him cope with problems.
  • Nits on the child’s head mean that you are in trouble socially. If he has them on his head - try to get rid of them in a dream.
  • Seeing lice from another person - you will be successful and happy, the rest can only envy you. This image is a symbol of new opportunities and, judging from the interpretation of sleep, you can miss them and then another person will not fail to take advantage of them.
  • Seeing lice in a person’s hair — you’re afraid of being trapped, in a difficult situation that will require immediate solutions. Lice on the head, especially in a stranger, speaks about your complexes and outdated principles.

Destruction of hideous insects

Envious people can not fall asleep calmly, gossiping, plotting against you, this is what dreams of lice, which mercilessly press. To save your good name, to upset the plans of enemies, you just need to show utmost caution, delicacy. Dream interpretation gives another tip: do not be too frank and trusting.

To see in a dream that you catch parasites, you can just before the very attractive, profitable job offers or additional earnings. But do not rush to accept it, it is possible that someone will appreciate your work even higher, and you will already be bound by the contract.

What does the dream book promise to one who caught the only nits in a dream? It turns out that in reality the dreamer fusses a lot, makes incredible efforts, spends a lot of time to achieve an insignificant result, which he could have easily achieved with a reasonable organization of the labor process.

If you are in a dream trying to find, find lice, it means that upon awakening you will show a rare sense of purpose and perseverance. These qualities will help you achieve the goal you are aiming for. The main thing to remember is that you can not give up and stop half way. And so you will succeed!

A wonderful sign, according to the dream book, is a dream about combing lice, on the eve of a responsible event: business or commercial. After this vision, all partners, colleagues and other participants in the transaction will be extremely friendly. This is the most favorable moment for large, serious agreements, the signing of contracts.

You can independently try to interpret a dream about parasites, knowing that the fight against them foreshadows deliverance from troubles and obligations. Sometimes this is a signal that you can expect when you awaken help and support. And it will have someone from whom you did not expect such an act.

Crush nasty insects, in a dream also to receive news. This news will please you inspire. Moreover, they will deal with money, the amount of which you will soon noticeably increase. You will forget what saving is.

Especially long-awaited will be a dream in which lice are destroyed for those people who are in need or are in a difficult financial situation (they have large debts). It turns out, according to the dream book, killed lice predict an unexpected cash flow, which will allow you to patch financial holes, get rid of persistent lenders.

See lice in a dream on the head and hair: what it means to kill, crush, catch, comb out fleas

Author's dream books are those that are compiled by one author and bear his name.

We give the interpretation of dreams for the most famous of them. So, the dream book:

  • Miller treats such a dream as a harbinger of trouble, as well as a warning about the presence of pathologies or hidden diseases. If the parasite crawls through the body, then expect discord in family relationships. May mean empty feelings about the health of loved ones,
  • Wangi speaks about a completely different meaning if you dream of lice in your hair. The fattened black individual marks the possible profit or profit. A large number of parasites means a disease, but the most familiar - for example, a cold. Crush the nits or the louse itself in a dream means parting with debt obligations and solving all life problems,
  • psychologist Freud says that the destruction of these blood-sucking parasites in a dream - getting rid of problems of a sexual nature,
  • predictor Nostradamus announces that the dream of lice in the hair brings all the blessings of life - honor, recognition in society, great wealth. But the nits mark an obstacle in achieving these desired goals,
  • Psychologist and esoteric Tsvetkova argues that to see in a dream lice in your hair, as well as nits, leads to illness, excessive drinking, poverty. But if this was not speculated on itself, then we should expect replenishment in the family,
  • Hasse argues that the movement of hair in a dream because of the large number of parasites will certainly lead to wealth, on the other person - to a turn in destiny very successful for you. But if the parasites crawl over your body or head, then the change will be, but very adverse.

To believe in celebrities is only your decision.

What dreams of big white lice, nits in a person: an adult and a child

We present to your attention the interpretation of dream books collected from dreams come true, if you had dreamed lice in your hair. These are dream books:

  1. English. Ensures that the worst changes happen to you - poverty, unemployment, serious diseases, problems with unpaid debts,
  2. summer. Promises to get you big cash receipts,
  3. modern. He believes that such a dream is a warning about future troubles of various kinds, from diseases of you and your loved ones to problems with money,
  4. esoteric. Promises that it is possible to deposit into your account large sums of money,
  5. XXI century. The newest interpretation promises you, in reality, the opportunity to significantly change your life for the better - to get rid of problems of any kind, to get wealth, to achieve the intended goal and to achieve well-deserved recognition. But if you only know that you have pediculosis, and the parasites themselves have not been able to see - expect losses,
  6. Russian old. Ensures that such a dream leads without fail to wealth and significant profit. And comb lice and nits - means that trouble will pass you by.

Don't worry too much about bad dreams.

And most importantly - all interpreters advise to pay attention to the general background of the dream itself and your inner state after waking up. They indicate how to interpret the characters and signs received in dreams. And if you are warned about possible illnesses or difficulties with debt obligations - make every effort to resolve these issues before the troubles overtook you in reality. And to get money and recognition, you should work hard. And then the dream will be for you only a picture, and not an evil prediction or unfulfilled hope.

Total sleep

There are two common interpretations. The first, unexpected, but very pleasant: lice dream of money. Other - after a dream, you can expect trouble, perhaps an illness. A person will certainly fall into an unsightly situation, and it will not be easy to get out of it.

Mage Longo offered to get rid of the object on which the lice crawled in a dream, as it will bring the owner only harm.

Each plot is described in detail in well-known dream books, which give answers to the question of what lice dream about.

By miller

Harmful insects seen in a dream, foreshadow unpleasant events in the life of the sleeper. The more numerous they are, the greater the number of problems on him will come quite unexpectedly. At some point the dreamer will get tired of fighting with them. But if you leave what is happening without attention, the situation will only get worse. When in a dream a person combs lice out of his hair and gets rid of them, he also takes an active position in reality.

If in a dream lice appear on the head of a sleeping child, he too strictly controls his actions and constantly interferes in his life. Caring for the heir is commendable, but you should allow him to be a little more independent.

Clairvoyant associated lice in a dream with money and profit. Soon the sleeper will find the desired prosperity. And it will be the result of not one big deal, but several small ones. Shaking off insects from hair to businessmen promises financial stability and success.

Louse crawling through the body, demonstrates that the decision made in reality is the right one and will bring wonderful results.

Too many lice in a dream speaks of the mild ill health of the dreamer or his loved ones. Worry about him is not particularly worth it, it is easy to cure.

Miss Hasse also did not treat pests that appeared in a dream as something dangerous or annoying. On the contrary, in her opinion, they guaranteed the attainment of good income and a comfortable existence, when observed in others. Louse on the body dreamed of change for the better. If the dreamer had not been very lucky before, then after such a dream he would be able to step into the light strip.

The person who found the lice in his body had to prepare for hard times. Lice fishing is a bad sign. Predictor associated this action with the receipt of unkind news or disruption of the planned plans. And problems will arise at the very last moment and spoil the whole thing.

According to Tsvetkov

If the lice crawl over the other person, it is possible that replenishment in the family or receiving a substantial income. See nits on yourself a bad omen. Ahead of the person waiting for minor troubles or diseases.

Sigmund Freud's opinion about a dream with the presence of lice, like other dreams, was explained by the influence of the basic instinct on the actions of a person. In particular, the nits on the head or body of the sleeper characterized him as a person who was forced to give up sex for some time.

However, the period of abstinence is complete, and the dreamer is ready to break loose. In real life, he is prone to drastic mood swings and sudden actions.

According to Nostradamus

The seer offered to rejoice in the dream of lice in the hair. Sleeper will find family happiness and prosperity. There will be enough money, as the undertakings will bring a small but steady profit.

Lice large size promise particularly good deals.If you dream about a huge insect, the dreamer realizes the most fantastic ideas. Time is extremely favorable for the realization of any cases.

See at home

According to Loff, seeing lice on oneself means that the dying man is aware of the injustice of his actions towards his acquaintances or colleagues. Guilt gives rise to a similar unattractive dream. But the psychologist believed that a dream with insects on the night before the completion of the transaction will lead to dizzying success.

If the lice have covered the entire head, not leaving a single free spot, the person will come to wealth. It is best if the size of the insects is large. Then the profit will pleasantly surprise the dreamer.

Many lice

Miss Hassé saw a wonderful omen in a dream with a huge amount of lice. Each insect meant profit, and the more of them, the more tangible it will come out. The sleeper will receive a large amount of money from an unexpected source. It is possible that they will be a legacy or a generous gift from relatives.

When a lot of lice bites a person, in reality it may be unjustly insulted, or it enters into a scandal. Opponents will not cause any noticeable harm, but the story will leave an unpleasant aftertaste.

When lice in a dream are combined with other parasites, such as bedbugs, you should prepare to receive unexpected and not particularly revered guests. This invasion will lead to hassle, waste and hassle. It is better for the dreamer to treat the visit indulgently and to take care of the nerves.

Crush nits in a dream

Wang believed that a dream of getting rid of lice shows a person’s willingness to achieve goals, sweeping away all obstacles on the way. Thus, he will certainly get what he wants. Nostradamus also interpreted the murder of lice in a dream as an indicator of the material well-being of the sleeper. He will be respected by his family and those around him.

According to the dream book Hasse, such a dream meant severe frustration and tears. Yevgeny Tsvetkov explained such actions in vain, not bringing any benefit. On the other hand, in several sources, sleep is interpreted as random earnings.

Comb nits

Combing the dream of lice from the hair of another person in reality will lead to the need to solve other people's problems. The sleeper behaves responsively and kindly than the lazy people enjoy. It is necessary to look at the situation from the outside and refuse to perform not their duties.

If the lice pour out of their own hair, the sleeper will get rid of problems and routine work and begin to look for new career development paths. He will forgive himself for the previous shortcomings and will learn from them. After sleep, it is possible to receive news by mail. The news contained in it will not have a global impact on the fate of the dreamer.

Value by day of the week

Our ancestors made up special tables describing the meaning of the dream depending on the day of the week. Sometimes it should have been considered a "turncoat", and on another night the dream was considered prophetic.

  1. Sleeping on Monday most often turns out to be insignificant. It reflects the personal experiences and events of the past week.
  2. Sleep on Tuesday is influenced by Mars. Bright, filled with different subjects, he characterizes the powerful energy of a person.
  3. Sleeping on Wednesday shows the true position of the dreamer in a circle of friends and acquaintances. The dream, having a dark color, demonstrates his loneliness and thirst to establish communication.
  4. A dream for Thursday promises changes in service and career growth if it leaves a good impression.
  5. Sleep on Friday has long been considered prophetic. It expresses the sincere dreams and desires of man. Joyful events with which you do not want to part in a dream, can be repeated and in reality.
  6. Sleeping on Saturday is able to give answers to the tasks and questions facing the sleeping, if you solve it correctly.
  7. Sleeping on Sunday is connected with native people and situations that are important to the dreamer. Life will become more exciting if in a dream the events hit and make you remember them.

Meaning of Dreaming Lice

If in a dream you saw lice: get ready for a lot of trouble.

See the louse on your body: a sign that you risk being violently attacked by your detractors.

Louse in hair: foreshadows extremely unpleasant consequences from black thoughts or harmful advice. Perhaps someone is plotting evil against you, or you risk suffering from your own evil plans.

What did Louse dreamed of (according to the Psychological Interpreter)

  • Lice are dreaming - in reality waiting for trouble.
  • Why shoot lice on yourself - to ugly actions in relation to a friend.
  • Catching lice - to the disease.
  • Dreamed that bloodsucking lice on one of your loved ones? You worry about him, leave empty thoughts, this person will cope with troubles soon.
  • Psychologists also explain why an insect is seen on a stranger. The dreamer is afraid of public censure.
  • Getting rid of lice in a dream is a harbinger that you have a connection with a person who is similar in temperament to you.
  • Caught lice - to the disease, which will bring you a lot of vain experiences.
  • What dreams of fleeing lice on domestic animals mean hunger and loss.

What does it mean for you if you had a dream of lice (Romantic Dream)

  • If you see that laundry lice are in front of you - well-being is waiting for you in your personal life: free ones will find a pair, family people will make a profit.
  • Destruction of lice underwear - the long-awaited peace will be established in the family, and the efforts will recede.
  • Why dreamed that you managed to get rid of lice? The dreamer overcomes personal troubles, and the new partner will be more temperamental.
  • To see pubic lice - to cool relations with a loved one, infection of sexual disease is also possible.
  • Watch dead lice - expect to get rid of intimate disorders, diseases.
  • A large louse in the head of a girl who cannot be disposed of is usually seen when a loyal fan appears in the dreamer.
  • Dreamed a picture, how do you press lice? Possible loss of a loved one.
  • What dreams of lice in livestock - foreshadows hunger and loss.
  • To see the lice of your body means that you will behave incorrectly with your old acquaintances.
  • To see that you caught a louse - to the disease, which you will attach too much importance.

What dreams of lice, how to understand a dream (dream interpretation of the XXI century)

  • According to the dream book, to see nits is a good dream, it predicts you getting rid of troubles, success or money.
  • To know that you have them in your head, but not to see them - to loss or loss, to beat lice in a dream - to money or unexpected news.
  • Crush a nig - means that you confidently go to your intended goal and nothing can lead you astray, see the nits on your head - the foreshadowing of long-awaited success or promotion.

The everyday interpretation of the dream about lice (allegories of the writer Aesop)

  • It dreams that you are trying to destroy with your hands lice - a symbol of useless work, expectations that are not justified, efforts wasted.
  • See talking lice - you have to be surprised, get unexpected news.
  • Seeing that lice bite you and do not give you peace is a sign of profit, money that you did not expect, material assistance.
  • Looking for a means of getting rid of lice is a symbol of resolving a problem that has long occupied you and, finally, will die.
  • What dreams of lice that lay eggs - means painstaking work that will take a lot of time and will require close attention.
  • See prancing lice - to anxiety, news that will disrupt the regularity of your life.
  • See a lot of teeming lice and nits - for profit.
  • It was a dream that you are trying to wash the lice off the clothes and pound it with a roller - beware of evil people, in vain and vain unrest, in false accusations and dirty gossip.

Meet with lice in a dream (solution by healer Akulina's dream book)

  • To see a louse — either for money, or for disease.
  • You see a lot of lice (although you may never have seen them in your life) - in the coming days you will encounter a lot of small annoying hindrances, you will cope with these hindrances.
  • What do living lice on your body dream about? A dream foreshadows you an unjust court, and you will act as an unjust judge, you will be mistaken because of your bias, it’s good that you have enough courage to correct your mistake, not to persist in it.
  • As if you were caught and crushed by a louse - in reality a disease awaits you, this illness will be mild, but it will make you worry, in your eyes the fears are great.

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