Everything you need to know about hair dye Capus

If you decide to self-dye your hair with a professional product from Kapous, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the detailed instructions of Capus Professional dye, which includes the choice of shade and the use of dye mixture.

Before you choose the paint you need:

  • determine the original hair color before dyeing,
  • determine the percentage of the number of gray hair,
  • define the desired tone and its color tone (open the Capus palette).

If you incorrectly define one of these parameters, the result of coloring will not match the color that is presented in the Capus Professional paint palette.

The next step is the choice of cream oxide Kapus - Cremoxon Kapous.

  • When toning bleached or natural hair - cream oxide Capus 1.9%,
  • When dyeing dark hair, the tone is in tone, and when dyeing blond hair in darker tones, Kapus cream-oxide 3%,
  • When dyeing light and medium hair tone to tone, and when lightening no more than 1.5 tons - cream-oxide Kapus 6%,
  • When lightening no more than 2-3 tones from the original color - cream-oxide Kapus 9%,
  • When dyeing in very light shades, as well as with the help of special blonds - cream-oxide Kapus 12%,

Paint capus - instruction:


Cream paint with the selected oxygent is mixed in a non-metallic container in a ratio of 1 / 1.5. This means that one tube with cream paint (100 gr.) Is designed for 1 bottle of Kapus (150 gr.).

To make the procedure more gentle for hair and scalp, it is recommended to add a few drops of Helix Kapous oil to the mixture.


During the initial dyeing, the dye mixture is applied first along the entire length, retreating from the roots a few cm. This is due to the fact that the temperature around the skin is higher and the dyeing reaction occurs much faster.

Apply part of the mixture at full length, retreating from the head about 4 cm. After 20 minutes, apply the mixture to the root zone for another 20 minutes. The total time of staining should not exceed 35-45 minutes.

This procedure is applied to already regrown earlier dyed hair. Dye should not be applied to previously painted hair. For secondary staining, it is better to use cream-oxide of two different concentrations - stronger for the roots, weaker for the entire length. Part of the mixture with a stronger oxygent should be applied only on the previously unpainted root zone. The exposure time is 15-20 minutes, after which the rest of the dye (with a lower concentration of cream oxide) is applied along the entire length for 15-20 minutes.

The dyeing time should be counted from the moment the paint is applied The effect of the dye on the hair should be at least 30 and no more than 45 minutes (except for the shades of the Special Blonde series, where the dyeing time is 50-55 minutes). If you apply additional heat to the hair, the exposure time will be reduced by 1/3.

Before you wash off the paint, you need to massage your hair well, adding a little water and foaming the dye. Next, use a special shampoo that neutralizes the effect of the dye and normalizes the balance of the scalp.

In the photo below, secondary staining, in the use of cream-oxide of different concentrations - on roots 9%, in length - 6%. Hue 10.34 (light blond with a golden-copper shade).

About the manufacturer

Kapous Professional is a manufacturer of hair cosmetics that has been working in this market for more than 10 years and has already sung its leading position on it. All products of this company are produced in the best Italian and Spanish factories.

It undergoes mandatory testing to the strictest international standards before being sent to the market. Today it is popular in many countries of the world. Women choose exactly Kapus products for both professional and home use.

All products manufactured by this manufacturer are compatible with each other. Due to the unique formula developed by Kapus laboratory, various types of paints and oxidants of this company can be mixed even at home. If you follow the manufacturers instructions, you will get excellent results in 100% of cases.

Paint series

Currently, Kapus products can be divided into several large lines. Among them:

  • Kapous studio - line with a low content of ammonia, suitable for resistant staining,

  • Proffessional - the series intended for professional use has a permanent composition. Dyes of this type give a pronounced effect lamination,
  • NonAmmonia Fragrance free - means without ammonia, suitable for gentle staining.

Also, the Kapus line includes a brightener, special products for highlighting hair and a color enhancer. It is recommended to use these products to get the best result in professional painting, but you can easily carry out your home procedure without them.

For blondes

The choice of colors for blondes in the Kapus line is very wide. They can choose shades from such rulers:

  • natural,
  • pearl,
  • special blond (the most beautiful shades for owners of blond hair),
  • various gold options.

Also in the line of products from this manufacturer presents a soft brightener. Use it if you want to get a beautiful light shade of hair, avoid redness or yellowness of the new tone. It must be applied at the first dyeing, as well as used by those who are repainted to a blonde of brown-haired or red.

For brunettes

Beautiful shades for brunettes are also presented in various Kapus lines. Among them:

  • natural cold series,
  • ruler “natural” and “natural saturated”,
  • ashen.

You can choose not only natural, but also fantasy shades of dark colors that are suitable for the combined coloring. Among those in the lineup of this manufacturer are dark red, dark purple, as well as many others. Choose them if you want to highlight or colorize.

Red-haired girls can choose for themselves bright colors in the rulers “golden copper", "copper", "copper blond". Among these shades you can choose both classic red color and beautiful reddish and golden tones. For the combined coloring of red girls it is better to choose several shades in the copper series - this will give the opportunity to get a very beautiful effect on the hair.

Ash shades

In the Kapus palette there are 7 shades that give a smoky halo when stained. This collection includes colors with markings from 1.1 to 10.1. Among them are tones for brunettes, brown-haired women, and ashy blond hair, one of the most sought-after hair colors.

This palette will suit both those who have never dyed their hair before, and those ladies who want to update the color of their curls to make it more interesting.

How to choose the right hair color

In order to choose the right shade of this dye, you need:

  1. Decide on hue and tone type (cold, ashen, copper) which you want to choose for coloring.
  2. Select a palette of several shades. Examine the manufacturer's recommendations, which indicate how this tone will look on the hair darker or lighter. Be sure to take into account the following features: do you have gray hair, have your hair been dyed before, do you need to lighten them beforehand.
  3. Select oxide for selected paint taking into account the fact that some of his options will allow you to color the curls to match the tone, while others will make it a few shades lighter. If you want to radically change the color of hair, for example, to make a brunette blonde, it is recommended to discolor the curls, otherwise the desired shade on them will not work.

If you have such an opportunity, search the Internet for reviews on your chosen type of paint. So you can find out how it will look on the hair shade, similar to yours, and will not doubt your choice.

Rules for choosing hair dye

For home hair dyeing products of this brand is recommended to choose a soft tool without ammonia. If you do not plan to lighten your hair, you need to take the product tone to tone or a shade darker. Particular attention should be paid to the choice of cream-oxide for mixing with paint. There are the following versions of oxide for hair coloring:

  • 1.5% is a light oxide that should be used to color curls in a new color.
  • 3% - oxide, applicable for dyeing both light and dark curls tone to tone. Allows you to keep hair shine and color saturation.
  • 6% - a tool, also paint the curls tone to tone or else one shade lighter than the original.
  • 9% is a product that is worth using if you want to get a shade 2 or 3 tones lighter than the original.
  • 12% is an oxide for painting your strands by 4-5 tones brighter than the tone that was originally.

These oxide options are suitable for all products issued by Kapus. Choose them, focusing solely on the result that you want to get.

Features and staining procedure

In order to dye your hair with Kapus means, and the process was successful, you should follow these general recommendations:

  • Before applying the dye, make sure to test for sensitivity. This is necessary to avoid further allergic reactions that may occur when working with such a product,
  • Immediately before dyeing, be sure to treat your hairline with a rich cream. Even if the paint gets into the dyeing process, you can easily wash it off,
  • Do not use metal tools. Remember that they can oxidize, and therefore can affect the color and quality of staining. It is better to take for this purpose an ordinary plastic vessel and a special brush,
  • Never mix paint and oxide in advance. Prepare this mixture immediately before applying to the hair. Remember, you need to distribute it on your hair for the first 15 minutes.

Violation of these rules may adversely affect the result of staining. You risk getting the wrong color that you originally wanted, or else get an uneven coverage of curls.

Working with finished paint Kapus is not at all difficult. To achieve a beautiful color, you need to use a brush to apply dye to your hair, to endure it as specified by the manufacturer (it depends on the dye series), then rinse with warm water and apply conditioner to curls to protect the color.

If your hair has already been dyed, you need to initially apply the composition only to the roots, wait a few minutes, and then apply it along the entire length of the hair. So you will achieve uniform coloring of your curls.

Asymmetry on short hair: the subtleties of creating and styling hair

Read more about how beautiful curling hair read here.

More useful information about hair dye Capus see video


As you can see, the Kapus line for hair is really very wide and makes it possible to choose effective means for dying to ladies with any original color of curls both in salons and at home. All you need to get the perfect result: choose a beautiful color dye, properly prepare for the procedure of its application, as well as perform it strictly according to the manufacturer's instructions. And then an excellent result will be provided to you.

Professional Series

Cream paint gives lasting and rich color, it completely disguises gray hair. Another indisputable advantage of the product is the effect of lamination. Cosmetic oils in the composition add natural shine to the hair, plant extracts stimulate growth.

The invisible film formed after dyeing protects the hair from the negative influence of the external environment and levels the surface. Natural ingredients retain moisture and contribute to shade durability.

In total, the palette of this series contains 111 tones, which can be divided into the following groups:

  • natural,
  • ashen,
  • natural saturated
  • golden copper
  • gold,
  • polisander,
  • golden intense
  • chestnut,
  • beige,
  • pearl,
  • golden beige
  • chocolate,
  • copper blond
  • copper,
  • copper gold,
  • gold,
  • red,
  • mahogany
  • natural cold
  • red intense
  • Violet,
  • red-purple
  • special blond
  • lightening
  • toning

Interesting to know! All paints in this series have corresponding numbers. Most often, the marking consists of three numbers. The first one indicates the depth of the tone, it can be dark, medium or light. The second is the dominant shade, and the third is the subtone with which the curls will be poured in bright light. Sometimes the third digit is missing, which means that there is no additional shade in the pigment.

Studio Series

The line includes dyes with a minimum content of ammonia, it provides persistent staining, with the help of the means it will be possible to completely cover even deep gray hair.

The compositions are enriched with rice proteins and ginseng extracts. These components have an antioxidant effect on curls and scalp, neutralize the negative effects of chemicals. After dyeing the hair becomes more voluminous, docile and brilliant.

The palette includes 106 shades, which are divided into the following groups:

  • natural (+ warm and cold tones),
  • ashen,
  • beige cold
  • gold,
  • golden copper
  • beige warm
  • copper,
  • intense copper,
  • titian
  • copper red,
  • intense red,
  • mahogany
  • brown mahogany
  • red-purple
  • red and copper
  • purple,
  • special blonds.

NonAmmonia Fragrance Free

This series of hypoallergenic dyes does not contain ammonium and perfume fragrances, it is suitable for women with sensitive scalp and weakened curls. With the help of means you can not only dye, but also strengthen the hair.

The composition includes natural amino acids. Chamomile, witch hazel and plantain oil remove toxins from the scalp and prevent their re-accumulation. Cocoa butter stimulates the growth of strands, penetrates them in all length and moisturizes.

The palette is presented in 70 shades in such groups:

  • natural,
  • natural cold
  • chocolate,
  • dark chocolate,
  • gold,
  • polisander,
  • chestnut,
  • ashen,
  • golden beige
  • beige,
  • mother of pearl,
  • mahogany
  • copper,
  • copper gold,
  • intense copper,
  • red
  • tinting.

Other lines

The company's product range also includes Special Mesh color highlighting products. The palette includes shades of copper, red, purple, emerald, amaranth and fuchsia color.

You will also find color enhancers that help to give intensity and saturation to the basic tone, they are added directly to the paint. Gamma includes ashen, gold, purple, copper, red, blue and green.

Decoxon 2 Fase biphasic is suitable for color correction. It allows you to bring the pigment and as close as possible to the natural shade. The highest effect can be obtained on the day of staining. In one day, it is allowed to do no more than 4 procedures for dumping (removing color), the result depends on the amount of dye and the structure of curls.

In addition, in the Kapus collection there are products that will help you to take care of your hair as carefully as possible after a change in image. The most popular among them are:

  • “Kapus” - moisturizing serum for hair restoration is a powerful two-phase remedy that also has a regenerating effect on curls,
  • Profound balm and shampoo for recovery - penetrates deep into the hair structure and promotes the formation of keratin in it, enriched with argan oil, fruit acids, vitamins and minerals,
  • split ends fluid - like serum, it revives damaged structures; it contains Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, linseed oil and silicone. Restores the natural hydrobalance, smoothes and seals the split ends.

Coloring Instructions

Home use dyes "Kapus" requires a responsible approach to the process. Before the procedure, you need to determine the original shade of curls, for this, carefully consider them in daylight. Then study the selected color of the dye and think about how much tones you need to enhance or neutralize.

The desired result also determines which oxidant you will use. For example, to get a bright mocha on a dark base, you will have to lighten up in several tones.

"Kapus" produces oxides with the following percentage:

  • one and a half percent - help to give locks of a light shade and shine, are used for toning,
  • 3% - suitable for maintaining the tone and giving the original color a shine,
  • six percent - allow you to achieve the color one tone lighter than the original,
  • nine percent - used for intense staining of 3 tones lighter,
  • twelve percent - lighten the curls by 4 tones.

It depends on how much oxide you choose how much “Kapus” paint should be kept on the hair. Dark shades are kept no more than 40 minutes. Special blonds need up to 50 minutes to appear in full.

We will consider how to conduct primary and secondary staining, examine all the features of the procedure.

Primary staining

Using paint for the first time, it is important to properly distribute it and stand on the curls as much time as necessary for the manifestation of pigment. Having prepared the mixture, we quickly apply it to the strands, retreating from the roots by 4-5 cm. The secret of the action is that the temperature of the scalp is too high, which accelerates the pigment development process.

After 20 minutes of keeping the composition on the length, the roots can be processed. Keep another 20 minutes, then wash off with shampoo and apply a nourishing mask. Two-phase coloring will help you achieve a uniform and beautiful shade.

Root coloring

This process is even more laborious than primary staining. To refresh the roots and the bulk of the strand acquired one tone, you need to use different oxides. Roots are treated with a composition with a high percentage of oxidizing agent, and the length with a smaller one.

Immediately apply a strong dye to the roots so that it does not get on the previously painted strands. After 20 minutes, distribute the mixture with a smaller percentage of oxide in length, wait another 20 minutes and wash off the paint.

Important nuances:

  • it is necessary to plant paint only in nonmetallic ware,
  • the use of rubber or plastic gloves is mandatory, so you protect your hands from pigment,
  • the components are mixed immediately before painting, since they can react with each other in the air,
  • Apply the dye quickly, a maximum of 15 minutes, so that the color appears evenly,
  • when using additional heat, the exposure time of the composition is reduced by one third.

The Italian brand "Kapus" offers high-quality and affordable products for coloring. It can be used both in salons and at home, if you are confident in your abilities.

It's nice that the collection has cosmetics that restores curls after dyeing. Comprehensive care will help to maintain long-lasting and saturated color, quickly bring curls in order, give them strength and health.

Use only certified products purchased in specialized stores.

П Ash Platinum Shade 10.1 or "Perfect blond found!". Phased hair dyeing at home professional paint "Kapous" ✦

Good day to all who looked!

I decided to go to the hair dye with the words "Profesional" in the hope that she would be a little more careful with her hair. And the result after painting with ordinary paint has recently ceased to suit me (the paint itself has changed for the worse).

Chose cream hair color "Kapous Professional". I didn’t even consider any other colors, as I really liked the Kapous products.

I already came to the store with a piece of paper on which numbers of shades were written. I chose them here on the reviews (for which a special thank you). After much thought, I bought the paint number 10.1 Ash Platinum Blond.

Together with the paint acquired Kapous creamy cream showing "Cremoxon". The main thing I wrote myself was to take 9%, but in some miraculous way I was persuaded to buy 6% ("I don't even know if you have blond hair"). As a result, as soon as I left the store, I immediately turned around and exchanged for 9%.

The cost of hair dye: 200 rubles

The cost of developing emulsion: 50 rubles

Place of purchase: Shop "Beauty Industry"

Information from the manufacturer:

Cream hair dye with keratin gives the hair a rich color, healthy shine, reliably protects from environmental exposure.

Keratin has a regenerating effect, with the result that the hair becomes healthy and shiny, and also helps to provide powerful protection to the hair during the dyeing process.

. suitable for long lasting dyeing of various hair types (gray, natural, bleached or previously colored).


Shelf life: 5 years.

The instruction is written on the inside of the package. There is also important information on the Cremoxon selection.

Mixing cream paint and brightening emulsion:

It is necessary to mix in the ratio 1: 1,5. I mixed 50 ml of paint and 75 ml of emulsion (half, per eye). Important: do not use metal utensils.

Cream paint was unusual for me consistency (stretched). The color can be seen in the photo, it is some kind of pink-orange.

After the paint is mixed with the brightening emulsion, immediately apply to the hair (my mom painted me). I had to lighten the roots, and then the length. She kept the paint on the roots for 30 minutes, after which, diluting it with warm water, distributed it along the length and left for another 7 minutes.

In the process of dyeing, the paint only burned its head slightly (it did not burn, as it did with ordinary paints). She didn't even have a strong smell (he was barely perceptible).

Having sustained the necessary time, I washed the paint off my hair, washed my hair with shampoo and used Kapous balm.

Combing the hair after dyeing was for me the longest (probably, it tangled my hair badly when I distributed the dye). Even my favorite balm and comb Tangle Teezer could not easily cope with the task.


The roots of the paint brightened well. Of course, they give a little yellowness, but this is only visible in the photo.

The bulk of the hair also became lighter, there was another shade.

The result of the coloring pleased me. This is what I wanted. After I had completely dried my hair, I saw how much they began to shine. Yes, I used a balm, but the brilliance was completely different. The roots of the hair were so pleasant to the touch that it seemed as if I was not touching my hair at all (I don’t know how else to describe it)

Photo without flash (artificial lighting):

By the way, on the example of the shade in the store was more gray. In fact, the ashes turned out not so much, but it is even for the better.

Overall, I was pleased. Plus, I still have paint for one more coloring. Now I will always buy only cream paint "Kapous Professional".

I recommend to everyone!

▄ _ - ▀ - _ ▄ _ - ▀ - _ ▄ _ - ▀ - _ ▄ _ - ▀ Thanks for attention!▀ - _ ▄ _ - ▀ - _ ▄ _ - ▀ - _ ▄ _ - ▀ - _ ▄

Features hair dye Capus

  1. A feature of the tool is the effect of lamination after dyeing. Strands become lively, docile, smooth and shiny. The effect is achieved due to the presence of hydrolyzed silk in the composition. The component can protect the structure from the harmful effects of external stimuli and keep the resulting color for a long time.
  2. The dye contains the minimum amount of ammonia, which allows to achieve a lasting shade without damaging the curls.
  3. Additionally, the composition is enriched with natural ingredients.
  4. Color is durable. The shade does not tarnish and does not wash out for a long time. It is possible to safely hide gray hair.
  5. Economical consumption allows you to dye hair of different lengths.
  6. The widest palette (more than 100 shades) facilitates the choice of the desired color.
  7. Price availability does not affect the quality of the facility.
  8. The paint belongs to the category of professional coloring agents, which are successfully used both for home painting and in beauty salons..

How to use paint?

Instructions for use are in the package. From the consumer requires strict compliance with the instructions, in order to avoid unpleasant consequences. The paint is not used without cream oxide, which is sold separately. Depending on the concentration of cream-oxide, a certain shade is achieved. For example, 3% remedy is intended for dyeing in tone (for dark hair), a concentration of 12% is suitable for lightening by 3-4 tones.

Wide range of colors

It is rather difficult to list the entire range, but it is necessary to dwell on the basic shades. Color palette by numbers:

  • natural (1, 3, 10),
  • natural saturated (4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0),
  • ash (1.1, 5.1, 6.1, 7.1, 8.1, 9.1, 10.1),
  • golden copper (9.34, 10.34),
  • gold (4.3, 5.3, 6.3, 7.3, 8.3, 9.3),
  • rosewood (5.32, 7.32, 8.32),
  • intense gold (7.33, 8.33, 9.33),
  • chestnut (5.35, 6.35, 7.35),
  • beige (6.13, 8.13),
  • mother of pearl (7.23, 8.23, 9.23),
  • golden beige (5.31, 6.31, 10.31),
  • chocolate (4.8, 5.8, 6.8, 7.8, 8.8, 9.8, 4.81, 5.81, 7.81),
  • copper blond (6.45, 7.44),
  • copper (6.4, 7.4, 4.4, 5.4),
  • red mahogany (5.56, 6.54),
  • copper-gold (5.43, 6.43, 7.43),
  • gold (10.3),
  • mahogany (4.5, 5.5),
  • red (4.6, 5.6, 6.6),
  • natural cold (4.07, 5.07, 6.07, 7.07),
  • red intense (5.66, 6.66),
  • purple (1.2, 3.2, 4.2,6.2, 7.22, 9.2),
  • red-violet (5.62, 7.62),
  • lightening (1000)
  • special blonde (900, 901, 902, 903, 934, 913, 904),
  • tinting (003-1, 003-2).

You will also be interested in how to choose the right hair dye:

Reviews of paint Kapus

Thanks to Kapus for dyeing, I managed to give my hair the most natural light shade. The paint lasts a long time. Strands do not lose their original shine right up to the next dyeing.

Kapus acquired after the positive feedback of her hairdresser. She often recommends the tool to her clients. I paint myself at home and get the result better than the salon. Very pleased with the price, the state of the curls after the procedure and the durability of the dyes.

Gray hair is not always possible to paint high-quality. Other means were quickly washed away, and very soon the gray strands were translucent. With Capus this does not happen. Gray hair becomes visible only after the roots grow back.

I like the paint because of its respect for the curls. There is no dryness, dullness and lifelessness after the procedure. On the contrary, the hair shines with health and beauty. Such a dazzling shine and incredible smoothness of hair is really impressive.

The effect of lamination in this case is not just the promise of the manufacturer. Strands become obedient, smooth, smooth and shiny. No complaints about the remedy. A fairly inexpensive paint that gives a professional result.

Kapous paint description (Capus)

And cocoa essential oil has high regenerating and anti-allergenic properties, penetrating deep into hair layers, prevents dehydration and increases hair strength.

Currently, the Kapous series of paints is available in three versions:

    Kapous Professional - This is a line for professional deep dyeing hair with a pronounced lamination effect.

This effect is achieved thanks to the hydrolyzed silk which is part of the product.

It gently envelops the hair with a very thin film, giving it a crazy shine. Hair looks luxurious. Kapous Professional paint contains ammonia, this causes long lasting staining. Kapous studio - a series with strongly reduced content of ammonia.

Due to a significant reduction in the proportion of ammonia, the negative effect on the hair will not be as active. However, staining with this paint has a rather lasting effect.

In Kapous Studio there are no parabens that settle on the hairs, preventing the penetration of nutrients and moisturizing ingredients inside. In addition, this line has in its composition a real treasure: ginseng extract. It perfectly moisturizes the hair, nourishes them and gives them vitality. Magic Keratin Non ammonia Fragrance free. A distinctive feature of this paint is that it does not contain ammonia at all. Suitable for light tinting hair. This is the most benign remedy.

The composition of this series includes keratin, giving inner strength to curls and giving them resilience and elasticity. And the absence of ammonium compounds allows you to get rich shades without damaging the curls, reduces the risk of drying hair and allergies on the scalp.

Ammonia-free paint composition Kapous Non ammonia makes its use particularly pleasant, because ammonia smell is quite sharp, not to mention the fact that inhalation of ammonia vapors is harmful to health.

Pros and cons of toning

Tinted paint Kapous - a new word in coloring. She really has a lot of advantages:

  • the main advantage is the absence of ammonia in the composition. Indeed, besides the obvious harm to the very hair, such as overdrying the fibers and corroding the base of the hair, ammonia is harmful to the scalp (can cause irritation and flaking), and inhaling ammonia vapors is harmful to the respiratory tract.
  • The obvious plus is the abundance of caring components in the composition. Thanks to them, the hair looks healthy and silky. The hair structure is restored from the inside, and the hair scales are smoothed outside, which, in addition to the visual effect, helps the nutrients to stay inside and protects from dehydration.
  • Fully natural ingredients. The risk of allergic reactions is reduced, possible negative effects on the hair and scalp are minimized.
  • The tool has a thick texture, which means that it is spent economically.
  • Affordable price. Kapous paint refers to professional tools, but despite this, its price does not hit the price. Kapous is a product of domestic producers, which allows us to adhere to low cost with high quality of the product line.

But of course As with any product, Kapous tinting paint has some disadvantages:

  1. Unfortunately, the ammonia-free composition affects the color fastness. The color is washed off after 1-2 headwash procedures.
  2. Kapous paint can be purchased only in professional stores.

Color palette

The line of tinting paint Kapous Magic Keratin Non Ammonia uses as a coloring component only natural substances: plant extracts and tree bark.

However, this in no way narrows the range of the palette of shades.

It includes both warm and cold tones, both natural and cutting-edge bright shades. Whole palette can be divided into several groups:

  • natural,
  • ashen,
  • natural cold
  • intense ash,
  • cold beige,
  • mother of pearl blondes,
  • gold,
  • rosewood,
  • chocolate and chocolate cold,
  • chestnut,
  • mahogany,
  • copper nuances, including golden-copper, intense copper and red,
  • platinum blond.

In a separate subgroup, color enhancers can be distinguished.

How to choose a suitable color?

Not always the result of dyeing will exactly repeat the color indicated on the paint package. In many ways, the final effect will depend on what the original hair color lays on the composition. therefore when choosing a suitable shade of paint, first of all determine your original color, best of all - in daylight.

Next, pay attention to the palette on the package, which indicates what effect to expect from the coloring composition, depending on the original hair color. The closest to the desired shade turns out, if you take the paint to 1-2 colors lighter or darker than the original tone.

Choosing the color of paint, you need to consider the type of appearance. So, for example, girls who initially have light hair, as a rule, have light skin, gray or blue eyes, and too dark hair color can simply “beat” their appearance. And vice versa, blonds on the initially dark-haired girls are lost, they look separate from the whole image. Although of course, there are exceptions to any rule.

The most recommended shades for light brown and dark hair:

  • red, copper and reddish tones, while taking dark versions of these colors, light shades can play unexpectedly and look strange,
  • chocolate, chestnut and shades of brown,
  • slightly tinted light brown color beige tone,
  • ultramodern and fashionable now to tint dark curls with blue and purple. A bold decision for bright girls.

For fair-haired girls the most popular and relevant tones are:

  • ashen,
  • platinum shades
  • natural shades of blond,
  • It looks interesting toning golden light colors,
  • Many blondes are now tinted curls light pink or light lilac shades. For those who are not afraid of experiments.

Fair-haired girls should avoid shades like "eggplant" and red tones. Greens can turn into an attempt to recolor hair from initially brightened to black.

And finally, what tones should choose redhead beauties:

  • the original red hair color is beautifully obscured by chestnut and chocolate shades, which gives the strands additional depth,
  • deep red tones, such as, for example, garnet or mahogany, add redness to girls with red hair.

An attempt to repaint the red head of hair in black can turn into a marsh-green shade. And a bad idea is to try to tint red hair with blue and violet colors. The end result may be unpredictable.

How to make hair tint?

Kapous hair coloring is done with cream oxide. The concentration of its dilution depends on the intensity of staining.

    For toning with Non Ammonia Fragrance Free, a dilution of 1: 1 or 1: 1.5 is suitable (the first component is the paint itself, the second is cream-oxide).

What is the result after staining?

In addition to the saturated voluminous color, which, undoubtedly, is the original purpose of hair coloring, the strands will look more vivid, shine, sparkle and “play”. However, the color will not be persistent. The tone will begin to wash out after the first thorough washing of the head. However, staining with ammonia-free Kapous Non Ammonia paint can be done frequently, with an interval of 10-14 days.

What to do if the resulting hair color disappointed you? Do not be upset. For this case, Kapous has a special shampoo and a balm for color correction, or a shampoo for color washing.

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In any case, experiment! After all, with tinting paint Kapous Magic Keratin Non Ammonia Fragrance Free to experiment with hair color has become safe. You can enjoy a truly luxurious color, providing professional care to your locks without damaging them. Change bravely!

What is hair dye

The difference of this remedy from tonic and tint is that it possesses durability. The result of staining is stored and not washed off after shampooing and other procedures. The paint contains ammonia substances or analogues, pigmenting elements, hydrogen peroxide. Hair color correction is achieved by oxidation. Kapous dye is a professional high-quality tool: with its help, a blonde can become a brown-haired woman or a brunette, and the owner of dark hair can make lightening.

Color palette

Kapous hair dye has a wide collection of colors - chocolate, copper, gold, chestnut, red, brightening, mahogany, mother-of-pearl, rosewood, purple and others. The palette is available for sale in cosmetic stores. You can order paint of any shade through the online store, get it by mail. The price may turn out to be lower, since many portals offer discounts to their users, and the delivery is free.

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