True and false hair products

Recently, a large amount of depilation products has appeared on the cosmetic market: pastes, vacis, waxes of various types and colors, with fragrances and additives ....
On the White Line page in the Vkontakte group, at exhibitions and at seminars we get a large number of questions.
In this article, we picked up the most frequently asked questions.
We hope that the answers will help you understand the variety of products for depilation and dispel the myths about waxing.

1. What waxes for depilation exist? And how to choose the right wax?
There are three types of waxes: cold waxes, warm waxes and hot waxes.
Cold waxes are strips coated with a small layer of wax. Before use, these strips must be rubbed and started to remove hair. Cold waxes are intended exclusively for home use.
Professional waxes include warm waxes and hot waxes, which are used for salon procedures and for depilation at home.

2. What is the difference between warm and hot waxes?
Waxes differ in ingredient composition, but only specialists understand the chemical compounds and formulas. Simple consumers need to focus on the characteristics and methods of wax application. If you will build on the three main indicators, you will never mistake waxes. Warm waxes differ from hot waxes in their melting point, the way they remove wax from their skin, and the areas of use.
The working temperature of warm waxes + 39 + 40 degrees. In the heated state, warm waxes are a sticky mass that does not solidify on the skin and remains always sticky. Remove warm waxes can be using special strips for hair removal. Warm waxes remove hair from large surfaces.
Hot waxes are heated at a temperature of +45 to +75 degrees. When choosing a hot wax it is necessary to look at the recommendations that the manufacturer writes on the labels. Hot waxes are applied in small applications, which harden on the skin and are very easily removed without the use of strips. Hot waxes make depilation in delicate areas (on the face, in the bikini and axillary areas).

3. Is it true that warm waxes are all the same?
No, it's not true. Warm waxes can be divided into three categories depending on the ingredient composition:
1. Classic warm waxes on a natural basis.
2. Synthetic waxes
3. Combined waxes containing both natural and synthetic components (based on Peg-3).
Classic warm waxes are made from natural pine resin with the addition of various natural ingredients. The combination of natural oils and pine resin, turns raw materials into a cosmetic product - this is how the wax formula is created, and each manufacturer has its own formula. Classic waxes on a natural basis - these are the very first waxes and well-established for several decades. Natural waxes have not lost their relevance and popularity even today, they are represented in almost all trademarks. One of the advantages of natural waxes is the price, they are the cheapest on the market.
Synthetic waxes are designed specifically for people with sensitive skin. Synthetic waxes do not contain ingredients that can cause irritation and discomfort. The development and production of synthetic waxes is an expensive process, so there are very few of them on the cosmetic market.
Combined waxes containing natural and synthetic components are especially popular among depilation masters. Combined waxes are versatile, easy-to-use, well-removed hair and do not leave stickiness.

4. What waxes can be considered the safest?
Many people believe that waxing can be safe only on a natural basis. In fact, it is - a myth.
Modern formulas of synthetic and combined waxes are more effective and safer to use than natural wax. Especially they are good to use on sensitive and irritable skin, as well as very comfortable at work.
The safest waxes are those waxes that do not stick to the skin.

5. What should be paid attention to in order to evaluate the quality of the wax?
Parameters that need to assess the quality of the wax:
1. hair grip and clean removal
2. effects on the skin
3. comfort in use.
1. The task of the wax is to remove the hair, so the wax must adhere very tightly to the hair, not break off them and remove them with the roots.
2. The effect of wax on the skin should be as gentle as possible. The wax should not stick to the skin and pull on the skin after removal.
3. A good wax is easy to apply, gently envelops the skin, painlessly removed, does not leave behind stickiness. With a good wax, the depilation procedure is quick, effective and painless.

6. Is it true that there are waxes that care for skin other than depilation?
No, it's not true. If the label says that the wax nourishes, moisturizes, heals, rejuvenates, cares and cares for the skin, then this is the biggest MYTH! The wax is on the skin for no more than 30 seconds. In such a short time, even the most magical additives that make up the wax, do not have time to show themselves.
The wax should remove hair and be safe for the skin. And now special cosmetics should take care of the skin before and after the depilation procedure. Lotions, gels, oils - these are the mandatory attributes that accompany the procedure of depilation.

7. Are hot waxes somehow subdivided among themselves?
Hot waxes are divided into two groups: classic and film waxes.
Classic hot waxes have begun the category of hot waxes, they are still present in many brands.
For classic hot waxes characterized by high melting point from +55 degrees to +75 degrees. Classic hot waxes are applied with small, thick applications, taking into account the growth of the hair, solidify very quickly (3-4 seconds). If the application is not removed on time, the wax will begin to crumble, thereby breaking off the hairs that are inside the application.

Film waxes are a modern version of hot wax, but with a completely different ingredient composition and other characteristics. The composition of film waxes include various polymer components. Polymers, otherwise rubber additives, give the wax elasticity, which allows the wax, as a film, to easily stretch over the skin and easy to remove. Film waxes do not break, very plastic and soft, well adhere to the hair. Film waxes are very easy to use, they are convenient to work with, and most importantly, the results of depilation please both clients and masters.

7. Is it true that film waxes are low temperature?
Yes true. Film waxes have a low melting point from +40 to +55 degrees. And the lower the melting point of film wax, the safer is its use in delicate areas, where the skin is thin and sensitive. When choosing low-temperature waxes, read the annotations on the packages.

8. Is it true that when depilating with film wax in the armpits, you can apply one large application?
Yes true. Due to the elasticity of film waxes stretch well on the skin, they can be applied with large applications. The optimal size of the application is about 10 cm by 7 cm. This application completely covers the entire armpit.

9. Is it true that when depilating with film waxes you can not follow the direction of hair growth?
Yes true. Film waxes harden for 5-12 seconds. And the more wax application will be on the surface of the skin, the more the skin will steam out under the application and the pores will open, and the more painless and easier the hairs will be removed. When depilating with film waxes, the skin is steamed out, the pores open, and the hairs are easily pulled out (not pulled out!) From the hair channel. When curing, film waxes retain plasticity, do not break when removing and do not break off hairs. The procedure is quick, efficient and painless.

10. Is it true that film waxes can remove very short hairs?
Yes true. Film waxes can remove hairs from 1 mm in length.

11. Can film waxes make depilation on the legs or on the back?
Film waxes can be used to remove body hair, only the procedure will be long and expensive. It is recommended to use film waxes on particularly sensitive areas of the body (for example, if hair is removed on a man’s chest), as well as on injured skin, where there are tattoos.

12. Is it possible to do warm waxing from the cartridge for depilation in the armpits and bikini area?
When there were no hot waxes, then the depilation in delicate areas was made warm with waxes. The procedure was not popular because it was painful and of poor quality. And all because the structure of the hair in delicate areas is more complicated than that of the hair on the body. The hair is located deep under the skin, has a wide bulb, intertwined with a large number of nerve endings. In addition, hairs grow in different directions. To remove such hair with warm waxes is wrong, because when working with warm waxes, there are rules: apply wax clearly on the growth of hair, remove against the growth of hair using special paper for depilation.

13. What should I look for when choosing a film wax?
First, we look at the melting point. The lower the temperature, the safer the wax for the skin.
Secondly, polymer components (polymer) must be present in the composition of film wax - only such waxes can be considered film.
In the cosmetic market there are waxes that are positioned as film waxes, but in essence they are slightly modified hot waxes. These waxes have a high melting point of up to +60 degrees, made from natural resins with the addition of a large amount of oil. Oily components make the wax plastic, but it loses its adhesiveness (adhesion to hair). This means that when depilating with such waxes, one should not expect a result as from film waxes.

What is hair

Our hair is made up of proteins, mainly keratin, water, and oils, which provide the hair with softness.

The outer part of the hair is called the cuticle. It is formed by several (from five to ten) layers of keratin, overlapping each other. These layers, like tiles on the roof, protect the cortex - the middle layer of hair consisting of dead cells that give the hair strength and elasticity. The third layer is the core of the hair, or medulla. It is filled with air and soft keratins and is not in every hair.

If the cuticle scales fit tightly together, the hair is smooth and shiny. In the process of combing and washing hair, these scales rise. Because of this, the hair is pushed, it is easier to break and split at the tips.

How do shampoos work

The composition of shampoos are special compounds - surface-active substances (surfactants). The surfactant molecules are arranged in such a way that one end of them attracts water, while the other repels it and attracts oil. This second end of the molecule in the process of washing is attached to the fat particles in our hair, so the water, washing out the shampoo, washes out all the dirt that has accumulated in the hair.

One of the most common types of surfactants is sulfates. Now, many believe that sulfates are too aggressive, washing away their natural protection from the hair. Because of this, the sebaceous glands begin to work more actively, trying to compensate for the loss of sebum, and the hair becomes greasy.

Well, stop completely using shampoo?

Should I refuse shampoos

“Everything is individual,” says Randy Schuller, a cosmetic chemist, one of the authors of The Beauty Brains blog, in which scientists explain how the various substances used in cosmetics work. “But the excitement that has now arisen because of the sulfates in shampoos is just a bloating of panic.” Sulfates are not toxic and certainly do not cause cancer. ”

Experts believe that completely abandon shampoos meaningless.

The surfactants used in them clean the hair cuticle from grease and dirt, but they do not penetrate inside the hair. With frequent use, some shampoos can cause itchy scalp or dry hair. In this case, try switching to a softer shampoo.

Recently, due to the criticism of sulphate shampoos, cleaning conditioners have become popular. This means 2 in 1, combining the function of cleansing with moisture, which gives us the usual conditioner. They were created for those who often wash their hair and are looking for a softer tool.

Should I buy cleaning conditioners? Here again, everything is individual. Someone they are suitable, and someone filed a class action lawsuit against manufacturers, complaining of hair loss and allergies.

Purple shampoo and shampoo for colored hair

Violet shampoo is designed for bleached hair. It really works: the purple pigment in the composition of such a shampoo neutralizes yellowness.

But the remaining products for colored hair do not give a special effect.

“Dyed hair changes color over time because a chemical reaction occurs unevenly during dyeing,” explains Randy Schuller. “Some molecules of the coloring matter are larger, others are smaller, some are washed out, some remain on the hair, so over time the color fades. Most of the tools that promise to keep the color of dyed hair, in fact, can not hold the dye molecules in the hair. Therefore, we should not expect anything from them except routine care. ”

What is hair wax

Classic wax is a fixative that consists of a natural substance of animal origin. Today it is natural: lanolin, beeswax and spermaceti. Another add fixing substance - plantain extract, through which you can create a hairstyle with the effect of wet curls. If the product contains silicone, it will give the curls softness, shine, provide ease during combing.

What is it needed for

Waxes are used to model hairstyles: such tools help to give volume, silkiness, nourish curls with minerals and vitamins. For example, if you use the usual fixation tool and curlers, you can get beautiful curly curls, give shape to a short haircut, or create a complex structure of strands. It is much easier to wash it off than foam or lacquer, and the hairstyle will look like in the picture. Thanks to a large assortment, you can buy products that will create the effect of wet hair or easily stain your curls.

Is hair wax harmful?

Each tool has its pros and cons. The advantages of this tool is that it covers the strand with a special film that protects them from UV radiation, dust, smoke or exhaust gases. With the help of the lock, you can give the strands any shape, ranging from chic curls to Iroquois. Especially useful, and convenient this tool will be for owners of long curls.

The best wax for hair

Next, we consider the products of popular manufacturers, according to statistics Yandex-Market: for what type is best, composition, texture, the expected effects of use. This information will answer the question of which wax is best for use. In total, there are several types:

At present, popular to create hairstyles enjoyed liquid wax, which is convenient to put on curls. Among the general assortment stands out the products of the domestic manufacturer DNC:

  • Name: liquid "DNC", Russia.
  • Indications: suitable for weak hair, appointment - care and modeling, classification - professional.
  • Ingredients: corn oil, castor oil, grape, jojoba, burdock, cedar, bergamot, patchouli, grapefruit, beeswax, vitamin E, consistency - liquid, light.
  • Expected effect: moisturizes, nourishes the curls, makes them plastic, can give the hair volume.

For those who want the perfect hairstyle and shining with a brilliant shine healthy and silky curls, the gel from Taft will suit:

  • Name: gel wax for hair styling Taft Shine Gel-Wax, Germany.
  • Indications: suitable for any type of hair, purpose - modeling, classification - mass market.
  • Ingredients: water, propylene glycol, castor oil, panthenol, arginine, water, citronellol, vitamin B5, perfume, consistency - gel, non-sticky.
  • Expected effect: fix, care, moisturize, give shine.

For flexible fixing hairstyles, styling curls in a natural way, a cream with a pleasant smell from Schwarzkopf is well suited:

  • Name: Cream-wax for hair styling ultrastrong fixation Schwarzkopf Osis + FlexWax, Germany
  • Indications: for all types of hair, appointment - modeling, classification - professional,
  • Ingredients: water, stearic acid, propylene glycol, perfume, castor oil, carbomer, methyl isothiazolinone, soft, light texture,
  • Expected effect: moisturizing, silkiness, care.

Solid DNC from a domestic manufacturer contains natural ingredients that perform their functions well, making the hairstyle thick and voluminous:

  • Name: paraffin for hair from DNC, Russia.
  • Indications: suitable for all types, appointment - modeling, classification - professional.
  • Ingredients: oils: almond, shi, avocado, sea buckthorn, castor oil, beeswax, avocado, sea buckthorn, castor oil, hemp, peach, juniper, rosemary, lemon balm, ylang ylang, vitamin E, consistency - solid, softened in a warm water bath.
  • Expected effect: gives natural shine, restores, heals roots, provides density.

Considering that liquid variations of styling products are more popular, dry wax is not inferior in its properties, especially if we talk about Paul Mitchell Firm Style Dry Wax:

  • Name: dry Paul Mitchell Firm Style Dry Wax, USA.
  • Indications: for all types, appointment - styling, classification - professional.
  • Ingredients: microcrystalline wax, polysilicone, extract of algae, flowers, Yojoba seeds, barbadensis, citronellol, limonene, powdery consistency.
  • Expected effect: provides careless laying, protects against falling out, no effect of weighting.

An inexpensive and high-quality option in the form of a spray is VELOUR ESTEL HAUTE COUTURE from the domestic manufacturer:

  • Name: spray VELOUR ESTEL HAUTE COUTURE, Russia.
  • Indication: curls of any length, classification - professional, appointment - modeling.
  • Ingredients: extracts of violet, rose, musk, sandalwood, amber, natural wax, conditioner Silsoft, oil Ylang-Ylang, consistency - spray.
  • Expected effect: additional volume, flexibility, elasticity, fixation.

In addition to fixing, you can use a tool that will briefly give an unusual tint to the strands, which will help create a truly individual and stylish look for every day. For this, the Saem Silk Hair Style Fix Color Wax:

  • Name: The Saem Silk Hair Style Fix Color Wax, South Korea.
  • Indication: for all types of hair, the purpose - styling, coloring, classification - professional.
  • Ingredients: argan oil, silk protein, keratin, sage, lavender, green tea and rosemary extracts, creamy consistency.
  • Expected effect: colors, fixes, nourishes, restores, extra shine, does not weigh down the hair.

According to user feedback, Schwarzkopf Professional Osis + Mess Up Matt Gum stands out among waxes with a matte effect. In addition to good fixation, it gives an interesting effect to the curls, making them even more attractive.

  • Name: with a matte effect Schwarzkopf Professional Osis + Mess Up Matt Gum, Germany.
  • Indications: suitable for all types, purpose - modeling, classification - professional.
  • Ingredients: beeswax, water, glyceryl stearate, wax moisturizers, pigments, glyceryl stearate, mica, stearic acid, texture - creamy.
  • Expected effect: care, flexibility, silkiness.

For men

Among male products, Londa Professional Spin Off Classic Wax is the most popular tool, which is best suited for modeling short haircuts:

  • Name: Wax for men's hair Londa Professional Men Spin Off Classic Wax.
  • Indication: for all hair types, classification - professional, appointment - styling for men.
  • Ingredients: water, stearic acid, propylene glycol, perfume, castor oil, carbomer and methyl isothiazolinone, consistency - soft, creamy.
  • Expected effect: fixation, silkiness, no shine, no weight, no dirty hair effect.

How to use hair wax

Any styling options using this tool are available. However, how to properly apply wax on the hair, while not weighing them and not see in the mirror shine? To achieve the desired effect, you can use a certain type of tool. Natural beeswax in combination of natural ingredients can put in order even the most disobedient curls. Next, consider the use of liquid wax and its other varieties.

For straightening

This section provides recommendations on how to use wax to straighten hair:

  1. To do this, you need to wash your hair and take the medium fixation.
  2. It is necessary to take such an amount that will cover the entire length of the curls, and evenly apply to the hair. Particular attention should be paid to the tips, as they are difficult to lay, damaged in the process.
  3. Then the curls must be dried with a hairdryer and combed. To do this, use a comb with rare teeth. The tool allows you to achieve "lamination", restore strands, make them docile and silky.

For styling

To make a stylish styling, you need to use tools for tight fixation, especially if you give your curls complex shapes hairstyles. It is recommended to use hard waxes to give normal locking to the locks. How to style hair wax man and woman:

  1. Having taken the necessary amount of means, pound it, warm apply on the entire length of the strands or on individual curls.
  2. Then comb them with a sparse teeth. It is better to do it on wet hair, after washing. You can put the product on dry curls, however, after that, fix the styling with the help of ironing, curlers or curling (for women).
  3. After applying, curls dry hair dryer, with which fix the hair.
  4. After that, the hair can be adjusted using your fingertips.
  5. The tool is washed off with plain water.

How to choose a hair wax

Before buying, we recommend paying attention not only to the affordable price, but also to the manufacturer. Popular companies include Alterna, American Crew, Kevin Murphy, Londa, Schwarzkopf or ESTEL. It is desirable that the composition of natural ingredients that are harmless to the body. To get the expected effect, you should know which tool will suit your curls best:

  • liquid is suitable for giving volume to thin curls or for fixing curly,
  • frosted use to create a smooth hairstyle with a short or medium haircut,
  • solid, which consists of oil, is used for laying dry curls,
  • spray wax is suitable for strong fixation,
  • cream is used to create the effect of wet strands.

Any fixing tool can be purchased at the online store. To do this, visit the relevant section on the site, select the desired tool from a wide range, read the reviews or watch the video, and then click on the basket to order the goods delivered to your home. The following is the cost of the above funds in Moscow:

Shugaring and company: "dictionaries" of beauty

Shaving. The most common and inexpensive method of depilation. Advantages - speed, low cost, smooth skin after the procedure. Cons - the hair begins to grow the next day, that is, you have to shave often, there may be irritations and cuts (especially in the bikini and underarms), often the hair begins to grow.

Depilation wax (waxing). Depilation with hot wax is best done in a beauty salon to avoid skin burns. A warm and cold wax will help you bring the beauty of the house, on their own. The effect of the procedure lasts about 1 month. Hair that will grow after will be softer.

Do not forget to tear off a strip of wax against hair growth and treat the skin after the procedure with cosmetic oil or a soothing lotion. Swim in the pool or pond, sunbathing in the solarium or on the beach can be a day after waxing.

Cons - painful procedure. There are contraindications, for example, pregnancy.

Cameron Diaz for Maxim

Laser hair removal. The weapon of "mass destruction" of unwanted hair is a laser beam that acts exactly on the hair follicle and burns it. About the pros: laser and photo epilation, as well as their varieties, is a cardinal way of getting rid of hair, if not forever, then for at least 5–10 years. Technical parameters of the apparatus allow you to remove hair without damaging the skin. These are practically painless procedures (you may feel warm or have a slight tingling, if desired, anesthesia is applied in the form of a cream), very fast compared to electroepilation (it may take only 10-15 minutes to remove unwanted facial hair).

Laser hair removal is effective only in the phase of active hair growth (anagen). Hair in the area of ​​the intended treatment should not exceed a length of 1.5–2 mm. The number of procedures is individual, but usually at least 6–15 is required (15–30% of hair can be removed in one procedure). Sessions are held no more than once every 30–45 days. Apparatus methods of hair removal have contraindications, including pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Sugar depilation (shugaring). Densely cooked sugar paste, the recipes of which can be found on the Internet, is the secret of the luxurious smooth skin of the beauties of the East. The procedure eliminates excess vegetation for about a month, is suitable for those who are prone to allergies, does not give the effect of ingrown hair, but can be painful.

Photoepilation. The principle of photoepilation is based on the use of pulsed light penetrating the skin to different depths. The hair follicles accumulate the heat energy of the beam and are destroyed.

Chemical depilation. It is also a quick and popular method of getting rid of unwanted hair on different parts of the body using a variety of depilatories: creams, aerosols, gels, lotions, etc. The chemically active components of these products "dissolve" the outer part of the hair, and it is easy to remove the excess with a spatula and then wash off water The result in the form of clear skin can last somewhat longer than after shaving - up to several days.

Electrolysis The most radical, but at the same time time-consuming and painful method of epilation. The main advantage of it is that after the course of procedures (from 5 to 15, sometimes more, depending on the individual characteristics), the hair will never grow again. The essence of the method is that a weak current flows through the needle into the hair follicle, as a result of which the hair weakens and collapses. The first 2–4 procedures are performed at intervals of 3 weeks and can take up to several hours (especially if the legs are processed). In the future, it is recommended to do electrolysis once a month. The number of hairs and the duration of the procedure will gradually decrease. This method has a lot of contraindications, including pregnancy.

Elos epilation. The effect of the procedure is based on the combination of broadband pulsed light and radio frequency energy. Energy is directed to the hair shaft, as a result of which it is heated and the follicle is destroyed. The method is also effective for owners of light skin and dark hair (if the hair is very light or gray, using other methods - laser or photoepilation - it is useless to remove them). Also, Elos-epilation is more effective than laser for epilating tough hair, both dark and light.

Deep moisturizing

All conditioners essentially act in the same way, smoothing the outer layer of the hair so that the cuticle scales lie flat. But now many air conditioners promise deep moisture. Is there any benefit from them?

“I participated in the development of similar tools and saw how other companies do it,” says Randy Schuller. - Usually they take a standard conditioner, make it a little thicker, slightly increase the concentration of caring components and pack it in a jar instead of a simple tube. That air conditioner is ready for “intensive moistening”. ”

This does not mean that by inflicting such a tool, you will not see the result at all. Just an ordinary air conditioner cope no worse.

The main thing is to evenly distribute the product through the hair, but do not forget that they can only absorb a certain amount. No matter how much conditioner you add on top, it will not affect the condition of your hair.

Natural air conditioning

The best hair care product that really moisturizes them deeply is regular coconut oil. This oil has just the right texture, which allows it to penetrate the hair shaft and protect it from the inside. It does not allow water to get inside the hair, so it is especially good to use after washing.

How to dry hair

Common sense tells us that blow-drying is more harmful because hot air damages hair. But it is believed that drying the hair under normal conditions spoils it, because this is how moisture affects the hair longer. Water enters the hair, it swells, the cuticle is injured. But frequent blow-drying is still much more harmful.

Hair Wax: Composition

Natural ingredients predominate in most waxes. These are resins and oils that nourish the strands and even protect against moisture.

In former times, wax was produced only in solid form, but now it is quite possible to choose a product of a consistency that is convenient for you - spray or liquid. Does the release form on the wax structure? No, it does not. Elastic and elastic at the same time guaranteed to you.

What hairstyles?

Wax allows you to show imagination in creating images. The main advantage is a good fixation of styling for the whole day, which will look natural.

With this installation tool you can:

 make a wet effect,

 visually add volume,

 give shine to curls,

 emphasize the structure of hair and individual strands.

How to use hair styling wax?

Wax is suitable for any type of hair. Apply to dry or wet hair. Moreover, when applied to slightly wet strands, the effect will be stronger.

  • along the length of hair in graded haircuts,
  • at the roots, and placed with a hairdryer with a diffuser - to add volume to the hairstyle,
  • to create curls distribute the tool along the entire length and fixed in the desired position,
  • for accents in styling - put on separate strands.

Easy to apply, and how to wash?

Everything is simple and difficult. Wash off the wax with shampoo. What better way to do if the wax on the hair is very much? Apply shampoo to your hair while it is still dry. And soak a little, and then wash it off with plenty of hot water.

And one more nuance - the shampoo you need is not any, but the one on which there is no mark "for dry hair."

Wax for styling: what consistency to choose?

In order not to be mistaken with the choice, consider the characteristics:

  • if you are doing styling on dry hair, then choose a solid release form,
  • to create a casual haircut on short hair - matt wax,
  • for fixing curls - wax in liquid form,
  • if you need a very strong fixation, then the web wax will be your assistant,
  • When creating the effect of wet hair, choose a glossy wax.

The most crucial moment - the choice of means

In order not to lose, give preference to well-known brands.

Londa professional

This product will protect against external factors, gives shine. It is easily washed off during normal shampooing. And it can be used on dry hair.

Price: about 300 r.

Ax Cream Wax

This product is suitable for short haircuts (male and female). The composition has castor oil and glycerin.

Price: from 250 p.

Spray wax Osis from Schwarzkopf

An interesting form of packaging contains not less interesting wax. It can be applied to hair of any length, can be applied on dry strands, update during the day. And all this without the effect of bonding. Thanks to the packaging in the form of a spray, the wax can be sprayed directly onto the hairstyle.

Price: about 600 p.


To emphasize the structure of the curls and individual strands of wax from this company will be an excellent choice. Having rubbed a small amount, apply it over the entire length. The main thing - do not overdo it with the amount.

Price: from 250 p.

Taft Gel Wax

Shine and underline the structure of curls and strands will give wax from a reputable manufacturer. The product is distributed over the entire length of the strands by hand.

Price: about 200 r.


This wax can be used for daily styling. Ingredients have vitamin B5.

Price: from 250 p.


This wax is intended primarily for men, but can also be used by short-haired women. A feature of the product is the ability to change the hairstyle during the day without losing the ability to fix the styling.

Price: from 1200 r.

Wax is a universal styling tool that allows you to fix hairstyles of any complexity, emphasize the individual strands and give your image individuality.

Waxing is effective but painful. Is it possible to reduce pain, how to slow down the growth of hairs and whether the moon affects their growth - we talked about all this with an epilation expert.

The trend for body positivity overwhelmed the masses: girls are fighting for the right to remain as they are, and not to chase the mythical standards of beauty. Today, many models and bloggers (so far only foreign) are fighting bodybuilding and declare their right to weigh as much as they want and refuse to remove body hair. For example, fitness blogger Morgi Mikenas did not shave for a year to show how her body would look “in its original form”. With her photos, the girl made a real sensation in the network.

Many stars also refuse razors and other ways of getting rid of unwanted hair: Cameron Diaz in her “Body Book” urged women to think about how after permanent epilation they will look in old age when the skin of the body begins to sag the same as on face. Kate Winslet admitted that she refused to epilate hair in intimate areas for one of the roles, and Julia Roberts’s arrival in the premiere of the film “Notting Hill” in 1999 with unshaven armpits still cannot be forgotten by neither the fans nor the world press. The actress is still listed as an adherent of natural beauty in all that relates to the vegetation on the body. Natalya Vodyanova, Drew Barrymore, Madonna and many other celebrities sparkled in public with their armpits and legs untouched by a razor.

However, body positivists, both well-known and not very well, still fail to win masses to their side. Women are in no hurry to completely abandon hair removal. If you are not a supporter of bodipositive in such a radical form and still for hair removal, but you still have questions on this topic, our material is for you.

Epilation - A difficult topic for a large number of women. Many still prefer to use a razor, thinking that the procedure of waxing is too complicated and painful, and even willing to put up with the quick regrowth of hairs, just not to endure the pain. We decided to talk with a waxing expert to find out if there are really working ways to reduce skin sensitivity, and how modern waxes differ from previous generations. For questions 7days.ruWax hair removal master Melania Kasenova from the salonWax &Goon Rublevsky highway.

What is the optimal length of hairs in different areas for waxing?

The optimal length is two to three millimeters. But today there are waxes that seize hairs already from 1 millimeter, so you do not need to wait a few weeks for them to grow. For example, Lycon has such waxes.

Is it possible to slightly reduce the sensitivity of the skin before epilation?

To make the procedure as comfortable as possible, you must first apply a special oil (we use PreWaxing Oil). It creates a protective film between the skin and wax, and the wax adheres only to the hair. Thanks to oil, pain is minimized by 30-40%, and the wax does not hurt or stretch the skin.

How to prepare for hair removal? Should I scrub, peel the skin the day before?

You can prepare your skin for hair removal yourself, regardless of whether you are going to do the procedure in the salon or independently. Start a few days before epilation. Be sure to moisturize the skin daily, and 24 hours before the procedure, use a scrub. But it is better to exfoliate the skin regularly, 2-3 times a week, and not just before the procedure. If you are aware of your hypersensitivity, take an anesthetic 40 minutes before joining the salon.

Does the female cycle matter for hair removal? Does it affect the sensitivity of the skin and, consequently, the painfulness of the procedure?

A competent master will do everything so that the procedure is painless and with the least annoyance. It all depends on the sensitivity of the skin and the individual pain threshold, but the extraction of hair from the hair follicle cannot be completely painless. It is advisable not to make epilation during menstruation, during this period the skin is most sensitive. The optimal time: the fourth to fifth day of the cycle. The pain threshold depends not only on the cycle: it affects both stress and insomnia.

Is it true that it is better to epilate on a diminishing moon, because hair growth slows down at this time?

Indeed, there is a version that the growth of hair and nails depends on the phase of the moon. We often meet clients who come to the procedure during the waning moon. It is hard to say whether the moon is affecting or not, the main thing here is not to forget about the phases of hair growth. If we remove the maximum number of hairs in the active phase of growth, then the effect of epilation will last longer, regardless of the moon.

Are creams effective for slowing hair growth? If so, how do they work?

Yes, these creams really work. But they should be used daily and constantly, immediately after the procedure of hair removal, 10-13 days. The effect is cumulative, so you will notice the first results in about three months. For home care, we offer hair growth cream Hair on S trike, Lycon. The extract of papaya in its composition slows down the synthesizing processes in the hair follicles, and the extract of chaparille aligns the tone and micro-relief of the skin. Together they have an anti-inflammatory and hair growth retarding effect.

Are there ways to avoid hair ingrowth and pigmentation after waxing?

After epilation, the skin requires proper care. The hairs grow in because they weaken and cannot make their way through the upper keratinous skin layer. Therefore, use the scrub two or three times a week, daily moisturize the skin with lotions and creams. Against hair ingrowth, use special serums with salicylic and lactic acids, which can be found in the epilation salons. Salicylic acid will soften the cornified layer of skin, and lactic - moisturize. Look for arnica and allantoin in the compositions: they will accelerate healing and relieve inflammation. You can use shower gels with salicylic acid and other antiseptic ingredients: tea tree oil, arnica and calendula (for example, Anti-Bump Foaming Gel, Lycon). Such funds are aimed at deep cleansing and due to acids soften the horny layer of skin.

Are there any advantages of waxing over other types of waxing?

Of course have. The main advantage of wax epilation is that its effect lasts for 2-3 weeks, and hairs, with permanent waxing, grow weak and inconspicuous. Wax is used for hair removal on all parts of the body, especially where the razor causes irritation. If the client has a contraindication to hardware epilation, then the procedure on Lycon wax has almost no contraindications. It can be done to people with any type and color of hair - the result is always beautiful. Even for people with allergies, we have special synthetic, hypo-allergenic waxes.

What are the advantages of salon hair removal before home?

In the salon hair removal is carried out by the master. He knows in which direction the hairs grow in order to properly apply the wax and remove it without damaging the skin. And his hand has already been set so that the epilation is as comfortable as possible. At home, you can damage your skin, apply waxing improperly and remove the top layer of skin. This will lead to hair ingrowth, bruising, irritation, not to mention the severe pain of the procedure.

How to get rid of strong irritation and the effect of goose bumps in the bikini zone (for many, it does not go away for several days) after epilation?

If, after all the precautions, an individual reaction did occur, then use gels to cool the skin and remove irritation. Look for plant extracts: aloe, chamomile, arnica. Panthenol-based products also work well.

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