Castor oil hair masks - benefits, recipes, home use rules

Genetics laid the growth rate and density of hair. No single remedy is capable of drastically affecting these processes. But to help the hair recover after styling products or frequent use of a hair dryer, nourish the bulbs, increase blood circulation in the subcutaneous capillaries, restore elasticity and healthy shine to your hair, even at home. In folk medicine, castor oil is used for these purposes - a storehouse of useful microelements.

The benefits of castor oil for hair

Castor, ricin or castor oil is one of the most sought-after products of natural origin, actively used in cosmetology. The product belongs to liquid oils, contains fatty acids in its composition:

  • ricinoleic - is responsible for the regeneration of tissues, accelerates the process of cell renewal, helps strengthen the hair follicle, its growth,
  • linoleic - moisturizes the dermis,
  • oleic - activates metabolic processes, retains intracellular moisture, restores skin barrier function,
  • stearic - prevents dryness, tightness, moisturizes, protects the cover from environmental influences,
  • palmitic acid - promotes deep penetration of substances into the skin.

Thanks to this combination of components, castorca is used as an antibacterial agent, it makes pigment spots less visible, it becomes a salvation for dry, inflamed skin. Provides complete care for the scalp:

  • helps when dandruff and seborrhea appear, moisturizing the skin and retaining moisture,
  • solders the stratified hair cuticle, adds shine, softness, volume of hair,
  • creates a protective barrier
  • penetrates deep into the pores, nourishes the roots, saturating with vitamins.

Castor oil masks

Castor is well combined with other components. First, it enhances their action. Secondly, it is easier to apply and wash off, because in its pure form it is a thick viscous substance. If applied in undiluted condition, then even two or three washes will not save from the effect of a dirty head. Other oils, such as jojoba, grape seed, or burdock, will help make the fluid thinner. But it is more practical to prepare a natural mask and heal the hair in a complex. It is recommended to follow these rules:

  1. Apply a mask on contaminated dry hair to avoid frequent washing, possible injury to the scalp.
  2. The effect of oil is enhanced in the form of heat. Heat the mixture only in a water bath, stirring constantly.
  3. Oil masks will give the skin nutrients as much as possible, if after applying a film to wrap the head and wrap in a towel, having the effect of a mini sauna.
  4. If the purpose of the procedure is to increase growth, sate, get rid of dandruff, then the mask is applied directly to the roots, rubbed into the skin. To give shine - lubricate the length. The tips are oiled to prevent cross-section.

Recipes for hair masks with castor oil

Home masks, regardless of the components, do at one time and do not store. To prepare the mixture is based on individual characteristics, avoiding products that cause an allergic reaction. Take into account the purpose of the application and the desired result. Masks with chicken eggs in the composition are suitable for nourishing dry skin, its moisturizing, alcohol-containing - fat type, onion juice or red pepper is added to activate growth.

For hair growth

  • egg - 1 pc.,
  • Castor oil - 1 tsp,
  • olive oil - 1 tbsp. spoon.

It is necessary to separate the yolk, combine it with a teaspoon of castor oil, mix thoroughly, add olive oil. Apply the composition to the root zone with massage movements. Wrap your head with a wrap, then wrap with a towel. After an hour, wash off with familiar shampoo. Mask for hair growth with castor oil gives the result only with regular procedures.

Rules of the procedure

The effect of castor oil depends on how it is used. When using castor oil without additives, allergic reactions are rarely observed.


  • Do not wash your hair before performing the procedure.
  • For greater efficacy, gently heat the oil before use.
  • The use of film will enhance the effect.
  • Efficiency will also increase if you make a head massage before the procedure.
  • Spread the oil evenly over the entire length of the hair.
  • When washing the oil, it is recommended not to wet the hair before applying the shampoo. Rinse the hair should be 2-3 times to completely wash out the oil.
  • It is not recommended to use a hair dryer after the procedure.
  • If the hair remains greasy after several soaps, it means that castor oil is not recommended for use in its pure form in this case. For such hair, you should combine the ingredients, selecting the appropriate composition.
  • Masks with castor oil and various additives in the home are used for any type of hair.

Vitamin E Firming Mask

This mask feeds the hair follicles, strengthens the curls and gives them shine, makes the hair strong and elastic.
Mask for weak hair: mix the heated oils (burdock seeds and castor seeds, 16 ml each), add 5 ml of vitamin E, A and 3-4 drops of Dimexidum. The composition is distributed over the entire length of the hair and leave under a plastic cap for 1 hour. The procedure is performed every 7 days.

Mask for hair growth with an egg

To the heated oil you need to add 2 chicken yolks, grind until smooth. The composition rub into the hair roots and distribute to the tips. The mixture is absorbed into the hair, which will contribute to their active growth. Keep the composition on the hair for at least 1 hour. The mask is more effective for activating growth with honey, but it has a small lightening effect.

Burdock oil

Burdock (burdock) and castor oil - two "magic" means that affect the rate of hair growth and their volume.

At home, it is easy to make a regenerating hair mask from a mixture of castor and burdock oil with the addition of vitamin A

The ratio of these oils in masks for hair at home:

  • 1: 1 - restore damaged hair, give elasticity to brittle curls, the volume of the roots.
  • 2: 1 - the burdock and castor oil in such a ratio and in a heated state will be easily removed from the head. The composition will add shine to the hair, strengthen the roots.
  • 1: 2 - used for dry scalp, prone to flaking.

Composition for damaged and dull hair: mix 15 ml of oil (burdock and castor oil) and tincture of hot pepper, apply to hair for 30-40 minutes. Softening and restoring mask: Mix olive, burdock and castor oil in equal proportions and apply on hair for 2 hours.

Mix 40 grams of butter, 20 grams of warm honey and 1 egg. Mixture can be whisk. Spread the mass in curls, leave for 15 minutes under the cap.

With mustard

Mustard powder dries hair, but this deficiency is replenished by castor oil, which in tandem with dry mustard strengthens and nourishes the hair roots. Mask to accelerate growth: mix castor oil, mustard and warm water, 2 tbsp., add one egg yolk and 25 g sugar. Leave on hair for 25 minutes.

Mustard powder and tincture of red hot pepper have a similar effect on hair, therefore, these two components are interchangeable in the preparation of masks. The relief of washing the mask with mustard powder is provided by adding a yolk or a small amount of grape oil to it.

Before washing this composition is recommended to pour hair with hot water and only then use shampoo.

With glycerin

  • Lamination effect mask: to prepare the composition of ½ tsp. apple cider vinegar, 5 ml of glycerin, 35 ml of castor oil and 15 ml of argan oil, apply on hair for 1 hour.
  • Moisturizing and nourishing mask: Warm oils (burdock and castor oil 40 g.) Mix with yolk and 15 ml of glycerin. Leave on the hair under the film for 40-50 minutes.

With dimexide

The drug helps the hair to absorb beneficial elements. It strengthens the hair, promotes their accelerated growth.

Recommendations for the use of drugs in masks:

  • the effect of the use will be only in the absence of beriberi and fungal diseases,
  • Use is recommended only on clean, dry hair,
  • gloves should be used when working with Dimexide,
  • It is not recommended to carry out procedures more often than once a day for 7 days, then maintain a break of 4 months.

How to make and apply masks:

  • Growth stimulant: mix castor oil (50 ml) with dimexide (16 ml). Hold under the film for 1.5 hours.
  • Firming mask: in the heated oil (burdock and castor 25 ml.) add Dimexide (16 ml). Apply the composition to the roots for 40 minutes.
  • Restoration of damaged hair: warm essence of vitamins A and E (16 ml. each), combine with yolk and vitamin B6 (16 ml), then add Dimexide (16 ml). Apply about 40-50 minutes.

Use only very ripe fruit that is pursed with a blender or with a fork.

Hair nutrition: The composition of castor oil (10 ml), honey (1 tsp) and mashed avocado puree on the hair for 30 minutes.

With red pepper

Burning red pepper accelerates hair growth. However, it is worth considering that this ingredient is highly allergenic. Excessive use of pepper can cause weakening and hair loss. Keeping the mixture is not recommended for more than half an hour.

How to make and apply masks:

  • Stimulator of growth and shine: 1 tsp. ground pepper and mustard combine with 2 tbsp. warm water and 10 g sugar, 35 ml of castor oil and yolk.
  • Firming mask: freshly ground pepper (1 tsp), oil (35 ml), liquid honey (1 tsp) mix and distribute on the hair evenly.

With parsley

Parsley is suitable for all types of hair, it reduces the oily skin, restores hair and heals seborrhea.

Mask recipe: finely chopped parsley (3 tbsp.) put into oil (15 ml), add the extract of Ivan-tea (10 ml) and vodka (5 ml). Soak under polyethylene for half an hour.

With parsley seeds

Mask against split ends: mix parsley seed infusion (2 tablespoons) and castor oil (160 ml), heating over low heat for half an hour. The resulting composition to keep the strands 30 minutes.

Treatment of weak damaged hair: prepare a mixture of warm oil (35 ml), 1 yolk, acetic acid (1 tsp.) And glycerol (1 tsp.). Spread on hair for 40 minutes. Mask for moisturizing hair and scalp:Heated castor oil (20 g) and 3 yolks mix and apply for 1 hour.

With sea kale

In cosmetology sea kale is applied in a dry form. You can buy it at the pharmacy.

Mask for shine and hair growth: use porridge from seaweed powder (50 g) and water with the addition of warm castor oil (35 ml) for 40 minutes.

With pepper tincture

  • Nutrition hair and accelerate their growth: Apply a mixture of peppermint infusion (1 tbsp) and oil (35 ml) onto hair roots and scalp under polyethylene for 40 minutes.
  • Composition for hair growth: Prepare a mixture of pepper tincture (1 tbsp.), oil (35 ml) and shampoo (2 tbsp.), keep the hair for an hour.
  • Strengthen hair: mix pepper tincture (1 tbsp) with oils (castor and burdock, 5 ml each), place on hair under polyethylene for an hour.

Firming mask: evenly distribute an equal amount of vodka and castor on the hair and keep it for 2.5 hours.

How to wash castor oil from hair

It is difficult to remove the oil, as it practically does not mix with water. For quick removal of oil from the hair, it is recommended to wash it off with the most hot water, then wash your hair with shampoo 2-3 times.

Tips for washing off castor oil:

  • Egg yolk will facilitate washing off castor oil after applying a hair mask at home. Do not rinse hair with hot water if the yolk is used, since it can curl and wash it off the hair will become much more difficult.
  • It is categorically not recommended to use soap, otherwise it will nullify the entire recovery procedure, since it has a pronounced drying effect.
  • Lightweight castor oil rinse provides essential oils in masks (grape, almond, etc.).

Expert advice

  • If it is not possible to heat castor oil, add peach or almond oil to the mask.
  • Preference should be cold pressed oil saturated yellow.
  • Castor oil should be in a bottle of dark glass.
  • Duration of storage of oil should not exceed 2 years.
  • Open the bottle should be stored in the refrigerator.
  • Spray from castor oil, mineral water and ylang-ylang ether can be sprayed onto the hair every day.
  • Treatments with masks for hair on the basis of castor oil is desirable to be implemented at home every other day for 3 months, for prevention - once a month.
  • The blood circulation of the skin will improve if massaged with a mixture of castor and lavender oils once a week.

Video about castor oil hair masks that are easy to make at home

The best recipes for hair masks with castor oil:

Mask for split ends of castor and olive oil. How to do at home:

To be or not to be cosmetics from castorca?

Castor oil is a viscous, turbid, yellowish liquid that has a specific odor. This fragrance, which scares most women away, is very simple. It is enough to warm the product in a water bath, and after applying it to the strands, wrap the head with a towel.

Castor oil contains a mass of beneficial components, including many fatty acids - linoleic, ricin, oleic, stearic, palmitic and oleic. Our great-grandmothers still practiced the use of castor oil for hair, and they probably knew a lot about hair. What is this tool they so fond of?

  • Castor oil has an organic nature, so it a priori can not cause allergies,
  • It is included in the recipe of many different home masks. But in solo performance it works beautifully,
  • The active components of castorca that fall deep into the follicle contribute to the active formation of keratin, which strengthens the structure of the strands, glues the scales and accelerates their growth,
  • A very strong moisturizing effect makes castor oil an ideal cure for dandruff and peeling.
  • The oils give the strands smoothness and silkiness. They save hair from brittleness, dryness and damage,
  • Regular application of oil on the strands guarantees their fluffiness, thickness and volume,
  • Girls, often resorting to dyeing, highlighting and chemical perm, simply can not do without masks from castorca, which will improve their appearance.

Want to make these words a reality? Use castor oil once or twice a week for a month or two.

Secrets of the use of pure castorca

This tool can be applied to strands undiluted. In this case, it is held from 15 minutes to an hour. This method is suitable for both therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. If you wish, you can enrich it with a couple of drops of essential oil. If the castor oil is very thick, feel free to dilute it with more liquid oil - from grape seed, sunflower or olive. They will help to neutralize the unpleasant odor.

To stimulate growth

Using castor oil for hair growth, try this recipe.

  • Castor - 1 part,
  • Tincture of red pepper (can be replaced with alcohol or vodka with pepper) - 1 part.

How to make a mask:

  1. Mix tincture or vodka with castor oil.
  2. We rub the mixture into the scalp and hide it under a towel for 2 hours.
  3. Repeat twice a week.

Castor oil for hair - properties

Before you start to use castor oil for hair care, it is worth remembering that only one procedure will not give a miraculous effect, so you need constant care and a positive result will not keep you waiting long.

Daily hair washing, frequent use of various styling products, curling, straightening, dyeing and blow-drying can negatively affect the health and appearance of the hair. As a result of the impact of all these factors, the natural cuticle is destroyed, which outside covers each hair. In order to keep the hair cuticle normal, the sebaceous glands produce the necessary amount of a special secret, which is absorbed into the hair follicle and moisturizes the cuticle scales, so that they do not clumsy.

During shampooing the dissolution of the greasy film on the hair occurs. It is quickly restored again, as this is the natural protection of the hair. Healthy strands look elastic and for several days retain an attractive fresh look. In the case when too much secretion is produced, the hair very quickly becomes greasy, with a lack of secretion, the curls become dull and begin to break down strongly.

To bring the normal process of developing the optimal amount of sebaceous secretion and maintain healthy hair, it is recommended to regularly make masks with castor oil. It is worth remembering that to restore the health and beauty of the strands, you need to complete a full course, which will take several months.

How to use castor oil for hair care?

    Castor oil is recommended for heat wrapping. In this case, the oil is heated in a water bath, after which fingers are dipped into the warm medium. The oil is applied with light massaging movements on the scalp. Then the strands are well combed thick comb and oil is evenly distributed throughout the length of the hair.

Before castor oil is applied to the hair, it must be slightly warmed up. In the form of heat, the product acquires a more dense and viscous consistency, which is why its application to the strands is facilitated.

In order for the cosmetic procedure to bring maximum benefit, after applying castor oil on the hair, you need to wrap it with plastic wrap and warm it with a towel. Thanks to the creation of such conditions, the beneficial substances of the mask will have a much better effect on the curls.

It is rather difficult to wash off castor oil from hair, therefore it is not recommended to apply it in large quantities. The minimum amount of money is distributed on the back of the head, as it is very difficult to wash hair in this area. To completely get rid of the product, you need to wash your hair several times. It is advisable to use a neutral shampoo, which is allowed for daily washing. First, apply a small amount of shampoo without moisture, foams and rinse with water. Then a few more times you need to wash your hair with warm water and shampoo.

At the end of shampooing, hair must be rinsed. For this ideal water with the addition of lemon juice (for oily hair) or warm herbal decoction (for dry hair).

Periodically it is useful to do a head massage using a mixture of lavender oil and castorca. This procedure helps to improve blood circulation in the area of ​​the hair follicles. To prepare a means for massage, mix essential oil (2-3 drops) and castor oil (30 ml).

  • Before you make a mask with castor oil, you need to make sure that there is no allergy to this product. The composition of natural products include ricinoleic acid, which is a very strong allergen. Therefore, not all can use castor oil in hair care. To prevent negative consequences, you must first conduct a sensitivity test - a few drops of castorca are applied to the skin behind the ear or the elbow bend. If after some time there is no feeling of discomfort, itching or redness, the tool can be used.

  • Mask for fat type

    1. Heat a little kefir.
    2. Pour castor oil into it.
    3. Apply the composition to the hair.
    4. Wash off after an hour.

    • Calendula tincture - 1 part,
    • Castor - 1 part.

    How to make a mask:

    1. Combine tincture with oil.
    2. We rub the mask in the root zone.
    3. Leave for 20 minutes and rinse the hair with water.

    • Castor oil - 1 tbsp. spoon,
    • Juice from half a lemon,
    • Olive oil - 1 tbsp. spoon.

    How to make a mask:

    1. Squeeze juice from lemon.
    2. We combine it with oil and castor oil.
    3. We grease hair for an hour.

    • Onion juice - 1 part,
    • Castor - 1 part,
    • Aloe gruel - 1 part.

    1. Squeeze the juice from the onion.
    2. Grind aloe.
    3. Mix both components and add castorca.
    4. Apply exactly for an hour.

    • Castor oil - 1 tbsp. spoon,
    • Yolk - 1 pc.,
    • Cognac - 1 tbsp. spoon.

    How to make a mask:

    1. Combine the yolk with butter and brandy.
    2. We saturate the strands with a mixture.
    3. Wash off after 2 hours.

    • Mineral water - 0.5 l,
    • Castor oil - 10 ml,
    • Ether of ylang-ylang - 3 drops.

    How to make a spray:

    1. Add ether and castor oil to mineral water.
    2. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle.
    3. Spray on hair once a day.

    This is an excellent method to stimulate blood circulation in the subcutaneous layer. For massage, you need to mix 30 g of castor oil with the same amount of lavender oil and a couple of droplets of any ether. Apply this product on the skin and perform a light massage.

    By combining castor oil with almond oil in equal quantities, you will receive a unique medicine for split ends. Heat the mixture in a water bath and grease the ends for 15 minutes. It is necessary to perform the procedure 30 minutes before washing your hair.

    Another recipe:

    How to wash castor oil from hair?

    Ricin oleic acid, which is part of castor oil, is almost insoluble in water and does not respond well to detergents. That is why it is extremely difficult, but not impossible, to wash off such a mask from the hair. Our recommendations will help you solve the problem.

    • Tip 1. Before applying, add a little rosemary or grape oil to the mask.
    • Tip 2. An alternative to these oils will be egg yolk.
    • Tip 3. Wash off the mask with hot water, then take a short break and wash the head several times with a shampoo for hair with high fat content. At the end of the procedure, rinse the strands with cold water so that the scales close.

    Applying castor oil to hair regularly and according to all the rules, you will achieve great results. Make masks according to our recipes - allow yourself to be beautiful.

    Mask with castor oil and onion juice

      A mixture of onion juice (one large onion) and castor oil (2 tbsp.) Is put on the steam bath.

    To make the mask more effective, you can add pre-crushed aloe leaf (1 tablespoon l.) To the composition.

    The warm mixture is applied to the hair, after which the head is covered with plastic wrap and a warm towel.

  • The mask is left on the hair for 40 minutes, then washed off with warm water and any shampoo.

  • Mask with kefir and castor oil

      Heated in a water bath kefir (1 tbsp.).

    Castor oil (2 tablespoons) is added to warm kefir - all components are well mixed.

    The warm composition is evenly distributed over the entire length of the hair, starting from the roots and to the tips.

  • After 30 minutes, you need to wash off the mask with warm water and shampoo.

  • If this cosmetic procedure is carried out regularly, it is possible to make the hair perfectly smooth, soft and docile.

    Mask with honey and castor oil

      Egg yolk is mixed with castor oil (30 ml), lemon juice (10 ml), liquid honey (10 ml.).

    The composition is applied to the hair and left for half an hour.

  • After the specified time, the mask is washed off with warm water and shampoo.

  • This cosmetic procedure has a firming effect, so it is recommended to do it once a week.

    Mask with castor oil and burdock oil

      To combat dandruff it is recommended to use the following composition - mix burdock oil (15 ml) with castor oil (15 ml).

    The mixture is heated in a water bath until it acquires a more liquid consistency.

    Therapeutic agent is applied to the hair and distributed over the entire length.

  • After 60 minutes, the remnants of the mask are washed off with warm water and shampoo.

  • Mask with vitamins B and castor oil

      To maintain hair in tone, you need to periodically saturate them with vitamins of group B.

    A mixture of castor oil and vitamin B makes the strands softer, silky and perfectly smooth.

    To prepare the mask, mix the egg with castor oil (1 tbsp. L.), Add almond oil (1 tbsp. L.) And sea buckthorn oil (1 tbsp. L.).

    The mixture is whipped until it acquires a uniform consistency, then vitamins B12, B2 and B6 are added (2 ampoules of each substance).

    The mask is applied to the hair, evenly distributed over the entire length.

  • After 60 minutes you need to wash the strands with warm water and shampoo.

  • Mask with egg and castor oil

      After the first use of this mask, an amazing result will be noticeable - the hair becomes soft, combing is facilitated, and a healthy shine appears.

    To restore weakened and injured hair, it requires regular use of this cosmetic.

    To prepare the mask, take egg yolk (2 pcs.) And warm castor oil (1 tbsp. L.), Which is heated in a water bath.

    All components are thoroughly mixed and the mixture is applied to the hair, evenly distributed over the entire length, with particular attention paid to the scalp.

  • The mask is left on the hair for 40 minutes, then washed off with plenty of warm water and shampoo.

  • Mask with cognac and castor oil

    1. To prepare the mask, castor oil is taken (2 tablespoons l.) And brandy (2 tablespoons l.).
    2. The components are mixed and rubbed into the skin of the head.
    3. The mask is left for 50 minutes, then washed off with warm water and shampoo.

    Regular use of this composition helps to get rid of the bite ends and strengthens the hair.

    Mask with petroleum jelly and castor oil

      Vaseline acts on the hair as a moisturizing and emollient - the strands become perfectly smooth, pleasant to the touch and obedient.

    Vaseline does not dissolve in castor oil, but these components can be used to make an effective cosmetic hair mask.

    Take castor oil (1 tbsp. L.) And liquid paraffin (1 tbsp. L.), Added burdock extract (3 tbsp. L.).

    All components are thoroughly mixed, therapeutic composition is applied to the strands.

    Hair is wrapped with plastic wrap and warmed with a towel.

    Mask with castor oil for hair growth

      Castor oil is an effective tool that accelerates hair growth.

    The composition of castor oil includes active substances that stimulate the flow of large amounts of blood to the hair follicles, therefore, their nutrition and growth are improved.

    To make a mask, mix olive oil with castor oil in a 2: 1 ratio.

    The resulting mixture is applied to the hair and evenly distributed over the entire length.

    The mask is left overnight, and in the morning it is washed off with warm water and shampoo.

  • A positive result will be noticeable only if you regularly use this cosmetic.

  • Mask with castor oil against hair loss

      Calendula tincture (1 tsp.), Juniper essential oil (4 drops), red pepper tincture (1 tsp.) And castor oil (5 tsp.) Are mixed.

    The resulting composition is applied with massage movements on the scalp.

  • After 60 minutes, the mask is washed off with warm water and any shampoo.

  • Regular use of castor oil in hair care allows you to accelerate their growth, get rid of dandruff and split ends. A full course of treatment lasts 3 weeks, then you can apply a mask once a week for prophylactic purposes.

    For more on using castor oil for hair, see the video below:

    Medicinal properties of oil

    Castor oil is inexpensive, and you can buy it at any pharmacy. A common product has a specific taste and a barely tangible smell, which sometimes scares the girls. The unique composition of the oil provides its multifaceted benefits for the hair.

    Contraindications to the use of oil

    Castorcans should not be used by people whose hair is prone to excessive fat content. But you can make an exception for the period of treatment of locks from dandruff or seborrhea with the help of castorhe (if there is no deterioration of the condition). It is forbidden to use any recipes based on potent ingredients for women who are in the position. When breastfeeding for some time it is better to refrain from using natural recipes.

    Even in ancient Egypt, people used oil to restore curls. Archaeologists have found pitchers and other utensils with traces of this product. And in the V century BC. er Herodotus mentioned castor oil as a unique component for the treatment of dry strands.

    Another important contraindication is allergies. Check a drop of warm oil on the crook of your elbow, and if after 8–12 hours there is no redness and itchiness in this place, use useful recipes.

    How to achieve maximum effect

    To improve the effectiveness of natural recipes for hair using castor oil, you need to remember a few rules:

    1. Oil should be on the hair for at least 15 minutes.
    2. Hair should be treated within 4 weeks, unless otherwise stated in the recipe.
    3. Castor oil is used only in heated form. For this, the oil is brought to a temperature of about 40 ° C in a water bath.
    4. All masks require insulation. Oil works more efficiently in a wrapped up warm medium. To do this, it is enough to wear a cellophane cap used in the shower.
    5. In order to wash the castor oil was easy, use a minimum of funds. Pay attention to the back of the head - there it should be the least.
    6. It is necessary to rinse formulations at least 3 times using regular shampoo.
    7. Finish rinsing your hair with a rinse - prepare a solution from the juice of 1 lemon and 1 liter of clean water. If the curls are too dry, brew chamomile broth for washing.

    Castor oil can be used on the hair in its pure form, but for this you need to take into account several features. Apply the oil should be only in a heated form, spreading over the entire length using a wooden or plastic comb. Keep a clean product is recommended for at least 1.5 hours, wrapped in a hat made of cellophane and a terry towel.

    Recipes best hair masks

    Homemade hair care with castor oil is available to anyone. It should be regular and complex: you need to apply masks with courses, precisely follow the list of ingredients and not mix too many recipes. Castor oil is suitable for all types of hair, but additional products will be determining in the compositions.

    Kefir for dry hair

    Castor oil in combination with kefir perfectly moisturizes dry skin, returns shine to curls and nourishes them with vitamins. As a result, the hairstyle becomes soft, docile, and the tips cease to push. List of components:

    • 1 tbsp. l oils
    • 3 tbsp. l fresh kefir,
    • 1 tbsp. l aloe juice

    Aloe juice can be squeezed out by yourself or bought at a pharmacy. All components are mixed. Remember, kefir should not be cold! Apply to hair and scalp for 2 hours. Rinse with warm water and then rinse with lemon juice.

    Glycerin for dry hair

    The mixture for dry strands will help against brittleness and moisturize the scalp:

    • 15 ml of glycerin,
    • 60 ml of oil,
    • 5 ml apple cider vinegar,
    • 2 tbsp. l water,
    • yolk.

    Glycerin is diluted with water and mixed with oil. Pour slightly beaten yolk and 5 ml of vinegar.Spread over the skin and hair.

    Red pepper tincture for hair growth

    From 2 tbsp. l oils and 4 tbsp. l pepper tincture is prepared mixture, which perfectly stimulates the growth of curls. In a month you can grow back to 4–5 cm! But it should be remembered that pepper tincture is contraindicated for dry hair and scalp. Prepare so:

    1. The components are mixed, the resulting composition is rapidly rubbed into the scalp for several minutes.
    2. The main thing is not to overdo it. Apply the composition on the head to 60 minutes.
    3. If a few minutes after application there is a strong discomfort from burning, the product should be quickly washed off.

    Additionally, the tool will help get rid of the festering or split ends.

    Mask with honey for normal hair

    If the strong dryness or fatness of the curls does not bother the person, but his hair has become stiff, then the honey recipe is perfect. It is prepared from 1.5 Art. l castor oil, 1.5 tbsp. l liquid honey and 1 egg:

    1. The components are mixed, and then spread on the hair.
    2. The minimum exposure time is 40 minutes, the maximum is 2 hours.
    3. Wash off several times using a decoction of herbs or lemon solution.
    4. To get rid of the smell of eggs will help a solution of vinegar (1-2 tablespoons per 1 liter of water).

    Honey mask can be done 2 times a week for a month or a little longer.

    Mustard mask for growth and strengthening

    The recipe has a positive effect on each hair follicle, making the locks stronger. The burning properties of the powder accelerate the growth of the strands. The recipe can not be used on dry curls. To prepare you need to take:

    • 1 tsp mustard powder,
    • 2 tbsp. l castor oil
    • 1 tbsp. l olive oil.

    The components are mixed, but they do not need to be preheated. Mustard should not be lumpy. Then, using gloves, put the composition on the hair and rubbed for 1 minute. Leave on for 5 minutes, wearing a hat. Wash off with warm water.

    With lemon for greasy hair

    Simple lemon juice will help to get rid of fat content. Additionally, in combination with castor oil and calendula, it perfectly treats dandruff. Enough to use the recipe 4 times a month:

    • 15 drops of castor oil,
    • 15 ml of lemon juice,
    • 30 ml of broth calendula flowers.

    Spread the mixed composition with a brush over the scalp, leave for 40 minutes. Then wash off with shampoo and rinse.

    Nourishing Olive Mask

    The recipe with olive oil is suitable for any type of hair. It helps strengthen the curls, moisturizes them, fights split ends and thickens the hair shafts. To prepare enough 2 drops of vanilla ester, 5 ml of olive and the same amount of castor oil. It is necessary to add ether to the mixture, cooled to 40 o C. Hold for up to 30 minutes on the head.

    Burdock oil for dandruff

    Mask with castor oil and burdock oil ideally treats dandruff on any scalp. The composition is suitable for dry, normal and oily hair. For preparation, it is enough to take 15 ml of both types of oils, heat them up and apply by hand. Shake the hat and towel, leave for 1 hour, and then wash off in a standard way.

    Egg for quick recovery

    Castor in combination with the chicken product restores lifeless hair, returns them to tone, beauty and shine. For cooking it is enough to take 2 yolks and a spoonful of butter. The mixture is spread on the hair and leave for 40 minutes. The yolk can lead to an unpleasant smell, if the vinegar solution does not help get rid of it, try a decoction of nettle.

    Bow from a strong loss

    Simple onion juice will help prevent strands from falling out. Use the recipe can be oily and normal hair. If the scalp is too dry, it is better to abandon this option. For cooking take 1 spoon of onion juice and the same amount of oil. Then add a little gruel from the stalk of aloe. On the head hold 1 hour.

    Salt for nutrition

    The composition of the salt mask includes a banana. This recipe strengthens the curls, prevents loss, eliminates weak dandruff, cleansing the scalp. For cooking take a spoonful of sea salt and the same amount of oil, as well as half a banana. They mix everything very well and apply it to the roots, spreading the hairbrush along the length. Leave for 1 hour. You can repeat the recipe 2 times a week.

    Alcohol from severe baldness

    The recipe with castor oil and alcohol is suitable for oily and dry hair, as the fat complements the drying properties of alcohol well. Mix 1 spoon of products and apply for 30 minutes. A prescription treatment course lasts at least 2 months 2 times a week.

    Recipes with castor oil take no more than 10 minutes in the cooking process. Castor oil does not spread and does not cause any discomfort, so after applying the mixture on the head, you can do any work. Tangible results from the use of products come after 2 weeks of systematic use.

    Castor oil application methods

    Thanks to homemade cosmetics, it is easy to restore curls and saturate with important elements. Hair after castor oil comes to life, it becomes strong and elastic. It can be used for all types, in masks, balms, protective sprays. It is useful to apply oil to the hair in its pure form, in a complex of strengthening and stimulating growth procedures.

    Important editorial advice

    If you want to improve the condition of your hair, special attention should be paid to shampoos that you use. A frightening figure - in 97% of shampoos of famous brands are substances that poison our body. The main components, due to which all the troubles on the labels are designated as sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, coco sulfate. These chemicals destroy the structure of the hair, the hair becomes brittle, lose elasticity and strength, the color fades. But the worst thing is that this stuff gets into the liver, heart, lungs, accumulates in the organs and can cause cancer. We advise you to abandon the use of funds in which these substances are located. Recently, experts of our editorial staff conducted an analysis of sulfate-free shampoos, where the first place was taken by funds from the company Mulsan Cosmetic. The only manufacturer of all-natural cosmetics. All products are manufactured under strict quality control and certification systems. We recommend to visit the official online store If you doubt the naturalness of your cosmetics, check the expiration date, it should not exceed one year of storage.


    • 5 ml of castorca,
    • 15 gr. gelatin,
    • 2 drops of sandalwood ester.

    Dissolve gelatin crystals with warm broth, heat in a water bath with nutritious oil, then add aroma drops. After shampooing, distribute four / five centimeters from the roots. Wrap the film, warm the hair dryer, then wrap with a towel. Hold for forty minutes, rinse in the usual way, leave to dry in a natural way.

    Head massage

    Massages are recommended for the treatment of baldness, strengthening the root system and enhanced growth. For the preparation of the mixture is better to use in combination with others - almond, burdock, jojoba, grape, rice. It is also useful to enrich the esters, for a tablespoon of a fat base is enough three / four drops. To distribute the finished product on the roots, massage intensively for about five minutes, then rinse with shampoo.

    Rules for the use of castorca masks

    To get the desired effect, you should follow simple recommendations:

    1. In its pure form, it can be used only on the tips, for the scalp and the main growth zone, diluted with ingredients with different chemical composition,
    2. It is well combined with other fat and essential oils, clays, spices, herbs, cereals and dairy products.
    3. It is necessary to apply correctly in a warm form so that the active elements maximally reveal their properties, therefore, before adding to the composition, it is necessary to warm it up in a water bath,
    4. For the fat type, it is not necessary to apply on the root area, for dry, painted ones - to distribute along the entire length,
    5. Strengthening the action will allow wrapping film and warming with a towel, and you can also warm up with a hairdryer,
    6. Hold from twenty minutes to several hours, depending on the purpose of the cosmetic,
    7. Rinse with rinse aid, nutrient formulas require organic shampoo.

    For enhanced growth with egg

    Quickly grow thick hair easily at home. Rich in active elements, compounds accelerate blood circulation and formation processes in the bulbs. Regular use will allow to notice the result in a few months. The composition has a toning effect, allowing you to get rid of gray hair.


    • 20 ml of castorca,
    • 2 eggs,
    • 50 ml of onion peel decoction,
    • 15 gr. ginger

    Grate the root, beat the eggs well with butter, prepare a concentrated decoction, combine all the ingredients. Mass distributed on the basal area, hold for about twelve minutes. Rinse thoroughly, let it dry on its own.

    Against loss with pepper tincture

    A great proven remedy is castor oil for falling out. Find the best mask for hair loss here: Strengthening the root system, allows you to become the owner of thick, healthy curls. In case of heavy baldness, apply ten daily treatments. It is important that the skin does not have scratches and other damages, and also it is necessary to check the finished mask for a possible allergic reaction.


    • 20 ml castor oil,
    • 5 ml of vitamin E,
    • 5 drops of cinnamon ether.

    Preparation and method of application: heated in a water bath, enter the vitamin solution and spicy ether. To rub the prepared liquid mass into dry roots, thoroughly warm, leave overnight. Waking up, wash off in the usual way.

    Mask with castor and burdock oil

    For complex treatment of hair, moisturizing and restoring the structure should refer to the popular recipes. Burdock and castor oil copes with the problem of loss and slow growth, can improve the condition of thin, lifeless units. We have already written about the benefits and use of burdock oil for hair, you can see on this page.

    Usage Reviews

    I often use the iron, the tips have become very hard and dull. Once a week she began to make a mask for hair with castor oil. Already after the first time a shine appeared, combing freely, mats no longer appear.

    Ekaterina, 23 years old

    Always dreamed of long, curly shoulders below the shoulders. I did not dare to build it up, I wanted to grow it myself. Used castor oil for hair growth in massage mixtures and masks, for six months the result was pleased, + ten centimeters.

    Finally I managed my hair problems! Found a means to restore, strengthen and grow hair. I have been using it for 3 weeks already, the result is there, and it's awesome. read more >>>

    What is useful for hair castorca?

    Castor oil is sold in every pharmacy and is a yellowish thick liquid with a subtle scent and specific taste. It is produced from castor bean seeds - plants in South Africa. Useful properties of castorca:

    1. Thanks to vitamin E, which is part of the oil, the synthesis of collagen and keratin is activated in the cells, and their high content is the key to shiny and strong strands.
    2. Vitamin A (retinol) promotes the accelerated cell regeneration in the hair structure, heals dry and brittle curls.
    3. The presence of stearic acid makes this oil an excellent moisturizer. In addition, stearin helps protect hair from aggressive external factors: ultraviolet radiation, high and low temperatures.
    4. Linoleic acid supplements stearic and helps keep moisture in hairs.
    5. The action of palmitic acid is manifested in a deeper penetration into the skin and hair of all useful components.
    6. Thanks to oleic acid, an acceleration of metabolism in cells is observed, their protective functions are enhanced.
    7. Ricinoleic acid prevails in castorca, thanks to it strands are made softer and more luxuriant, and besides, hair follicles are strengthened. Hair gain strength, noticeably less loss.

    It is also important that castor oil has very low allergenicity values, and cosmetics with it have practically no contraindications. Apply them is not recommended only to those whose hair is prone to fat and quickly become dirty.

    Interesting! In the V century BC, the ancient Greek historian Herodotus mentioned the ability of castorca to accelerate hair growth, noting also that their appearance improves due to oil. A procedure for the care of curls with the use of this oil were common in ancient Egypt.

    Basic tips before using masks

    To achieve the desired effect and increase the impact of all the beneficial components of castor oil, you should follow some recommendations:

    1. It is undesirable to use castor oil in its pure form. It is preferable to combine it with other ingredients that will dilute its sticky consistency.
    2. It should take only the amount that is indicated in the recipe. Otherwise, you will have to make a lot of effort to wash off excess fat from the strands.
    3. Before use, castor oil is preferably slightly heated.
    4. When the mask has already been applied, it is advisable to wrap the hair with cellophane foam and wrap it in a towel. This will keep the optimum temperature and humidity, and the result will be better.
    5. Maintain a mask from 15 to 60 minutes.
    6. Make masks better 1-2 times a week.

    Masks with castor oil are allowed to do with dry and wet strands, it will not affect their effectiveness.

    Important! Although castor oil, as a rule, does not provoke allergic reactions, it is necessary to conduct a test on a separate area of ​​the skin before using it.

    Anti Dandruff Masks

    Among the folk remedies, castorca is the number one fighter with dry seborrhea, and all thanks to the active moisturizing ingredients it contains. The following recipes have proven themselves well:

    1. You need to combine 2 tablespoons of castor and olive oils, then pour 30 ml of lemon juice.
    2. In equal parts, calendula tincture and castor oil are combined. The mixture is thoroughly rubbed into the head.
    3. You need 1 tablespoon of dried parsley seeds pour 70 ml of castorca. To sustain this solution half an hour on the water bath, then to filter. After that, apply the finished oil solution to the scalp.

    With regular use and dryness of the scalp and dandruff can be forgotten.

    Parsley root

    It is necessary to grate the parsley root on a fine grater, pour it with castor oil in a ratio of 1: 5, then heat it in a water bath for half an hour. After filtration, the resulting liquid is ready for use.

    As you can see, there are many recipes for masks based on castor oil, because it has proven itself as an effective treatment for hair. In addition, castor oil is very affordable, which makes this folk remedy even more popular. Regular use of castor oil will noticeably transform the hair, making it strong and healthy.

    How to use castor oil for hair

    To really get the maximum benefit from the application, you should know how to use castor oil for hair:

    1. Be sure to start the procedures, it is necessary to withstand the full recommended course of application. It is best to do this for six months, during which time some of the hair will have time to be updated.
    2. Before starting to apply the product, it should be heated in a water bath, it will provide easier application and will enhance the effectiveness of the event.
    3. Pre-agent test for susceptibility of the body.Often it does not cause any side effects or allergies, but you need to make sure that it is unequivocal.
    4. It is best after applying the drug on the head, wrap it with plastic wrap and a towel to keep warm. So you can achieve an enhanced effect.

    How much to keep and how to apply

    Hair masks with castor oil, like the tool itself, have a rather oily consistency and are not very convenient to apply. To facilitate this process, you can use any suitable brush (even a toothbrush of medium hardness will do). The entire head of hair alternately along divided into partings and rub oil into root area and scalp. It is worth remembering that the most important processes take place thereand not in regrown hair.

    It is very important to maintain the required period of time with the composition on the head, it varies from 1 to 3 hours. Many who do not have enough time are wondering if it is possible to leave a mask with castor oil overnight? In this case, everything is also individual. The oil has the property of blocking the access of oxygen to the pores, which with prolonged exposure is very destructive for any part of the skin and hair. Especially it is necessary to be cautious to those who have excess oily skin of the scalp.

    In other cases you can leave castor oil for the night, but not very often. In addition, it is best to apply all recipes with castor oil on slightly soiled hair, but not on too greasy. Excess fat on the skin provokes loosening of the bulbs in their bed and, accordingly, hair loss.

    From hair loss and baldness

    In the case of severe hair loss, both in women and men, it is worth resorting to the use of this recipe. In many situations, thanks to this mask, the balding process was stopped.

    • Castor oil - 1 tbsp. l.,
    • pepper tincture - 1 tbsp. l.,
    • hair balsam - 1 tbsp. l

    1. All components in the specified proportions are mixed and applied with a brush or any convenient tool applied to the skin of the head.
    2. After application, make a brief massage, rubbing the composition into the skin.
    3. Cover the head tightly with polyethylene and wrap in a towel.
    4. Incubated with the composition of at least 40 minutes, then washed off.
    5. It is recommended to repeat no more than 1 time per week.

    For hair ends

    A frequent problem is split ends and brittle tips, and all because they suffer the most during styling from cursors and hair dryers. To save yourself from such a problem will help recipe with the additional use of burdock oil.

    • Castor oil - 2 tbsp. l.,
    • sea ​​buckthorn oil - 1 tbsp. l.,
    • burdock oil - 1 tbsp. l.,
    • Almond oil - 1 tbsp. l.,
    • orange oil ether - 5 drops.

    1. Ingredients laughed in glassware.
    2. The composition is evenly applied over the entire length, especially on the ends.
    3. It wraps with cling film and warm material, preferably wool.
    4. Withstand the mask from an hour to 1.5 hours.
    5. Wash off with shampoo.
    6. Repeat three times a week.

    There are several options for masks that accelerate hair growth, which include castor oil. Some of them cause some discomfort in the form of burning skin, but do not be afraid of it. This indicates a high efficiency recipe. It is impossible to burn the skin with such masks, no matter how hard the burning would accompany the procedure. Pepper tincture is one of the effective ingredients for growth.

    • castorc - 2 tsp,
    • pepper tincture - 2 tsp.

    1. The components are mixed and evenly rubbed into the scalp.
    2. Over the entire length of the composition is not necessary to distribute.
    3. Wrap food cling film and a towel.
    4. You need to withstand a minimum of 15 minutes, then rinse with cool water.
    5. Use no more than twice a week.

    For thickness, growth and shine

    Mask based on different types of oils, which strengthens the hair roots, nourishes, makes them thick and shiny.

    • castor oil - 1 tbsp. lt
    • burdock oil - 1 tbsp. l.,
    • coconut oil - 1 tbsp. lt
    • Bay essential oil - 4 drops,
    • lavender essential oil - 2 drops,

    1. Preheat the oil to a comfortable temperature and mix everything.
    2. The resulting composition is rubbed into the hair roots, while massaging the scalp for 3-5 minutes.
    3. Leave on the head, wrapped with a film and warming with a towel for at least 2 hours (it is possible for the night).
    4. Wash off the composition is necessary with the use of shampoo and balm.
    5. Repeat spend twice a week.

    In more detail about this mask, what essential oil to choose for yourself - see in this video:

    Watch the video: "Secret" Haitian Nighttime Routine For Healthy Natural Hair (January 2020).