The recipe for homemade spray for easy combing hair

Women with long hair are constantly faced with the problem of combing. Strands are tangled after sleep, bathing and physical labor, and instead of smooth curls, nodules are obtained that are not amenable to the usual comb. And, then, to carry out easy combing is no longer possible.

Sometimes this happens for the following reasons:

The principle of the spray

To alleviate the situation with the hair helps a special tool - spray for combing hair.

It has been proven that its use accelerates and improves the combing of the strands, forging the flow of blood into the hair follicles and, thus, increasing their viability. Otherwise, the hair quickly becomes brittle and dry.

The main tasks of sprays (of which there are several dozens of options and brands) are:

Some types allow you to save shine and volume of hair.

Children's spray option

And for babies, a special substance has been created - a children's spray for easy combing of hair, which has the same properties, but is better concerned with the hair follicles of the child’s body. In addition, the composition does not contain alcohol, which eliminates the possibility of irritation of the skin and eyes. Due to the properties of the children's version, as a pleasant smell and skin care, it is used by many girls.

How to apply the product at home for easy combing

It is recommended to use a spray for easy combing of the hair immediately after each shampooing. Moreover, according to the instructions, it should be applied only to clean fabrics. Applying a spray, you should start from the middle of the curls and finish at the tips. The roots should not be touched, because the tool can make them fat. After the procedure, the hair regains its normal properties and easy to comb.

Top options: Estelle, Gliss of hens, Veil, Little Fairy, Johnson's baby

If we consider the main sprays to improve the degree of combing hair, it is worth noting the presence in the domestic market of several major brands: Jonson's baby, "Little Fairy", "Schwarzkopf", "L'real" and "Capus". All of them have their own composition and characteristics of the application.

For products "Johnsons Baby" is characterized by a completely safe use - if it gets into the eyes, it does not cause the child any unpleasant sensations. And in its composition children's spray for combing hair contains cetrimonium chloride, glycerin, amodimethicone, polysorbate and a number of other cosmetic substances. All of them allow the tool to not weight the hair and not make them fatter.

In the spray “Little Fairy” the main advantage is the possibility of applying both to wet and dry hair. After use, the head smells like strawberries. And hair combed much easier.

Three more popular options have the following composition and features:

How to prepare a spray for easy combing hair at home

For this we need the following components:

  • Jar with sprayer.
  • Dried altea root - 2 tbsp. When boiled, this ingredient has a slightly slimy texture, which gives a stunning combing effect. In addition, it perfectly retains moisture, gives them smoothness and shine, improves the hair structure. In its effect, Althea root is similar to an indelible conditioner.
  • Sieve or gauze.
  • The water is clean.
  • Argan oil - 1 tbsp. Moisturizes and nourishes.
  • Apple cider vinegar - 1 tbsp. It gives shine and smoothes the hair structure.
  • Essential oil (optional). About what broadcasting is better to apply, read here.

First, make a decoction of the root of Althea. To do this, mix 2 tablespoons with two glasses of water, put on the fire and boil the broth for 15 minutes. Then it should be filtered and allowed to cool.

In the broth, add apple cider vinegar, argan oil and 5 drops of essential oil. Pour the liquid into the bottle and mix well.

That's all. The recipe is really very simple. Store the tool in a cool place, and before each use, be sure to shake it.

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Top options: Estelle, Gliss of hens, Veil, Little Fairy, Johnson’s baby

If we consider the main sprays to improve the degree of combing hair, it is worth noting the presence in the domestic market of several major brands: Jonson’s baby, “Little Fairy”, “Schwarzkopf”, “L'real” and “Capus”. All of them have their own composition and characteristics of the application.

For products "Johnsons Baby" is characterized by a completely safe use - if it gets into the eyes, it does not cause the child any unpleasant sensations. And in its composition children's spray for combing hair contains cetrimonium chloride, glycerin, amodimethicone, polysorbate and a number of other cosmetic substances. All of them allow the tool to not weight the hair and not make them fatter.

In the spray “Little Fairy” the main advantage is the possibility of applying both to wet and dry hair. After use, the head smells like strawberries. And hair combed much easier.

Three more popular options have the following composition and features:

Useful properties for hair and scalp

Indelible sprays solve such problems as:

  • treatment of split ends,
  • increase the volume of hair,
  • recovery curls.

Many products protect curls from harmful UV rays. When applied, the color after dyeing lasts longer. The active ingredients protect the structure of the rods from exposure to high temperatures, for example, when drying with a hair dryer, leveling with an iron or winding strands on a curling iron.

To select the appropriate option, it is worth considering a few suggestions from leading manufacturers.

Types of hair spray

Each such product has an individual spectrum of action, it is important to consider when making a purchase. There are such types of high-speed sprays:

  • giving volume. They are used with thin rods. A special feature of the products is the delicate recovery of volume and care for damaged strands,
  • moisturizing. Such products are designed for dry and damaged hair. These products provide deep hydration and nutrition of the roots.
  • magnifying shine. The composition of such sprays includes components of pearls or silk,
  • restoring and strengthening. These products are suitable for women who often paint their strands and stack them with the use of foams, varnishes, irons and hair dryers. The therapeutic and vitamin complexes strengthen and nourish damaged rods,
  • rectifying. These sprays are designed for unruly curls, which are often confused and damaged when combing,
  • thermoprotective. They are necessary when cores are damaged with hot-laying appliances,
  • antistatic. Such products eliminate the electrification of hairstyles in a room with dry air or in winter,
  • restoring hair ends. In the composition of such funds are oils, silicone and substances for gluing scales.

For basal volume

  1. Amplify Wonder Boost Root Lifter from Matrix is ​​a transparent spray-fluid with a pleasant aroma. Bottom volume is obtained due to the presence of a complex of glycerols and polymers and fixed for one day. The tool does not glue the rods. Product price - 1190 rubles.
  2. Sugar Lift from the brand Wella Professionals. Spray applied to the roots to give the volume of long or short hair. Its best efficiency can be noticed when drying with a hair dryer with a round comb. Price - 800 rubles.
  3. Volumize System Professional Prevention This tool not only adds volume, but also makes rods visually thicker. In its composition there is keratin, strengthening and restoring them from the inside. Price - 980 rubles.
  4. Body Full Volume from TM Redken is great for fine hair. The texture of the product is lightweight and does not contribute to bonding. The hairstyle will be beautiful and neat all day. The cost of production - 1100 rubles.


  1. Mythic Oil brand L `Oreal Professionel - oil based product. It gives shine shine. This effect is achieved through natural oils that feed curls. Light texture does not contribute to the weighting and does not affect the original volume. Approximate cost - 740 rubles.
  2. Liquid silk from TM Gliss Kur. This spray moisturizes and smoothes every hair. The hair becomes obedient and shines. With increased fat content, the agent should be applied only on the ends. This product is estimated at 330 rubles.
  3. Recovery and Nutrition from the manufacturer Dr Sante is a relatively inexpensive cosmetics. If it is used regularly, the curls become shiny, silky and moisturized. Estimated cost varies from 120 rubles.
  4. Intensive recovery from TM Estelle Professional Curex Therapy. The product contains keratin and healing oils that nourish and moisturize the curls. In the process of smoothing easier combing procedure. Cost - 320 rubles.

For smoothness and combing

  1. Gliss Kurs "Liquid Silk" from Schwarzkopf is an indelible spray for curly hair, the rods of which take on a healthy appearance and comb well. The second effect is due to the smoothing of the surface of the flakes. Strands become smooth and shiny like silk. Price - 300 rubles.
  2. Spray serum OIl Nutritive line Gliss Kur from Schwarzkopf - a tool designed for split ends that prevent easy combing. With daily use, you can eliminate the problem of the section. Cost - 329 rubles.
  3. Syoss Moisture Intensive Care from TM Schwarzkopf - spray that acts instantly. After it is easy to comb curls. They become not only smooth and elastic, but also strong. Approximate price - 250 rubles.
  4. Professional Deep Repair. This tool gives the strands shine and smoothness. It also neutralizes the static effect and provides ease of hair styling. Approximate price - 180 rubles.

To add shine

  1. Estelle's diamond spray adds shine to the curls, making them stronger and more docile. The cost of the product is 330 rubles.
  2. Sparkle from TM Londa. Products are suitable for any type of strands. It contains vitamins that nourish and enrich the rods and roots. When applying such a spray after dyeing, the color does not tarnish, but, on the contrary, acquires a living sheen. It has an antistatic effect. Price within 440 rubles.
  3. Means for obtaining instant shine Schwarzkopf Osis. Active ingredients are collagen, vitamins, antioxidants and reflective particles. Cost - 930 rubles.
  4. TM Gliss Chick has in stock several sprays that add shine to the curls. Means Liquid silk perfectly copes with its task. The hair immediately takes on a well-groomed look and silky highlights. You can purchase the product at a cost of 300-330 rubles.

Revitalizing and firming

  1. Spray BC Bonacure Repair Rescue professional series Schwarzkopf - a great product for very weak hair. Damaged areas become almost invisible. Curls gain a healthy and silky look. Also an important feature is the treatment of the bitten tips. Cost - from 580 rubles.
  2. Biolage Keratindose Pro by Matrix. Product for intensive recovery of damaged strands. The substances provide the required level of moisture to eliminate the brittleness of the rods. Price - from 1400 rubles.
  3. Be Hair Be Tech. This tool is used after chemical procedures. It contains collagen, keratin and caviar extract. Due to the impact of such ingredients, the roots are actively nourished and moistened; they become soft, elastic and smooth. The peculiarity of the product is neutralization of alkali residues and sticking of the cuticle. Approximate cost - 1300 rubles.
  4. NATURAL LINE spray from the Belarusian manufacturer Markell. It protects hair from external influences, prevents breakage. Active components contribute to the restoration of the structure of the rods, improving their strength and elasticity. Also spray protects hair from ultraviolet rays. Price - from 270 rubles.


  1. Profi style is considered a versatile tool that is used in the simulation of any hairstyle. In addition to thermal protection, it moisturizes and gives the volume of hair, which will be fixed for a long time. Cost - from 140 rubles.
  2. Spray-styling Syoss Heat Protect protects curls from high temperatures during styling, smoothes them. Even naughty curls will become submissive when creating a beautiful hairstyle. The price of the product is about 480 rubles.
  3. Professional tool Acme Professional Fortesse nourishes the hair without the effect of weighting. Such a spray facilitates the combing process and eliminates dryness during high temperature exposure. The product is applied immediately prior to installation. Its cost is 200 rubles.
  4. Flat Iron Spray from TM Kallos Cosmetics is considered a versatile product that gives the strands natural beauty, shine and lightness. For the production of high quality ingredients are used. Price - 650 rubles.


  1. Spray antistatic Profi Style suitable for any type of hair. It contains panthenol, aloe vera and argan oil. These ingredients nourish, moisturize and soften hair. They also contribute to smoothing the cuticle and the formation of shine. The approximate cost is 330-400 rubles.
  2. Professional Air Balance from TM T-LAB. This tool instantly neutralizes the static effect. Also provides good care for the hair. Active ingredients are hyaluronic acid, provitamin B5 and keratin. All of these ingredients contribute to moisturizing, restoring and nourishing the hair. In addition, the curls become very smooth and shiny. Price - 1900 rubles.
  3. Moroccanoil Curl Re-Energizing. Antistatic spray protects curls in any weather. It is recommended to use for curls that are prone to overdrying and entangling. As part of the substance there are vitamin complexes and argan oil for food and conditioning. With regular use, the hair is restored and strengthened. Careful care for the ends is guaranteed. Price of products from 2500 rubles.
  4. Invigo Nutri-Enrich Nourishing from TM Wella Professionals. The tool nourishes and repairs damaged curls. With regular use, the hair gets a shiny shine. Vitamin complex protects the curls along the entire length and prevents their damage. The cost of production - 900-1000 rubles.

Against baldness

  1. Hair Strength from TM Biocon affects the roots and stimulates the growth of rods. The process of their loss stops. The main active ingredient is a medical leech. If the tool is applied regularly, then you can get rid of brittleness and damage to the curls. Approximate price - 220 rubles.
  2. Red pepper from the company Dushka. Spray is made on the basis of natural ingredients that stimulate the growth of new rods. Under the influence of the components of the bulb awaken. After some time, after regular use of the hair becomes thick and fluffy. Price - 180 rubles.
  3. Helen Seward Fortifying. It is a firming lotion spray that condenses the structure of the rods. They become strong and resilient. The main function of the remedy is to strengthen the roots, impart density and volume to the curls. Price within 1200-1300 rubles.
  4. Q10 plus from TM Exclusive Cosmetics is a product that cares for loose and rare strands. They gain strength, resilience and resistance to loss. All these effects are achieved through exposure to coenzyme Q10, pearl extract, white willow, keratin and vitamins A, E.

Top Spray Rating

Comparing the descriptions of sprays for curls and user reviews, experts have compiled the effective means rating for 2018

  1. In the first place are Gliss Kur products from the global brand Schwarzkopf.Spray is designed to ease combing hair.
  2. On the second - Mythic Oil from TM Loreal Professionel. It adds shine to the colored head of hair.
  3. In the third - Dual Renascence from TM KAPOUS. Relatively inexpensive professional product.
  4. Fourth place - oil spray Kerastase Macadamia Healing. This is an excellent tool to facilitate the process of combing.
  5. Fifth - spray from TM Johnson’s Baby. It can be used not only for children, but also for adults.
  6. In sixth place 2-phase spray Intensive recovery from the brand Estelle.
  7. The seventh went to Shite & Nutrition from Belita-Vitex.
  8. In eighth place - Ultra Hair System. The effect lives up to expectations, but product reviews are mixed.

Prepare a spray at home

Natural cosmetics for hair can be prepared independently in simple home conditions, using natural ingredients. The basis can be any light oil, for example, almond and others.

Some effective recipes:

  1. As a moisturizer is recommended to apply the following composition:
  • 15 ml of mineral water without gas,
  • 40 ml of concentrated lemon juice,
  • 10 drops of any oil that provides hydration and nutrition.
  1. To make the curls of smoothness and silkiness, you can prepare the tools, which are based on decoctions:
  • pour 40 g of a mixture of succession, nettle, mint, chamomile and green tea,
  • pour 100 ml of boiling water,
  • cool and strain,
  • add 2 ml of essential oil,
  • Pour the product into a spray bottle and use it after prior agitation.

  1. Lemon Juice Spray:
  • chop citrus and pour into a container
  • add 200 ml of mineral water,
  • boil 50% of the liquid to evaporation,
  • strain the cooled mass
  • add 5 ml of alcohol 96%,
  • spray styling product on the hair.

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Marina, 28 years old, Kiev

I was completely satisfied with the Smooth Silk product from Gliss Chick. My dyed hair lost shine, became dull and frankly ugly, and this spray became my salvation. I believe that such a product deserves respect.

Anna, 36 years old, Minsk

For a long time use cosmetics for hair brand Estelle. Professional spray gave my strands a luxurious shine, which I missed so much. It is almost over, and I will no doubt order the same one.

Natalya, 36 years old, Omsk

Recently faced the problem of hair loss. I was advised to buy a spray of Biokon line "Strength of Hair". In general, I was pleased with the use of funds. My curls tightened every day for a month.

Ira, 31 years old, Moscow

Prefer products Sios. I have a shampoo and balm, but as it turned out, this is not enough. I do hairdressing often, so it became necessary to protect the hair from drying out and brittleness. It is good that my favorite brand has such a special spray. The product is pleased with its effectiveness.

The composition and principle of action of tools that facilitate combing

The girls who monitor the condition of their hair, in the arsenal of a whole set of tools. This and various shampoos, and conditioners, and balms, and masks, and indelible oils to care for the tips. But especially many liked sprayed hair care products. As a rule, they contain silicones, oils, plant extracts, hydrolyzed keratin and collagen. Depending on the composition, such hair care sprays may have different effects:

  • facilitate combing
  • moisturize the surface of the hair cuticle,
  • obstruct the cross section of the tips,
  • nourish the hair structure, making it thicker and denser,
  • prevent damage during blow-drying and straightening with an iron (thermal protection from high temperatures),
  • promote straightening strands, their brilliance and beautiful, well-groomed appearance.

Many girls have a favorite hair care product - hair spray. "Easy combing: magic comb", "Secrets of hot styling from Heidi", sprays for different types of hair from the brands "Vella", "Cess", "Estel", "Capus", "Next", "Matrix". Depending on the characteristics of the composition, these agents may have a moisturizing, smoothing, thermal protective or nourishing effects. But they are united by one thing - these are all sprays for combing hair. Since almost always there are not only one or two silicone compounds in the composition, but a whole gamma, then a few drops of such cosmetics are enough to make the matted hair problem forgotten.

Rating of hair sprays for easy combing

Based on consumer feedback, you can make a small rating of the most popular hair sprays, which provide easy combing:

  1. SYOSS Heat Protect - provides not only easy combing, but also a thermal protective effect. Each hair is under reliable protection even when straightening with red-hot tongs.
  2. "Taft Secrets of hot styling" - a spray that not only makes hair soft, but also allows you to create different styling due to its texturing effect.
  3. KAPOUS Invisible Care - makes hair surprisingly soft and silky, suitable for bleached and bleached hair.
  4. L’oreal Professionnel - produces a whole line of sprays for combing hair: there is a volume effect, moisturizing, heat-shielding, etc.
  5. ESTEL Professional - also offers a wide choice, one of the most popular products - Curex Therapy (is in great demand due to its low price and excellent quality).
  6. NEXXT Smooth & Soft Spray - a spray with a budget price that makes hair soft and provides an antistatic effect.
  7. Matrix Moisture Cure - provides not only easy combing of hair after washing, but also moisturizes the structure, making the curls look shiny and well-groomed.
  8. Bouticle Leave-in-Spray - very effective due to keratin in the composition: with regular use makes the hair dense and thick.

Main characteristics and classification of sprays

Depending on the composition of the spray-care to facilitate combing the hair can be classified according to the following features:

  1. Purpose Depending on the composition, it is possible to separate the sprays for combing hair for children, to moisturize, increase the volume, facilitate combing. Also, the purpose will be different depending on the type of hair - for oily, thin, dry or unruly hair, the effect of the caregiver must be different.
  2. Composition. The main components of hair sprays are silicones, natural oils, vitamins, proteins and amino acids. Silicones make the tips soft and prevent cross-section. Proteins (keratin and collagen) fill the hollow areas in the hair structure. Oils make hair shiny and alive. Vitamins strengthen and prevent loss, accelerate growth.
  3. Consistency. There are single-phase (uniform consistency) and two-phase (from oil and liquid) products on sale. The latter are more effective, since they combine several principles of positive action at once: this is conditioning and moisturizing. Before using biphasic sprays to facilitate combing the hair should be thoroughly shaken.

SYOSS Heat Protect - Thermal Spray for Easy Combing

The tool allows you to create a stylish styling at home. It has conditioning properties, making it easier to disentangle hair after washing.

How to use: spray on the entire length of the hair, then comb them and start styling a hair dryer or forceps. Hair after application becomes smooth and shiny.

Feedback on the use is not all positive. Girls with thin hair say that after using the spray they become glued and heavy, in a few hours they look dirty. For girls with thick hair dense structure means fits perfectly.

Taft: "The secrets of hot styling from Heidi"

Advertising has made this tool extremely popular. It can be used as a spray for combing hair - for children and adults. Spraying also allows for thermal protection. After spraying onto the hair, you can safely straighten the hair or curl it with a curling - the styling will be kept for a day at least.

Reviews about the spray from "Taft" mostly positive. The owners of liquid, thin strands spray can slightly weight the hair - but many girls even like this effect. You can use the tool for combing thin hair at the roots - this will allow you to preserve the impressive volume for a long time.

KAPOUS Invisible Care - easy combing and section prevention

The composition of this professional spray for easy combing hair includes silicones and oils. After the first use of the hair does not know. They become soft, silky, split ends look smoothed and healthy.

Method of application: apply five to six clicks at a distance of 30-40 centimeters from the head, so that the particles hit the largest possible area of ​​the hair web. Then comb your hair and start styling. The tool does not protect the hair from exposure to high temperatures. For thermal protection, you can apply any other spray.

Invisible Care reviews are rave. Thanks to the action that the spray has on the hair, the tool has gained wide popularity. A healthy shine appears, hair becomes thick and thick in appearance.

L’oreal Professionnel Paris Volumetry - a professional spray that can be used at the roots

L’oreal Professionnel products are renowned for their quality: they are professional products for the care of various types of hair. Volumetry is a comb for combing hair with conditioning additives in the composition, which also implies the use of the roots to give hair volume.

The reviews are not all positive - the girls do not like the relatively high cost of the product (about 2000 rubles per bottle of 200 ml). The owners of thin hair are also unhappy, claiming that after applying Volumetry, the hair web is stuck together after it dries. As a result, the head has to be washed again. Perhaps this effect is due to the fact that Volumetry is intended for use in salons. Girls, applying it at home, often exceed the recommended rate of application.

ESTEL Professional Curex Therapy

Spray for combing hair "Estelle" - a very popular tool. Due to the low price (about 300 rubles per 200 ml bottle) and the ability to instantly soften the hair structure, there is always a demand for it. Sellers of shops for hairdressers, where you can buy this tool, speak well of it. This is one of the most sought after products.

Curex Therapy contains silicones, which provide an instant effect. It should not be sprayed very abundantly - just six or seven clicks on the dispenser are enough even for owners of hair that is long to shoulder blades of medium thickness.

MARKELL Professional Hair Line - spray-conditioner with which hair does not get confused

The ease of combing, dense and shiny hair, quality nutrition - all this is possible thanks to the spray from "Markell". This is a Belarusian company, because the price is not very high - about two hundred rubles per 150 ml bottle.

The main active ingredients are avocado and almond oil. Also, the composition is enriched with a vitamin complex. Reviews of the spray to facilitate combing hair from "Markell" reported that the strands after application become flowing and light. Alas, the tool does not protect against exposure to high temperatures. So as a thermal protection will have to pick up an additional product.

NEXXT Smooth & Soft Spray - a budget unraveling antistatic spray

This tool to facilitate combing is ideal for those who suffer from electrified hair. This problem is particularly relevant for owners of long hair in the winter season.

Smooth & Soft Spray is also in demand among consumers due to its low cost (about two hundred rubles per bottle of 150 ml). You can buy it in shops for hairdressers. The feedback on the spray is positive: after the first application, the hair is easily disentangled after washing and does not electrify.

Matrix Moisture Cure - professional spray to protect hair from moisture loss

This product is intended for professional use in beauty salons. However, this does not prevent hundreds of girls from successfully using it at home. The cost is about a thousand rubles per 250 ml bottle.

Positive feedback: especially delighted with the use of the owner of dry hair. The tool was created specifically to preserve the natural moisture in the hair cuticle. Due to this action, after applying the hair look shiny, flowing and healthy.

Bouticle Leave-in-Spray - a tool that facilitates combing with keratin in the composition

The largest volume of the bottle among the nominees of the rating can boast a moisturizing spray-conditioner "Boutique" - 500 ml. According to user feedback, we can conclude that the tool intended for brittle, damaged and thin hair returns elasticity and softness. It contains a formula with proteins and creatine, thanks to which the product is able to “solder” empty areas of the hair structure, as well as to seal split ends. This tool would be ideal if it were not for the price - almost three thousand rubles. But the volume of the bottle is large: it will last for a long period of use.

Reviews confirm that the product is effective not only as a means of combing, but also as a product to restore the structure of the hair. Suitable for blonde and repeatedly dyed hair.

Avon Advance TECHniques - Spray for Volume and Thermal Protection

It is an ideal product for creating basal volume without a pile. At the same time it contributes to the disentanglement of hair, their smoothness and shine. Ideal for women who have to have a short haircut daily, for owners of bleached and dyed hair.

Product reviews are positive both from owners of thin hair without volume, and from owners of thick hair. The product has a pleasant smell, is easily sprayed and washed with shampoo afterwards.

Principles for using combing tools

Negative feedback is almost always associated with improper use. Girls either spray too heavily or not enough. Before applying you should read the instructions for the spray and assess the length and thickness of your hair: in some cases, just one or two presses on the dispenser are enough (especially if the haircut is short).

Often, girls complain that sprays for combing their hair are poorly washed out with shampoo and subsequently their hair looks dirty. Such complaints are more often received by professional means. Their composition is really very concentrated. To prevent hair from becoming dirty, you should occasionally use professional shampoos designed for deep hair cleansing.

What helps make combing hair easy

To figure out how easy it is to comb your hair, you need to answer the question: for what reason are they tangled? The fact is that healthy hairs are a chain of unidirectional scales that make them smooth. If the strands are dry and damaged, this means that the individual elements (scales) changed their direction, making it difficult to comb.

The task of sprays and conditioners is to moisten the dried strands, returning the scales to the original direction. The main component of tools that facilitate combing is keratin. This type of protein penetrates into the depth of each hair, restoring it, filling in the damaged particles. Thanks to keratin sprays strands become smoother, not confused among themselves, they can be combed without serious consequences. Often in the composition of such funds are oils, for example, argan.

What is a spray for combing hair

Moisturizing hair spray is an assistant for girls, which not only simplifies combing, but also protects them from thermal effects. The principle of operation of this product is to coat hairs with caring substances, such as keratin, panthenol and various oils, which give smoothness. In the use of sprays of different brands, the application itself is related by spraying onto hair from a distance of at least 20 cm. The difference is whether the product is applied to wet or dry strands.

Hair spray from the best manufacturers

Means for easy combing hair at the moment is presented in the rulers of different brands, differing in cost and quality. The best products are made by both companies with big names and less well-known. As a rule, even leading brands have positive and negative sides:




Johnson's Baby (Johnson Baby)

Well untangles hair, not weighing them. Sold at the right price.

Additional functions, in addition to facilitate combing, does not carry.

Gliss Kur (Glyskur)

In addition to disentangling strands, gives them shine and makes elastic.

Not suitable for greasy hair.

It has a pleasant smell. It copes well with its task.

Overdose can glue hair.

Good light composition containing avocado oil and keratin.

Too sweet smell may not appeal to everyone.

L’Oreal Professionnel (L'Oreal Professional)

Oil spray for hair from L'Oreal has a light texture, maintains the volume of hair and gives shine.

Where to buy and how much it costs

Spray for easy combing hair can be purchased at cosmetic stores or ordered online. The cost depends on the brand of the manufacturer and the volume of the bottle. The minimum price for a bottle of 75 ml starts with 130 p. More famous salon brands or products containing expensive oils can cost 1100 p. for the same amount.

How to prepare a spray for hair at home

Natural hand-made cosmetic products are often not inferior to the professional they purchase. Ingredients for making home remedies can be purchased at the pharmacy and store. Spray for easy combing of hair consists of the following components:

  • lemon juice - 8 tbsp. l.,
  • water - 200 ml
  • Vodka - 2 tbsp. l.,
  • ylang-ylang oil - 5 drops,
  • rosemary oil - 5 drops.

  1. Clean the water with a filter. It should not be any impurities.
  2. Dissolve vodka and lemon juice in water.
  3. Add oil one by one, carefully mixing the solution.
  4. Remove the resulting liquid in the refrigerator for a day, and then pour it into a container with a spray bottle.

Video: children's hair spray "Easy combing"

Alexandra, 26 years old: I bought a spray for easy painless brushing my daughter's hair, but eventually I started using it with my child. I didn’t notice any supernatural hair changes, but it became much easier to unravel the strands. You no longer need to forcefully brush your hair, leaving half on the comb. The tool copes with its task, despite the fact that released for children.

Margaret, 21: I read a lot on the Internet about sprays that have an oil component, they all are expensive and belong to the category of professional cosmetics. I decided to order one of them. At first, it seemed to me that everything was going as it should, but after a while I began to notice that my hair quickly got dirty and looked greasy. I do not experiment with such products anymore.

Alain, 28 years old: Once I came to a hair dye, after which I came out with a perfect hairstyle. The stylist admitted that she used a special treatment for combing her hair, which nourished strands of moisture. I purchased the product and use it all the time now. Hair is easy to style, looks silky, no effects of dye do not make themselves felt.

Anastasia, 23 years old: I have by nature long unruly hair, for which I need to use special care products to make my hair look beautiful. Looking for the perfect spray for a long time, and not finding the right one, I decided to prepare it myself. I got the perfect option for myself: the production is very simple and there is no chemistry in the composition.

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