Instructions and tips for using wigs and hairpieces from natural and artificial hair

The first selection criterion is hair material. In accordance with this, the types of wigs are distinguished: natural, artificial and mixed.

Natural products are made from natural hair of the Slavic type, artificial - from canekalon, and mixed - from natural and heat-resistant artificial hair. What does a Kanekalon wig look like? Naturally: natural hair shine, they are durable, light (8 times lighter than natural hair), last longer and retain their shape.

Therefore, the best wigs do not have to be natural. It all depends on the purpose for which you choose them.

The choice of a wig depends on other criteria. About wigs say a lot of these characteristics:

Instructions and tips on the use of wigs and hairpieces of natural and artificial hair.

How to care for a wig or chignon of artificial hair.

1. It is necessary to treat the product from hair carefully and accurately. Hair requires regular brushing and the longer the hair, the more often it is necessary to care for it. When combing a wig or chignon, we recommend using an air conditioner that helps soften hair and facilitates the process of combing. Very long hair should start combing from the tips, moving to combing from the middle of the hair and ending with combing from the hair roots. With this sequence, you avoid tangling of hair.

2. It is necessary to wash the wig or hairpiece as it gets dirty, but not often. Frequent washing with chemicals will also do more harm than good. For washing a wig made of artificial hair, it is necessary to select neutral products. Shampoo, balsam and conditioner are the complete range of wig care products. Dissolve shampoo in the bath with lukewarm water, immerse there a wig or hairpiece. Do not twist, wig and do not rub it. Let him lie down there - rest. After shampooing, place the wig in the bath and rinse it with running water. If the product has been in use for a long time (several months), then after rinsing, put the product in a bath with a pre-diluted balm. Let the wig lie there, and after 10-20 minutes you will remove it from there and not washing off the balm, put the wig on a towel and remove excess moisture. Do not twist or squeeze the wig. Another wet wig put on a stand, or at least a three-liter jar. Let it dry completely. After the wig is dry, begin to gently comb it. You can use the air conditioner.

3. After washing the artificial hair wig, you need to shake the wig, comb it a little and shake it again. Your wig will take its original shape and will delight you again.

IT IS PROHIBITED to use for wigs and chignons of artificial hair.

hair dryer for wig drying

straightening hair

- Do not keep the wig near heat sources - incandescent lamp, radiator, open flame.

Remember - you have acquired a very good product, which after washing takes on its original appearance, but you need to protect its artificial hair from all that is hot. Otherwise, you will dramatically reduce the life of the wig or hairpiece, or immediately and completely spoil your wig or hairpiece.

Advantages and disadvantages of a wig or hairpiece from natural hair.

1. The service life of a natural hair wig is calculated over the years.

2. Each time after washing the wig, you need to give the wig the necessary and desired shape. To do this, you still need to put a wet wig with a hair dryer and a comb, and all chemicals (mousse, gel, conditioner).

3. You can wind a wig and a hairpiece of natural hair, curl, straighten, make a chemical perm.

4. You can tint the wig and hairpiece from natural hair - change its color.

5. You can cut a wig and a hairpiece made of natural hair in a hairdressing salon before you need a haircut, model. Many people buy a wig from natural hair as a semi-finished product, from which they make the necessary haircut themselves.

6. Of the shortcomings, you can point out an obvious problem. With a lot of humidity, after the wig gets wet during the rain, with strong wind and even after several hours after the wig is laid, the appearance of a wig or hairpiece from natural hair will be different, completely different from that of a neatly laid One thing is when you just put a wig and went outside, and another thing is when you get wet and your hair is damaged.

We hope our recommendations for the care of wigs and hairpieces of natural and artificial hair will help you choose the right purchase in our online store. In each category of goods there are certain advantages and some disadvantages. Each buyer decides for himself which type of wig is more suitable for him in terms of wig or chignon care. We are ready to answer any questions on the entire range of products and according to the rules of care for our products. Telephone for any questions +7 921 421 521 1.

Thank you for reading to the end, and that turned to us in our online store.

Select by size

A good wig should sit comfortably on your head, and therefore, fit to fit. The size of the cap is determined by measuring the circumference of the head.

What are wigs in size:

  • small - 52-54 cm (suitable for children, women with a small head),
  • standard - 55-57 cm (for women),
  • large - 58-60 cm (male).

Important: if most models are small or large for you, choose custom-sized wigs.

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I am well acquainted with wigs and other laundry products, I can tell you, it is only important to take into account what fiber the hair of the wig is made of, what are you selling in the salon, from natural or artificial hair?

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Re: Wig Care Secrets

oh, yes, I forgot to write that wigs from natural hair, I understand that the care for them should be different.

When to wear a short wig, how to dress and wear it correctly

Ready hairstyle is always at hand - this is the main reason why women buy these accessories. Not everyone has time to visit a beauty salon, and a beautiful wig will help out in many situations.

It will allow you to try on your favorite hairstyle, haircut, if the length and structure of the hair is not suitable for her.

Difficulties with the choice are experienced primarily by buyers who do not have experience in acquiring this accessory.

  • Before you buy a product, decide where and how you plan to use it.
  • Accessories for everyday wear and for a one-time march on corporate should have different requirements.
  • Products for the holidays usually look ironic, as performed with the grotesque.
  • To change the image or conceal the problems of hair, it is preferable to take a natural product. Although modern artificial wigs are almost as good as natural ones.
  • When choosing an accessory, remember, the hair color should be combined with the color of your face.
  • The shape of the product is selected based on the structure of the head.
  • The wrong choice will lead to the fact that the accessory will highlight the flaws.

Very large selection of wigs

Types of wigs from natural and artificial hair, short and long

Depending on the purpose, wigs are distinguished for natural hair, for bald head. Cover plate for those who have partially appeared bald, called poluparik. Separately allocate accessories for the theater, cinema. To the category of wigs include not only hair, but also mustache, eyebrows, braids, sideburns, hair ornaments, artificial hair prints.

Women's wigs made of natural hair differ in the base, so they are divided into three types:

  1. Lace base with bangs. The bang is not removed because it covers the edge of the base.
  2. Hair with a line of growth. This accessory does not require bangs, worn with any parting. It consists of two parts: the back half of the lace, in front - a transparent, invisible line of growth.
  3. Hollywood is a solid base, indistinguishable from its own curls, able to withstand windy rainy weather. It is made of synthetic material that resembles the structure of the scalp.

Natural wigs are made from 100% natural hair.

How to choose and buy in the online store aliexpress

Before purchasing a wig, you need to know the size of the head and take into account, regardless of whether there are any fasteners-regulators on the product. Many do not know how to choose a natural wig. The accessory is selected taking into account the color of the strands. A win-win option are products that match in color with the natural hair of the hostess.

Owners of light or pale skin are ashy, black, light brown versions of cold shades. For skin prone to redness, advised shades of chestnut, warm light brown. In the presence of skin of golden tone it is better to try red and light shades. Ideal complements, corrects the appearance of the accessory, tailored to the shape of the face.

Natural wig care is simple

Combing as necessary in the direction of laying. To do this, fit the comb with rare teeth. If you are planning to buy a finished wig or make a wig out of your hair, then you will be able to subsequently style, curl and wind it up with curlers.

Secrets of care

The accessory needs a delicate wash once every six months. It is better to contact a specialized cleaning. But you can wash the product at home with shampoo for sensitive dry hair. Before the procedure, it should be placed on a base that repeats the shape of the head. For example, take the head of a hairless mannequin. The product can not be turned out, lather gently in the direction of hair growth, rinse with warm water.

Types of wigs for haircut and style

A very convenient solution is to choose a wig with a finished hairstyle. The product will not need to be additionally styled or make new hairstyles. To do this, just choose a wig by style / hairstyle:

  • Evening (wedding, graduation, certain classic hairstyles).
  • Business (strict and discreet lines in hairstyles).
  • Casual (with simple and simple styling).
  • Romantic (hairstyles with curls, waves, often on long hair).
  • Elegant (stylish hairstyle).
  • Athletic (comfortable and simple hairstyles, usually on short hair).

Which wig is best to buy in color?

The shade of a wig is selected according to the color of the skin, eyes, age and the desired effect.

In our wig salon you can choose natural shades, hair with trendy effects and creative colors. To do this, visit our showroom, try on products. If you do not live in St. Petersburg, you can make a choice like this: go to any beauty salon, choose a shade based on Estel samples (they are the same as ours), give the color number to us, we will select suitable wigs. If you do not live in St. Petersburg, send us a strand of your hair, hair of your wig or photos of hair shade, made in different light.

Choosing a foundation

The appearance of the wig is determined by the base - a cap on which the hair is fixed.

Monofilament, imitating the scalp, thin tulle (responsible for the ease of the product), handmade (every hair is imposed manually), invisible mesh along the hairline - all this makes the wig imperceptible, creates an effect like hair grows out of your head.

Wigs created by a machine have less naturalness: noticeable tresses, the inability to change parting and other nuances - all this will have to be paid attention to when choosing.

Our store presents wigs of two brands: Ellen Wille and NJ Creation.

Wigs ellen wille

Marka was founded by Ellen Ville, making a revolutionary breakthrough in the wig market from his beloved work. Each product is unique, embodies half a century of quality traditions. The main advantages of this brand of wigs are: comfortable wearing, invisible frontal line, natural shade of hair at the roots, and natural styling.

Ellen Wille collections consist of natural and artificial wigs. Natural wigs created from 100% European-type hair, resemble Slavic in structure, are sold at an affordable price. Artificial - visually 90% similar to natural hair, with natural shine, do not lose their shape and appearance in the rain, snow, at sea and in the pool, it is easy to care for them.

NJ Creation Wigs

Different models are presented in the collections, but the manufacturer pays special attention to reliable, safe wigs designed for people suffering from baldness.

The advantages of NJ Creation products are the patented development of Modulcap and Novicap Liberty. Modulcap - special strings that regulate the wig in size, as a result, the product ideally sits on the shape of the head. Novicap Liberty is a concept that eliminates the fixation of a wig with tape or glue. The product is securely and easily fixed as follows: polyurethane strips, sensitive to the temperature of the skin, are distributed over the entire wig contour: they expand and stick to it.

Immerse yourself in a pleasant experience - a selection of wigs. Go to our directory. There is a filter that will facilitate the selection according to your personal preferences. In the menu on the left, select the type, length, color, hair structure, haircut and style, if this is important to you. You can also select additional criteria: size, manufacturer and collection name, material, wig base. After marking all the parameters, click the "Show" button. If any criteria need to be changed, click "Reset", and repeat the action.

How to care for a wig made of artificial hair?

To care for the product does not require any special tools. It is recommended to wash the product once every two to three months. In this case, use neutral means: shampoo, conditioner, hairspray easy fixation.

If the wig hair is matted, it must be combed with a comb or comb before washing. Shampoo dissolve in cold water to obtain a foam. Place the wig in water and leave it in water for 10 - 15 minutes. Then rinse the wig with cool water so that the shampoo is completely removed from the product. Dissolve a small amount of conditioner or hair balm in cool water. Put the wig in this solution and leave for 10 minutes. Then carefully wash the hair of the wig. Wrap a clean wig in a towel, remove excess moisture, do not unscrew or rub the product. Wet the product to put on the stand and leave to dry.

What precautions must be taken?

To prevent damage to artificial hair, never use a hot hair dryer; do not style your hair with electric tongs and thermal rollers. Keep artificial hair wig away from open flame and other heat sources. If you follow these not complex rules, the wig will last a long time, remaining as attractive as the day it was purchased.

Why initially created the feeling that the wig is not sitting securely, and while wearing it feel discomfort?

Cosmetics have properties to take the form of the head. Initially, artificial wigs and wigs made of natural hair have the shape of a blank on which they are sewn, so naturally, during the fitting and the first days of wearing a wig, a feeling of discomfort and insecurity is possible. It takes three to four days for the wig to sit comfortably in the shape of the head. Wigs are like shoes that take the form of legs for several first days.

Do wigs sizes?

Artificial Hair Wigs They have a standard size that can be adjusted using special straps located on the inner surface of the base. If the size needs to be slightly increased, wet the base of the wig and put it on a large mannequin or any container of the appropriate size. For the manufacture of an individual order, measurements are taken from the client’s head.

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