Medium length hair styling methods

Ask any stylist, and he will answer without delay: medium-length curls are ideal. With such curls, you can experiment in every way, and styling on medium hair can be done in a short time. That is why most girls prefer them.

Of course, in hairdressing salons and beauty salons you will be made flawless styling, but not everyone has the opportunity to visit stylists every day to maintain the proper image. However, at home you can do no worse. Every woman should know how to tuck in medium-length hair to look great every day.


To make styling on medium hair with the help of an ironing, you must first wash and dry the curls, comb them. To straighten hair, it is necessary to separate the small strands and carry it from top to bottom. The tips can also be turned by turning the iron into the inner or outer side. Then your photo styling on medium hair will be no worse than model hair. It is recommended to begin the procedure with the occipital strands and try not to carry out too often the same strands.

Laying using a diffuser

The diffuser is a special nozzle on the hair dryer, having the form of "fingers". Using it allows you to do voluminous hairstyles for medium hair and various styling, and at the same time minimally injure the curls.

The most famous way to create a wavy effect is a diffuser.

First you need to wash the curls and dry with a towel. For fixing the entire length is applied foam or gel for. The head can be tilted either sideways or forward - as it will be more convenient for you, after which the hair dryer with a nozzle is located at an angle of 90 degrees to the curls. Next, you should bring the hair dryer to the curls, so that the hair “coils” as it were on the “fingers” of the diffuser: in this position, the strands are dried.

When most are dry, some strands can be reapplied mousse or gel. After drying, you do not need to comb the hair: distribute gently with your hands and fix it with varnish.

Asymmetrical styling

Laying on one shoulder will help create a soft and gentle look, and elongated bangs will only complement the look. Similar options can be explored by considering styling on medium hair photos. Depending on which curls you would like to get, you can use curlers with a small diameter, bobbins, curling tongs, hairpins, a hair dryer, a comb and other devices. Be sure to use the locking means to the hair does not lose its shape.

Curly hair reincarnation

Even if by nature you are the owner of curly curls, you can create easy hairstyles for medium hair. To do this, you can use a hairdryer, brush and barrette. Laying starts from the back of the head: wet curls are combed and fixed on the top with a hairpin, leaving one strand beforehand. A stream of warm air is directed at it, and with the help of a brush, a curl is pulled along the entire length. With the rest of the strands spend the same manipulations.

What should be considered before the installation procedure?

Considering how beautiful hair styling medium length in the photo in glossy magazines, involuntarily there is a note of envy. However, at home, you can easily surpass them. The main thing is to follow certain tips.

  • All styling should be done on clean strands, and in the process of washing you need to use not only shampoo, but also conditioner, which should be distributed over the entire length. Special attention should be paid to the tips, as they are the most vulnerable part of the hairstyle.
  • Before styling medium-length hair, the photos will become helpers, because before any hairstyle you need to determine in advance what result is needed.
  • If you want to give a pleasant curls with the help of curlers, then you must first carefully comb the strands. If you do not have a knack for using curlers, laying a photo or video on medium hair will help you to carry out the procedure correctly. The main thing is to follow when winding up that all the tips are captured.
  • Before straightening the hair of medium length, in the case of straightening, it is imperative to apply means that will protect the strands from the harmful effects of thermal tools.
  • It is also necessary to remember about the proper spraying of means for fixation: it should occur from top to bottom, and the distance between the surface of the head and the canister should be at least 20 cm. With the right spray of varnish, you will get a thin uniform layer, and with the wrong one - the effect of dull and unwashed hair.
  • If you have disobedient and dry curls, before you put the hair of medium length, you can “comb” it with your fingers, on which a small amount of moisturizer was rubbed before.

What you need for styling

To give the hair the desired shape can not do without a certain set of tools, namely without:

  • hair dryer,
  • shine spray
  • mousse / foam / lotion for volume,
  • hairbrushes
  • curlers
  • forceps flat or round shape
  • invisible / barrettes / hoops.

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Styling methods

Sometimes owners of medium-length hair use 2-3 types of styling, not suspecting that dozens of different ways are invented to refresh the image and appearance. Most of them are performed on wet strands, because they are easier to handle. The average length opens up unlimited potential when creating hairstyles.

The main tool for laying the strands are all kinds of devices with which curls take on a certain shape. Hair nozzle diffuser gives volume, which is important for thin hair type. With the use of curling, straight strands will acquire elegant coils of various thicknesses.

Do not discount the curlers. Modern devices are distinguished by convenient use and the absence of kinks on the turns. Even a teenager can cope with such a tool. But the most valuable thing is that this type of styling is the least detrimental to the hair structure.

It looks very impressive hair styling in the Greek style. The average length is enough to create a festive hairstyle. Addition of coils with a bandage in the Greek style will create a real sensation at the celebration. A statism can emphasize the bezel, made of their precious material or high-quality jewelry. It is necessary to add a refined accessory only to curled or braided strands, the image will immediately become stylish.

The main tool for laying the strands are all sorts of devices with which curls take on a certain shape.

Laying using ironing or curling

Armed with an ordinary curling iron, you can create stylish images for both festive events and everyday life.

The following step by step guide will facilitate the process of creating the desired hairstyle:

  • The entire length of the strands is processed spray for thermal protection.
  • The hair is divided into separate curls after which the strand should be clamped on top of the curling iron and stretched down. It is necessary to begin work from the occiput area gradually moving forward.
  • The tips of the curls bend, if desired, up or down. It is very important not to expose the same curl to the repeated alignment, as this causes irreparable damage to the scalp.

Hair styling

Step-by-step tutorial on styling strands into a hairstyle using a hair dryer and a round comb:

  • After washing your hair with a suitable shampoo lightly towel dry them.
  • Lift strands at the root system should be carefully combed through their combwhile directing a warm stream of air.
  • If desired, the ends of curls curled up, down or remain flat.
  • The resulting installation should be fixed using lacquer increased fixation.

Styling with curlers

You can buy beautiful curls with the help of any kinds of curlers. Velcro, boomerangs, and thermo type and foam options are perfect. Heated hair curlers must be twisted on dry curls, and the remaining varieties only on wet locks.

The work does not require any knowledge and is performed quite simply:

  • The combed hair is divided into small strands.
  • Screwing curlers expect a certain amount of time and carefully remove such a useful device.
  • The resulting wavy curls fix varnish or spray.
Heated hair rollers need to be twisted on dry curls, and other varieties only on wet locks.

Several simple styling options for each day.

Given the fast pace of modern life of a woman who has time to combine work, family, children, and at the same time watch yourself it is worth noting that medium-length hair can be variously styled without experiencing significant time costs. The most popular are simple types of hairstyles, described below.

"Soft Wave"

To create such a masterpiece will require a hairdryer, foam and hair curlers silicone type.

Execution process:

  • When combing choose the desired line of parting (oblique or straight).
  • The hair is divided into thick curls, which are carefully processed with foam along the entire length.
  • Strands are wound on curlers and dried with a hairdryer.
  • After removing the hair curlers, we perform a light close-up.
  • The resulting hairstyle is fixed varnish.
To create such a masterpiece will require a hairdryer, foam and hair curlers silicone type

"Stylish beam"

The practicality of such styling is ideally combined with fashion trends that make the hairstyle incredibly stylish. The beam fits perfectly into a business casual image and is no less convenient for sports activities. The beam is fixed either on the top of the head or in the back of the head.

Execution process:

  • Combed hair should be collected and secured with a wide elastic band.
  • Ponyad tail podgibayutsya under the gum, becoming completely invisible.
  • If desired, the final stage can be the creation of light negligence, the construction of a bow of hair or laying on the base.
  • The resulting hairstyle is fixed with hairspray.
The bundle fits perfectly into a business casual image and is no less convenient for sports activities.

"Playful curls"

Armed with a spray with water and professional hair foam, we begin to create a luxurious styling:

  • Combing the hair along the entire length of the lift hair roots.
  • Curls slightly treat the entire length of the water.
  • Moving from the tips of the strands, lightly crush them to the root system.
  • Make active movements should be very quickly and evenly.
  • After obtaining the effect of playful curls, fix them with a high-fixing lacquer.

Consolidation of the result

With all the efforts the woman gets the desired styling, which, in windy weather and humidity, quite quickly loses its former shape. To avoid the appearance of defects, you should fix the acquired result. As a retainer, invisible bells and hairspray of increased fixation are perfect.

Lucky can not only reliably keep the shape of hair, but also give it shine, leaving the curls moveable and prevent the problem of tangling. Remove such a tool is completely simple. It is enough to use a comb.

Watch the video: Medium Hair Hairstyles. Easy DIY Hair Styling (December 2019).