Fashionable hair color 2012-2013

If you decide to change the image, the magazine offers a look at the most fashionable hair colors in 2012.

In a society that pays more and more importance to fashion in any of its manifestations, every woman is simply obliged to care for her hair and maintain its bright color in accordance with the latest fashion trends. Stylists offer a variety of fashionable hair colors and shades of 2012, with which you can both softly highlight your natural hair color and completely change it.

One of the main fashion trends in hair coloring will be the use of soft coloring in various ways using several shades of hair.

Fashionable hair color 2012-2013 - natural charm

Fashion for natural hair shades for several years does not leave the catwalks, as well as glossy magazines. In order to be “in trend” today, you don’t need to sacrifice the health of your hair, repainting from a burning brunette to a platinum blonde. It is enough to emphasize the natural shade of your hair, adding new color nuances to it.

The fashionable hair color of 2012-2013 is soft natural tones, charming naturalness and brilliant modulations that so go to young girls. Therefore, choosing a hair color 2012-2013, repel, above all, from its natural shade.

Fashionable hair color 2012-2013 - blondes

Blonde hair is again at its peak of popularity. Therefore, owners of light-brown shades can finally re-qualify in gentle blondes. The actual light hair color of 2012-2013 is, first of all, warm, sunny colors: golden blond, honey, wheat, beige, light caramel, sandy, flaxen. They, like the sun's rays, will warm you in the cold autumn-winter season.

Also at the peak of popularity are all shades of light brown. Especially fashionable coloring "brond" - a cross between blondes and brunettes. This color goes to all girls without exception.

Ash, platinum and other "unnatural" shades today are clearly not among the favorites. Stylists propose to use these tones for coloring, mixing the "warm" and "cold" strands. And although some designers have painted their models' heads in deliberately ashy smoky colors, we do not advise girls to paint themselves in such shades. After all, the ashy shade, similar to gray hair, is “old” and does not decorate young girls. If you like unusual colors, try pearl blond.

Actual hair color 2012-2013 - brunettes

Despite the fact that the most fashionable hair color of 2012-2013 was blond, brunettes are also given a wide field for experiments with natural dark shades. The most elegant and appetizing color - chocolate has returned to fashion. A wide range of chocolate shades will allow any girl to emphasize her individuality. Dark, bitter or light "chocolate", saturated or calm, with cold or warm highlights, chestnut or reddish nuances - there is where to swing imagination.

What exactly should be avoided in the new season is unnatural bluish-black curls, eggplant shade and coal black hair. Moreover, such “adult” shades are not very suitable for young beauties.

Fashionable hair color 2012-2013 - red

This season, the stylists made a real gift for the owners of the red mane. This color is more relevant than ever. Girls with fiery hair can be envied, because there has never been such a variety of red shades! Choose to your taste - fiery, bright, rich colors or calm, elegant colors. The main thing - do not go into red or yellow.

Creative hair colors 2012-2013

Stylists have not forgotten about the lovers of the original coloring, bright unusual shades and new coloring techniques. It is worth trying the “shatush” technique - smooth color transitions from the roots to the tips. The dark color at the roots gradually gives way to light or bright at the tips. For example, Jean Paul Gaultier and Prada dyed hair models in fantastic purple and pink colors.

Brave girls can also try coloring in neon shades - green, pink, orange, lilac. You can color the whole head or color only the roots or tips. Use for these purposes tint dyes, mousses and colored mascara for hair.

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