4 tips on creating hairstyles "Flower of the hair"

If you are tired of your usual haircuts or hairstyles, we will tell you how to diversify your image with an original hairstyle, which is very simple to do in just six steps. Today we will show how to make a flower out of hair for long or medium hair length. Such a flower on the hair looks feminine and unusual. It may seem to you that it is difficult to perform and you can’t do such a hairstyle with your own hands, but in reality this is not so. Follow our step-by-step instructions and you will succeed!

What you need:

- two small rubber bands

- from four to five stealth hair

- hair spray medium fixation

Step 1

Comb the hair, separate the small strands on the right and left. If you have a desire to complicate the hairstyle, you can pre-curl the ends of the hair.

Step 2

Secure the separated strands with a rubber band as shown in the photo.

Step 3

Braid a simple pigtail from the tail and secure it to the end with a rubber band.

Step 4

The scythe needs to be made more voluminous, slightly pulling the strands out of it. Next, the braid needs to start rolling into a flower towards the base.

Step 5

The resulting flower neatly secure stealth from all sides.

Step 6

Fix the flower with varnish and your hairstyle is complete!

To create a hairstyle "flower" you will need a mandatory set of accessories

  1. small gum to match hair or colorless,
  2. scallop with a tail,
  3. tight stealth and studs,
  4. exterior decorative studs
  5. lacquer strong or very strong fixation.

Flower hair with braids: step by step instructions

All hairstyles with flowers in their hair are made on the basis of braids and tails. Step-by-step instructions for making braided jewelry begin with preparatory operations. Be sure to wash your hair and carefully comb your hair. Pure curls are treated with a special modeling cream. Then perform sequential actions:

  • A large strand is separated from either side of the head.

  • The usual braid is braided, the outer strands are arched by means of a comb.

  • Fix the end of weaving.
  • Form a spiral of braids. The petals in the form of an arc left on the outside.

The hair formed from the flower is fixed from the inside with pins, and a bright element is added to the center of the creation from the outside.

The described hairstyle flower from the hair will also look effective when forming on both sides of the face.

Big bud for long hair

Excellent hairstyle with a large flower size requires you to collect all the hair in the tail at the back of the head. For processed and combed strands spend successive steps:

  • stretch the strand in front of the head,
  • the tail is divided into three parts, two parts are fixed,

  • the hairstyle of the rose is formed from the hair by successive styling of the strands,

  • for fastening petals use clamps,
  • as the volume increases, we hold the fixation from the inside with invisible ones.

the center of the element is fixed by a hairpin, and the side curls are laid around the flower.

The rosette hairstyle is fixed with varnish, and the loose strands of the upper part of the head are securely fixed.

When weaving is impossible, the flowers from the hair are obtained from numerous tails. The size of the flower will depend on the length of the curls. The work will be carried out in the following sequence:

  • Prepare strands for styling by washing, additionally dried curls smoothed.
  • Splitting the occipital region into zones where individual tufts are formed.

  • Each tail is divided into strands, which will determine the number of petals when you begin to make a flower.
  • A flower is formed from the lower tail using division into several strands.

Consecutive actions are carried out for each strand formed. Reliable fastening and durability of the structure will ensure reliable fastening with studs and sufficient use of lacquer for fixing. The result will satisfy the girl no worse than trying to make a rose out of hair.

In conclusion, you should arrange the front strands, taking into account the length and features of the model.

Bouquet on an elastic band - excellent wedding option

Beautifully decorated hairstyle flower from the hair, made with the help of gum. Each strand is formed up to 3 cm thick, after which it is fixed at the base.

Subsequently, when passing through the gum, the strand does not stretch. Petal for petal should be to the end, fixed, in the center is decorated with a pearl. If at the same time to dye your hair with all sorts of flowers, you get a bright bouquet. Colors should be selected in view of the upcoming celebration, the season. The number of elements in the bouquet will depend on the thickness and length of curls.

How to make a flower out of hair (35 photos) - 3 options for creating an unusual and beautiful hairstyle

There are many types of hairstyles. Naturally, simple, everyday styling, not requiring much time to create them, but allowing a woman to look beautiful and stylish in any situation, is particularly popular. If we are talking about going to a dinner party or a cultural event, then it is best to choose unusual styling, for example, a hair flower out of hair would be appropriate.

In the photo - a hairstyle in the form of a flower

There is nothing difficult in its creation, what you can see in this article - we will offer you three options for hair, and you choose the one that you like more than others.

At the same time, we selected such styling that you can do to yourself, and creating them will not take long.

Yes, and hairstyles themselves may equally appropriately look in different places and at different events:

  • at the evening meeting,
  • at a business dinner
  • at corporate party
  • at the disco,
  • just in the office
  • at the wedding,
  • at graduation and so on.

What you need to do

In order to do the styling yourself, you first need to prepare certain tools and accessories.

In particular, depending on the hairstyle, you may need:

  • small gum, matching hair color,
  • comb - preferably comb with rare teeth,
  • ordinary studs
  • decorative studs with decorations,
  • invisible,
  • lacquer strong fixation.

When creating hairstyles it is recommended to use wooden combs.

You can buy all this in any store, and the price of most accessories is low. This is a common set of items, depending on the particular technology, it can vary, as discussed below.

Note. If you do not have the time or desire to do the styling yourself, you can contact the beauty salon. However, be prepared for the fact that the cost of master services can be extremely high. Moreover, there can be made a significant margin for the alleged complexity of the work, but after reading the full algorithm, you will realize that in fact there is nothing complicated.

Three flower options

First, try uploading your photo and see how this hairstyle will look at you.

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We bring to your attention three options for creating styling in the form of a flower. Detailed instructions will tell you how to braid curls to create an unusual hairstyle.

Option 1 - make a rose

This option of laying is ideally suited for various festive events and will allow you to stand out positively against the background of other women, no matter in what way they appeared.

Sample rose from hair

To create a rose you need:

  • a comb or a wooden comb with sparse teeth
  • ordinary studs
  • styling foam or hair mousse,
  • lacquer strong fixation.

Now consider how to weave a rose.

The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • you need to wash your hair first
  • blot the curls with a towel and wait for them to dry naturally,
  • comb your hair well to eliminate tangles
  • in the side zone of the head, select one small strand,
  • the selected strand is divided into three equal parts,
  • of these parts weave a braid, gradually, in the process of weaving, adding loose hair next to the side strands,
  • when the spit is created, fix its end,
  • on one of the sides of the braid, slightly pull the individual links so that they do not tangle so tightly - in this way, you will form the petals of your rose,
  • now you need to twist the braid around the axis so that the free links are outside,

Turn the braid around the axis

  • it is necessary to fix each individual coil using conventional studs,
  • Finally, the rose should be treated with a strong lacquer, which will ensure its durability.

Note. If you want a rose to become even more spectacular and beautiful, use ornaments for it. For example, suitable hairpin with sparkles.

Option 2 - do the lotus

Lotus will make your look amazingly refined, albeit a bit strict.

To create a lotus you need:

  • big curlers
  • rubber bands
  • styling products - varnish, mousse, gel,
  • invisible and ordinary studs.

The sequence of the formation of the lotus involves the following actions:

  • wash the hair, wait until it dries naturally,
  • be sure to comb the curls,
  • the whole head of hair should be divided into wide, large strands,
  • apply styling foam
  • wind the big curlers, hold them for about an hour,
  • after that the curlers should be removed,
  • form the tail, fixing it with a rubber band,
  • select a small strand on the created tail and wind it around the elastic band, thereby hiding this accessory,
  • tail divided into several strands,
  • the more there will be - the more luxurious your lotus will be,
  • each strand should be carefully combed, slightly combed and an additional wax applied,
  • after that, each individual strand is rolled to the base of the tail,
  • it is necessary to lay folded strands in a spiral, and for their fixation to use stealth,
  • the ends of the strands are fastened using ordinary studs,
  • Finally, the lotus must be varnished.

An example of a complex and bulky flower

Option 3 - make a daisy

This is the easiest and fastest way to create a flower hairstyle on your head. In this case, it will be about the daisy field - cute, beautiful and romantic. Special accessories are not needed here - just a simple, tight gum will be enough.

To make a daisy on your head, you need to do the following:

  • first wash the hair, wait until it dries and thoroughly comb,
  • if your curls curl, you definitely need to straighten them, using the iron,
  • highlight thin strand
  • secure the strand at its base with a tight elastic band,
  • slightly pull the hair to slightly pull them out from under the gum, thus creating a small loop,
  • the remaining end of the strand just needs to be dragged under the elastic, thereby forming the second loop,
  • thread through until the entire length of the strand is used.

You can make a camomile yourself, and if you are interested in a hairstyle like in the photo, be sure to ask a professional for help.

Note. To create this hairstyle you do not need a fixing varnish. She and so reliably keeps. By the way, if you have the time and desire, you can easily make a few daisies all over the head of hair.

In conclusion

Now you know how to make a flower out of the hair on your head - there is nothing difficult in forming such a hairstyle. Just follow the recommendations given above, and everything will work out for you (see also the article “Hair Shell: Hair Style for Long and Medium Curls”).

Additional video in this article will help to better master all the skills.

If you want to thank, add a clarification or objection, ask the author a question - add a comment!

Step-by-step photos, as well as video of the hairstyle, will help you to create an evening styling yourself or use the help of a girlfriend :) Flowers from the hair are very beautiful;

How to make a rose out of hair: a gorgeous hairstyle, step by step photo + video

How to make a rose out of hair: a gorgeous hairstyle, step by step photo + video

If you are going to an important event or just to go out, the question of choosing a hairstyle comes up. After all, you always want to look irresistible and original. Today Pricheskina.ru will show how to make a rose out of hair, this elegant styling is suitable for any special occasion. Step-by-step photos, as well as video of the hairstyle, will help you create your own evening styling or use the help of a friend :)

Flowers from the hair - it is very beautiful, a rose from the hair can be made only for long hair. Laying rather complicated, requires certain skills and training. If you have patience and free time, you will certainly learn how to make a rose out of your own hair.

How to make a rose out of hair: photo step by step

Hairstyle is performed on clean and well-combed hair. What you need to create hairstyles:

  • Scrunchy,
  • Hairpins, clips,
  • Hairbrush,
  • Lacquer strong fixation
  • Studs
  • Jewelry (decorative stud),
  1. Braid the tail, as shown in the photo. Secure with a tight rubber band. Peel off a small amount on top of the tail, put the base on it, treat it with hair spray and comb it. The strand should be slightly damp and varnish smooth.
  2. Fold the base around your finger and place it in a beautiful curl, forming the center of the rose. Secure the curl first with a clip and then a hairpin. All studs are inserted in zigzag movements to the center of the tail.
  3. Continue to wrap this strand around the middle, fixing the bends with hairpins. Try to lay a strand gently, periodically sprinkling it with varnish. It should be flat. The end of the strand fix the stud.

  4. Again, from the bottom, separate another strand of the same thickness. Well comb it and sprinkle varnish. Petal is placed from left to right. With a hairpin-clip, pin up the base of the strand so that the strand is flat and parallel to the head. With this one strand we form one large petal, just wrap the tip around the base, hide it and fix it with a hairpin.
  5. From the bottom to the left, we again separate the strand, comb it, treat with hairspray. Again, pin up the hairpin at the very base and form a new rose petal, wrap the tip around the base and fasten it with a hairpin. Ready-made petal locks fix with varnish. First, we put half of the tail strands in the petals on the left side.
  6. After the flower of the hair became lush from the left side. Do the same steps on the right side. Separate the new strand on the right, combing, splashing varnish, combing again and forming a petal, clamping with a barrette. The tip is also wrapped around the base and fastened with a pin.

  7. We continue to separate the new strands on the right side and lay them in the petals in the same way.

In conclusion, the rose itself can be decorated with a decorative, sparkling hairpin. The finished hairstyle is treated again with a strong hold lacquer. Rose of hair is ready!

Fashion trends

The original trend of this year was the flowers made from their own strands. Of course, this is more an evening hairstyle, but it is quite possible to do it yourself, having a little practice in front of a mirror. In case of luck, a fantastic appearance is guaranteed, which will blow the people around.

Just a couple of years ago, it was fashionable to appear at a resort, a beach party, or at a pleasant town intertwyer with a flower in her hair.On the shelves of small and not very small shops there were hairpins and clips on which artificial flowers were attached. The fashion was called "Hawaiian", which implied imitation of free girls from these islands.

But today's fashion calls for a more professional approach to styling strands, which has been confirmed in new styles promoted from the TV screen. We will reveal some secrets of how to make a flower out of your own hair.

Flower on braids

This is a practical option, involving the ability of the girl to braid herself braids. Types of weaving a huge variety. Let us analyze how to make everyday hairstyle and create a flower out of hair on a braid.

You can start weaving from any part of the head, but first it is better to do it from the side, so that the sequence of actions is visible:

  • We braid the usual three-strand braid,
  • From any, arbitrarily chosen side of the braid, you need to slightly stretch the strand in each loop, creating a certain bulge,
  • When the braid is docked, it should look fairly dense, on the one hand, and airy on the other,
  • We fix the braid with an elastic band, preferably a thin silicone,
  • We twist the braid spirally so that the convex part of the future “petals” remains on the outside,
  • We pierce the resulting "rose" in the center with a hairpin, fixing it on the hair,
  • It is also necessary to use a few stealth for better fixation, in addition you can spray the hair with lacquer,
  • A hair flower is ready.

This type of weaving can be used daily, it is not necessary to wait for special events, especially since it will take very little time. There is a slightly more complicated option, involving an evening out at a serious event. If you can not visit the salon, then you will definitely need a girlfriend, ready to spend a couple of hours alone with you and your hair.

Evening exit

Clean, washed hair must be carefully combed. Divide the total mass of curls and form two horse tails - upper and lower. If the hair is straight, it is desirable to twist it on large or medium curlers to make it easier to lay out the hair.

We begin to work with the hair of the lower tail:

  • Choose a curl that will be the core
  • We treat it with lacquer, strong enough to fix and not correct the hairstyle later,
  • We twist the curl around the finger, to the base of the tail, and fasten the first pin,
  • Each subsequent strand is fixed in a similar way, with the amendment of the fact that you need to slightly pull the curl from the side, to give the flower a volume,
  • After two, thus fixed locks, each next one needs to be wrapped around the middle of the flower, spreading carefully and spraying the structure with varnish,
  • When the rose is ready, the upper tail can be dismissed and laid out around the hairstyle, or to create the effect of careless styling with the released curly knuckles.

Evening hairstyle rose is quite difficult to reproduce, but the flower from the hair will look elegant and sophisticated.

This technique is suitable, of course, only for owners of long hair. You can decorate this styling with a variety of studs with rhinestones or any accessories, but you need to make sure that everything looks harmonious. The chic should be in the very hairstyle, which will most effectively emphasize the well-groomed beauty of the hair.

As can be seen from the above methods of weaving technique, it can be simple or complex, but to create a flower from the hair you always need to spend time. Therefore, take care to allocate a sufficient amount of it for the construction of a masterpiece on your head.

Types of display

You can not only make a "rose", there are other techniques for recreating flowers on your head. Try to braid "daisy" to create a gentle romantic mood. This hairstyle is relevant for younger representatives of the female population. Curls should be long enough to ensure the beauty and creativity of appearance.

The outline of the hair hairstyle in this case will be less cumbersome than the previous one, but this will only add charm to the young fashionistas:

  • To prepare the curls, you need to wash them, dry and use the iron to make it more smooth,
  • Separating a small long strand, you need to make a loop, closer to the head, with a finger and secure with a rubber band,
  • Throughout the remaining length of the strand, you need to repeat the manipulation, laying out the petals of the “chamomile” eight with respect to each other,
  • There will be as many petals as your strand length allows.

This method is notable for the fact that it does not require studs or clips, it all rests on a single elastic band.

Sometimes it is very convenient, the hairstyle not weighed with accessories lasts much longer. In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that many stars of the world of cinema, like Kate Beckinsale, Scarlett Johanson, Nicole Kidman and similar beauty make the “rose” of hair.

Posing in front of the cameras, they can be sure that their hairstyle is in perfect order, emphasizes the irresistible, creates a high society image and is an example to emulate millions.

Creation process: step by step technique

Separate the part of the strands from the crown of the head area from which the flower hairstyle will be created; this must be done before the rest of the strands are processed. After that, take a means for thermal protection and evenly distribute over the entire length. When the tool dries, curl the strands using curling in large curls. Each finished curl, after it cools down, twist into a tight rope, and stretch your arms to the sides. This will make the hair fluffy. Sprinkle the result with varnish, then lift the tips to the back of the head, smooth out the lower part of the hairstyle and fix it with stealth.

After that, you can start to make a flower out of hair. Curl up the strand of curling, previously left aside, and, without waiting for the hair to cool, straighten it with your fingers so that the result is an oval shaped wave, not a shaped curl. Pull the tip to the root and secure the loop of the elastic in this position. Place the received part of a head of hair spiral from the center to the periphery, and after an equal number of centimeters fix the flower from the hair with invisible hair so that you can get petals. Liberally spray the styling lacquer on the flower petals, gently pull the invisible fingers with your fingers, so it turns out that it is not difficult to make a flower hairstyle.

Using braid

The simplest version of the hair, decorated with a flower from its own strands, is the braid-flower. To create it you need:

  • wash and comb hair,
  • apply a silicone-based modeling cream on them,
  • to separate a large strand from the right or left side of the face,

  • start braiding it in a regular (not “cone”!) braid towards the back of the head,
  • with the help of a hairbrush with a tail, on one side of the braid, they pull out all the strands so as to form thin arcs,
  • fix the end of the braid with an elastic band,
  • the braid is folded in a spiral, leaving “petals-arcs” on the outside,
  • fix the center of the spiral-flower with a hairpin with a large artificial pearl at the end,
  • With the help of small hairpins fix the bottom layer of “petals” on the head.

Another version of the hairstyle with “flower” can be done by braiding the braids on both sides of the face, and put them in the same way as described above. It is recommended that the free ends of the hairs be tweaked with tongs and fixed with varnish.

Hairstyles with a rose out of hair: photo

These are the wonderful evening styling can be performed on the basis of such a rose. Very beautiful!

Have you tried to do such an elegant styling? Share in the comments!

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Silky Hair. Fashionable hairstyles and hair care. Video instruction will help you master this hairstyle. Photo hairstyle with a pigtail flower. A flower from a braid can be of any size, be located anywhere, be the basis of the hairstyle or its detail.

Braid weave flower

Beautiful hairstyles from openwork braids today at the peak of popularity. The variety of types of braids simply knows no boundaries. Among the most popular methods of weaving looks particularly impressive braid flower . This charming hairstyle is suitable for every day, and for special occasions. Hairstyles with a scythe flower can be observed even on Hollywood divas on the red carpet. They are also often chosen by the bride for the wedding ceremony. How to weave a pigtail-flower, and what types of this hairstyle exist - we learn together with Silky-hair.ru.

Weaving a braid with a flower just seems complicated. In fact, it is easy to master any girl who knows how to weave the usual and reverse French braid. On the basis of the French braid, you can make many different variants of the flower. We have prepared detailed patterns of weaving the main types, and also collected a lot of photos of hairstyles for your inspiration.

Before you start weaving, it is worth preparing the hair and necessary trifles.

  • Hair can be slightly sprinkled with water or hair spray, or apply a mousse so that they become obedient and small strands are not dislodged.
  • During weaving it is also possible to put a little styling agent (wax, lotion) on your hands so that your hair does not fluff.
  • Weave a tight braid to make the flower clearer.
  • You will need a comb, thin silicone gum and studs.

Simple weaving openwork spit-flower

According to this technique, you can make a small openwork flower-braid on loose hair or as an element of any hairstyle. It can be located at the temple, behind the back of his head, or it may be a scythe two flowers, and maybe more, as fantasy tells you.

  1. In the place where you want to arrange the flower, select three strands. From their thickness depends on the size of the flower.
  2. Begin to weave an ordinary French braid, it should be flat.
  3. On the one hand, it should have a tracery series. To do this, holding her tail, start pulling strands, they should be like thin loops. On the other hand, the pigtail remains tight and even.
  4. Dock it to the end and tie it up with a thin unnoticeable rubber band.
  5. Roll it up in a spiral so that the open edge is outside.
  6. Secure the resulting flower with pins, decorate with decorative elements as desired.

Big flower from a braid - weaving scheme

In the same way you can braid a large flower from the tail.

  • Gather the hair in a low tail at the back of the head.
  • Select three strands and braid a simple braid.
  • With one moan pull volumetric loops.
  • Secure the braid with a rubber band and twist around the base of the tail, hide the tip.

As an option - you can select three strands from the tail and from each braid a pigtail. There will be three braids, which must also be made openwork on one side, stretching the strands, and then twisting each around the tail. Get a bigger flower.

How else to weave a braid flower - original

There is a more complicated way to create a hairstyle with a flower. At the same time, the braid is woven along the surface of the head in the reverse French technique diagonally or in a zigzag.

  1. Make a side parting and start weaving a reverse French braid from the side where there is more hair.
  2. Take the hooks on both sides and pull the loops along the weaving also on both sides.
  3. Weaving goes from the crown to the temple, then turns to the other ear in a semicircle through the bottom.
  4. When you reach the ear, grab the remaining hair and finish it to the end, fasten with an elastic band. Pull the loops all the way.
  5. Twist the flower from the hair and fasten stealth.

Spit Flower

This version of the installation, perhaps the easiest and easiest of the existing. The basis is taken ordinary braid - and from the interlaced strands, the fragile and tender beauty of a flower is born.

Do simple variation of styling in the form of a large flower:

  • first of all, you need to wash and dry your hair well,
  • process the strands with a fixing thermal spray,
  • straighten hair with a flat iron to smooth them and remove excessive fluffiness,
  • to separate a large strand from either side of the head,
  • braid a simple braid- "dragon",
  • on one side of the braid, pull out thin strands and straighten them with soft half rings,
  • fix the hair on the end with a silicone rubber band,
  • to build a flower, twisting the braid in a spiral,
  • secure invisible and studs,
  • sprinkle with a strong hold.

This hairstyle is decorated any accessories. Depending on the situation, you can pin several pearls or tiny pink buds in the middle of the flower - this option can be used as a wedding hairstyle. If you pin the hair with a hairpin or pins with rhinestones, you get a variation for special events or corporate events. You can also leave a few curled strands of hair falling on the shoulders. This styling is perfect for shoulders.

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Flower bouquet

This way you can put your hair in the form several separate colors. Each strand, smoothly curving, forms its own, delicate and thin, flower petal.

Quite an easy way to hair styling, which is under the force and beginners. After all, it can be done on hair of any length, even the shortest. This hairstyle perfectly harmonizes with any outfit - from an evening dress to an office suit, worn in honor of an important corporate meeting.

  • curls must be washed and dried,
  • then apply a heat spray to them,
  • walk along the strands with an iron to make them smooth and shiny
  • collect hair in 2-3 tails (depending on the number of desired flowers),
  • each tail is divided into several small strands (petals will be formed from them - the more strands, the fuller the flower),
  • process each strand with a modeling paste or gel for easier further fixation,
  • roll curl into a roller and secure invisible,
  • to decorate the center of the flower with a decorative hairpin or hairpin,
  • fix the entire composition with varnish.

Decorative items

You can decorate this intricate and elegant hairstyle in any way. Hairpins with decorative pearls, rhinestones, ribbons, and even artificial flowers will also be used; depending on the style chosen, you can even use whole flower arrangements. The only question atthe relevance of the jewelry used - how well it fits into the finished image.


Hair "Flower" - a great option for a quick, but extremely stylish and attractive styling.The simplicity and ease of most options allow you to do it yourself or with the help of a friend and not spend time and money on expensive salons. These methods can be mixed in separate compositions. Get a bright unique hairstyle. Imagine, experiment, invent new images and become the center of attention at any celebration!

Below are a few video tutorials that demonstrate the process of creating openwork beauty.

Watch the video: 10 HAIRSTYLES TUTORIALS FOR MEN'S 2018 (February 2020).