Radical Chemistry

It is not a secret for anyone that the hair without a normal volume looks a bit poor. For the sake of creating the effect of pomp of curls, women are ready to spend a lot of time and effort. Radical curling for the volume at the roots allows girls to spend less time on styling and enjoy the perfect hairstyle for a long period of time.

Curling hair at the roots allows you to achieve great volume

When do you need to perm the strands at the roots?

Bottom perm is used by hairdressers in such cases:

  1. If it is necessary to carry out the correction of the chemical perm made earlier. Curls, created with the help of chemistry, keep better at the tips, but smooth sprout strands at the roots can not only reduce the volume of the hair, but also spoil its appearance. Thanks to this procedure, it is possible to return an attractive appearance to the roots at the roots without exposing the entire length of the strands to the aggressive effects of chemistry.
  2. If the girl has a thin and short hair, wants to give her pomp and femininity without daily styling.
  3. If a woman possesses curly strands from nature. Often, natural curls curled the least at the roots and require the creation of additional volume.

The benefits of curling hair at the roots

Curling at the roots or carving does not lose its popularity due to these advantages:

  1. The effect lasts a long time, so you can significantly save on money and time.
  2. A noticeable increase in the volume of hairstyles in the root zone.
  3. Good hair resistance to styling products, moisture and exposure to temperature.
  4. Reducing the frequency of washing the head due to the drying effect of chemical compounds.

Radical chemistry is able to cope even with thick and heavy curls that are difficult to fold and curl

It's time to discuss the shortcomings.

Girls, having experienced all the delights of carving, can identify several negative aspects of the procedure, opposing its advantages:

  1. The price of the procedure is not the lowest and ranges from 3 to 6 thousand rubles.
  2. Not every hairdresser can qualitatively perform hair styling, and even more so, carving.

Note! The effect of the carving procedure lasts up to 6 months and there is a small risk of remaining dissatisfied with the result. If the master performs a poor perm, the consequences can be corrected only when the effect of the composition weakens. That is why choose a good specialist if you want to get positive emotions after the procedure.

Radical biowave also helps to achieve the volume of hair, but more gently affects the strands

  1. Carving takes a long time to complete. The period in which the master can invest and properly perform the curling of the roots of the strands is from 2 to 4 hours.

Contraindications to the curl of the roots of the strands

Carving has contraindications that make the procedure dangerous and undesirable.

Curling should be abandoned:

  • during lactation,
  • during pregnancy
  • for dandruff and seborrhea,
  • if you are taking antibiotics or any hormonal drugs,
  • if there is any damage to the scalp (scratches, wounds).

Dandruff - a signal that the procedure should be abandoned to a complete solution

In addition, women with weak, prone to hair loss, it is better to refrain from the procedure. Curls that have often been stained or have recently been discolored can also tolerate poor perm. It is best if the procedure is performed on healthy strands that are not affected by chemicals.

Tip! If you are planning a trip to the beauty salon to curl the roots, prepare in advance for the procedure. If there are problems with the scalp - take measures to treat it, and also do not forget to prevent hair loss, after strengthening the roots. If this is not done, the procedure can only worsen the condition of the scalp and hair.

Technique perm roots

Curl the radical part of the hair with your own hands can be, but it is better to entrust it to a professional

It is not difficult to make your own perm, which will last a long time, but it is much more difficult not to make mistakes. That is why it is best to trust a professional and make a carving in a beauty salon. The technology of performing the perm chemical perm in the cabin and at home is of two kinds.

Tips for a perfect carving

Photo of luxurious curling roots to give volume

Nothing is so capable of guaranteeing flawless styling, as the exact adherence to the rules in its implementation.

But there are several secrets that affect the quality of the result of the procedure:

  1. Discard long-term styling at critical days. The fact is that during this period the body is undergoing a hormonal adjustment, and this may cause the perm effect to be unstable.

If the day does not wash the strands before the procedure, then the scalp is not so affected by the effects of chemistry

  1. Do not wash your hair for 24 hours before the long-term styling procedure. Chemical compounds dry the scalp, so it's best if there is a little natural protective membrane on it.

Save curls in a healthy way and extend the life of the created volume can be with proper care for hair. In the first place for the curls is regular hydration and nutrition, so at least once a week it is necessary to make masks.

To wash the hair, use a mild shampoo, preferably a special shampoo, which is designed to restore the strands after exposure to chemical compounds. Do not forget to protect the styling from the sun in the hot season. To do this, you can buy a special spray with filters that do not let ultraviolet rays through.

Voluminous hairstyles are highly valued by the fair sex.

Carving helps to create luxurious basal volume even on thin and rare hair, therefore it is a truly amazing procedure. The long-term curling of the strands at the roots makes it possible to look thicker even with long straight hair and prevents them from losing their volume even under their own weight.

The video presented in this article will take you to the world of luxurious volumetric curls. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments, we are ready to answer each of them!

Who shows the radical hair chemistry?

Radical chemistry is a great alternative to daily styling. With proper hair care after the procedure, the effect of curling will last for several months.

The main nuance - curling curls at the roots of the hair is considered quite complex. Due to the fact that it is carried out with the use of special potent drugs, not everyone can resort to the help of radical chemistry. It is generally recommended to do perm in the following cases:

  1. Radical chemistry is necessary for those women whose hair has had a decent time to grow after curling. This procedure will be a kind of correction. After it, all the hair will be equally lush, and the harm will be caused by chemical means to a minimum.
  2. Curling can be done on the curls absolutely any length. And yet, as practice has shown, on short straight hair, radical chemistry looks most successful. Owners of healthy and strong curls like a perm can be done regularly. Chemically treated hairs are safely clipped during required shape-correcting haircuts. And accordingly, all subsequent procedures are done on completely healthy hair.
  3. Sometimes the basal chemistry for the volume has to do owners curly hair. Usually curly curls keep volume. But it also happens that because of its own gravity, the hair looks flat. A light perm will then look very natural. The main condition is that the professional should do it. Otherwise, the result can greatly spoil the overall look.

From the foregoing, it follows that radical chemistry can be considered both as an independent and as a corrective procedure. The main advantage of this type of curling is that it is done on the roots of the hair - in the place where the curls are stronger. Thanks to this radical chemistry is transferred much easier than any other perm.

The exception to the rule is hair that undergoes frequent dyeing. For them, basal chemistry on the studs can be a critical procedure. Even the softest colors weaken hair. Chemistry, which is used for curls, hitting damaged hair, can easily destroy their structure. That is why specialists do not recommend categorically to do radical chemistry immediately after painting.

Radical chemistry at home

Immediately it is worth warning that this will be a complicated procedure, and its result may differ significantly from the salon. Although in general, curled at home curls look good.

For basal chemistry you need bobbins, special products, foil, polyethylene, towels:

  1. Wash your head without massaging your scalp too much.
  2. Scroll the curls on the bobbins, leaving the ends of the hair hanging loose.
  3. Special solutions handle twisted strands.
  4. Cover the head with plastic and wrap.
  5. After about half an hour, apply a fixative compound.
  6. After ten minutes, rinse hair thoroughly.

What is a close-haired perm hair?

The name itself does not hide the fact that in this procedure special chemical compositions are used, which are aimed at creating a root volume for up to several months. Many are initially afraid of the word "chemical". But in fact, the drug can be called harmless. A much greater harm to the hair causes daily use of a hot hair dryer, styler and many different means to achieve a stable styling.

Perming hair roots may be performed some time after the perm is worn over the entire length of the hair, when the curls are already enough for the industry so that the straight roots become visible and the hair loses volume. The advantage of this procedure is that the ends of the hair are not subjected to excessive processing. This type of curling can also be useful for those who strive to maintain smooth and flowing hair, but to have a lively and volume at the roots.

Pros and cons of perm for hair volume

Once upon a time there were terrible rumors about chemical perm. But time goes on, and the ways to improve the appearance are becoming more effective and less harmful. More and more women, without a doubt, resort to the procedure of creating radical hair volume perm and afterwards they do not regret it at all. Those who have experienced this procedure describe the following benefits:

  1. Spectacular voluminous hair.
  2. With proper care, the volume at the roots is saved for several months, which saves time and money, which could be spent on expensive means to create a hairstyle.
  3. Resistance styling to wet or, conversely, too dry weather.
  4. Long-haired beauty can not sacrifice the tips of the hair, as the volume is well kept on long hairstyles.
  5. The chemical composition dries the scalp a little, which reduces the need for frequent washing of hair, especially for those who are prone to greasy hair.
  6. Hair retains its natural shine and healthy, not weighed by a large number of varnishes and mousses.

As for the negative sides perm procedures, it is, first of all, quite expensive. Also, women have to spend more than 3 hours of precious time in the cabin, because The process is rather long and laborious. The effect of the procedure is long, and if the client of the salon suddenly changed her mind about wearing the volume or did not like something in the work of the hairdresser, the styling cannot be changed until it passes the effect of the preparation.

Who better to perm the hair roots?

If a woman has previously done perm hairWith the passage of time, her hair gradually grows. Luxurious volume strands remain only on the length of the hair, and the basal part gradually loses its original charm. In this case, as it is impossible by the way, the method of creating a close-ended perm hair will come in handy. The composition is distributed only to regrown roots, ignoring the length, thereby once again eliminating the influence of a rather aggressive chemical composition on the ends of the hair.

In addition, many ladies know the problem of lack of volume on the elongated hair. When it grows to a certain length, the hair begins to weigh down its hairstyle, the volume goes to zero. Often, in order to achieve the desired effect again, women have to cut off their hair, which has long and reverently grown. Chemical sub-perm to create volume it will be very useful here. The volume will be stable and long-lasting, the length of hair can not be changed. In addition, this perm looks much more natural.

Are there any contraindications for radical perm hair?

As with all salon procedures, a perm for the volume of hair has a number of its contraindications, which you should be surely familiar with to all who are planning for themselves this method of creating the perfect hairstyle:

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Acceptance of hormonal and antibacterial drugs.
  • Dandruff, dry scalp.
  • Wounds or scratches on the head.
  • Body temperature above normal.
  • Blood pressure jumps.
  • Increased prolapse.
  • Excessive brittleness.
  • The manifestation of allergies to the components of the means for curling.
  • It is not advisable to make a perm perm for short haircuts, because the result may not be as desired.

Technology perm perm hair

This is a rather difficult process, which ideally should be performed by a skilled craftsman. It is possible to make it at home, but you can not get the effect that was expected, and even spoil the hair. Moreover, without the help of a good master, it is difficult to choose the right chemical composition, because each client has his own hair type. Of course, in the salon a woman expects additional costs. But, if you consider that the result of the work of an experienced master will be a chic styling that will last about six months, it is better not to spare money and opt for a salon procedure, rather than a homemade one.

For perm for hair volume the specialist will require smooth studs or bobbins, ordinary curlers, foil, waterproof fabric or polyethylene to protect strands that will not be processed by the preparation, and, of course, the product itself. In modern beauty salons there is a large selection of products for perm, all of them are based on cysteamine, which is similar in nature to the amino acid that makes up human hair. Therefore, the procedure practically does not harm the hair. There are the following stages of chemical wave:

  1. First, the master assesses the condition of the hair and scalp, a test for an allergic reaction is done.
  2. Further, the hairdresser washes the client's head with a special, sulfate-free shampoo for deep cleaning.
  3. The hair is divided into strands, each of which is applied to the composition of the roots. The remaining curls are covered with protective material.
  4. Coated strands are wound on curlers or bobbins.
  5. They put a hat on the head and leave it for half an hour.
  6. One of the finishing touches is the treatment of the base of the hair with a special fixation agent, which must be held on the head for another 15 minutes.
  7. The final stage is the final shampoo in order to wash off the drug.
  8. If the client’s goal is a partial root volume, then the wizard will process only the desired curls.

Preparing for the procedure of creating a basal volume of hair permed

A few weeks before the planned creation radical perm hair the following actions should be excluded:
To produce hair coloring. If there is not enough time after painting, the preparation may not be applied correctly, and the desired effect of the procedure will not be achieved.

Use hair products containing silicone, as prolonged use of silicone ensures its absorption into the hair, which will also lead to undesirable effect. When washing the head, do not massage the skin much.

What should be done to achieve a long lasting effect from styling after a perm of the hair roots?

In order to achieve a stable result from the root perm hair, you need to follow the following tips:

  • Use hair care products designed to create curls.
  • Do not use shampoos and products containing silicone or sulphate.
  • Do not use compositions designed to get smooth hair.
  • When washing your hair you need to monitor the temperature of the water. It can not be too warm.
  • Try to protect your head from the sun, because It is very dry hair. You can use a protective spray.
  • Use regenerating oils and nourishing masks.

Of course, every woman decides for herself whether she should risk and resort to radical perm or not. But the conclusion is still obvious. Such a procedure can greatly facilitate the life of the beautiful half of humanity that has already sunk in the cares Under any circumstances and weather conditions, she will help to complement the image of a smart and well-groomed lady and add to her confidence in her irresistible.

In what cases is a perm perm?

This type of perm is done when you want to create the fluffiness of the hair and their additional basal volume. And also, to give your hair elasticity in the root zone. It makes sense to do such a perm on medium and short hair length. By type of hair is selected composition.

It also makes sense to do the basal perm to maintain the chemical perm, its appearance as it grows. This is done when several months have passed after the usual chemical perm, and only regrown roots need to be re-infused, without affecting the rest of the hair, since the perm has been preserved on it. Sometimes women with high hair oily hair resort to radical perm to make their hair more luxuriant and dry.

How to make a perm?

This type of waving is performed as follows. Hair is wound on the bobbin, but not along their entire length. Only a few centimeters from the roots of the hair are wound. The chemical solution is moistened only with twisted hair. The length of the strand to be curled is chosen by the clients at will. After completing this procedure, the specialist must explain to the client how to care for the chemical basal perm.

What are the risk factors?

Quite often one encounters such a nuisance when an absolutely correctly made perm, and of any kind, for some reason turns out to be unsuccessful. Sometimes they say "did not undertake", or on the contrary - the hair became lifeless, and so on, failures. In fact, there are quite a few risk factors that must be taken into account when going to the hairdresser.

Radical perm is not recommended in the following cases. If you are sick and your body temperature is high, if your body is weak, for example, after only recently suffered illness. You can not do perm in the period of compliance with a very strict diet or on an empty stomach. If you have a high or low blood pressure, you need to normalize it. This procedure is not recommended during menstruation, during pregnancy, during breastfeeding (due to exposure to chemicals). Also, do not resort to this procedure, if you have just suffered a stressful state, or are in a state of stress.

You can not perm, if you take some hormonal drugs that affect the hormonal background of the body, if you take antibiotics and other drugs that contain morphine.

Also, you can not do a bottom perm if the room temperature is below 20 degrees and if your hair is too dry (after the southern climate).

If you regularly use special therapeutic hair products, some balms, shampoos series "2 in 1". The fact is that these all listed hair care products contain silicones. To be more precise, the silicones are found in regular hair shampoos, but they usually do not accumulate on the hair. A high-polymer silicones and silicone oils, which contribute to easier after washing combing the hair, the restoration of damaged tips, can reduce, at times, the most "lethal" chemistry "to no." Nowadays, there are tools designed to remove silicone from the hair, but it will be easier not to use such tools (with silicones) for 20 days before the root chemical perm.

Also, if you have gray hair, you should be careful. The master, in order to soften their stratum corneum, usually applies 6-7% peroxide of hydrogen peroxide to the hair before performing the “chemical curing”. Should be cautious to those who suffer from allergies. In the period of its aggravation, basal perm is contraindicated.

If you have no contraindications for carrying out a perm perm, then feel free to go to the salon, and your hairstyle will become more lush and voluminous, which will last for a long time.

Why it is worth making a short-haired perm hair

Radical perm in the salons is used to correct the previously performed perm, because at the tips of the hair Curling lasts longer, and hair growing back from the roots violates the appearance of the hairstyle, depriving it of volume.

Creating curls only at the roots, it is possible to give hairstyle beautiful appearance and there is no need to expose chemicals to the hair along its entire length.

With short and thin hair, using a perm, the hair becomes fluffy, it gives them femininity, significantly reduces installation time.

With curly hair from nature, because more often they curl at the tips, the radical perm allows you to make curls evenly over the entire length gives volume.

Radical perm can be considered as a procedure independent or corrective. Her advantage - performed on the roots, so the hair carries it more easily than any other curl.

Owners of greasy hair with its help get rid of the increased secretion of sebum, oily shine disappearsdandruff is reduced. Besides:

  • effects on the skin and hair follicles are gentle,
  • brilliance preserved and elastic strands
  • for 6 months you can not use the comb and curling,
  • hats and weather conditions do not spoil the hair,
  • you can wash your hair less often, because at the roots the hair becomes drier,
  • hairstyle looks perfect, strands - naturally
  • after the curling, the hair is flat, not heavy,
  • less time and equipment required.

How long does the effect of such a curl last?

Curling lasts an average of 3–6 months, the basal volume disappears after 1.5–2 months in the process of hair regrowth. In many ways, the duration of the effect depends on the meansused for washing and styling methods.

Using a shampoo designed for curly hair and using a diffuser for styling allows the perm to last longer. Shampoo designed for smoothness of the hair, on the contrary, faster rasprymit them. Curls saved better on dyed hair.

What problems may occur after perm perm

Trust the completion of the perm should only skilled craftsmen. The required number of curlers, the duration of exposure of the fixative preparation, and caring means after the procedure is completed, depend on the structure of the hair and their condition.

Curling can cause increased hair dryness. To eliminate this problem, you must carefully follow the recommendations of the hair care master.

Owners of thin hair after curling may face with increased brittleness. With the help of salon procedures, you can fix this, after the procedure you need to care for your hair, taking into account all the recommendations.

Volume is lost after hair regrowth, there are difficulties during styling. Therefore, a radical perm is recommended to clients whose hair grows slowly.

After curling need special care:

  • use of masks (moisturizing and nourishing),
  • UV protection,
  • use of special shampoos.

In the case of henna hair dyeing, the result is unpredictable: curls can turn out beautiful, or it will happen that some strands will be curled and the rest straight.

Hair dyeing with cheap paints (with a content of metallized oxidizers up to 6%) does not allow for a beautiful curl. Only with constant quality care Curls will be durable, long-term perm, and look perfect.

We invite you to watch an interesting video about the root perm for the volume at the roots (Boost up):

The essence of the root perm for the volume at the roots of the hair

The boost up procedure does not affect the entire length, but only the part of the strands you specified, located directly next to the scalp, the hair shafts themselves remain intact. As a result, we get a luxurious, natural-volumetric hair, on which the curls are not visible, straight hair and remain. Chemistry at the roots of the hair for the volume will save you from daily styling with the help of a hair dryer and hairspray, which lasts just a few hours, and in some cases, exactly before leaving the house.

Have patience, because the root perm for the volume at the roots takes, depending on the length and density of the hair, at the salon masters at least a couple of hours. Hair is thoroughly washed out, strands are combed, then wet curls are fixed with special curlers. At the roots of the hair, but without affecting them and the scalp, special mixture is applied. Then each curl is fixed with a pin and secured with foil.

Cystiman is the main active ingredient of the curling solution, completely harmless.

In addition, the complex of other components helps to create an additional protective filter around the curls, and propolis extract removes irritation of the scalp.

Do not worry about the health of your curls, this innovative procedure is safe even for fragile and thin curls.

To be or not to be?

One should only dare to change one’s appearance by carefully weighing the positive and negative sides of the proposed procedure, examining the photos and information on the Internet, viewing the photos presented there in a large number and trying on them.

Before and after the procedure

The advantages of perm at the roots

The undoubted advantages of curling at the roots are:

  • The ability to achieve the maximum possible for the type and structure of your hair volume,
  • The method is safe for health, mild and loyal,
  • The effect, which lasts up to six months,
  • Curls become less fat,
  • Look thicker
  • Your styling will no longer lose its attractiveness from the wind, the use of headgear or high humidity,
  • The procedure is allowed to apply from the age of 18, which makes it accessible to very young women,

Visually completely unnoticed that the curls were subjected to any mechanical or chemical effects.

Disadvantages of the girls reviews

In addition to the advantages described, the chemical perm for the volume of hair has a small “fly in the ointment”:

  1. Pretty high cost of the procedure. Depending on the degree of prestige of the cabin, its location and the master's qualification, the price for the volume at the roots varies from 3 to 6 thousand rubles,
  2. The duration of the procedure. Owners of long and thick curls should be prepared to spend up to 5 hours of personal time.
  3. In small towns it is difficult to find a qualified specialist who is able to perform a perm perm, observing all the nuances of technology.
  4. It is not recommended to perform Boost up on short haircuts, in this case no one can vouch for the final result. The optimal length is up to the shoulders.
  5. If the result of the procedure does not suit you, then you will have to live with such beauty for 6 months.

Decide for yourself: whether or not you should make bottom volume.

The second chemistry experiment was successful. I didn’t even expect the hair to be like that! Feedback about the bottom curl, photo before and after. UPDATE after 7 months

Good day to all!

3 days ago I did a perm. But not all hair, but only cm 7 at the roots.

How it all began

About one and a half years ago I did him. hair straightening. It badly ruined my hair, since then I have cut a lot of cm, my hair has almost completely recovered, only at the ends they look a little more like a washcloth, but I will remove it too soon.

After chemistry, I decided not to experiment with hair anymore, I intensively restored it, took care of it, bought a bunch of masks, oils and sprays.

In general, I was satisfied with my hair, but they had to be washed almost every day, at the roots they got fat very quickly, and sometimes even the clean hair on the roots was completely without volume. Especially after the winter, after the caps and cold weather, my hair almost always looked slick. This lack of volume at the roots does not suit me at all, spoils the whole appearance and I do not like it terribly. Masks of henna or mustard give the effect of volume only until the next bath. My hair is of medium thickness.

In the spring I am always drawn to experiments, and then I spontaneously decided to make a chemical perm. Sometimes I braid pigtails from the roots, the hair after them is very voluminous, but slopingly sticks out along the length. Yes, and I did not want to spoil the length, which I had been intensively restoring for a year and a half.

Curling process

My friend did the curling, she works as a hairdresser, but she doesn’t have much experience in this business, I didn’t trust her completely. Perm done at your own peril and risk. We used lotion and neutralizer for chemical. waving company Kapous Helix. Lotion number 1 for normal hair (there are more like 0 for hard-to-find and 2 for weakened). Before curling washed hair.

Hair is tightly wrung at the roots on small bobbins. They took locks of medium thickness, but decided to divide the bangs into 2 strands thinner, so the bangs produced very small waves.

The lotion was kept on the head for about 15 minutes, then it was washed away, the neutralizer was applied for 5 minutes, the bobbins were removed and the neutralizer was again removed for 5 minutes. I strictly watched in time so as not to overdo the composition.

When the makeup was washed off, my hands reached for my hair. It felt as if they were 2 times larger, very dense and voluminous, but confused. For 10 minutes, I put on my hair my favorite Dove mask, which unravels any tangles and felt boots.


To the touch hair remained the same as it was, did not become tougher.At the roots they are undyed, healthy, in structure, it seems to have not deteriorated.

But when I touch my hair, I feel in my hands not slicked hairs, but luxuriant, voluminous strands. At the roots, small waves are noticeable, as after braids, but they do not stand out against the background of curly tips and slightly furrowed length. On straight and smooth hair they would be very noticeable, but on mine they are not striking.

Hair does not get dirty longer, you can now wash them every 2-3 days. In the evening I wash my hair, apply indelible oil, wait until they dry up, go to bed. In the morning I comb, spray a little pshikayu to remove the fluffiness and smooth out the protruding tips, that's all. Hair as after styling, very lush and voluminous, at the tips they curl themselves. I didn’t expect my hair to be like that after chemistry.

Watch the video: Free radical reactions. Substitution and elimination reactions. Organic chemistry. Khan Academy (January 2020).