Proper choice of hair dryer

Every woman dreams of the perfect salon styling every day. But only masters can afford daily visits. In this case, the modern Brush Activ 1000 from Rowenta comes to the rescue. With her usual hair drying will turn into a reliable styling. Read more about the features of use and advantages of the hair dryer in our article.

Hair dryer Rowenta CF 9220 Brush Activ 1000: review and description

The simple and convenient hair dryer brush with rotating nozzles is specially designed for daily styling at home. It is easier and more convenient than a regular hair dryer. Using this device, you can dry your hair at the same time and put it both in front and behind. Thanks to the built-in ionization, the curls will not dry out, but on the contrary, will acquire a healthy shine and radiance.

Rowenta Brush Activ 1000 is a compact, but very powerful hair dryer. Stylish, feminine design, durable and reliable body, made of high-quality and pleasant to the touch plastic, brushes with natural bristles - this is how this device is necessary for every girl. Nozzles are connected to the body is very simple, literally with one hand movement.

Brushes deserve special attention. Soft natural bristles gently comb hair, making it smooth, shiny and silky. Curls are not injured during drying and combing, and thanks to the negatively charged ions receive additional care. Simultaneous hair styling saves time. The brush rotation function makes this process quick and enjoyable.

Model complete set

Is included in the package of the device:

  • ceramic brush with a diameter of 30 cm,
  • brush nozzle with a diameter of 50 cm with a ceramic coating,
  • plastic protective cases for storing nozzles - 2 pcs.,
  • storage container made of plastic.

Rowenta Brush Activ 1000 weighs 635 g. Thanks to this universal hair dryer brush, it is convenient to hold in the hands in the process of drying hair with the simultaneous creation of stylish styling.

Advantages and disadvantages of the hair dryer

Rowenta rotating hairdryer has the following advantages:

  1. Automatic rotation of the brush during drying and styling. It is enough to bring the hair dryer to the hair, and no more additional comb movements are required.
  2. Lush voluminous hair and reliable styling. This effect is easy to achieve on your own thanks to two nozzles of different diameters - large and small.
  3. Protect hair from overheating, giving it shine and strength thanks to the built-in ionization function.
  4. High power motor 1000 W allows you to make high-quality styling in minutes.
  5. Brushes with a ceramic coating provide additional care and protection for hair.
  6. Antistatic effect guarantees the disposal of hair from static electricity.
  7. Selection of the required temperature and air flow rate. With one button, you can choose a moderate or intensive mode, or drying with cold air.

The Rowenta Brush Activ 1000 hair dryer has a number of minor drawbacks, which are fully compensated by its advantages:

  1. Protective cases for brushes open and close is not very convenient.
  2. The plastic storage container, which is included in the kit, has very large dimensions. It would be better to provide a compact case to take a hairdryer with you on the road.


Evaluate the capabilities of the device for drying and styling hair will help its technical characteristics. Hair dryer is equipped with options such as:

  • ceramic coating
  • 2 brush attachments with a diameter of 30 and 50 mm,
  • 2 speeds
  • 2 temperature conditions
  • setting the direction of the air flow while rotating the brushes,
  • cold air mode
  • compact size
  • automatic curling
  • protective cases for storing brushes,
  • bristle length on the brushes - 15 mm,
  • loop for hanging,
  • rotating cord 2 m long.

The Rowenta Brush Activ 1000 hair dryer dries and style hair in different directions. For this, the function of automatic rotation of the brushes is provided, which is activated by a special switch.

Practical tips for use

The following recommendations will help to deal with the work of the hairdryer and get acquainted with the main functions of the device:

  1. All brushes for drying and styling hair are stored in protective cases, which allow to maintain the quality and effectiveness of their flexible bristles.
  2. Installation and removal of brushes occurs in just a few seconds. To install the nozzle, first a protective case is removed from it, after which the brush is placed on the body of the Rowenta Brush Activ 1000 hairdryer. How to disassemble the device, it is not difficult to guess. After cooling the brush, which is very hot during hair drying, the attachment is simply removed from the body after pressing the small button at the point of their connection.
  3. Before using the device, you must select the appropriate temperature and air flow rate (moderate, intensive mode or cold air).
  4. Rotation function To activate it, the switch must be moved to the position corresponding to the desired direction (right or left).
  5. The speed of rotation of the brush can be adjusted by moving the button in the upper or lower direction.

Following these simple rules, each girl will be able to make herself styling on her own, without putting much effort.

Hair dryer Rowenta Brush Activ 1000: instructions

Drying and styling does not take much time and will leave a pleasant impression on the work of the hair dryer in case if you follow the instructions when using. The procedure for creating styling is as follows:

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo, wipe the hair well with a towel and comb it.
  2. If necessary, the hair can be a little dry without a brush, just so that they still remain wet.
  3. Divide all the hair into small strands and fix them on the head with clips and pins.
  4. Install a brush of the desired diameter (depending on the length of the hair and the type of hair) on the body of the Rowenta Brush Activ 1000. By fastening it correctly, you will hear a characteristic click.
  5. Select the desired rotation speed and bring the brush to the hair. In this case, the strand will start to wind automatically.

The device is cleaned dry without using water and only after a prior disconnection from the network.

Customer Reviews

A hair dryer with such a large number of advantages and minor flaws buyers were able to appreciate on the positive side. Always neatly styled hair guarantees a universal device Rowenta Brush Activ 1000:

Positive reviews are as follows:

  • hair styling takes a few minutes,
  • shiny and silky curls, as in commercials,
  • hair does not electrify during and after styling,
  • ideal for drying hair after curling, without damaging them,
  • Ionization function and ceramic coating on brushes for extra care of curls,
  • significant time savings
  • quick change of nozzles
  • selection of temperature conditions
  • high power device
  • affordable, affordable price.

In negative reviews, customers noted the following:

  • the cold air is not really cold, but warm,
  • tangles long hair, more suitable for cascading haircuts and squares,
  • lack of a compact cover for transportation.

In general, the hair dryer-brush perfectly copes with its functions and is especially suitable for young mothers who do not have free time for professional hair styling.

How much is a hairdryer Brush Activ 1000 CF 9220

Almost every second girl dreams of such a universal device for drying and styling hair. If you are thinking about what to give the fair sex, then a better gift than this is not to be found. Hair drying, styling and care - all this is done by one compact device with a stylish feminine design. Due to the small size, the Rowenta Brush Activ 1000 hair dryer can be taken on the road, on vacation, etc. Hair styling, as in a salon, will be provided. How much is such a wonderful device?

And its price is quite affordable. Most large supermarkets selling household appliances and electronics offer it for only 3 thousand rubles. Such a price is more than acceptable for a powerful and multifunctional device. In addition, you can also save on the purchase of a regular hair dryer.

Main selection criteria

When choosing a hair dryer, you first need to think about the purpose of its purchase. Indeed, it is one thing when a hairdryer will rarely use it, mainly for drying hair, and it is quite another if it will be used for styling, modeling or straightening unruly strands. In addition, hair length, their type and structure is of great importance. In order not to get lost among a wide range of all kinds of hair dryers, styling and brushing, first of all, it is necessary to understand the types of hair dryers, their power and operating modes.

Types of hair dryers

  • Compact- have a folding handle, because of what they are often called road. The power reserve of such a device is small and rarely exceeds 1200 watts. Folding hair dryers have a maximum of two speeds and one nozzle hub. Such models are relatively inexpensive.
  • Household -universal hair concentrators, which are most often found on store shelves. They have standard power and equipment: a concentrator head and sometimes a diffuser. More expensive models can be equipped with useful features such as cold airflow and ionization. The range of household hair dryers is quite extensive, as well as the price range.
  • Professional -sold in special stores and have high power rates. Professional hair dryers are powerful and durable, however they are heavy and heavy.
  • Hair Dryers for styling -The main purpose of such devices is hair styling, so they have a special design in the form of a brush or curling. Such hair dryers have a small capacity, so they are not intended for drying.
  • Stylers compact and versatile devices that combine the functions of a hair dryer and a brushing. Stylers have a wide range of various nozzles: “heating hand” giving pomp, a nozzle brush for volume and creating waves, a brush with retractable teeth for curls, a nozzle for disentangling, combing and leveling hair, etc.

This indicator is most viewed by buyers, but already at this stage gross errors are made. Many believe that the more power, the better it will be to cope with their work device. In fact, the power depends only on how long it takes to lay.

  • 1000-1200 watts - such hair dryers have compact dimensions and low weight. Suitable for dry, brittle and short hair, because a more powerful hair dryer can damage the structure of the hair, and dry the curls faster than styling will be done.
  • 1200-1800 watts - these devices are intended for home use. Ideal for heavy, long and thick hair. Hair dryers with such power will provide the hair with the necessary volume, fluffiness and fast drying.
  • 2300 wattsand higher - professional models used in hairdressing. High power allows you to quickly dry your hair and make styling in just a few minutes, but regular use of a professional hair dryer will only lead to brittle hair, drying of the scalp, loss of shine, dandruff and other unpleasant consequences.

Modes of operation

A good hair dryer has at least three speeds and three temperature regimes. The most powerful is needed to eliminate excess moisture, medium - for final drying, minimum - for styling. In addition, manufacturers offer additional modes that are designed to facilitate the drying and hair styling.

  • Cold air -It allows to dry hair gently and fixes the hair, giving the curls a complete look. To do this, you need to send a stream of cold air to your hair for 10 seconds and the formed styling or curling will last much longer.
  • Ionization -A special plate producing negative ions is installed in the hair dryers. These electrically charged particles neutralize the positive ions of wet hair, thereby preventing electrification. Also, manufacturers claim that hair after drying in the ionization mode will shine and dry faster.

How important is this parameter?

Now there are many different models on the home appliance market, and sometimes some devices are very expensive at low power. For example, you can find a hair dryer, the power of which is only 400 watts, but at the same time it will cost 3-4 times more expensive than the model with a capacity of 1800 watts. If you do not pursue the speed of drying hair, then power consumption does not need to be put in priority. It is better to buy a hair dryer with the function of air ionization, with additional nozzles and other useful functions, with the help of which you can dry your hair and do the styling. Yes, hair with a very hot and strong stream will really dry faster, but you will not do the styling, and this is a lack of high power.

What is the optimal power?

If you have normal hair, and you need a model for everyday needs, then we recommend looking towards devices with a power indicator in the range of 1200 - 1600 watts. There are also less powerful models designed for road use - it is convenient to take them with you on the road.

Hair dryers with an indicator less than 1200 W do not in any way refer to consumer goods, because sometimes they are even more expensive than professional ones. Each manufacturer has similar models in its line, because they have many advantages. Therefore, we do not recommend you to put the power criterion in the first place.

Varieties of hair dryers and their structural differences

Before proceeding to the choice of a hair dryer, it is necessary to determine the purpose - why it is needed to a greater degree. Previously, this tool was used exclusively for drying hair, but later the master hairdressers learned how to create all kinds of hair styling and hairstyles with it.

Possibilities also depend on type of the hair dryer, its qualities and designs.

All types of hair dryers are divided into 5 main types:

  1. Wall mounted. Used mainly in hotels, swimming pools, sports clubs and other public institutions. The device is mounted on the wall and is stationary. Usually these are simple hair dryers with a drying function, with an average power, without any additional nozzles and options. For home use, wall models are rarely bought.
  2. Professional. Such devices are focused on operation in beauty salons and are the most expensive of all. They are more durable, powerful, endowed with additional features and nozzles. Numerous settings of the device allow the master to select the power and temperature of the air for each type of hair, which eliminates damage to the hair. Now many girls buy professional hair dryers and for the home.
  3. Hair dryers-styler (hair dryer). Devices are more like a curling than a hairdryer. They consist of a cylindrical body-handle and a variety of nozzles. Despite the attractive appearance and seeming convenience, such hair dryers are not powerful due to their design and quickly break.
  4. Household. This is the most common type of model designed for home use. Household hair dryers have average power, may have several speeds and temperature conditions. Also in the configuration are nozzles for stacking.
  5. Road. The devices are designed specifically for transportation. They are smaller and collapsible, so they take up very little space in the baggage.Road hairdryers have minimum settings, their power is low.

We conclude on the basis of the above information: a good hair dryer is better to choose from the category of professional or domestic. The remaining types can complement the main unit.

Hair dryer power

The air supply rate and the maximum heating temperature depend on the power of the dryer. The parameter is measured in watts and is always indicated directly on the body.

  1. Small power - from 600 to 1000 watts. This hair dryer is not suitable for hair styling, but is suitable for normal drying. Plus the fact that with such indicators curls just do not get damaged by high temperature.
  2. Average power - from 1000 to 1800 watts. The optimal parameter for domestic use. At such power it will be easy to do the styling yourself, straighten the curls, twist the strands. It is good if the model will have several speeds and temperature regimes. This will allow you to customize the device for your hair type.
  3. High power - from 1800 W and above. Maybe in household models, but more common in professional. Powerful hair dryer must be equipped with regulators. In unskillful hands, such a device risks damaging the hair, so it is still better to choose hair dryers with average parameters for yourself.

Number of speeds

Today, even low-end models of hair dryers have speed controllers. This option is not relevant for devices with low power, but it is necessary for devices with power from 1200 W and above.

The best are hair dryers with 2 or 3 speeds. Regulators are usually located on the handle in the form of buttons or a slider.

At low speeds, it is recommended to dry the hair, especially if they are thin and weak. On medium and high, you can do styling, straightening, perm.

Some firms offer models with a large number of speeds (4-6). But as practice shows, there is no need for such ranges, and you should not overpay for them.

Temperature conditions

To choose the right quality device for your hair, you should pay attention to the presence of temperature regimes.

In home appliances, two air supply modes are more common: cold and hot. In professional tools, temperature switches can be more - 3-4.

Regulators are also located on the handle of the dryer and can be in the form of sliders, levers, buttons.

Experts recommend choosing a model with 3 modes of air temperature:

  1. The maximum hot air allows you to quickly create styling, curls, straighten hair.
  2. The average temperature is safe for frequent use.
  3. Cold air is required for fixing styling.

"Flour" of choice

As a rule, each hairdryer has two or three levels of fan power and the same levels of air heating.

By power hair dryers can be divided into 3 groups:

  • up to 1000 W - this group includes so-called road hair dryers, with which you can put your hair, however, for effective drying this power is too small,
  • 1000-1800 W - this group includes the majority of household hair dryers, which are successfully used for hair drying and styling,
  • above 1800 W is a group of semi-professional and professional hair dryers.

Most of the second and third group hair dryers are equipped with the "cold air" or "cold airflow" function - on their handle there is a "Cool" or "Cold shot" button, etc., when pressed, the heating element of the hair dryer is turned off and the hairstyle (curl) fixed by a stream of cold air.

The possibilities of the hair dryer you purchase depend on the number of nozzles that are attached to it. Almost every hair dryer has a crevice attached. nozzle hub, creating a concentrated stream of air that can be directed to a specific area of ​​the head.

The narrowest concentrators (6-8 mm), as a rule, are equipped with professional hair dryers.

When styling your hair with a hub, do not use maximum heat, since the high concentration of hot air flow dehydrates your hair, it becomes dull and brittle, dandruff appears.

Main purpose nozzles diffuser - Give hair volume and dry hair at the very roots, so it will definitely need the owners of not too thick hair and thin hair. The diffuser is also useful for those who want curled hair not to become a “dandelion” after drying, but to lie in neat waves.

Outwardly, this nozzle resembles a saucer with so-called "fingers", located around the circumference of this very "saucer".

Diffusers can be "passive" and "active." The first can be used without any fear even on long hair, with the second long-haired beauties you need to be careful - if you are careless in use, there is a risk of dooming yourself to tedious disentangling of hair. When the hair dryer is turned on, the movable “fingers” of the diffuser begin to vibrate, creating the effect of massage and imitating the movements of the hands of the hairdresser, who beats the hair at the very roots in order to impart splendor to the hairstyle.

Siemens specialists supplied their hair dryer to the MH82311 model with a so-called vari-diffuser, the “fingers” of which move out when the special wheel is rotated, thanks to which you can make a magnificent styling for hair of any length.

Braun hair dryers have a double-sided diffuser (soft tip nozzle): by setting it “fingers” out, you can make a volumetric styling, and “fingers” inside - gently dry your hair.

In addition to the above nozzles hairdryer can be equipped with others:

  • brush head - a round brush with holes for air outlet, which is used for hair styling,
  • the nozzle in the shape of a half round brush will be useful to hair with a perm if you need to straighten the curls. Nozzle-half easily lifts the hair from the roots and smoothes the strands.
  • comb-brush - needed for care, drying and adding volume.
  • wide comb - used for drying and styling.

The Romenta Lissima PH 570 hairdryer has a Lissima nozzle, with which you can straighten even the most stubborn curls. After washing your hair and drying it with a towel, dry them using a hub attachment, after which you can begin to straighten your hair. Hair dryer with a Lissima attachment should be brought to the very roots of the hair. Several rows of combs combing and tightening the hair, directing them to special heated plates, between which the hair is clamped. Slowly lower the nozzle down over the entire strand. The Ultra-Liss system acts on keratin, which is found in the hair, contributing to their effective straightening.

By the way, the lion's share of hair dryers sold on the Russian market is collected in China, because for large companies producing them - Siemens, Moulinex, Krups, Bosch, Rowenta, etc. - Hair care appliances are of secondary importance in the range of all products.

Ergonomics and not only she

Choosing a hair dryer, pay attention to the presence of a removable filter for your chosen model, which is located behind the case. Why is it needed? It accumulates dust and hair, which is sucked into the hair dryer by the air flow, as in a vacuum cleaner. If there is no such filter, then dust or hair accumulates on the heating element, and this causes an unpleasant smell and can lead to a break in the hair dryer. Periodically it is necessary to remove the filter and clean it from dust.

Hair dryer Valera Airsana 1800 is equipped, according to the manufacturer, with a fundamentally new, unparalleled filter. Externally similar to a paper filter of mini-vacuum cleaners, it has a constant electrostatic charge, thanks to which it attracts and retains dust particles in its fibers. Thus, the air coming out of the hair dryer becomes almost perfectly clean, which contributes to improved hygiene and healthy hair. On the outer grille of the air intake there is a mechanical calendar, with which you can track the number of drying procedures and set exactly when the filter needs to be changed.

When choosing a hair dryer, pay attention to the location of the buttons - it is convenient when they are all at your fingertips: for example, you can change the air flow rate with one finger and adjust the heating temperature with the other.

Hair dryer should not be too heavy, because sometimes we have to keep it on the weight for a long time - the hand can be tired or “stick”.

Do not forget that the hairdryer should be ergonomic - comfortable, "on the arm" is made.

The hanging ring allows you to store the device in an accessible place, for example, in the bathroom, a long wire will give you freedom of movement while drying your hair. Special rubber pads on the case of the dryer will not allow it to slide and fall from the smooth surface of the table or washing machine. Some manufacturers complement their hair dryers with a special stand for fixing in the working position on vertical or horizontal surfaces.

Smart hair dryers

Despite the fact that modern hair dryers are not much different from their ancestor a hundred years ago, manufacturers continue to improve them in every way.

One of the inventions found in modern hair dryers is ionization. The atmosphere around us contains a huge amount of ions of positive polarity - charged particles of soot settle on our hair and destroy their structure. Hair dryers with ionization technology create a stream of negative ions that neutralize the negative effects of positive ones. Negative ions reduce the level of static electricity, smoothing the hair scales and making the hair shiny and soft. How does this happen? First, the negative ions interact with the smallest droplets of water that are in wet hair, then the hair absorbs ionized water, as a result of which the structure of the hair improves, it becomes less brittle and easier to comb. In addition, the ion technology enhances the effect of surfactants (beneficial active substances) contained in hair care products.

The Philips Hydraprotect Salon 2000 hairdryer is used sensory hair drying technology - It is an active tracking system to control the level of hair moisture. The hair dryer itself recognizes that the hair is already sufficiently dried. This is due to the infrared sensor, which constantly monitors the moisture content in the hair and, as soon as the hair begins to dry, it automatically switches to a more gentle temperature (up to 50 ° C). This avoids the risk of drying the hair. When the hair is dry, a red light comes on.

The Rowenta Pro Vital Series has a switch (Vital mode), with one click converting the dryer into the optimal combination of temperature - 59 degrees - and the air supply speed - 15 m / s, which guarantees a beneficial effect on the hair and fast effective drying. The same function, the main principle of action of which is more air with less heating without increasing the time usually spent on drying hair, is also found in hair dryers from other manufacturers (for example, in the HP 4877/00 model from Philips).

Hair dryer - instructions for use

Hair dryer must be protected from direct moisture.

Do not wind the power cord around it after work.

Make sure that during the operation of the hair dryer its input and output grids do not turn out to be blocked - this may entail its automatic shutdown. However, after a few minutes, when the heating element cools down, you can again begin to dry or style the hair.

Clean the hair dryer filter regularly to prevent dust and hair from clogging the inlet.

Proper head and hair laying

Of course, daily hair styling with a hair dryer is not very beneficial for the health of your hair, but if you do it with not too hot air, then even daily drying will not harm your hair.

If you prefer curvy hairstyles, when drying you need to tilt your head down. If your hairstyle requires a certain smoothness, you need to dry your hair to grow hair. Before drying and styling the hair must be combed.

Unforced hairstyles can be created using a diffuser. After the hair has dried, but still retain some moisture, remove the diffuser and blow-dry the hair.

If you want to create a volumetric styling, use a foam or mousse for styling. Means for styling is applied to the roots of damp hair, and then the hair is placed with a hairdryer.

Hair styling gels can be divided into three categories:

  • those that can be applied to the roots as a styling agent,
  • those that are used to highlight certain lines already finished hair,
  • gel spray for the final styling hairstyle, which is a cross between lacquer and gel.

In addition to mousses and hair styling gels, there are liquid styling products that make hair more rigid. They will give your hair volume, make hair more manageable, and unlike, for example, from the gel, they do not make hair greasy.

Wax is a very powerful styling agent, and is used when the hair needs a “flush”.

Hair is laid using a hair dryer and a round brush, which can be both twisted and pulled hair.

To simulate hairstyles and fixing styling using varnish. Lucky are several degrees of fixation - superstrong (or extra strong), strong, medium and weak. Since the lacquers give the hairstyle static, you should not abuse them in everyday wear. :-)

Have a nice shopping, beautiful hair and healthy hair!

Additional functions

The best hair dryers are equipped with useful supplements, such as:

  1. Ionizer. Negatively charged ions break water droplets into tiny particles. Microcaps easier penetrate deep into the hairs, moisturizing them. Thus, the ionizer prevents dry hair and contributes to their healthy appearance.
  2. Ozonator This supplement is used in hair dryers of the new generation and so far it is rarely found. The built-in lamp-ozonizer also helps water molecules to penetrate deep into the hair, but in addition, it nourishes the hair structure with oxygen and solders the scales. Inside the hair remains a large amount of moisture, the hair becomes smooth and elastic.

Watch the video: 3 Ways To Blow Dry Hair To Achieve Various Degrees of Volume (January 2020).