Types of highlights on blonde hair, how to choose the appropriate

Interestingly, highlighting on blonde hair helps to create a fantastic hairstyle, even if your hair is too thin and sparse. As a rule, for blondes they make highlights on several tones lighter or darker, so that they can look unusual and interesting every day. Today, blonde girls can choose between these types: highlighting dark, light or reddish tint, California highlighting, American highlighting. So which view should you choose? You should look at what image you prefer.

What is highlighting

Highlighting ("highlighting") is a procedure in which a specific part of the hair is colored separately. Moreover, they can be processed as one or two strands, as well as a much larger section on the head of hair.

According to the method of application, the highlighting options are different - the hair is colored either from root to tip, or selectively (closer to the roots / tips, middle, etc.).

As for color, it can also be any: from a close to natural shade to a noticeable contrast. Often in the process of coloring apply several colors.

Often the curls are lightened and then tinted. What to choose and how exactly to perform a beautiful highlighting, hairdressers help to understand depending on the state of hair, natural shade, color type and other individual characteristics.

Advantages and disadvantages

The popularity of highlighting is constantly growing, there are more and more new technologies, and all because This procedure has several notable advantages:

  • only certain areas of the hair are processed, which means that the chemical components cause less harm in comparison with the full coloring,
  • regrown roots are not very noticeable, so correction is needed not often: once every 1.5-2 months. And with some techniques, this period increases even more,
  • shades game visually increases the volume of streaked locks. What is very important for rare and thin hair,
  • properly selected technology allows you to emphasize winning places and hide minor flaws,
  • masked gray
  • suitable for owners of any type of hair.

Like any other chemical procedure, highlighting also has its drawbacks:

  • the treated areas, although treated with sparing means, are still exposed to the harmful effects of the components of the composition, so if you don’t take care of the highlighted curls, they will become hard and unhealthy,
  • the staining procedure takes a long time (about 2 hours or more),
  • It is difficult to highlight hair at home.


It is worth considering, also, that This procedure has a number of contraindications. These include:

  • heavily discolored strands. The composition can burn and dry and so loose curls,
  • preliminary staining with henna, basma. The color may turn out unexpected
  • when it was permed before. You need to wait at least two weeks.

Caution is to resort to staining during pregnancy, lactation and when taking hormonal drugs. Such conditions affect the strength of the penetration of the pigment, and curls can be colored unevenly.

To make hair highlighting in the salon, you will need to spend from 1500 to 8000 rubles. The cost varies from the professionalism of the master, the type of coloring, thickness and length of the curls.

At home, price indicators will depend on the amount of paint and / or brightener spent. So, resistant high-quality paint will cost approximately 600 rubles and more, tonic - about 500 rubles. And if you need a clarifier, then it is still about 700 rubles. But if you consider that not all the hair is processed, but only individual strands, there will be enough funds for coloring for several procedures. So, if there is confidence that the highlight will turn out to be of high quality, it is more profitable to carry it out at home.

If you decide to buy the paint yourself, make sure that the kit contains all the necessary components. Often professional tools that need to be mixed when dyeing are sold separately (pigment and developer).

It is worth considering that the unsuccessful highlighting procedure is difficult to fix. And such hair will have to be restored for a long time.


This is a procedure for highlighting blond hair with light strands. Curls are processed along the entire length and wrapped in foil. For the necessary overflow of flowers in work from one to four shades are used. The width of the strands can be both thin and wide. With a heavily damaged head of hair, the master can make a zonal highlighting - coloring only the upper part of the hair.

Coloring (Brazilian-French)

Coloring on blond hair is a procedure in which strands are colored in several tones (from 2 to 15). As a rule, colors are chosen close to each other by tone. They are painted like all curls (the natural shade is hidden), and separate sections (the natural color is involved in the game of shades).


It belongs to the category of sparing. Paint in the form of a special wax is applied in separate strokes; foil is not used in the work. The active ingredient acts in the open air. After the procedure, the hair looks like it burned out in the sun. The transition between shades is made soft, natural. Most often, with a caramel shade. Suitable for blondes with a warm color type.

In the process of coloring creates a contrast closer to the ends of the hair. Both close to natural and bright colors of three or four shades are used.

Spinners are painted in a chaotic manner. The procedure is similar to an ombre, but here a smooth transition between shades is done. Such a highlight on thin hair is perfect, as it visually makes the hair volume.

Shatush (French)

It is a technique similar to Ombre and California highlighting. In the blond hair and blondes we highlight blond hair with dark strands. The game of colors comes from a darker shade in the root area to a light shade closer to the tips. The transition is smooth (stretching the color), and the curls themselves are processed using a gentle technique.


Highlighting dark strands on bright hair looks spectacular and gives the hairstyle expressiveness and volume. Tones that are used in the work, smoothly into each other. The darkest color is made at the roots. An excellent option would be chocolate, coffee and blond coloring.

"Salt and pepper"

It combines cool silver toning with heavily lightened snow-colored strands. Artificially created the effect of gray hair, which looks noble and fashionable. Individual strands are toned, and an ash gradient is created over the entire surface of the hair. It refers to one of the most expensive dyeing procedures, since you can only get a beautiful ashy tint with playing tones from an experienced master.

Focus on bangs

Highlighting bangs is quite a popular procedure. There is a technique that involves painting it in 4 - 10 shades within the same color. The main condition is the presence of long and thick bangs.

Suits bold natures. In the course of work, colored bright strands with different shades are created. Color highlighting is done on dyed blonde hair, on bleached curls or on natural blond.

Suitable shades

To make highlighting on light and white hair, it is worth a closer look at the color palette.

Owners of light blond curls fit these colors:

  • white,
  • Ivory,
  • lactic,
  • platinum hair color (cold blond),
  • milk chocolate, and caramel hair color.

Pink strands on blond hair look very impressive. But it is worth considering that such coloring is suitable only for owners of flawless complexion. In another case, pink highlights only emphasize redness and other problem areas.

The same rule applies to those who decide to platinum blond. In addition, this palette is best suited for cold color types (winter, summer), but for those who have a warm color type, reddish highlighting on blond hair, golden blond, caramel hair, and honey tones may be successful.

Council An interesting option is to darken certain areas (dark highlighting on blonde hair). Such coloring gives the base color a saturation and greater expressiveness.

Dependence on hair length

The choice of technology depends on the length of the strands. After all, there are some types of highlighting that are invisible on short haircuts. Or look less advantageous on strands of medium length and longer hair.

For medium and long curls Such types of partial coloring are perfect:

  • french
  • ombre (good for caret),
  • shatush,
  • booking

Suitable highlighting on short curls:

  • zonal,
  • Scandinavian
  • balayag
  • majorcontrast
  • color experiments with bangs.

Universal technicians suitable for the hair of any length are:

  • classic highlighting,
  • coloring,
  • colored strands.

Staining technique

Depending on the type, the technology of applying the composition is also different: in the work can be used foil, cap, special movements with a brush and so on. But to summarize, This procedure is performed as follows:

  1. A dyeing composition (or brightener, if a bright highlighting is performed, color or coloring) is applied to individual locks with a brush. In this case, the curls are painted as the entire length, and individual sections. In the case of such techniques as ombre, shatush, etc., coloring can be carried out in several stages (color stretching is done).
  2. Then, the treated curls are either wrapped in foil, or the active substance acts in the open air for a certain time (about 40 minutes, the dates are indicated in the instructions, or the master looks at the degree of pigment seizure).
  3. Then the reagent is washed off and, if necessary, toning is carried out. Often melirovannye blondes choose platinum toning to remove yellowness.

There are also techniques in which the composition is applied using a special comb (stripper) or through a special cap. In the latter case, the strands are drawn through special holes with a hook and painted.

Care after dyeing

To melirovannye curls looked well-groomed and did not become hard and brittle, they need special care. For these purposes, suitable special shampoos and balms for colored hair.

Once a week, indulge your hair with masks. Minimize the use of thermal instruments, and if you use them, apply thermal protection to the strands.

It is also good to use fluids, serums and other care products.

Important! When the split ends appear, trim them so that the hairstyle looks neat.

As for whether to resort to highlighting or not, the answer depends on several factors. This option will be successful if you want to refresh the image, try something new or keep up with the trends. But in order to make partial coloring look neat and really impressive, it is better to do it under the experienced guidance of a hair stylist. Do not conduct experiments at home, if you are not sure that you will be able to achieve the desired color play and protect your hair from the destructive action of the reagent.

Remember, it is very difficult to correct an unsuccessful coloring, and it will take a long time to restore the damaged curls. But if you are ready for experiments and proper care after the procedure, then finding the right option is definitely worth it. After all, a well-made partial coloring will give the hairstyle a well-groomed look with a beautiful play of shades for several weeks or even months. Is this not a reason to turn to a stylist?

Benefits of highlighting

This type of coloring has a number of very important advantages, which have made melirovannye curls mega popular:

  • Makes the look beautiful, fresh, young and fashionable,
  • It has a sparing effect - the composition during such painting does not affect the roots and less harm to the length,
  • It gives volume and pomp that will surely be appreciated by the owners of thin or rare hair,
  • Does not require frequent corrections - highlighting can be updated no more than once in 3 months, but, of course, everything depends on the growth rate of the strands,
  • It is equally beautiful for both short and long hair,
  • Allows you to effectively hide the first gray hair,
  • It has no age limit
  • Fits any structure and perfectly emphasizes the straight strands and curls.

Important! Modern masters perform highlighting special paint, which includes natural ingredients.

Blond hair - dark strands

Dark highlights on blonde hair looks very effective. Therefore, many blonde girls are resorting to it today. At the same time, you can choose any shade that is darker than your natural color: coffee, chocolate, black, dark honey or milk chocolate. Brown highlighting on blonde hair, which makes it easy to change the image, has become very popular lately. However, it does not change due to a change in color, but due to the fact that the curls get thicker. It is also interesting that the dark highlighting of blondes has its own subspecies:

  1. Baliazh - when separate strands are painted over. Popular among girls with short hair with oblique bangs.
  2. Vanilla - when the hair gets a "pearl" shine due to the coloring of some curls.
  3. Mazhimesh - when the whole strand is painted, but it uses wax, not paint.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to add a darker shade to your natural blond. You only need to choose the appropriate dark highlights for blond hair and trust a professional.

How to choose a color

In order for the result of the work done to meet all the stated expectations, it is necessary to determine in advance the choice of the color palette.


  1. White, milk, caramel colors, and also shades of ivory, milk chocolate and platinum blond look harmoniously on light-brown hair.
  2. Add to the image of the entourage can be interspersed with pink strands, but you should pay attention to the fact that such staining is suitable only for owners of perfect skin. Otherwise, the pink tint will only emphasize redness and other shortcomings.
  3. Cold tones of platinum blonde are also able to emphasize any imperfections of the skin, besides this type of highlighting is recommended for girls with a color type winter or summer.
  4. For owners of the same warm color type, all varieties of red, caramel and honey shades that add contrast and make facial features more expressive will become an ideal option.

Highlighting at part

With this type of highlighting, the hair is first divided into a straight parting, and then the curls are symmetrically chosen for bleaching.The width and number of these strands is determined in any order - they can be thin and frequent or wide and rare. After that, under the painted curls put thermal paper soaked blondonoranom. The result of this staining are soft play, which perfectly highlight the beauty and tenderness of blond hair. And also basal highlighting increases the volume of hair.


French highlighting is an ideal method for bleached and light brown hair. This technique involves the partial bleaching of individual curls, which allows to achieve the effect of burnt out hair. The French coloring can be called sparing, for it does not require radical lightening compounds. Masters advise to give preference to soft, ammonia-free dyes, which do not harm the structure of women's hair, but on the contrary - nourish them, moisturize and give a beautiful shine. To date, there are several options for highlighting in French, but coloring in pastel shades, which take from 3 to 5 tones, is in particular demand.

On a note! The more shades will be used, the more interesting the result will be. But the price of such a blurry play will be much higher.

The classic ombre variation is a subtle glare scattered throughout the head of hair. If the work is performed by an experienced master, the effect will turn out to be incredibly beautiful. It seems as if you have just returned from a holiday, during which the sun and sea water worked on your hairdo.

When sombre allowed a slight darkening of the roots, but the transition from the root zone to the tips should be almost imperceptible. Such highlighting can be done both in blond and very light strands - the effect of the game of color is preserved in either case.

California view

If you want to achieve the fashionable effect of "as if sun-bleached hair", then you should pay attention to another type of painting popular among modern girls. California highlighting of blond hair is well-known and relevant even among Hollywood stars (Jennifer Aniston, Fergie, Jennifer Lopez). The main feature of this type of coloring is the fact that neither thermal paper nor foil is used in the process. Instead, professionals take a special creamy paste based on beeswax. It gently bleaches the hair, without spoiling their appearance. An interesting fact is that this highlighting on light strands makes it possible to slightly color not only the desired curls, but also neighboring ones, so the transition is very smooth. Very often the master uses different shades to make the coloring more natural. In order for the effect to be complete, it is necessary to do highlighting several times.

To dye your hair in the popular Californian highlighting, you need to first divide them into bundles up to 1.5 cm on the horizontal parting in staggered order. The paint or a special composition for highlighting must be distributed vertically along the entire length of the beam. It does not need to penetrate the strands. This procedure should be repeated separately with each strand. After the coloring has occurred, wash off the paint and apply a nourishing balm on the hair.

Highlighting with the help of red color

If you want your look to be more playful and interesting, then you can make yourself a reddish look on blonde hair. This type of painting helps to stand out from the crowd and create your own unique image. In this case, it is necessary to choose shades close to the blond, so that the hair is more natural and natural.

American style highlighting technique

American highlighting for blond hair is not new, but rather a popular procedure that helps to create interesting and unique images. This method of coloring appeared in 2010. To create American highlighting, foil and different color shades from the same palette are used. Thus, it will be more convenient for the master to look at which strands are already painted over and which are not. It is the use of several tones (from 2 to 4) that is the main feature of this type of coloring. Thus, interesting transitions and highlights appear on the hair, which visually increase their volume and add brightness to the strands. In this case, the more shades are used, the more vividly the color is obtained. Also such highlighting will help make interesting styling every day. It should be remembered that this type of highlighting can only be trusted to be done by an experienced professional in order to get the desired result.

Highlighting and dyed hair

You have already dyed your hair in the desired shade and become almost real blonde, but from time to time you still want to change your image in order to attract even more male attention? That is why highlighting on dyed blonde hair is quite popular today. Such a step will help refresh your appearance without resorting to drastic changes. Of course, if you decide to make highlights on blond hair that has already been dyed before, you need to remember some important nuances in order not to harm your curls. Firstly, it is better to postpone the procedure for later, if your hair is too loose or if you have recently curled. Secondly, if you dyed your hair before highlighting with natural dyes, you will need to report this to the master.

The advantages of this method of dyeing hair

To date, highlighting on blonde hair has become very popular. This can be explained by the fact that it has a number of significant advantages:

  1. Due to the fact that different shades are used, the face will appear younger and fresher.
  2. If you have sparse or thin hair, highlighting will help to visually increase their volume.
  3. To refresh the highlighting, it needs to be repeated only once in 3 months, which is much less common than regular coloring.
  4. Highlighting will look equally good on both short and long hair, if you entrust this procedure to a professional.

Disadvantages of highlighting

Of course, any procedure that has an impact on our health will always have some drawbacks. This is also true for highlighting. What minuses should be made ready if you decide to highlight blond hair?

  1. Remember that this procedure is not at all cheap. At the same time, even for re-highlighting the price does not fall.
  2. Be prepared for the fact that this procedure will take a long time. If you have a short haircut, then have patience for 2 hours, if your long hair is 4.
  3. If you do not highlight the color of an experienced master, you can spoil the entire image, and then the error will be very difficult to fix.
  4. If you lighten the hair that is naturally light, you can change their structure, so after the procedure you must use special reducing agents.
  5. Sometimes it happens that after highlighting the hair begins to comb badly, can not be styled and curl badly on curlers.

Of course, you can avoid the negative effect of highlighting, if you give up home staining and resort only to the help of professionals. Despite the fact that this procedure will be somewhat more expensive, the health of your hair is worth it.

Shades of highlighting

To pick up the paint, pay attention to your native hair color. Dark brown and gold shades are ideal for girls with dark blond hair. For example: copper, wheat, amber and others.

For girls with light brown hair, shades of white are suitable, for example, ivory, milk, creamy, platinum. Very interesting and beautiful hair with tones of caramel, coffee with milk. We hope we will help you understand which highlighting is right for you, our dear readers.

Also it is necessary to pay attention to cold metallic shades: ashen, platinum, silver. This highlighting looks bold, extravagant.

Photo examples of the best highlights on light brown hair

The photo highlights on light brown hair of medium length, this option looks quite good.

In this photo, the girl has highlight on blond short hair, a classic that looks gorgeous.

Highlighting on dark blond hair in this photo just goes well with the color of the girl's skin, it looks like the highlight of summer heat.

In this photo Californian highlighting for light brown hair, note that the color transition is almost absent. Therefore, this option is called California melirovaniem, as if the hair itself a little burned out in the warm Californian sun.

This highlights on light brown hair. Such highlighting for long brown hair looks great and stylish at all times.

The photo shows ashy highlights on light brown hair. This option looks stylish and elegant. This mode of highlighting in fashion from 2017 and will be in trend for a long time ..

Medium highlighting of blond hair as in the photo is an option for those who are not ready for serious experiments with their appearance.

The photo shows highlights of blond hair before and after the procedure. Created simply gorgeous hairstyle that may suit you.

Here is another gorgeous highlight on light brown hair color, very restrained and stylish.

The girl has no photo highlights on light brown hair with bangs.

Here is another fashionable highlighting of light brown hair.

Beautiful highlights on light brown hair.

The photo highlights the strands of light brown hair.

Small, rare and light highlighting looks restrained and natural.

What are the advantages of highlighting on light brown hair?

Highlighting for brown hair has a significant demand, because highlighting for light brown hair color has significant advantages over other methods of dyeing:

  1. When the roots grow, they are almost not visible on the main background with this staining,
  2. You save money - you can paint the roots less often. Once every two months
  3. Highlighting is referred to as a gentle dyeing method - without significant damage to the hair, you can change their color,
  4. Modern paints contain a composition with natural ingredients. With their help there is a healthy hair
  5. With such coloring you can forget about gray hair,
  6. The visual volume of your hair.

Types of highlights for light brown hair

1. Classic highlighting.

This technique is not complicated and known. It is used for a long time. The entire length of the hair is uniformly staining strands. The thickness of the colored strands can be different (depending on what result was conceived).

2. California highlighting.

This hair coloring method is most suitable for girls with light brown hair. With this kind of dyeing, it seems that your strands are burned out in the sun. The effect looks at ease and gently. Moreover, this coloring carefully colors the hair and is suitable for many types of hair.

3. Remelirovanie (toning).

In this variant of hair coloring, toning is done on the original hair color, a tone or two darker or lighter.

4. Highlighting the roots.

This type of staining is also relevant in today's days. It is made on hair from light to dark shades.

5. Venetian highlighting.

Dark hair shades are assumed to be slightly different highlighting techniques, in contrast to light shades. This dyeing technique has something similar to California technique. It differs only in that Venetian highlighting has shades defined in the palette for hair coloring.

Attention! It is recommended to dye your hair with a master specialist. It is not always possible at home to achieve the desired result, and also, if you treat the paint incorrectly, you are more likely to get hair problems such as dryness, exhaustion and brittleness.

What should be done to avoid this?

  1. Use a healing balm after staining, and also later after washing.
  2. Use high-quality cosmetics to care for colored hair. Make a special mask once a week.
  3. Protect your hair from excessive insolation with the help of special tools: sports sun shampoos, thermal foams with a cooling effect, masks with argan oil, thermoactive oil, sunscreen sprays.
  4. Try to stop using hair dryers and irons. Use them only when you can't do without it. Then the hair will remain healthy. Dry your hair naturally.
  5. Do a head massage with a special brush.
  6. Use serums and fluid gels to increase the shine of the hair.
  7. Do not forget about such simple products as burdock, coconut oil, olive and almond oil, yolks masks.

Zonal or partial

Zone highlighting involves the selection of individual upper strands (for example, at the face, near the roots or at the tips). This gentle method of coloring is ideal for owners of short haircuts, as well as those who are not ready for a sharp change of image and do not plan to use coloring tools on an ongoing basis.

Owners of light or fair-haired hair can safely apply brandy, platinum, chocolate, amber, sand, wheat or pearl tone. For lovers of bold experiments, we advise to focus on burgundy, blue, red, purple hues. Since the coloring composition is shaded with a brush, the result is soft and rather harmonious.

Partial highlighting is performed with rather wide strands, so the hair should be rather thick. For him use a special paint from Matrix, Estel or LOreal, which include natural wax. Such dyes not only do not harm the health of the hair, but also give a stylish shine.

Appearing quite recently (in 2015), ashy highlighting on white curls immediately gained immense popularity among young girls and more mature women. The first steel shades give some mystery, the second - solidity and style. This is the perfect choice for blond hair, because unlike dark or light brown hair, they can get a perfectly pure color.

Ash highlighting can be performed both on individual curls and along the entire length of the strands. In the latter case, the gradient is performed - a special stretch of color with darkened roots and clarified tips.

Important! Ash shades are considered one of the most capricious, therefore it is better to entrust such coloring to professionals. Do not try to repeat the procedure at home - it does not always guarantee the achievement of the expected result. It should also be noted that with each shampooing the color will become increasingly paler, so correction of such highlighting will have to be done more often.

The technology of such coloring is perfect for light brown and blond hair. Venetian highlighting, performed in two colors, provides the effect of slightly faded strands. The coloring composition is applied with fast irregular movements from the tips to the middle, and then carefully shaded with a hard brush - it turns out beautifully and as natural as possible. As for shades, fair-haired girls should take a closer look at amber, golden, cognac, beige, caramel, sandy and milky chocolate. But blondes ideal cold highlights with the participation of platinum and pearl color. The most advanced women of fashion may use a bolder palette - lemon, blue, purple or lilac.

Major contrast is a highlight that combines light and dark shades. To achieve the most accurate selection of each strand, which provides this fashionable hairdressing solution, it is necessary to use a sufficiently strong oxidant and a very dark paint.

Tip! With such highlighting you need to contact an experienced and proven masters. Only in this case, you can expect to get a beautiful result.

The main advantage of highlighting with feathers is a simple technique of execution, thanks to which it can be easily done at home. In addition, the feathers look great both on the short head of hair and on the hair of medium length. They give locks volume and unprecedented lightness. As for the long mane, it is better for her to find another solution.

For the procedure, you need to stock up on a special cap with holes, through which thin curls are drawn through a special hook. You can buy it at any specialty store.

Quite a complex, but very beautiful coloring, which uses special gentle dyes. They do not have ammonia, but there is a wax with a mass of useful properties. This paint is not able to drastically change the color of hair, so that it is used to create the effect of burnt hair.

You have long been repainted in a blonde, and now you want to refresh your hair a bit and make new notes in your look? We advise you to look at balayazh, one of the most fashionable and beautiful options. Technique performing balayazha provides clarification of curls in certain places - at the back of the head, at the temples, bangs or crown. It all depends on your desire! Such highlighting can be done on the curls of any length, but most effectively it looks on a long or medium head of hair.

Chocolate highlighting on bleached hair - what could be more beautiful ?! With this hairstyle, you will be younger for several years at once, and you can drastically change the style and make your eyes and eyebrows more expressive.

Important! Painted blondes, who decided to make chocolate tint, need to be as careful as possible. To make an image as harmonious as possible, the native color of your hair should even remotely resemble chocolate.

Hombre, degradation or highlighting with regrown roots - this is the name given to this fashionable and incredibly stylish technique. For staining can be applied from one to four tones. Both natural and contrast gamma are allowed. The border of the ombre can be smooth and very blurred, and can be very clear and as noticeable as possible. The beginning of the transition depends on the length of the hair. So, in the case of a square, it starts at the chin, and with long hair - only at the very ends. However, it also depends only on your own tastes.

Highlighting with colored strands is bright, bold, stylish and incredibly fresh. You can choose almost any tone - purple, green, pink, mahogany, blue, red, etc. With their help, you can not only emphasize your individual style, but also to shock the public with an unusual appearance. The main advantage of coloring crazy color is complete freedom of action - when applying paint, you can take one shade, and you can mix four, creating rainbow colors.

On a note! If earlier “crazy colors” were found only among hippies and punks, but now everything has changed - nowadays they can be seen among ordinary ladies who have extraordinary taste. It should also be noted that especially beautifully crazy color looks on long styles with curls and a cascade.

This technique is incredibly easy and carefully feathered transition. Coloring is performed with the participation of 3-4 shades belonging to the same color palette, but contrasting with the tone of the hair.

Brazilian highlights are a great way to give light curls a more dramatic look. To obtain such a result, the master selects individual strands and paints them in different tones. If you do not want to dye the entire head of hair, select only a few front curls. When hair dries, these paints are mixed together, providing multi-colored play.

Tip! To make the transition from one shade to another almost imperceptible, strands for highlighting should not be too large.

Care for melirovanny hair

Blond hair in itself requires special care, and the additional effect of lightening dye only enhances this nuance. How to care for melirovanny hair so that it remains strong, soft, silky?

  • Rule 1. Wash your hair with shampoo for streaked, dyed or damaged strands.
  • Rule 2. Rinse the hair with decoctions or infusions of medicinal herbs - they act no worse than balms and conditioners.
  • Rule 3. Try as rarely as possible to use a hairdryer, iron and other thermo tools.
  • Rule 4. Do not forget about cosmetic oils - olive, castor, almond or burdock. Applying them 1-2 times a week will make your hair soft, silky and docile.
  • Rule 5. Apply sera and fluids regularly - they prevent tip cross-section.
  • Rule 6. Take care of proper nutrition. To keep your hair strong and healthy, eat more vitamins and vegetable fats.
  • Rule 7. To restore the damaged structure, go through one of the salon procedures - lamination, keratin straightening, elution, glazing, glossing or shielding.
  • Rule 8. When visiting a swimming pool, solarium or bath, be sure to wear a protective hat. It will protect the curls from drying out and burnout. In addition, chlorinated water is the main cause of color fading.
  • Rule 9. At least once a week, apply special masks with a regenerating or nourishing effect - they will take care of the health of your locks. Such funds can be both store and home.
  • Rule 10. After completing this highlighting, do not forget to regularly update the color with special tinted shampoos or balms. They will save you from unwanted yellowness and allow you to visit the beauty salon much less often.

How is it going

The process of highlighting on blond hair is simple. The selected dye should be 2-4 tones lighter or darker to obtain a noticeable result. The traditional method of tinting strands involves the use of foil or caps.

Phased process description

  1. Preparation of necessary tools and materials, dilution of brightener or paint.
  2. The division of hair into zones. Fixing each of them with hairpins.
  3. Branch strands not exceeding a thickness of 2 cm.
  4. Application of a dye on the strand, previously having placed a piece of foil under it.
  5. Fold the foil in half with the treated hair.
  6. Alternate staining of strands according to previously completed zoning.
  7. For the action of the pigment will take at least 30 minutes, after which the strands are washed with plenty of water.
  8. Shampooing your head with balms, masks and other reducing agents.
  9. Drying by the hair dryer on the sparing operating mode.

A variety of tools for highlighting

Make highlighting today is much easier than 10-15 years ago, when the choice of colors was small. In stores or specialty stores, you can easily purchase the most appropriate tool.

Enjoy great popularity:

  • Tint shampoos and balsamssuitable for a short-term effect or for experimentation,
  • Brightening powdersthat make the strands brighter by 1 tone, but without damaging the hair structure,
  • Cream paintscharacterized by a dense structure and providing high-quality pigmentation,
  • Brightening Powderthat do not penetrate deep into the structure, but give the effect of glare and radiance,
  • Paint "mazhimesh", not having in the composition of perhydrol, as a result provides a gentle staining.

A professional master will select the tool based on the individual characteristics of the client's hair for maximum results. At the same time, it will take into account possible risks regarding chemical exposure to the structure.

Tinted shampoos and balms that are suitable for short-term effect or for experimentation are very popular.

Light and dark highlights

Based on the natural color, selected options for staining strands. For owners of fine hair, it is recommended to lighten the strands in light colors using 2-3 shades. This technique will help give volume. If it becomes necessary to create a more respectable look, you can paint over thin locks in dark colors. Chocolate color in all shades fits perfectly.

If lightening adds to the image of freshness, then dark highlighting should be performed taking into account skin type and facial oval. Expressive hairstyle can put the wrong accents. For example:

  • If the shape of the face is far from the oval, it is better to make a tint on small strands,
  • With light-colored skin you should not brighten your hair too much, you will get a pale spot instead of an image,
  • Dark highlighting is recommended only for blondes, the rest should be cautiously resorted to this type of tinting.

Among the fashion trends in toning light strands:

  • Mazhimesh involves the use of wax instead of paint (the technique is complicated, only the master can handle),
  • Vanilla implies coloring only a few thin curls to give the hair a pearly shine,
  • Balayazh performed either on individual thick strands, or on the tips of the hair.

In any case, before changing the image, you should consult with the stylist for the approval of tonality.

How to do at home

The available rules for the implementation of staining can be carried out not only in the cabin, but at home.

Necessary means and tools:

  • lightening compound or paint selected pigments,
  • foil, divided into strips (width 10 cm, length equal to two strand lengths),
  • rubber or polyethylene gloves,
  • paint container (glass or ceramic),
  • brush for applying dye with a wooden or plastic handle,
  • comb with a long thin handle
  • towel.

For the convenience of applying the pigment, you can use two mirrors located opposite each other.


  1. Prepare foil strips and dilute the paint
  2. Determine the parameters of the painted strands, they must be the same
  3. Divide hair into zones (front, crown, sides, nape) and fix each of them with a hairpin,
  4. Release the crown area and separate the thin strand.put a foil under it
  5. Apply the dye to the hair and tuck the foil into an envelope., thus limiting the runoff of the dye composition,
  6. Alternately process strands on the remaining zonesMoving from the crown to the sides, then to the back of the head and the front,
  7. Hold time for paint reaction (15-40 minutes depending on the intensity of the shade)
  8. Rinse head with water, only then remove the foil,
  9. Wash hair with shampoo using a mask or balm,
  10. Dry your head naturally or with the help of a hair dryer on the sparing mode of operation.

Precautionary measures

To perform self-highlighting, you should adhere to the following rules:

  • Carefully choose paint, to study the composition, the expiration date, what type of hair is intended,
  • Work with chemical solutions should be wearing gloves
  • Avoid contact with eyes., on exposed skin and clothing (in case of a situation with eye contact, rinse immediately under running water),
  • It is necessary to breed dye only before drawing, use of the settled composition is not recommended,
  • After the procedure, hold a series of events to restore hair structure.


  • The game of different shades refreshes the facemakes him young
  • Does not require monthly tint, the result retains a presentable appearance for up to 3 months,
  • Thin and rare hair highlights gives volume
  • Partial staining technique fits equally good for short haircuts and long curls,
  • Among the different variations, you can choose the most successful type. and add a touch of individuality to it (choose color combinations).


  • The process of dyeing strands is time consuming.therefore, you should prepare and allocate specifically for the procedure 2-4 hours (depending on the length of the curls),
  • Choosing colors will require professional advice., an amateur can spoil the image, and fix the error will be almost impossible,
  • Ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, used for highlighting, have a negative effect on the hair structure, therefore, the carrying out of the recovery complex is mandatory,
  • The cost of this service In the salons are not cheap.

To everyone to make the decision independently, to do highlighting at the skilled master or at the beginning expert. But it is important to remember that in pursuit of fashion and beauty we must not forget about the health of hair. Treatment and recovery takes a lot more money than choosing the right way to express your individuality and natural charm.

Who will fit the dark highlights on blonde hair

Highlighting in the dimming technique can emphasize the depth and expressiveness of color, and dark hair on blond hair looks very original.

Suffice it to choose a suitable dyeing technique, starting from your own preferences and taking into account the length of the existing hair.


  1. For medium and long strands, French coloring, shatush, ombre or brondirovanie is recommended.
  2. For owners of short hairstyles, zonal or Scandinavian highlighting will be an excellent option, and you can also experiment with bangs by adding a few colored strands.

With the correct placement of highlights, you can not only hide the existing skin imperfections, but also correct the facial contours:

  1. The triangular shape (narrow chin and wide forehead) is corrected due to the light shade of hair at the level of the cheeks and the dark strands at the temples.
  2. The owners of round cheeks are recommended to darken the curls in the temporal part, and in the area of ​​the crown to leave a light shade of hair so that the face visually becomes more elongated.
  3. Soft coloring with smooth transitions of the glare will help to correct the square shape and soften rough features.
  4. Those girls whose face has a trapezoidal shape, it is necessary to perform dark staining from the bottom, leaving the light hair color on top. With this trick you can balance a small forehead and a wide chin.
  5. In order to correct the diamond shape of the face, it is sufficient to perform a dark color at the level of the cheekbones, thereby making them less cumbersome.
    Dark highlights on blonde hair can transform a tired look and improve complexion.
  6. For girls with aristocratically white skin, it is better to give up dark shades, while dark-skinned beauties will have intense dark reflections that will look very harmonious.
  7. Owners of leather with a yellow subtone should pay attention to the chestnut and red color.
  8. For women with a pink skin tone, it is better to avoid saturated warm tones, preferring cold light shades of strands.

The pros and cons of the dark to light

Despite the fact that every year there are new interesting ways of coloring, highlighting does not lose its relevance to this day.

Such popularity is due to several of the following advantages:

  • processing only individual strands causes less damage to the hair structure in comparison with the full coloring,
  • hair growing at the roots is not so noticeable, so the procedure needs correction only once in 1.5-2 months,
  • the ability to give sparse, rare curls a larger volume due to the play of the color palette,
  • the method of coloring correctly chosen by the master helps to visually hide the existing imperfections and emphasize all the advantages of the face,
  • the technique will suit every girl regardless of her hair type,

Dark highlights on blonde hair are suitable for all girls, the main thing is to choose the technique correctly.

  • masks gray hair.
  • There are some disadvantages:

    • in the composition of the sparing means, nevertheless, there is a small percentage of chemical components that affect the curls. Therefore, hair care after dyeing should be more thorough,
    • long procedure time (it takes at least 2 hours),

    Correct technique is difficult to repeat on their own at home.

    Using foil

    Medium and long hair is colored in this way. Individual strands are placed on the foil, after which a previously prepared coloring composition is applied with a special brush. The treated areas of hair are carefully wrapped in foil so that the applied agent does not flow out. Maintain the composition usually within 20-30 minutes.

    Some experts consider the method of highlighting using foil has long been outdated. Of particular dissatisfaction are the dyes used, which are too aggressively acting on the hair shaft.

    Through the cap

    The method is great for owners of short haircuts. A plastic cap with holes is pulled over the head, through which small strands are pulled out.

    Outside curls are treated with paint, and after some time, all hair is thoroughly washed out.

    Using a comb

    The composition is applied to individual parts of the hair using a special comb with sparse teeth. Then the hair is gently combed from the roots to the ends of the strands.

    The paint is applied by hand to the pre-washed and dried hair. The technology is recommended for owners of thick curls, and the result is reminiscent of the effect of frost coating.

    What to choose: small or large?

    Dark highlighting on blond hair involves the use of two techniques - small and large staining.

    Small highlights are created by processing small thin strands, while a bright contrasting combination of colors is obtained through the use of large-scale technology.

    The method of frequent highlighting is particularly suitable for girls who have a predisposition to allergic reactions to the components that make up the paint. Minor staining almost does not affect the scalp, and therefore, the risk of intolerance is minimized.

    A bright and expressive shade of hair can be achieved by highlighting wide strands. In addition, the technology of rare staining affects small areas, thereby not having an aggressive impact on the general condition of the hair.

    Brazilian highlights dark on blond hair

    Brazilian technology is a kind of Californian highlighting that favorably emphasizes the base color of natural hair. Unlike classic staining, such the method does not involve the use of foil or a special cap.

    The main goal is to create smooth delicate transitions of one color to another, so the whole process takes place in the fresh air to achieve the most natural result.

    On blond hair, the effect is achieved through the use of "cold" beige or pastel shades.

    Shatush and balayazh

    Dark highlighting on blond hair using the Shatush technique has appeared relatively recently, but has already managed to gain popularity among fashionistas. It differs from the classic version in that at the time of dyeing, a special technology of “stretching” colors is used. The result is a smooth transition from dark to light.

    Blondes are recommended to combine no more than two colors.

    Often, the master sets off natural hair at the roots with the help of dark dye, and then creates beautiful highlights of a light shade at the tips. The technique of balayazh also provides for the clarification of the tips of the hair, but in this case the coloring composition is applied on almost the entire length, leaving only a small area at the roots intact.

    Contrast paint

    The volume and depth of the hairstyle is achieved through a contrasting combination of dark and light strands of various widths. Everything new is well-forgotten old, so the well-known “striped” highlighting has regained its lost relevance. To get the most vivid combination of two shades, after dyeing, they do not make a standard procedure for toning hair.

    When a correction is needed and how to make it

    Any method of staining sooner or later needs a subsequent correction. In this case, basal highlighting will help, thanks to which you can quickly and safely return the hairstyle to its original appearance.

    The choice of the method of highlighting depends on how often further correction of the regrown roots will be required. If ombra, shatush and Brazilian coloring requires an amendment no more than once every six months, then Classical and French method should be updated every 1-2 months.

    The correct correction should exactly recreate the pattern and hair color that was performed on the previous painting.

    Phased technology is as follows:

    1. Well-combed curls are divided into three equal zones - the central and two side.
    2. It is recommended to begin correction from the side of the head. To do this, part of the hair of the side zone is divided into small strands, after which a pre-prepared piece of foil is placed under the first one.
    3. The special brush applies paint to the regrown area, going beyond the border of the previous highlighting by no more than 1 cm.
    4. Foil folded in half and processed the following areas of hair.
    5. The composition is aged for 15-40 minutes, depending on the recommendations of the paint manufacturer.
    6. The foil is removed, the hair thoroughly washed.
    7. If necessary, carry out the final stage of rendering.

    Care features

    After highlighting, blond hair needs more thorough care than before painting:

    • In addition to the moisturizing balm and conditioner, nourishing masks are used,
    • after each wash, a couple of drops of oil or liquid crystals are applied to the tips,
    • It is necessary to reduce the use of a hair dryer and ironing, and if all the same styling is done with hot appliances, additional thermal protection is used.

    Dark highlighting has become a kind of alternative choice for girls who are afraid of bold experiments and do not want to completely change the shade of their strands. A large selection of techniques allows you to achieve different intensities of the desired shade, while the use of gentle compositions does not have any disastrous effect on the state of healthy blond hair.

    Video about dark highlights on blonde hair:

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