L - Oreal Hair Oils Review

Luxurious girlish braids have always been the object of male attention. Therefore, even ancient beauties diligently fertilized hair with oils. And in the 21st century, hair more than ever need care. After all, the difficult ecological situation, the frantic rhythm of life and daily stresses are constant companions of modern girls.

The incident is that there is no time left to take care of your hair. But there is a way out. Today, the world's leading cosmetics companies offer multi-functional tools. Their list includes the development of the laboratory "L'Oreal" (Paris) from the range "Elseve" - ​​oil "Extraordinary".

The action of oil "Elsev"

Oil "Elsev" has 2 variations - for all types of hair and for colored hair. But the versatility of the product is not the point. Multifunctional oil is its complex action. It gives several effects at once:

  • protects
  • moisturizes
  • smoothes out
  • gives shine
  • feeds
  • restores.

Unlike other products of the Elsev line, Extraordinary oil can replace several products. There are at least 3 of them. It is conditioner (balm-rinse), mask and spray (cream) for hair. Accordingly, there are different methods of application.

Application Methods

So, the first method of using oil is before washing. It is necessary to apply it over the entire length of the hair, cover your head with a warm towel and leave for at least half an hour. Pre-recommended to heat the oil. This mask reanimates dry and damaged hair. A normal hair will provide additional nutrition.

The second method is after washing. It is necessary to distribute some oil on the hair, excluding the root zone. This will instantly give your hair a well-groomed look, as well as protect it from the harmful effects of hot styling.

Even the problem of split ends will be solved by a unique product of the Elsev series - Extraordinary oil. Application in this case is reduced to applying the product to the ends of the hair.

In general, oil "Elsev" can be used at any time during the day. It will help make your hair smooth and shiny, defeat dullness and tame naughty curls. Such a multidisciplinary action means due to its composition.

Composition and transcript

The use of innovative technologies is a tradition for the company “L'Oreal”, in particular for the “Elsev” line. Oil "Extraordinary" is no exception. But it is complemented by a range of natural ingredients. Among them:

  • chamomilla recutita extract - chamomile extract,
  • cocos nucifera oil - coconut oil,
  • helianthus annuus seed oil - sunflower oil,
  • nelumbium speciosum extract - lotus extract,
  • linum usitatissimum flower extract - linseed oil,
  • gardenia tahitensis flower extract - Tiare flower extract,
  • rosa canina flower extract - wild rose extract
  • glycine soja oil - soybean oil,
  • bisabolol - sesquiterpene alcohol (candea tree oil distillate).

Of course, there are fragrances and preservatives in the product. But the most controversial cause cyclopentasiloxane and dimethiconol, which contains "Extraordinary" oil "Elseve." Reviews of these silicones are controversial. Someone considers them "harmful chemistry". However, it is they who give the hair a flawless look.

"Extraordinary" oil "Elsev": reviews

Any product has both positive and negative characteristics. If only one side of the coin is illuminated, then you will most likely have an advertisement. The relatively new means of the L'Oreal range, Elsev, Extraordinary Oil, has many rave reviews. But minor product flaws are also described.

Let's start with the pros. The first and most important: the tool meets the basic requirements stated by the manufacturer. It really gives hair shine, silkiness and smoothness. It is difficult to verify how oil restores the structure, nourishes and protects. But the visual effect is obvious.

In addition, reviewers and other qualities distinguish the product series "L'Oreal. Elsev" - oil "Extraordinary." Reviews describe such pleasant things as:

  • delicate spicy aroma
  • convenient dispenser
  • affordable price,
  • economical application.

Despite the fact that positive ratings prevail, some girls have problems using the product. The most common - hair fat. Someone can not completely wash off the product with shampoo, someone notes the "greasy appearance" after applying the product. Many complain of loss of hair volume.

But most often these nuances are associated with the incorrect use of "alchemy" "Elsev". Oil "Extraordinary" has only one objective feature - it exhibits a ginger subton. In fact, any oil has such a side effect.

Subtleties and tips

To achieve impressive results and avoid negative consequences, you need to adhere to certain rules when using the product:

  1. Do not apply "extraordinary" oil on the scalp and hair roots. Silicones are mostly harmful precisely because they clog pores. By the way, some natural oils have the same property.
  2. Despite how often you are called upon to use oil "Elsev" reviews, if red shades are undesirable for you, it is better to do this no more than once a week.
  3. Rinse your hair to the crunch after applying the oil mask will only turn out deep cleansing shampoo. Regular shampoo will have to be applied and rinsed 2 times. Smoothing, restoring shampoos should be left for another occasion.
  4. In order not to overload the clean hair with oil, you should first apply it on the palm of your hand, rub it carefully, and then distribute through the hair from the tips to the middle of the length.

Well, perhaps the most important thing in using any means is to take into account individual features. Obviously, for a thick head of hair you will need more emulsion than for thin hair, for dry hair oil masks will be relevant, and for those prone to fat content - lubrication of the tips, etc.

Treatment of damaged hair

Beauty salons are very actively discussing the product from "L'Oreal. Elsev" - "Extraordinary" oil. Reviews describe and non-standard methods of application, and personal experience, and errors in use. In general, information abound. But many are interested in another question: is it possible to cure hair with this remedy? Then you need to dig deeper and study the effectiveness of oils in principle.

Many girls believe that it was oils that helped them restore the former beauty of their hair. Supporters of such treatment claim that they can heal:

  • worn-out hair
  • hair that is constantly dyed and brightened,
  • split, brittle and dull hair.

However, as in any case, the success of hair restoration depends on the consistency of the application. The result will pleasantly surprise you! But only after 3 months of regular use.

Do not forget that health comes from the inside. A beautiful woman is a healthy woman. Fresh air, good sleep and a balanced diet - 3 whales, which keeps the beauty ... including hair.

What are hair oils used for?

The usefulness of oils is as follows:

  • hair growth stimulation
  • conditioning effect,
  • visual addition of volume
  • no weighting effect
  • no kind of unwashed head,
  • regeneration of hair follicles,
  • getting rid of seborrhea and alopecia,
  • giving shine and brilliance.

Oils are extracted from completely different plants, from herbs and flowers to berries and fruits, therefore You can handle the following types of curls:

  • tough
  • painted,
  • normal
  • fatty
  • dry
  • short
  • long
  • gray
  • dull
  • brittle,
  • curly.

Tips for using oil complexes:

  • to massage the scalp before applying the product,
  • plentifully work on the tips,
  • the tool is applied to the strands necessarily in a heated form (pounded in the palms),
  • if washing is required, it must be carried out several times with the use of shampoo.

Of the trend of cosmetic companies that produce oil complexes for curls, stands Loreal. Consider the line of oils of this company.

L’Oreal Paris Elseve Oil Extraordinary Universal Oil

This complex will give your hair a second life, because it effectively moisturizes the cuticle of each individual hair, which contributes to the regeneration of the damaged structure. Oil creates a certain invisible layer that will protect the curls from external influence, make them soft, shiny and attractive.

Composition absorbed valuable oils, namely: chamomile, rose, lotus, tiara, nivyaniki and seeds of Siberian flax.

L’Oreal Paris Elseve Oil Extraordinary Repairing Oil for Damaged Hair

This product is able to provide innovative care for curls. It has a pleasant low-fat consistency, inviting oriental flavor. Oil easily adapts to any type of hair, fills them with strength, returns elasticity and shine. Does not weigh strands, gives volume in the root zone. Guarantees protection against external irritants.

Includes only useful ingredients: extracts of plants and oils: chamomile, lotus, tiare, soy.

L’Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil Color Glow Oil Nourishing Oil for Dyed Hair

The product is designed for dyed and damaged hair. It promotes easy combing, neat styling, making unruly curls smooth and silky. It has thermal protection properties. It gives hair strength, shine, reliably protects color from leaching.

Composed Rice bran successfully combined with argan oil, such a tandem perfectly restores the structure at the cellular level.

L’Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil Nourishing Oil for all hair types Nourishing oil

This oil contains only healthy ingredients. It can bring curls in order for a couple of procedures. Suitable for hair with any kind of damage. The product is used before packing, it has an antistatic effect.

Composition: vitamins complex: B1, B2, D, A, omega-3 fatty acids, natural avocado and grape seed oils, as well as minerals.

L’Oreal Paris Elseve Hair Oil “Luxury 6 oils”

The oil is designed for owners of dry hair, prone to cross-section and fragility. For several applications, it solders the damaged ends, making the curls healthy and smooth. Prevents dryness, restores hydro-lipid balance. Greatly simplifies the procedure of combing and styling. Protects against UV rays and overheating. The product has a delicate aroma and soft consistency.

The tool consists of the following components: coconut, chamomile, palm, pink, argan and linseed oils, hydrangea extract and other flowers.

Mode of application

The method of application of the oils presented is absolutely identical:

  1. Pre-wash and almost completely dry curls.
  2. Rub a few drops of the oil complex in the palms.
  3. Apply the selected oil on the tips and along the entire length of the hair.
  4. Do not flush.
  5. Continue laying.

The above oils rarely cause allergic reactions, but if you doubt your skin, you should conduct a test check: drop a few drops on the back of your hand, wait 5-7 minutes and track the reaction. In its absence (that is, there is no itching, burning, redness, rash) - products boldly suited to use.

The L'Oreal brand has another interesting product - this coloring oil, we will tell about it in more detail.

Constant Delight Olio Colorante Hair Coloring Oil

This is an innovative non-ammonia dye that guarantees not only the complete filling of the hair surface, but also provides gentle care. Oil is suitable for gray hair, as well as for lightening. The palette of this tool is very wide - almost 60 shades. After the dyeing procedure, the strands receive not only bright color and brilliance, but also everything else, protection from leaching. The product regenerates the structure of the strands, making them soft, elastic and strong. Oil is applied to dry strands.

Mode of application:

  1. For clarification: dilute with oxidant 9% in a 1: 1 ratio, apply over the entire area of ​​hair, stand for half an hour and rinse thoroughly with warm water.
  2. For painting gray hair: dilute 1 part of base, 1 part of tone and 2 parts of 6% oxidizer. Treat curls with a paintbrush.

In case of contact with eye oil, immediately flush with copious amounts of clean running water.

There are contraindications:

  • tendency to allergic manifestations,
  • the presence of scratches, wounds, acne on the scalp and face,
  • period of lactation and carrying a child.

The use of base oils from L'Oreal helps to restore hair health and attractiveness. After all, oil is a priority product for the care of hair, which must be in the cosmetics bag of every modern woman. The use of this tool facilitates combing, fastens hair scales, prevents the destruction of the hair shaft. Applying the oil complex on an ongoing basis, you can forget about all sorts of problems with curls for a long time.

Characteristics and beneficial properties of the oil

Oil under the brand Loreal Elsev "Extraordinary" is available in a convenient bottle of 100 milliliters with a pump dispenser. It is quite liquid, transparent in appearance, not too greasy and dense. When squeezing on the palm quickly spreads, it is completely absorbed into the hair, not weighing them down at all.

Affordable price allows you to use it in the right quantity daily, feeding and restoring dry strands.

The tool has the following useful properties:

  • fits any structure, type, length of hair,
  • can be used before, after washing, before laying and combing, for smoothing curls or removing split ends,
  • eliminates puffing curls, facilitates the styling process,
  • makes strands less porous,
  • does not leave oil stains on the skin, clothes, completely absorbed.
  • L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil can be used even for dyed hair, restoring it along its entire length.

The composition of the oil for hair brand Elseve

Comprehensive “Extraordinary” oil L’Oreal Elseve contains the following components that are useful for weakened curls and split ends:

  • natural oils of rose, sunflower, soy, coconut, lotus,
  • extracts of chamomile, flax, tiare flowers,
  • water soluble silicone
  • extract from the berries of wild rose,
  • perfumes,
  • sesquiterpene alcohol.

All these substances give the curls a bright shine, flawless look and smoothness, contribute to easy combing tangled strands. The pleasant smell in oriental spicy aroma quickly disappears, without causing an allergy and unpleasant feelings.

Due to the natural composition, the price of the bottle is higher than that of the products from preservatives, but the effect of the use and feedback from L’Oreal is always good. Before you buy it, you can get acquainted with the components listed on the back of the bottle, read the detailed composition.

Instructions for use, tips

The professional line Elseve from L'Oreal allows you to combine in one tool a variety of properties and useful functions. That is why Extraordinary oil can replace the mask, conditioner with balsam and protective conditioner. It can be applied on strands in different ways:

  1. Before shampooing. It is necessary to distribute a small amount along the entire length of the strands to their thin tips, leave it for half an hour. Normal hair will get nutrition, dry and brittle will become healthy and elastic over time. It is recommended to warm the liquid slightly in the palm, so that it is better absorbed into each hair.
  2. After washing before combing.It is necessary several times to splash on the palm of the dispenser, distributing the tool on the wet strands. The roots do not need to touch. This method protects the curls from curling, the hot air of their hair dryer. Spinning will be smooth, shiny after drying, will remain voluminous for a long time.

Before you buy oil, you should read the reviews, tips to ensure its benefits. Some girls even put it before laying, going outside in the heat, protecting the strands from exposure to harmful factors. Affordable price allows you to use the drug every day, not sparing the money spent on care and restoration.

To get rid of split and brittle tips, it is necessary to apply oil only on them. If the curls are dull and faded, the tool should be spread along the entire length from the roots. In this case, to fully restore a healthy structure, you will have to buy at least two bottles.

Recommended doses and application rules

In order for Extraordinary Oil Elsev to bring the desired effect and benefit, you need to follow the correct dose of its application. Such professional hair cosmetics do little harm to curls, but require the following rules:

  • this remedy is not applied to the scalp and roots, only on the strands and the ends, so that the silicone does not clog the pores,
  • wash the oil film with daily shampoo will have 2 times, it is better to buy a professional, besides its price is not too different from the usual,
  • if the curls are intensely red, the oil should be applied no more than 1 time per week,
  • First, the tool is required to squeeze out on the palm by pressing the dispenser 2-3 times, then wet locks should be used with them,
  • the longer and thicker the hair, the more liquid from the bottle must be squeezed out,
  • for short steps, one tap of the dispenser is enough; long ones will require 3-4 doses.

Dry and dull hair should be completely greased, with greasy grease only split ends.

The approximate cost of the bottle in different stores

The price of a bottle of L’Oreal Elseve oil can vary greatly in different stores. Many people order it on websites, saving on discounts and various bonuses. The most advantageous to buy it in the company departments of L'Oreal, where the price is regulated by professional pricing policy.

A bottle of 100 ml costs about 340-380 rubles, the difference depends on the store margin. When ordering on the website, the price may be lower, but you need to look for free shipping in order not to overpay more. If desired, you can find cheaper products, but the effect of their use will not be as noticeable after 2-3 applications.

Many girls who have used L'Oreal hair oil at least once consider that its price is quite reasonable. The high cost is redeemed by the excellent result of use, a stunning healing, regenerating effect.

Testimonials from L’Oreal Oil

Numerous reviews on the Internet make it possible to judge the effectiveness of oil extract for Elsev hair. Many girls believe that its price is not too high, but the quality and impact are excellent. Even craftsmen in salons advise clients to use Loreal oil in order to restore loose strands at home without effort.

Irina, 26 years old:

“When I first bought L'Oreal Extraordinary oil, I could not believe its effect. My hair after washing is always confused, badly combed. After applying, combing them became easy, problems became less. The tips became smooth, stopped breaking after curling with curling. I want to note the natural composition of extracts of herbs and flowers, ease of application and the absence of stains on a T-shirt. ”

Alla, 17 years old

“I found out about this tool from a magazine by pulling out a small sampler. Smeared after washing, really liked the smell and effect. My curls are thick, long, but in summer they become dull, because of a hair dryer they start to break at the ends. The oil composition from Elseve is so soft and thick, it is very easy to apply it. I decided to buy a whole bottle, although the price was not too low. But now I am proud of my hair, she is so smooth and shiny. I just apply 3 doses on my palm, brush my hair from the middle to the very end. I recommend everyone, the result is simply amazing. "

Galina, 32 years old

“For the third time I buy myself L’Oreal Paris Elseve oil Extraordinary at Letual’s store. My hair is short, though, but my hair is weak, dry, quickly cut without a monthly hairstyle. I apply it after washing every other day, I dry my head with a towel without a dryer. As I used to comb without him, I can not even imagine. The hairs are soft, smooth, lie as it should, do not push and shine. I don’t buy air conditioning now, I don’t need it. ”

Anna, 23 years old

“L’Oreal hair product was recommended to me by a friend. Her curls are thick and shiny, not like I have - some kind of mouse tail. Began to smear every other day, washing it off later while washing. Liked the texture, the smell is also pleasant, oriental. The strands began to shine, the look of the hairstyle improved. I liked the result, and the price is normal. "

The best hair oils from the company L'Oreal

In order not to go to aesthetic centers and not spend a lot of money, the company has developed a series of unique tools - complexes that are easy to care for and heal strands on your own at home. In the manufacture of formulations, the specialists took into account not only the most common problems concerning curls, but also their type with respect to sebaceous excretions.

1. L̛oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil.

Mythic Oil is the fruit of the work of cosmetologists and pharmacists. It is a combination of avocado and grape seed oils, which, being rich in fatty acids, perfectly nourish, moisturize, give shine, softness and silkiness without weighting. Using Mythic Oil from L'Oreal on a regular basis, many girls note deep regeneration: renewing matter, damaged rods restore their structure and prevent further porosity and thinning. It can be used by all women, without exception, and with a different type of curls.

2. L̛Oreal Mythic Rich Oil.

Specially designed for dry, tough, unruly hair. Due to the inclusion of argan oil and rice flowers in its composition, it is distinguished by deep nourishing, softening and disciplining actions. What is meant by the last property? Strands are no longer confused, pushing, electrolyzing, become elastic, docile and fit into a hairstyle without any problems.

3. L̛Oreal Mythic Color Glow Oil.

From the name it becomes already intuitively clear that this tool is aimed at protecting and restoring dyed hair. Indeed, “working” on the basis of one of the strongest natural antioxidants and a scatterer of UV rays - cranberry oil, perfectly cares for curls, protects them from the negative effects of the external environment, thereby prolonging the durability of the paint and at the same time giving the hair even more radiance and vital energy . Enveloping each hair with an invisible film, not only protects them from harmful factors, but also contributes to thickening and additional volume.

4. L̛Oreal Elseve Extraordinary 6 oils Perfecting.

Ideal for all types and solutions to various problems. The developers have really tried and prepared not just a care product, but a real healing “cocktail”. Using all the benefits of oils in 6 unique colors (tiara, roses, cornflowers, flax, lotus and chamomile) in one composition, it becomes possible after 1-2 applications:

  • improve regeneration, reduce brittleness and tip section,
  • saturate the tissues of the scalp and the curls themselves with nutrients,
  • restore water balance
  • strengthen existing bulbs and awaken "sleeping",
  • protect strands from adverse weather conditions such as frost, sun, wind,
  • increase the elasticity of the rods, making them more elastic, smooth, docile,
  • Give your hair an incredible brilliance, which makes it seem as though a beauty salon was recently visited.

5. L̛Oreal Elseve 6 oils Extraordinary + UV-filter.

Specialists supplemented the same non-greasy formula with UV-filters in order to get the best innovative care for colored and bleached hair. Strands hold saturated color longer, do not grow dull, do not fade under the rays of the sun, and the pigment from them is not washed out even with daily washing of the head. If the hair has suffered greatly from the procedure to change the tone, then here the product will come to the rescue and in a short time will repair all damage.

6. L̛Oreal Elseve Extraordinary with 6 oils Regenerating.

Specially designed for damaged, loose strands, the tips of which are prone to cross-section. Like the two previous products from the Elseve series, it also consists of 6 bioactive components, but not quite such. In the composition there are 3 oils that are contained in the above options (chamomile, flax, lotus), and 3 "new" (gardenia, rosehip, sunflower). The combination of the listed ingredients quickly (over 2, or even less than a week) restores the damaged areas in the hair structure and makes them soft, pleasant to the touch. After regular use, almost all the girls noted the prevention of cutting the ends, the strength and elasticity of the rods along the entire length.

7. L’оreal Professionnel Serie Nature Oilixir.

It is worth buying, not only because of ease of use, but also efficiency. Compared with all previous "brothers", this includes only one, but potent substance - an extract of argan oil. It is this ingredient that determines the whole benefit of Serie Nature Oilixir: the tool perfectly stimulates the local circulation, nourishes, moisturizes, exhibits good regenerating properties, facilitates combing. For dry and weak curls will be a real find.

All of them are produced in stylish bottles with a dispenser, when taken immediately it becomes clear that it is not the mass market that is in the hands. The slightly darkened honey-yellow bottle makes the transparent contents look like liquid gold. A variety in volume of 50, 100, 125, 150 ml and the price contributes to the selection of the most optimal option.

Instructions for use

An application guide is included with any L'Oreal brand oil. Usually the instruction reads as follows:

  • squeeze the contents of the bottle on the palm of your hand, depending on the length and thickness of the hair (a single pressure on the dispenser is enough for a short haircut, 3-4 presses - for medium and long curls),
  • put on the towel-dried strands, avoiding the root zone,
  • let the compound soak for 2-3 minutes,
  • take advantage of thermal drying or naturally.

You can also use in other ways:

  • squeezing a few large drops on the hand and inflicting them for 15-20 minutes before washing your head,
  • spreading it on dry strands before going out to the street, where it is frosty or hot, to protect against adverse thermal effects, for the same purpose, it is allowed to use before laying ironing, curling,
  • adding to any hair mask in order to achieve a deeper nutrition and amazing shine,
  • including in the composition of the working mixture during dyeing to reduce the degree of negative chemical components.

Reviews on the use of indelible oils

“I have been using Loreal Mythic Oil for a year now and I don’t know any problems regarding their health and appearance. At the same time I want to note not only the benefit of the tool, but also the design: the original color of the bottle, like the Christmas one, is a convenient and interesting shape that does not allow the bottle to slip out of hand. In general, the experts have tried their best, and it’s not a shame to give someone close. ”

“For a long time, nothing could restore strands after bleaching and their subsequent coloring. Even the resulting, long-awaited color is not pleased. And this is understandable: the curls devoid of shine and life looked like a sponge. In order to somehow return to its former appearance, the barber-colorist advised to do a mask. But, starting to use them, I realized how inconvenient it is in terms of applying, washing off and time consuming. However, there was a way out: I began to apply Extraordinary colored hair oil from the L'Oreal Elseve series. Girls, don't let my review embarrass you, but I'm so impressed with the result that I just urge all the beauties to try. ”

“For the face and body, I choose cosmetics exclusively from L'Oreal. And just recently hooked on her hair products. My first purchase from this line was Nature Oilixir professional oil. I liked it so much that now I buy it systematically and use it regularly! Strand with him and in truth come to life. "

“I never thought that oils could be suitable for oily hair. But with L'oreal Mystic Oil, this is truly possible! The product doesn’t salt or thicken my curls. On the contrary, after its application they become “airy” and flowing. They just want to touch and stroke all the time. ”

“At first I wanted to write a neutral review of the experience of using L'Oreal Extraordinary Hair Oil, because at first it seemed that there was not much effect from it. However, using the tool for a little more than a week, I radically changed my opinion: the result is not just there - it is impressive! Now I see how my strands have become stronger, resilient, docile, soft. Their brilliance speaks of a healthy state from root to tip. ”

Features and benefits

Each girl's hair needs care, but for some, this care is a simple shampoo, making the curls look smooth and silky. For the majority of the fair sex, simple washing of the head does not guarantee a perfect look of the strands, so they have to resort to various tricks and look for help for damaged hair.

Oil "Extraordinary" from L'Oreal Paris is an indispensable tool for many girls, especially in polluted environments, heat and dust. Hair reacts very strongly to all changes in the weather, do not like direct exposure to sunlight and excessive moisture. It is the use of oil that provides curls with additional protection from the roots to the tips. Among the huge variety of oils from various cosmetic brands, Elseus oil occupies a leading place due to its unique composition and active ingredients.

Many believe that the use of oil makes hair greasy and sticks them. Unlike other brands of oils, Extraordinary oil is suitable for most types, it can be used both at the tips and along the entire length. But still not recommended to use oil for hair prone to greasy. But dry and dull strands look more alive and shiny.

It is worth noting that oil is not a panacea for chronic problems with hair, this is not a cure. You will enjoy the beauty of hair only when using the tool. It turns out that it provides only a kind of disguise deficiencies. During the period of use of the oil, the curls become silky, obedient, do not fluff. In addition, the strands gently fit to each other and easy to comb.

Convenient plastic packaging with dispenser ensures economical use and safe storage of funds.


Each cosmetic is created in order to have a positive effect on the condition and appearance of the strands. But even the most advanced and high-quality oil has its drawbacks, which are often associated with improper use and are confirmed by some customer reviews. Elseve is no exception. Indeed, a bad effect after using the product is achieved only due to neglect of the instructions for use.

In order to avoid disappointment, make sure that the product is suitable for your hair. As already mentioned, curls that are prone to fat, much quicker get oily shine after using the tool. Like many other oils, this option is able to give hair a reddish tint, especially after frequent use. This fact only pleases many, but if you do not belong to this number of users, then reduce cosmetic procedures to 1 time per week.

In the process of using a caring agent, it is necessary to replace the usual shampoo with a head wash with a deeper effect. In this case, you will not have problems with the removal of oil. The use of conventional shampoo is possible if you wash your hair twice, as the oil penetrates into the hair, and it is quite difficult to remove.

Elsev should not be considered a panacea for all problems with hair. If your hair is badly damaged, you should first treat it, and then use oil as an extra care to ensure shine and silkiness.

How to use

Extraordinary oil Elsev is called a universal remedy, as it can be used in several cases to achieve different effects. That is why there are several ways to use the tool.

  • To nourish and achieve a regenerating effect, it is necessary to apply the agent to the hair along the entire length, cover with a towel and leave for ten minutes. After the time, the head should be thoroughly rinsed with shampoo.
  • To protect against the effects of hot styling, take a few drops of Extraordinary Oil, rub it in your hands, and apply it to your hair. This procedure will soften the impact of a hair dryer or ironing and provide extra shine and softness.
  • To protect the strands from the environment, you can apply oil on your hair during the day. So your curls will not lose their luster and silkiness.
  • To protect dyed hair, apply Extraordinary Oil the day before the proposed dyeing procedure. Means will soften hair, will provide more equal and easy drawing the painting component.
  • For protection during the cold season, make caring masks with extraordinary oil. To do this, apply the product to your hair for half an hour. This procedure can be carried out before each wash.
  • Using Extraordinary Oil helps fluffy and naughty hair to get an attractive look. If your hair starts to curl during wet weather, apply oil before going out /
  • Before visiting the beach or just going outside in hot weather, also apply a few drops of oil to your hair. It will help avoid the harmful effects of sunlight and protect hair from burning out.
  • If you are prone to damaged and split ends, apply oil directly to the tips every day. Due to the softening and moisturizing effect, curls will be less susceptible to dryness and cross-section.

To suit

Despite the fact that Extraordinary Oil is considered a universal remedy for combating hair imperfections, not all women can use it. Unfortunately. You can not solve all the problems with the hair, using only one oil. But it is ideal for girls who want to transform and improve their healthy hair.

Hair care is a complex procedure that begins with a good lifestyle and a healthy diet. Otherwise, no cosmetic procedure will give a positive effect.

In the selection of hair care products should also take into account the natural features and structure of the hair. Your curls can be healthy, but by nature they are destined to be dry and fluffy. Extraordinary Oil is the perfect assistant in this case. Your dry strands will instantly shine and look attractive. In addition, you can get rid of the hated fluffy.

When using the tool is worth remembering that it can clog pores, so avoid getting the tool on the scalp and do not apply it close to the roots.

Extraordinary oil got its name due to the presence in its composition of unique herbal remedies. Six plants, connecting with each other, form an incredibly effective combination. Each component of the oil does its job and helps to have a positive impact on the appearance of curls.

  • Chamomile soda nourishes, moisturizes and refreshes, promotes growth.
  • Lotus has a protective effect and reduces the impact of the environment.
  • Gardenia moisturizes and strengthens the structure of curls.
  • Sunflower nourishes, moisturizes and gives shine hair. Sunflower oil is quite fat, which is why the tool is difficult to wash off the hair.
  • Flax seeds provide obedience and ease the styling process.
  • Rosehip has antistatic effect, moisturizes and softens hard strands.

Incredible aroma of oil gives the presence of Bisabolol, which has a pronounced floral scent. In addition to all this, as part of the Extraordinary oil there are ultraviolet filters that protect the curls from the sun. Not without chemical additives, the presence of which is described in detail in the composition on the label of the product.

You can learn more about Elseve hair oil from the following video.

Composition and useful properties

The composition of this tool is suitable for the following types of hair:

  • stained,
  • melirovannyh
  • damaged (fragile, dull),
  • dry and fatty (not applied to the roots),
  • dark and light (gives a golden hue).

It is enriched with UV filters, which contributes to the protection of curls from direct sunlight, as well as six precious oils of 6 plants, including:

  • the Rose,
  • tiare flower
  • Lotus flower,
  • pharmaceutical camomile,
  • Nivyanik,
  • flax (seeds).

Extraordinary oil L’oreal (Loreal) Elseve does not weigh down hair, has a subtle woody scent with oriental notes, which makes it popular with the fair sex. It is great for dry scalp, because causing only a few drops, you can moisturize the dried dermis and forget about dandruff.

The effect on the growth of hair is also noticed; on average, they add up to 3 centimeters in length per month, which is an advantage of oil for those who want to grow hair.

Results of use

The active composition can glue split ends for 2 weeks, provided it is used daily. After this period, it is sufficient to apply the oil once or twice a week. This is quite enough to prevent stratification of hairs.

The effect of Loreal oil is amazing.:

  • restoration of the damaged structure,
  • protection from the negative effects of the environment,
  • protection against abrasive styling products
  • minimization of harm from high temperatures (ironing and hair dryer).

Contraindications and possible negative effects

Since the composition of the oil is nourishing and gentle, its only contraindication is individual intolerance to the components of the product. It is not prohibited for pregnant and lactating women. Negative effects after using extraordinary oil are not fixed. In case of doubt of the effect of the agent, an uncomplicated sensitivity test should be carried out: apply a little of the drug on the elbow bend and track the reaction. If there is no burning, itching and redness - the oil can be safely applied.


The presented cosmetic product can truly be called a panacea for health problems of hair. It has a rich, completely non-greasy consistency, a pleasant light aroma. Oil fills hair with strength, adapts to any type, returns a well-groomed look, gives a feeling of lightness and maximum comfort. All women who follow the beauty of curls and follow fashionable hairdressing trends in coloring are definitely worth trying this tool and feel its influence on themselves.

Types of oils

For care of their hair since ancient times, women used various natural oils of vegetable origin: burdock, peach, etc. Nowadays, this tradition was continued by a cosmetic company - L'Oreal.

She has released two types of hair oil:

  • LʻOréal Elseve Extraordinary, for colored hair,
  • LʻOrеal Professionnel Mythic Oil, for especially weakened strands.

L'Oréal Elseve Extraordinary, has a little exotic, rich, woody scent. It gives the colored strands a natural shine, improves their structure, deeply nourishes and protects from harmful influences.

Mythic Oil It has a light texture, easily absorbed. It gives shine and volume, strands will become, after regular use, amazingly beautiful.

L'Oréal Elseve Extraordinary consists of perfectly selected natural ingredients. Which is true, and a small amount of chemical ingredients. But it is the natural oils of six colors that prevail in the composition: lotus, flax, nivyanik, roses, tiara, chamomile.

Together they give a stunning effect, and separately:

  • Nivyanik - improves hair regeneration, eliminates split ends, has a natural antioxidant,
  • Chamomile - gives an amazing shine and strength, restoring effect,
  • lotus - protects from adverse weather conditions: sun, frost, etc.,
  • rose oil - nourishing and firming,
  • flax seeds feed, make hair obedient,
  • Tiare flower - moisturizes without weighing them down.

Contains more: water-soluble silicone, perfume, sesquiterpene alcohol.

Mythic Oil incorporates the whole complex:

  • vitamins: A, B1, B2 and D,
  • fatty acids: Omega-3, -6 and -9,
  • natural minerals
  • trace elements
  • avocado oils: fatty acids strengthen, nourish and renew,
  • grape seed oil: the whole vitamin complex contained in them will help strengthen hair follicles,
  • silicone and some synthetic emollients (C12-15).

The prices of L’Oreal Elseve oil are slightly different in different stores. The bottle in 100 ml, costs from 1000 rubles, much depends on the store margin. You can make your own order on the site, you can save on discounts, various bonuses.

The price of L `Oral Professionnel Mythic Oil, 100 ml will be equal to 1400 rubles.


The main purpose of all oils is moisture retention. Without this, the curls will not be able to get a smooth, shiny form.

Oil “Extraordinary” due to its unique formula and the perfect combination of valuable oils, is able to completely regenerate the hair structure in a short time.

You can also use:

  • Mythic Oil absorbs quickly, leaves no residue on clothes before or after washing,
  • before you start laying
  • before brushing, and after,
  • suitable for any type, and any length,
  • removes brittleness, and bulking,
  • there will be no more split ends,
  • easily absorbed without weighing them down,
  • guarantees easy combing,
  • can be used even for colored strands, it will help to quickly restore them.

Mythic Oil is quickly absorbed, leaves no residue on clothing, more:

  • protects
  • accelerates regeneration
  • makes them obedient
  • split ends no longer disturb
  • Tint paints included in the composition are completely safe and will help to easily change the tone.

How to apply

Oil "Extraordinary" in its essence is also a conditioner, conditioner-balm and mask:

  • Before washing the head, with an oil, the locks are well coated. The liquid at the same time, it is better to warm up a little in the hands, so it is absorbed more intensively.
  • After washing, still wet, soak. This will help protect them during installation, from the negative interaction with the hair dryer and curling iron.

The correct dosage is very important here:

If the hairstyle is of medium length, then you need to press on the dispenser 2 times not more, the volume of liquid will be more than sufficient. It is necessary to distribute carefully, without reaching the roots, and the scalp. Very short hair 1 time. Long 3 times.

If done differently, then you have to wash your hair more often. Apply funds no more than two times a week. But when your hair has a slightly yellowish shade, then once a week it will be quite pretty. Damaged and dry locks smear over the entire length, and greasy only the tips.

Apply: distribute the oil composition over the entire length, hold for a minute and immediately begin laying

Mythic Oil is ideal for any type of hair and especially in need of care:

  1. Can be used during dyeing. This can provide protection against dryness, and complex nutrition.
  2. If you add to the dye, the hair will get more shine.
  3. Before laying: you can get extra volume and easy combing.

Use: Spread the oil composition over the entire length, hold for a minute and immediately begin laying. Silky gloss and durability styling guaranteed.

When thermal laying is applied on slightly wet curls, and then you can use a hairdryer. To form rings hair curling, or straighten ironing.

Before washing

Spread the oil evenly over the entire length up to the tips, and leave it for twenty minutes:

  1. Mythic Oil is ideal for any type of hair and especially for those in need of care, you can use brittle and dry curls during dyeing to improve health,
  2. normal, healthy - get nutrition.

Before laying

Before laying, spread a few drops throughout the length and leave for one minute. Without washing away, we start laying, the advantages:

  1. For a long time, the hairstyle will retain its original shape and silky shine.
  2. Also used for greater effect, they will become more obedient and elastic.
  3. Will protect from possible damages, during laying.

As a mask

Not bad proved these wonderful oils, and as a mask for the hair, restoring and nourishing them. The procedure is carried out once a week.

Apply the necessary tool and wrap in a slightly damp and warm towel. Thus, nutrients can penetrate much deeper. And leave for twenty minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Before painting

You can add oil to the dye before dyeing, to protect the strands from drying out. You can do it differently, before painting in the evening, apply oil to your hair. So they will get protection, which means they will subsequently avoid their fragility and dryness.

Feel free to use them daily for:

  • more intense shine
  • environmental protection: sun, frost, sudden changes in temperature, etc.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • suitable for everyone
  • good composition
  • wonderful smell
  • quick action
  • structure improvement
  • you can buy a probe and try it out first,
  • great design
  • easy to apply.


  • May not suit everyone.
  • The price of the product is too high.

Countless reviews of the oil extract for hair brand Elsev, the entire female half of the population, allow us to conclude about its effectiveness and feasibility of use. And many even believe that the price is not very high.

And the quality and effect of it, just incredible. Many craftsmen in the salons, often advise their clients to use the company L'Oreal. So you can easily restore and saturate lifeless strands at home.

“My hair is short, weak and rather sparse, the ends quickly split. Before using the oil, though I often cut my hair, the appearance of my hair was rather unsightly. And since I work in a bank, it should look appropriate. On the advice of a colleague, she acquired an extraordinary remedy for Elsev. And began to apply after washing my head, twice a week, I do not use a hairdryer.Now looking at my reflection in the mirror, I want to make my hair longer. The result is happy! "

Recently acquired, a little expensive of course, but came home anyway pleased. I really liked the design of the bottle and the dispenser was pleased, it means that it will be economically consumed, enough for a long time! I do not use it for long and therefore I don’t see much of a result. Although my friend said that my hair began to look different. And immediately bought and myself.

I have fatty locks from nature, so I had to wash my head every morning. Quite by chance, once again went to the store for a magic drug that will help me to get rid of this problem. The seller advised me to buy a remedy for Elseve. I really liked his oriental smell. Surprisingly, the tool helped me!

General characteristics of extraordinary means

Having luxurious hair is the dream of every girl and woman, but in the modern world there are quite a number of factors that only harm the strands. This problem can be effectively dealt with with the help of various oils, which bring tremendous benefit to the hair. A well-known cosmetology company resorted to the same method, presenting 2 lines of oils on the market.

The extraordinary blend of Elseve from L'Oreal is a product that contains a variety of oils, their ideal combination allows you to achieve excellent results. This line has 2 options: one is for hair that has been dyed, and the other is suitable for all types.

The considered extraordinary oil is universal, it is able to act in different directions. The use of Elseve makes it possible to obtain:

  • effective protection against external irritants,
  • Smooth, soft and silky hair,
  • hydration and nutrition,
  • comprehensive care,
  • healthy and strong curls, characterized by strength and brilliance,
  • mask, spray and conditioner in one bottle.

The composition of Elseve from L `Oreal includes natural oils of vegetable origin:

Each component in the oil Elsev, due to its high ability to penetrate the structure of the hairs, is aimed at improving the strands through deep nourishment and hydration. In addition, each component contained in the tool allows you to perform certain actions that have a positive effect on the final result, for example:

  • Lotus oil is able to perform protective functions from the negative effects of high or low temperature conditions,
  • chamomile is a great helper in giving shine and silky curls,
  • flax oil and roses provide excellent nutrition, and tiara is responsible for hydration,
  • restore the damaged structure of coconut oil, dog rose and nivyanik.

Application technology

Elseve hair oil from an extraordinary character is very simple to use, and it can be done in different ways and in different situations. It is very profitable to acquire it, as it is perfect for everyone, regardless of the fat content of the scalp and the type of hair.

In order for the hair to be lush and healthy, before or after shampooing, it is necessary to apply this remedy along the entire length of the hair, besides doing this better regularly. In the first case, the hair must be dry and, before using the shampoo, you need to wait a certain period of time so that it absorbs and begins to act. In the second case, the strands need to be rinsed well from the detergent used, and then apply oil from Elsev to the wet curls.

When a girl does styling or hair, it is almost always necessary to resort to various tools in the form of a hair dryer, styler or curling. However, they do not have a positive effect at all, on the contrary, they injure the structure. This necessitates the use of extraordinary oil from Elseve. It is able to qualitatively perform a protective function, and for this it is necessary to apply it in a small amount along the entire length of the hair before each thermal effect.

Considered oil from L `Oreal can act as a tool that will perfectly cope with styling. After using it, the hair becomes smooth, soft and docile, and it is necessary to apply a small amount on dry hair, it is not necessary to wash it off. If the structure of the strands is damaged and the tips break, then the extraordinary Elseve oil will help you to quickly and effectively cope with the problem. It is enough to treat the damaged areas with a small amount, and after 60 minutes rinse with warm water. The result will be noticeable through several applications.

If the hair is excessively dry or brittle, then L'Oreal hair oil can act as an excellent reanimation mask. Making it very simple. First, the cosmetic must be heated in a water bath so that it becomes more fluid and better penetrates the damaged structure. After applying the product in question to dry hair and wrapping them in plastic wrap or cellophane, it is recommended to put a towel on top. Hold for 30-40 minutes, and then rinse with warm water.

Cosmetic means in the form of oil from L `Oral is recommended to be used regularly, as hair is constantly exposed to negative influence from the scorching sun in the summer, cold air in winter, and hard water. This will provide permanent protection from the harmful effects of all these factors. If a woman suffers from excessive fat content of the scalp and strands, then the remedy should be applied to the hair not from the roots, but from the middle, so that they do not look even fatter and glued together.

To achieve a more effective result, professionals recommend applying the oil onto the strands with your hands. Squeeze the product on the palm in a small amount, and after a little rub it in your hands to provide a heating effect. This event allows the product to become more able to penetrate the hair, rather than remain on the surface.

Pros and cons of the drug

Although this tool includes in its composition a large amount of oils, it does not make hair greasy and not able to glue them. This effect is achieved due to its light texture. However, some users noted an increase in the fat content of the strands, but this is due to improper use.

It is sold in a convenient bottle with dispenser (the volume is 100 ml). For one use, 2 clicks on the dispenser are enough to get the required amount of cosmetic mass. This makes it possible to economically use the product, for a long period of time to get an excellent result from 1 bottle.

It is supposed to use extraordinary oil from Loreal at any time of the year, as it is able to manifest its protective functions in various situations and in any temperature mode. Its action is aimed at combating dullness, brittleness, dryness and disobedience of the strands.

For a great result, you do not need to wait a long time and apply the tool for a certain course (as required by masks and sprays from other cosmetic companies). Elseve oil after 1 application makes it possible to enjoy the obtained result.

The tool pleases the fair sex not only with its ability to favorably influence the curls, but also with its affordable cost. You can buy the considered oil in any company or specialty store. It should be noted and pleasant aroma, which has this product. This allows the hair to soak up charming floral notes.

Among the negative aspects of the oil stands out the ability to give hair a weak reddish tint that does not satisfy some girls. However, this manifestation is typical for all products that are made on the basis of natural vegetable oils. A negative point is the presence in the composition of the oil of various kinds of preservatives, which causes controversy regarding their safety and use.

Mythic Oil Line

Loreal presented another line of hair oils in the form of Mythic Oil. This cosmetological product is represented by two types of products, one of which is intended for all types of hair, and the other for those subjected to dyeing.

Mythic Oil contains natural oils derived from avocados and grape seed. Its use is aimed at providing a moisturizing effect. In addition, this cosmetic product perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the curls, making them thicker, obedient and healthy. Regular use of oil allows you to stream hair.

Mythic Oil makes it possible not to weight the strands, but to make them lighter. Such a wonderful effect is due to the fact that the product contains oils of vegetable origin, which contain a large number of useful microelements and vitamins. This all directly affects the effective saturation of the hair and their regeneration.

Avocado oil contains a complex of vitamins and polyunsaturated fatty acids, and grape seed extract contains fatty acids, for example, linoleic acid, which act as strong natural antioxidants. This contributes to the qualitative penetration of the product in question into the damaged structure and makes it possible to restore the affected areas due to collagen compounds.

Loreal's Mythic Oil Rich Oil hair oil is a product that is intended only for colored hair. Its use makes it possible to make the curls healthy and beautiful, because after regular staining they become brittle and dry. The product in question is marked argan oil, which can have a beneficial effect on the structure of damaged curls.

Watch the video: Loreal Elvive Hair Oil Review: Is it worth it? (January 2020).