Creative hair coloring - beauty for extremal

Sooner or later, everyone can have a moment when they want a dramatic change. Why not start the transformation in this case with the image? Creative hair coloring is the most effective way to “upgrade”. Of course, if you are brave enough for this. Bright colors and flight for imagination are the main distinguishing features of such coloring.

Creative coloring for short hair or coloring hair of medium length, whether block or futuazh, involves the use of bright unusual shades, the number of which can reach as much as ten.

Block staining: what does it look like?

The essence of this coloring is in the title: the hair is divided into strands and painted in different colors. This can be involved as the entire length of the strands, and individual parts, and the complexity of the method lies in the number of colors and shades used, as well as in their compatibility. At the request of the client, you can make the transition smooth or sharper for a strong and bold image.

Futuazh: for the most creative

The second name of this method is stencil, which speaks for itself - the paint is applied to the hair using a stencil, and as a result, a clearly visible pattern appears on the head.

For futuage, there is only one limitation - it is important to have smooth hair, because it is impossible to get a distinguishable pattern on the wavy curls, and most likely they will look badly dyed. At the same time coloring looks the same stylish on both short and long hair.

KateМagic - creative pink color

lareinaMy acquaintance with KateMagic began with the fact that I decided to finally realize one of my old dream.

I warned my husband, of course, but, as usual, it turned out that men and women have very different ideas about the world.

He himself dreamed up a fairy from dreams, but when he saw my photo from the scene of action, he said: you are somehow not so ... In some ways I understand him - I would also feel bad, if I had received such a photo in a personal. It was on Halloween.

(photo in the process of coloring - false ears protect the delicate skin of the ears from damage, war paint applied in the studio)
The husband came to terms in a week - men do not tolerate anything new, too conservative. My daughter is still grumbling - her mother should not be pink.

And I have long wanted to create with me something such and such — extreme, but here I decided: everything, how long you can wait, so my whole life will pass, I already have 39 - you can’t pull any further. Moreover, as Katerina says: these are just hair, new ones will grow quickly.

I began to look for where I could make a bright pink color without damage to my hair, so that it looked expensive and rich, so that the paint wouldn't wash off after a week, so that everything I dreamed of.

So I got into the skillful hands of Katerina in the KateMagic salon. But first things first.

The salon recently moved to a new address - and right now everything suits me, because I only have 25 minutes to go, it’s about 3 minutes from the subway, it’s impossible to get lost when leaving the Dubrovka metro station, the only thing is to not forget your passport system).

You come into the salon and get into a stylish loft and the first impression is wow! Yes, here you can dance, and not only organize seminars and train new masters - as Katerina Gordeeva does.

I strained a little, because it was difficult for me to imagine the result and I was a little afraid of my decision to radically change the image - nevertheless, many of the pink hair are very biased (I already had a precedent in a nightclub).But when I, frozen, unable to sleep and frightened, were taken under the white hands and led to the second floor to drink coffee ... I finally relaxed.

Coffee, tea, let's dance, mmmm ... Continuous relaxation in the morning (yes, it's better to come in the morning for such a complex color - the procedure is long, in my case it took 8 hours). The whole space is decorated in KateMagic corporate style - bright orange.

In our dreary climate, this not only pleases the eye, but also gives charge for unexpected decisions (so, it seems, I was persuaded to do dreadlocks on NG - I have long wanted, doubted for a long time, but when the studio specialists told me in stages, they dispelled all the myths about horror stories ... hehe, it seems the husband is waiting for a New Year present).

What I liked the most is that you can come here and get all the beauty at once in one step. Personally, I am uncomfortable to go for a manicure in one place, for staining in another place, for eyebrows, eyelashes in third place. My time, sorry, is expensive.

And then I came to the painting - in the intervals I updated the manicure, corrected my eyebrows, made the lamination of the cilia, plus the evening make-up from the stylist. After such a make-up, at least 5 years younger look - because it is selected for the general image of today (hair, clothes, make-up).

As a result of Katerina’s many hours of work, such a miracle happened! It was really difficult to paint me - after all, I hadn’t been at the stylist for as much as 4 months, which is simply horror for a blonde.

Why not? Because at the end of June, after the hairdresser’s, I had got Quincke's edema in the hospital and it was very scary to decide once again to go to the hairdresser.

During the 8 hours that Katerina painted me, we managed to discuss everything — everything — everything — how to comb the hair properly, why it seems to me that the hair falls out when washing, and why I had such an allergic reaction that time, why I only At the age of 39, she decided to dye her hair pink, and why dreadlocks are completely unhealthy and completely harmless.

This is how useful conversations, beauty procedures, fragrant tea and imperceptibly long hours passed.

Generally, to paint a blonde is hard work, because her hair has long been raped by chemistry. Bringing natural shine back to them at once - it’s a must-have pro

And be sure to use the paint Arctic Fox: without peroxide and ammonia, it is absolutely harmless. Katemagic is one of the few beauty salons in Moscow that uses this composition when coloring. As a result, pleased I have - thick, elastic hair, durable color, elegant volume, easy styling.

Hair looks so perfect that it seems - it is an expensive wig. On the way home I was tired of fighting off passers-by admiring - everyone was saying the same thing: what beautiful hair you have! I haven’t heard such sincere compliments for a long time - the ABC of Taste has a 15-year-old girl coming to me and with a gasp: you are so beautiful .... A separate plus sign, which has already become very important for me, is a room for children's haircuts and a playroom for babies.

I was lucky to be in KateMagic before Halloween. I saw how such incredible images are created here, from which the spirit captures - no, I am a coward, and I won’t make up my mind, but as you would like, because this is a real MIRACLE.

While they were painting me, a whole group of craftsmen created a rainbow mohawk at the next table - it was something! I am sure that the girl was in the center of attention that evening.

I tell you all the time - dreams come true, one has only to want.

Want to know how much it costs? You will not find cheaper (!):

haircut + drying for short hair starts from 600 rubles, dyeing + haircut + drying for short hair lengths - from 1500 rubles. KateMagic Studio Address: Dubrovka Metro, ul. Sharikopodshipnikovskaya, 11, p. 7, telephone +7 (499) 322-01-00.

Many creative photos with the works of masters can be seen here.

Well, what - are you ready to make this world brighter? Or are you for classic colors?

Block hair coloring: photo of creative technology, as well as demonstration of the scheme on video

One of the great ways to change the appearance and stand out is creative hair coloring using bright colors.

Zonal or block coloring is suitable for a similar purpose in many ways: if a girl has several favorite colors, then you can use them all at once, the coloring in each case will be original, since there are many schemes for decorating the hair and their use is limited only by the master's imagination.

Advantages and disadvantages, who will suit

Block coloring is so universal that it is suitable not only for young bright girls. If you use the colors correctly, then the ladies at the age of it will help to hide the first gray hair, to give the image originality and style. But the most effective color blocks look on asymmetrical hairstyles with oblique bangs, shaved temples or shaved nape.

Like every coloring, block has its own pros and cons:

  • using color solutions, you can hide some flaws (gray strands) and visually add volume to hair,
  • if you come up with an image yourself, you can become its only owner,
  • correctly selected color will help to correct the shape of the face and hide minor flaws,
  • if you go to the salon, the cost of the procedure will be high,
  • the technique is quite new and the masters who perfectly own it, so far, are few,
  • The work is painstaking, and the colors will have to be updated monthly, otherwise the faded creative will cause not admiration, but regret, although the need for periodic renewal is the disadvantage of any kind of hair coloring,
  • if the result does not meet expectations, you will have to repaint in a dark color or wait until the hair grows with a natural color.

For short, medium or long curls

The technique of blocking hair dye is suitable for owners of straight hair, but on curls it will not look. Straight hair strands fit closely together and the color scheme does not fall apart, and fluffy curls "do not hold" colored blocks. de

The blocks in this case can be placed throughout the thick of the hair and they will be visible, but on the long hair only the frontal part is used, since it is impractical to paint the lower strands.

On dark or light

On a light background, such a coloration looks effective due to more saturated tones and good contrast with the surrounding strands.

For this reason, blondes are in an advantageous position. If the blocks are made on dark hair, the areas to be painted are recommended to lighten first.

The following video demonstrates the technology of block dyeing dark hair:

Block coloring of blond hair and the option of styling with light curls:

Choice of colors

The colors are not chosen at random, but are carefully selected depending on the desired effect - they can smoothly blend into each other or be contrasted. Should be guided by the natural color of the eyes and skin tone. Particular attention should be paid to the color of the strands around the face, because they help to emphasize the merits or inadvertently highlight the disadvantages:

  • shades of warm chestnut or ashy locks are excellent for the gray-blue eyes, dark brown are also suitable,
  • Blue and blue eyes are perfectly combined with red colors, dark caramel and light brown,
  • the beauty of the green eyes is emphasized by chestnut, light brown and dark blond strands,
  • if an emerald green is visible in the green of the eye, the choice should be stopped on chestnut, gold, copper, bronze shades,
  • light skin and brown eyes will accentuate the colors of copper, chocolate and caramel,
  • dark skin and brown eyes are better framed with dark tones bordering on black, gray eyes perfectly match with almost all colors, with the exception of dark chestnut and black.

Features of technology and step by step instructions

Proceeding from the name, it is clear that the hair is pre-divided into sections-blocks, which are then subsequently painted over either all or only individual areas. The more shades used, the more difficult the process.

To prepare for the work you need such materials and equipment:

  • paint (preference should be given to the professional series),
  • brushes 2-3 cm wide (separate for each shade),
  • non-metallic tanks for paint dilution,
  • protection for clothes and hands (hair dressing gown, gloves, apron),
  • clamps for strands,
  • foil.

First you need to create on paper a schematic drawing with clearly marked areas of staining.

In developing the scheme, the shape of the haircut and the overall image with which the colors of the dyes should harmonize are taken into account. When choosing a color, the color type of a person is taken into account (division into spring, autumn, summer and winter types).

The hairstyle with the help of a hair dryer is shaped to fit the haircut, and then the following manipulations are performed alternately:

  • Hair is divided into blocks in accordance with the conceived scheme.
  • Dyestuffs are diluted.
  • The strands are painted, and the light shades are applied first, and then the master alternately turns to darker ones. Each colored strand is placed on the foil and wrapped in the same foil at the end of dyeing.
  • The paint is aged at the right time.
  • The dyes are washed off and then the caring composition is applied.

The photo shows the different schemes of blocking hair dye:

Hair before and after dyeing in the photo:

Is it possible to perform at home

You can make a block paint at home, but for this you have to buy a large set of paints, and only a small part of each will be used, because for dyeing each strand will need a small amount of dye.

At home, as a rule, paints are used by non-professionals, who are unable to preserve the brightness of colors for a long time and thereby maintain the chosen image.

Since the technology is quite complicated, the girl is better to ask her friend for help. You can paint the blocks only in front of yourself, but having worked it out, you can do it in the back, if you sit between two mirrors, but for most this approach is extremely inconvenient, so it’s best to use the help of an assistant.

Actions are performed using the same technology as in the salon, but one should not aim at complex schemes, for which it is better to turn to professionals.

Coloring - the most common procedure after shearing. Color change is used by women of different ages to express themselves, to attract attention, to complete the image, to visually adjust the condition of the hair.

But deciding on block coloring, it should be borne in mind that for the brightness of the tones, hair often has to be previously discolored, which affects their condition not in the best way.

Therefore, paying attention to beauty, we should not forget about the condition of the strands and regularly delight their hair with various nourishing and regenerating masks, serums and balms.

Creative hair coloring: block and stencil

That is why from time to time we entrust our hair to specialists - hairdressers.

How to return the natural hair color. Here you will find the answer to the question, how to return the natural hair color? The whole technology is described in detail for both blondes and brunettes. Highlighting shatush is a soft Italian highlighting. It is carried out with the help of a pile and a special paste for highlighting. The effect of naturally burnt hair.

Venetian highlighting on dark hair with our creative. Highlighting, which is done on dark hair, dyed or natural. It looks very natural, as if they were burned out in the sun.

The creative dyeing of medium-length hair in the hairdressing world of CHI has become a discovery, since for the first time they began to make hair preparations based on natural silk: Many women want to have curly hair.

Alas, not everyone is happy by nature, and the use of chemical agents for curling stops many women who do not want such a hard impact on their hair and scalp. Highlighting hair in a beauty salon.

Blondor application technique. How to color hair in blonde hairdresser tv tesla-gen.

Beauty Salon Naturel Studio provides an overview of the variations of highlighting - one of the creative hair dyeing medium length popular procedures for changing hair color and image perception.

Such a rich choice will not leave indifferent any fashionistas, because being professionally executed, this technology gives a truly magical effect to any hairstyle.

Menu Home About Salon Our Salons m.

Fashionable hair coloring is safe and effective. Hair care before and after fashionable hair dye. With fashionable coloring do no harm! All about brondirovanie hair brondirovanie: Keativnye holiday March 8! Biolamination hair with a discount! Summer Offer Shellac - p. Volso Hair Coloring Blonde, light brown, chestnut, ashen, red, black ... But, like thousands of years ago, a woman is not always happy with the fact that she gave her creative hair dye of medium length.

Those who love cool shades, highlight Ice Tint our video. Prices Cost of services Fashionable hair dyeing: Hair styling at the hairdresser Hair bronzing at the middle Hair sometimes requires radical experiments with the image. In this case, one of the worthy decisions is creative hair coloring, which today has many options.

Block and stencil coloring is the spirit of recent times, which is just beginning to gain popularity. This appearance is for brave girls who do not mind becoming the object of increased attention.

Based on the name of the technique, it is clear that all hair is divided into blocks, which will then be painted in different colors. In this case, the dyes can be applied both to the entire mass of hair, and to individual strands.

Cascade Gradation strands need a hair given the structure of the hair, thickness and shape of the face.

Depending on this, the cascade can only be at the tips of the hair or along the entire length. Bangs If you have smooth beautiful hair, it is better to refrain from the cascade and make a thick bang in a fashionable season. Creative dyeing hair of medium length can be any length - both below the eyebrows and very short to give a person freshness.

Brave girls can experiment with its shape: Bunk haircuts A bold experiment will be an asymmetric haircut, which combines both short and long strands.

Creative hair coloring - beauty for extremal

This effect can be achieved with the help of natural dyes or tinting paints, but not in the home. Black, chocolate, red and blond are especially popular this season. Blond Most of the women on the planet are owners of dark brown or light blond hair.

To give the color depth and brightness, this season uses all shades of chocolate from bitter to dark blond creative hair dyeing of medium length, chestnut, caramel, vollos and cream. Light brown fits almost everything, it makes the face softer and rejuvenates.

Hair coloring folk remedies

Those who are shy to express themselves can dye their hair a calmer golden or copper color. Red plkraskis is the color of youth. As for the shortcomings, they will not be so.

Firstly, degrade is almost impossible to perform on its own. Secondly, even an experienced specialist can’t find the right combination of shades for a short head of hair.

Elluminating can be done not only on long hair, but also on medium and short length.

The curvature of such hair coloring is beautifully highlighted with bright and not too creative hair dyes of medium length shades.

Women who decide on such a bold method of transformation can quickly highlight their own uniqueness. For those who are afraid of cardinal changes, but want to bring something new into their appearance, there is another very interesting technique.

The essence of such coloring is the clarification of individual strands, which are performed as close as possible to the ends.

As a result, we get the effect of burnt ponyad.

Short hair

Glare highlighting is not less in demand, in which the main color remains unchanged, and only the darkest strands are brightened. In order not to be mistaken with the choice of tone, consult an experienced colorist. It will help to figure out which shades of yours - painting or warm.

Unusual painting - to be or not to be?

You may not even have to drastically change the base. Sometimes a few light accents are enough to create a stylish look. Feel that it is time for a big change?

We decided that you do not have enough audacity and extravagance? Then start with a hairstyle! You can beat her with unusual stencil dyeing, which will set you apart from the crowd and attract the attention of others.

The main advantage of the footage is its uniqueness - you can be sure that no one will repeat this pattern. This technique is suitable for hair of any color and almost any length. The pattern can be applied even on a shaved area! The procedure itself is considered one of the most benign. It allows you to select one or more strands, without affecting the roots.

And one more very pleasant moment - it is possible to repeat screen coloring in creative dyeing of hair of medium length conditions. Take any picture, apply it to the film, cut and apply to the hair.

Just a few strokes - your hair is ready!

Hair coloring with bangs

Such coloring looks stylish, but at the same time very practical - you do not have to tint growing roots every 2 weeks.

The fashion for bright colors in coloring extends not only to long hair! Especially cool all the colors of the rainbow look at the elongated pixie haircut. If you are open to experiments, then you should try this particular option while it is in trend.

3. Light ends

If you wear a short haircut, try to freshen it up by coloring only the tips. Play on contrasts!

A bob or a square will look even more spectacular if you make an ombre - a smooth transition from dark roots to bright ends. And, again, constantly tint the roots do not have to!

We would advise blondes to add chestnut strands to their hairstyle - such “feathers” will add styling, and the color will seem multifaceted.

Extreme Hair Colors: Which is Right for You?

DetailsCategory: Hair Care

Although it all depends on the appearance - for someone and bright white hair will be extreme, for example, for African-American women whose skin has a chocolate shade.

Choosing an extreme hair color

Pink strands of hair can often be seen in the hairstyle of girls professing the emo subculture. But if you are far from this, you should not limit yourself to one or two strands, dye all your hair in a gorgeous pink color. It is perfect for girls who have skin of a cool shade, not prone to redness. In this case, stylists are not advised to use blush.

If you have skin of a warm shade - yellowish and coffee, find other options, pink - not for you. However, there is a compromise: you can use a warm pink shade, similar to the color of the tea rose petal. Due to its muffled, tenderness, softness, it is suitable for any skin, it is recommended for people with a romantic character.


This shade should be chosen by girls who have skin of cool shades, otherwise violet will add yellowness to your image.

To those to whom he really suits, shade gives mystery and mysteriousness, as well as expressive beauty. Just pick a matching makeup under purple hair and, preferably, a manicure.

In its essence, this is not such an extreme shade, but, nevertheless, how unusual it will be for your image depends only on you. Perfect for optimistic women with bright appearance and warm skin tone.

Well - what did you choose? If not, do not be discouraged, on this extreme color palette, the hair dyes of which are represented by bright saturated tones, does not end at all!

Still thinking what hair color to choose for a new vibrant life? Choose blue! This color has many shades, most of which are suitable for any appearance. If you want to become a girl with blue hair, pay attention to the shade of your skin. It should not be warm, otherwise you risk "yellowing."

Dark blue brings mystery to the image, if you want to intrigue someone - go ahead! Light blue, as well as blue will allow you to adopt shades of irreality, elusiveness, make you look like a spirit of air or water, and maybe like a fairy.

If you want to unusually dye your hair, the color of young greens is also worthy of attention! In fact, green has many shades and fits almost all girls, and even owners of green eyes, and even more so!

In addition, the green color is a kind of leader among the extreme shades in its unusual nature.

Extreme Hair Color 2015: Useful Tips

Be serious about choosing the future shade of your hair. Use tint for short staining, as your extreme color can get you tired in a day or two.

Make sure that the hair dye was of high quality, pay attention to the original hair color, because the result will depend on it. Ideally, such staining is best done in a proven beauty salon, especially if you plan to change the image for a long time.

Before extreme staining you should also analyze the consequences of such a step, for example, think about how your boss will react to your new image? But if such a problem does not threaten you, we wish you bold experiments and stunning results, good luck!

Creative hair coloring: types, features and photos

In every girl's life, a moment comes when it becomes clear that something must be changed in life.

Photo or reflection in the mirror is no longer pleasing? Why not start the change from the image? Creative hair coloring is one of the best ways to not only stand out from the crowd, but also guaranteed to raise your mood.

A riot of colors and a flight of fancy are what distinguishes this method, which will be discussed in this article. It is believed that only brave girls can decide on such staining. Do not believe, dear readers! What could be unusual in the desire to be beautiful and stand out from the gray mass?

Leave the lyrics and move on to the facts. Creative coloring involves the use of several bright colors, the number of which can be up to ten. There are two types of creative hair dyeing: block coloring and futuazh.

What is block staining?

The name of this method speaks for itself, all hair is divided into certain zones (blocks) and painted in different colors. The complexity depends on the number of colors used.

It is also worth noting that it is possible to paint not only the entire zone, but also its individual strands. The transition between blocks can be smooth or, on the contrary, striking with its sharpness and contrast.

Some even decide to evenly split their hair in two contrasting colors: do everyone remember Kruello de Ville from “One hundred and one Dalmatian”?

When compared to the photo, the difference will be obvious. The first two photos - creative coloring, the second - coloring.

The second method is futuage or screen dyeing. The principle of this method is simple: an ordinary stencil is taken with a pattern of the desired pattern and paint is applied.

Stencil painting opens up the possibility of your imagination to go flying. Leopard print, peacock tail, lace and any other pattern or even a photo that can be transferred to a stencil - all this will look very impressive on the hair.

Long and short hair coloring

It does not matter whether you are the owner of the hairs à la Rapunzel or, on the contrary, prefer a short haircut, creative hair dyeing is so unique that it suits absolutely everyone. Moreover, one should not think that this method of painting is a privilege of young people. Proper use of color and choice of technology will help both aged ladies to hide their first gray hair and give freshness to the image.

In the video below you can see an example of creative coloring in the process.

Valuable advice

  • Always give preference to a proven master with good taste and sense of proportion.
  • If the soul is not yet ready for a rainbow on your head, you can start with staining a few locks on the face or a small stencil pattern.
  • Depending on the desired result, you can use both permanent paints and light mousses. But you need to realize that the depth and durability of the color obtained depends on the chosen agent.
  • Before dyeing hair in bright colors, they must be discolored, which, of course, adversely affects their condition. Therefore, do not forget to pamper your curls with different masks and serums.
  • And the most important advice - do not be afraid to change! Life needed paint.

Advantages and disadvantages

For those who can not make a choice, we present a list of both positive and negative sides of creative coloring.

  • The uniqueness of the image. Creative coloring is a full-fledged art. Independently come up with an image and be the only owner of it - a huge plus.
  • With the help of color you can adjust the shape of the head and facial features.
  • Color can visually add extra volume to your hair, as well as hide some flaws (damaged or gray strands)

  • With a stretch, but, nevertheless, the cost of such a procedure can be attributed to the minuses. The price, of course, depends on the complexity of the pattern and the length of the hair, but also you should not forget that there are very few skilled craftsmen who own such equipment.
  • The second minus refers to any kind of staining. It will be necessary to update the color about once a month, otherwise the creation on the head, instead of bringing joy, will only annoy with its faded appearance.

Creative coloring is now at its peak of popularity. And nothing prevents you on the eve of summer just like nature, to paint yourself in new colors. Dare, and let your life be as bright as a rainbow in the sky.

And for dessert, some more photos of creative hair dyeing.

Techniques extreme haircuts and colorings in the salon work

Techniques extreme haircuts and colorings in the salon work
2-day workshop of Katerina Gordeeva, with working out on models

One of the leading experts of Russia - Katerina Gordeeva will share her unique experience, energy and smile. At the seminar, under the guidance of Katerina, you will learn new techniques for haircuts and dyeing. There will be a lot of movement and communication. If 10 years ago, creative haircuts and coloring were considered bad taste, now they are one of the main trends, a unique style and fashion.

Katerina Gordeeva:

  • Experience in the profession 30 years,
  • Since 2006 she has been participating with master classes at international exhibitions: Intercharm, Nevskie Bereg, Moscow Shores, International Congress of Hairdressers,
  • Since 2006 he has been conducting the author's course KateMagic,
  • In the past, participation in two training video projects on DVD,
  • She was trained by leading domestic and foreign hairdressers,
  • During her work she collaborated with such companies as: Solinger, Estelle, Brelil Professional, Salerm Cosmetics, Lakme, Bazhenov systems, Prosvirin Studio, Denman, Hair Club Production Center, Hair`sbeautyTV,
  • Repeatedly published in professional journals,
  • Creative partner of Hitek Group,
  • Co-founder of the author's Studio in Moscow.

At the seminar you will work:

  • - Geometric staining,
  • - Drawings on the hair by dyeing and cutting,
  • - Dyeing methods based on natural hair growth,
  • - Technology haircuts that do not require styling,
  • - Alternative youth haircuts, features, technique,
  • - Methods of hair coloring, non-traditional color combinations.


  • 9:30 - Registration
  • 10:00 - Presentation of works
  • 10:30 - Master class "Haircut" Tinstail "and equipment" Angles ""
  • 13:30 - Coffee Break
  • 14:30 - Technician working out
  • 18:00 - Answers to questions

  • 9:30 - Registration
  • 10:00 - Presentation of works
  • 10:30 - Master class "Drawings on hair (prints) and shaving (Hair-Tattoo)"
  • 13:30 - Coffee Break
  • 14:30 - Technician working out
  • 18:00 - Answers to questions

At the end of the seminar issued a personalized diploma certificate.

* Number of seats is limited, reservation is required - prepayment of 50%.

Pre-registration by phone:

Beauty salons, where complex staining is best done

In the closed beauty club at Winzavod they like to experiment with color. Masters are taken not only to create the effect of burnt strands, but also for bright and unbanal shades.

“One of the latest trend colors I’m doing is pastel blond combining cool floral tones (peony, lavender) or even a metallic transition. The result is a soft, unobtrusive shade, suitable for everyday life.

Adding when dyeing Olaplex is an indispensable part of the service, ”says Armen Asatryan, art historian of the hair of a secret beauty club authorized by the club.

Asatryan explains that pastel coloring is a commercial interpretation of bright color fashionable in the West, which is too extreme for many girls in Russia.

“The advantage of this technique is that the color is gently washed out over time, without leaving a stain. The stylist will not have to clean up in the future to achieve a uniform shade of hair, ”he adds.

To maintain color, stylists prepare individual Fabuloso Pro tinting cocktails from Evo Hair.

Cost: from 8 000 rub.

Studio "British"»

One of the latest innovations of the studio is the coloring of by Kevin Murphy. “This is an innovative dye based on soft natural components, which allows to get any actual shades, create the effect of light reflections sun-kissed or pastel that is relevant now,” says Maria Sozinova, stylist of the studio “Britana”.

When creating a new dye, Kevin Murphy adhered to three basic principles: efficiency, safety and a responsible attitude to nature. The advantages of this dye are that without ammonia, it copes with all the tasks: light color, 100% graying of the color, preservation of the natural pigment when toning the clarified length.

Cost: complex staining from 7,900 rubles.

Brow & Beauty Bar

Shatush, 3D coloring or blonding with the most natural result - all this and much more is done by salon stylists. “Preference is given to natural warm tones that imitate strands of hair faded in the sun. Of course, if the client is more suited to a cold range, we take this into account.

Stylists Brow & Beauty Bar talking with the client all the details, trying to understand the wishes, take into account the lifestyle, character and style of dress. All this - in order to achieve the game of shades suitable for you with complex coloring.

At the same time, we achieve such a result without much damage to the hair: Olaplex and several exclusive hair treatments help us in this, ”says Elena Ermak, stylist at the network of conceptual beauty salons at the Brow & Beauty Bar.

Cost: shatush and toning for short hair from 8,400 rubles.

ColBa Color bar

The interior of this cabin really resembles a laboratory: there are flasks everywhere, Mendeleev's tables are hung on the walls, and colorists work in white coats.

Here, products from Wella Professionals and Sebastian are used, and from the services they offer the effect of burnt hair, coloring, any color dyeing, saturation with shine, color stripping or dyeing with Japanese henna useful for hair and scalp.

The menu even presents staining for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin using Koleston Perfect Innosense dye from Wella Professionals.

Cost: creative coloring from 4,400 rubles.

22 11 Color Bar

Pleasant bright space with large windows and views of the square at the "Pharmaceutical garden". With simple staining in one or two colors, masters like to experiment with pastel shades. As planned, the cabin does not have the usual mirrors in front of the chair, so the result can be seen only when the image is completely ready. Stylists here use the most gentle cosmetics Davines.

Cost: any coloring from 6 000 rub.

Professional Club Profile

In the beauty club, masters work using cosmetics Aveda, Kydra and Kevin Murphy. Shatush and balayazh with a streamer (when the strands are combed at the roots), the effect of diffuse flare and toning with non-ammonia preparations — the masters mix different techniques for obtaining interesting results.

“The undoubted advantage of such works is the variability, the ability to create both very soft, barely noticeable play of color, the effect of sun-bleached hair, complex vibrating colors, and contrasting strands with darkened roots — this helps to visually add volume to hair.

The bonus of such coloring, if it is done on natural hair, is the possibility of not renewing the color longer. Over time, it only becomes more interesting.

I like to combine various techniques, as well as do traditional highlighting with open techniques of clarification (that is, with foil), ”says Oleg Verkhoturov, stylist of the Profile Professional Club.

Cost: complex staining from 8 500 rub.

"Clouds Studio"

Business card salon - aqua-staining with organic cosmetics Organic Color Systems. At the beginning of the procedure, the master conducts a hair quality test to determine the appropriate restoration system before dyeing. After the grooming procedure, he proceeds to the coloring, which is performed on wet hair - this technique causes the hair a minimum of harm.

Cost: aqua-coloring from 5,700 rubles.

Redken color factory

Here they specialize exclusively in staining, in this area the specialists of the Redken Color Factory are recognized as the best colorists. They know everything about coloring and are not afraid to give an honest and objective assessment to the wishes of clients.

Cost: coloring from 3 600 rub.

Aldo coppola

Whatever the coloring, here, as a rule, it does not take more than three hours. The client is engaged in several masters at the same time: shear, paint and dry in four hands. Especially well the stylists of this salon manage to shatush in natural shades.

Cost: coloring with sparing dyes for long hair, Redken from 9,234 rubles, shatush for long hair from 10,754 rubles


Masters of this network of hairdressers know how to experiment and deftly make gradient lighting, like cool and platinum shades, as well as bright strands.

Cost: persistent staining from 5,400 rubles.

Rainbow staining

Those who are eager to experiment, but fears unnatural colors in their hair, we advise you to look at the rainbow technique, made in soft pastel colors. A beautiful mix of pink, blue and mother of pearl will make your face bright, but will not cut your eyes.

The essence of this coloring is to darken or lighten randomly selected strands combed at the roots. As a result, we get the effect of burnt hair, beautiful and natural.The main advantage of shatush is fast execution, minimal effect of coloring agents and natural appearance. It is not necessary to make the transition between colors smooth - therefore each of you can make a shatush at home. In addition, each strand is colored at different heights, which only enhances the naturalness of the hair.

Coloring bangs

Creative bang coloring is the best way to quickly change your style and transform your hairstyle. Just a few strokes - and you will be different! For dyeing bangs fit almost any of these techniques. It looks good both on trendy short haircuts and on medium strands.

Another incredibly fashionable dyeing technique that looks very pretty and rather unusual in the short version. It is the staining of thin strands in contrasting colors. Balayazh is somewhat similar to classic highlighting, but thanks to a well-blurred border between shades it looks more natural. Such coloring gives additional volume to short and medium haircuts and adds a unique zest to the girlish look.

Tip! In this case, the technique is chosen under the hair, and not vice versa. Therefore, the haircut should be done before coloring, and not after it.

Light pink shade is the perfect solution for blondes. It will be very easy to achieve such a color on bleached hair - it is enough to toned it with a sparing paint or toning shampoo. Strawberry blond looks as tasty as it sounds. Thanks to him, you not only diversify the light palette, but also easily neutralize unnecessary yellowness.

Gradient staining or degradation

Technique degrade managed to win a large army of fans. For staining using several similar or contrasting colors (the difference can be up to 6-8 tones). They stretch along the entire length of the hair, ranging from the darkest and ending with the lightest. Best of all, the gradient technique looks on a dark base. Its advantages include the natural appearance and the absence of the need for frequent tinting of the roots. As for the shortcomings, there will not be many of them. Firstly, degrade is almost impossible to perform on its own. Secondly, even an experienced specialist can’t find the right combination of shades for a short head of hair.

Hair dyeing

As it is known, today coloring has a practical meaning - masking of gray hair, although most often people resort to it in order to change the image, emphasize a haircut or revitalize their natural color. Fortunately, there is no need to look for folk remedies, because many manufacturers sell hair-dyes for sale, thanks to which it is possible to realize all their bright desires in life.

Dyeing techniques

Women who regularly change their hair color know that the result may not always be perfect. Often the curls become brittle and overdried, and their color is very distant from the desired. In order to avoid unpleasant consequences, you should understand the varieties of staining and understand which option is better suited to a person. Among the most common techniques:

  1. Classic. Normal monochromatic coloring, in which the curls along the entire length have the same color, is most often preferred by people who want to hide gray hair. The only drawback of classic coloring is that dyes can dry out hair and make it brittle. You can avoid this by purchasing more expensive paint.
  2. Highlighting. This option is used by people who want to lighten their hair. The essence of the technique lies in playing on the contrast of natural and bleached strands, which are evenly distributed throughout the head. In this way, you can also disguise gray hair by highlighting the shade "salt and pepper".It should be noted that at first hair is painted in ashy color, and only after that individual strands are lightened for a couple of tones.
  3. Coloring. This is very similar to the previous technique, which is preferred by young people because of bright colors. Several natural curls are painted in a beautiful color that is ideal for extraordinary individuals who approach the question of their appearance with originality.
  4. Reservation. A great way to combine dark and light strands. It is performed using the same technology as coloring, but instead of bright colors, coffee, brown and golden tones are used. The coloring itself begins only at a distance of a few centimeters from the roots, so that it is not necessary to make adjustments too often. As a result, the hair looks quite nice and natural, and with the help of light lines, the effect of sun glare is created.
  5. Balayazh. Dyeing short hair in the style of a balacer reminds melirovanie, but in this case, the strands begin to lighten from the middle of the length, becoming more saturated already closer to the ends. As a rule, such a technique is applied to dark curls, although it looks good on light brown hair. Strands can be painted in one single color or in several contrasting tones, but it is best to choose the shade that will be combined with the natural hair color in order to get the effect of burning out.

New in the paint industry

Not all people decide to change their natural color, as they fear the emergence of unnecessary problems. Therefore, dyeing hair on short hair can be carried out as an experiment in the following ways:

  1. With elumination. To date, this option is considered to be the best, since it not only allows you to see how a particular shade will approach the natural color, but also improves the hair structure quite well. For coloring the special means "Elumen" is used, which consists of exclusively natural dyes. Due to this, this method is ideal for both dry and brittle and normal hair, increasing the volume and quickly returning healthy shine.
  2. Crayons. Often, young girls have a desire to create their own original and completely new image for just a day. This can be done easily if you buy special crayons for hair, which are sold in the respective stores. Crayons are fairly easy to apply and wash off the hair, and a huge color palette will allow you to choose the best option for each girl.

We select a shade

The most important and crucial step in changing the hair color is not the dyeing process itself, but the choice of a new shade. It is best to consult on this issue with a specialist, but if you want to do everything yourself, you should at least adhere to the general criteria for compatibility of shades, while not forgetting about the colors of skin and eyes. So, during the choice of color tone should follow the following rules and recommendations:

  1. Dyeing hair (dark) for short hair will look better in chocolate or blueberry tones. To conduct experiments with a blond should not, as there is a considerable risk of becoming the owner of damaged hair. But if you want to lighten up, it is better to choose the technique where the roots are not affected (balayazh, ombr).
  2. Natural red hair locks are very fastidious and are much more difficult to color. You can lighten them with colors of ash shades that can cope with the yellowness that appears after clarification. The procedure is best done in the cabin, as in the home there is no guarantee to get the desired result. Of the dark tones, cinnamon, red, and copper are well suited.
  3. Fair-haired ladies are great caramel, sand and gold tones. For dark eyes, light chestnut tone will do.To lighten dark brown curls will turn out with the help of more gentle techniques such as highlighting.

Choosing paint

In addition to choosing the tone, dyeing hair for short hair also requires proper selection of the paint itself. The main criterion is resistance, and in accordance with it there are only three types of compositions:

  1. Toning agents of the first level (tinted shampoos, skins). Harm curls such funds do not cause, and kept only a couple of weeks.
  2. Semi-resistant second level coloring agents (soft dyes). The color of the strands literally changes to a couple of tones and lasts no more than two months.
  3. Stable paints of the third level (professional products). Used for a radical change of color, with improper staining can cause serious harm, and keep from two to six months.

Painting an ombre on short hair makes you draw attention to yourself, since this original technique does not give up its position for many years. Coloring creates a shadow effect, perfectly refreshes the image and makes it possible to rarely do the procedure for repainting the hair. Painting features:

  1. Hair coloring for short hair in the style of ombre is performed in stages.
  2. Special paint for such technology of coloring is sold in special stores, and its cost is about $ 100.
  3. A smooth transition is created by vertical movements of the brush, and a sharp transition is horizontal (in some other technologies, the opposite is done).
  4. This color is ideal for cutting a bob, where clear or slightly blurred transitions perfectly determine the transition of colors.
  5. It is recommended to wash your hair only 2-3 days after the procedure itself, otherwise the paint may drain.

How will look on short hair

A short haircut and dyeing for short hair using ombra technology are ideally combined with each other, as in this case, a smooth transition of color shades looks quite beautiful, even though it will not be easy to make. In case of improper coloring, the result can look like a regular hairstyle with unpainted roots. Therefore, hair coloring in the ombre style should be carried out with strict observance of the minimum difference between the different shades.

Color variations

The most popular and acceptable for many girls are the following color variations:

  1. A sharp transition from the dark color of the roots to the bright ends, or vice versa.
  2. Ombre-style smooth hair dyeing for short hair, where the borders of colors are blurred.
  3. Coloring the ends alone in bright and unusual colors.

Care after the procedure

When the desired effect is obtained and a new image is created, do not forget about the care of dyed hair. Be sure to use a special shampoo and balsam-rinse designed specifically for colored hair. Wash your head gently, do not make the water too hot. If the hair has become brittle, then you need to use cosmetics based on silicone, which creates a protective film.

Hair coloring is the ideal solution to change your appearance and give it a fresh look. Owners of long thick hair is not difficult to find the original version that meets the latest fashion trends. But what about those who can not boast a magnificent head of hair. For such fashionistas, in the 2016 season, stylists offer an overview of fashionable dyeing solutions for short hair.

Haircuts and dyeing 2016 for short hair

According to stylists, in 2016, dyeing for short hair directly depends on the choice of haircut. After all, shortened models, unlike long ones, are completely different in comparison with each other. Probably should immediately determine that a short haircut is not considered to cover the ears, as well as the option to the shoulder line. Thus, the fact that it will be the ideal solution for an extended version does not fit the extra-short styling at all.What to say? Let's see what kind of coloring for short haircuts offer stylists in the season 2016?

Pixie . A fashionable solution to a men's hairstyle is the selection of several strands in contrasting colors. If in your choice you are not distinguished by special boldness, then the actual option for you will not be coloring of hair in different tones of the same color range. Also fashionable short hairstyle can be painted in one color. But at the same time, preference is given to light shades.

Caret . Not out of fashion short haircut has a wider selection of diverse dyeing. This season, stylists offer toned bob with a rich natural tint, for example, red, and highlight several strands in a contrasting color. Ombre is also considered a fashionable solution. But this option is suitable only for an elongated model. Lovers of monochromatic coloring should know that the square this season is relevant in dark colors.

Woman created by nature for decoration. She attracts many eyes with her unique style and appearance, and fashion trends created by professional connoisseurs of beauty help her in this difficult task. Make-up, accessories, dress or trouser combination and, of course, a haircut - that's all, the beauty is ready to conquer the world. In advertisements of shampoos and various means for hair, we are accustomed to see beauties with "horse manes", showing on themselves another fashionable hair coloring. On short hair, all their delights are also suitable and sometimes look much more attractive. Today, our article is aimed at reviewing the most stylish colors in 2017, which perfectly highlight the beauty of a short haircut.

Continuation of 2016

Fashionistas follow trends relevant in the coming season. Short haircuts have not become less popular in the new year, and their coloring is also very diverse. Stylists advise not to be modest, but to boldly combine the colors of the curls. There may be natural shades, and very extravagant - it all depends on taste and preference, as well as the general style. To fashionable hair coloring (short haircuts) attracted the eyes, it is necessary to get rid of the classic single shade. Hairdressers advise to diversify their appearance in 2017, to give preference to bright curls of several tones.

Shatush for short hair

Fashionable dyeing of short dark or light hair can be produced by the technology of shatush. The method is a chaotic lightening or darkening of the curls to get the result of hair that is naturally sun-bleached. Unlike ombra, shatush does not have smoothly moving boundaries, they are all sharp.

When coloring remains a fairly large number of strands of natural color, and it turns out really fashionable hair coloring. On short hair shatush is done quite simply, such staining can be done at home.

Bronding curls

This is a fashionable dye for short hair in 2017, as well as the previous three years. The technology of performance does not change, and this view is still relevant. Booking will not be out of fashion in 2018, so you can safely choose this technology.

The technique of coloring is distinguished by a special complexity of execution, with the selection of more than two shades, but so that in the end the hairstyle looks as natural as possible. The main task of brondirovaniya - the creation of visual volume, so even the most fluid and thin hair will look like thick hair. Hence the second name of the technology - 3D.

"Strawberry Blonde"

Girls with blond hair got a unique opportunity to dye in this color. "Strawberry Blonde" looks amazingly gorgeous on the hair of medium length or completely short. The color is so fond of blonde divas that continues to gain popularity.It is important to note that the shade should be only light, superficial, and not deep pink. This tone is quite cold, despite the warm glare of strawberry. He is charming, fantasy or even futuristic, perfectly dilutes the surrounding dull colors. With this hair color, no girl will be left without attention.

When choosing a shade a blonde woman should also pay attention to the "Swedish blonde", "platinum" and "silver blonde." These colors also perfectly complement the short haircut.

Select the bangs

If you have not yet ventured on a cardinal change of image, or, on the contrary, are a bright personality, then you can treat yourself to such refinement, like a fake-colored bang! On short hair, this method looks very impressive. You can dye the strands completely, you can apply the technology of "feathers" - in any case, the hairstyle will win. Feel free to choose colors. Young and desperate girls can “draw” a bang with a bright blue and turquoise tint on black hair; cherry or plum is also ideal.

More modest ladies will be able to stand out by dyeing a few strands of blond hair with black or ashen color. Brunettes will be good to use a copper tone. This color may look extravagant, and quite natural, depending on the chosen color and combination of tones.

Fashionable dyeing 2017 for short hair, a photo of which can be seen in this article, continues to recruit new design ideas. We look forward to fresh staining options!

Modern fashion does not stand still, and now it applies not only to clothing, accessories and haircuts, but also to coloring. It is not necessary to have long curls. Today we will learn how to perform fashionable dyeing of short hair, a photo we will give, which will demonstrate this, as well as find out how to do it at home.

Types of short hair coloring

This coloring technique is the most relevant this season. Its essence consists in the combination of light and dark tones, namely, in a smooth transition from one shade to another. As a rule, the roots are painted in dark colors, and the ends make it lighter. However, the opposite combination is also possible: light roots and dark tips. Until recently, this coloring technique was used only on long hair, since not everyone could perform it on short curls. Now the situation has changed and professionals can make an ombre at any length of hair. However, if the master has not too much experience, then the staining may not work. Then there will be a feeling that the hair is poorly dyed. That is why the ombre should be trusted to be performed only by a professional.

The essence of this coloring is to lighten (darken) a certain number of strands in order to create a sense of sun-bleached curls. In this case, the strands are selected randomly from the total number of hairs, a pile is performed and paint is applied on top. Next you need to wait for some time and wash off the composition. The advantage of this coloring is that it is performed fairly quickly. In addition, after it, the curls look natural.

In this case, it is not necessary that there be smooth transitions between colors, as in an ombré. Coloring strands is performed at different heights to make it look as natural as possible. Note that the coloring composition is applied not to all curls, but only on a few selected randomly.

This is a retro style of coloring, which was in great demand in the 70s of the last century. This technique is somewhat similar to highlighting, but it has similar features and coloring shatush. The white dressing is performed in such a way that one gets the impression that some curls have burnt out in the sun.However, in this case, the curls are taken not in a chaotic manner, but in a strict sequence. One colored strand alternates with a strand of natural color. The result is a stylish hairstyle and visually the hair appears additional volume.

Note that this staining technique is much more complicated than the previous ones, so in this case it is especially important that it is performed by a professional. Only the master will be able to make a white dress so that the hairstyle looks stylish and natural.

Contrast highlighting

This season, the most relevant is not the classic highlighting in dark light colors, but the contrasting bright dyeing of short hair, the photos show it. The shades that are popular are copper, lilac and ashen. In this case, it all depends on the color of your natural pigment. To choose the tone to your natural hair color, will help the master, who must perform the coloring to get a beautiful hairstyle.

Home treatment procedure for short hair

As already mentioned, it is best to entrust staining to a professional. It is he who will assess the condition of your locks, recommend treatment if they need it, and also perform the procedure in such a way that your hairstyle looks natural. If you decide to perform hair coloring at home, you should know that the result may turn out to be quite different from what you expected. Firstly, the color may be unexpected, and secondly, it is possible to damage the structure of the hair and they will lose both health and attractiveness. The only suitable option for home dyeing is a creative method. You can perform it with the help of gels, tonics, varnishes, all those tools that are easily washed off with strands. So you can choose for yourself the most successful option. In the event that you do not like the color, you can wash off the paint, returning to its original shade of hair. In addition, these compositions will not harm the curls, so you can not worry about their condition.

Californian highlighting on copper hair

Virtues of creativity

Creative techniques are interesting in that they bring brightness and novelty to the familiar image and are able to make even such classic haircuts as a crochet super modern. Their main advantage is originality, because the style and color scheme are selected for each client, taking into account the condition and structure of the hair, natural color type and individual preferences. A woman with creative coloring will always attract attention and look favorably against the background of others.

Technically performed with good colors, such coloring helps to hide the lack of appearance and emphasize its strengths. For example, you can correct the complexion, highlight the eyes or cheekbones, visually increase the amount of hair, mask the burned-through strands and split ends. The successful combination of a stylish haircut and creative coloring can easily rejuvenate its owner for several years.

Cons staining

But there is another side to the coin. For example, the fact that the center of attention with an unusual hairstyle you will always be, even when it does not want to. And this is not the only negative, among others it can be noted:

  • The high cost of a quality procedure, which is made up of the scope of work, the amount of consumable material, the qualifications of the master and the prestige of the cabin.
  • Creative qualities of a specialist who do not always play a plus - your ideas about beauty can vary greatly and all details should be clarified in advance.
  • The high level of qualification necessary for the successful implementation of complex types of staining - not all specialists have it.
  • Regular correction - it will have to be done at least once a month, and for some species more often, and this is an additional expense of time and money.
  • Damage to the hair - some types of creative dyeing require preliminary bleaching, which greatly spoils the hair.

And the biggest problem is to correct poorly executed creative hair dyeing, especially made by resistant dyes. However, even the most successful option can get elementary, but it is almost impossible to bring out the hair in a smooth tone after it.

Therefore, before deciding on an unusual image, it is necessary to think a hundred times or try to create it first with the help of easily washable means: tinted balms, sprays or colored crayons.

Types of painting

To date, there are already more than 20 techniques of coloring, which one way or another can be attributed to the creative. All of them leave a huge scope for the master and self-expression for the client. Some of them are offered in almost any good salon.

But there are those who literally require jewelry craftsmanship and can only be made with modern high-tech materials. Such work is expensive, but as a result, you can create a real model bow worthy of the best catwalks.


Boring vertical highlighting, in which strands that were evenly distributed over the entire area of ​​the head, were simply whitened, has long been considered old-fashioned and hardly used. But it became the basis for new modern techniques of stylish uneven coloring.

Balayazh, shatush, ombre, California and Venetian highlighting and many other equally interesting variations make it possible to emphasize individuality, increase the volume of hair visually and at the same time not spoil the hair too much.

The highlighting also marked the beginning of the coloring technique, when the selection of strands is made not by one, but by several similar in tone or contrasting colors. Such coloring always looks interesting, but it can only be done with very high-quality materials that do not spread over the head and do not stain the adjacent strands.

The master must know the basics of color, as a competent selection of colors is half the success.

One of the fashionable variations of highlighting, which looks especially beautiful on natural brunettes with even healthy hair. The stripes can be arranged vertically or horizontally and have a different width. Shades should be very contrasting: chocolate brown and gold, black and red, blue and red, etc.

The main feature of such coloring is its graphic quality - the lines should be perfectly smooth. On long hair to achieve such smoothness is almost impossible, therefore, experts recommend zebra for short and medium haircuts.

Blonde can also try this type of coloring, darkening strands. But if the result is not pleasant, it is not always possible to whiten them to the original state.

3D Surround

A kind of highlighting that requires the highest professionalism. The master must have an excellent sense of style, know the basics of color and know the technique of accurate paint.

The essence of the process is that, against the background of the base color, strands located in clearly defined places are emphasized with one or two similar shades. It turns out a kind of play of light and shadow, creating a decent additional volume.

The technique is suitable for women of any age, and if properly performed, the work of the master is completely invisible. Hair looks completely natural as loose, and in any style, glow beauty and health.

But if the arrangement of the strands is chosen incorrectly or the wrong shade is applied, then the painting will not differ from the usual coloring and overpay for it does not make sense.

Zonal staining involves treating only a small portion of the scalp — framing the face, bangs, or asymmetrical parts of the haircut.One of its variations is block staining, when one or several zones are highlighted in a different color.

This hairstyle requires courage, but it looks especially good on creative haircuts: with shaved sections, Iroquois, etc.

A calmer variation of zonal coloration is the coloring of a bang or the lightening of several face-framing locks. They can be made with colors close to the base shade, which will instead of a sharp contrast give the image a natural freshness. One of the few techniques that allows the master to show a truly creative approach to business.


Stencil painting became fashionable relatively recently, but firmly established on the most prestigious catwalks in the world. High-quality "stencil", made of resistant paints, is painstaking and requires high precision work, which is very expensive. Professionals recommend doing this procedure before lamination in order to preserve the clarity of the outline of the pattern and the necessary smoothness of the hair for a long time.

But there is also an inexpensive alternative - applying a pattern on the hair at home using a film stencil and coloring spray.

Of course, with a professionally executed such a pattern does not compare, and he kept only until the first wash. But on its creation takes only a couple of minutes, and colors and stencils can be changed as often as you want. Ideal budget option for a disco or a theme party.

This is a bright, stylish and somewhat extravagant type of coloring - a novelty that goes only the youngest and charismatic. Even monochrome color staining can already be attributed to creative techniques. What can we say about not so long ago conquered world podiums with a rainbow when the hair literally explodes into a riot of neon shades!

In this case there is no single scheme and there can be no - this is where the scope for creativity and creativity is!

More restrained techniques - painting in bright shades of separately selected zones or strands. And almost all colorists first recommend purchasing a color spray, tonic or chalk for hair for experiments. And only having got used to a new image and making sure that you feel completely comfortable in it, you can use resistant paints. It is desirable to buy them from professional lines, since the content of the pigment in them is much higher, which means that the color will be juicy and last longer.

Important stuff

In order for creative coloring to turn out really beautiful and stylish, and you didn’t have to regret the rashly made decision to radically change your own image, listen to the prompts given by experienced experts:

  • If the hair is not in the best condition, it is desirable to intensively treat it with masks or ampoule preparations before coloring for 2-3 weeks.
  • Earlier than 2-3 weeks after lamination or keratin hair straightening, it is pointless to carry out any painting, and even more creative.
  • If you used to be painted with natural products (henna, basma or vegetable decoctions), you must remove them with a wash or wait at least a month until they are washed out naturally.
  • Before dyeing in bright juicy tones, natural hair (from dark brown and darker) will have to be lightened, otherwise the color will be very different from the intended one.
  • Graphic, block and stencil coloring beautifully looks only on smooth hair, so for lovers of curls it is better to dwell on modern highlighting techniques such as ombre, balayazh and others.
  • Do not do creative coloring cheap household paints - the color will quickly lose depth, and the hair will look faded. If you have already decided on a stylish image, then you should not save on materials.

And most importantly - before starting to work, give the master all the wishes and expectations as precisely as possible.Ideally, if you can find a photo of a similar hairstyle on the Internet and show it.

But be prepared to listen to the opinion of a specialist. Perhaps the variant of coloring you dream of does not suit you in style, color type or other parameters. A good master will always offer a decent alternative.

Home care

And do not forget that no creative does not negate the quality home care, which is particularly in need of colored hair. To keep the result as long as possible, use regular shampoos and balsams to maintain color stability for regular washing. And the more often you wash your hair, the faster the tint will fade.

The fading of the color greatly accelerates the ultraviolet, so make visits to the solarium less, and before going out in the sun, forget to use a spray with UV filters. Do not be too zealous with hot styling. High temperatures destroy the keratin layer, and the pigment is washed out much faster from porous hair.

Not all types of creative coloring allow you to adjust the shade with balms and mask the roots with sprays. But in cases where it is possible, be sure to use these tools so that you do not have to visit the master too often. Twice a week, pamper your hair with professional masks for damaged or dyed hair. Most household products are made on the basis of natural oils and accelerate the leaching of pigment.


Elluminating can be done not only on long hair, but also on medium and short length. With such coloring, the hair is beautifully highlighted with bright and not too traditional shades. Women who decide on such a bold method of transformation can quickly highlight their own uniqueness.

For those who are afraid of cardinal changes, but want to bring something new into their appearance, there is another very interesting technique. It is called "babylights" or "sunbeams". The essence of this coloring is to lighten the individual strands, which are performed as close as possible to the ends. As a result, we get the effect of burnt ponyad.

Tip! To emphasize the beauty of “sunbeams”, make a light perm and paint the base in light brown or light chestnut color.

In the following video you can see examples of creative dyeing for short hair:

Fashionable coloring of the season 2018 can not do without the good old highlighting. This year it is important both the traditional performance in dark and light shades, and bright, color. Among the most popular colors for highlighting are ashen, copper and lilac. Glare highlighting is not less in demand, in which the main color remains unchanged, and only the darkest strands are brightened.

Tip! In order not to be mistaken with the choice of tone, consult an experienced colorist. It will help you figure out which shades are cool or warm. You may not even have to drastically change the base. Sometimes a few light accents are enough to create a stylish look.

screen staining or foot

Feel that it is time for a big change? We decided that you do not have enough audacity and extravagance? Then start with a hairstyle! You can beat her with unusual stencil dyeing, which will set you apart from the crowd and attract the attention of others. The main advantage of the footage is its uniqueness - you can be sure that no one will repeat this pattern. This technique is suitable for hair of any color and almost any length. The pattern can be applied even on a shaved area!

The procedure itself is considered one of the most benign. It allows you to select one or more strands, without affecting the roots. And one more very pleasant moment - it is possible to repeat screen coloring at home. Take any picture, apply it to the film, cut and apply to the hair.Just a few strokes - your hair is ready! The most popular patterns are zebra, leopard, feathers, flowers, firebird.

Tip! For screen coloring it is not necessary to use resistant paint. For a temporary effect, for example, for some holiday or event, a colored spray or dry pastel is useful.

Neon coloring or crazy colors

This option is suitable for true extreme lovers. With it, you will give your hair an unusual color and make it incredibly colorful. Thanks to this new barbershop, there are great opportunities for experimentation. You can somehow combine several shades or apply one, but very bright. Such a madness of color causes an ambiguous reaction from others and catches the eye. It is better to entrust crazy colors to a professional - at home it is extremely difficult to achieve impressive results.

Creative hair coloring of medium length includes the incredibly beautiful pixel technique. In this case, the coloring composition is applied to the hair in the form of variegated rhombuses, squares, triangles and other geographical patterns. Contrast and bright enough colors (green, violet, blue, yellow, red), and also their combinations are ideal for pixel coloring. One of the most important requirements for creating hairstyles are perfectly straight hair. Pixels look best on smooth haircuts - bob, bob, asymmetrical. The main enemy of laying is a strong wind. In this weather, the pattern will be almost invisible.

Interesting! Previously, pixel technology was present exclusively in the catwalk fashion, but recently this pattern is increasingly found on city streets. True, in this case, use more calm variations.

According to the masters, this method of painting requires good professional skills, so it is completely unsuitable for independent use.

As can be seen in these photos, gray hair is not a reason for complexes and depressions. Quite the contrary - the last couple of years silver and snow white strands are increasingly chosen not only by mature ladies, but also by young women. If you have never painted, but you already have the first gray hair, it's time to wear it with dignity and pride. Experts even came up with a new name for this style - “glamorous granny” or “granny glam”.

Ash dusting can be performed not only on the whole mass of curls. There are some more stylish options:

  • At the tips,
  • On half the hair, separated by a horizontal line,
  • On separate locks.

Artificial gray blends perfectly with the base colors - wheat blonde, peanut, coffee, chocolate, brown, caramel, blond, honey, etc.

Important! To get a beautiful gray color, you have to brighten. And remember, owners of a cold color type are less likely to miss than girls with a “warm” appearance.

Color bomb

The hit of this season was the wine and berry shades. Of these, the most popular colors are Marsala, mahogany, cherry, bordeaux. They can be used both individually and as a duet. Often cherry strands set off the chocolate base. If the warm color is typical for the hair, it is worth replacing the cherry with burgundy or cowberry. Other unusual tones - green, violet, orange, blue, ruby, fiery, turquoise, etc., are no less in demand.

Two-tone coloring

In this case, the master selects for coloring two similar or contrasting colors. Their location can be very different. For example, the top layer of hair can be dyed in a darker tone, and the top left light. Another option is to split the hair in half with a straight parting and tint each of the parts into its own shade.

Trends in hair dye 2018

The beginning of 2018 already dictates its own rules for choosing hair color; attention should be paid to cold shades. The universal black color remains in fashion, as well as all shades of red. For lovers of experiments, you should pay attention to juicy berry colors. Blondes can choose sand and golden shades for coloring and highlighting.

Fashionable hair coloring

According to the fashion trends of recent years, naturalness is appreciated; therefore, highlighting is especially popular, which allows preserving natural, natural beauty, highlighting it with several contrasting strands. Universal technique allows you to dye hair of any shade.

Short hair coloring

Owners of short haircuts can choose bright and fashionable colors that will immediately make you noticeable among the crowd. If the goal of going to the salon is to improve the structure of the hair, then use a transparent coloration. This technique will preserve the natural color, but will give your hair silky and soft.

Often owners of short hair complain about the lack of volume, to solve this problem, use highlighting, which will give the desired effect. Depermanent staining will hide the signs of the first gray hair, while refreshing the entire image.

Long hair coloring

Long hair will look incredibly voluminous and healthy if you use modern dyes that strengthen the hair structure. Large curls remain in fashion, to emphasize their beauty, use different coloring and highlighting techniques.

Blondes are better off highlighting in chocolate and sandy shades, and brunettes should pay attention to caramel and chestnut colors.

Fashionable dyeing of medium hair in 2018

The average hair length allows its owner to conduct frequent and vivid experiments to change the style. You can easily enhance the color using shampoo-tonic or decide on a fashionable ombra or shatush.

When do you need to dye your hair?

If you are thinking about coloring, then probably one of several reasons prompted you to do this:

  • White hairPerhaps the most common reason for hair coloring in Russia. Gray hair in women is associated with old age, from which they are so eager to escape. Modern paints can solve this problem, but starting to dye your hair, you will not be able to stop.
  • The desire for change or a new stage in life. It so happened that all the changes that occur in the life of a woman are reflected in her appearance. When an important meeting or a new job is waiting ahead, the main preparation for the changes takes place in the beauty salon. In a new life in a new way.
  • Deprived of shine and dull hair also cause staining. Poor ecology and poor lifestyle often lead to a weakening of the body, in particular, hair loses its strength and shine. The situation can be improved by modern means that strengthen the hair structure, make it smoother and more docile.

Types of hair dye 2018

Popular in 2018 types of staining allow you to forget about re-staining for a long time after going to the salon. All techniques leave the natural color at the roots with a smooth transition to lighter tones, so the regrown roots will be invisible for several months. In more detail about each of types of coloring which will be fashionable in 2018 we will tell further.

California highlighting

This method of coloring is gaining momentum and in 2018 will be one of the most beloved. In fact, the technology is very similar to the highlighting of shatush, but it has its own nuances:

  • brighter and more saturated colors are used
  • foil not used when dyeing

As a result, the color of the roots remains natural with a gradual and blurred transition to the clarified strands of various widths. The most spectacular Californian highlighting looks on dark and blond hair.

Hair coloring shatush

This technique allows you to achieve the effect of strands that are burned out in the sun due to the application of lighter shades on individual strands. Thanks to a rich palette of shades, the hair looks more voluminous. In this case, the roots of the hair remain a natural dark color and then to the ends smoothly turn into a lighter shade. Shatush is used when coloring and brunettes and blondes, but the greatest contrast is noticeable on dark hair.

Fashionable look will create the following shades:

  • coffee
  • wheat
  • walnut
  • caramel
  • cognac

Ombre hair coloring

Ombre staining allows you to achieve a uniform smooth flow of color from the roots to the ends. Moreover, if the shatush emphasizes only some strands, then the ombra is applied along the entire length of the hair. At the same time, the ombre effect can be used not only on natural shades, but in the mode of flowing from light to pink or purple.

Hair dye balayazh

One of the most common techniques is also the coloring of balayazh, which is inherently very similar to previous techniques. The achieved effect also imitates strands of sun-faded, but it is more pronounced compared with shatush coloring. The main features of the technique are that:

  • vertical staining is used
  • the composition is distributed throughout the dyeing zone, but at the ends is more concentrated

Hair brondirovanie

For those who do not want to choose between dark and light shades, the hair bronding technique is suitable, which allows you to combine all shades of dark and light in one hairstyle, while the base color will remain light brown. The technology of coloring combines the classic and open highlighting, which allow to achieve a natural combination of different shades.

Coloring dark hair

By coloring you can get an interesting set of colors of very close shades. In contrast to highlighting, individual strands are first lightened and then painted in several shades. As a result, the hair looks bulky and voluminous. You just have to do the styling to shine at any event. The range of shades used is similar to colors when highlighting:

Creative hair dye 2018

Creative coloring remains a separate direction, which continues to evolve for many years. There are not so many supporters of this trend compared to traditional types of staining, but their number is growing every year.

  • It should be noted that in 2018 futuage or screen coloring will be especially fashionable.
  • Dyes-sprays or semi-permanent dyes can achieve a stunning effect and create a whole picture on the hair.
  • Also, the use of very bright unnatural colors, such as blue, violet, green, emerald, etc. can be attributed to creative staining.

The new trend called “Salt and Pepper” implies dyeing in ashy color. To achieve this effect, it will be necessary to discolor all strands and gradually dye them under gray hair, varying shades, creating the necessary volume. Qualitatively perform such a difficult work can only be an experienced master.

How to prepare hair for highlighting?

So that the coloring was even and the hair did not suffer, there are several rules:

  • Highlighting is applied to unwashed hair, preferably do not wash your hair for 2-3 days before going to the salon. The fat layer on the hair will protect them from burnout during dyeing.
  • You should not apply different foams or styling gels, they can affect the quality of staining
  • Before the procedure for several weeks, use nourishing masks to strengthen the hair

Coloring at home

It is worth noting that staining is best done with the salon, an experienced master, who has certificates and was trained.Coloring at home can turn into a real catastrophe, after which you will treat and restore hair for a long time.

If you are still determined to conduct staining at home, then follow these rules:

  • Buy only high-quality paint, powder for lightening dark hair should be strong.
  • Before applying permanent dyes, try using semi-permanent to determine the color and volume of staining, such a dye will wash off in 2-3 weeks.
  • Prepare in advance all the necessary materials so that they are at your fingertips; you will need: clamps, foil (a cap for highlighting), post-dyeing shampoo, a composition for highlighting, a brush, a comb for highlighting.
  • Attract mom or girlfriend, which will help evenly distribute the paint and apply the composition on the strands on the back of the head.
  • For dyeing strands, use foil or a special cap that will allow you to apply the composition evenly, without hitting the rest of the hair, you can buy it in hairdressing shops.
  • Maintain paint not less than 30 and no more than 45 minutes.
  • After washing off, use a nourishing hair mask.

What method of coloring to choose, it is worth checking with your master, who can competently answer all your questions. Do not be afraid of bright experiments, because life is so short, and fashion trends change every season.

Video: Hair dye 2018

Today, creative hair coloring of medium length (and not only medium) is becoming more and more popular. This kind of coloring is characterized by bold, bright accents, and the color palette is replete with all sorts of shades, and combinations can be very diverse.

So if you have long been tired of your color of hair and you want to radically change so as to always be the center of attention, then creative painting is the best solution.

You will look bright and bold if you make a creative hair dye

Features and varieties of creative hair dyeing

Your hair can play with all the colors of the rainbow

Creative hair coloring can hit even the richest imagination, the latest technology allows you to implement the most incredible ideas. For example, a special oil for hair makes it possible to combine almost all colors and shades according to individual wishes.

In addition, today this type of coloring will not only give unusualness to your image, but also improve your curls, because some types of modern dyes are rich in beneficial substances that have a positive effect on the state of hair.

Positive and negative aspects of fashionable painting

Creative hair coloring has both positive and negative sides, so before you decide on such a transformation, it is better to take into account all its pros and cons.

Each tone is chosen according to your type of appearance, which means that as a result you will get a one-of-a-kind hairstyle.

  • Giving uniqueness to the image. A unique combination of colors (especially with an unusual haircut) will make your appearance bright and memorable, and the individual approach of the master to the procedure according to your wishes will make your hair style one-of-a-kind.
  • One way to hide flaws and various flaws of hair. For example, well-done coloring perfectly masks hair problems such as damage, brittleness, split ends. Such coloring will add vitality to the strands, saturating them with an extraordinary tint and adding shine to them.
  • It makes it possible to slightly correct the shape of the head and face, to emphasize the features, to give the look more youth, brightness and modernity.

To maintain the beauty of her hairstyle will need to adjust monthly.

  • The need for regular correction of painting.At least once a month you will have to tinker with your original hairstyle, as the curls grow back and eventually begin to look faded.
  • Some types of staining in case of dissatisfaction with the result will be difficult to correct, especially if the procedure was performed with resistant paints. Sometimes you have to wait for months until the hair grows, or else you have to tint it all in a dark color.
  • Masters who are fluent in this type of painting are very few, so the price of the procedure can be very high.

Recommendation! Creative coloring is a complicated procedure that you can hardly do with your own hands. To do this, it is better to contact a professional master who is familiar with the technique of the procedure. However, do not be tempted by cheap services, because the result can be extremely unfortunate - in this case it is better not to save if you want to get a beautiful haircut.

The technique of coloring the hair in several tones

Conducting creative painting in the first place begins with the fact that the stylist carefully read the head of the client, assessing her condition. It takes into account every moment - the density, density, length, structure of the hair, because all this affects how this or that pigment is taken.

For example, if the future hairstyle implies the presence of light strands, then the original dark hair will have to discolor, thin curls are not able to hold red shades, etc.

This painting can only be carried out by experienced masters.

It is very important that the chosen shades are in harmony with the skin color, eye shade and common features. Often, clients insist on those shades that can play a cruel joke on their appearance - to highlight shortcomings or add a few extra years. It is here that it is important that the hairdresser recommends a more suitable option, because his skill lies not only in carrying out the procedure, but also in the theoretical knowledge of color.

Technique of multi-staining is as follows

  • The division of the entire head of hair into zones. The master divides each zone into several strands, which will later be painted in different shades. Creative coloring of short hair is carried out, after having been sprinkled with varnish and combed.
  • The application of the coloring composition begins from the top of the head, gradually dropping to the back of the head. The most carefully and carefully treated area of ​​the temples and bangs - they are painted in the last place.
  • Coloring is carried out not from the root itself, usually at least a centimeter recede from the base. The brightest shade is usually applied to the ends. If this is an Umbe staining, then the color gradually fades away towards the roots, which results in a smooth stretch without sharp boundaries.

Note! If you still decide to experiment with similar staining at home, then ask your family for help, because you are unlikely to be able to carry out the procedure yourself. It is better to use unstable coloring agents or special mascara, so that everything can be corrected in case of unsuccessful results.

Futuage technique

On long hair drawing looks especially impressive

Futuazh is the application of a pattern to the hair through a stencil. This technique is not suitable for all types of strands, the best staining looks on long and medium straight curls. In the case of wavy and curly hair all the more difficult - they have to straighten, but if they pull out only for the duration of the procedure, then after it the result can be extremely unpredictable, because the curls reappear, and the pattern is distorted.

Stencils, which are used for drawing a picture, can be either template or they can be created individually.

Instructions for staining the following:

Photo: in the process of creating a picture

  • After the stencil is made, or after selecting it, the master puts it on the client's hair. The latter should be carefully combed and slightly varnished for ease of application of paint.
  • The drawing is drawn with a brush, then everything is kept for the allotted time (depending on the type, the color of the hair and the selected dye), the stencil is removed, the dye remains are washed off, and the result is fixed with a special balm.
  • If the drawing is created using unstable coloring agents, then the end result is additionally fixed with varnish.

Unusual painting - to be or not to be?

Non-standard staining has its own characteristics, so before going to the salon, evaluate all the pros and cons of the procedure.

The advantages of an unusual painting:

  • It makes the image memorable, modern and bright, especially in combination with a trendy haircut. But for this, of course, you have to look for an excellent specialist who will approach the procedure, taking into account your wishes and individual peculiarities,
  • This is the best way to hide the flaws of hair and lack of appearance. Proper staining can mask fragility, damage, split ends and other problems,
  • Hair of bright shades look lively, strong and shiny,
  • Thanks to unusual hairstyles, a woman becomes several years younger.

Disadvantages of creative painting:

  • The need for regular (once a month) correction of growing roots and burnt color,
  • If you don’t like the result of such an experiment, it will be extremely difficult to correct it, especially if the procedure was performed with permanent paints,
  • High price. There are very few hairdressers who perfectly own such a technique, therefore the price of such a procedure will be quite high.

If earlier it was believed that this technique is only suitable for long hair, but now it is successfully performed even on short strands. The principle of operation is the same - a soft, smooth transition from one tone to another. The tips of the hair at the same time brighten about 2 or 3 shades. If the length allows, make three transitions. For very short haircuts, two will be enough. Ombre just looks perfect on a long bob, square, page and even pixies with long bangs.

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