Hair straightening comb

Rectifier in the XXI century to surprise no one. Each girl is familiar with the principle of work of the iron. Someone can not imagine their daily styling without him, someone saves the use of the thermal device solely to create the output parade. Others bypass such equipment altogether, complaining about the possibility of ruining their hair. There are many opinions, but the fact remains that the device is not new and has already become rather a classic of the genre, rather than something innovative. However, with the appearance on the market of an electric comb for hair straightening, the world has again started talking about these devices.

Principle of operation

Electric hair straightening comb It is a thermal device, made in the form of a massage brush.

Thanks to the manufacturing technology of the structure, he plays the role of a familiar ironing - straightens hair, but acts in a slightly different way. No clips and expectations - the action takes place instantly.

Using the device is easy: After connecting the device to the mains, set the desired temperature, then begin to comb your hair in the usual way, strand by strand.

The comb copes even with the most unruly curly hair. Due to the fact that the heat treatment occurs at the time of combing, almost every hair is processed separately and evenly. Hair remains elastic, pliable. The installation time is significantly reduced. On average, for long (up to the tailbone), average hair thickness is spent 15–20 minutes.

In addition to the impact technology, the electric comb has the main advantage over the usual rectifier - ionization. The brush has a tourmaline coating, which at the time of heating forms negatively charged ions. Those, in turn, affect the hair in such a way that static electricity is removed, smoothness and brilliance is preserved.

Note! There is the option of using the brush as a massager for the scalp. Gentle massage promotes blood flow, strengthening hair follicles and providing accelerated hair growth.


Electric hair straighteners are similar to their “ancestor” in one more way: Each model differs from each other in performance. In this case, it is:

  • Teeth Their number in a row, the frequency and location of rows on the surface. Existence of the rounded off tip, production material. Some brushes have natural bristles.
  • Temperature. For standard devices, the maximum temperature varies between 200-220 C. Some companies offer owners of especially problematic, damaged hair an instrument that has the least degree of heating. Also, the opposite situation occurs when the temperature is much higher than the average, can reach 250 C and higher.
  • The area and execution of the brush itself. Maybe round, rectangular, larger / smaller - a matter of taste and preferences.
  • Factor that does not affect the technical features, but "playing" on customer loyalty - Colour. The most popular coloring electric comb for hair straightening - pink. This solution attracts attention and highlights the goods on store shelves.

In the arsenal of firms, the same models are always presented in different colors, so that using the device gives not only practical, but also aesthetic pleasure.

Popular models on the market

As with any popular, innovative product, an electric hair straightener comb is available on the market in many ways. Global brands of hair styling devices are expanding their lineup, adding to their favorite device.

The following manufacturers are fighting for the right to show off on the mirror table:

Fast Hair Straightener

The first company that presented its product on the Russian market. The novelty in a short time won the popularity and love of many women. And, we must pay tribute, the manufacturer does not lose its leadership position.

What is worth only a huge number of fakes, which is misleading the unenlightened customers!

An important point! Fast Hair Straightener can be purchased only on the official website of the company or from distributors in your city.

The device has all the "standard" characteristics of the comb-rectifier:

  • tourmaline coating
  • ceramic teeth
  • equipped with a special anti-twist wire system,
  • heating time to the maximum temperature (230 C) - 30 sec.,
  • smoothes the cuticle, making the hair surface smooth and shiny.

The average price in Russia is 1,800 rubles. Remember, buying the original, you pay for quality!

Avon Advance Techniques

The universal “BOOM” and the representative of the network business, Avon, did not bypass. The range of the company, to put it mildly, is large, so a product such as a comb for straightening turned out to be a rather simplified version of a classic product.

The main difference is the form. Avon, unlike other colleagues in the shop, made the device a small size. It is rather a small comb for a pile than a massage.

The second difference is This is not an electrical appliance. The product will rather give shape immediately after a shower, but will not create a professional styling.

Price - about 200 rubles. You can only purchase from official representatives.

Simply straight

Well-known manufacturer of electrical brushes. Most of the girls who prefer Simply straight are the owners of curly hair. This choice is due to the pleasant ratio of price and quality of the product. About the features of the product:

  • the rectifier provides 3 temperature regimes for varying degrees of hair damage,
  • heats up to a maximum temperature in less than a minute,
  • work surface coating - ceramics,
  • the tips of the teeth are equipped with special tips that protect the scalp from burns,
  • compact size.

The average cost is 3,500. You can purchase it at all electrical equipment stores.

Remington cb7400

A firm that is actively working on the creation and improvement of styling devices. The electric comb for hair straightening from Remington is a device that will last for many years. Key Features:

  • the comb gives a perfectly smooth canvas while maintaining the natural volume,
  • has antistatic coating, prevents tangling,
  • has 3 temperature conditions 150, 190, 230 C. Suitable for use on very damaged, normal and healthy hair, respectively,
  • in a set there is a special cover for storage.

Issue price - 5 thousand rubles. Can be purchased at electronics stores in your city, such as M-Video or online stores.

Babyliss HSB100E

Babyliss curlers and straighteners are available in all major electrical networks.

Bebilis's electric hair straightener is product with a large rectangular work surface. Such a move distinguishes the device from analogs, since using a large area of ​​the web at a time is processed. This saves a lot of time, which makes the device profitable as a daily morning installation.

Distinctive features:

  • has 126 multidirectional cloves,
  • 50 internal, which facilitate combing,
  • 42 heated, have tips to prevent burns,
  • 34 external - also just comb,
  • removes static from the canvas
  • 3 temperature levels
  • ceramic coating.

The average price of the product is 5 thousand rubles.

Braun satin hair

Braun is popular not only among lovers of hair care, but also among professionals. Stylists prefer this manufacturer, as the products are of exceptional quality and long service life. Not an exception and “hot” hairbrush.

Key Features:

  • removes static
  • battery operated,
  • light and small - it can easily fit in a purse,
  • smoothes even the most naughty sticking strands.

The cost of the device varies in the region of 2 thousand rubles.

Philips HP8651 / 00

Another brand that has established itself in the market of electrical appliances. Philips is positioning its product as a hairdryer, but this does not prevent it from performing the function of a rectifier.

The device is different from all previously presented, since It is a tube with a removable tip. Hairbrush brushing, which spins during drying and styling, enhances and accelerates the effect.

The main advantage among the previous ones - can be used on wet hair. Price - 1800 rubles.

How to choose a comb-rectifier

Before making a purchase decision, determine the following points for yourself:

  1. Budget. How much are you willing to spend on a purchase? The price range of electrical appliances is wide, in every price segment you can find something worthwhile.
  2. The quality of your hair. If you have to work with a very damaged canvas, pay attention to the models with a minimum temperature of 150-180 C. Otherwise, frequent use of the device can only harm.
  3. Frequency of use. If straightening is a daily procedure, then pay attention to a product with a high degree of protection against damage.
  4. Trust only trusted stores and suppliers. Fakes for well-known brands are much cheaper and externally can not distinguish between them. However, remember that first of all you are buying not the product, but the benefit that it will bring. Low-quality fake is not able to fully reproduce the work of the original. Require the seller certificate confirming the authenticity of the goods.

Safety Instructions

The use of thermally does not require special skills.

Important to remember, that the obligatory condition of application (if the model does not assume the return) - dry hair.

For straightening, dissolve the bands. Separate hands strand, walk 1-2 times on it with the device. That's all. Repeat the entire length to achieve the desired result. The size of the strands you adjust yourself, based on the thickness and condition of the hair.

However, as with the operation of any appliance, Use of a comb implies safeguarding.

  1. If you see that the cord is broken, sticking out the wires - do not insert the plug into the socket.
  2. Do not reach the plug with wet hands.
  3. If foreign bodies (sand, water) enter the mechanism, do not attempt to clean it yourself. Contact a professional.
  4. If unpleasant odors appear while using the device, stop the process.

How to straighten hair

If you are the owner of curly strands, you can make them straight, evenly falling down by resorting to salon leveling procedures, or straighten your curls using a hair straightener or a hair dryer yourself at home. The first method has its advantage in a long-term result, but you need to consider that such a procedure is not cheap. In this case, the curls are very badly damaged, because they are affected by aggressive compounds that can change the structure of the hair.

It is necessary to clarify that the negative result that is displayed on the appearance and health of your strands can be obtained at home. This often happens if poor-quality equipment is used, high heating temperatures, and the hair is not treated with thermal protection. The advantages of this method include the ability to alternate the mood of styling wavy curls or straight strands. If, however, to prevent the hairstyle from being exposed to very high temperatures and to complete the installation with cold air, the structure of the curls will not be damaged.

So that the alignment takes only a few minutes, the beauty industry is constantly developing new, more convenient devices for individual hair care. These devices combine the properties of a brush and a hairdryer or curling iron. So, in a similar way as an electric comb, the Fast Hair Straightener acts. Sometimes alignment can be achieved only by mechanical action, for example, using a comb to straighten hair from Avon. View a detailed description of some accessories to make the choice of the product you need.

Hair dryer

Such a device, due to its configuration with a set of nozzles, can in addition to the drying function serve as a comb for straightening curls. Nozzles hairdryer brushes differ in diameter, and you need to know that to align the best fit attachment parts, which are flat brushes. Also wonderfully copes with this work comb-dryer for hair styling with a large diameter. Her teeth allow you to well hold and pull the strand, thereby aligning it.

This device will help you to lay strands of any type and different lengths. For a good leveling effect and at the same time care for the strands, you only need to apply styling and thermal protection agents throughout the entire fabric. Next, you need to work out the electrorassic braids, dividing them into strands, and then brushing from root to tip. Such a method of laying may first require you to acquire a certain skill so that the braids do not get tangled in a comb. When you get used to use a brush-hair dryer, you will like the saving of time, when after drying there is no need to process the strands with an iron.

Hairbrush for hair

This device does not need to be connected to the mains. It is a forceps, on one arm of which there is a comb, and on the other there are openings through which its teeth can pass. The strand is captured and securely clamped with such a device, so it becomes convenient to maintain and pull it out when drying it with a hairdryer or pre-fix the lock, so that it can be carried out faster with an electric iron.

Some girls use these devices without additional heat exposure. They put on the hair curls cosmetics to align the hair and with the aim of straightening repeatedly comb through the strands. This method of application will give some effect on slightly curled braids. The ironing comb will only fluff up the tight curls, and you will not achieve a perfectly smooth sheet of hair without heat exposure.

Hairbrush for hair styling

The method of leveling the curls with the help of pulling them with brushes is the easiest if you need to add volume to your hair at the same time. Hair straightening comb with hair dryer - a device that is inexpensive, can be made of different materials. Depending on the shape, such brushes can perform different functions: drying, creating volume, leveling the strands or twisting them, or even creating elastic curls.

To find the comb that best helps you straighten your braids, look at these products.

  • The oval big brush will straighten the curls without the risk of tangling them in the comb during pulling.
  • A skeletal comb can comb wet hair without a high risk of damaging it. Highly effective for drying and straightening strands, because thanks to a special form easily passes air.
  • The flat-shaped massage brush well captures the wide strands, qualitatively levels their shape, significantly saving time.

Round comb for hair straightening

The range of such accessories round cylindrical shape is large, but the principle of their work is the same: pulling strands during drying. Scales of curls at the same time closed, spit becomes straight and beautifully falling.When buying a brushing for alignment, it is necessary to take into account that the hair straightening brush should be of large diameter and made of materials that will promote good heating of the strands and prevent their electrification. For such reasons, pay attention to combs with ceramic, tourmaline coating and bristles from natural nap.

How to use brushing

Using such a comb for straightening hair, leveling the curls will be easy, simply by following this simple sequence of actions:

  • on thermally dried spit, apply thermal protection and, if desired, means for laying,
  • divide the curls at the strands and, starting from the roots of the hair, lead with a round brush towards the ends, pulling the braids,
  • direct the air from the hair dryer from the roots and further to the tips of the curls, after the brush,
  • in order for the hairstyle to hold the volume, it is better to start drying the strands, starting from the bottom of the head, gradually moving to the back of the head, and then to the forehead line.

What does a brush look like?

Several years ago, it was possible to straighten hair only with the help of a special ironing or hair dryer with a comb. It took a lot of time and injured hair. Brush rectifier - an innovative device. This massage comb connected to the mains. The teeth of the device are made of different materials, differ in shape and degree of softness. On the handle there is an indicator for determining the temperature of heating and a few buttons. One turns the styler on and off, the rest adjust the usage modes. After the cloves have reached the desired temperature, you will only have to comb, and as a result you will get smooth curls.

after the brush, the hair remains smooth for several hours; to get a longer effect, you need to undergo a chemical straightening procedure

Clove material and work surface

A distinctive feature of the material is a uniform distribution of heat over the entire surface and good sliding. The ceramic plane is safe, with it the risk of burning the hair is minimal, it does not overdry the hair during styling. The most reliable fastening of the teeth to the working area is made of ceramic.

Many well-known manufacturers make devices with plastic teeth, because they want to add a massage function to the brush. High quality plastic is safe and pleasant to use. A poor quality material has a sharp foreign smell that can be caught without even turning on the device.

Modern replacement plastic. Silicone cloves are soft, do not have a specific flavor.

Tourmaline blotches on the teeth of any other material when heated emit negatively charged particles and remove the accumulated electrical charge.

The most unfortunate coverage of all represented on the market. Metal - an uneven conductor, you can not beautifully straighten the curls, they stick to the teeth and burn. Used in fakes or cheap low-quality models.


Standard temperature ranges for stylers are:

  • from 80 to 170 degrees - for brittle, light, weakened strands,
  • from 170 to 200 degrees - the "golden mean",
  • from 200 degrees - for thick, hard, wavy from the nature of the curls.

Good models of brushes are equipped with the LED display on which heating temperature is highlighted.

Additional functions

Styler is not only used to make hair smooth, it has a number of useful functions.

Impact teeth on the skin and hair follicles accelerates hair growth, makes them stronger, relieves itching, helps fight dandruff and gives a pleasant feeling. In some models on the teeth there are spherical tips, they are responsible for a delicate massage.


If your curls are dry, split and broken, they need complex treatment, and not only short-term visual elimination of defects. In some models of rectifiers there is an additional tank. It can be filled with water or drugs and caring compositions (oils, cosmetics). When heated, the hair will absorb the right amount of funds and gradually acquire health. It is recommended that owners of curly locks pour water into the compartment. So you will get perfectly even strands, even if by nature your hair is thick, curly and naughty.

Pros and cons of the device

The comb rectifier has a number of advantages in comparison with ironing irons and hair curling irons, namely:

  • universality - you not only do the styling, but also comb your hair, grooming it,
  • ease of use - you no longer need to carefully separate the curls and stand in front of the mirror for a long time,
  • ease - during laying the hand does not have time to get tired,
  • additional massage - a pleasant bonus from use, improves blood flow, accelerates the growth of hair follicles,
  • shorter laying times
  • improving the structure of the curls - hair "sealed", cease to push, split and confused,
  • compactness - light brush (about 400 grams), does not take up much space, it is convenient to take it on travel.

Minus one styler - high price. This is due to its recent appearance on the market (2016) and high-quality materials used in production. A good thing can not be cheap.

How to choose a quality device?

To buy a reliable device, use our tips.

  • It is better to purchase goods in a well-known store - rectifiers are often faked. This is due to the high price of the original device. On the Internet it is easy to run into a fake.
  • The surface of a good brush is smooth, free from defects and bulges. Connections without chipping. The teeth are firmly planted.
  • If you smell a sharp smell of plastic or rubber - do not purchase the product, this means that it is made of low-quality material.
  • Give preference to the device from a reputable manufacturer.

How to use a rectifier?

Professionally and quickly straighten hair at home will help our instructions.

  • Wash, dry (if your device does not have the function of a hairdryer) and brush the curls.
  • Apply a small amount of thermal protective agent and evenly distribute along the length of the strands.
  • Set the desired temperature, wait until the device is fully heated (about 30 seconds).
  • Slowly brush the curls from bottom to top. Start working from the back of the head. For convenience, the rest of the hair can be removed clip.
  • Do not rush, but do not linger on one of the sites longer than the other. Do not pull strands.
  • Do the same with the remaining hair. It takes about 2 minutes.

Satin Hair 7 IONTEC BR 730

A small green hole on the working surface of the plate delivers thousands of ions during use of the device. They permeate the curls, giving shine and removing the electric charge, saturate with moisture from the air and heals. The device is easy to clean - the removable nozzle is washed under running water. Smooth cloves gently glide through your hair without damaging them. The rounded shape of the comb eliminates the possibility of tangling.

Braun satin hair 7 iontec br 730

Satin Hair 7 IONTEC BR 710

The stylish brush is made of high quality black plastic, with metal imitation inserts. Comfortably fits in your hand, which makes the styling process comfortable. Plastic teeth with hinges at the ends rise 1 cm above the surface. Powered by batteries. The ionization function is activated by an additional button, then the device glows with a soft green light. After 5 minutes of use, the device turns itself off. When you press a special button, the upper part of the comb is separated from the body, it can be removed from the hair and rinsed. The teeth are smooth, they do not injure the hair structure. Styler gives hair shine, gives a well-groomed look, removes electric charge. Half-baths celebrate a special benefit from the device in the winter period of hats and sweaters.

Braun Satin Hair iontec br 710

The electric lamp manufacturing company, which appeared in the 19th century, has become an international concern that produces not only household appliances, but also professional products for maintaining beauty. The Style Care HP8668 brush rectifier model is headed by many device ratings for quick styling. It will comb and straighten hair and give it shine, add shine. Additional tips will make an interesting hairstyle. Ceramic keratin coating will not allow hair to adhere to the surface. The brush is equipped with an ionization and drying function. 3 modes of temperature adjustment and air supply.

In this article, we introduced you to the best models of hairbrushes-hair straighteners and explained how to choose a high-quality styler, which will help you to perfect your hair in a short time and improve it. Be beautiful and beware of fakes!

Classical or massage

Comb for fine straight hair

An ideal choice for thin straight hair. It does not pull or break strands, massages the scalp, increasing blood circulation and stimulating hair growth. Evenly distributes the protective layer of natural fat and comb the strands well.

“Fish Bone”

Comb for porous hair

This type of comb is used to dry hair. Externally similar to the fish skeleton, from which it got its name. Suitable for porous hair that is difficult to dry. Due to the ventilation holes, the circulation is improved, the hot air from the hair dryer does not burn the head and does not overdry the hair.

Round comb with natural bristles

Comb for unruly hair

Will not allow how to comb long hair, but simply indispensable for styling curly unruly hair. In straight and hard hair, by contrast, may be confused. Requires constant care, at least once a week.

Comb for straightening curly hair

Another cylindrical comb that allows you to dry your hair without overheating and straighten it. The main plus is multifunctionality. You can increase the basal volume, twist the tips or straighten wavy hair.

Metal round hairbrush

Comb for fine hair curling

It will help if you are the owner of thin hair and do not know which comb to choose for styling. This type will tame even the most rebellious curls and create beautiful curls, but by heating the metal core, make them more elastic and crisp.

Comb for comb

Comb for rare hair

Used to give volume to rare hair, lifting them at the roots. If you choose a brush with natural bristles, the damage to the strands is not applied. The comb acts on them as carefully as possible, does not pull out and does not break.

Tangle teezer

Comb for fine curly hair

A relatively new invention originally from the UK - a comb of a convex shape that fits perfectly into the hand. It even combs even wet hair, unravels mats and fights electrification.

Suitable for hair extensions. Very compact and has a cover to protect the teeth from damage. There is a variety of colors and it can be difficult to decide which hair comb to choose. Be careful, because of the popularity there is a chance to buy a fake.

Wooden comb

Comb for damaged split ends

A great option for owners of brittle and split ends. Gives the curls shine. They can safely dye their hair, do not react with any means. Oak scallops have antistatic effect. A comb made of birch will not only comb, but also relieve a headache.

Electronic comb with ionization

Comb for electrifying and fusing hair

This brush disinfects hair and saturates them with moisture. Helps to restore the structure of thin and thick hair, exposed to static electricity. Smoothes bumps and seals split ends. The downside is only a high enough price for a comb.

There are many types of combs, as well as materials for their manufacture. Follow the tips on how to choose a comb for your hair and your curls will shine health. Properly selected models will last you longer, if you do not forget about the care. Every day it is necessary to remove hairs that are stuck between the teeth. Combs should be washed once a week with warm water and shampoo, and round combs with teeth - with a special solution (3 drops of ammonia and 1 drop of shampoo per half liter of water).

Choose the right combs and enjoy the health of your hair!

Useful videos

Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic-Tourmaline Brush hair comb review

Testing electric comb-rectifier.

Comb hair straightener: principle of operation

The comb has gained its ability to influence the hair structure due to:

  • built-in heating elements in the housing,
  • working part with ceramic (and sometimes tourmaline) coating.

As soon as the mini-styler is connected to the network, elements hidden under a light but reliable plastic begin to generate heat, the ceramic base heats up and acts on the strands, which under the influence of high temperatures acquire plasticity and ductility. Well, the teeth of the comb, meanwhile, catch and pull the hairs, giving them the desired shape.

In fact, the device is a hybrid between a conventional iron and a massage brush, which incorporates the best qualities of its “prototypes” and is almost free from drawbacks.

Recommendations of specialists

Even from the most useful device it will be a bit confusing if you treat it incorrectly or get a cheap fake instead of a high-quality device. To prevent this from happening to you, you should take care of some security measures.

How to buy the “right” comb-straightener?

  1. Make purchases through the official website only, in large specialized stores or pharmacies.
  2. Feel free to require a quality certificate from the seller.
  3. Inspect the future purchase: is it damaged, cracked, does it smell of cheap plastic from the box?

Do not chase for cheap! Having found on the Internet a cherished comb, sold at a cost twice as low as that of the manufacturer, you are more likely to get a fake in your possession.

How to use it?

Firstly, it is highly desirable to purchase a model equipped with a thermostat, and not to be lazy to set the temperature corresponding to the type of your hair. Of course, a comb that works at maximum power will help to deal with the installation rather, but it will have a bad effect on the state of the curls. Experts warn:

  • owners of thin, sparse, weak hair should not exceed the limit of 190 °,
  • For women with thick, thick, tough hair, a temperature of 210 ° and even 230 ° is permissible, but in this case it is undesirable to use a hairbrush every day.

Secondly, watch how you brush your hair. Movement should be smooth, soft, without sharp jerks. Mechanical damage during the procedure, your curls are absolutely definitely useless.

If you want your hair not only to be smoothed out, but also to acquire additional volume, combing it from the bottom, passing the teeth of the straightener under the strand, rather than smoothing it from the top.

The best hairbrushes rectifiers 2017

The past year has shown that the demand for “smart” hairbrushes continues to grow, and the first lines in the rankings are confidently occupied by brushes with a hair dryer function - apparently, most women liked their multi-functionality. However, simpler rectifier models also do not suffer from a lack of attention from customers.

Hair dryer brush Rowenta CF 9520

Hair dryer brush, reminiscent of a large brushing brush, wins hearts with a pleasant and thoughtful design, ease of use and the presence of several pleasant bonuses:

  • ceramic coating
  • ionization functions
  • ability to rotate in one direction or another, depending on which hand he is in,
  • two different sized nozzles,
  • rotating fastening of the cord, which does not allow it to twist and get tangled.

Complaints caused only not the highest power (1000 W) and the on-off button, located too close to the nozzles. Another model of the same company also earned positive feedback.Rowenta CF 9530.

Recently trimmed, made a cascade and bangs. It was so beautifully laid in the cabin, but after washing my hair I could not achieve such an effect. I read about hair dryers with a styling brush and went to the store. The choice fell on this because nozzles 2: for smaller bangs, for the rest of the hair more, ionization is natural bristles. I did not regret it even once. Really gives the effect of salon hoods at home.


Polaris PHS 0745 (2015) Hair Dryer Brush

The low power of this hair dryer is completely redeemed by the presence of 3 different modes of operation, including the “Cold air” function to consolidate the achieved result. The adjustable diameter of the brush head allows it to be adapted to work with hair of different lengths, the overheat protection function will come to the rescue if you forget the plug from the outlet. But the cord, despite the rotating mount, slightly let it down - its very moderate length may not be enough for a bathroom with sockets located at floor level or at a considerable distance from the mirror.

It has long been a dream and finally was able to afford it. Well and quickly allows you to lay your hair, does not burn. Plastic in the process does not smell, and the case does not heat up. A loop for hanging the brush is also convenient.

Tokareva Dasha

BaByliss HSB100E hairbrush rectifier

The working surface of this comb, in addition to the ceramic rods, is equipped with plastic and silicone protrusions for a more intensive massage of the scalp and ease the styling process. In addition, there are: an on indicator, an ionization function, 3 different power levels - 60, 180 and 200 ° - and the ability to automatically turn off after 75 minutes. True, some young ladies complained about the rather high price of the device and the difficulty in creating the volume, however, it is possible that in the latter case it was more about the lack of experience than the comb itself.

Comb super! Quickly straightens, very well slips on hair, adds gloss, removes a statics from hair. When using a conventional straightener, the tips of the hair became dry and brittle, with this comb there is no such problem and plus you can choose the optimal temperature. Recommend!

Babankova Vera

GA.MA Innova Extrem hairbrush rectifier (GB0102)

Ergonomic, not too heavy (not heavier than an iron), possessing a long cord on a rotating fastener, this comb collects laudatory reviews for good reason. The readiness indicator will show when it warms up to the desired degree, the digital display will allow you to set the desired temperature from 150 to 220 °, the built-in ionizer will provide hair obedience and silkiness, and the ceramic bristles will straighten the strands with high quality and care. The only drawback: the brush can not work in the mode of less than 150 °, which means that it is too dangerous to work with it too dry, thin and damaged hair.

I love straight hair, and my rather porous in structure, curl very strongly and stick out. This comb solved my problems. I really like that straightening occurs when combing, no need to separate the strands, just combed and went. But if the hair is very thin, then there is no special meaning, since they will slip between the bristles. And for my hair just super.

Gudkova Alexandra

GA.MA Innova Duo Hairbrush Rectifier (GB0103)

The GA.MA double-sided comb looks more like an iron, since it consists of two blades. But instead of smooth plates, its wide tips are equipped with bristles with a ceramic coating that unravel and straighten at the same time. The two buttons on the comb handle allow you to set any temperature up to 230 °, the display helps control its level, the built-in ionizer has a beneficial effect on the condition of the hair and eliminates static electricity. Overheating protection provided.

Cool comb. It straightens thick hair very quickly, it takes 5–7 minutes for the entire styling, since it immediately captures the entire thickness of the hair. The hair after it is well-groomed, not hardened, as it happened to me after the irons. You do not need special skills to use it.

Watch the video: ELECTRIC HAIR STRAIGHTENER COMB. IT WORKED !! (November 2019).