Wedding hairstyles: photos, 200 best ideas for brides

By choosing a hairstyle for a wedding should be approached with all seriousness, because the wrong styling can play a cruel joke in the image of a beautiful bride.

1. Owners miniature features worth preference styling with large curlswhich are fashionable at all times. In addition, curly curls look great on long hair.

2. To girls with large features It is necessary to abandon the lush and voluminous hairstyles, which can only focus on the shortcomings. In this case, the perfect option would be smooth hairstyles decorated with various decorations and accessories, such as colors. Accessories should not be visible from the sides or front, otherwise there is a risk of giving the facial features a larger look.

3. Brides with an elongated face are strongly discouraged high hairstyles. Otherwise, the image will look ridiculous and ridiculous.

Bangs with long hair will look win-win for girls with a low forehead. Hair should be gathered in asymmetrical curls, which can be slightly beaten at the top.

5. Combing curls on the cheeks and forehead is necessary for women who have a slightly enlarged nose. Thus, the curls visually reduce the nose.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair with collected hair

Every day wedding celebrations look more extravagant and brighter. This includes horse riding, riding motorcycles, sailing on yachts or boats and much more. For the whole day, the newlyweds can become exhausted, but you should not show your tiredness to the guests, you need to continue to celebrate your happy day. So that the appearance does not betray her inner fatigue, the bride must seriously approach the choice of hairstyle.

If a rather active wedding celebration is planned, then the hair should be gathered in a beautiful and resistant hairstyle. Bride with collected hair looks stylish and practical.

It is possible to dilute a resistant image with small curlicues or small weaves. Collected hair in addition to wedding accessories look elegant and elegant.

Flowers and decorations - an essential accessory for wedding hairstyles with long hair

Flowers as an accessory that complements the wedding hairstyle, have long been popular. Such a decoration harmoniously fits into the image, perfectly emphasizing the fragility and tenderness of the bride. To hairstyle looked effectively and stylishly in addition to the flower, you need to know some details.

• It is recommended to owners of thin and sparse hair to weave just one flower into her hair, but of impressive size.

• If the hair is thick and pompous, you should choose a modest and sophisticated buds of small size. If you use large buds, the image of the bride will look disproportionate.

• If natural flowers are used for decorations, you should definitely contact a florist who will select such flowers that will look beautiful and fresh throughout the whole holiday.

For the decoration of the wedding hairstyle, flowers of delicate and pleasant colors are most often used - white, pink, beige.

Also now relevant unusual hair ornaments, it can be luxury hairpins, interesting headbands or stylish pendants. The choice of accessories and jewelry for the wedding hairstyle is huge, so the bride can easily choose the best option for herself.

Bangs - an interesting image of a long-haired bride

Girls who have bangs, often face the problem of hair styling, namely the lack of a variety of hairstyles and styling. But this does not mean that the bride with a bang can get a boring hairstyle.

With a bang you can come up with more complex and unusual styling, thanks to which the image of the bride will be bright and unforgettable.

Owners of long bangs should avoid a lot of jewelry.

To the image was a romantic, bangs can be combed to the side and fix it with lacquer. Luck can not cope with such a task, if before the bangs have never been combed on its side. To lay the hair as it should, they need to be combed in one position for several days.

Wedding hairstyle with long flowing hair

Loose hair looks very beautiful. Carefully laid loose hair will perfectly fit into any image.

So that the hair does not look slick, they need to be whipped a little and fixed with hairspray. Light and airy hair at the roots will give the hair a small amount. You can decorate hair with rhinestones, pearls or flowers.

Easy and airy will look loose hair, twisted at the ends.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair with curls and curls

Curly hair is a problem for most women. They are hard to care for even an experienced master. Despite this, any hair can be tamed by making a beautiful hairstyle.

Brides with long curly hair are very lucky. It is curly hair without excessive styling can look stunning. The main rule with curly hair - in any case not to hide the beautiful curlicues. It is the loose strand of curly hair that can make the image romantic, modest and airy.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair with weaves and braids

Braided wedding hairstyles look very stylish and spectacular. Elements of weaving in wedding hairstyles appeared recently, but with great success began to appear in almost every wedding hairstyle with long hair. Braided hair keeps its shape for a long time, which is very important for such a solemn day.

Any weaving for a wedding hairstyle will look very interesting, even if a casual braided bunch is selected for a solemn event. Having decorated the braided wedding hairstyle with rhinestones, beads or flowers, you can create an interesting and unique image.

Even an ordinary wedding hairstyle with collected hair can be decorated with weaving or oblique, and it will look unusual and interesting. Long hair allows you to create incredibly beautiful weaving. You can use the entire length of the hair to create an openwork braid or you can use weaving as a small element of the wedding hairstyle.

Classic wedding hairstyles for very long hair (pictures)

If you are the owner of long hair, you can afford a hairstyle of any complexity, but now I suggest listening to the advice of stylists and the best hairdressers who advise you to make a choice based on the shape of your face.

A lady with miniature features and a little face will look good with large curls.

Give up the lush volumetric creations have ladies with a round face (for full girls, they are not suitable). You can opt for smooth with different decorations (tiara or crown).

High hairstyles are contraindicated for women with a long face. Owners of a square jaw can hide it behind curls.

High classic options

Wedding is a long and very active holiday. On this day, the bride should have a lot of time, while remaining the most beautiful with a perfect chic hairstyle. This is the advantage of high hairstyles. Thanks to weaving and fixing varnish, it can remain in its original state for a very long time.

Tucked away

Trends of wedding fashion 2018 (photo)

Wedding fashion trends offer amazing new items, from which delighted brides who adore the newest and most unusual. If you briefly talk about the main trends, then perhaps it is worth mentioning wreaths of flowers, Hollywood waves and asymmetrical tails and braids, high with weaving.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair 2018 (photo-work from the best masters).

Best video tutorials (step by step instructions)

On YouTube you can find a huge number of free video lessons and master classes on how to do it yourself at home for blondes and brunettes, with dark and blond, brown hair and black hair.

The lessons, where technology is gradually explained step by step, is worth its weight in gold today, so I suggest inspiring you with interesting ideas from masters with rich experience.

Simple evening options

With bagel

Simple simple (step by step)

Fluffy with fleece (with overhead strands)

Ribbon Ideas

Wedding hairstyles with tiara

A semicircular hoop or, rather, a crown, decorated with light metal, crystals, fabrics and stones is able to transform any style.

There are several ways to wear a tiara: in combination with a set of earrings and / or a necklace or with no additional jewelry at all.

Long curls well complements the product with pearls. At the average length, you can make a simple hairstyle into which a complex crown will fit using contrasting materials.

Volumetric styling with weaving or pile in harmony with the tiara hoops, i.e. decorations of uniform width.

By the way, the decor with the effect of lace comes in, which revives, but does not make the hairstyle heavier.

Pay attention to the author's jewelry. If time allows, the master can create something special that fits your character.

Wedding hairstyles with veil

Of course, traditions affect wedding hairstyles with a veil. The photos below illustrate different cultural codes whose compliance is desirable in a particular environment. Accordingly, a thin coat should cover the hair and, in some cases, the face.

And, nevertheless, a certain balance between the convenience of the bride and traditions is often assumed. The veil fastened at the base of the bouffant not only frames the face neatly, but also allows you to hide it during the ceremony.

The solution is very popular when the hair is collected in a bun or a shell, to which the veil is attached. The latter can be fixed with the help of studs, but a comb, hairpin or bow will look much more impressive. This style makes the figure surprisingly fragile.

Please note that wedding hairstyles with a long veil are organized so that the decor matches the pattern with the veil cut.

Wedding hairstyles with a veil on medium hair often provide additional accessories: tiara, ribbons, flowers. They all help to visually balance the styling.

An interesting option to thematically beat a high hairstyle is to use a short curly veil.

Wedding hairstyles with braids

Weaving used to include any wedding hairstyle. Spit, in any case, the most natural decoration of any styling. Therefore, if your length allows, the master will offer such a solution among the first. The Greek style is invariably relevant for weddings, in which weaving is just an element of something more. This style is characterized by knots on the back of the head, a smooth small bouffant from forehead to the top, rich decor.

The classic version is “crown”, when one or several braids are placed with a crown around the head. Side strands can be processed by the curling iron and released over the ears.

One braid with complex weaving is an elegant solution for thin hair: stretched to the sides, the links visually make the hair more luxurious. Preference is better to give the "fish tail" or numerous nodes.

As accents you can use contrasting colors, massive hairpins, tiaras.

Wedding hairstyles with flowers

It is difficult to make a definite choice in favor of any specific options when it comes to decorating wedding hairstyles with flowers. It can only be noted that for the caret and medium length, larger inflorescences are commonly used: chrysanthemums, peonies, roses, ranunculi.

Very gentle decisions will be curls on the side parting and Greek hair with a wreath.

If you choose weaving, then remember that with the help of fragrant accents, you can gracefully emphasize the line of hair.

For styling, in which the straight strands pass into a knot, a cushion or a braid, a large rose will act as a sort of “delimiter”.

Do not be afraid that there will be a lot of flowers - in particular, it is not a sin for the February and March weddings to make a garden.

If you want to make an original emphasis on the eyes, then you can add to the loose hair ensemble with a veil.

Wedding hairstyles with bangs

All styles of wedding hairstyles imply that the bangs will be voluminous. It is not so important whether you will remove the strands to the temple or prefer a straight line. However, in the second case, we advise you to release the strands from the temples.

Here the law of visual attraction works: if you do not want your eyes to stop on your forehead, insert a catchy element into your hair: a hairpin, a flower, a ribbon, a tiara.

If the density allows, you can visually separate the bangs from the rest of the hair mass. To do this, use the braid, hoop.

Obedient curls can be lifted from the roots, lay on the deep parting and comb back, and unruly strands - wrap over the tape.

There are no specific requirements for laying with a bang. Let's look at the wedding hairstyles, photos of which play up one image, but different moods.

What exactly do you like?

Wedding hairstyles for loose hair

Straight hair for a wedding - rather the exception associated with the thematic nature of the celebration.

In English, there is even such an expression “bridal curls”. These are soft curls that go down from the temples. Usually they are loose, on a small side parting.

However, this hairstyle will be convenient only in the absence of wind or for the ceremony indoors. In other situations, it will be somewhat more convenient if the strands are combed back or “pressed” with an oblique, braid or ribbon.

Romantic mood in the style of boho will help support the accents on one side: buds, hairpins, weaving.

It looks very graphical when the hairline repeats the veil.

There are several relatively new ways to decorate wedding hairstyles. Loose hair can be crowned with “flower threads” - artificial or natural inflorescences strung on a ribbon or cord.

Cute girlish image can also complete the strand bows.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair

There is no better way to emphasize the neckline and proud posture than a high hairstyle consisting of a series of knots or braids. A duet of sophisticated styling and a dress with an open (or translucent) back will be incredibly harmonious.

V-shaped notches will get a completely new sound, if you decide on a braid or its analogs. Constant classics - curls gathered from the back of the head, which precede a waterfall of curls.

Those who are not attracted by pompous hairstyles will definitely enjoy a simple and effective maneuver: put loose curls on the side parting, pin a strand to the temple and decorate the composition with a flower.

An alternative to a flower is a large brooch hairpin.

Similarly spontaneous looks baroque styling. The secret is to lay the tips of the curls in different directions and to increase the volume of weaving or a series of knots.

If we talk about fashionable solutions, now it is important to show the curl lines even against the background of complex weaving or high hairstyle.

Wedding hairstyles for medium hair

Every bride has a secret. Sometimes this is a very simple wedding hairstyle, like a bunch of curls. The bottom line is to stretch the strands that make up the beam to make a lace cloud.

Wedding hairstyles using a hoop or hairpins are equally easy to create. Hair (by the way, it is not necessary to make them curly) are turned back so that the tips are not visible.

Now is the time to notice that the focus of the hairstyle does not have to be in the center: harnesses, knots and tufts can and should be shifted to the side - this allows you to open your face and draw the line of the cheekbones.

Sideways, as we already know, fits and bangs. If you plan to decorate the hair with a flower, then also try not to place it clearly in the center of the neck.The most successful option is 1-2 fingers behind the ear.

Owners of unruly wavy hair can resort to tricks: to focus on the temple or forehead, to rivet attention to the person, rather than styling. This finding applies to any length, volume, and texture. A short veil, ribbons, hoops, flowers and feathers are used.

Simple, natural, delicate - all these words describe laying with a wreath. The side parting, the shell on the back of your head and the decoration with flowers turn you into a fairy of the forest.

The low tuft at the back of the head looks elegant and is also perfect for poking a veil.

But the high beam creates an imprint of the modern IT-girl, even if you chose this hairstyle because it beats the triangular face.

Original coloring can revive wedding hairstyles on medium hair. The photos below show how dark strands make styling more voluminous. The highlighted highlights will enter an interesting game with a lace veil.

Wedding hairstyles for short hair

Owners of shoulder-length hair are simply shown vintage. Smooth bangs, curly curls, large jewelry are ideal for small lengths. In addition, perhaps they will push you to the idea of ​​a themed wedding.

The wavy bob with flowers is perhaps the most popular short wedding hairstyle, the photo of which can be seen in a wide variety in any magazine on this topic. The side parting, the curls turned from the face, the light accent create an airy romantic image.

However, minimalism will be just as good - it looks especially attractive on brunettes and brown-haired women.

Even if you do not have time to grow the length to the day X, do not worry: beautiful wedding hairstyles can be done on the square. For example, half a crown, a Greek haircut or a French braid, rolling into a conch.

Bouffon and bouffon will give volume even on thin short hair.

Do not forget about the wreaths. Special chic when they fit the time of year.

For girls with a “garcon” or “pixie” haircut, it is better to choose a translucent flower ornament or thin ribbon so as not to “lose” the natural hair pattern.

And, of course, remember the volume! No matter what you use or what style you try to convey - when your wedding hairstyle holds volume, you are irresistible.

Wedding hairstyles 2018-2019: hairstyles for long hair

Classic wedding hairstyles of 2018-2019 for a bride with long hair are always feminine and delightful images that you will surely like. Good hair length allows you to create romantic hairstyles for brides 2018-2019 in a variety of styles: unassembled or semi-assembled strands, braid, bun or various weaving options and many others.

Stylish hairstyle for the bride of 2018-2019 year allows you to create a charming sophisticated type of bride with long hair type. Wedding hairstyles 2018-2019 look very feminine, elegant and at ease.

For brides, you can easily choose the best wedding hairstyle for 2018-2019, and the type of hairstyle you choose depends solely on your preferences and the desired look.

As, for example, wedding hairstyles 2018-2019 with curls that look unusual and romantic.

Wedding hairstyles for 2018-2019 using veils also look great, securing it under the hairdo or on top.

Wedding hairstyles of 2018-2019, decorated with flowers, look very nice. In hairstyles with long hair of 2018-2019, pale pink, beige and white flowers are most often used for the bride. Also popular are a variety of bandages and headbands decorated with flowers.

Stylish hairstyle for the bride 2018-2019: wedding hairstyles for short hair

Hairstyles for the bride on short-length hair is very unusual and feminine. Create beautiful wedding hairstyles for 2018-2019, it is easy if you turn to a good master.

Wedding hairstyles for 2018-2019 for short-length hair can also be successfully used for shoulder-length and four-fold hair.

Among the many different types of wedding hairstyles you can choose beautiful hairstyles for the bride of 2018-2019 with a tiara, veil, veil, curls and curls, flowers and many others.

Wedding hairstyles 2018-2019 for short hair are also unusual and cute. These wedding hairstyles are decorated with luxurious tiaras. Retro hairstyles for the bride of 2018-2019 year - this is an incredibly beautiful and chic type of wedding hairstyle.

Bridal hairstyle 2018-2019: wedding hairstyles with medium-length hair

Hairstyles for brides for 2018-2019 are a wide variety of options and styles of hairstyles with medium-length hair to create a delightful and incredible image of the bride. Refined hairstyles for brides 2018-2019 can be in the form of fashionable volumetric bunches, with braids, various weaving and in retro style.

Hair brides 2018-2019 look cute and at ease. An excellent option would be to decorate such wedding hairstyles with various flowers, tiaras and headbands. An important element for the bride's hairstyle is the use of veils, which will make the image of the bride elegant and feminine.

Wedding hairstyles 2018-2019 year for brides. Stylish wedding hairstyles: photo

We offer you beautiful types of wedding hairstyles for brides 2018-2019, as well as interesting ideas for hairstyles for brides, photos of which can be viewed in our gallery ...

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