Square or rectangular face type - which hairstyles you choose?

The pronounced line of the cheekbones is the indisputable advantage of a square face. To favorably emphasize the aristocratic features of this type of appearance, it is enough to choose a hairstyle wisely. Whether it will be romantic curls or straight and smooth curls - you decide. An additional tool for creating an image will be coloring and styling.

How to determine your type of face

All faces are conventionally divided into several varieties depending on the form:

  • round,
  • oval,
  • triangular,
  • heart-shaped,
  • rectangular,
  • diamond shaped
  • square.

You can distinguish them by three criteria:

  • the widest part of the face
  • chin
  • general proportions.

To avoid distortion of the results, look in the mirror should be in good light, without makeup. It is desirable to collect the hair in a bun or tail.

Definition of the widest part of the face

The most common are symmetrical faces, less often - widened in the forehead, cheekbones or chin. Holders of a square face can have the same width of all zones, and protruding chin. With this type of appearance, the haircut should hide the pronounced chin and balance the upper part of the face from the bottom.

Medium length curls are the ideal solution for owners of “heavy” chin. Ripped and carelessly curled ends will distract attention and make the image harmonious.

Chin shape

The square shape is characterized by a clearly defined chin. The line of the cheekbones is flat and flat. Often square chin is found in rectangular faces. Lack of cheekbones and elegant chin - a sign of a round and oval shape.

You can determine the proportions using two lines:

  • from temple to temple,
  • from the hairline to the chin.

The ratio of length and width of 1: 1.5 is considered symmetrical. Such parameters are characteristic of an oval, square, triangular and heart-shaped face.

All listed forms can also be oblong if the vertical line is significantly longer than the horizontal one. Then the bangs come to the rescue, which allows you to visually reduce the face.

Square face shape (face type square)

The face of a square shape is somewhat similar to a round type, but more angular. The ratio of width and height is almost the same (1: 1). The forehead is low, the cheekbones are more visible and wide, the chin is large (square). In addition, the width of the forehead, cheekbones and jaw area can be almost the same.

With the help of a well-chosen hairstyle, a face in the shape of a square can be corrected: smooth angularity, add attractiveness and femininity, soften features, round off the chin line, draw out an oval.

Masking cheekbones

Too wide cheekbones easily hide large curls that fall to the shoulders. You can also choose an elongated version of the bob, square and other short hairstyles. Hair should be soft and airy.

Among the shades of hair is preferable natural - light brown, golden, copper, ashen.

Asymmetry - the original style decision. Hair lines should be fuzzy to distract from the problem area of ​​the chin. Ripped bang, stuffed, laying on one side - options that will look advantageous.

If there is no time for laying, you can add a small amount on the top of the head or make a side parting. The face will immediately acquire soft features.

Hairstyles for a square face

Tips and tricks

Here are a few rules that you can do on your head to correct deficiencies, and that is absolutely contraindicated.

  • very short haircuts are not for you - they strongly emphasize the face,
  • geometric hairstyles, clear and even do not fit,
  • can not be parted,
  • but a side or zigzag can be,
  • the best choice is asymmetry, but forget about symmetry,
  • short haircuts to the chin - not,
  • give up the lush, long bangs,
  • large facial features must be at least partially covered - you can use oblique bangs, long strands of the face,
  • avoid opening the face, especially in the forehead area,
  • do not create extra volume near the cheekbones and jaws - curls and curls in the lower part of the strands are not desirable,
  • but the volume at the top will adjust the oval well,
  • multi-layered haircuts look best,
  • combing all the hair back is impossible - too open face,
  • good face high styling,
  • hair length is predominantly long,
  • smooth hairstyles (bunches, tails) - absolutely not suitable, torn options (graded) - your choice,
  • curls or curls over the entire length is a good option - and the volume was added, and the face was slightly closed, thereby adjusting it,
  • Do not use large accessories - they will add extra weight to the face.

Unsuitable hairstyles for a square face: open ears and forehead, hair brushed back, short and smooth styling

Cascade, ladder and other multi-stage haircuts

Good solution for square face type. Layering gives the required volume and perfectly pulls the oval, which we actually need. Graduation begins at the level of the cheekbones. The more visible the strands are, the better. The tips are best laid, curling them out. Such haircuts give the desired smooth lines.

Extra long bob car

Very comfortable and practical haircut. But you can't leave it smooth, so add layers, and comb the fringe to the side.


One of the best hairstyles for the face type square. Well hides and smoothes large features (hides the chin and wide cheekbones). They become more light, graceful, feminine. You can add a torn not thick bangs.

Curls, waves

The ease and smoothness of the waves will add the same streamlined and square face. This is a symbiosis of clear lines and subtle smoothness. But the waves, like curls, must begin above the cheekbones.

Short haircuts

To find a suitable short haircut for this type of face is difficult. Classic options definitely do not fit. Choose asymmetrical varieties with oblique elongated bangs. This may be for example a pixie haircut (or garcon). When laying ruffle strands - smooth haircuts are contraindicated for a square face.


Average or long. Required graduated. Parting lateral - get easy asymmetry. A good addition will not serve a thick bangs combed to the side. Putting such a square try to get the volume at the roots, as sleek hairstyles for a square-type face are completely inappropriate.

Rectangular face shape (face type rectangle)

The large face shape is high forehead and wide chin. It is also quite stretched. The width of the forehead, cheekbones and chin is almost equal - this makes the face look quite massive and angular.

It is very similar to the square type, but in this case the forehead is high and the chin may bulge slightly. The face is as if stretched.

Round face type and square are considered to be quite common, but rectangular is much less common and hairstyles are chosen less often for it.

With the help of a well-chosen hairstyle, the face in the shape of a rectangle can be corrected: smooth angularity, soften the vertical line of the face, round the chin, smooth hard boundaries.

Hairstyles for a rectangular face

First, some recommendations and rules for choosing the right hairstyle. Tips and tricks

  • Many recommendations for square face type are also suitable for rectangular,
  • Do not immediately open both ears and forehead,
  • the best hairstyle length is medium
  • length to the chin is the most wrong decision in the choice of styling for the face in the shape of a rectangle,
  • styling should cover the ears,
  • smooth hairstyles are not suitable, as well as straightened strands,
  • multi-layered haircuts (as for a square face) will also be relevant here,
  • light curls will remove the clarity of the lines and add softness,
  • curls and waves are best done either from the roots or from the middle,
  • curls are mostly suitable for owners of long hair,
  • the volume at the top helps to divert attention from large features,
  • smooth and thick bangs do not go at all, as well as combed ones,
  • it is better to choose oblique, asymmetric, torn,
  • short haircuts and ultrashort bangs are not suitable for this type of face - they open their face and forehead strongly,
  • take all the hair back is not worth it, but if you leave on the sides of a few strands, it will be much better
  • symmetrical styling only emphasizes the angularity, but the asymmetry will remove it.

A fairly versatile option.

Bob car

By extending the front strands, you can achieve a good softening effect. They will also help narrow the jaw area. Bangs will remove the excessive length of the face (just do not choose a straight and smooth bang).


Corrects and hides most of the flaws of a rectangular face. Since the face is rather geometrical, and the hairstyle is on the contrary chaotic, as a result it gives a middle ground.


This haircut is considered quite the best option, with milled strands. It does not frame the face too much, and it is better to lay it ends out. This styling will make the face smoother, and the rectangle becomes not so strict and clear.

Haircuts for the "square" - the rules of choice

First, make sure your face looks like a square. Measure it with a measuring tape in three places - along the line of the cheekbones, lower jaw and in the middle of the forehead. Also determine the height of the face. If all numbers are the same (± 1 cm), then the type of face is considered square.

The face of this form is distinguished by clear outlines, has a not very high forehead and expressive eyes. Find out in this description of yourself? If so, be sure to check out these valuable tips.

  • Tip 1. Discard sleek strands in favor of volumetric haircuts.
  • Tip 2. Choose a vertical volume, not a horizontal one.
  • Tip 3. Haircut for a square type of person should not emphasize the cheekbones and lower jaw, otherwise your appearance will look very rough.
  • Tip 4. Pay special attention to the selection. It should not be straight, but oblique or zigzag.
  • Tip 5. Avoid symmetry, length to the chin, as well as straight lines.
  • Tip 6. We do not recommend to do hair with a curl in the lower part of the face and the volume near the cheekbones.
  • Tip 7. Haircut should fall on the face, and not open it.

Your choice should be:

  • Length below chin
  • Asymmetrical lines
  • High styling
  • Layered, graduated and step haircuts,
  • Curls.

Do not know what hairstyle is suitable for the "square"? These photos and recommendations will help you make the right choice!

Multistage hairstyles will be for the "square" the most profitable solution. The bottom layer in this case should start a little above the cheekbone line - this will give the hair extra volume. The cascade or ladder is in harmony with straight bangs (profiled). It should be laid ironing or curling, curling the tips in the direction of the face.

Owners of medium length can stay on the car - only not on its classic variation, but on the creative beveled model. This haircut involves a gradual transition from the shortened neck to the elongated strands at the chin. The unusual square visually lengthens the "square" and softens facial features.

A properly trimmed bob will be able to bring the proportions of the “square” closer to the ideal. Both classic, and oblique or elongated bean combine perfectly with this form. Many brave people stop at a shortened version with a bang to the eyebrows, combed to the side. Whichever choice you make, learn how to style your hair.Twist them with an iron, making beautiful waves.

Haircuts under the boy

Short haircuts garson or pixie will be an indispensable option for a square shape. Having added them a side bang with asymmetry, you receive a romantic image. The main thing is not to do smooth styling and give the locks the basal volume.

Asymmetrical hairstyles for a square face are also among the most suitable models for a square face. They will hide a heavy chin and wide cheekbones, and this is exactly what we are trying to achieve. Decorate such a haircut can be oblique or straight and rare bangs, as well as parting (side or in the form of a zigzag).

Fashionable layered hairstyles 2016 look simply amazing. They soften excessive severity and clarity of the face, giving it softness and smoothness. In this case, the shortest strands need to be cut in the cheekbone area, gradually moving along the entire length.

Prefer to curl long or medium hair? Focus on soft waves and volume. Flowing curls perfectly set off a square face and bring its shape to the oval. Yes, and this styling looks very feminine and sexy. Experts say that long hair looks best without bangs. But if you wish, you can trim the volume Bang to the level of the eyebrows.

Hairstyles with bangs

Beautiful haircuts with bangs should be carried out taking into account all the above nuances. You can make the chelok in several layers, but not very thick. It is desirable to give it an asymmetrical shape, to profile or break the tips. No less elegant is the option in which the fringe slightly closes the eyebrows. A good choice would be oblique models that combine with the same oblique parting. Remember, heavy and elongated bangs visually weight the image and make the face even more square.

High styling for a square face is just what you need. Just do not overdo it with the volume and do not forget to leave a pair of curls falling on the cheeks. You can also try a low bun or a retro babette. No less interesting choice will be the Greek styling. You can also combine loose hair with a high hairstyle, gently putting on top of the head of hair.

Tip: also, you can see for yourself whether the hairstyle is right for you; just upload a photo to a special program.

What is important in a hairstyle for a square face?

  • Long hair (curly or wavy) perfectly hide the width of the cheekbones. Hair with loose hair and flowing curls - what you need.
  • The falling locks must be below the chin.
  • The asymmetry of the hairstyle will disturb the square face.
  • A hairstyle for a square face should be airy and light. Soft lines hide angular cheekbones.
  • High hairstyles are relevant, they visually lengthen the face.
  • The side parting or lack thereof is great for a square face.
  • Smooth and perfectly combed back hair is not the best option. Better to leave a few strands of framing cheekbones.

What hairstyles are suitable for a square face?

Light romantic hairstyles are best suited to the square type of person. Loose braids, light high hairstyles, romantic bunches, falling curls - everything that looks free and allows you to frame your face will be appropriate. The main thing is no weighting and clear even forms.

In the photo below, any owner of a square face will be able to choose a suitable hairstyle.

Square Face Haircuts: Photos and Recommended Options

A square face is considered to be one of the problematic features of the exterior, in view of the fact that it makes facial features coarse, masculine and far from the ideal of elegance and aristocracy. However, regular haircuts for a square face can make this face look attractive, feminine, smoothing the corners and softening features.

First you need to prove to yourself that you have a really square face.

What if you shed tears in vain? The face in the shape of a square differs approximately in the same distance between the width and length of the face, volumetric cheekbones and massive chin (see the photo presented).

Go to the mirror and, armed with a marker, circle the reflection. If the result of art will be a figure resembling a square along the contour - yes, you have such a face shape.

So, what masterpiece of hairdressing is intended to create a respectable look for a problem person?

Women's short hairstyles for a square face (with photos)

Let us consider in more detail which hairstyle is suitable for a square face with different hair lengths. In order to make a good styling, it is important to take a responsible approach to the choice of a suitable haircut for the "square". Avoid very short haircuts, from those that make the face open or the lower boundary of which is flush with the chin.

It is very difficult to choose suitable hairstyles for a square face for short hair, since they practically do not cover the cheekbones and "corners" of the lower jaw. Therefore, the only and most important rule in a particular case is asymmetry. The long bangs combed to the side, an easy carelessness, soft, "fluffy" ringlets are perfectly combined with a short length and square outlines. But ultrashort haircuts absolutely do not fit the "square", demonstrating its shortcomings.

An example of successful short hairstyles for a square face, look at the photo:

Practically on all presented variations of short hairstyles, there is a fringe brushed to the side and a parting offset from the center. This approach helps to achieve asymmetry, and the elongated front curls cover the "corners" or distract from them the attention of the pretty framing of the look.

Hairstyles for a square face on women's short hair is desirable to do lush, soft, wavy. Briefly shorn head of hair can be given volume in the region of the crown with the purpose of visual “pulling” of the face. This allows you to shift the unwanted accent from the massiveness of the "bottom" and generally balance the image.

It is advisable to avoid even, smooth styling, since the face will appear larger.

Trendy hairstyles for medium hair for a square face

The task of fashionable hairstyles for medium hair for a square face also consists in “rounding” the corners. Shoulder-length hair, in contrast to short, provides more opportunities for creativity. Trimming such hair, you must refrain from the length at the level of the lower jaw line, as this will only add weight and massiveness to the chin.

It is convenient to make such hairstyles for a square face type and women's haircuts for medium length, such as an elongated asymmetrical bob, a cascade, an elongated square. Give up straight “hanging” hair, make it wavy, add volume, or at least twist the tips.

It is not recommended to put the hair back into the tail or bun. To do these hairstyles should be high, while leaving the front curls that will pretty "hug" the face. An effective hairstyle is in combination with an elongated bang placed on the right or left side, in which the front strands are stabbed in the back and the rest of the hair is loose.

With an average hair length for a square face, such hairstyles are suitable, which are shown in the photo:

Having hair of medium length and square face type, smoothness of the hair, “volumelessness”, straight hanging strands are also undesirable. Were lucky in this regard, the owners of naturally curly hair, because it is enough for them to make the correct haircut in several layers to achieve a beautiful lightness and negligence of hair.

The waviness of the curls makes the facial features more feminine, adding to the appearance of prettiness.

Evening hairstyles for square faces and their photos

As for solemn occasions, the average length provides many options.

Evening hairstyles for a square face type are shown in the photo:

If the curls are loose, they need to be screwed up, made voluminous and divided by a side parting, shifted to the side. Well, you need to collect hair higher, while leaving curls near the face.

They hide wide cheekbones and jaw, round sharp features. Strands collected from above visually balance the heavy bottom, adding harmony to the overall image.

Hairstyles for long hair for girls with a square face

Hairstyles for long hair for a square face are selected according to the same principle as for a long-haired head of hair. With this shape of the face, one should refrain from straightened, smoothly combed hair. To make a successful hairstyle, it is important to trim them first.

A cascade, a ladder and other multi-layered haircuts are suitable, which allow you to add volume and lightness to your hair, as well as allow you to leave individual strands around your face during styling and collected hair.

Hairstyles for a square face are shown in the photo:

As seen in the pictures, there are no open cheekbones and smoothly laid and assembled curls. Hair is arranged in such a way as to achieve some airiness, carelessness, asymmetry. Volumetric diagonal braids, high or lush tails made on one side will do. If you braid the tail in various interesting ways, you will end up with a different image.

Evening hairstyle for square face and long hair should be asymmetrical and fluffy. Curly curls laid on one side look good looking, especially if there is an elongated asymmetrical bang and curled curls near the face. An excellent option would be a volumetric braid, plaited diagonally and released in advance.

High-hairstyles for a square face look win-win because they visually “weight” the upper part. But do not collect hair too high, just lift them above the crown. To make this hairstyle look more effective, you can release some beautiful curls on the shoulders.

Hairstyles with bangs for a square face type (with photos)

As a win-win, hairstyles for a square face with bangs are considered. Just do not make bangs straight, too thick and passing over the eyebrows down. Multi-layered, “torn” ends would be appropriate, curly bangs trimmed with an arch, which is trimmed both in the center and offset to the side, look beautiful.

Hairstyles for a square face with bangs are shown in the photo below:

Well smoothes the angularity of the "square" long fringe, laid on the side. She hides her broad forehead, successfully emphasizes the cheekbones. You can make a sideways or zigzag parting, which also helps to avoid inappropriate symmetry.

Topical hairstyles in 2018 for a square face

This year there will be fashionable hairstyles for a square face, such as a low tail, gathered on the side, one or two bunches on the part of the hair from above. Among the trendy haircuts, one should prefer an asymmetrical bob, a sharp square, a gentle cascade.

Among the styling trend is the effect of wet hair. It is suitable for any length, just do not forget about the curls framing the face, especially in the absence of bangs.

Actual in 2018 hairstyles for a square face, women's haircuts, see the photo:

When making a trendy bundle this year from part of the strands on the crown, it is necessary to add volume to the loose curls. For the bundle itself, it is not necessary to take a lot of hair so that the face does not look open, and wide cheekbones and jaw do not come to the fore.

When collecting strands in an asymmetrical tail, refrain from smoothly combed hair on the head, it is better to do light negligence and volume.

To summarize, we will repeat what cannot be done, since the appropriate moments have been mentioned above many times.


  • it is necessary to forget forever about the direct thick bangs, which emphasizes the “heavy” forms of the lower half of the face,
  • refrain from even partings located in the middle,
  • you should not experiment with incredibly short haircuts, which add excessive openness to the face,
  • discard straightened strands,
  • by adding volume, avoid accent in the cheekbone, like Merlin Monroe’s
  • no need to brush your hair back
  • Let the lower haircut line be below or above the level of the lower jaw.

Hairstyles for square full face with high forehead

Hairstyles for square full-face should be voluminous, layered and structural. They help to visually stretch the face, highlights the beautiful cheeks. A good variation that is suitable for a complete "square", stylists consider hairstyles that are made on medium and short hair, and long curls will only add to the fullness of the face.

Hairstyles for a square face with a high forehead should be selected those that with bangs or released front curls. Beautifully look asymmetric or multi-layered bangs, trimmed arch, having different lengths. High hairstyles with loose strands are also considered an excellent option.

Thus, it’s not so easy to choose a hairstyle for the owner of a square face, but knowing the subtleties listed above will make it much easier and more efficient. With the right approach, this type of person becomes feminine, attractive and sexy. The main thing is to make a suitable haircut and you can experiment at home with different variations of hair styles and hairstyles.

Curled side hairstyle

Not many hairstyles look elegant and random at the same time. In order to create such an effect, you will need only three things: hairspray, hairpins and hair curling tongs. After winding your hair, transfer your strands to one side. Twist the curls up, secure them with hairpins and hair spray.

Waves on medium hair

Medium length hair is the perfect frame for a square face. A hairstyle with a side parting over one temple and a long bang falling on another temple is one of the best styling. This hairstyle is very complimentary for a square face and easy to maintain.

French braid

Gathering the hair on one side along the face in a romantic loose French braid is elementary for any girl with long hair. This image will shift the emphasis from the cheekbones, beautifully open the neck and create a long soft horizontal line.


This careless hairstyle looks sophisticated thanks to the hair combed back. Platinum light tips protrude from darker roots, which makes the image piquant.

To create this hairstyle, the hair should not be too clean, so it is better to do this hairstyle the next day after washing the hair.

Spray the lacquer on your hair and stroke it with your fingers to give a little roughness to your hair. Then create a parting on the side of the center.

Using a fine-toothed comb, add hair to the top of the head to create volume, then apply hairspray.

Use your fingers to smooth the hair back if you want the hairstyle to look a little careless. Gather the hair on the back of the head in a low tail and secure it with a rubber band.

Form a bundle from the tail and pull several strands out of it for a slight mess effect.

What haircut is suitable for a square face

The choice of haircuts for a square face is quite wide. You can create haircuts of any length.

Since the lines of the mandible are strong and angular, the best solutions for such a face shape are associated with lengthening and softening of the corners.

You will greatly benefit from understanding which lines, lengths and textures work best for your face:

  • "Side parting, like any asymmetry, is a plus. Prefer lines off-center.
  • »A square face can be easily narrowed and lengthened thanks to straight shoulder-length hair or long curls along the cheek. They will cover the sharp corners of the jaw.
  • »You effortlessly benefit from a soft female hairstyle framing your face with waves and curls. Large waves, disheveled strands or vigorous curls? Choose any style or alternate them for a change.
  • »Hairstyles with combed back hair with some volume at the top will lengthen your face, but do not remove all hair back. Leave the elongated parts of the bangs or a few curls on one side.
  • »Avoid excessive volume along the sides at the level of the cheekbones and jaw, as this will expand your face.
  • »If the hairdresser suggests making clear cuts above your jaw line, go somewhere else. Short expressive lines in this place will exaggerate the angularity of your face shape.

Square face bangs

If you are the owner of a square face, most types of hair, except for curly ones, will be suitable for bangs that touch the eyebrows or are slightly longer. If you have thick hair, it would be nice to look long straight bangs, but at the same time the ends of the bangs are best left torn so that a solid, smooth line does not aggravate the wide jaw line.

Remarkably on this form of face look options bangs, combed back with extra volume or up to the side, which helps to lengthen the face.

If you have curly hair, leave a few strands on the sides of your face, which instantly mask square jaws.

Avoid straight bangs in combination with a straight graphic short haircut that simulates the shape of your face. Step layers will decorate you much more.

Choosing a side arrow bang, you distract attention from a wide forehead and smooth out the sharpness of facial features. Avoid thick even cut bangs. They make the lower part of your face heavier.

Volume curls and side parting

This haircut for thick hair uses volume, waves and deep layers to hide a square face. Beautiful hair falls straight to the cheekbones and hides sharp corners, creating the illusion of a more oval face contour.

Hipster knot at the crown

This hairstyle instantly pulls your face. Although it works well on medium-length hair, the hairstyle looks better with long strands. More important in this case is that loose hair is straight, so there is not too much volume from the bottom, and the hairstyle looks balanced.

Long structured waves

This is a beautiful multi-layered haircut for long hair, in which there are layers framing the face, starting from the cheekbones. Waves on the sides soften the appearance of a square face. This haircut looks good on both thin and thick hair. How to give such a haircut a finished look?

Apply mousse or thermal spray and dry hair.

After most of the moisture has come out of your hair, take a large round brush and dry your hair by combing it.

Twist the hair from the cheekbones with a curling iron of large diameter.

Secure the hair with a small amount of hairspray.

Collected curls

Start working with dry hair.

Create large curls with a large diameter curling iron or a flat iron.

Separate the hair into a side parting.

Gather a piece of hair at the crown and form the tail at the back.

For fixing, use the elastic of the color of your hair and wrap it with your own strand.

Be sure to leave two loose soft strands along the face.

Thread the tail collected on the back of the head inside.

Fix hair with hair spray.

Haircuts for medium hair for a square face

Square faces can sometimes look overly angular and hard. You can soften your embossed cheeks or jaw line with smoothly arranged layers of hair, bangs and hairstyle texture.Look at medium length haircuts for square faces that will refresh your appearance and help you feel confident and stylish.

Long Caret

Long caret - one of the best options for a woman with a square face. The inclined lower section of the hair softens the chin line. And the parting in the center and the hair falling along the face hide the width of the face and reduce angularity.

Glossy Cascade

The long, glossy hair strands at the sides are perfect for a square face. This Cascade breaks the square contour of the face, and the side parting draws attention to the eyes and lips. Layers of hair beautifully fall below the jaw to soften its sharp lines.

Asymmetrical Bob

The side parting and ruffled asymmetrical bob is an amazing haircut for a square face. Since one side of the hair ends below the jaw line, and the opposite side drops even lower, this section completely changes the visual perception of the angular jaw line.

Perfect Paris

This asymmetrical image is suitable for cutting medium length. The hairs on the sides create side bangs and layers that round the square face. Large length on one side distracts the eye from the hard jaw line. Rounded layers help bring a square shape to a round one. These curls mask angular lines and create softness. This haircut will be good both on thin and straight hair, and on the hair of a wavy texture. You can use a silky ribbon to give a flirty look.

Instead of depending on the curling, try learning how to use a hairdryer to round out this bob.

Start by using a medium sized round comb and twist the ends under the warm air of the dryer during drying, especially around and towards the face.

Use a flat iron, if you need to, after the hair has dried, but tilt the irons so that you do not have any straight edges.

Spray your hair with a healthy shine.

Waved waves

Start working with dry hair.

Create light waves with medium diameter curling.

Use a special comb to comb the hair on top.

Gather combed back hair. Twist them left inward and secure with a pin.

Fix hair with hair spray.

Haircuts for short hair for a square face

When choosing a short haircut, the owners of a square face should be careful. You should avoid haircuts, literally exposing a square shape - with clear straight lines, cut at the level of the cheekbones or chin.

At the same time, there are many different short haircuts for women with square faces that hide the angularity of the face, add smoothness and draw outlines.

You can choose an excellent hairstyle that will decorate your face without creating you too much trouble in the care. All you need to do is look through some options to see which haircut will fit your face best.

Graceful Bob

This neat and elegant bean will make even the owners of oval faces jealous. This Bob is great for girls with straight hair and almost does not require care. In this hairstyle, it is important to slightly comb the hair on the top of the head and lift the bang up and to the side to open the forehead.

Distinctive features of a square face

Like a geometric figure, a square face has almost equal length and width parameters. The forehead, in contrast to the triangular shape, is not too high; it is the same width as the chin. Due to this, the lower part of the face seems to be massive, and the girls themselves complain that they look like a man. But there is a beauty in a square face - these are big expressive eyes, which are often emphasized by a woman during makeup application.

If you still doubt the correctness of the definition of your type - use a proven method.Stand full face to the mirror, collect hair in a bun and trace the contour of the face of your reflection. Now step aside a little and evaluate the result; if the shape looks more like a square than a rectangle, then the information below will be interesting for you.

Despite the fact that the square shape of the face is not the most popular among girls, there are examples among world stars. Stylists know exactly how to present their image in the most successful light, so pay attention to different, including short, haircuts for a square face on a photo of stars: Salma Haake, Diane Kruger, Jessica Simpson, Sandra Bullock, Paris Hilton, Sophie Alice Bextor, Natalie Portman, Demi Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow, Carmen Electra, Holly Marie Combs, Jodie Foster.

Short bob with thin bangs

Hairstyles with long thin bangs are perfect for women with square faces. They work wonders, creating the effect of a more oval face, but only in combination with a short Bob. The round shape of this hairstyle fits almost all women with square face shapes.

What exactly do not need to do

Haircut for wide cheekbones should be well thought out. Before you go to the hairdresser, familiarize yourself with the most common mistakes, perhaps some of them you made before:

  1. Haircuts "under the boy", leaving a minimum of hair on the head, are excluded. This hairstyle completely opens the face and focuses on it, we only need to emphasize the dignity.
  2. Strict symmetry is also prohibited, ranging from smooth bangs, ending in an exclusive parting in the center. Thick even bangs only make the lower part of the face heavier.
  3. Haircuts, leaving the length of the hair to the chin. In this case, the emphasis is on the rather expressive part of the face - the chin, and our goal, on the contrary, is to soften it. For the same reason, avoid hairstyles, voluminous in the jaw and cheekbones.
  4. Like a short haircut, smoothly tucked back hair completely opens the face, therefore it is better to avoid such hairstyles as well as to owners of a round face.

Good haircuts for a square face

Luck smiles to owners curly hair. Their soft waves or mischievous curls smooth out the “sharp” corners of the face. The natural volume that accompanies wavy hair copes well with the “lengthening” of the shape. It is not necessary to cut such hair for short, and hairstyles from long hair and medium-length hair are very simple, even for daily styling.

Long hair it is better to cut it in steps, the cascade and ladder are also suitable for medium-length hair. Graduated haircuts are perfectly combined with oblique bangs and melirovannymi strands. The main thing to remember is that the length of the shortest strand should be slightly below the chin.

The perfect cut for a square face on medium hair (descending not lower than shoulder level) - this is a bob. The asymmetry of this type of hairstyle will balance your face, focusing on the desired part of it - in the middle. Bob is easy to style, and the volume at the top looks very attractive. Want to change something - slightly curl the flowing curls and the romantic image is ready!

And how about short haircut for a square face? She, too, can be beautifully beaten on this type of person, adhering to a strict asymmetry. In this case, it is necessary to have oblique bangs, it is she who models your face. Suitable options are bob and pixie. But remember that daily use of shampoo and hair dryer for a short haircut is necessary.

More options look good haircuts and hairstyles for a square face in the video clip:

4 secrets how to soften the square!

After information about which haircuts fit a square face, it is fair to acquaint the owner of this face shape with several more ways to visually correct the image. Everything that you see in the mirror to the level of the bust can help, the main thing is to choose the right accessories!

Earrings. You need to buy jewelry that visually stretches the face and softens the angular chin and cheekbones. Earrings in the form of rings will fit, and their diameter can be any, large rings will make the face smaller and softer. Long, hanging earrings, adorned with stones and chains, with smooth curves and several layers - ideal jewelry for girls with a square face shape. Also note the drop earrings and jewelry with round pendants. Do not wear earrings that have sharp, rough edges and a flat base.

Points For a square face are contraindicated strict geometric forms in the frame of glasses. Only smooth, sliding lines are able to beautifully complement the image. Small ovals and a “cat's eye” with raised external corners will make the facial features harmonious, while the edges of the rim and the arms should not stick out beyond the oval of the face and be too massive. But with the help of a different frame decoration, you can additionally adjust the line of the cheekbones.

Headdress. The ideal option would be caps shifted closer to the crown: they open the forehead, create additional volume, lengthening the face. All models that have asymmetry or are designed for toes on their side, fit. But shawls, hats, stretched to the very line of the eyebrows are better not to wear.

The experts in this video tell in detail how to choose the most appropriate headdress for a square face.:

Scarves and shawls. A scarf is better to choose from light, delicate fabrics: silk, cotton, cashmere. Prefer long models tied around the neck in the form of a yoke. No need to wrap your neck tightly with a small handkerchief. As a hair ornament, tie a scarf in the form of a turban, it will create a volume effect and lengthen the face. You can also tie a scarf "like a hoop", only this accessory must be complemented with a nice comb or a high hairstyle.

If you are still undecided, come to a beauty salon and specialists will certainly help you choose the best hairstyle!

"Veto" for a square face or prohibited methods

When choosing a hairstyle for a square person, you should familiarize yourself with prohibited practices that you should beware of:

  • Say "no" to ultrashort haircuts, as they are designed to create an emphasis on facial features.
  • Avoid symmetry, straight and straight lines in hair, parting.
  • Discard once and for all the length of the hair to the level of the chin.
  • Long and heavy bangs will make the face even more square.
  • Hairstyles with volume in the cheekbones, as well as curls in the lower part of the face are not recommended.
  • Prefer haircuts, falling on the face, refusing hairstyles, opening features and lines.

Exactly what is needed!

Consider tricks recommended by stylists when choosing a haircut for a square face that will help to lengthen it and soften heavy lines:

  • Hairstyles with voluminous top and puffy strands.
  • Asymmetrical lines.
  • Long curled locks.
  • Layered, stepped haircuts and bangs, side partings.
  • The length of the hair below the chin.
  • High hairstyles.

The choice of a multi-stage haircut for long and medium hair will be advantageous, becoming the ideal solution. In this case, the graduation should begin above the cheekbone line in order for the hairstyle to be more voluminous.

And the bulk, as already mentioned above, is the main rule of cutting for the face in the shape of a square (see photo). Paired with a cascade variation will look great straight, shaped bangs.

Styling is recommended to do, curling the ends of the hair out.

Owners of square type can safely opt for cutting a bob. However, in this case it will not be a classic bob cut, but rather its creative beveled variation. It is a shortened strand on the back of his head with a gradual lengthening to the chin. The creative car visually lengthens the face and softens the features, as in the presented photo.

Long hair curls

Another saving option for owners of a square face (see photo). They not only visually round the face, but also lengthen the entire silhouette. In this case, the girls win with curly hair from nature. The rules do not apply to owners of cascading masterpieces.

Haircuts for a square face, regardless of the chosen variation and hair type, should be voluminous, with pronounced asymmetrical lines and sparse bangs.

How to find out: what is the shape of the face?

First, we recognize the distinctive features of a square face. First of all, it has wide cheekbones and a large chin. The ratio in the distance horizontally and vertically is the same. That is, the areas of the jaw, forehead and cheekbones are arranged in a straight line, and correspond to the width of the size.

To independently cope with the definition of your type, must be placed opposite the mirror with a ruler and a calculator. First you need to remove the hair so that they do not interfere, and do not fall on the forehead and cheeks.

We measure the face from the beginning of the chin to the line of the beginning of hair growth. The resulting number is divided by three, and memorized. Then, using a centimeter, we calculate the distance from the chin to the base of the nose. Both indicators need to be compared.

If the first is less than the second, then you have a square type.

There is another easier way to determine. Almost come close to the mirror and outline the contour of the face, without ears. After assess the result.

Square Face Haircuts: Rules

A square face by its nature has coarse masculine outlines. But with the help of the right hairstyle, you can make it soft and feminine. But first you need to familiarize yourself with some rules that each owner of such a person should know.

  • In no case can not experiment with short haircuts. Only if you are not a lover of male type of appearance. In this case, to preserve the image of femininity, use asymmetrical bangs and shaved sides. So visually the face will stretch, and will acquire an oval shape.
  • There should be no symmetry in the hair, straight lines and smooth parting.
  • Long bangs highlight all the flaws.
  • In addition to all the recommendations listed, taboos should be put on taboos where the face in the cheekbone area is open.
  • It is not recommended also the extra volume of hair in this place. and strands that end at the level of the chin. So they emphasize the lines that are not desirable to allocate.

Choosing the right hairstyle

First of all, clear lines cannot be used for a square face type. They will further increase the oval in width.

  • As an individual option, consider a pixie-shaped haircut. Then it must necessarily contain strands gently framing the face.
  • The bob hairstyle of the elongated type, a ladder, a cascade will look actual and beautiful. The pomp and volume at the roots well hide the shape of the square.
  • Asymmetry and carelessness will easily hide the corners in outline, and make your look attractive. Graduation will add passion to the image.
  • Just do not forget about the bangs, because without it the forehead will be too wide. It is better to cut it exactly to the top edge of the eyebrows, it is allowed to mill. You can not make it lush. As another option, you can lay it on its side. Or execute in two - three layers, the main thing is not to overdo it, and not to make it too thick, otherwise you can make the lower part of the face heavier. Beautiful will look thin slanting bangs.
  • Now we select a parting. It must be performed between the center of the head and the side indent of two centimeters, in any case not direct. The parting in the form of a zigzag will look great. Or you can not emphasize it, if the roots are curly curls - because then it will not be noticeable.
  • An excellent option for a square face would be a female haircut for long hair they will easily mask the sharp outlines of the cheekbones.
  • Curly curls will look very beautiful and romantic. As an option, you can try on yourself styling rhapsody.
  • If the hair is curled by itself, from birth, and have sufficient length, it is allowed to cut them smoothly - this is the only exception.

Options for female haircuts

Hair length does not prevent the owner of a square face to find a good haircut. Among the suitable options are presented as classic hairstyles, and creative solutions for brave girls. An experienced specialist will recreate any of them according to the photo, taking into account individual wishes and features of the face. Read more about haircuts for a square face, read the portal salonsecret.ru.

For long hair

Well-groomed long hair always looks great. They can emphasize the beautiful features of a square face with the help of carelessly curled curls. Best of all, if they will be cut in steps. Bang does not have to create boundaries and divide the face into parts. It should be beveled or one length with strands.

Straight hair of the same length - a simple and affordable option. In order not to emphasize the square shape of the face, it is enough to change the graphic character of the bang line and give it a smooth bend.

For medium hair

Medium-length hair is an artistic canvas for a stylist. They can perform a variety of haircuts, many of which are universal and suitable for absolutely everyone without exception. For example, elongated options for bob and bob.

It is possible to beat the classics at the expense of bangs, volume at the crown or color. Modern girls resort to coloring individual strands or use new techniques - ombr, shatush, balayazh and others.

In combination with highlighting the bob looks even more stylish and youth

Choice bangs

Beautifully decorated bangs will place accents and give the image a highlight. The hairline should be such that the shape of the face is close to the oval. Best options:

  • long oblique fringe. Looks elegant and very gentle. It can always be shortened, shaped or painted in a different shade,
  • soft wave. Romantic curl - what you need to distract from the massive line of the chin,
  • asymmetrical bangs. With it, you can open your face and make it younger. It is desirable that the strand begins a little to the side of the center of the forehead.

The face of a square shape allows you to make only a side parting. It ideally complements haircuts without clear lines and torn bangs.

Possible mistakes

Mistakes that most often make a square face, can ruin the mood and appearance. The task of each girl is to skillfully mask her flaws and enjoy the reflection in the mirror. Stylists have compiled a list of recommendations:

  • do not brush your hair back, do not tuck it behind your ears,
  • avoid tight bunches and tails,
  • do not wear parting
  • Do not choose smooth hairstyles without volume - they are not the best option for a square face,
  • never make straight and thick bangs.

Video: a review of haircuts for a square face

Suitable styling will harmoniously look in a complete image. Open neck, thin and elegant jewelry - the best way to beat a bright and expressive appearance. Makeup is preferable to choose a discreet, emphasizing the depth of the eyes. Be sure to paint brows and cheekbones. Also, do not forget about such assistants as glasses, hats, all kinds of bandages and scarves. If all recommendations are followed, success is guaranteed!

Layered Pixie

If you have a square face and thin hair, then a pixie multi-layered haircut with a long bang for you. The main advantage of this haircut - it is easy to lay. Without much hassle, you will have a neat appearance every morning. All you have to do is wash your hair and blow-dry it.

Shaggy bob

This shaggy bob looks very feminine, but you need to be careful when laying it. Top hair - fluffy and layered, and the lower part - neat and light. Make sure you give this hairstyle a round shape, otherwise the top may look too square for your face.

Kinky Pixie

If you have naughty curly hair, and you are tired of styling it daily, try the amazing Pixie haircut! The shorter your hair, the easier it will be to take care of them. Let your hairdresser cut the back of your hair shortly and leave some of the volume on top to create a circular shape, which is very important for a square face.

Features square face shape

The main characteristics indicating a square face are the equal length of the forehead, cheekbones and cheeks. Another sign is a rectangular chin.

The fair sex, with such features of appearance, first of all fit haircuts for long hair. They help to visually lengthen the face and make the features more subtle. To soften the image, it is customary to create volume in the area of ​​the crown.

For lovers of unusual haircuts a ladder or a cascade may be suitable, an important element in creating a style is asymmetric features. It is advisable to avoid the choice of straight bangs, as they focus on the shape of the face.

What you need to hide and what to emphasize

In order for the chin not to look so ’’ heavy ’’ it is better to make a visual rounding with a bang, which can be simply brushed to the side. Asymmetry is an even better option.

If you want to make a square face more narrow and lengthen it a little, then fit straight curls to the shoulders. Cascading haircuts, acting as a kind of frame, are used to smooth out the rough features. This hairstyle always gives the image softness and femininity. Stylists point out that the ideal hairstyles for owners of this type of person begin just below the shoulders.

Too short haircuts are strictly contraindicated due to the fact that the effect of openness is obtained. The option of such a hairstyle is possible only with the observance of several strict rules. First, it is necessary to avoid smooth hair styling, giving volume is a must. Secondly, in the presence of bangs it is better to use laying on the side. Thirdly, in order to make the image more mysterious when styling is done, it is recommended to use waves.

If you still really want to decide on a short haircut, it is better to choose Bob in an elongated style. Asymmetry will make the face more attractive and cute.

Short haircuts for a square face

The most important condition in the selection of shortened hairstyles - uneven lines. Pixie-style haircuts will only look with long bangs in an oblique version. It is important that there are elements of asymmetry from two sides. This image is also suitable for girls whose curls have a soft structure, curl a little. This gives a certain elegant frame for the face.

Too short haircuts do not improve the appearance of the girl, but on the contrary - they will demonstrate not the winning features of appearance. It is better to delete the words of the garcon and the square from your wish list.

The length of the hair on the chin will also not decorate the fair sex, and it does not matter at all what variation of the hairstyle will be used. Hairstyle focuses on hard lines in the lower part of the face. Try to avoid even length and direct parting, they will not help to create a graceful and elegant image.

Average haircuts for a square face

When choosing a haircut to medium length, it is better to focus on asymmetrical features. An extended Bob is ideal, which will delight with the help of romantic and elegant waves. This hairstyle gently concentrates attention on the beautiful cheekbones, the clear bottom of the face is visually softened by wavy curls.

In the choice of bangs there are practically no restrictions, here you can give free rein to your imagination. The only thing that is better not to use in the creation of images, it is a straight length. An elegant option - when the bangs slightly covers the eyebrows. Experts recommend using thinning and torn tips.

Graduated haircuts are also great for a square face type. The form of the cascade balances too clear features, making it smooth. It is better to leave the shortest strands in the cheekbone area, then the curls should be lengthened.

Long haircuts for a square face

Long strands that fall smoothly on the shoulders of a square-faced woman will only decorate her appearance and make the image more complete. To create a romantic style apply slightly curled, air strands. Waves are recommended to be made from about the middle of the hair, so the cheekbones will get additional framing.

Ladder with a scythe and a little ragged bangs - this is the most ideal option. Cascade and layering in the image adorns the face, which has extremely pronounced features.

In order to make the lines of the chin softer, stylists are advised to lay curls closer to the chin area. It is not necessary to hide behind the hair at all, rather you should create a slightly careless image.

Bangs which one to choose

Sometimes the first step towards the selection of the most suitable type of haircut is changing the shape of the bangs. This detail can make the image more strict or romantic, and also add or subtract years. For girls with a square face, you should be careful with the choice and adjustment of bangs.

There are several details of hairstyles that could be a good option for the formation of the image. These include long oblique, asymmetrical, melirovannaya and milled bangs.

Long oblique bangs add a bit of sexuality and femininity to the style. A prerequisite for its presence is the correct length. Curls should end just above or below the chin line. Ragged edges will help hide angular features.

If the bang is long, then its strands can be tweaked a little with curlers or curling. A good option can also be combing the strands back and attaching stealth.

Oblique asymmetry will add playfulness to the image. Highlighting will give additional brightness and make the hair more interesting.

Straight short bangs - a forbidden option for the fair sex, with square facial features. Too thick curls in the forehead area make the hairstyle heavy, so it is better to resort to thinning.

Styling features with a square face

For girls with a square face, high tail or combed back hair is ideal. Too much volume in the cheekbone will unduly draw attention to the area of ​​the problem area.

To soften the angularity of the cheekbones, curly curls are actively used. They will not only add to the image of romance, but also make it more accurate and harmonious.

Decorations, accessories and a properly selected make-up will help to make the look more complete and expressive.

Square face: what haircuts will do

So, let's understand in more detail which haircuts fit the square shape of the face.

  • The most excellent option would be stacking cascade. Moreover, the hair length can be both medium and more. With it, the oval will find smooth, smoothed lines. And if the ends of the curls twist out, then you can achieve a gentle and perky effect. Well here and lay bangs, both straight and on its side.
  • Hairstyle ladder, great for long hair. Moreover, it is necessary to begin to perform it no higher than the cheekbones, otherwise all shortcomings will be visible. Allowed for a sufficient length of hair to make straight cuts. It is good to lift the curls at the roots, so that they look fluffy and light.For curly hair can be parted.
  • The bob haircut is multi-layered or standard. The first is usually performed by a set of layers. So on the top creates a good pomp, with which you can easily hide the lack of fine hair. A typical square look will look almost perfect. It is important that the ears are covered with hair. This hairstyle is allowed to add a bang, which will fall to the side or have several layers. If your hair is curly, then experimenting with a bang is not worth it. It may be noted the following distinctive feature of this styling, curls at the back of the head are shorter than the front. And in front they should reach the chin. With this, you can achieve a charming image.
  • Short - boyish styling, able to emphasize femininity. They can be said to be ideal for this form of oval. The main thing in their application can not be left open forehead. Must be bangs, preferably combed to the side. It will look great careless styling and raised at the roots of the hair. With this hairstyle you will be fashionable at all times.
  • When using a pixie or garcon hairstyle, the outlines of the oval are remarkably balanced. With these hairstyles you will look stylish and elegant. You can lay them at will, and each time it can be done in different ways. Today - romantic, even style, and tomorrow sloppy waves.
  • Haircut bob - square for a square face, suitable for almost every girl. With the help of asymmetry and multiple layers creates a wonderful effect of lightness and femininity. Particularly beautiful in full face. Moreover, the use of different lengths of curls distracts from the massive lower part of the oval. Moreover, if you make the bangs longer on one side and shorter on the other, you will get an unusual look.

Before you go to the hairdresser and show a picture of the hairstyle you want to get, you should seriously think that she may not be suitable for your type. After all, not every styling, beautifully looking on a particular model, will also look perfect on you.

Often, stars with magazines in a chic image are very tormented to create all this beauty. Subject hair to such experiments, pour out various superstrong varnishes and mousses, for better fixation. Therefore, first, you need to think carefully about what you want to see in the end.

A smart image with a head of hair that will suit you individually or your haircut is completely at odds with your face.

When creating a stylish haircut for a square face you need to pay special attention to their appearance. The volume and location of the lips, the size and color of the eyes, as well as take into account the physique, skin tone. Even the habit of a particular style of dress and lifestyle has an impact.

If conceived hairstyle implies daily styling, then you need to think about whether there will be enough time for it. And most importantly, if you can make it yourself. If it is not difficult, then go ahead. Otherwise, you doom yourself to a ridiculous and ugly look.

Often, a woman with a square face chooses a haircut in which asymmetry is present. Since subconsciously understands that due to this, proportions become soft and tender. Angles and courageous rudeness disappear.

In some situations, it is necessary to make the oval narrower, then a good solution will be straight curls to the shoulder or a little lower.

In this case it is necessary that the hair should slightly cover the cheekbone area in order to give an oval shape.

Modern tendencies

At all times, the girl should remain feminine and beautiful. Look so much easier nowadays than at the time of our grandmothers. A delicate look can be created with the help of proper styling and makeup. Also important are accessories.If they are chosen correctly, they are able to distract the eye from unwanted coarse and massive outlines.

For a short head of hair, experts advise to create a volume. The ends of the strands do not need to do much fluffy, it will be enough a little thinning. This will help align the contours of the face.

It is also necessary to consider the length of the hair. It is desirable that they were not above the chin, and curls in front fell on the cheeks. The better they cover the rough outlines, the softer the image looks as a whole.

The best choice of a haircut on a square face will be, of course, long hair combined with bangs, combed to the side. You can also perform a sloppy beam at the top of the head with a medium-sized roller. A small pile at the roots is acceptable to create volume.

The most important moments when creating a hairstyle are different lengths of strands, volume, graduation, as well as a straight cut line. In all other respects, the choice and the final result depends only on your individual imagination and the work of the master.

“Pedicure with black varnish. Evening makeup for brown eyes”

Trendy haircuts for a square face

The main task of a haircut for a square face is to soften angular shapes.

If you have a square face, and you want to know what hairstyle will do, then you should prefer a haircut that will help to visually lengthen the face, and generally soften heavy lines.

The perfect hairstyle for a square face is considered a voluminous hairstyle. However, with short haircuts for a square face should be quite neat, as they open the lower part of the face and this focus on the chin. Therefore, you should not do such hairstyles as a bob, a short bob, as well as haircuts too smooth or brushed back.

  • long haircuts with bangs,
  • with wavy strands around the face,
  • for long straight hair, you need to create as much volume as possible on the top of the head and along the entire length of the hair,
  • asymmetrical bangs, trimmed by layers,
  • side parting, which must be done slightly away from the center line of the parting,
  • any asymmetrical hairstyles that soften the angularity of the lines,
  • curly hair framing a face
  • high hair, visually pulling the face,
  • hair trimmed by layers.

  • straight long hair
  • long straight bangs,
  • perfect parting,
  • very short haircuts
  • volume in the area of ​​the cheekbones or jaws,
  • hair combed back
  • hairstyles up to or near the chin.

Evening hairstyles for a square face

Women with this type of face fit stylish hairstyles with asymmetry, the correct asymmetrical hairstyle will help to hide some roughness of the face. Owners of a square face should avoid excessive symmetry in their hairstyles, they should not comb their hair back, gathering their hair in a ponytail or bundle. This hairstyle will only underline the square face.

So, if you have a square face, you will have lush and voluminous hairstyles, you need to lift your hair over your forehead and temples, add volume to the back of your head, hairstyles with volume in the upper part of the head are also welcome, they will visually lengthen the face.

It should be borne in mind that different types of face require an individual approach, therefore, when choosing a hairstyle for a specific person with a square face, be guided, first of all, by the features of his appearance, it is possible that a hairstyle that doesn’t have to suit all rules should suit him.

Basic rules for selecting a hairstyle for a square face type

The hairstyle for this type of face is selected on the basis of the absence of sharp and clear lines. Therefore, haircuts with sharp corners are not suitable for a square face.

At the same time, a square face will be decorated with an asymmetrical hairstyle, a parting on an oblique line or a slanting bang. Bangs can be straight or have rounded shapes, but in this case, it should not be very thick.

The corners of the jaw should try to disguise hair, so for a square type of person do not recommend short haircuts.

Hairstyles not suitable for the square face type:

  • small hair length
  • straight hair
  • hairstyles with a smoothly combed nape and volume or curls in the cheekbones and corners of the jaw
  • heavy and long bangs, as they give the face the shape of a reclining rectangle
  • smoothly combed hair
  • hairstyles with parting in the center
  • hair length equal to the length of the face

Hairstyles suitable for a square face:

  • voluminous and high styling on long hair
  • side or side parting
  • no pronounced parting
  • cutting steps
  • Curler on average hair curlers
  • asymmetrical styling and shearing
  • long hair length laid and laid at the roots

Recommendations for choosing haircuts and hairstyles for a rectangular face with photos and examples

What hairstyle or haircut is better to choose if you have a rectangular face type, and which one is right for you? Use the tips and recommendations of the hairdressers, see photos with examples and videos.

Among the beautiful half of humanity there are quite a few lovers of frequent changes of image. The easiest way to change your look is to change your hairstyle.

But making a decision about a new haircut should be deliberate, and the features of the face, its shape should be taken into account.

Properly chosen hairstyle will provide an opportunity to hide visual flaws and make more visible advantages.

For owners of a rectangular face type, a new haircut is a serious step, allowing you to change the image. Experimenting with hair is a responsible approach.

A face with rectangular features is less common than an oval. Among the owners of rectangular faces there are those who do not like the excessive expressiveness of their own appearance. But such features are very interesting and attractive in their own way. It is worth looking at famous personalities, among the stars there are many beautiful women with rectangular face shapes.

The main thing is to emphasize the attractiveness of this form, and this can be done with the help of a well-chosen hairstyle.

Features a rectangular face

In order to distinguish a face with rectangular features from other types of appearance (square, oval), it is necessary to evaluate its parameters. This type has an expressive feature, which consists in the fact that the distance from one cheekbone to another in the widest place is approximately identical to the distance between the temples. The length parameter is almost twice as wide as the face.

Persons with a rectangular configuration, as a rule, are distinguished by a wide frontal part and inflated cheekbones, the chin, on the contrary, is narrowed and gives a strong-willed character. As for the hair, the line of growth with this type of person is usually broken.

Top Tips

To face with rectangular features look more harmonious, you should visually reduce its length. This goal can be achieved with short haircuts and a moderately long hair. Thanks to such hairstyles, the face will visually look wider.

Stylists and specialists in the field of hairdressing have come up with many hairstyles for such a specific appearance.

To achieve harmony in the image allow curls. Graceful curls framing the face, smooth its length. One of the best solutions is a voluminous hair.

But from long straightened hair stylists are advised to give up: they will lead to disharmony in the image. To change the image, the owners of faces of rectangular configuration should make a choice in favor of haircuts made by the type of cascade. Ragged haircuts are what you need for such a look.

But if the hair is not long, then you can straighten it. It does not hurt in this case, and the bangs, but not short.

Such hairstyles will give the opportunity to visually shorten the length of the face and make it wider.

Create an attractive image

When choosing a fashionable hairstyle suitable for a rectangular face, a few points should be taken into account. All components of the image should be in harmony in order to get a complete picture - only this way you can achieve attractiveness and elegance.

The method of determining the type of personality - physiognomy - says that goal-oriented natures have a rectangular configuration of the face. Among the personalities of people there are many outstanding people. Given this fact and forming a solid image, one should take into account the character and body of a person.

The choice of the image and, in particular, hairstyles depends on the mood in which the girl stays, on her inner world. Haircut can turn a woman into a fatal seductress, and into a charming carefree girl.

It is difficult to find a woman or girl who does not care about her appearance. An attractive look is made up of a set of parameters, and the leading role is assigned among them.

Beautiful hairstyle can transform the appearance of a woman, allows you to demonstrate individuality. Lay curls can favorably highlight the dignity of the ladies in appearance and muffle what you want to hide.

There are many types of haircuts, the main thing is to make the right choice. For a certain type of person, there are different rules for choosing hairstyles. Observance of certain principles in the selection of hair styling allows you to create a gentle or, conversely, catchy image.

So what options haircuts will be the most optimal for a person whose shape resembles a rectangle? We will understand this issue in more detail.

What is the most winning haircut?

From the name it is clear that rectangular features are associated with a similar geometric figure. For such a type, an elongated chin is characteristic, and it can have a rectangular configuration and resemble an oval in shape.

What conclusion should be made on the basis of these parameters? Hair should mask rectangular features and maximally round the face.

Discard the idea of ​​ironing hair. Clearly structured haircut in this case is not suitable. You do not want to spoil the look, underlining the already expressive lines? Try to avoid such styling whenever possible.

Important! Rectangular facial haircuts should visually expand it, softening the features and making the appearance more attractive.

Someone likes short haircuts, someone prefers a medium length, and there are those who believe that long hair gives attractiveness to a woman. There are among the fair sex and those who constantly change the image, experimenting with the length and hairstyles.

What length is preferable for women who are owners of people with clear straight lines?

Short hair

There is an opinion that it is better for women with a rectangular face not to have a haircut in short: supposedly such an image will not suit them. The belief that short hair will highlight and emphasize the shape of the face is a delusion. Owners of this type of appearance can do almost any styling. Of course, there are several options that it is better not to use, but they are few.

Important! The secret of successful styling, which will allow you to create an attractive image, is simple - you should follow the proportions.

Discard the images that require stacking curls back: this is definitely not a successful effect. Such styling does not paint the owners of rectangular faces.

The best option is hair, the length of which reaches the ears. Welcome oblique bangs.

Face packs with rectangular contour lines are designed to add proportionality to it. Do not use accessories to highlight imperfections when forming an image. The sloping lines will be the perfect solution.Side partitions will help to create a winning impression.

For short strands, you can come up with many interesting styling, ideal for a rectangular face type.

Medium length curls

For women, whom nature has decorated with expressive rectangular contours, hairstyles up to the shoulders or slightly lower are also suitable. Medium length looks brighter than short hair.

Such a head of hair will distract attention from angular features. An excellent option is a hairstyle that resembles a little ladder. Decorate the image and outward locks that do not hide the face.

Volumetric styling will give the image of softness, while sharp contours will hide from the views of others.

Want to make an image more romantic? - make a magnificent styling, so that the curls are adjacent to the face. Focus on bangs.

If you have medium-length hair and a rectangular face, do not make a square. This option is especially unacceptable if there is no bangs in the guise.

Long hair

Masters in the field of hairdressing advise owners of rectangular face type to opt for long hair. According to hairdressers - this is the best option.

Why long? There is a belief that long curls can hide straight lines and remove flaws. Moreover, since ancient times, the luxurious long hair was considered the main decoration of the girl and symbolized femininity.

Long hair today has not lost its popularity, because this is the best way to demonstrate feminine charm.

Any styling of long hair, even the most traditional, with bangs, has the property of eliminating flaws, distinguishing cheekbones and hiding straight facial features.

The perfect solution are curly long hair and hair styling with large and very large curls.

On a note! Do not open your entire face: do not openly show his features to others. Discard the tails and braids, suggesting hair styling back.

Let's talk a little more about bangs. Does she need women, whom mother nature presented her face with rectangular shapes?

Hairstyles, complemented by bangs, for women with rectangular faces - this is one of the best options. Bangs covers a wide forehead and focuses attention on the curls in the temporal zone, due to which the appearance becomes more expressive and voluminous.

On a note! The bang is the best assistant in concealing a wide forehead.

Smooth rectangular face contours will help long beveled or torn bangs. You can give bangs and a semicircular shape, or make it straight. But here's a short bang to forget. Short curls, thin hair and high forehead will attract attention to disharmony in facial features.

Long beveled bangs to the earlobe and below can become a lifesaver for owners of rectangular faces.

Some more useful recommendations.

Once again we recall the main task, which is set when selecting a hairstyle for women with faces whose features are similar to a rectangular figure: visually slightly expand the shape of the face and make the chin more refined.

If you have a similar type of person, adopt the following recommendations:

  • opt for styling that increase the volume in the temporal and cheekbone areas,
  • Add a volume to the hairstyle in the neck area and on the crown,
  • use for more expressive face framing, for example, strands can be polished,
  • try not to open the ears and forehead area,
  • give up clear lines in the styling, give preference to haircuts from several layers.

These tricks will give you the opportunity to visually bring the rectangular contours of the face to the oval.

When choosing a hairstyle, take into account not only the features of the face, but also your age, individual preferences.Do not forget about the shortcomings, try to disguise them with the help of laying and highlight the advantages.

Important! Properly chosen hairstyle can make an image attractive, give it originality.

The most important thing when choosing a hairstyle is confidence in its attractiveness. Competently picking up accessories, putting a good makeup, you will create an elegant image. When choosing a hairstyle for the face with rectangular contours and a high forehead, carefully consider the image.

Errors in the choice of haircuts for this type are especially noticeable, so it is better to consult with the masters of hairdressing. Stylists know how to make an image advantageous and unique with the help of a hairstyle. An experienced hairdresser will help you find the perfect styling.

Guided by the main principles of creating styling for a woman with a beautiful, but such a specific face with straight features, any woman will be irresistible. The main thing - do not forget that the image should be harmonious.

Persons of rectangular type have clearly defined contours. Well-chosen hairstyle smoothes the sharpness of the outlines, gives the image of femininity and grace.

The disadvantages inherent in rectangular shapes can be leveled by a competent approach to hair styling, you just need to choose the right length and do not forget about the rules for creating hairstyles for this type of appearance. Only in this way you will get an excellent result that will delight you and arouse admiring glances of others.

Principles for the selection of hairstyles square face

When choosing which hairdressing experiment to perform, girls with a square face should take into account that this form already has the clarity and severity of the silhouette. Selected haircut should not emphasize this silhouette.

Therefore, hairstyles for a square face do not exactly have to contain even geometric lines. If it is a bang, then only torn and slanting, if it is a bean, then only asymmetric.

And layering and cascades on the hair will make the silhouette smooth.

The owners of a square shape have beautiful cheekbones, which can be even more profitable to emphasize with the help of hair, thereby balancing the face. The elongated bean will work very well for this. If one side of it is longer, it will make the installation original. Another good technique is the side parting.

This type of person asks to add to the image of lightness and tenderness. Therefore, stylists recommend making curls as natural as possible. Light waves with a negligence effect are best suited. As for color, it is not recommended to give preference to very dark shades of hair, so as not to frame the already strict features in a kind of frame.

Daily hairstyles

For the everyday version, styling for a square face should be practical and easy to do it yourself. For this type of person should be guided by the following tips:

  • Parting on the side. Slide the line of parting to one side. A smooth parting that clearly divides the face into 2 equal parts is definitely not your option.
  • Eliminate smooth hairstyles, including the tail. If you make a licked haircut, you will only emphasize the squareness of the shape. Try to give preference to loose hair, although it is less practical.
  • Smooth bangs - no. If you managed to make such an experiment and cut a smooth thick bang, it can be laid with fixing means on its side, slightly softening its silhouette. You have probably already noticed that such a bang makes your face visually wider.
  • Use asymmetry. If you are not wearing an asymmetrical haircut, asymmetry can be achieved by making the hair on one side. For this you can use jokes and stealth, fixing one part of the curls behind. And you can use weaving, making a fishtail braid on one side. A phased scheme or video lesson of such weaving can be easily found on our website.And having trained a couple of times, you will easily perform this hairstyle daily.
  • Ruffle the strands. With the help of styling you can give your hair negligence. Such an experiment does not require much time. Independently make such a laying can each.

Look at the stars

Choosing the right hairstyle for a square face, probably the best example will be movie stars and pop stars. That's who knows for sure how to make a magnificent harmonious image with the help of styling. And it is not surprising, because dozens of stylists work on them. A simple girl does not have such helpers, so you have to make your own choices.

The vivid representatives of this face form are Keira Knightley, Olivia Wilde, Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson. All these girls have strong cheekbones, a low forehead and a distinguished lower jaw.

These beauties experiment with images every day to amaze fans by choosing different hairstyles for a square face.

Therefore, using their example, we can examine dozens of different styles, both for everyday life and for the glamorous image.

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