Concept set for hair lamination with botox effect: advantages, disadvantages and method of application

The Russian brand of professional cosmetics for hair Concept represents a novelty - Lamination with the effect of Botox.

Lamination with the effect of Botox Concept is a qualitatively new level of care for weakened curls. The unique program of two products Step 1 Hot and Step 2 Cold, to the difference from classical lamination, not only works with the outer layer of each hair, but also with the structure, allows you to return the lost beauty and strength to the strands.

The result of lamination with the effect of the Botox Concept is:

  • moisturized, radiant and elastic strands,
  • increase in hair volume up to 15%
  • instant solution to the problem of pocked sloppy tips.

The effectiveness of the program is based on the combination of two KERATEN and PROSPIN ™ complexes.

  • KERATEN complex contains vitamins and keratin structural protein, has a strong strengthening and smoothing effect on the hair.
  • Complex PROSPIN ™ - peptide compounds of amino acid residues that can penetrate into the cortex and seal it from the inside. Give hair splendor, fill the injured areas, brings curls flexibility, strength and elasticity.

The effect of lamination Concept lasts up to 3-4 weeks. Due to the all-round impact on the strands (cuticle / cortex), the nutrients obtained during the procedure are not washed out, the hair does not lose its smoothness and shine.

What is it and what is the principle of action?

  • keratin - the main building material for the scalp,
  • sodium hyaluronate - natural polysaccharide broad-spectrum,
  • panthenol - Pantothenic acid derivative, an active participant in the carbohydrate and fat metabolism of tissues,
  • collagen - fibrillar protein, the basis of connective tissue, ensures its elasticity,
  • vegetable oils - caring and softening,
  • peptides - combinations of amino acids necessary for cell rejuvenation,
  • vitamins - contribute to the improvement of the hair structure.

Components activate hair growth, give them strength and shine, protect them from the inside and outside.

Concept kit contents

Since the procedure consists of three phases - hot, cold and final, the kit includes three drugs.

    Hot step - Keratin and Prospin ™ based hair regenerating agent opens the hair shaft flakes and penetrates the hair structure, filling up the damaged areas, and the warming effect provides deeper penetration of particles into the hair structure. Thus the hair is aligned and restored from the inside.

The basis of Step 1 Hot is the patented drug KERATIN + PROSPIN ™, it has a therapeutic effect due to the content of keratin and vitamins, which have an antioxidant effect. Keratin is the substance that makes up human hair, and as part of this drug, this element contributes to the natural regeneration of the hair structure, filling the damaged areas. Cysteine ​​in the composition of the drug in conjunction with peptides protects the hair from external exposure.

  • Cold step, the preparation for the second stage of the procedure is an astringent and regenerating agent that smoothes the hair structure and closes the keratin scales, already saturated with useful substances. The myristates in the composition of the product soften the hair, and fruit acids add shine.
  • Post Hair Cream Concept moisturizes, nourishes, conditions and smoothes the surface of the hair, and also structures its surface and facilitates subsequent styling, which can be started immediately after the procedure. This product works as an air conditioner, it contains special oils and vitamins.
  • Procedure cost

    The cost of the procedure in the cabin depends on the length of the curls:

    • for short hair - 1000-1500 rubles,
    • average - 1600-2500,
    • for long - 2600-3500.

    Also of great importance is their density and degree of damage. Porous or bleached hair needs one and a half times more preparation, and in each case the dosage will be calculated individually.

    You can buy the whole set for about 1000-1500 rubles.

    Is it suitable for home use and why?

    The complex is commercially available, and To carry out the procedure of lamination with the effect of Botox can be at home. The procedure does not pose any difficulty, and those who are used to dyeing their hair at home alone will simply use this caring complex. Independent application also saves money and time.

    Method of use - step by step instructions

    To carry out the procedure of lamination with the Botox effect, the Concept system at home requires:

    1. Rinse your hair and scalp with shampoo.
    2. A little dry strands with a towel.
    3. Apply Step Hot 1 with a dyeing brush, wrap with polyethylene, warm it up with a hair dryer, hold for 20 minutes and rinse the hair thoroughly with water.
    4. Apply Step Hot 2 with a brush, also hold for 20 minutes and rinse with water.
    5. Apply the caregiver balm, which should be absorbed into the curls, remove the excess drug with a paper towel. Now you can start laying, the temperature of the hairdryer should be no higher than 120 o C.

    Result and subsequent hair care

    Strands become flexible, elastic, shiny, less split, compacted and look more lush and thick.

    The effect can last from one month to three.. To maintain it, you must give preference to shampoos and balms that do not contain silicone, parabens and SLS.

    What is botox lamination?

    Experts promise that this a completely unique way to restore not only the appearance, but also the structure of hair. After the procedure, the curls are restored, rejuvenated, smoothed thanks to the keratin + Prospin vitamin complex.

    As you can see, the usual Botox in the composition is not, but A specially developed complex of vitamins, microelements, keratin has an effect similar to skin injections to beauty.

    This composition enters the hair shaft, thickens it, creates a powerful protective barrier, strengthens the hair, makes it beautiful, healthy. Thus, the curls absorb, retain much more useful substances. The effect persists for a long time, even after numerous washing of the head.

    Note, Prospin complex includes amino acids with peptide compound molecules. This complex helps to rejuvenate the curls, to suspend the aging process, straighten unruly strands, make them beautiful, radiant.

    This type of care for hair has appeared recently, but has already managed to catch the fancy of the fair sex. The cost of the procedure in the cabin depends on the length of the curls. On average, it amounts to 1000–1500 rubles for short head of hair, 1600–2500 rubles for curls of medium length, 2600–3500 rubles for long strands.

    Use the complex for lamination of hair with the effect of Botox without problems can be at home. To do this, you will need to purchase three products: a product for carrying out the hot phase, the cold phase, moisturizing cream after the lamination. For the entire set, you will give an average of 800-1000 rubles.


    Like many services used by ladies, botox lamination has several limitations.

    You can not carry out the procedure if a:

    • there are problems with the scalp,
    • there is a tendency to allergic reactions to various drugs,
    • you are expecting a baby or breastfeeding him.

    Concept system

    This The straightening and straightening program consists of three steps: the hot and cold phases, the care cream after the procedure. Products Step 1 Hot, Stop 2 Сold affect the structure of the hair, penetrating deep inside, giving strands of vital energy.

    Manufacturers promise moisturized, radiant hair, increased hairstyle, healthy, non-split ends. Vitamin, amino acid complex makes the hair fluffy, flexible, elastic, the damaged areas of the hair are filled, restored. The result of the procedure lasts up to a month, the products have a cumulative effect, constant use leads to the restoration of the structure.

    Hot phase It has regenerating properties, helps to open hair scales, penetrates the hair structure, fills in damaged areas. Curls are smooth, beautiful, saturated.

    Cold phase has astringent, restoring property, solders the opened, filled scales. Finally, a regenerating cream is applied, which finishes the recovery process, prepares the strands for subsequent styling.

    Phased conduct

    The procedure of straightening with the effect of Botox is carried out in three stages:

    1. First, the hair is thoroughly washed with shampoo for deep cleaning of the hair and scalp.
    2. Dry the strands a little, apply Step Hot 1 with a brush. The composition should be aged on the curls for 15–20 minutes. Then rinse the hair thoroughly with water.
    3. Also use Step Cold 2 using a brush. The composition is also aged for about 20 minutes, then rinsed under running water.
    4. At the end of the procedure, apply a moisturizing protective cream, if there is excess, remove them with a towel.
    5. After all the manipulations you can start laying.

    Care after

    Curls do not require special care, it is enough to follow the basic instructions recommended for any straightening of the hair:

    • It is not recommended to wash your hair for 48 hours after the procedure.
    • When styling your hair with a hair dryer, curling or ironing, expose temperature regime not higher than 120 degrees.
    • Do not use coarse scrubs based on salt, coffee.

    Attention! To use, use natural shampoos, balms, masks that do not contain parabens, silicone, SLS.

    It is not so difficult to care for the hair after straightening with the effect of Botox, you just need to love your hair, treat it with care.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Such The procedure has many advantages:

    • hair gets shine, elasticity, health,
    • lamination smoothes even heavily damaged curls,
    • split ends disappear, hair stops breaking, becomes elastic, flexible,
    • the applied composition works not only on the surface, it penetrates deep into, heals the strands from the inside,
    • increases the amount of hair,
    • protects the curls from the harmful effects of the environment, thermal action of the hair dryer, curling and ironing,
    • has a natural composition without formaldehyde.

    Because Lamination with the effect of Botox is aimed at treatment, restoration of hair, there are practically no cons in it. We can only say that there are some limitations, not every woman can make this procedure for herself. but almost all contraindications are temporary.

    Useful videos

    Master class on using Concept tools.

    Lamination Hair Concept.


    An excellent completion of the procedure will be Moisturizing hair cream after dyeing. Effectively moisturizes, nourishes, softens, conditions and smoothes the surface of the hair. In addition, due to its formula, the cream has the ability to structure the hair - you can immediately start styling, without using any additional funds.

    Botox effect for hair

    Botox effect lamination - a procedure for the restoration of the destroyed hair structure, their smoothing and rejuvenation based on the unique vitamin complex KERATIN + PROSPIN ™.

    Complex PROSPIN ™ penetrates deep into the hair structure, thickens, creates a rigid frame, strengthening the hair structure, gives them flexibility and strength. Thus, more than 70% of the useful substances obtained during the procedure are stored inside the hair, even after repeated washing of the head.

    Lamination with the effect of Botox has the same properties that Botox has on the skin: it rejuvenates, increases the elasticity and elasticity of the hair, contributes to their thickening and hardening. With this procedure, it is possible to completely restore even the most damaged hair, giving it smoothness and silkiness without weighting and gluing effect.

    What are the benefits of botox lamination?

    • Hair becomes moist, shiny and docile,
    • Adds smoothness even to severely damaged hair.
    • Eliminates split ends and hair breakage,
    • It works not only on the surface of the hair, creating a film around the hair, but also integrates into their structure and contributes to thickening,
    • Gives visible hair volume (from 15% and more),
    • Increases elasticity
    • For a long time keeps the color of dyed hair,
    • Protects hair from adverse effects
    • Does not cause allergies
    • The hot phase, providing intense warming, does not irritate the face and head, does not cause reddening,
    • Does not contain formaldehyde,
    • The procedure is absolutely safe.
    • Perfect for those who have problems with the scalp.

    The result - volume, elasticity, natural shine and shine of hair.

    Laminated with botox effect - how to use

    1. Wash your hair with shampoo by type of hair Live Hair.
    2. Apply HOT STEP 1 with a brush on clean dried hair.
    3. Allow 15–20 minutes depending on the degree of damage to the hair.
    4. Rinse with water.
    5. Apply COLD STEP 2 with a brush on dried hair and soak for 10-15 minutes.
    6. Rinse with water.
    7. Apply to wet hair moisturizer for hair after dyeing. Remove excess cream with a disposable towel. Proceed with the installation.

    The expense of funds for one procedure

    In order to know the costs, you must vary:

    • the name of the product itself,
    • long strands.

    The use of regenerating shampoo for the length:

    • up to 10 cm - 5-7 ml,
    • 10-20 cm - 7-10 ml,
    • 20-40 cm - 10-15 ml,
    • up to 40 cm - 10-15 ml.

    Hot and cold lamination:

    • up to 10 cm - 20-30 ml / 20-30 ml,
    • 10-20 cm - 30-40 ml / 30-40 ml,
    • 20-40 cm - 40-60 ml / 40-60 ml,
    • from 40 cm - 60-80 ml / 60-80 ml.

    Moisturizing composition after dyeing:

    • up to 10 cm - 1 g,
    • 10-20 cm - 2 g,
    • 20-40 cm - 3 g,
    • from 40 cm - 3-4 years.

    What is botox hair lamination?

    The professional care program includes both lamination and botox. In other words, the procedure allows you to restore the core from the inside and outside, because it works with the structure and with the outer layer of each hair.

    The procedure strengthens weakened hair, gives them strength, volume, silkiness, softness, smoothness, saves from split ends, smoothing them. Such a restoring complex is suitable even for sensitive scalp.

    The composition of the drug for the procedure

    The kit for the procedure includes products: “Step 1 Hot” and “Step 2 Cold” (“Hot phase” and “Cold phase”) and moisturizing hair cream.

    Step 1 Hot - Composition for botox. Its basis is the patented drug KERATIN + PROSPIN ™. Opens hair scales, penetrates deep into, fills microdamages. This composition has healing properties. Fills the core with vitamins, nutrients.

    Step 2 cold - smoothes the outer layer of hair, covers it with a film, due to which the curls become healthy.

    Cream - softens, conditions.

    Internal health and external effect is possible due to the feeding complex KERATIN + PROSPIN ™, which consists of vitamins, trace elements and protein, as well as amino acids with peptide compound molecules. Thanks to this combination of useful components, the curls for a long time remain beautiful, docile, radiant, filled with strength and energy.

    The procedure combines with itself two directions: it nourishes the hair structure itself - it heals, and creates the visual effect of luxurious hair - it laminates

    Stages of the procedure

    Lamination Concept will give a certain result only if you follow the necessary instructions and description from the annotation, otherwise there will be no effect.

    1. You must use a sulphate-free shampoo.
    2. Apply the composition of keratin and avenue and hold for 15-20 minutes.
    3. Wash curls without shampoo and dry with a scraper.
    4. Performs cold regeneration for 15-20 minutes.
    5. Rinse with running water and dry with a soft cloth.
    6. Apply a softening cream that plays the role of an air conditioner.
    7. Blot with a paper towel and dry with a hairdryer.

    Watch the video: Bottox Effect от Constant Delight (December 2019).