Estelle Princess Essex - a palette of colors

The palette of colors "Estel" on the shelves of Russian stores is in good demand and has a high buyability. And one of the main criteria, thanks to which it is so popular, is a wide choice of shades.

The second criterion is the composition, and the third is the price. But read more about everything further.

Paint composition

The whole color palette by Estelle paint does not contain ammonia, which only complements its list of advantages.

Along with the chemical components, the paint contains decoctions of medicinal herbs, moisturizing and nutrients, which make the hair soft and improve combability.

However, the product contains components that can cause allergies. Therefore, manufacturers recommend to pre-test the tool on a small area of ​​skin.

Estelle: professional and non-professional paint

"Estelle" is of two options: for professional and non-professional staining. The first lines of this paint belonged to the second type, that is, they were intended for home use.

The paint for independent non-salon use is called Estelle St-Petersburg. The palette of colors "Estelle" non-professional has 190 colors, which is significantly less than the series with the opposite purpose. And in the midst of this, yet considerable, variety there are both paints with a long-lasting effect and quick-washable ones. And their cost is much more affordable than professional ones.

Estel Professional is a series developed by special technologies, which allows to achieve salon results at home: "De Lux", "De Lux Silver", "De Lux Sens".

Estel De Luxe: color variety

According to the numbers, the palette of colors of paint "Estel Deluxe" has 140 shades. The ruler is designed with all the nuances of this kind of funds.

  • All colors of paint have a high resistance and are washed off only after 7-8 methods of washing the head.
  • After dyeing, the hair becomes softer, acquires a natural shine.
  • The composition of the high content of natural ingredients that provide nutrition and moisturizing hair.
  • The consistency is thick, and this is reflected in the stability of the paint on the curls. In this case, Estel stays on the strands as much as is needed.
  • Savings are not only in price, but also in volume: a 60-gram pack is enough for medium-length hair.
  • It does not harm the thin and weakened curls, but on the contrary - strengthens them.

The palette of colors according to the numbers of professional paint "Estelle" is a basic tones.

Estel Sence De Luxe: 56 shades for professional coloring

The color palette of paint "Estel" by numbers has 56 pearl shades, giving the hair a healthy, radiant look.

The creamy consistency of this tool is the correct even layer falls on the strands and does not flow prematurely. Another advantage of the "Deluxe Sens" is that it is completely devoid of ammonia, and therefore completely safe, even for a weak, thinned hair.

It has been noted several times that the “Estel Deluxe Sens” series well eliminates premature gray hair, completely coloring each hair. And also, due to the lack of ammonia, "Sens" without fear of the appearance of yellowness can use blondes, periodically "refreshing" the tone of their curls.

"Estelle Deluxe Sens", despite its harmlessness, has a contraindication to use for girls who:

  • have hair of saturated dark shades (black, brown),
  • they were repeatedly painted and have at the moment the bright color of the strands.

In the case of neglect of these recommendations, the risk of wasting money increases: the paint simply does not "take off" on the hair, and in the worst case, the final effect will be completely different from the expected result.

Estel De Luxe Silver Palette

The palette of colors of paint "Estel" by numbers has 50 shades. "Deluxe Silver" is designed primarily for uniform and accurate staining of age and premature gray hair. Lost pigment hair will once again become a natural shade, vibrant shine and softness. Maybe that's why Estel De Luxe Silver is considered an "age" series.

Estel Essex Hair Color

"Estel Essex" is designed for women and girls who prefer home painting salon. The main color palette of paint "Estel Essex" by numbers has 74 variations of colors: blond, light brown, dark blonde, rich dark.

For those who like to move away from the usual, "Essex Estel" offers several other series, allowing you to update the color or drastically change the image:

  • "Extra Red" - a set of red shades,
  • S-OS is designed for perfect safe brightening without yellowness,
  • Fashion - a series for unusual, bright coloring,
  • Lumen - highlights,
  • Proofreaders.

Estelle Essex cream-paint is safe for home coloring. In addition to it, you will need to select an activator from the same manufacturer, but with the required concentration: 3%, 6%, 9%. All necessary recommendations as well as instructions are enclosed in paint packaging.

Estel Professional Essex Princess

One of the popular lines is Estel Professional Essex Princess hair dye cream - a set of gentle, romantic, but at the same time subtle shades. And, as customers note, this collection is more preferable for young girls.

Paint "Estelle Princess" in the color palette according to numbers has only 10 varieties. The main part is occupied by light colors: blond and light brown shades. Only 1 version of paint is designed for dark-haired: 6-7 "Dark Brown Brown".

The remaining 9 shades are as follows:

  • 8-71 "Ash Brown Light Blonde",
  • 8-61 "Ash-purple"
  • 8-36 Golden Purple,
  • 8-65 "Violet-red light blonde",
  • 9-17 "Blond ash-brown",
  • 9-36 "Blond golden-purple",
  • 10-75 "Brown-red blond",
  • 10-36 "blond golden-purple",
  • 10-61 Purple-Ash Blond.

On sale "Princess" is a 60-ml tube. One such package is sufficient for coloring hair of medium length.

There are several professional recommendations on how best to use Estel Essex Princesses:

  • To achieve the effect of "pastel" suitable balm activator with a concentration of 1.5%. And the ratio of paint: activator - 2: 1.
  • 1: 1 - this is the ratio of cream-paint and activator with a higher concentration of the latter.
  • For dyeing hair with graying or completely gray strands, an activator with 3% is required. Indicators below the specified will not bring the expected results.

Despite the fact that there is no fixed price for Estelle paint (depending on the place of sale and the professionalism of the product, the cost may differ slightly), it is still considered democratic and accessible to everyone.

The paint of the series "De Luxe" and "De Luxe Silver" has a price range from 150 to 300 rubles per pack. Essex line will be cheaper: not more than 160 rubles per pack.

The budget Estel is especially felt in comparison with other well-known manufacturers, the cost of which starts from 350 rubles.

Customer opinion

Paint "Estelle" has found its fans among Russian women. Many people who have tried it are satisfied with the effect of the product, but among the large number of positive reviews, there are still dissatisfied people who she did not like. At first it is worth considering the advantages due to which the tool is so valued:

  1. Final result. Most girls and women are delighted with the result. The color is obtained exactly as stated on the packaging.
  2. Give your hair a smooth look and a healthy shine.
  3. A huge variety of colors.
  4. Total gray hair coloring
  5. In most cases, there is no yellowness when coloring blondes.
  6. Democratic price.
  7. High resistance to paint.

From the shortcomings of the customer revealed the following:

  1. In some girls, the paint does not completely fall on the hair, therefore, no staining occurs.
  2. Other girls complain about the complete lack of color fastness: after 1 use, the color is washed out.
  3. Still others consider the product uneconomical: 2-3 packages of dye leave for an average hair length.

It is obvious that against the background of a large number of positive qualities all the drawbacks of the paint remain practically unnoticeable. But it is only by example that one can fully appreciate all aspects of Estel.

What are the benefits of Estelle Princes Essex?

Paint in the market of prof. There is a lot of cosmetics, what can this particular product attract a customer? The advantages include the budget price of cream paint and oxidant, as well as the availability of the product in almost any store prof. cosmetics.

As for the very quality of dyeing, it will also satisfy the customer - Princess Essex effectively paints gray hair, gives the hair a good shine and rich shade for a long time, has a very rich color palette, take care of protecting the hair during application.

Perhaps the only drawback that can be found in this product lies in its application technique - it is recommended to apply the finished coloring composition on dry hair, and this makes it difficult to evenly distribute and increases consumption.

De Luxe Series

Coloring Series Compounds Estelle Deluxe designed for loose, thin curls. The basis of the product is a chromo-energy complex, due to the mild effect of which, coloring does not damage the hair structure.

The composition of the coloring mixture includes a large number vitamins and trace elements, as well as natural chestnut extract. This allows you to talk about the medicinal properties of Estelle paint.

Coloring emulsions gently and carefully perform their functions, giving the hair a new juicy color and healthy shine.

Estelle's palette consists of 140 shades, each is characterized by brightness, depth, special resistance. It is simple and pleasant to apply paint, the mixture does not flow, it is easily washed off after use.

The choice of colors is quite wide: 56 classic shades. Solutions have a pleasant smell, have a creamy structure, due to which their use is convenient both in the cabin and at home. Suitable for full dyeing, intensive toning, highlighting, as the series presents corrective compositions.

De Luxe Silver Series

Silver Series Palette Created for painting gray hair. Solutions from this line turn graying strands into shiny, silky hair of natural shades. The dye acts softly, while the color lasts a long time and looks natural. Thanks to the increased content of useful substances, the curls become stronger, acquire shimmer and silkiness.


Vintage Collection is designed to create new images in the presence of gray hair. Thanks to technology Reverse Osmosis deep penetration of coloring pigments is achieved, and cationic components enhance the effect and take care of the condition of the curls.
The palette consists of 45 shades., natural and expressive. The result is inspiring - the hairstyle acquires a natural shine, freshness and a new, lasting color.

Blond Bar Сouture
This series of super-clarifiers allows you to turn from a brown-haired woman into a blonde in one step. Products from the Blond Bar line combine bleaching and toning immediately. The manufacturer warns that to obtain the proper effect, the original hair color should be no darker than 4 levels (chestnut color).

The composition of the dye includes an innovative biopolymer matrix. This component protects the hair structure and scalp, while not reducing the coloring effect.

The choice of palette consists of 7 options (6 cool shades and 1 modulator, allowing you to create warm tones)

High flash
This series is intended for highlighting. Estelle Flash is a collection of bright colors, the main feature of which is the absence of the need for preliminary clarification. Resistant hair color guaranteed by cationic technology. Together with this, deep care is provided thanks to the content of natural, beneficial elements.

In the palette there are 5 saturated colors. Golden, copper, red, violet and violet-red - choose and create colorful images in a few minutes.


The professional line is represented by several series with a personal purpose, which in its arsenal has more than 100 colors!

De Luxe - paint rich in vitamins, micronutrients, beneficial effect on the condition of the hair bulb, strengthening it, saturating with useful substances. De Luxe harmoniously combined all the best qualities: deep rich tone, high durability, brilliance, effective care, which became possible thanks to the use of innovative technology consisting in the use of chitosan aminosugara, chestnut extract, a variety of vitamins, in a complex favorably acting on the structure and light contrast with coloring. The palette of the series includes golden shades, allowing as a result to find color:

  • light blond (10),
  • blond (9),
  • light blond (8),
  • Blonde (7),
  • dark blond (6),
  • light brown (5).

The background ranges from intensely golden (10/33, 9/3, 8/3, 7/3, 6/3, 5/3) to golden copper (9/34, 8/34, 7/43, 6/43 ), violet (10/36, 9/36, 8/36), copper (8/4) and intensely copper (8/44) tones.

Sence De Luxe - does not contain ammonia, but, despite this, it retains a bright, rich color for a very long time with minimal impact of active ingredients that do not damage the curls. The category contains all levels of color depth (from 10 to 1), allows you to get the desired result of natural (including for gray hair), ashen, ash-golden, purple-ashen, purple, lilac-red, brown, brown-purple, intensely crimson type. The palette of the presented category is simply huge, combines both cold and warm shades, contains ashen, gold, red, mahogany, violet series, and also havana (red-brown pigment). Sence De Luxe is simply created for professionals, bringing pleasure from a variety of scale, depth of paint, and the ammonia-free base makes this series just perfect.

Especially for getting rid of gray hair, De Luxe Silver paint was developed, which is able to gently, at the same time, effectively transform hair deprived of coloring pigments, giving it a natural color (from 10 to 1) from blond to bruneet and bringing an ashy blond tone (depth 9) to give hair red-brown pigment (depth 8, 7, 6, 5, 4) for a long time.

Essex is a rich gamma, persistent coloration, deep nourishment, the ability to transform curls into various delicate mauve and brown tones with additional shades (red, golden, magenta) from 10 to 4 levels.

In order to eliminate yellowness, to provide effective care after the toning procedure, to give brilliance and strength, Anti-Yellow Effect tint balsam was created, with which no trace will remain from the yellow cast.

Universal palette ESTEL ST-PETERSBURG

Many representatives of the fair sex admire with the unique home-use tool, after all, the highly professional cosmetology leader Estelle takes care of her clients, constantly modernizing the formula, composition, colorful solution so that the excellent customers of the product can easily choose the desired paint and eventually enjoy the resulting luminous saturation of the curls! The entire line is made without the use of ammonia.

Non-professional line is represented by:

  1. Celebrity - provides uniform coloring, nutrition, silkiness, performed using avocado oil, olive extract. The group has 20 keys:
  • blond (10) - platinum, silver, mother of pearl, pearls, Scandinavian,
  • light blond (8),
  • blond (7) - ashen, blond, hazelnut, brandy, titian, ruby,
  • dark blond (6) - chestnut, dark chocolate, burgundy,
  • light chestnut (5) - dark chestnut, chocolate, mahogany,
  • chestnut (4) - mocha,
  • black (1).

The series allows you to get the perfect image without damaging the hair structure!

  1. Love Intense, covers 27 favorite cold and warm light varieties:
  • blond - platinum, silver, sunny, pearl, beige,
  • copper and lilac pigment - fiery night, mahogany, beaujolais, ripe cherry, burgundy, burgundy, titian, ruby, flame, amber, garnet, fiery copper,
  • dark and chestnut notes - black, mocha, chocolate, chestnut, brandy, dark chestnut, ash-brown, hazelnut, light brown, cappuccino.
  1. Love Nuance, unlike its predecessors, this type of paint is not resistant, washed off after 6 shampoos, this option is immaculate, if the goal is to embody an experimental idea of ​​choosing a new type of hairstyle. The group has 17 tonalities available:
  • blonds - silver, sunny, pearl, polar, beige,
  • copper pigment - mahogany, bojole, ripe cherry, cognac, burgundy, ruby, flame, fiery copper, garnet-scarlet,
  • against gray hair - vanilla clouds, a splash of champagne, azure shore.
  1. Only Color is a famous series thanks to a complex of bio-balance and luster active, providing the best care for hair, containing pro-vitamin B5, UV protection. The series allows you to fall in love with 32 color solutions; it is characterized by level 7 (light brown) and different variable tones of ashen, matte, gold, red, mahogany, violet and havan.
  2. Only Color Naturals - persistent coloration complete with a balm containing cocoa, which contributes to the excellent nourishment of the hair, and 20 colorful types diversify the appearance of the hairstyle with all the existing rows of the main tonalities of level 7.
  3. Solo Color - a unique technology of the composition is represented by peach oil and tea tree extract, components that care about the health of hair. The series is represented by dark chestnut depth (3) in red, violet, dark, chestnut tones, a touch of blond (only 25 variants).
  4. The Solo Ton line of tint balsams is capable of short staining and is characterized by 18 types: blond, red, and purple contrasts.
  5. Solo Contrast is an extravagant group of persistent effect that dyes curls into velvet, southern poppy, fire vortex, orange mood, sunny blond, golden rain.
  6. Oxidant Color gel and Estel Vital balsam - harmonious blowing, rich in nutrients, including vitamin C, B5, PP for a long time will provide pleasure from a colorful variety of 25 types.

The palette of professional excellence Estelle is the fruitful work of experienced specialists of high quality quality, the application of the latest research aimed at improving the product formula, its quality characteristics, favorable influence on the hair structure, as well as giving it a flawless appearance!

Estelle Colors Estel Essex. Main palette

Estel Essex colors are represented by several rows:
natural, ashen, pearl, golden, copper, golden-copper, red, copper-red, violet, red-violet, brown, brown-violet, brown-red row.

How to choose the color correctly?

How to choose the paint right? Non hair dyes, if you know how to decipher them, can tell a lot more than the color on the package or the exotic name of the shade. Therefore, every woman must necessarily know the universal numbering of shades of hair dyes and what this or that number means. So, the numerical designation of tones in the color palette:

• X / xx first digit - level or depth of tone (from 1 to 10)

• x / xx the second digit - the main color nuance

• х / хХ third digit - additional color nuance (makes up 50% of the main one)

So, the whole range of hair color shades is just 8 main rows:

• 0 - a series of natural tones (green pigment)

• 1 - ash series (blue-purple pigment)

• 2 - matt row (green pigment)

• 3 - gold row (yellow-orange pigment)

• 4 - red row (copper pigment)

• 5 - mahogany series (red-purple pigment)

• 6 - violet row (blue-violet pigment)

• 7 - brown row (natural base)

When choosing a hair dye, you need to be guided by your color type and on the basis of this, choose your own depth of tone. For example, if it is an 8 tone, then no matter what color range you choose, the first number in the tone number must be 8. In another case, the color will seem too dark or too light.

If you are looking for more Estelle colorsYou will find the Estelle Deluxe Palette article on our website useful. Good luck with your choice!

Estelle Princess Essex Paint - Home Use

If you decide to choose this dye for self-dyeing, the following information is useful to you. In addition to choosing the color from the palette, which we give below, you will need to choose the second component of the coloring mixture correctly - the oxidant Princess Essex. The choice of oxidant depends on how much you want to make the result lighter than your original base.

  • When dyeing the hair tone to tone or one tone lighter, on the regrown part of the hair, you need to choose the weakest concentration of oxidant 3%.
  • When dyeing, when you need to make the whole hair lighter by one tone, and by two ton-root parts, you need to choose an oxidant 6%.
  • When dyeing, when you need to make the whole hair lighter by two tones, and three tones are the root part, you need to choose an oxidant 9%.
  • When dyeing, when you need to make the whole hair lighter by three tones, and four tones are the root part, you need to choose an oxidant 12%.
  • For color dyeing hair shades Fashion or series 0 / xx, use the activator 1.5%.

Estelle Princess Essex cream application scheme also depends on the final hair tone.

When first staining without changing the tone or with darkening, the mixture is applied to dry hair at the same time on the roots and the entire length. When re-dyeing, apply the composition to the regrown root zone for 30 minutes, after which it should be stretched over the rest of the hair and left for another 5-10 minutes.

When dyeing with lightening, the composition is first applied to the entire canvas, starting about 2 cm from the skin, then only on the basal part.

Estelle Paint Cost

Reasonable price for formulations is another important reason that attracts the consumer. Compared to similar means, Estel’s paint costs are an order of magnitude lower. This is simply explained - the domestic production company saves on transportation, since there is no need for it.

Competent marketing also contributes to the optimal ratio of price and quality. The creators of the brand clearly express their position: hair care at a professional level should be accessible to everyone. And this is fully realized with the help of Estelle's palette.

If we talk about specific numbers, the price threshold depends on the region, the direction of the store, and, of course, the category of composition. Estelle non-professional paints cost from 150 to 350 rubles per pack. Products from the professional line will cost more: 400-500 rubles.

Coloring at home

If you decide to independently give the curls a bright shade or try a new color, use the following recommendations:

Read the instructions carefully. Even experienced users may encounter some nuances. Compositions may vary in exposure time and other characteristics. Do not neglect this item.

Be sure to "work" in gloves

Perform an allergic reaction test: drip the product on the wrist from the inside and wait 2-3 minutes.

Proceed to staining only if the skin is not damaged!

Apply the mixture to unwashed hair (just skip one shampooing),

When using paint with an oxygen content of 3-6% (that is, for dyeing to tone lighter or tone to tone), apply the composition to the roots first, then lubricate the hair along the entire length,

When using a mixture with oxygen 6-9% (that is, to get lighter shades), distribute the paint 2 cm from the roots and below. After that, paint over the root zone,

If you dye the strands, lightly moisten them,

Use the compound immediately after mixing,

If paint gets into your eyes, quickly rinse them with water.

Color palette of colors Estelle

The Estelle palette is used by professional beauticians and those who use paint at home to dye their hair.

Hair care requires special preparations, tools and skills.

Creating new colors for curls, developers are forced to take into account a large number of factors that determines the consumer quality of products.

One of the main conditions is that consumers' expectations correspond to the results obtained.

If you want to improve the condition of your hair, special attention should be paid to shampoos that you use. A frightening figure - in 97% of shampoos of famous brands are substances that poison our body. The main components, due to which all the troubles, on the labels are designated as sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, coco sulfate. These chemicals destroy the structure of the hair, the hair becomes brittle, lose elasticity and strength, the color fades. But the worst thing is that this filth enters the liver, heart, lungs, accumulates in the organs and can cause cancer. We advise against using the means in which these substances are located. Recently, experts of our editorial staff conducted an analysis of sulfate-free shampoos, where the first place was taken by funds from the company Mulsan Cosmetic. The only manufacturer of all-natural cosmetics. All products are manufactured under strict quality control and certification systems. We recommend to visit the official online store If you doubt the naturalness of your cosmetics, check the expiration date, it should not exceed one year of storage.

The next condition that is taken into account is the durability of the color obtained after dyeing. And another requirement that applies to coloring agents - they should not cause damage to the hair.

Estelle palette features

The company Estel produces drugs for hair coloring in a wide range of colors. On the windows of beauty salons there is a wide palette of hair-dyes of various types.

All Estelle line dyeing products for curls meet the requirements for this type of drugs.

In the list of these requirements, the following should be highlighted:

  • dye strands in close to natural color
  • do not harm the health of the body as a whole,
  • keep curls resilient,
  • leave the possibility for curling
  • be comfortable to use.

It is important that the Estelle dye used does not react negatively with other drugs used in hair care.

About the quality of hair color brand Estel says the fact that it is widely used in hairdressing and beauty salons.

This popularity of the palette is due to the fact that the composition of the coloring preparations includes the following substances useful for curls:

  • keratin,
  • guarana extract,
  • green tea extract.

Keratin complex strengthens hair structure. Guarana and green tea moisturize curls and nourish them. After dyeing hair with Estelle's palette, the hairstyle acquires a healthy glow and shine.

Systematic work on the creation of new shades allows to satisfy the most sophisticated requests.

Masters who work in hairdressing salons, in the first place, emit durability of coloring preparations.

The palette of colors Estel on this indicator occupies the first lines in various ratings.

Accessibility and ease of use have made Estel inks popular with women who care for their hair at home.

Given the increased demand for coloring drugs, the company began to produce two product lines - professional and non-professional.

To achieve the desired result in the care of curls can be a variety of ways. To a certain extent, the result is determined by the availability of funds and their cost.

Estelle's professional line

The line of professional tools Estelle distributed through beauty salons and specialty stores.

The peculiarity of these drugs lies in the fact that a particular color is selected by the master manually. Only a high-level professional can handle this task.

He has to take into account many different parameters and the wishes of the client. The condition of the hair, traces from the previous coloring and other details influence the final result.

Paints designed for professional use, can even get those shades that are not in the catalog. In this way, the color palette expands in different directions.

Non-professional tools Estelle

Paints from the non-professional line Estelle are sold freely in ordinary shopping centers. The paint is packed in bright boxes, by looking at which you can determine the shade of the coloring agent.

This method of distribution is considered the most effective. Each box contains coloring pigment, oxide and balm to preserve color.

Women of all ages have some experience in home hair dyeing.

In order to prepare the product Estel, you need to thoroughly mix the coloring pigment with oxide. After the procedure is completed, a balm is applied to the hair. All these actions are not difficult and do not require prior preparation.

The palette of professional tools Estelle

Professional palette of colors includes 4 lines. In order to inform consumers in detail, each direction has its own unique designation.

The cipher paint consists of three digits. The value of the number in the first position tells the colorist about the level of color tone. The second digit indicates the primary color.

The third is an additional nuance of shade. The total number of colors and shades has long exceeded one hundred.

Coding is used to quickly search for a coloring drug of the desired shade.

Once a suitable drug is found, you must carefully check the color scheme, which is presented in the photo and their desires.

Estelle De Luxe line

Hair dye Estelle Deluxe is presented on the market with a wide palette of colors. The catalogs are 140 items.

The overwhelming part of the base colors that are designed directly for hair coloring.

This professional palette paints a very high quality gray hair on the curls. When coloring turns out unsuccessful, the received color can be corrected with a special preparation.

In the line there are 10 color correctors. Brightening agents are produced in the same quantity.It is important to emphasize that clarification of the strands is possible by almost 4 tones. Present in the palette and five preparations for highlighting the strands.

Estelle Sence De Luxe line

This professional paint palette Estelle differs in that in its composition there is no ammonia.

Most often, this tool is used for the careful dyeing of bleached hair. The palette includes 68 shades. Of these, 64 are basic colors.

A feature in the use of this palette is that when stained, the damaged structure of the hair coat is restored.

How to choose your hair dye by tint number

Millions of women in all countries of the world are constantly faced with the problem of a difficult choice of hair dye. The product range is truly enormous, and there is no reason to talk about the future shade. On the box - the color is one, the hair turns out completely different. And after all, few people know that you can simply determine the future color by the numbers on the box ...

In the choice of paint, each woman is guided by her own criteria. For one, brand awareness becomes the decisive factor; for the other, the price criterion; for the third, originality and attractiveness of the package or the presence of a balm in the kit.

But as for the choice of the shade itself - in this all are guided by the photo placed on the package. In extreme cases, the name.

And rarely will anyone pay attention to the small numbers that are printed next to the beautiful (like “chocolate smoothie”) shade name. Although it is these numbers that give us a complete picture of the shade presented.

What do the numbers on the box say

On the main part of the shades represented by different brands, tones are indicated by 2-3 figures. For example, "5.00 Dark Blonde."

  • Under the 1st digit refers to the depth of the primary color (approx. - usually from 1 to 10).
  • Under the 2nd digit is the basic color tone (approx. - the digit comes after a point or fraction).
  • Under the 3rd digit - an additional shade (approx. - 30-50% of the main shade).

When marking with only one or 2 digits, it is assumed that there are no shades in the composition, and the tone is exceptionally clear.

Decipher the depth of the main color:

  • 1 - refers to the black color.
  • 2 - to dark dark chestnut.
  • 3 - to dark chestnut.
  • 4 - to chestnut.
  • 5 - to light chestnut.
  • 6 - to dark blond.
  • 7 - to the light brown.
  • 8 - to light blond.
  • 9 - to a very light brown.
  • 0 - to light-light-blond (that is, light blond).

Individual manufacturers can also add the 11th or 12th tone - this is already super-brightening hair dyes.

Next - decipher the figure of the main shade:

  • The number 0 assumes a series of natural tones.
  • Under number 1: there is a blue-violet pigment (a comment - an ashy row).
  • Under number 2: there is a green pigment (approx. - matte row).
  • Under number 3: there is a yellow-orange pigment (a comment - a gold row).
  • Under number 4: there is a copper pigment (a comment - a red row).
  • Under number 5: there is a red-violet pigment (a comment - a mahogany row).
  • Under number 6: there is a blue-violet pigment (a comment - a violet row).
  • Under number 7: there is a red-brown pigment (a comment - a natural basis).

It should be remembered that the 1st and 2nd shades refer to cold, others - to warm.

We decipher the 3rd digit on the box - an additional shade.

If this number is present, it means that there is an additional shade in your paint, the amount of which relative to the base color is 1 to 2 (sometimes there are other proportions).

  • Under the number 1 - ashen tint.
  • Under the number 2 - purple hue.
  • Under the number 3 - gold.
  • Under the number 4 - copper.
  • Under the number 5 - mahogany shade.
  • Under the number 6 - red shade.
  • Under the number 7 - coffee.

Individual manufacturers designate color using letters, not numbers (in particular, Pallet).

They are deciphered as follows:

  • Under the letter C you will find ashen color.
  • Under PL - platinum.
  • Under A - super clarification.
  • Under N - natural color.
  • Under E - beige.
  • Under M - matte.
  • Under W - brown color.
  • Under R - red.
  • Under G is gold.
  • Under K - copper.
  • Under I - intense color.
  • And under F, V - purple.

Has a gradation and level of paint resistance. He, too, is usually indicated on the box (only in another place).

  • Under the numeral “0”, paints with a low level of durability are encrypted - “for a time” paint with a short effect. That is, tinted shampoos and mousses, sprays, etc.
  • The figure "1" speaks about the tint product without ammonia and peroxide in the composition. Such means refresh dyed hair and add shine.
  • The figure "2" will tell about the paint's semi-resistance, as well as the presence of peroxide and, sometimes, ammonia. Resistance - up to 3 months.
  • The number "3" - this is the most resistant colors, radically changing the main color.

  1. "0" before the number (for example, "2.02"): the presence of natural or warm pigment.
  2. The more "0" (for example, "2.005"), the more natural in the shade.
  3. "0" after the number (for example, "2.30"): saturation and brightness of the color.
  4. Two identical numbers after a point (for example, "5.22"): pigment concentration. That is, the enhancement of additional color.
  5. The more “0” after the point, the better the shade will block the gray hair.

Examples of decoding palette of hair colors - how to choose your number

To assimilate the information obtained above, we will analyze them with specific examples.

  • Hue "8.13", presented as light-blonde beige (paint "L'oreal Excellence"). The number “8” indicates a light-brown scale, the number “1” indicates the presence of an ashen shade, the number 3 indicates the presence of a golden color (it is 2 times less than the ashy).
  • Hue "10.02", presented as a light blond light gentle. The number “10” indicates such a depth of tone as “light blond”, the number “0” indicates the presence of a natural pigment, and the number “2” is a matte pigment. That is, the color in the end will be very cold, and without the red / yellow shades.
  • Hue "10.66", called the Polar (approx. - palette Estel Love Nuance). The number “10” indicates a light-light-brown scale, and two “sixes” indicate the concentration of the violet pigment. That is, the blond will turn out with a purple tint.
  • Hue "WN3", referred to as "golden coffee" (approx. - Palette cream paint). In this case, the letter “W” indicates a brown color, with the letter “N” the manufacturer designated its naturalness (approx. - analogously to zero after a dot with the usual digital encoding), and the number “3” indicates the presence of a golden hue. That is, the color will eventually be warm - natural brown.
  • Tint "6.03" or Dark Blonde. The number “6” shows us a “dark-light” base, “0” indicates the naturalness of the future shade, and the number “3” the manufacturer adds a warm golden nuance.
  • Tint "1.0" or "Black." This option without auxiliary nuances - there are no additional shades. A “0” indicates exceptional natural color. That is, in the end, the color is pure deep black.

Of course, in addition to the symbols in the numbers indicated on the original packaging, you should also take into account the peculiarities of your hair.

Be sure to take into account the fact of pre-coloring, highlighting or just lightening.

How to choose the right paint

It is a mistake to assume that cold tones can only be present in blond color. In fact, they are widely used in all other colors. The most important thing is to distribute the paint correctly and evenly over the entire length of the hair, then the color will turn out exactly as you want. It will be deep, successfully setting off the skin and eyes. The best result after dyeing can be obtained only if this is done by a professional.

Cold shades very well emphasize the beauty of the natural color of hair, lightening or darkening it into several tones.

Pearl tints are found even in a red color, and it looks very interesting. Specialists often by mixing several colors get the desired shade of cold. To do this, take the blond and dark color. Of course, only hairdressers can experiment like this. In some cases, the color still does not give the shade that is needed; you can correct it with a silver or ashy tonic.

Loreal Cold Palette

Cosmetic concern L'Oreal became the first company in which a revolutionary palette of cold colors was created. Before the advent of such a palette, even high-quality staining in ashen and silver colors could lose the result in just a couple of weeks: warm tones still gradually appeared. But with the new product from L'Oreal such a problem simply ceased to exist.

The Preference series gives a guaranteed result of getting a cold color thanks to its innovative formula, which contains 3 main pigments that completely neutralize warm shades. After dyeing with the chosen color from the Preference palette, the hair acquires an intense, deep, clean, cool shade of blond, which will not fade with time. Mother of pearl in such a palette completely neutralizes the yellow pigment, the iris gives brightness, and the silver pigment fixes the result. It is these three components that make it possible in the end to get the perfect cold tone.

Palette L'oreal Preference consists of 11 shades, where you can find the deep colors of the light brown, red, chestnut, luxurious range of blond. One more indisputable advantage of the tool is the complete painting of gray hair.

Experts recommend girls with light brown hair to pay attention to the shades of cold-blond palette Preference. Even natural brunettes can afford to emphasize the beauty of the curls with such paint. Hair only slightly change its tone, the color will be smooth and attractive.

Ultra bright blond L'Oreal best suited for blonde with fair skin. The paint will lighten the hair to the maximum, with it you can not worry about the appearance of unpleasant yellowness. The whole secret lies in the fact that the shade of blond has a delicate pink subtone, visually it is imperceptible, but it is he who emphasizes the freshness and natural beauty. Cold shade of light brown Preference will only emphasize the natural color of the curls. Few people even guess that the hair is colored, the tool allows you to get the most natural effect and healthy shine of the strands.

Black and silver preference shades allow you to fill the curls with internal radiance. They are completely absent red pigment, the color is not washed out, does not tarnish and does not change its shade with time. A pearly, silver loreal silver play will make black, dark blond and brown hair shiny and well-groomed.

Experts recommend a careful attitude to the cold-ash color from L'Oreal. After coloring hair can become covered with artificial gray hair. In some cases, it is precisely this shade that can advantageously emphasize the natural tone.

Cold shades Estelle

Estelle is a professional paint that has proven itself to be one of the best and most resistant. If we consider the cold range of shades presented in her palette, we can find the beautiful colors of blond, pay attention to the light brown and dark colors.

Do not worry about yellowing or other unpleasant manifestations after staining - Estelle's palette completely excludes this.

Frosty tones presented in the Estelle palette deserve special attention from the girls. For light brown hair color, muted tones fit just perfectly, the silver pigment will make the hair literally shine with inner health and color. Estelle's palette suggests diluting a light brown tone with an ashy or pearlescent shade, both versions look good on dark or light curls.

The palette of the blond is very diverse in the company of Estel. You can pick up ashy tone or stay on a purple-brown hue. Each paint attracts attention, and if it is used correctly, the result will surely please. Light curls will be favorably underlined, while no yellowness will appear even after a long time.

Experts have also identified Estelle's paint for the fact that its cold tones help to create a silver, mother-of-pearl shade not only on light strands, but also on dark ones. If you choose the right paint and trust the master, then the dark cold shade will like its restraint and muffling.

It should be noted that such tones are at the peak of popularity recently, so with professional paints Estelle you can feel like a real star.

After dyeing, the hair is pleasantly surprised by its softness and silkiness. And all because there are caring components in the product that nourish and protect the hair structure from negative effects.

Estelle's professional palette, which represents cold tones, is constantly expanding and this provides women with an excellent field for successful and bold experiments.

Garnier in cold tones

High-quality cosmetics Garnier, as well as Estelle and L'Oreal, present a cool palette of shades that is popular with women. Specialists and women themselves note that after using such a tool, the hair becomes soft, alive, and docile.

In the cold palette Garnier presented blond, beige, blond, ashy tones. After staining, an unpleasant yellow tint does not appear, the result remains for a long time, the color is not washed out.

Garnier provides women with an excellent opportunity to choose the most appropriate tone, according to their color type. Get the desired result with this paint can be at home, but it is best to contact a specialist.

Garnier offers products with and without ammonia. If you just need to give your hair the desired shade, it is best to use a non-ammonia agent. Aggressive component is better to use when necessary, to drastically change the color of hair or paint over gray hair.

The cold tones of the Garnier palette do an excellent job with the problem of gray hair: the coloring pigment will completely eliminate gray hair. Light tones can not paint over, but simply change the appearance, gray hair due to the coloring matter will begin to overflow with a silvery ash or pearl tint.

Dye Garnier in cold colors for dark hair completely eliminates the red pigment, after dyeing, the color is as close to natural as possible, its depth and uniformity are surprising. Hair will sparkle with pearl or silver tints and even after a long time they will not see an unpleasant reddish tint.

Experts identified a number of colors in the cold tones of Garnier, which girls like most. Blondes choose cream pearl or ultrablond. A good option would also be a northern blond and pearl blond. A luxurious blonde can be accentuated with the color of hazelnut, frosty chocolate or night sapphire. Of course, the blue-black color from Garnier remains among the favorites, he completely dyes his hair, making them look like a raven's wing.

Luxurious matte, maximum natural cold shades allow you to successfully emphasize the natural beauty of the curls, eye and skin color. Properly chosen means will force the girl to take a different look at herself, change her appearance.

Estelle Professional Series - professional numbers

The company Estel offers a wide range of products, including not only painting products, but also various auxiliary components.

Choosing the perfect paint, you should focus on durability and affordability.

This brand is divided into two lines: the palette of colors estel professional and line for home use.

As part of the professional line there is a palette of colors by numbers, activators for toning, oxidizers and all sorts of dyes.

Professional palette Estelle consists of five series.The preparation contains the following oxygenating agents and components:

  • emulsion-oxidant, which gives durability to shades,
  • with cream paint in a pair of activators go to give color intensity,
  • lightening agents
  • bleaching paste,
  • powder to highlight the shade.

Nuances Estelle Deluxe

The color palette of estel deluxe has about 135 different shades. Coloring agents contain a large amount of nutritional ingredients and vitamins.

The composition of the series falls on the strands evenly, which ensures economical use.

These funds are characterized by increased durability and deep color. In addition to the oxidizing agent and the dye, the kit contains a chromo-energy preparation that helps protect the strands from the chemical effects of the dyes.

The palette of colors Estelle this line is distributed in the following series:

  1. Chitosan contains vitamins and trace elements, giving lightness and shine to the hair.
  2. Red Hair Dye Estelle extra ed.
  3. Lightening drugs High Blond and Flash.

Benefits of Estelle Essex Paint

The palette of colors Estel essex contributes to sustainable staining in rich colors. The composition of cosmetic products are useful oils and useful components.

The line is characterized by effective ingredients that provide bleached hair with nutrients.

Coloring agents contain a popular molecular system that provides gentle and gentle care. It is recommended by experts to eliminate gray hair.

For the shades from Estelle to acquire strength and shine, toning is applied to bleached strands.

Drug love nuance

This tint balm is suitable for high-quality toning. The palette contains about 17 shades. The paint is completely washed off after a certain time, which allows the use of other colors and not apply special washes.

With this drug, you can periodically refresh the colors of resistant paints.

Line Solo Ton used for toning. It does not contain ammonia components. In a series of about 18 shades. Such a balsam does not provide a persistent color.

Such staining does not harm the curls, as the paint does not contain bleaching components.

With this tool you can get rid of the yellow tones of bleached hair. It uses ash light brown color from Estelle.

Solo contrast

Only a few shades are included in the Estelle hair dye color layout solo contrast. This tool allows you to lighten the strands by 4-6 tones. Thus, saturated shades are created that are not washed away for a long time.

For gray hair: Estelle Silver

For a thorough dyeing of gray hair a series of silver is applied. A different palette is used for painting, including chocolate shades from Estelle. The drug is characterized by a mild effect and lasts a long time. At the same time curls become attractive and strong.

Features of the ammonia-free series

Ammonia paint without ammonia is suitable for strands depleted from permanent stains. With the help of gentle components, toning and painting of bleached curls is performed.

The product contains a small percentage of the activator, which contributes to the safety of the product.

The series of sense deluxe contains more than 50 shades. Restore curls will help a series of Celebrity.

Coloring tools: color palette and price

Highlighting is a procedure in which some strands are brightened. As a result, the hairstyle is endowed with additional volume. After highlighting is performed toning.

Highlighting is applied to the High Flash series. Such drugs cost about 300 rubles.

Colorless Deluxe Series Corrector

For color correction after highlighting, a non-frameless corrector is used, which helps to enhance the brightness of the color and eliminate the unnecessary shade.

When applied correctly, the yellowing is neutralized after highlighting. This uses a dark brown shade from Estelle.

Anti-yellow blond effect

Anti Yellow Effect is used to eliminate the yellow shade on the bleached hair. This tool makes strands shiny and stronger. Numerous tonal balms are used. Dark chocolate from Estelle or other palettes can be used.

How and what to wash off

There is always a risk that an undesirable color will appear after the staining procedure. For such cases, apply corrective compositions and special washes.

The wash is considered a sparing agent and at the same time has an affordable price. The use of this drug does not affect the natural pigment. The structure of the hair is not broken, and the hair remains healthy and shiny.

The wash is applied for 20 minutes and then washed off with water. Use the drug can be 4-5 times.

Each woman can choose any shade to your taste, using the wealth of colors Estelle. Thanks to beneficial substances, a gentle and soft coloring is performed.

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