11 lines of products from Phyto: the beauty of the hair is provided

Phyto brand supplies to the market quality products for hair care of various types. Released several sets of tools to help solve the basic problems of hair. All funds act on the basis of natural ingredients, and therefore have only a positive effect on the scalp.

Beautiful hair requires care

Brand history

Years of experience in the production of shampoos and conditioners allows the brand to currently produce the highest quality products. The brand has been around for almost 50 years, it was founded in 1969 by Patrick Alice. The founder believed that problematic hair is not a hereditary phenomenon, but an acquired one. It occurs with the wrong care for them.

The brand produces innovative products, the composition of which is enriched with natural components and developed on the basis of recent discoveries in biology, histology, cosmetology, etc. In addition, all Phyto products are bottled in packages consisting of biodegradable and completely safe materials.

All the natural components that make up the products are extracted from plants grown on the brand’s own plantations in compliance with the necessary safety standards.

The product obtained as a result best meets the needs of each hair type.

Advantages and disadvantages of shampoo

The main advantage of all the products produced by the brand is efficiency. They perfectly solve the tasks. In contrast to the products of other brands, all the tools work fine not only in combination with other cosmetics of the same line, but also with shampoos, masks, etc. other brands. Although maximum efficiency and the fastest possible resolution of problems can be achieved by using not only a mask, but also spray and phyto shampoo, as well as other products designed to solve a particular problem.

The main disadvantages of the products are as follows:

Brand products are quite expensive compared to many other, even professional, rulers. A full range of tools to solve this or that problem may not be affordable for some consumers.

In addition, herbal shampoo in some cities is not freely available. The brand is not very popular and is distributed mainly through pharmacies. In some cities it is difficult or impossible to acquire it at all. Mostly, in the Russian Federation, product sales go through online stores.

Like any remedies based on natural ingredients, these can cause allergies if they are hypersensitive to the components. And although this probability is lower than that of some other brands, nevertheless, it is.

Be careful to use hair products if you are allergic

Assortment: Kydra, Phyto phytocyane, Phytovolume

The range of Phyto is divided into two categories: products for the scalp and hair. They can be supplied as sets or separately. The following products are available:

  • Ampoules with vitamin formulations for the treatment of scalp and hair loss,
  • Supplements in capsules - oral vitamins, strengthens hair,

  • Conditioners moisturizing, restoring, universal, for dyed hair, etc.,
  • Paints and tinted hair shampoos,
  • Hairsprays and other styling products,
  • Oils and concentrates of various types, both maintenance and styling,
  • Sprays for volume, moistening, with thermal protection, etc.,
  • Serum for hair treatment - regenerative, anti-fallout, nourishing, etc.,
  • Hair cream for daily or occasional use,
  • Shampoos - one of the most diverse categories. They are available in different sizes and for different types of hair. Intensive phyto Phytonectar shampoo is popular. In addition, restorative, toning, energy, firming shampoos are popular. There are anti-aging agents, suitable for colored hair, for oily or dry hair, as well as universal ones. A separate line is designed for owners of sensitive scalp,

In the form of sets, complexes for recovery and treatment with keratin, styling products, specialized programs, etc. are supplied to the market. They usually include phyto shampoo, mask or conditioner and some kind of specialized tool.

Take care of your hair health, use only proven means!

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