Short bob

Mowing came to us from ancient Egypt - Queen Cleopatra preferred this hairstyle - and for a long time remained the prerogative of only male mods. Women were instructed to braid braids in complex hairstyles and hide under headdresses. But once at the beginning of the 20th century, the French dancer Irene cut her gorgeous hair for a dance image. The matrons fainted, and the fashionable women were enraptured. Thus began the triumphant march of the square cut on the planet.

Such a different car

Over the last century, the square has changed a lot. Now it is at least 7 classic types and many variations. It is made as a completely short and long hair. Surprised, but you can never do a haircut to make a square (the secret at the end of the article)!

Let's take a closer look at the classic types of cuts hairstyles.

Classic car

Modern classics are distinguished by a variety of lengths and variations in the presence and type of bangs. The general appearance of the haircut remains unchanged - clear straight or slightly beveled lines from the back of the head to the front. Classic haircut necessarily covers the ears and frames the face with long side strands.

This haircut is the owners of heavy thick straight hair. Classic squares are recommended for women with an oval face type.

Created on the basis of combining two popular haircuts: bob and quads. Behind the bob caret is cut as short as possible, almost at the very base of the neck. Sometimes the hair at the base is shaved to lift the back of the head even higher. On each side, the strands are gradually extended, covering the neck and cheekbones.

The classic bob car is most of all for girls with an oval face and delicate soft features. But with the help of various bangs, you can choose a variation of this haircut for any fashionable woman, regardless of body size, type of face or hair structure. And bob car - salvation for thin split ends, because with the help of different lengths the necessary volume is created, and frequent updating of the haircut eliminates the disadvantages.


Kare on the leg visually similar to the previous species - bob-kare. The main difference is in the huge pile of short strands on the back of the head, creating additional volume, and in a special way, cut the center of the back of the head. This haircut is especially popular among owners of a beautiful long neck, as it allows to emphasize this advantage as much as possible. The disadvantage of this haircut is that it requires fairly frequent updates.

Caret with lengthening

Perhaps the most popular haircut in the 2018 season. Its variations allow you to choose the perfect option for any type of hair and face.

Strands of face as long as possible. Often, squares with lengthening are recommended to owners of wide cheekbones or a square face: long strands allow you to adjust the oval and stretch your face as long as possible.

Graduated car

The fashion trend of recent years is a slight mess on the head. Graduated car makes it easy to achieve this. The stylist begins work from a nape. Each new strand is cut with gradation. The longest strands (traditional for all types of square) are on the face.

This haircut allows you to solve problems with the volume of thin hair, and graded strands perfectly smooth out angular facial features. In addition, this haircut will look great with the latest fashion trends in coloring: highlighting and bright color locks.

Asymmetrical car

This is any square in which one side is longer than the other. Initially, the asymmetrical square assumed a classic square on the one hand, and a boy's haircut on the other. Now fashion trends allow you to vary both the length of the parties, and their appearance.

The most desperate women of fashion shave one side completely or with a thin blade they shave some pattern on the short-cropped side.

Stylists also recommend playing with color in an asymmetrical car. You can arrange the long strands in several colors or with a special paint to make the original painting of the short side.

Double quads

Option "two in one". The bottom layer of hair forms a classic bob, sometimes a bob with lengthening, the upper one is made using the bob bob technique. This haircut is very popular with those who want a lot of additional volume. In addition, this multi-layering involves many options for hairstyles and hair styling. Double quads are recommended for women with narrow faces.

What kind of car - for me?

It is very important to take into account how long the hair of a fashionista who is going to make a bobble hairstyle and how long she plans to get as a result.

For those ladies who prefer long hair and like to experiment with forms, the master will recommend classic, graduated or four-sided with lengthening. Such variations of haircuts allow you to make various styling, suitable for owners of both straight and curly hair. And even leave the opportunity to pick up the hair in a high hairstyle.

Those who have no time to spend hours at the mirror with a hairdryer and varnish, but at the same time want to always look great, it is recommended to bob-caret and square on the leg for short hair. Laying such a haircut is simple and unpretentious, and the result is always great.

Young and daring fashionistas the same time to decide on an experiment with an asymmetrical square.

The secret of caret without quads

Well, in the end, as promised, the secret is how to make a square without cutting the hair. Just tell your stylist two code words: "false caret." He will understand what you are talking about. False square - it is a hairstyle of long hair, in which the strands crease on the back of the head under the hair and create the illusion of cutting a square.

For almost a hundred years, fashionistas from all over the world have chosen to cut their hair. Do not worry if this haircut will suit you. Kare is now so diverse that among the innumerable number of variations there is sure to be your option.

Who is the bob haircut

A short bob (a photo of a haircut can often be seen in all magazines and beauty salons) attracts views and creates an interesting image. Professional hairdresser stylist will help you choose the right kind of this haircut. But do not forget that, like any haircut, the “bob” may not fit certain parameters of the face.

Experts advise to choose her girls with the following features:

  • Beautiful neck. Short haircuts emphasize this part of the body and make it sleeker.
  • High forehead. Haircut helps to hide this flaw.
  • Skin without flaws. All attention will be focused on the face, which is quite inappropriate for owners of problem skin.
  • Gray image. The asymmetrical "bob" gives the owner a strong character and attracts admiring glances.
  • Wrong features. The right decision will bang with asymmetry.

Short bob looks attractive on women and girls of any age. Haircut refreshes the look, will give it mischief, besides it makes the face very photogenic.

How to choose a short bob haircut on the shape of the face

A professional master in a beauty salon, before starting to work with hair, must first evaluate their structure, the shape of the client's face, and also take into account all his wishes, then the haircut will turn out great and easy to care for.

Recommendations of specialists in the shape of the face:

  • Oblong shape. Experts recommend choosing the length of the strands from the front to the chin, and the high forehead will delicately hide the bangs. Then the lips will visually become fuller and more expressive. Too short or long versions of the “bean” will lengthen the face.
  • Rounded. The length of the strands of the face just below the level of the chin, which optically reduces its width and slightly lengthens. Inverted "bob" looks particularly advantageous. The length of the strands in the back is slightly shorter than the front. In order not to increase the face, it is not recommended to give a volumetric look to the hairstyle.
  • Angular. An asymmetrical "bob" will soften the features and contours of the face.
  • Oval. Any experiments with variations of the bob haircut.

Depending on the hair structure

Haircut in any performance does not tolerate damaged strands. This means that the owners of this feminine hairstyle should pay increased attention to the state of their curls and use caring masks and conditioners for hair shine, and with split ends, it is necessary to use special oils.

On the structure of the hair is better to choose:

Classic bob haircut

A short bob (a photo of a haircut with step-by-step execution will help clarify difficult moments) is better to entrust an experienced stylist-hairdresser.

Technique haircuts:

  1. Hold a vertical parting from the center of the forehead to the center of the neck.
  2. Focusing on the upper angle of the auricle, select the lower prism subzone with a parting in the form of a triangle, the top of which lies at a point on the central parting line, from which the 2nd diagonal lines are drawn to the sides, drawing an equilateral triangle.
  3. Starting from the left, separate the first thin strand of hair, parallel to the separation diagonally, 1-2 cm indent from the edge.
  4. Cut the selected (control) strand at a 45 degree angle.
  5. Separate the 2nd strand in 1 cm indent.
  6. Connect both strands together and cut, focusing on the control.
  7. "Strand by strand", moving up, cut the remaining strands.
  8. At the level of the occipital bone, the direction changes to horizontal. Raising the strands in the center should be higher, and close to the ear should lower the fingers below.
  9. On the right side of the head, repeat all the same actions, but change the position of the fingers. Now they should be directed upwards from the bottom contour.
  10. When creating the first strand, the balance is checked for perfect cut. We need to take a few strands on both sides and reduce them to the center, checking the length.
  11. For the upper occipital and temporo-parietal, you need to move higher, maintaining the angle of delay.
  12. The highest angle in the center.
  13. Separate the strands on the back of the head and go to the temporal-side zone.
  14. Separate the strands near the ear.
  15. Shave the occipital part, gradually drawing the future shape.
  16. Comb the temporal-lateral hair, fix the strands, pressing them to the skin above the ear, and extend the hairline from the back of the head.
  17. With a 0 degree “strand by strand” cut, cut the hair in the temporal-lateral region, moving up to the sagittal separation of the frontal parietal region.
  18. Jump to the other side of the head.
  19. Distribute the hair of the front parietal region in the direction of growth using a comb with wide teeth.
  20. Select the area of ​​the bangs, focusing on the ledge at the temple.
  21. Separate diagonally, select the strand to the right of the future bangs.
  22. Cut in the opposite direction with the “strand by strand” technique for lengthening.
  23. Repeat on the other side.
  24. Adjust the angle of the bangs in the center. After careful combing, the element is edged in a straight line.
  25. Dry hair.
  26. You can modify the contours with scissors, and hair on the neck with a machine.
  27. Haircut bob ready.

Types of haircuts bob for short hair: with lengthening

This haircut often becomes the choice of women of different age categories, physique due to its features:

  • Contrast front and back strand length.
  • For wavy and straight hair.
  • Different versions of the front strands (of the same and different length or in steps).
  • A cropped neck will help to give grace and pomp to the back, as well as highlight the beautiful neck.

This hairstyle will hide the imperfections of the hair, if they are thin, sparse or devoid of volume.

Short bob-bob

From the caret can be distinguished by the following features:

  • Graduation - the most important element of haircuts.
  • The back of the head is open.
  • The top of the head is given extra volume.
  • Elongated strands of the face.

Suitable for all hair types and any face shape.

Graded bob

  • It gives volume and lightness, visually softens rough features, hides wide cheekbones and forehead.
  • The bottom edge of the hair is made torn, but soft transitions.
  • Combined with milled bangs.
  • Gives fluffiness to thin hair.

Video trimming haircuts graduated bean:

Suitable for straight and wavy curls.

Asymmetrical bean

  • Creates a bold and eccentric image.
  • Recommended only for shiny and healthy hair.
  • For a more spectacular look, stylists recommend creative staining with bright colors.
  • The border of the hair at the bottom can be highlighted with a smooth or torn line.
  • It is possible to experiment with the length of the temporal locks - shorten them with one and leave the maximum length with the other.
Short bob Photo haircut options with asymmetry

Experiments with asymmetry often concern bangs - it can be lengthened on one side and combed to the side.

  • Suitable for women of all ages.
  • The face becomes a puppet.
  • With bangs on the scythe is especially spectacular.
  • Short strands on the temples and the back of the head open the ears and neck.
  • Hair is elongated at the top, bangs and nape.
  • Suitable for women with large features.
  • Ideal for oval or long face.
  • Not suitable for heavily curly hair.
  • To give a bold image shaved neck and temples.

Options oblique, shortened or elongated bangs.

Bob on the leg in the form of fungus

  • The combination of modern and classic.
  • Nape as open as possible.
  • Volume is created at the crown.
  • Long strands gently frame the face.
  • Visually lengthen the neck.
  • Emphasizes the sophistication of the owner.
  • Ideal for fragile and miniature.
  • For straight and thick hair.

With the elongated shape of the face is to find the perfect bangs.

With shaved temple

  • It is combined with bright dyes or rich dark hair colors.
  • For active young girls.
  • Maximum opens ears.
  • You can shave a temple from one side to create asymmetry or from two.
  • For any type of face.

Curls of different lengths are layered on each other, which creates volume and draws attention to the hairstyle.

With oblique bangs

  • Smooth cut line at the back opens the neck.
  • Strands on the sides and the shape of the bangs are selected individually for each person.
  • Especially advantageous for girls with medium-sized and thin features.
  • For any type of face.
  • For hair of any type except for too thick and strongly curly.
  • Registration of bangs can be completed by graduation or thinning.
  • Frequent correction is necessary (at least once a month).

Easily fit without special tools for 10-15 minutes.

Straight bangs

  • Makes harmonious large and coarse features.
  • It creates an emphasis on the eyes, giving them expressiveness and special attractiveness even with the lightest makeup.
  • Thick, clipped to the eyebrows, contrasting with the elongated side strands, lengthens the face and draws a clear outline.
  • For straight and smooth hair.

Bangs to the middle of the forehead is suitable only for owners of regular features.

With long bangs

  • For all face types.
  • Focus on eyes and lips.
  • Shorter hair in the back of the head, along with long bangs, give the fragile silhouette more delicacy.
  • With the help of pointed structured ends and asymmetry, the shape of the face is completely changed.
  • Long, thick, shaped bangs will cover your high forehead.
  • A sharp chin will hide a long bang on the oblique.
  • Wide and high forehead will hide long straight bangs.

Harmonizes with all varieties of haircuts.

  • It looks stylish when creating a haircut with asymmetry and parting on the oblique.
  • Extended chin-length hair hides prominent cheekbones.
  • Not suitable for an elongated face because of the side strands.

Housekeeping rules

A short “bob” (a photo of a haircut with a step-by-step description of styling will help to create the correct contour) is not difficult to quickly put at home. For him, invented a lot of original styling.Layers, graduated or textured, leave more options.

Simple ways to put a bob:

  1. Hair to brush back and slightly to twist the ends inside or outside with brushing or the hair dryer.
  2. Comb your hairbrush with wide teeth.
  1. On combed hair to apply funds for the volume, distributing throughout the length.
  2. Raise the hair with palms and fix varnish.
  1. A round curling iron will help create the styling in waves. Separating the strands, one after the other from the top of the head, wind them onto the curling iron, fastening them with hairpins.
  2. Having reached the lower limit of hair growth, remove the barrettes and straighten the curls with your hands.
  3. Secure with varnish.
  1. The iron or tongs will help in creating a smooth and shiny styling. Then the strands are in front, pulled out and slightly bent inward.
  2. The rest of the hairstyle is whipped by hand.
  3. Fixed with lacquer.

The technique of haircut "bob" for short hair is among the complexTherefore, it is very important to find a real specialist who will create an image based on the individual features of the client’s appearance. Properly chosen haircut will look unique in life and in the photo.

Article design: E.Chaikina

A useful video clip about a short bob cut

The plot of the process of creating a bob haircut for short hair:

For me, so short a bean very much simplifies the face .. A friend has cut her hair like that, since the village aunt began to look. With such a hairstyle and make-up you need to be able to and lay it normally. Somehow I like it more - less fuss.

Round and full face

It is recommended that owners of round and full faces choose graded, torn and elongated “Caret” options on the leg. It is worth refraining from varieties that are rounded in shape and straight bangs, since they only visually expand the face. But if you really want to have a similar hairstyle, then it is better that it was shorter (approximately to the upper earlobe), and the straight bang is combined with the elongated front strands.

Rectangular and square face

Ladies with a square and rectangular face "Kare" on the leg will add femininity and softness. However, when creating a haircut, you should avoid using angles and sharp straight lines. Best suited graded aerial options with thick bangs to the side.

Oval face

The oval, not too elongated face perfectly combines with any kind of "Kare" on the leg. Owners of elongated face and too high forehead for the correction of the image is very useful thick straight bangs and all the variations of haircuts while maintaining the average hair length. But the addition of elongated front strands should be abandoned.

Triangular face

All kinds of “Caret” on the leg are ideally combined with a triangular, diamond-shaped and slender face. In this case, you can give only one recommendation - young ladies with an overly elongated and pointed chin should combine elongated haircuts with a thick slanting bang.

Types of four-legged

Initially, there was only one kind of "Kare" on the leg with a rounded upper part, resembling a mushroom cap, and short strands on the nape, supporting it (the leg). To date, the technique and length of execution, the presence of optional elements and hair style can be divided into the following varieties:

  • Short square on the leg.
  • Bob-square on the leg.
  • With lengthening.
  • Graduated.
  • With a raised head.
  • With asymmetry.
  • With a bang.
  • Without bangs.
  • For fine hair.
  • For curly hair.
  • With shaved nape.
  • With shaved temples.
  • Unusual in form.
  • Creatively colored.

Each species deserves to be given separately a drop of precious attention.

Short square leg

A short “Kare” on the leg is the most versatile variation of a haircut, as it suits almost everyone, regardless of the shape of the face, age or type of appearance. Very often, this type is chosen by ladies with steel, in some ways even masculine, character, leading an active lifestyle.

Bob caret varieties with photo

Each of the existing types of this hairstyle deserves special attention. Among the large number of options offered there is the best image for any woman. Kare combines the best qualities of two extravagant hairstyles. On the verge between the two styles are many varieties for haircuts. To choose such an image for your hair means to choose a unique variant for your own style, which will always be relevant and stylish.

Today, this haircut has improved from the usual smooth cut to a complex and multifaceted hairstyle. Due to its unique ability to calculate different styling options for specific types of appearance, the hairstyle can be deservedly called the most universal. Thus, this hairstyle will suit any hair. On a straight and smooth head of hair will make a spectacular haircut with transitions. Curly and wavy hair will also be demonstrated in a winning light.

You can find such types of bob haircuts as:

  • Long caret,
  • Normal square,
  • Haircut bob square on the leg,
  • Classic option
  • Graded way
  • Hairstyle with bangs,
  • Double bob
  • Haircut asymmetrical bob,
  • Laying on curls.

Also, the options for available styles vary in parting: oblique or straight. Any of the options can be performed with a bang or without. Therefore, it can be argued that each girl is able to choose a hairstyle for individual characteristics and look amazing. Kare in any variety emphasizes the beauty of the outlines of the face and focuses on the eyes.

To choose your style of styling you need to proceed from the type of hair. It is also worth remembering that the haircut is suitable for different lengths.

Haircut bob, photo options for the classic square

Traditional car is an easy universal hairstyle for any occasion. Thanks to a simple straight cut, it is not demanding in everyday life and easy to lay. Short styling is suitable for any type of hair, because it will emphasize the advantages. An extended version is recommended only for women with docile hair, because if the tips are tightly tied, the shape will deviate from the classical version.

The main feature of classic styling is an even cut on one level. The outline of the hairstyle should not completely open the neck, although it will be trimmed fairly short. Of course, on longer hair hairstyle can reach to the shoulders.

The traditional version of the square can be embodied with a bang or without. Owners of an oval face can make a long thick bang. To some extent, this styling visually rejuvenates the fair sex. Prefer a more mysterious image, you can make a short straight fringe. Oblique bangs will also be fashionable, giving playfulness to the classic look.

Having made a choice regarding the bangs, you should think about the device parting in the desired hairstyle. For example, you can create a strict image due to the careful parting in the middle of the head. A side parting offset to the side will look more universal. If you wish, you can experiment by parting in a zigzag.

Photo haircuts in the form of asymmetry and even parting

This hairstyle in many ways resembles the traditional version of the square. It is usually performed on short or medium hair. The main difference between hairstyles is that the strands in front of the head will be longer than the back strands. The gradual transition along the length created an interesting effect and became one of the reasons for the great popularity of this styling.

Both asymmetric bob and smooth styling are encountered. You can cut off the bangs, or be content with long front curls. Bob is suitable for any type, including even curly curls and the most naughty hair. Today, even many celebrities proudly wear this styling.

Long bob haircut with a photo

Depending on the desired length of hair, different types of hairstyle can be created. A slightly longer version may allow the front strands to reach below the chin. In this case, the rear part may also be elongated. However, this is not at all necessary, as many even shave the back part in order to raise the strands even higher and make a greater contrast in length.

The maximum elongated bob can reach to the shoulders and cover the neck. Different cutting techniques can be used: cascade, ladder or traditional straight cut. For the back locks, thinning can be used to render the transition soft and feminine. An extended styling option is suitable for any appearance.

As a rule, the longest strands should be located near the temples. This principle provides a beautiful framing effect and emphasizes the natural shape of the face.

Features of a bob cut on the leg

The caret on the leg differs from the usual caret in that it has very short hair on the back of the head, which gradually becomes longer. Kare on the leg looks more extravagant and bright. This haircut is able to refresh and update the classic car that is boring to everyone and add a highlight to the new look. The classic square on the leg is distinguished by the presence of a clearly distinguished tip and a sharp even cut, due to which that leg is visible. However, many stylists prefer to make smoother transitions in order to soften a little and so distinguished haircut.

Undoubtedly, like any other haircut, the square on the leg has its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of this haircut include:

  • in this haircut, the neck and face are very open, which in certain cases makes the image more expressive and elegant,
  • the square on the leg makes the hair visually thicker
  • This haircut is a rejuvenating, so it is safe to choose women over 40 years old,
  • the square on the leg is simple enough to be laid,
  • in view of the variety of varieties of this haircut, it can fit any shape of the face.

But this haircut has certain disadvantages:

  • The cutting technique itself is rather laborious and requires an experienced professional craftsman who will be able to choose the appropriate cut according to your type of face and hair structure,
  • This haircut must be constantly updated, otherwise it will lose its shape and will not look so impressive.

With asymmetry

Asymmetry is still in fashion. She found her expression in the "Cara" on the leg. All together it looks very stylish and multifaceted. In addition, with the help of asymmetric strands, you can hide many of the flaws in appearance and emphasize its advantages.

With shaved nape

The young ladies, whose middle name “Unusual”, definitely need to add “Kare” on the leg with shaved nape, which can be simply trimmed or completely shaved, into the piggy bank of your favorite extravagant hairstyles. This haircut looks great in combination with an unusual pattern on the back of the head, created from hair using the technique of figured haircut.

Creatively colored square

You can stand out from the crowd with the usual kind of “Kare” on the leg, but only creatively colored. In order to become bright and noticeable, it is enough to select only a few small locks on the head with contrasting colors.

If the lady’s minimalism is not welcome (“dyeing, so dyeing”), then you can draw a rainbow in bangs or the whole head.

Bright creative coloring is available not only to blondes, but also to brunettes. On the black, dark blonde and chocolate hair look bright pink and blue strands.

However, pink is ideally combined with dark and blond hair. It remains to be determined only with the style and extent of staining.

Placement on the leg

The highlight and the main advantage of "Kare" on the leg is in the technology of his haircut. That same leg supports the bulk of the hair, creating a beautiful and voluminous shape. Additional styling is not required, it is enough just to dry the head with a hair dryer, but this is a daily option. To make the haircut more solemn, it is possible to slightly curl the individual not too small strands with an iron, lifting them at the roots, and to lay them beautifully all over the head.

A simpler and faster version of the solemn styling “Kare” on the leg implies the creation of high volume and creative disorder on the top of the head.

Video instruction creating a four-legged

At first glance, the technology of creating “Kare” on the leg is quite simple, but this is not at all the case. In fact, there are many nuances and difficulties in it, which can only be taken into account and overcome only by an experienced master.

From the accuracy of movements and the strict sequence of all stages of the creation of a haircut depends on how well it will look on your head. For those who are interested to get acquainted with the process of creating "Kare" on the leg, or, despite all the warnings, try to cut it yourself, below is a detailed video instruction.

Haircuts bob squares on the leg photo

The stylish version of the hairstyle is characterized by volume strands on the crown and an extremely short shaved nape. As a rule, this hairstyle is done on even or slightly wavy strands. The styling beautifully exposes the neck, which will emphasize the femininity of any image. Although the haircut on the leg is very practical in everyday life, you will often have to visit the hairdresser, because the hair grows quickly, and hide the "leg".

Especially girls with sophisticated features will suit this hairstyle. Opening the neck, the volume on the back of the head equalizes the proportions and balances the figure. Such shorter styling has long become a trend of fashion and an indicator of the delicate style of its owner.

To evaluate the main trump card of such styling, you should see what the bob on the leg looks like (rear view on the photo). Also, the profile will look especially subtle, because the abrupt transition from the short nape to the long strands is fascinating.

Women of any age prefer this styling. Among short-haired haircuts, such styling is undoubtedly a favorite in every fashionable season. It will also be interesting to see how the bob is cut at the leg (photos of the video are presented below). It will take a little time to create such a style, and in everyday life it will be very easy to put your hair on.

The hairstyle of the graduated look, photo

Layered hairstyle is popular with modern girls. The stepped strands look a bit disheveled, therefore they betray the image of ease and ease. The strands on the back of the head are clipped with some gradation, which sets an interesting shape. High and voluminous curls are cut using the technology of poiting, which creates torn teeth at the tips.

A graduated four-sided bob for a round and square face is perfect, because disheveled locks hide the angularity of the face and even out the proportions. The longest curls in this style are always directed to the face. Behind them you can hide the wide cheekbones, and simulate the shape of the face.

For an oval and elongated face, you can make a long graduated bean with bangs. It is bangs that will visually shorten the height of the forehead and emphasize the harmony of proportions.

Look at photos of such hairstyles to notice how original appearance and individuality are emphasized. Torn and soft styling is considered fashionable, and has become a winning alternative to traditional haircuts. This styling will look good on the hair of any stiffness and thickness.

Haircut bob caret graded popular at all times, because it creates the effect of pomp of hair. Owners of fine damaged hair should pay attention to such a hairstyle.Natural and easy negligence is always considered fashionable, so you should see the process of this haircut on the video, and perhaps choose such a styling for yourself.

Haircut asymmetrical bob, photo

The difference of this type of laying in its asymmetry: on the one hand, the strands are cut off shorter. In this case, the minimum length can reach only a few centimeters. With a special charm, the hairstyle is suitable for owners of straight hair, on which you can create clear, even lines.

Bob caret asymmetry may have an offset along the parting line. Due to such manipulations, it will be possible to hide the flaws and correct the shape of the face. The side parting in asymmetric styling emphasizes the originality of the style. If asymmetry is created on curly hair, a light graduation is performed to make the hairstyle neat and well-groomed.

Haircut with bangs

Any kind of styling can be done with a bang. Different variations with bangs are able to give the proportions of the face more perfect. For example, on a long oval face, you can make a thick long bangs, and hide the forehead. On the rounded face, you will need oblique bangs, on the square - straight. Owners of a small short forehead can lengthen it due to the short bangs.

Even a bob hairstyle can be done with bangs. This is a universal way to create a game image that refreshes and rejuvenates.

Photos of species bob square with curls

Girls with curly locks can also get a haircut under the square. Light waves or curls look especially cute in medium length. Additionally, you can make a layering or cascade to make curls obedient.

Similar hairstyle in the style of the square is performed under the shape of a ball. Here the hair as if envelops the face in a ball. This installation is recommended diamond face or girls with a small head, because the additional volume will correct the proportions.

On curly hair is often done haircut bob graduated, whose photos are fascinating. Beautiful and cropped locks beautifully curl and create a cute image.

Parting and styling

Any kind of traditional haircut can be laid on your own. Holders of a smooth symmetrical face prefer a strict parting in the middle. To hide the flaws and give the appearance of sophistication can be parted to the side. Also, many women do side parting or zigzag.

You can see how the bob haircut on the leg looks like (photo below) and compare it with the hair on the side parting. It is impossible not to agree that only one change of parting will radically change the image.

Women will always be able to choose the best way of styling for their haircuts, because any version of the execution of a square can be presented in different ways in everyday life. You can simply dry the strands in the direction of the length, and you can wind the tips or put all the hair back. With the help of a round brush, it will turn out to be beautiful to lay a square with any type of hair.

Since the square has been deservedly considered a universal hairstyle, many today make themselves such a fashionable haircut. All depending on the individual characteristics, you can choose the best style of haircut among the many options offered.

Varieties of square feet

Every year stylists try to surprise us more and more, and therefore create new versions of different haircuts that we love so much. Four-legged car was no exception. Here are some of the varieties that stylists offer us:

  1. Four-leg with lengthening. From the classic square on the leg is distinguished by the presence of elongated front strands.
  2. Graduated four leg. Suitable for girls who need to add more volume to their hair. In conjunction with fashionable staining in several tones looks just great.
  3. Short square on the leg. A very brave option, which is not all women choose. The essence of this haircut is to open the back of the head almost to the middle of the head.
  4. Asymmetric square on the leg. This haircut is preferred by girls who are ready and not afraid of experimenting with their appearance. The essence of the haircut is to create longer strands on one side of the face and shorter ones on the other. However, the asymmetry can be completely any.
  5. Kare on a leg with a bang. This type of haircut is mainly chosen by girls who need to hide too high forehead.

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