Hairstyles for a round full face: photo

Fat people are always a little shy of their appearance, trying to hide extra pounds under the spacious clothing, but what if nature has rewarded with a full face? Many owners of a round face and puffy cheeks believe that the hair does not play an important role in their image, but this opinion is wrong. Even a fat girl or a plump man can look seductive and attractive, you just have to choose the right haircut. What is the length of the hair in this case is optimal, what to look for when choosing a male or female haircut - read our article.

Choosing a hairstyle for a full face

If people with thin and medium builds are not so important to pay attention to their figure when choosing a hairstyle, then full men and women should do it without fail. The main function of the hairstyle is to visually make a full profile close in shape to the oval, and the figure itself more harmonious and slim. Choosing among the many fashionable haircuts, do not forget about the simple rules.

Useful tips:

  • if you like thick and straight bangs, you risk making the face and figure even more massive, such bangs are not for you. Prefer oblique, asymmetric or bangs to the side,

  • the more magnificent your forms, the more lengths your haircut should be. Avoid smooth haircuts and combed back hair in favor of light curls of medium length,
  • the most inappropriate hairstyles for obese people - as short as "under the boy",
  • if the hair is rather long, then it is recommended to use asymmetry, cascade, graduation or thinning techniques. This will help blur the sharp horizontal line of the border of the hair, which visually divides the figure in two, making it even more heavy,
  • forget the horse's high tail and the usual tight pigtail, these are too simple options for you, they will further emphasize full cheeks and massive cheekbones,
  • small jewelry and accessories are not for you, opt for a single massive flower that adorns the hair at the back or in the temporal area,
  • If you like a classic bob haircut, then you should not refuse it. Strictly horizontal lines, of course, are not the best option, but if you dilute them with elongated strands, then the hairstyle will perfectly adjust the profile,

  • a great and easy way to “throw off” not only a couple of kilograms, but also a couple of years - careless haircuts, a little chaotic and messy,
  • the owner of the magnificent forms, before going to the hairdresser for a new hairstyle, should determine the type of her figure.

If you think that all the full ladies go the same hairstyle, you are mistaken. It is not important how many kilograms you weigh, but what proportions your figure has. If you have a slim waist and curvaceous forms in the lower part of the body, then some hairstyles will go to you, and if you have a massive upper body, then you will be completely different.

The type of shape and shape of hair

The well-known classification of female figures is appropriate not only when choosing clothes, but also hairstyles:

Form of "pear"

Owners of this type of figure have narrow shoulders, small breasts, elegant thin waist, which contrasts with full hips and legs. The brightest girl with such a figure - Jennifer Lopez, a massive lower body became her dignity, not a disadvantage. What hairstyle does she wear most often? Long and elastic curls that playfully go down to the waist. Such a hairstyle is optimal for a girl with a pear-shaped figure. Definitely not very suitable haircuts for straight hair.

Apple shape

If a girl has a wide back, the waist line is weakly expressed, the breast is large, and there is also a plump belly, then such a figure can be called the "apple". Rounded shapes and excess weight do not allow you to choose any haircuts, in this case, the most appropriate are medium haircuts with a rather voluminous crown. They are visually elongated figure and the lady will seem a little slimmer. The best length is slightly higher than the shoulder line, the hairstyle should hide the plump neck.

Hourglass shape

This is perhaps the most successful female figure of the full, these girls have several advantages at once: big breasts, slender waist, wide hips. Such a figure attracts a maximum of male attention, it is considered a classic and was popular with the opposite sex at all times. Such a figure had Merlin Monroe and Sophia Loren, but they certainly did not suffer from a lack of male attention.

The first thing you should forget about in this case is the curls. Slightly curly curls, but not large curls, they will make the profile even more complete. The most unsuitable hairstyles will be styling a bun, combing back, very short smooth hairstyles. Ideal options: medium length, layered, oblique or side bangs, diagonal strands.

If a girl has a very big breast and would like not to attract attention to her, but, on the contrary, to make her image more strict and restrained, then you should give up very short hairstyles. In this case, the hairstyle plays a very important role, only an interesting, unusual haircut will be able to divert the eyes of others from an outstanding bust.

Athletic body type

It is not easy to choose a haircut for girls not only full, but also high, because despite the impressive growth, they also want to look feminine and romantic. Correct the situation will help the semi-long or medium length graceful, slightly twisted, light waves or curls. The most inappropriate option is a high tail, it will make the figure even more graphic and massive.

Multilayer cascade

These hairstyles will shimmer beautifully in the sun, diverting attention from the curvaceous forms, and the dynamic form of the cascade will make the hairstyle lively and multifaceted. The cascade looks volume and luxuriously, which is simply necessary for the fullness of the face and body. The ladder should have its beginning just below the line of the cheekbones, then the strands will be able to hide the cheeks and make the face more thin. The cascade looks very tender and feminine, hiding the excessive roughness of the full figure.

Cascade is a hairstyle that can add volume to thin hair, but it will look harmonious only after special styling.

If you are ready to spend time every morning on styling the cascade, often trimming your hair, then this is an ideal option.

Asymmetrical haircuts

Asymmetrical hairstyles are not only very fashionable today, but can also be a real salvation for a fat woman, since women add youth and mischief to the image. Today, ultrashort and medium lengths, and even long haircuts with asymmetry techniques are popular. But for full ladies it is preferable to just the average length, this hairstyle will make the face proportional, as well as more attractive.

A great way to hide the flaws of a full face is bob cut. She is stylish and fashionable, feminine, but dynamic.

She is very young face of its owner, makes it fresh and hides flaws.

If you opt for this haircut, then you need to pay special attention to the length of hair. Too short bob will look unattractive, as it denies all imperfections. If the hair goes down on the shoulders, it will only draw attention to the massive figure. Your option - the average length, such a bean — quart is easy to clean, but it has many styling options.

Curls and tattered haircuts

Girls with curvaceous prefer short and smooth haircuts, and in vain. After all, it is a lush, voluminous, slightly chaotic, unusual haircut that can drastically change the image of a chubby lady. They always go curls, curls, wavy hair. Also disheveled strands conceal volumes perfectly.

Basic rules for choosing hairstyles:

  • the hairstyle should not be too smoothif possible, abandon the use of the gel and flat packs without volume,
  • if a full man's hair is very curly, then it is recommended to use a flat iron or styling products. If the curls a man to face and he is not ready to constantly straighten them, then you should pay attention to the multi-layered hairstyles that will help get rid of excess volume,
  • when choosing a bang for a full face, men should also give up straight and thick bangs, as well as women. Oblique, asymmetrical bangs will look more attractive.

Chubby men, unlike women with rounded shapes, often have very short haircuts. They add to the image of brutality and courage, some even baldness to the face. But choosing a very short haircut should pay attention to the proportions of the face, if it is not symmetrical, then very short haircuts are not for you.

There are several win-win options for this type of appearance.

This hairstyle is not as extravagant as a square, it is worn by many men of all ages, it is stylish and spectacular, but it is quite simple to care for it. This haircut can turn even the most strict and brutal man into an elegant gentleman.

From the set of other short male haircuts, the Canadian is distinguished by a volume in the temporal and frontal zone, and at the back of the head - short hair.

Despite the rather short hair length, the canadian also requires care and styling. This haircut should look neat, it does not tolerate chaos and negligence. So, before choosing it, answer the question: are you ready for daily installation?

Yes, men are also very punished, but not everyone is ready to decide on it. This haircut is suitable for romance with a creative profession, but not for a tax officer.

If they tell you that a square is a female hairstyle, do not believe it. Long since this hairstyle was considered purely masculine and decorated the heads of only the stronger sex. And after many years, women began to show interest in her.

Particularly impressive looks the square on wavy hair, and if you comb it to the side, then the image of a Hollywood star is provided to you. Why does not everyone cares? Firstly, not every profession will allow you to wear such a free hairstyle, and secondly, it requires special care and daily styling.

Boxing and semi boxing

Classic haircuts, boxing and half-boxes do not cause any problems to their owner, they are preferred by athletic men, but they look good on the head of obese men.

This hairstyle does not fit:

  • men whose hair is very curly
  • those with a skull of irregular shape
  • owners of scars on the head, as short hair will not be able to hide them.

Rapsody haircut for short hair: the rules of creation and styling

Read more about hair dyeing using the reverse ombre technique here.

Hair care and styling

For obese people, the choice of hairstyle plays an important role, because along with a good outfit, the right hairstyle can hide even the most obvious flaws. That is why it is worthwhile to especially carefully monitor the health of the hair. To keep them healthy, you should carefully comb them, wash them with shampoo, which is suitable for your hair type, and eliminate aggressive styling products. Girls with curvaceous can not do without curls, but to create them better and safer for the hair with the help of curlers and not curling or forceps.

Hair styling in this case also plays an important role, as we remember, smooth haircuts to full people are not to face, and therefore have to get used to the daily creation of volume.

For more examples of haircuts for obese women, see the video below.

How to choose a hairstyle for a full face and hide flaws?

When choosing a hairstyle for plump ones, you should know that not everyone is suitable for this type of person, and everyone has their own appearance. Having picked up the necessary hairdress fullness will remain imperceptible. In most cases on the Internet, similar haircuts and hairstyles for obese women over 40 or 50 years, are looking for exactly at that age. Apparently women always want to look younger than they really are. And so let's sort out the criteria for choosing the right hairstyle.

Good examples of styling - in the photo. Pay attention to the following recommendations of stylists:

  • Do filigree at the roots, it will help to make hair bulky.
  • A hairstyle with a side parting (face will seem more "elongated").
  • For plump fit haircut with volume on top.
  • For a too round face, avoid hairstyles with short, straight bangs.
  • Avoid the effect of "prislennosti"
  • Long strands will help hide cheekbones, neck and even the second chin.

These are just a few basic rules to follow. Let's now take a look at the photo, which hairstyle is suitable for girls and women?

The most popular hairstyles for women with round face:

  • 1st place is occupied by multi-layered cascading hairstyles, as they create a volume effect. In most cases, they are short and medium length. These hairstyles give women beauty, elegance and appeal, and the face begins to look thinner.
  • 2nd place get asymmetric hairstyles. They are suitable for any length of hair, be it long or short strands. Also, these hairstyles are suitable for girls and women of any body size, as they smooth and even out the proportions of the face. Attractiveness guaranteed.
  • 3rd place deservedly gets a square bob. This hairstyle will suit any pyshechkam. Face with this hairstyle becomes more beautiful.
  • The 4th and last position is hairstyles with long hair. Why they are not honored, it is difficult to understand, because in fact they are very much going to chubby ladies. For example, men always like girls with long hair, regardless of shape. You just need to make the hair more voluminous, not straight and smooth.

Daily hairstyles for full girls

Nowadays, not every girl can go to beauty salons and make new styling for every day. First of all from lack of time. Of course, professionals are able to create a miracle on your head, but even at home you can make quite a good hairstyle for every day. It is not so difficult to make a haircut at home itself, the main thing is not afraid. If fear is present, it is better to go to the salon. Almost any hair of medium length can be beautifully laid on the head. To do this you will need a comb, varnish and styling gel. At the bottom we will try to post a photo, which shows the most simple and easy hairstyles for full face shapes. You can choose for yourself the most suitable hairstyle.

Note that to pick a hairstyle for a full face with a double chin will be more difficult.

Hairstyles for long hair


Before choosing a male haircut, you should consider a few nuances:

  1. Will fit the new styling one-piece image. If there is a mustache or beard, it is necessary that they are in harmony with the hairstyle, and do not look fragmented.
  2. Do not forget about the traditions and rules that are introduced in the team and are present in society.
  3. New hairstyle should not carry a complete change of wardrobe, especially if it is not included in the plans.
  4. Extravagant haircut will take a long time to maintain it in the same condition.
  5. When changing hair, look at it from the side on different models and from different angles. Perhaps the view will change dramatically.
  6. Listen to the advice of relatives, friends and professionals.

Consider age, status, appearance features

Choosing a haircut, follow your own style and inner state. Of course, you should not shock others, but the main thing is that you feel comfortable with such styling.

Effective hairstyle for moloy man


To pick a haircut for a man is not so difficult, especially when the basic rules are adopted. The final shape of the choice will help the oval face. Appearance of each person is individual.

It is the shape of the face that determines the appropriate type of hairstyle.

In order to determine your type, go to the mirror, remove the hair from the forehead and carefully look at the reflection.

Forms of faces of men conditionally divided into:

  • Oval. Perfect type. Any haircut is suitable: from classic to extravagant. The only condition: bangs should not cover the forehead. Strands are better to comb back, otherwise the face will visually change and will look like a circle.
  • Men's hairstyles for an oval face: "Canadian", "box", haircut with bangs.

Men's hairstyles for an oval face

If you prefer to wear long hair, collect them in a ponytail.

  • Oval extended. The oblong face is corrected, leaving the strands on the top of the head shorter, and on the sides a little longer. Men's haircut for an oval face looks good with long bangs.

It is recommended to abandon too short or long hair.

  • A circle. The shape is considered round if the width and length are approximately equal, while the face is widest in the cheeks. It is recommended to abandon the lush hairstyles, because they give even more roundness. It should pick up a short haircut without a clear edging on the sides.

Good looking locks of medium length with lengthening on the sides to hide the contours of the face

  • Square. Wide chin, square lower jaw, protruding cheekbones indicate that you have a square face type. Smooth sharp, angular lines will help high hair. The average length of the hairs on the sides will also give the face a soft look.

Men's hairstyles for a square face "hedgehog", combed back strands will give the face of masculinity

  • Triangle or heart. Men with this type is difficult to find the right haircut. Lush hairstyles only emphasize irregular shapes and highlight a pointed chin. To remove angularity, give preference to soft lines. It is recommended to choose men's haircuts for the triangular face in the form of “canadian”, “undercut”, “quiff”.

Men's haircut for a triangular face


Online hair selection services are very popular. Just a couple of minutes to "try on" any styling. To see the image completely, consider several options, including those with a beard and mustache.

How do men choose their hairstyle online? The first step is to choose 2-3 photos in a computer version.

Haircut superimposed on the picture, you can view several of the most appropriate options.

  1. Do not choose fancy hairstyles. Stop first on the classic options, which are easy to care for.
  2. Consider not only the types of men's faces, but also the structure of the hair. If the strands are straight, stop short haircuts. For curly hair suitable elongated options.
  3. Look at the whole image: with different lengths, with a beard, mustache, try on glasses.
  4. Check with family and friends. If you are guided only by your desires, they will give an objective assessment of the chosen style, looking at it from the side.

Consider if there is enough time for styling and grooming your hair.


If you do not know how to pick a haircut for a man, take a look at your idols: actors, TV presenters, movie stars and pop stars. It is possible that a decent example will point the right direction.

Dmitry Malikov has a round face.He does not change his styling for several years, occasionally trimming the tips of his hair. At first glance it seems that the strands are carelessly scattered over the shoulders, but his image is thought out to the smallest detail.

Dmitry Malikov's hair

Valery Meladze with the help of sideburns and beards emphasized cheekbones and slightly stretched his face. The haircut is rather short, but modern styling has helped to hide the frontal hairs.

Valery Meladze's hairstyle

Russell Crowe hairstyle is simple, it is easy to care for her, it does not take much time to pack.

The effect of wet hair will give the image of romance

Hair like Kevin Harris fits most men. Classic side parting, short-shaven temples, hair slightly combed back.

Finding a guy's hair is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. The main thing is to take into account the main nuances and be guided by common sense.

Secrets of the right choice

Hairstyles for obese women can be very diverse both in length and in other parameters: symmetry, the presence of bangs, and others. There is no one single recipe for everyone, because you need to take into account a whole set of diverse conditions:

  • face shape
  • age of girl / woman
  • general style (of life, clothes),
  • body proportions
  • the quality of her hair.

For example, a young girl can choose a bright style with multi-colored strands of different lengths, whereas for a business woman such a version is not suitable. Natural hair data also matters - one option is suitable for thick and wavy, and completely different for rare and straight.

However, there are a number of universal recommendations that are important to consider when selecting a haircut for the full:

Short haircuts for obese women - a long-established stereotype. Of course, this approach can significantly save time in terms of care. However, beautiful long curls can refresh the image of a full girl or significantly "throw off" the age for a solid lady in years.

The optimal length, as a rule, is “medium” - up to the shoulders or slightly lower. It offers a wide scope for different types of styling.

However, it is not necessary to completely exclude short haircuts for full ones. For example, a “pixie” haircut for obese girls is a great choice for fashionistas who do not like long curls.

For obese women, straight, “sleek” hair, all variants with “tails” and braids, are contraindicated. Such styling visually makes the volume of the head smaller, thus emphasizing the size of the body.

You should not hit the other extreme - too much hairstyle can also focus on the drawbacks of the figure.

The ideal option is light curls, light "elevation" at the crown and temples. To achieve this effect when choosing a haircut for full ladies, you can choose from the cascade or ladder options.

As we already wrote above - smoothed out options for obese women are excluded. Straight and short bangs are the same - they act in a similar way: they draw attention to the volumes, increase the feeling of massiveness and “heavyness”.

While a few oblique, profiled strands can have the opposite effect - to divert attention from the plump cheeks. The variants with the absence of bangs will also do - only the hair that is not combed into the “tail”, but the curls flowing on the sides.

The same approach as when choosing a bang - no direct parting in the center. Just enough to move it in any direction to get the effect of "lengthening".

· Color palette

The process of creating hairstyles for women is not only a haircut, but also the right choice of hair color. Here, the key parameter is the type of skin - it is for him that you need to select a color palette. Of the general recommendations, only three can be noted:

  • The pronounced dark color is suitable only for girls, as it can add a few extra years.
  • Brightening to bright white is not suitable for women in years.
  • Highlighting and coloring the hair will suit the overwhelming “puffs”, since the lack of uniformity can divert attention from the proportions of the body.

Tip: the asymmetry of the hair, its lightness and color variety - the best choice for masking the flaws of the figure or excessive roundness of the face.

The choice of haircuts for obese women in the shape of the face

If we consider the photo haircuts for obese women, it becomes obvious that the haircut must be chosen taking into account all the parameters of the shape of the face. It is customary to distinguish five basic forms of the front of the head:

For each of these options, it is necessary to select "their" haircuts, correcting not only excessive completeness, but also the shape of the front part of the head. Short haircuts for a full face are not completely excluded, but they require careful selection.

Oval face shape - maximum options for haircuts

An oval is considered a benchmark, under which it is customary to “customize” with the help of various visual effects all other face shapes. Virtually any haircut is suitable for the “oval”, taking into account the general recommendations that have already been mentioned above. There is no need to correct the “imperfections” of the already perfect oval. In terms of correction, we can talk only about drawing attention to the merits of a girl or woman.

Circle shape - add elongation and hide cheeks

Among girls and women with excess weight it is this form that occurs most often. Haircut for obese women with a round face should solve the main task - to visually lengthen the face. This is achieved in the following ways:

  • add volume at the crown,
  • parting on the side (left or right of the center),
  • we cut off the slanting bang,
  • We prefer asymmetrical strands.

For such a form of face, “central” partings, haircuts with curls twisted to the chin, shortened straight bangs are categorically contraindicated.

Optimal haircuts for obese women with a round face: any variations of the cascade, ladders, asymmetrical square.

Rectangular shape - add softness and femininity

Excessively wide and long forehead must be adjusted by long and smooth bangs to the level of the eyebrows. The bulk of the hairstyle should be focused at ear level. Contraindicated in the “tail” hair without bangs, with open ears and a flat vertical parting.

Square face shape - “smooth corners”

This type is the second most common face after the round shape. As with a rectangular shape, the main task is reduced to a visual "lengthening".

To achieve a similar effect can be due to asymmetry, winding lines on the sides, shifted in the direction of the parting. Bangs should not be smooth. Any variations of graded haircuts will look perfect.

Open forehead - under strict prohibition, as well as haircuts to the level of the chin. All this will only emphasize the square shape of the face.

Face in the shape of a triangle - adjust the volume at the forehead and chin

To give a harmonious look to the width of the forehead, it is important to avoid smooth temples and raised curls from above. The main volume of hair should be at the level of the mouth or slightly higher. Bangs should partially cover eyebrows (short versions should be excluded).

Recommended haircuts: square to the earlobes, curly curls, bob.

What haircuts should be preferred after 40 years

The main purpose of hairstyles for obese women 40 years and more - visual rejuvenation. Frilly and bulky hairstyles, tight curls - on the contrary, all this can add age, age and turn into a "grandmother." Short and smooth versions are not suitable, although they require minimal maintenance, but they also create a feeling of negligence and attract attention to the figure.

Another article about evening dresses for obese women. You will learn how to choose the right dress for an evening or event, examples of evening dresses.

It is necessary to select a haircut, not only considering the shape of the face, but also the figures:

  • For owners of the type “pear” with narrow shoulders and wide hips, average length and flowing curls are suitable.
  • For the figure “apple”, optimal haircuts along the length are not touching the shoulders, but covering the neck. Hairstyle should be gentle and almost weightless.
  • If you are the owner of a drawn waist and an hourglass shape, the choice should be made on multi-layered haircuts, without curls and tails. Short haircuts also add a few kilograms visually.
  • For women with a sports figure fit semi-long curls. Wearing a “tail” will emphasize advanced shoulders and possible high growth.

Graduations, curls or straight hair, combed to the side will allow you to “throw off” for several years and you will look elegant and seductive.

What haircuts should avoid full women

Once again, we summarize what haircuts are categorically not suitable for full girls and women:

  • Variations with straight parting and smooth bangs, smoothed crown - all this underlines the extra weight and roundness of the cheeks.
  • Hairstyles, providing a large amount. Abundant curls round even more proportions and create the effect of excessive massiveness.
  • "Horsetails" and other versions with a fully open face. It is necessary to add curls or straight side strands that visually “pull” the face.

When choosing a color palette, you should avoid pronounced black and dark tones, as well as variations of the “dazzling blonde”.

Obviously, properly selected haircuts for full girls and women can help to visually “lose” not only a few kilograms, but also years. Experiment with new styles, without waiting for the results of diets. Look fashionable and stylish always!

Important choice

Choose a style that would suit every woman, regardless of proportions - is impossible. In order for strands to emphasize natural beauty, the following factors must be considered:

  • Face shape
  • Age range
  • Selected style,
  • Body proportion
  • Hair, given by nature.

A girl who has reached the age of twenty, can afford to careless hairstyles, braids, intricately braided, different colors of strands. In any surprising variant the young girl will look beautiful and interesting.

A woman who has a certain status and age, can no longer afford to look sloppy or bizarre. Working in the office, it is worthwhile to give preference to calm colors and strict style.

When choosing a hairstyle a lot of attention should be paid to the structure of the hair, which is incorporated by nature. Rarity or density, directness or waviness - the parameters that influence the choice of the most suitable hairstyle.

Of course, on thick and lush hair, you can pick up much more hairstyles. If you have a hair loss problem, we advise you to use the manual. "How to stop hair loss" .

Let us examine several selection parameters in more detail.

Face shape

Hair, as a rule, is selected in accordance with the shape of the face. There are several of them:

Owners of an oval-shaped face have reason to be proud.

For them, the largest selection of hairstyles, as there is no task to make the shape of the face more advantageous.

Regarding other facial types, we assure that they all want to be similar to the oval type.
Holders of a round face should pull out the shape and hide part of the cheeks.

For example, Push-up in the back of the head, slanting air bangs, parting on both sides of the head, the creation of asymmetry, multi-level strands. Say "no" to the middle of the center, curls behind the ears, twisted tips and straight bangs.

In a rectangular shape is to remove the elongated chin.

Say "yes" Push-up-near the ears, smooth and straight bangs, hair above the labial line. We reject too long and slick strands, too open forehead.

Square face is worth smoothing the cheekbones and increase the volume.

We prefer a smooth and soft line, asymmetry, winding strands on the sides, styling - ladders, oblique rows and strands running on its side. We remove the sleek and long hair of a non-curly structure to the end.

The triangular view is corrected by the following rule: a push-up is added, which is not enough, the head end is reduced from the top. We get rid of thick, raised hairstyles, evenly processed temples.

Figure-related nuances

Most plump ladies fit their figure in the shape of "apple". In this regard, the hairstyle or haircut must meet certain requirements.

Length. Often people in adulthood choose short strands. This is due to several reasons.

For example, it is more difficult to take care of long hair, and you don’t feel like spending a lot of time in the morning to create beauty on your head. It is believed that long hair gives the child childishness and naivety, adding youthful playfulness. However, in any rule there are exceptions.

We are talking about a situation where the hair with its length and beauty makes the image fresher and younger, reducing age. Speaking about women of magnificent forms, it is worth stopping the choice on hairstyles with length of the average size that cover a shoulder girdle a little.

It is important to consider how the proportion of the head, the type of cheekbones, height, etc. If the face looks neat, the haircut has the right to be long.

Volume Preferably, for a full figure, it is filled with air, volume and a slightly disheveled head, usually at the back of the head and temples.

However, protect yourself from excessive volume, which will only increase the available forms. Straight or smoothed hair reduces the volume of the head, which creates a great contrast, which makes the body surprisingly large.

Bang. Carefully need to treat her. In most cases, she easily beats the round face, making it easier and easier, but preference should be given to oblique bangs that are well-shaped.

Straight and long bangs make the image bulky and lush.

Parting. Often, women resort to the standard version, when the parting is shifted to the center. If we are talking about volumetric forms, the hair with a perfect parting does not bring the desired result.

To hide the volume, you need to remove the part on its side. This will help hide the flaws.

Colors. To determine the hair color that is right for you, it is important to take into account the color type of the skin of a woman.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that the black color will add age, and too light color does not go to women who are aged. Good highlighting, coloring, in other words, do not make a single tone in your hair. Various colors and density of hair hide features of the body.

Summarize. To choose the right hairstyle, it is important to consider individual parameters. With a narrow chin, create a push-up at the bottom of the head, with the upper part emphasize styling before the beginning of the neck.

Remember that non-curly strands that make the head heavier make it too conspicuous and create a voluminous shape. Thanks to one type of hair, it is easy to change the image, make it bright and so that it is remembered.

Do you pay attention to the choice of haircuts and styling in order to hide any imperfections of the figure? Share your experience with us in the comments. See you soon!

Sincerely, Irina and Igor

Hairstyles for medium hair

Hairstyles for short hair

Evening and wedding hairstyles for full girls

Hairstyles for a holiday for full girls with a round face always require special attention. All the same on such days it is better to turn to the master of his craft, but you can do the hair and yourself. In the other case, you can make yourself beautiful volumetric curls that will open your face. This hairstyle is more suitable for medium and long hair. With such a haircut you can easily go to a party and win the hearts of men.

But to issue short haircuts for women and girls is much easier. Today, short hairstyles with oblique selection are gaining more and more popularity. Such hairstyles today are more versatile.

Perhaps the most responsible wedding hairstyle for full girls. Since this is a very important day, it is necessary to turn the girl into a real goddess. It is better to do the wedding hairstyle in the salon and do not spare money for it, but it is not always possible to get the desired result. It will be very difficult to make a holiday hairstyle at home.

For chubby, wedding styling will be a good option, making the face more oval. Do not be afraid to experiment in order to get the desired result and become more beautiful.

We wish you beauty and health, and also never complex about your appearance, because any woman can be turned into a real beauty, for this you just need to make a little effort.

Men's hairstyles for a full face

Hairstyles for men with a round face do not require as much attention as hairstyles for women, but sometimes a full face may not like many men. It is more difficult for representatives of the stronger sex to hide fullness on the face, as they have short hair. And yet, there are hairstyles that will hide the pomp of the face, just need to find the right hairstyle for your face shape. In the bottom, we will select several options for haircuts for obese men:

  • The hairstyle with shaved temples will look beautiful. It will give brutality and rigor.
  • Hair with combed back hair will look unusual and very stylish. In this case, the hair should be of medium length.
  • A simple option would be a short haircut for men with a minimum amount of hair on the sides.
  • Even for men, a haircut with elongated temples is well suited. It lengthens the face more and narrows the cheeks, as well as cascade hairstyles. For guys, such haircuts are not very suitable.

Round-headed men should refrain from parting their hair. Haircuts with bangs are also not recommended, as the forelock gives fullness. But haircuts, where there is a beard and sideburns, will significantly reduce the face. Yet for everyone you need to find an individual approach.

Criteria when choosing a hairstyle for full

A woman at any age wants to look fashionable and beautiful, and the first thing we pay attention to when we meet is face and hair. The hairstyle should always be neat and well-groomed, emphasize all the virtues and place emphasis on the best facial features. But there is no haircut that would fit all women at once, because we are all individual. To hairstyle really advantageously framed the appearance of a woman, you need to consider the following criteria:

  • age category
  • type of figure
  • face shape
  • condition and quality of hair.

When creating hairstyles for full ladies, there is only one main rule - no smoothness, symmetry and evenness! Rely on the asymmetry, volume and layering, since such haircuts will be beneficial to emphasize the face and shape.

If you are not sure which hairstyle is right for you, try to first look at photos on the Internet or in various magazines and catalogs. On their pages you can always find options for trendy trendy haircuts for the upcoming season. But you should not blindly believe only resources, because hairstyles suitable for obese women with a round face may not suit your face type at all. Ask for help from a professional stylist, hairdresser, and he will pick up a 100% stylish styling for you!

As for those who do not have such an opportunity, study in detail all the tips on choosing a haircut, look at photos of women of similar type, age, body type and face shape.Whether it will be a short haircut, long hair or a hairstyle of medium length, depends solely on your wishes and individual parameters, on which the main stake is made.

Hairstyles for medium length hair for obese women

If you prefer to wear medium-length hair, but want to give your haircut a little fashionable notes, then the cascade and ladder will be a real find for your body type. Such hairstyles for medium hair are suitable for obese women as well as possible. With the help of filing you can achieve the effect of additional volume on the top of the head, which will allow you to balance the proportions of the face.

Among other popular haircuts for the full can be called a graduated bean and a classic bean with elongated front strands. It is important to note that such medium length hairstyles are equally good for obese women with wavy and straight hair.

If you choose the option with elongated strands, then it is more suitable for straight smooth hair. But in order that the face does not look more plump due to smoothly applied hair, the root zone needs a little ruffling, thus giving volume to the hairstyle.

The owners of plump cheeks and wavy hair will suit a graduated bob, which visually reduces the face and gives the whole image a kind of playfulness and originality. Hairstyles for medium-length hair for full ladies with milled tips will create the missing volume that will harmoniously emphasize the shape and appearance of a woman. And so that you will forever lose the problems of chubby cheeks, do your hair with an asymmetrical parting.

Among the full girls, there are many admirers of cutting a bob, and some of them believe that such a set is not created for their type. To dispel this myth, look at the photo of the quads hairstyle for full ladies:

A cropped back and an elongated front square will become a stylish and fashionable highlight of the image of almost any owner of a magnificent body. This is one of the best solutions for lovers of medium length hair.

Casual and evening hairstyles for long hair for obese women (with photos)

Girls love long hair, because it gives them femininity and enchantment in the eyes of men. But such haircuts do not go to everyone, and you should be especially careful when choosing such a set for full women.

It is important not to overdo it and not to make the figure and face even more complete, so pay attention to the hairstyles for long hair for obese women, which most advantageously emphasize their virtues:

  • bulk ladder
  • classic cascade without bangs,
  • An interesting variant of a cascade with a filleted bang.

All these hairstyles for full ladies for long hair are oriented to increase the volume of the root zone, make the haircut more lush and cover those areas that give full face. Proportions are balanced by highlighting the necessary parts, and hiding the rest.

Cascade always looks natural and natural, which makes the image of a woman light and charming. Such haircuts will look great as everyday styling, and evening hairstyles for obese women.

As for the bangs, it is well suited to owners of full forms, especially if you make the extreme strands longer. But in choosing its shape it is also worth relying on the shape of the face and the type of figure.

Hairstyles suitable for chubby obese women

Hairstyles suitable for chubby fat women can be counted on fingers, but these options will not leave you indifferent:

  • asymmetrical car,
  • bob with elongated strands,
  • classic cascade
  • ladder

Due to the bulk, these hairstyles are suitable for full girls with a round face just perfect, correcting excessive roundness and giving the face a more oval shape. As for other haircuts, too short and too long hairstyles will not look so stylish and fashionable, besides, there is always a lot of trouble from long hair.And to make the image of a romantic and relaxed, you can always make styling slightly curled hair.

Hairstyles for full women with square and triangular face

The square and triangular shape of the face is considered less feminine, so it’s better for girls to prefer soft and charming hairstyles, like:

  • graduated cascade
  • elongated curls,
  • asymmetric bob,
  • ladder
  • voluminous short haircuts.

These will be the most suitable hairstyles for obese women with a square and triangular face type, as they are able to soften and round shape, make the appearance more feminine and give an image of romance.

If you prefer a haircut with elongated curls, then note that the hair was not too thick, otherwise the volumetric bottom will make black faces inharmonious.

Hairstyles for obese women with short neck and double chin

At any age, we always wish that the image remained fashionable and stylish, and at the same time it corresponded to the internal state and appearance. Even beautiful hairstyles for full-aged ladies can look great, if you successfully match the style, body type and face shape.

Often, after 40 years, the structure of the hair changes, becomes brittle and looks untidy. Consider this fact when choosing a future fashion styling. Hairstyles for short hair for obese women will look appropriate if the hair is in good tidy condition.

A good option for women over forty will be a bob haircut, which somewhat rejuvenates the appearance, makes its owner a stylish and fashionable girl. If there is a problem with a wide forehead, then bangs will help to hide it, and thin hair will look voluminous due to multi-layered haircuts.

As for other external flaws, there are hairstyles for obese women with short necks that hide this problem. This can be an elongated four-seater with long front strands, which visually stretches the neck, due to the short cropped neck.

A bob and a square will also help hide another problem that is common among lush women. These are hairstyles intended for obese women with double chins. Due to the volumetric top, the haircut is able to shift attention from the problem zone and make it less noticeable to others.

Choosing hairstyles for full girls with a round face

The type of figure is of paramount importance in choosing a haircut, because it can be both beneficial to emphasize one or another part of the body, and to focus attention on the shortcomings of the external image.

If we talk about the owners of large hips and narrow shoulders, then this is definitely the type of "pear." Here you need to visually enlarge the upper part, with which wavy long curls will perfectly cope.

“Apple” is slender legs and curvaceous, so these girls fit volume haircut of medium length, especially if it is light, elegant curls.

Most options for those who are happy owner of the type of hourglass figure. This is the most feminine form, so it’s difficult to spoil something with an incorrectly chosen haircut. But it is best to give preference to volumetric styling with light uncomplicated curls.

Fashionable hairstyles in 2018 for obese women dictate these trends, but if you listen to them, or not, this is a purely personal choice of each girl.

Evening hairstyles for the new year for full girls

If with everyday hairstyles everything is quite simple, then on the evening you need to work much longer. Just loose hair will not always look appropriate, so you should consider options for different images.

Light chiffon dress favorably emphasizes evening hairstyles for full, photos of which see below:

If for the exit you prefer something like a dress-case, then the gathered curls will be a wonderful decoration of the image.

For a New Year's party, something more interesting and attractive will do.Choose hairstyles for the New Year, winning for full girls. A short haircut can be styled more boldly if it suits your outfit and look, and long hairstyles for those who are full for the New Year can be decorated with beautiful hair accessories.

Evening hairstyles for overweight girls do not have to be challenging and screaming. If this is a date, then romantic curls will be just the perfect option, one that will highlight any outfit.

Beautiful wedding hairstyles for full girls

As for the most important event in the life of every woman - the wedding, on this day each of us wants to shine like never before! Wedding hairstyles for the full are no different from the usual trends, the main thing is to emphasize the beauty and peculiarity of the bride. Beautifully laid bangs will make hair of any length gorgeous, and will hide puffy cheeks, and in the absence of bangs you can release small strands that will frame, and visually reduce the face.

Fashionable women's hairstyles for complete for short and medium hair

All sorts of experiments with hair are appropriate not only during the holidays, but also in everyday life. If your personality wants self-expression, then go ahead to meet interesting solutions! For girls with an oval face, any experiments will look great. Mohawk, perm, extraordinary color - each of these options is able to emphasize the appearance of the girl, make her stylish, without causing damage to the symmetry of the face. But pay attention to your type of figure and the corresponding recommendations in haircuts, before choosing which styling to do.

The best option for girls with curvy shapes who want to bring brightness to their image will be coloring. Fashionable hairstyles for obese women with bright strands or ombra will look great and will give the girl confidence, because she definitely will not be like everyone else. Your own preferences always especially affect the choice of hairstyle, but sometimes expectations are not met, and in reality everything can look completely different. So that nothing like this happens to you, you should study the tips in choosing a hairstyle for women with full face, whose photos we offer to look below:

    Too voluminous hairstyle, just like perfectly smooth, 100% will not suit a full girl, regardless of her face type or age.

Curly medium-length hair can increase the already plump cheeks, as well as make the upper part of the case larger.

When choosing women's hairstyles for short hair for full, look at the fact that when you look it does not look too smooth. Let it be something with a volumetric top.

Prefer asymmetric parting.

  • Bangs will be appropriate to look with haircuts of any length, but only if it is not smooth, but torn or oblique.
  • Adhering to these recommendations, you can become a more stylish girl, and gain self-confidence through stylish haircuts. Fat women, just like slender women, can and should look interesting, so go ahead, following the experiments, and the transformation of their hair.

    How to choose a hairstyle for a full face

    Stylists recommend women with curvy shapes not only long hair and medium length, but also some options for short haircuts.

    For a full face, you can use not only long hair, but also short

    Options for wedding haircuts for long hair

    Long, with large curls, beautifully laid hair hides the width of the oval, due to the fact that it is framed. But do not wear long straight hair, if only they will be performed, as a multi-level haircut. It is better if they are a little messy, it will look good hairstyle with a vertical structure of curls. But hairstyles with long hair for a full face have their own characteristics.

    Long hair will distract from excess

    Placed with light waves, long flowing hair will distract attention from the excessive fullness of the oval. Curly curls of hair that will cover the wide cheekbones look perfect. A long or asymmetric fringe visually reduces the face, and besides it looks stylish and modern.

    Face shape and body type should be considered.

    What styling is suitable for short strands

    With a short haircut, they take into account not only the shape of the face, but also the type of the figure. For each of them will suit their hairstyle. Do not use too short haircuts. They unprofitable emphasize low forehead or a little massive chin characteristic of fatties. Well suited now fashionable hairstyles for a large face haircuts, bob and A-bob. But you need to follow some rules:

    1. strands should not be very short, it is better if they cover the cheekbones, which slightly stretches the face and visually narrows the cheekbones,
    2. the crown is desirable to perform bulk and multi-layer,
    3. the contours of the hairstyle should not be straight, it will only emphasize the imbalance, it is better to choose modern options with uneven and pointed contours.

    It is better if the hair is long

    Women's secrets: the rules of disguise

    In order not to look ridiculous, it is better to take into account the features of the appearance and shape when choosing a hair.

    Stylists recommend using some tricky secrets when styling hair on a round face:

    • in order to give volume, it is better to make a thinning at the roots
    • parting at the temples will reduce the fullness of the oval, by dividing the head into zones,
    • visually stretch the face side parting,
    • long wavy curls framing the face will hide the wide cheekbones and second chin,
    • due to the high volume crown, with the side curls released, a slimming effect is achieved,
    • it is better to add volume above or below the cheekbone line, due to which visual lengthening of the face is achieved,
    • Hairstyles look good with side braids or curls falling to one side.

    Look good hairstyles with side braids

    Do not forget about hair color, his choice can drastically change the appearance. The ideal is the option when the color is darker or lighter than the natural for a couple of shades.

    Evening images for chubby women

    It is better to choose a hairstyle for a wedding or other special occasion in advance, experimenting a little so that there is no surprise, and especially unpleasant one. For these cases, adhere to the same rules as on weekdays. Well suited soft curls that will visually stretch and narrow the oval face. For special occasions, it is good to use curled up curlers on large curlers and curled hands. You can use additional accessories - ribbons and flowers.

    Evening hairstyle full girls

    An original hairstyle always looks with the use of various weaves and the addition of some creative disorder, as well as a slight asymmetry, this reduces the roundness of the oval. It is better to make vertical strands into wedding hairstyles of chubby ladies, which will slightly stretch the oval, while maintaining youthful spontaneity and attractiveness. Small soft waves, which are slightly raised in the area of ​​the roots, look good, due to which the volume is visually reduced and the round face is drawn out.

    Bangs should not be straight

    In no case should the fringe be straight, it is better to use asymmetric and filleted. You can draw attention from a round face with the help of a French braid. To do this, just pull out a few strands of it and fluff the braid a little. Visually make the face more thin hairstyles, with hair gathered up and curls falling to the sides. Beautiful bright accessories of flowers, hairpins and ribbons complement the image.

    Jewelry in your hair will help to divert attention from completeness.

    Haircuts for men 40-50 years old with double chin

    Full-faced men, like women, need a correct choice of hairstyle, as the wrong choice will make it expressionless.

    Men with fullness, as well as a woman, should carefully choose the hair

    Everyone will choose for themselves the appropriate option. For obese men fit the following options:

    • hairstyle for brutal men with shaved temples,
    • a haircut with hair removed from the sides,
    • combed back hair looks stylish, and their length should be medium,
    • visually will allow to narrow cheeks the extended hair on temples.
    • haircut cascade, not only stretches the shape of the face, but also looks stylish.

    High hairstyle visually reduces excessive facial fullness

    Direct parting in the middle of the head on the full face will look ridiculous. And the bang will make it even more round. Experts recommend chubby men to wear a beard and long sideburns.

    Main provisions

    There is no particular type of hairstyle that would suit absolutely all women with curvaceous. After all, like thin, they are very different, they have different shapes and facial features, type and structure of hair. Based on the individual data and should choose a haircut. For the fair sex there are several taboos that are strongly recommended to listen:

    • Smooth and clean lines are not allowed.
    • Symmetry is not your thing.
    • In no case should the strands be even and smooth. So the hair will only emphasize the fullness of the face and body.

    It turns out that the ideal haircut for a full girl is a slight asymmetry, soft and slightly twisted curls, a small volume and a complex shape of the bangs. In a word, the choice must be made in favor of non-standard styling, which will attract the looks to itself, thus diverting attention from curvaceous shapes.

    For short hair

    Many believe that haircuts for the full can not be short, because in this case, remain open neck, cheekbones, cheeks - in a word, all that I would like to hide. But in fact, there are hairstyles that look extremely advantageous with such parameters. Almost all of them have a small volume in the temples or at the crown. Thus, the face is visually stretched, look away from its shape and emphasis on styling. In addition, profiled temporal locks perfectly hide plump cheeks, which is doubly good. Among the most popular and, one can say, classic haircuts for full length short lengths are the following:

    • Ultrashort car.
    • Kare-ball.
    • Bean.
    • Cascade shortened.

    Well, now let's take a closer look at the individual short haircuts for full ladies, which definitely need to be done, but with some nuances.

    This hairstyle looks great on women with curvaceous, but it is important to comply with one condition. It is suitable for owners of a square, rectangular or triangular face, but not for those with an oval round. This haircut for obese women is good because it keeps the proportions and makes the image one. It turns out that the volumetric hairstyle is in harmony with the volumetric figure, without creating a resonance. Thus, we divert attention from the curvaceous forms and, as they say, we knock out the wedge. Also note that the page is always worn with a bang. It can be direct - this is an option for owners of regular features and not too full oval. But oblique bangs - a godsend for those who have a very wide face, and at the same time its features are not entirely correct.

    This is one of the classic short haircuts for the full, which in a favorable light represents just the face. It looks perfect on owners of all types of faces - square, circle, triangle. But it is worth remembering about some of the costs that are relevant for women with forms:

    • Bangs must remain oblique.
    • Occipital strands should be as short as possible.
    • The shape of the temples is a triangle.

    Mainly with the help of this hairstyle creates a unique and stylish image. The cap looks relevant everywhere - at work, on a date, at a friendly meeting. The features of its architecture make it possible to maximally stretch the face, raise the cheekbones, hide the cheeks and even lengthen the neck.

    This is a very fashionable haircut for the full, but it should be done with great caution, given some nuances. Of course, the hairstyle looks great on the face of any shape, but if the head itself is too voluminous, then this option should be abandoned. Also, pixie does not suit the owners of curly or simply wavy hair, because otherwise the entire architecture of the hairstyle will be broken, and the effect it gives will be reversed. It is also worth listening to the advice of stylists: the pixie hairstyle looks great on very thick hair. In conclusion, we note that among the existing haircuts for full with bangs, this option is the most universal. With it, you can hide and voluminous cheeks, and too large neck, and massive chin.

    For owners of medium length curls

    Hair of medium length is the best option for full girls. Haircuts that look the most organic on such hair are various variations on the cascade theme, multi-layered hairstyles, graded strands, etc. With the help of such popular hairdressing techniques, you can easily hide the flaws of the face and present it in a favorable light. To begin, let's note those types of haircuts for obese women, which will look organic in its original form, and then dwell on hairstyles that require additional nuances.

    • Ladder
    • Cascade with volume in the crown.

    Well, now turn to the consideration of more complex options.

    Long caret

    This hairstyle, in addition to being the most universal of all existing, looks great on women with curvaceous. But in order for it to hide the flaws of the face and even the décolleté area, it is worth competently performing it. Let's start, perhaps, with the fact that the elongated four-seater in the classic version does not suit full women, and all because there is no volume in the hair. Hair just frame the face, falling down on it in even strands, which only emphasizes fullness. Asymmetric or oblique bangs will help to correct the situation. First, this element will create the necessary volume in the area of ​​the temples. Secondly, bangs - in principle, an indispensable element of women's haircuts for the full, and in this case, it will be very useful. Emphasis can also be placed on short occipital locks and elongated temporal lobes - this will help visually stretch the neck and make the face more subtle.

    Regrown bob

    This is another branch from the classics, which, by the way, has much in common with the previous version. The bean is an ideal haircut for a round and full face, and with proper performance, the proportions approach the ideal. What is the architecture of this hairstyle in our case? First, it is asymmetry. In accordance with the latest fashion trends, the bean must be exactly asymmetrical, and for magnificent ladies it is a real gift of fate. The next aspect is oblique bangs. Firstly, it will make the look more mysterious, and secondly, it will hide both too broad forehead and plump cheeks. Additionally, we note that strands of various lengths will distract attention from the full neck and give elegance to the decollete area.

    For owners of long hair

    For a long time, stylists believed that long strands only spoil curvaceous women. It was believed that falling hair emphasizes the fullness of the neck, shoulders, arms and frames the face, making it even more rounded and wide. As it turned out, they were mistaken, because the long curls can be presented in such a way that they will very advantageously hide all the above-mentioned flaws of the exterior and make their owner not only more beautiful, but also younger.How to cut long hair, and to keep their length, and give them a shape that hides the fullness of the face? Now we consider what kind of styling will need to do to hide the fullness. First, the hair should not have the same length. Strands need to be cut in stages, forming many layers that will create a light volume. A ladder is also permissible, but do not forget that the spacing between the strands must be deliberately pronounced. So you can divert attention from large forms. Another option is a cascade. At the crown, a short volume creates a volume that visually pulls both the face and the silhouette, making it as proportional as possible.

    Face type and hairstyle

    In most cases, owners of magnificent forms are women with a round or square face. It is on the basis of these parameters are selected hairstyles that suit them. But it happens that a magnificent girl has a very fragile face, which in its outlines resembles a heart or a triangle. We decided not to generalize, but to find out in detail what haircuts exist for obese women with a round face, square, triangular and even oval. Well, proceed to the consideration.

    Perfect oval

    Yes, it is a rarity when a magnificent lady can boast of an oval, almost perfect face, but such cases still have a place in life. If a person has no flaws, but the body is full, then feel free to choose any hairstyle from all those described above. After all, your task now is to hide large shoulders, neck, to give elegance to the neckline. Haircut at the same time can be any, as long as it was not "streaked" with straight and thick bangs.

    Haircuts for a round, full face should be adjusted as much as possible and bring its shape closer to the ideal.

    • Recommended: side parting, asymmetry, multi-level strands, oblique and rare bangs, volume at the crown.
    • Not recommended: straight bangs, parted, curls tucked behind the ears, strands, the ends of which are twisted inside.
    • Haircuts for obese women with a round face: asymmetrical square or bob with oblique bangs, a cascade, a ladder, the presence of elongated strands in any hairstyle.

    In this case, it is necessary to visually lengthen the face and head as a whole and smooth out the sharp corners of the forehead and chin. What exactly needs to be done?

    • Recommended: side and side parting, asymmetry, graduation, side bangs, light curls of curls.
    • Not recommended: raised strands, open forehead, hair falling flat on shoulders, open ears.
    • Types of haircuts: asymmetrical or regrown bean, milled ladder, volume in the temples.


    It will be necessary to divert attention from a too wide forehead, and an emphasis should be made in the area of ​​an overly narrow chin. What are the solutions to this problem?

    • It is recommended: the volume should be at the level of the nose, the part can be either oblique or straight, the bangs must be elongated, covering the eyebrows.
    • Not recommended: volume in the crown, smooth temples, short bangs.
    • Types of haircuts: square and bob with rounded tips, curls of various kinds.

    Full Chin Double Chin Haircuts

    In this case, it is worth adhering to one simple principle: the bottom of the haircut should not fall on the border of the chin, moreover, strands twisted inside are contraindicated. The reverse principle will also not be on hand - shaved, smoothed or too shortly cut the temples even more privet the look to the chin. Rescuers in this case are haircuts with volume at the crown. They distract attention from the chin and make the face visually longer and thinner. Good look will be a bulk square and bob, where the crown strands are slightly raised. For owners of long hair, a ponytail and any variants of hairstyle that expose the neck but give a volume of the temporal or crown region will be salvation.

    Men's haircuts for full

    In the case of full men, the same rules apply as for women. The hairstyle should stretch the face as much as possible, make it thinner, hide the cheeks. A sideburned undercard or beard will look good. Winning option number two - pompadour. High bangs perfectly stretch the shape of the face and bring it closer to the ideal. It is not recommended for full men to wear different types of tails, braids, as well as haircuts with a sharp drop in length. Fully bare temples will only add extra volume to the face.

    But if you want to grow long hair, multi-layer hairstyles will be an excellent choice. Profiled strands that will hide the temporal zone, perfectly stretch the face and make it maximum oval shape. It does not hurt and additional volume at the top.

    Watch the video: Hairstyles for Round Faces Dos and Donts (November 2019).