All about how to put a fringe (38 photos) for any occasion: tools and techniques

Woman - an unpredictable phenomenon.

Banal truth, which wants to correspond to each woman.

A young girl or adult lady faced with a burning, irresistible desire to urgently change something in her appearance.

The first way to realize this desire is a new haircut.

But what if tomorrow you want to return everything as it was?

And let's experiment with a long bang?

Suddenly, the desire to cut will disappear and you will be satisfied with the option of laying.

About bangs and women

Woman - an unpredictable phenomenon.

Banal truth, which wants to correspond to each woman.

A young girl or adult lady faced with a burning, irresistible desire to urgently change something in her appearance.

The first way to realize this desire is a new haircut. But what if tomorrow you want to return everything as it was?

Learn even more ways to remove the bangs beautifully. This article provides instructions in the photo and video on laying bangs using unusual methods that are rarely used.

A pity, they are not deservedly forgotten.

Recommendations are given on how to weave a fringe into a braid, a crook, a tail, a bun.

Those wishing to have a long bang and experiment with different styles of it.

We recommend reading all the secrets of how to grow a long bang quickly to this address.

Avoid rash hairdressing decisions and make an unusual note in the usual hairstyle can be experimenting with bangs. In this sense, the owners of long bangs are most fortunate - they have a huge area for creative flight.

how to lay a long bang

Long bangs are of different types:

  • thick or thinned with thinning scissors,
  • straight or oblique,
  • whole, consisting of one strand,
  • cascade.

Despite this variety of forms, most of the options for styling a long bang are universal, which greatly simplifies the issue of hairstyle design.

A prerequisite for successful modeling is the preparation of bangs, including:

  1. Shampooing: loose hair can not be styled,
  2. Application of modeling mousse or foam
  3. Drying with a hair dryer: in this case, the bangs should be dried separately from the rest of the hair, raising the hairbrush strands from the roots up to give volume,
  4. Fastening at the roots with a weak degree of fixation hairspray.

So, consider the various options for styling long bangs.

Side bangs

This styling technique has long been discovered and widely popular. Strands bangs slightly combed from the crown to the forehead and, laying to the side, secured with a crab barrette. Also, to secure the free edge of the bangs, use a hair band or braid. Satin ribbon is perfect for a girl to create a romantic image.

The second option is laying

Smooth bangs sideways crosswise.

It is necessary to divide the bangs into two approximately equal strands and lay them on its side so that one curl intersects the other. At the intersection secure stealth. After that, gently tighten the hair at the roots with your fingers or the thin end of the comb, giving a small amount to the base.

This method of styling involves the creation of the effect of wet hair all over the head and can not be applied separately to the bangs. To create it, wet hair or gel is applied over the entire length of the hair and dried with a hair dryer, constantly crushing thin strands of hands to fix them in a chaotic, uneven form. Having dried in the same order and bangs, lay it on its side, a little ordering fingers and keeping the volume. We fasten with a hairpin, fix it with varnish.

Strand bangs curl on curlers or using curling. In this case, it will be better to look large curls, laid on its side. Such bangs, made in retrostyle, perfectly fit to a long evening dress and will be a decoration both when going to a restaurant, and when visiting a gangster party.


This method of laying is optimal both in terms of the amount of time and effort required to create an image, and in its versatility in terms of application. It will suit any wardrobe and will be appropriate in any setting.

Equal parting can be made both in the center and offset from the nose line to the right or left. In one case or another, the straps of the bangs fit an even layer on either side of the parting. Fix curls in two ways:

  • on the back of the head under the rest of the hair, creating the effect of a hair hoop
  • to combine with the help of an invisible being with the main mass of the strands near the base, leaving the edges of the curls "in free flight".

In both cases, you should not narrow the bangs at the attachment point. Therefore, it is better to use elongated stealth.

Side parting

Variants of laying bangs given above for even parting are no less relevant for oblique. Created light asymmetry will add a playful touch to strict forms.

With oblique parting, laying bangs in the form of harnesses will look very good.

On opposite sides of the parting, the strand must be firmly twisted around its axis. Fasten both strands together at the back of the head or independently fasten them over the ear with a pin or hairpin, and twist the end of the curl with a curling iron. At the same time, the hair should be twisted in the direction from the forehead to the back of the head - this will give the Greek nobility an image. After fixing, the harnesses should be slightly “fluffed up”, pulling up small strands upward at the bases.

Figured parting

The parting in the form of a zigzag or snake becomes a hit every summer. But in the rest of the year, he will perfectly fit into a festive hairstyle for going to a disco or to a high-tech theme party.

Complete the curly part with flagella of small strands, twisted in different directions, and then woven together in pairs and fastened to the back of the head.
No less original will look like pigtails, spikelets, braided from bangs on either side of the parting. In this case, the bangs can be woven into the overall hairstyle.


Owners of curly hair to create a new image will certainly come in handy hair iron. With its help, “stretch out” strands of bangs, make them completely smooth and even. But whether to pull out the rest of the hair or limit it to a bang is the business of every woman of fashion.

When styling the iron can also be used by those who by nature have absolutely straight hair. Modern devices for hair are equipped with a set of different curly nozzles. Moreover, the relief on the curls of the bangs to create both along the entire length from the roots, and occasionally without observing any symmetries. All the secrets of creating waves using ironing discussed here.

Difficult styling options or How beautiful to lay a long bang?

This group includes those styling methods that are unusually sophisticated, but require special skills to create. We are talking about the many ways weaving braids.

    French styling is a pigtail, slightly braided along the front edge of the hair from the base. It is not necessary to be limited to one braid - the French braids can be braided with the participation of bangs in absolutely any direction: straight, diagonally, with bends.

For those who want to read in more detail, see workshops and learn how to weave a beautiful braid. We recommend to read
with a section on the secrets of weaving and giving them a spectacular volume.

Detailed article on how to make a wave on the hair here with a variety of techniques, video instructions and step-by-step photos.

Detailed video on creating hairstyles with weaving on the fringe: 2 French braids in the middle of the top. In this embodiment, the braid is a fishtail with a podletom (strands from the backs are added in the process of weaving).

Video workshop French braid with fringe with bows
How to make any bow of hair, read this article with instructions and different options.

The Dutch Spit is a French flipper. When it is woven, the curl that usually goes down in the center, on the contrary, rises in such a way that the braid itself is above the hair.

Detailed video on weaving a Dutch or reverse French braid on a long bang. Beautiful and simple styling.

It is not difficult to master the technique of weaving such masterpieces, but rarely does anyone get to put it into practice the first time, especially if you have to train on your own bangs.

Pay attention to the photo, how many different styles you make yourself mastering only 2 weaving: the French braid and the reverse.

Whatever styling you choose for a bang, it should fit into the big picture. The stylist, picking up the form of bangs for each person, seeks to hide some flaws. This fact should be taken into account when experimenting with strands, so as not to accidentally reveal a secret that only the hairdresser and you knew about.

What could be a bang?

Choosing the styling, determine what type your item belongs to.

Among the most popular haircuts bangs professionals highlight:

To bang when laying with your own hands perfectly listened to you, and the process was easy, fast and enjoyable, learn the characteristics of each species. Due to this, the result will be first-class and persistent.

In the photo - a direct view of the classic length.

Features of species

Every girl's bang is unique and inimitable. Naturally, there are several individual moments behind it:

  • competent approach to create,
  • orientation to your oval face and the structure of the hair,
  • consideration of your habits, lifestyle,
  • originality of a natural or colored tint, etc.

Thus, repeating bangs do not exist! There are only identical patterns by which parts are created. Knowing their features, you can choose the most logical tools and styling products.

The length is divided into:

A short one will look good on girls with a square / rectangular face with a small forehead. It will refresh the image, add youth and grace.

Classic, as a rule, reaches the eyebrows (variability - 0.5-1 cm above / below). It is literally created in order to emphasize your look, to hide age-related changes and to give the appearance more femininity.

Most often, beauties suffer from how beautifully to lay a long bang: it can become such as a reason for growing, and according to the original idea. The main features of the well thought-out detail are the beginning from the top of the head and the length is much lower than the eyebrows.

A diagonal cut adds charm to both a short haircut and long curls. It will enhance the beneficial details of the appearance, in particular - will emphasize the lips. In this case, the degree of the edge can be both completely invisible and extremely sharp.

The main requirements for creating an asymmetric part are:

  • straight healthy curls that react poorly to moisture and other stimuli,
  • oval face shape
  • the desire and ability to perform daily styling.

Bevel cut with a thinning makes laying easier

Important! Oblique option may not have filing. Then its unevenness becomes more pronounced, and basic styling skills will be useful for additional volume.

Auxiliary materials

The main assistants in styling skills are high-quality, intelligently selected tools. After all, no instruction is complete without one of the following items:

  • hair dryer,
  • ironing,
  • curling iron (classic or with nozzles)
  • curlers
  • comb brushing
  • comb for comb.

Curlers: for both volume and easy twist

Each tool performs a specific task. Sometimes they can work in combination. For example, if you are trying to figure out how to put the bangs right as quickly as possible, you will have to use a hair dryer, a comb, and an iron.

Also in his "power":

  • create volume
  • give the curls the right direction
  • qualitatively straighten hairs.

However, when straightening strands with a hot press, be careful: the curls should be perfectly dry and covered with a special thermal protective fluid. Otherwise, short hairs will quickly turn into a brittle straw.

  • create static voltage (magnetised),
  • tearing hair
  • confuse the hairs with each other.

Best of all, if these tools are made of special plastic or wood. Also suitable for professional brushes. The price for them varies between 300-500 rubles and above.

Jabbed side bangs - very fast and romantic styling

In addition to tools, use accessories. Especially good for styling fit:

  • hoops / bandages,
  • small hairpins,
  • decorative invisible,
  • scallops.

They will not only fix the result, but also make the hair more interesting by adding a festive touch. For example, wondering how beautifully to lay a square with a bang, just comb the last one side and hook on a small hairpin. The image will turn out elegant and neat, but not at all pretentious.

A wide bandage can fix or even hide the presence of bangs

Note! Today boho-style has returned to fashion. It involves decorating hairstyles with the help of flowers and strips of bright colors with ethnic ornaments. The latter are not forbidden (and sometimes even recommended) to be replaced with thin long scarves or kerchiefs.

Styling - a loyal assistant

The range of modern styling products is amazingly wide. An inexperienced “user” doesn’t get lost in front of a crowded storefront and, as a result, leave with nothing. To avoid such an incident, remember that you may need it for laying bangs.

Apply mousse in small doses to keep hair light.

  • creating basal volume,
  • make the bangs smooth,
  • final touch - fixing the result.

For example, when you need to figure out how to put a short square with a bang, use varnish! However, use an alternative method of application: sprinkle your palms, rub them together and smooth your hair. The result will be smooth, smooth and persistent.

The main errors are as follows:

  • applying an excessive amount of product
  • processing of all hair,
  • contact with too wet curls.

Waxes and gels are best suited for structuring hairstyles. Therefore, they will be indispensable when you think about how to lay a short fringe. Simply dry it with a tandem of a hair dryer and a comb, and process the tips with wax / gel.

Wax will give structure to individual strands.

Important! Laying tools require careful dosing. A little more product, and you get not persistent first-class results, and sloppy, "dirty" head.

When laying hot tools do not forget about thermal protection - it will save the strands from the desiccating effects of heat.

The product may have different types:

  • liquid spray
  • liquid crystals (light transparent emulsion),
  • butter.

The latter option is ideal for already overdried curls. The first two are for any type of hair.

Styling methods

Making contact with bangs is not an easy process. Especially if you are not quite accustomed to the new details of the hairstyle. But there are many ways to create a stylish and memorable image, even if you take the case for the first time.

Weaving is a great way to disguise a growing bang

Simple and fast

The most elementary method of laying is the use of accessories. Here you need to do just a few simple steps:

  1. Dry hair, slightly raising the bangs with brushing.
  2. Comb them in the right direction (on the side or back).
  3. Secure with hairpins or rim.

This emergency option is useful if you think how to put a long fringe so that it is guaranteed not to climb on the face. In the absence of such a problem, consider other options for restraint.

For example, the style a la "Bridget Bardo" is very popular. Today, Nicole Kidman, Kate Moss, Siena Miller and other celebrities have repeated this style several times. But it turns out that one does not have to wait for a solemn occasion to figure out how to put the bang on two sides: the hairstyle is done elementary!

Accent styling on two sides

Stylish styling create as follows:

  1. Clean, slightly wet strands handle with foam. Dry in the direction of the bottom up, lifting the hairs round comb.
  2. When the curls are almost dry, divide the part into two parts. They can be both perfectly uniform, and a little careless, with uneven parting.
  3. Dry the hair by paying attention to each part separately. Watch the direction of the air flow: it should be different. First, slightly to the right (for the right half), then - slightly to the left (for the left).
  4. Secure the final result with a small amount of varnish.

Ceremonial exit

It is important for many beauties how to put a bang for an evening out, a date or other solemn event. After all, the detail is an important part of the image, and its untidiness will affect the whole look as a whole. Particularly often, the problem of styling is faced by owners of four and short, informal haircuts.

Smooth square with shine: sexy and solemnly

This style will be relevant for owners of both a bobie and her variations:

  1. Strand heat treat. It is best to use products with a mirror effect.
  2. Blow dry by lifting it above your head and directing the air from top to bottom. Help yourself comb, just sliding it from head to tip.
  3. Completely dry the strands additionally straighten the iron. Allow the hair to cool and fix the result with varnish.

But this does not apply to those who are not afraid to experiment with images.

  • For example, if you want to create a cute and attractive image, act like this:
  • Apply a little mousse to wet hair with a "whipping" motion.
  • Dry your head without using a comb: help yourself with your hands, lifting and slightly squeezing the strands.
  • Treat the tips of the entire head of hair with wax, preheating it in the palms. Bang must be laid on the forehead.
  • As an additional stroke, use a thin hoop. Wearing it just above the bangs.
  • If your style is more rebellious - do not abandon this method of laying. Stick to the scheme described, but always direct the air upwards. In the final, lift the bangs, structure the tips and secure with varnish.

Short length is the best reason for unusual experiments!


Strict rules in laying bangs do not exist. By acquiring basic skills and learning how to correctly use the tools, you can experiment in every way, giving it unimaginable forms or weaving into the total mass. You will find interesting additional information in the video in this article.

How to lay regrown fringe?

Long bangs - it is not always the result of a thoughtful haircut. Wanting to remove it, the girls grow bangs. As a result, the hairstyle looks unattractive and disheveled. To remedy the situation, learn how to stack a regrown bang. Use the following methods:

Make a parting. This method does not take time and is suitable for everyday use. Divide the bang into two parts and connect with the rest of the curls. Part on the center, or move to the right or left side. Then fasten the strands on the back of the head, as if creating a hoop effect. Or fix on the sides using stealth.
Lay curls asymmetrically. If you want to add playfulness to a strict image, then twist the strands into strands. Then make a side parting and fasten the harnesses made of bangs on the back of the head or side. To create a noble image, twist the strands, following the growth of hair.
Part in the form of a snake or zigzag. Divide the curls into several strands, connect the bangs to them. Styling do on wet hair. Dry curls, accustomed to the standard parting, will not obey. Form a pattern with a comb with narrow teeth. The figured parting is suitable for visiting discos, it is appropriate for a beach holiday.

If the hair roots have grown back, and dyeing after a couple of days, part with a zigzag. So you hide the bangs and take away the eyes of others from the roots.

Hide the bang under the rim or hoop. Comb your hair back with bangs. Make it easy if you like. Then pick up the headband for hair, bezel, bulk hairpin. Choose jewelry that looks like an image, clothes, bag. So the hairstyle will look harmonious. This method is best not to use if you have noticeable wrinkles on the forehead.

How to lay a long bang on its side?

The process of laying depends on the type of bangs. For each type of wizard offers several options. Among them there are simple methods for every day or difficult ways for special occasions. In any case, a long bang is an opportunity to experiment and show creativity.

How to lay a long bang on its side?

Make a pile. Take a strand of hair, which is located from the top of the head to the forehead. Next, using a comb with small teeth, make a pile. Then lay the curl on its side, sending the tips of the hair back. Get a small wave. Fix the strand with a hairpin from the tape, invisible. You can simply put a strand of hair growth, securing a wide hairpin, hair band or satin ribbon.
Use the technique of cross to cross. Take the bang and divide into two parts. Then direct the strands to the side, laying one curl on another. The resulting styling secure thin stealth. Barrettes with stones or other decorations will do. Monophonic invisible bells, laid out in a special way: in the form of a bow, a fir-tree, a cell, effectively look. To the hair does not look sleek, pull curls, forming a basal volume.
Apply wet effect. This method assumes that all curls are affected. Otherwise, the hairstyle will look ridiculous: smooth hair and curly bangs. To make the styling, apply mousse or scum on clean and wet strands. Then dry the hair with a hair dryer, forming irregular curls with your hands. Bangs also fall under laying. At the final stage, take the bang and take it to the side. Secure the hair with hairspray or hairpins.
Wind the bangs. Take electric curlers and lock the strand. Direct curls in the inner or outer side. After 15 minutes remove the curlers and comb the bangs in the desired direction. Take coils of large diameter to get large curls.

How beautiful to lay a long bang?

Before proceeding to the installation, perform the required steps. These include shampooing the scalp, applying styling products and drying the curls with a hair dryer. To fix the hair in one position, sprinkle the finished styling hair spray.

How beautiful to lay a long bang?

Create a retro style. Separate bangs from the rest of the hair. Then make a high tail, fix with a wide elastic band or wrap a scarf. Chelku nasheshite and send back, laid out a slide. Attach it to the crown with invisible hairpins. If the bang is very long, then first perform a pile and fixation. Then do the ponytail. Another way to decorate hair is to use thin hoops.
Braid a French or Dutch braid. To begin, make a parting, then divide the fringe into two parts. Now weave along the front edge of the curls. The type of weaving of the French braid is similar to the spikelet technique. The difference is that you capture part of the curls on one edge. The main difference between the Dutch braid is the direction of the strands inward, not upward. Braid one pigtail or two, give them a different direction: straight, on one side, the opposite side.
Make a Venetian hairstyle. To do this, divide the bangs into equal parts. Then take the curls located in the temporal region and attach to the bangs. It will turn out on two bunches from two parties. Take a small strand and twist it back, fixing hairpins on the back of the head.

For dinner at a restaurant or a festive event, the following option will do. Apply gel to wet curls. The styling product should completely cover the hair. Then divide the bangs into strands and lay them in various shapes. The classic version is a curl in the form of a wave, located on one side. Make sure that the rest of the hairstyle does not get out of the chosen style. Under this method, it is appropriate to make a strict bundle on the back of his head, making it studs with stones.

How to lay a long bang with a hair dryer and ironing?

Girls with curly hair make a new image is easy. It is enough to take an iron and straighten bangs. But the straight strands are stacked with the help of an iron, hair dryer, hairbrushes and other devices. For this purpose, nozzles and fixing means are used.

How to lay a long bang with a hair dryer and ironing?

Take a comb-brush, then moisten the bangs. Next, work on hair strands. Use your hairbrush to style your hair in the right direction. If you have curly strands, then in this way you align the fringe, combing it straight or on its side. To consolidate the result of the installation and not to remain without a haircut at the first gust of wind, spray the fringe with lacquer. During styling, change the impact of a hairdryer. First, treat the hair with warm air, at the final minutes - with cold.
To lay a straight and thick bangs with a hair dryer, divide it into two parts horizontally. Then secure the upper part with a barrette, connecting it with the rest of the strands. Next, turn on the hair dryer at the minimum speed and dry the bangs, acting from the inside with air. Using a comb, align or twist the curls. Next, take up the second part. Take off the hairpin and send warm air from the top down.
To use the iron, dry the curls. It is impossible to influence the device on wet curls. The iron not only aligns the bangs, but also tightens it. Do not forget that the device harms the hair. Therefore, before applying, apply a thermal protective agent to the bangs. After exposure to the ironing bang becomes smooth and obedient. Lay strands in any direction and secure with styling.

How to lay a long oblique bangs?

Options for laying oblique bangs a bit. So that it does not stand out from the general style, then act with a hairdryer. How to lay a long oblique bangs?

Take a comb with fine teeth and divide the fringe into strands. Apply to each curl hair foam. The next step is a uniform exposure to warm air from root to tip. When this comb direct the position of each strand. At the end of laying fix bang varnish. Do not direct excessively hot air into your hair. This will lead to the fact that the oblique bangs break into pieces, independently spin in other directions.

The following method is suitable for tinted or streaked strands. Apply hair wax to a dry bang. Then break the bangs into strands of different thickness and length. Lay them on one side or place them on the forehead. Additional fixing is not required. If necessary, adjust your hair during the day. Wax does not glue curls, therefore, allows you to simulate hair without additional application of funds.

Beveled bangs require storing. Otherwise, it takes a lot of space on the face, closes the view, interferes with tilting the head. If there is no time for long stacking, then weave the fringe into a braid, or wrap up with a wave and slaughter with invisibility.

When choosing a styling method for long bangs, consider the shape of the face. Stylists know which methods hide flaws or emphasize facial features. Therefore, consult with the master, what kind of styling is suitable for your haircut. The professional will give recommendations on how to emphasize the cut of the eyes, hide the high forehead, visually make the face look young.

On short haircuts

Armed with a hairdryer, ironing, brushing and styling tools you can start experimenting with options for laying bangs. First, the bangs should be washed. Then apply mousse to hair and wait until it dries slightly.

As a daily option, bangs are very convenient, milled at the tips, as it holds the volume without any aids.

Smooth thick bangs can be laid with a hairdryer, giving volume at the roots, using a round comb, and the tips can be dried, turning inward. Or ideally straighten it with the help of an iron.

For the consciousness of a romantic evening look on a bob haircut, a long, sloping bangs can be laid on the usual side and stretched along the entire length by an iron. Tuck the ends up and fix varnish. Very effectively, if such a bang covers one eye.

No less interesting will look oblique bangs, if it is tucked behind the ear and secure the invisible, and cover the top with hair.

Torn elongated bangs on stylish asymmetrical ultrashort haircuts can be easily laid in the form of individual strands and fixed with gel. It will look dumb carelessly, but add to the image of insolence.

Mohawk bangs look pretty bright and defiant on short hair. To create it, perform basal bouffant, pull the hair back from the forehead and lift vertically upwards. Fix the roots with varnish and apply wax on the tips.

Bang back

Very popular lately combing the bangs back. This package does not take much time, and looks elegant and keeps throughout the day. The main thing is to make a good bouffant from the back of the head to the forehead. The longer the bang, the more voluminous you can do the comb.

Lift the strands vertically, shuffle, lay the hair back and smooth the upper curls. Slap the tips of your hair stealth and fix it with varnish. All other hair can be left flowing or collected from the tail.

It looks very gently long bangs, laid on its side and back. Clean bangs should be dried round comb and make it a little bouffant. Strand the strands into a loose braid and stab a beautiful hairpin above your ear.

The constant trend is smooth bangs to the side. Hair is dried on one side, directing a stream of air strictly along the strands. Aligned curls tighten at an angle from the hairline to the temple, while fixing them with varnish.

The loose hairs are smoothed with a soft bristle comb, and the tips are tucked behind the ear and clamped. This style makes the face more gentle and feminine, so it is often used to create wedding hairstyles.

The original look bangs in pin-up style, which has the shape of a curl. In this embodiment, you need a curling iron. Twist the bangs, fix the varnish and carefully remove the curling iron, so as not to destroy the lock. Securely lock the bangs invisible.

Such an original curl will ideally complement both loose curls and a volume bundle on the back of the head in combination with a “soloch” bandage.

On two sides

The simplest styling option is to divide the entire mass of hair into a flat or side parting followed by ironing.
Strands naturally blend, and styling will look harmonious.

To lay a long bang, which is divided in half, dry the curls with a hair dryer and divide them into two equal parts. Armed with a round comb, twist the ends of the hair out. Do this procedure with two pieces of bangs. Lightly sprinkled with varnish, gently unwind strands.

Retro style

Many owners of elongated bangs fit styling in retro style. On wet hair, you must apply a mousse and blow-dry. Then, with the help of an ironing iron, make smooth waves on the bangs, clamping the forceps, then in one, then in the opposite direction. Collect all hair in a bun, and fasten the fringe with a clip behind the ear or on the back of the head.


Very unusual for long bangs look pigtails. At the same time there are a great many options for weaving.

We can start weaving both from the temple and from the center, gradually gathering all the curls into a braid and framing the face with a graceful spikelet.

In addition, to quickly remove from the face a long bang, it can be divided into two equal parts. Wrap curls around the head and connect the back of the head with a rubber band.

How to lay a bang with an even cut?

The classic version of the strands, reaching to the superciliary arches or slightly covering them, is suitable for reducing the height of the forehead, but strongly emphasizes the length of the nose, as well as the severity of the jaw area. Also, it strongly hides part of the face, therefore undesirable for owners compact faces. What hairstyles with long bangs of this format can be done?

Work separately with each area

Thus, the styling of the main mass of hair is chosen independently of the bangs, and the latter is simply pulled out using a brushing (round comb) and a hair dryer. Versatile version fits practically for any hairstyle: and with curled locks, and with braided braids, and even with creative chaos on her head, she looks attractive.

The only problem is that not every type of hair allows you to do it: for curly hair, there is no point in pulling the strands, since the styling will not last long.

Weave in the bulk of the hair

Suitable for situations where you need to open your face, or just want something new. Or for those who started grow front strands, and they look unpresentable in "pure" form. The easiest method is to comb the bangs back and stab them in a criss-cross manner with a pair of Invisibles: most often this idea can be seen with tails and bundles, since the Invisibles need to be fixed on well-stretched strands.

How to perform the laying of long bangs per minute? Remove back and secure with a rim or wide bandage, but they must cover the tips of the strandsotherwise the image will be somewhat untidy.

If the bang with a straight cut is laid using a hair dryer, it should be washed directly. before work.

For better fixation, it is recommended to use foam or mousse, but remember that they give a slight “paper” effect and require a visit to the shower before a new styling (for the next day).

Editorial Board

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A frightening figure - in 97% of shampoos of famous brands are substances that poison our body. The main components, due to which all the troubles on the labels are designated as sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, coco sulfate. These chemicals destroy the structure of the hair, the hair becomes brittle, lose elasticity and strength, the color fades. But the worst thing is that this stuff gets into the liver, heart, lungs, accumulates in the organs and can cause cancer.

We advise you to abandon the use of funds that contain these substances. Recently, experts of our editorial staff conducted an analysis of sulfate-free shampoos, where the first place was taken by funds from the company Mulsan Cosmetic. The only manufacturer of all-natural cosmetics. All products are manufactured under strict quality control and certification systems.

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Options for laying beveled bangs

When styling long beveled bangs, you will have the maximum variety available, since it gently moves into the bulk of the hair and can be used in most hairstyles. But it is quite difficult to wear it not laid: it covers part of the face and interferes with the view, therefore it is necessary minimum fix her.

A fairly common method of laying long bangs, in which it is divided into several strands, alternately woven into the bulk: for example, to create a vertical waterfall spit or classic side braids from the temple. They can always be replaced. ordinary harnesses, connecting at the back of the head, into which a long beveled bang is also perfectly inserted.

In this case it is meant simultaneous curling and the main cloth of hair, and bangs, which will be attached to the adjacent strands with varnish, as a result of which it will merge with them. However, it can be left and not fixed, simply turning into a single curl. Its direction does not play a role: winding out will open the face, and inward - ideal for complex hairstyles.


This idea is most relevant for styling, in which the hair taken away from the face (for example, high tail). The long beveled bangs, on which the plates of the hair ironer walked, become a graceful face frame and continue the vertical lines set by the main hairstyle. So that the hairs do not scatter, they need to be sprayed with varnish and smoothed with natural bristles.

Evening option, because it needs a lot of varnish. Bangs diligently combed the roots on the inside (from the face), after which back up without reducing the volume, and strands are smoothed on the front side. Varnish they are filled to a feeling of dense formation, due to which the bangs will not separate from the main mass at the most inappropriate moment.

Patterns of curls

Every day, this technology should not be used, but it is great for a ceremonial exit. The bang is divided into several strands, which are processed by the gel to a wet state (completely) and arbitrary patterns laid out on the surface of the head.

This is best done in tandem with collected hairstyles: for example, a smooth tail or a French bun. Make sure that the patterns somehow have a connection with the main hairstyle.

The simplest version of a hairstyle with a long bang is the usual separation of the entire mass of hair with it into a side parting and subsequent stretching with an iron. Strands naturally blend, and find their ends will be quite difficult. And so that they do not look out of laying, be sure to sprinkle them with varnish.

What are bangs?

The task of the bang is not only to embellish the hair and hide minor skin imperfections (birthmarks, scars, acne), but also to correct the shape of the face.

If you are dissatisfied with your appearance, it is not at all necessary to drastically change a haircut or hairstyle. It is enough to choose the optimal length and type of bangs, ideally suited to you in shape, length and structure.

Straight bangs

Cut bangs made in the form of a flat line, while the length does not matter. Straight bangs can be short, to the middle of the forehead. More classic options - to the level of eyebrows or lower will add to the image more extravagance and mysteriousness.

Oblique fringe

This type of spectacular looks in combination with straight hair, but can not be combined with curly curly locks.

The main requirement for oblique bangs - perfect smoothness and integrity, that is, it should not break up into strands.

Asymmetrical bangs

Custom shape fits perfectly with straight hair. This option needs daily styling with hairdryers and hairdryer. That's when the bangs will look perfect.

An important role is played by the tips of the bangs. With the help of styling tools you can twist them down or leave smooth. Slice through the thinning scissors or keep it perfectly straight.

How to lay a bang?

Modern technologies offer fashionistas a large selection of tools to facilitate everyday appearance care.

In addition, the girls are presented a variety of styling tools that allow you to keep her hair all day.

Laying oblique bangs

This option bangs itself is an ornament hairstyle. The task of the girl is only to slightly straighten the strands, making them smooth, and give them volume.

To do this, you will need a comb, hairdryer and fixing tools. To create the perfect styling, your hair should be slightly damp.

Spread the foam on the bang to fix and smooth it with the help of a comb in the right direction.

Go through the hair dryer, directing the flow of hot air from the roots to the tips.

For styling for each day, it is enough to smooth the wet bangs with a flat comb and sprinkle it with hair spray.

Laying straight bangs

This bang is very difficult to lay smoothly, without popping the order. Therefore, it is better to divide the laying process into 2 stages.

First, dry the bottom of the bangs, bending the ends inward with a comb-brush, and then go to the top.

Direct the flow of hot air strictly vertically. To fix the result, use hair spray.

Laying short bangs

There are many ways of laying a short bang, which is often done with an even cut.

For example, with the help of laying tools of maximum fixation, you can create an effective image with a bang to the side, dividing it into separate strands.

A more extravagant and defiant method is a short bang in the form of a "mohawk". To implement this option, use a flat comb and varnish or wax for hair. Use a comb to make a lightweight comb and fix it.

This bang looks very stylish. It emphasizes the oval of the face, makes it more open and soft.

How to lay a long bang

For laying this type of bangs, there are also plenty of options. The length gives space for the manifestation of fantasy and allows you to create a variety of forms of styling.

The first way - long bangs to the side

Before laying it is necessary to wash and dry hair. Separate the bangs from the rest of the curls and make the bouffant at the very roots with a flat comb. After that, lay the hair to the side and fix the result with fixing means.

As a result, you get a voluminous long fringe that fits under medium-length hair and short haircuts.

Method two - classic direct styling

Separate the bang from the rest of the hair, slightly moisten it with water and sprinkle with a small amount of hairspray.

Using a comb with frequent teeth, distribute the foam through the hair and with a hairdryer lay it flat, trying to make the cut as even as possible.

Popular ways of laying bangs

We offer you several ways of styling bangs, which will help you out in a situation when you need to quickly create a beautiful and neat hairstyle.

Laying "Curls"

As the name implies, with this method, you can give bangs amazing shape curls.

This kind of styling is more often used by young persons trying to give their image more playfulness and young enthusiasm.

To create curls on bangs you will need fixing means (foam or mousse for hair) and curling.

Spread a small amount of hair on the hair and use small curling to create small thin strands. You will have a surprisingly romantic light look.

In order to create beautiful and stylish hairstyles every day, it is not at all necessary to spend money on stylists and hairdressers.

It is enough to master several ways of styling bangs and you will be able to create unique images on your own without drastically changing the length of your hair.

Long bangs as part of different hairstyles

  • Normal (straight) - well masks the forehead, gives the oval of the face more attractive,
  • Symmetric - suitable for girls with a rectangular face shape,
  • On the side - the current version for the face of a triangular shape,
  • Picabu - hides his eyes, looks stylish, but not very comfortable. From it you can make a high tail.
  • Torn - draws attention to the upper half of the face, suitable for girls with a heavy chin, large cheekbones.
  • Feather - stylish and unusual, suitable for girls with any oval.
  • Bohemian chic - for bangs to the eyelashes. Comfortable, looks beautiful.

Peekaboo is very attractive

We perform styling with the help of spikelets of long hair on two sides

This hairstyle is suitable for girls who have long bangs, because the hair, gathered in a braid, will look shorter.

  1. Comb your hair, separate the bangs,
  2. Begin to weave a pigtail: create one strand, gathering it from a bang and a part of the rest of the hair, then divide it in half, create a pigtail.
  3. Perform weaving, complementing the pigtail with new strands. To make the pigtail look more elegant, create thin strands,
  4. Braided "spike" fasten barrette, varnish.

Strands need to hold tight to the hair did not get disheveled. To do this, before braiding, you can treat the hair with styling agents or simply wet the hair.

We carry out laying with a pile and additional attributes

The bouffant is a very fashionable element that many girls gladly make. To make such a hairstyle, lift the pile up, perform the comb, fasten with a beautiful hairpin, fix it with varnish.

Tip! Anything that does not fit in the bouffant, collect in the tail or just fluff.

We lay a long bang on a car: beauties reviews

Long bangs are beautiful

I have a hand at my chin, every day I tuck it sideways so as not to interfere, or looking for something up: I am performing a pile, I fix it with a hairpin. And before that, I make styling foam to give volume. Sometimes all the hair lift up. And before bedtime, I make a "dragon". In the morning I unwrap it, it turns out beautifully, and again the fringe is looking sideways. Hair after pigtails curly slightly, so you get such beautiful strands.

And I have very strong curls. For styling, straighten it with an iron, as with a regular comb and hairdryer nothing is straightened. First of all I dry the bangs with a hair dryer, then I apply a comb (which is shaped like forceps, but with bristles, it is convenient for her to pull the strands), spray and straighten with a flat iron. Very smooth hair is obtained!

I do as follows:

  1. First my head, or just a bang,
  2. I dry them with a hairdryer and a large brush (I hold the prior in one hand, the brush in the other),
  3. I do straightening with an iron, form strands in the form of several rows, perform laying each row separately,
  4. Fixed with fixing means.

However, if I get under the rain or strong wind, the appearance of the hairstyle quickly deteriorates, the bang again becomes like a ram.

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