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Beautiful hair has always been the pride of women. Unfortunately, today not every girl can boast the perfect state of her hair. Adverse environmental conditions, poor nutrition and constant stress bring great harm to curls. To restore the hair structure, you need to use special tools. One of them is liquid keratin.

Liquid keratin - what is it?

By structure, this substance is a biopolymer material derived from sheep wool. To ensure their locks full care, apply a liquid substance. Useful properties of this product are based on the presence in the composition of a special amino acid - cysteine. In addition, it contains vitamins and minerals.

To make the drug convenient to use, we developed two forms of packaging for this product - in the form of a light spray or suspension, which has an oily texture. So, the spray can be very easily applied to the curls during styling. However, in this case, half the container does not fall on the hair. Therefore, this tool is not too popular.

Suspension is sold in ampoules. It is also produced in small bottles equipped with a dispenser. Due to this, the product is more economical. Just one click provides the right amount of keratin. Due to the small size of keratin molecules, the tool gets deep into the hair and helps to seal it from the inside. Thanks to this method it is possible to cope with dry and split ends, as well as to restore curls.

How to use hair care products

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Shake the bottle with keratin to get the most homogeneous mass. Then gently trim the top of the ampoule with scissors.
  • After adding to the cosmetic, mix well to get the most uniform texture. The resulting remedy with keratin should be applied in accordance with the instructions.

It is important to note that the impact of such funds should not be less than 10 minutes. The exception is shampoo.

To achieve a good effect, cosmetics should be enriched before use. Keratin should not be added to acidic shampoos or other products - they will not be very effective. The same can be said about oil-based products.

Acidic pH leads to a tight fit of the hair scales, which prevents keratin from entering the required areas. If we talk about oils, keratin is not able to penetrate their barrier.

Chantal sessio

This is an excellent light tool that provides complete care for dry, damaged and matte curls. It includes keratin, which has pronounced reducing and conditioning characteristics. This substance penetrates deep into the hair structure, helps to restore it from the inside and fills the voids.
Thanks to the use of keratin, it is possible to achieve a pronounced regenerating effect after damage to the curls by hairdressing procedures. Due to the presence of a complex of vitamins, it is possible to maintain the moisture content of the curls in the norm, to make them softer and more elastic.

Kativa Keratina Liquida

Through the use of keratin, it is possible to restore the structure of damaged strands. This product is created from hydrolyzed liquid keratin, creating an inconspicuous film on the curls. Due to this, they become smoother and get amazing shine. This tool has a pronounced tonic effect and provides regeneration of each hair from the inside. Because you can instantly get the effect of healthy and beautiful hair.

To use this tool you need to put just a few drops on the dried strands, and special attention should be paid to damaged areas. Heavily broken curls require treatment with liquid keratin before dyeing begins.

Live Gain Premium Aromatic Keratin ampoules

This tool is designed to care for dry and brittle strands. It can be used after dyeing, straightening, curling. The effectiveness of the drug due to its amazing composition. Thus, liquid keratin enters the structure of curls, helps to restore them at the molecular level, glues the scales and fills uneven areas. Due to this hair becomes more healthy and shiny.

Glutamic acid is present in the composition of this drug, contributing to the retention of moisture in the structure of curls. Due to this, it is possible to protect the strands from the effects of negative factors. It also contains aspartic acid, which makes curls more shiny.

From the manufacturer MCY

This keratin has a pronounced moisturizing and regenerating effect. It is contained in a variety of masks and has a pleasant smell. The substance enters the hair structure, helps to fill the damaged areas, effectively seals scales and creates an amazing protective film on the surface of the strands.

This tool can be used for professional or home care. It is suitable for thin, brittle and dry hair. After using the drug, split ends disappear, curls become more beautiful and obedient.

Shampoo Gliss Kur "Extreme Recovery"

The composition of this tool is a triple concentration of liquid keratins. And because it helps to restore hair not only from the outside, but also from the inside. Recovery occurs due to the fact that keratins fill the damaged areas of the strands.

The effectiveness of this tool is also due to the fact that keratins have an impact only in places where the curls are damaged. The use of this shampoo helps to reduce the fragility of the strands and saturates them with shine.

Spray Vitex Keratin

To protect your strands from increased dryness and brittleness, you can use effective keratin in the form of a spray. This tool was designed to perform hot styling - it effectively protects the strands from the negative effects of high temperature.

With the help of this substance, you can make your hair smoother and more elastic, provide them with a wonderful shine, make them more docile. The unique formula helps to restore strands and get amazing smooth curls after straightening.

Video on the use of liquid keratin at home

Anian Liquid Keratin has no particular effect on hair. Perhaps you can get a greater effect when using a hair dryer or ironing. However, with normal spraying on the hair, this spray does not particularly change their structure. This thought was voiced in the video:

Alina: With confidence, I can call liquid keratin a miracle cure for hair. I have been using Kativa Keratina Liquida for quite some time. No complaints on my part!

Olga: Personally, I really like Gliss Cur shampoo with the content of liquid keratin. It is he who makes my curls smoother and shinier.

Natalia: I use Mirat Keratin spray. I like the results very much - the curls become stronger, smoother and more beautiful.

Operating principle

Wella Perfect Hair is a foam designed to strengthen and restore weakened hair. It is widely used in beauty salons and professional stylists. It is based on a formula containing keratin, amino acids, provitamin B5 and wheat proteins.

Such a complex provides not only a regenerative, but also a protective effect. The tool is often used by women who constantly heat their hair with a blow-dry, forceps or ironing. After such an impact, they lose their elasticity and become brittle, however Wella Perfect Hair interferes with the loss of moisture, thus keeping the hair healthy.

As mentioned above, Wella Perfect Hair has a rather interesting set of components. Let us consider why each of them is needed in this tool.

  • Keratin - biopolymer, which is one of the main components of the hair. With a high content of this component curls look more healthy, thick and voluminous. Liquid keratin tends to compensate for the lack of this biopolymer in weakened hair, penetrating into their structure and restoring them from the inside. Therefore, products with liquid keratin have become so popular, because they do not just create the appearance of well-groomed and strong curls, but also have an effective therapeutic effect.
  • Amino Acids - Organic compounds that contribute to the synthesis of proteins in the human body. In simpler language, they help the body absorb the proteins it uses faster. Why is it important? Because the same keratin is an insoluble protein, and amino acids make it possible to benefit from it faster.
  • Wheat proteins - proteins that create a protective sheath around the hair and prevent excessive evaporation of moisture. This film protects hair from heat exposure during laying and is a good antistatic. In addition, wheat proteins are often added to hair products also to relieve irritation of the scalp.
  • Provitamin B5 - the active ingredient needed to strengthen the roots and heal damaged areas of the head after staining. Restoration of hair follicles leads to hair growth and reduces their loss.

Instructions for use

Using Wella Perfect Hair is very easy:

  1. To begin with, you need to wash your hair and dry your hair, leaving them slightly damp.
  2. Carefully comb your hair.
  3. Without shaking the balloon, apply the required amount of foam on the roots and distribute the product over the entire length of the curls.

Note! Wash off the foam is not necessary. After applying you can make the necessary styling.

How often can I use

The effect of this skin is noticeable almost immediately. - styling becomes more voluminous and fluffy, and hair more docile and shiny. After a week of constant use, it makes itself felt and keratin - curls look healthier and more elastic. Of course, after such a magical transformation it seems that foam is no longer enough.

but There are several factors to consider:

  • First, despite the fact that the tool is designed for daily use, it is better to alternate it with a simpler styling tool. For example, if your hair is completely weakened, it makes sense to use Wella Perfect Hair for about a month, but in the next month you should give your hair a rest. Why do you need to do this? All because the body can get used to the constant consumption of proteins and keratin from the outside, and by itself will produce them in smaller quantities. And this can lead to more damage to the hair.
  • Secondly, owners of oily hair should be very careful with keratin-based products. The problem is that its excess can lead to heavier curls, and then there can be no question of any volume styling at all. Therefore, if you use this skin, then no more than once or twice a week, while the rest of the time you give your head to rest.
  • Thirdly, styling foams work well in winter, however, in the summer you need to be careful with their use. As mentioned earlier, the components of this tool prevent the evaporation of moisture, and in the hot period this can lead to an unpleasant headache.


Wella Perfect Hair is safe enough, however, and when using it you should take some caution:

  • This tool has several components that can cause individual intolerance. Therefore, before using it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the full composition and apply it on a small area of ​​the head to check if there is an allergic reaction. If after applying the product did not cause any discomfort, then they can be safely used.
  • You should not use foam if there are any injuries on the scalp, such as scratches, abrasions or bruises. Not only will it cause severe pain, it will not help in the healing of injuries.
  • Besides, It is not advisable to use the foam during the week after dyeing, as it will not allow excess paint to be washed off the hair, and because of this they will remain on the head with uneven spots.

If to sum up, optimal use of Wella Perfect Hair is 3-4 times a week, but this criterion may vary depending on the type and condition of the hair and scalp.

Advantages and disadvantages

Let us now sum up all of the above. Wella Perfect Hair has both obvious advantages and equally obvious disadvantages.


  • quick effect
  • simple use procedure
  • a large number of useful elements that interact with each other,
  • the remedy is safe, there are few contraindications and they are obvious,
  • a lot of reviews and usage stories, which makes it possible to verify the effectiveness of the tool.


  • not suitable for daily use
  • high price, from 1400 to 1700 rubles,
  • in online stores you can stumble upon a poor-quality product.

The disadvantages of this tool is not so much, and perhaps that is why it has become so popular in its niche. If you want to try the foam with liquid keratin, then this is undoubtedly one of the worthy options.

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