Overview of the most popular liquid crystals for hair and application technology

Liquid crystals - a new word in hair care. The magic effect of the use of innovative means is manifested very quickly. This composition is a real salvation for perezhzhennyh, dry hairs.

Many believe that the action on the hair treatment with liquid crystals resembles keratin recovery and lamination. It's time to figure out what the secret of a unique technology is, find a quality product for caring for a weak hair.

Characteristics and composition of the tool

Modern means instantly gives weakened hairs a pleasant look and healthy shine.


  • viscous, thick liquid or gentle fluid,
  • color - transparent mass,
  • smell - light aroma of citrus, watermelon, strawberry,
  • packaging - dispenser bottle,
  • volume - 50–100 ml.

The composition of the cosmetic product may vary slightly. Each manufacturer enriches the transparent mass with additional components, enhancing the effect of the fluid.

  • plant extracts,
  • silicones,
  • ceramides
  • vitamin complex
  • perfumery composition
  • isopropyl alcohol.

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Beneficial features

Regular use works wonders:

  • hair structure is restored, scales are smoothed,
  • dry tips are sealed,
  • hair rods are saturated with moisture,
  • brittle hairs are reduced,
  • the curls acquire a gentle sheen, look strong, healthy and silky,
  • strands become soft, docile, easy to comb,
  • hairs are saturated with vitamins, nutrients,
  • the cuticle is “sealed” in a silicone shell, the negative impact of external factors is reduced,
  • hair growth improves,
  • The curls are reliably protected from exposure to high temperatures during hot styling,
  • means "revives" the weak, lifeless hairs damaged after perm and dyeing.

A little information

Liquid crystals - a means that does not need to be washed off. With it, you can solve the most common problems: dryness, fragility, lack of gloss. Crystals can be used for the whole head of hair, and only for tips. Currently popular products are: Constantdelight, trillet.

The product is a bit like a serum, but it acts much faster and penetrates the hair better. Given that the serum - the product itself is effective, you can imagine the effect of crystals. They contain vitamins and useful oils: coconut and argan.

Since hair oil is not always convenient to use, crystals quickly come to the rescue.

Advantages and method of use

In the market of cosmetic innovations, this tool is only gaining popularity. Liquid hair crystals solve common hair problems:

  • Lack of shine. Brunettes and brown-haired women often complain of dull hair color, lack of shine. The tool successfully solves this problem because it thickens the hair, strengthens its structure. Constant application helps to get rid of brittleness.
  • The problem of split ends. Frequent haircut and perm, permanent styling most of all affect this part of the hair. To get rid of ugly tips, it is enough not only to shear them periodically, but also to feed them regularly. Part of the oil successfully copes with this task.
  • Harmful exposure to sunlight, salt water. The problem worries girls in the summer. At this time, the curls need extra protection: a headdress, tonic. Liquid crystals will do fine in this case.

Using the product is very simple. It is necessary to apply it on clean hair, preferably wet. Dirty head of hair tool does not help: hair will look sloppy. Many girls are advised to apply the crystals on the wet strands, because the drug itself is oily. For this reason, the remaining care products can be excluded, otherwise the hair will become “overloaded”.

Overview of the most popular brands

  1. Constantdelight. Enjoys great popularity: it is proved by numerous reviews. Constantdelight drugs produced in Italy, produced in a bottle with dispenser. They consist of mineral and flaxseed oils, alcohol, vitamins, perfume.

Constantdelight has a pleasant fruity smell, easy to apply, does not make the hair heavier. It is better to apply constant on wet hair, quickly absorbed. Many girls advise using Constantdelight for split ends: they become soft and obedient. The price of the drug Constantdelight - from 350 rubles.

  1. Brelil. Another famous product. Brelil is great for dry and damaged hair. Restores hair thanks to healing components: it contains argan oil, vitamins, flaxseed extract. At the same time, brelil has a light consistency: the product is easy to apply, it is quickly absorbed. Even the fluffy head of hair “Breil” makes it smooth and soft, gives shine and silkiness. Brelil price - from 950 rubles. It is advised to use brelil for dry tips and hair affected by perm.

Other popular tools: Next, Estelle, Capus. "Next" perfectly saves from split ends, gives softness and smoothness to the whole head of hair.

Some products are divided into shades for convenience, for example, the product ParisienneLinseeds. Cold shades are used for dry damaged strands, and warm ones are used for hair damaged by curling and dyeing. Hair crystals are great for colored strands: any color palette. Light, dark and red curls will shine and look beautiful.

This is a unique property of the oils and vitamins that make up the composition: they help to keep pigments in the hair structure, while the hair itself does not damage. Even the most extensive palette will not be a problem of choice. The crystals work well with the paint "Loreal preference", help the pigments to absorb. Both cold and warm shades look good.

You can buy such tools in cosmetic stores. Usually they are sold in the departments of professional cosmetics.

You can order them online. But first you need to decide on the type of hair. For bold strands, the product is not very suitable: it will make the curls too sticky. From this hairstyle will look ugly. Most crystals are suitable for owners of dry hair.

It is better to apply them immediately after washing to clean hair. Detailed instructions are on the package.

It is better to pay attention to it, because the time of exposure may be different. The composition of the product includes only natural ingredients: oil, vitamins, extracts, plant extracts. Due to this rich composition, the product is able to replace the serum, mask and balms. As a result, the curls look shiny, light, strong and healthy.

Instructions for use

It is easy to apply liquid crystals. The dispenser allows you to spend at a time the minimum amount of funds with maximum benefit.


  • wash the hair, dry it a little: the curls should be slightly moist,
  • apply a little fluid on the bottom of the strands from a distance of 10–15 cm
  • Spread the composition into strands with a comb,
  • You can squeeze a little money on the palm, after a few seconds, apply a warm mass on the curls, comb,
  • use thick liquid before applying styler, ironing or hair dryer. The unique formula reliably protects hairs from high temperatures,
  • the fluid does not have a strong fixing action. Use mousse, foam or styling gel. Pay attention to the fashionable novelty - powder for the hair, giving a strong bottom volume,
  • after styling, you can sprinkle your hair slightly with a fluid from the bottle to give a luxurious shine.

Important! Flush means not necessary.

Constant delight


  • the product is made in Italy
  • pleasant fruit aroma, unobtrusive, quickly disappears,
  • tender consistency
  • active effect on hair


  • methylpropional,
  • alcohol,
  • vitamin complex,
  • flax seed oil,
  • perfumery composition.

Action on the head of hair:

  • protection during thermosetting
  • gives the curls shine, elasticity,
  • makes combing and hairstyle easier

Means can be applied both on wet locks, and on dry before hot laying. Minimum consumption, a positive impact on the quality of the hair.

The average price is 350 rubles.


  • quality product from Germany for regular use,
  • excellent vitamin complex to restore the hair structure,
  • Cocktail for the recovery of hair protects each hair from the influence of ultraviolet radiation, atmospheric pollution,
  • The complex of oils carefully protects hairs when styling with a hairdryer, curling or using heated hair curlers,
  • apply the composition with frequent straightening strands using ironing,
  • the tool is indispensable for the treatment and active regeneration of split ends,
  • the complex prevents the appearance of static electricity,
  • strands do not get confused, easier to comb,
  • after applying the composition, the curls do not become heavy, become smooth, soft, fit well,
  • A few drops of the product, applied to the finished hairstyle, give a luxurious brilliant shine.

It consists of seven valuable oils:

Bottle volume - 100 ml, approximate price - 440 rubles.

Barex Olioseta


  • elite Italian product
  • delicate scent
  • positive effect on hair
  • giving volume
  • Careful care for curly, dyed and burned strands.

Active ingredients:

  • silk proteins,
  • silicones,
  • Dimethicone
  • perfume
  • flaxseed extract.

Effect on hair:

  • long-term protection of hair rods from weathering,
  • reliable control of hair condition when using an iron, hair dryer or forceps,
  • active hydration, nutrition,
  • smoothing scales,
  • the appearance of a gentle glow curls.

Handle slightly wet hair after bruising or dry hair before thermocoupling.

The volume of the bottle - 75 ml, price - from 900 rubles.

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  • popular brand
  • light texture does not make strands heavy,
  • excellent application, easy to spread to the tips,
  • copes with the treatment of split ends,
  • perfume in the composition is absent, the smell of natural ingredients,
  • liquid crystals actively penetrate deep into the hairs, evenly distributed over all parts of the cuticle.


  • valuable argan oil,
  • flax seed elixir,
  • ceramides
  • vitamin complex.

The company produces several types of innovative tools. The composition of different products is slightly different.

The product is economical, really refreshing curls. Strands are soft, moist, comb well.

The volume of the bottle - 100 and 50 ml, the estimated cost - from 950 rubles.


  • “Liquid silk” crystals can be bought only in specialized stores of professional cosmetics,
  • tighten the structure of the hair shafts, give elasticity, vibrant shine,
  • cosmetic suitable for the care of loose, damaged strands,
  • delicate product can handle wet and dry curls,
  • when applied to not completely dried strands, the product is consumed more economically,
  • The product is packaged in dispenser bottles.


  • isopropyl alcohol,
  • silicones,
  • multivitamins,
  • gentle perfume.

The amount of funds - 100 ml, the estimated cost - 280-300 rubles.

Parisienne Linseeds SEMI DI LINO


  • quality product from Italy at a reasonable price,
  • The composition is recommended for the treatment of split ends, restoring health weakened strands,
  • if you have no hair problems, apply a few drops of liquid crystals to give a brilliant shine,
  • innovative tool covers every hair with an invisible protective layer. Dust, polluted air will not degrade the health of the hair,
  • regular use will eliminate the effect of "fluffiness" due to the violation of the structure of the hair cuticle, stop the cross section of the tips,
  • consumed sparingly, suitable for distribution to dry and wet curls.


The company offers several varieties of pleasant shades. Each type is designed to care for a particular type of hair.


  • blue crystals: for dull, lifeless hair,
  • orange crystals: for dry, “burned out” strands,
  • purple crystals: for damaged, weak, fragile hair.

The product is packaged in bottles of 75 ml, cost - 880 rubles.


  • Crystal shine is produced in Italy
  • pleasant, delicate fluid texture,
  • a popular product that deserves great reviews,
  • gentle hair care.


  • cocktail of several vitamins,
  • silicones,
  • valuable Omega 3 unsaturated fatty acids,
  • betaine
  • flax seed oil.


  • the product moisturizes split ends, refreshes dull strands,
  • gives the hair a natural shine
  • after processing the strands easily comb, fit well into the hair,
  • hair protection during hot styling,
  • It is recommended to apply the product also on slightly moist curls after washing the hair,
  • absorbs quickly into dyed, thinned hairs,
  • light texture is not as oily as that of the individual compositions. It is very easy to wash off hands
  • for processing long strands, just two clicks on the “pompochka” -doser are sufficient.

The product is produced in a 80 ml vial, the average cost is 400 rubles.

general information

High-quality product for shine and health of hair is sold in the departments of professional cosmetics. Shops for hairdressers are in almost every city, find the coveted bottle is not difficult.

Modern composition for the care of curls can be ordered in the online store. The cost is often lower. Check with friends, in which stores they order cosmetics. Use the services of companies with a proven reputation.

The price range is quite wide. The cost of products - from 300 to 950 rubles and above.

Most formulations act as indicated on the packaging. Reviews of liquid crystals for hair are most often enthusiastic.

Pleases rich assortment. If one brand does not fit, you can buy another one, give the first bottle to your mother or girlfriend. It is unlikely that anyone would refuse such an offer.

Video about liquid crystals for hair from the company Constant delight:

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I am pleased to use liquid crystals. Care for the tips of the hair - it is important to carry out as often as possible. Constantly trim the hair does not want, and dry ends and split ends spoil the appearance. I think liquid crystals are an ideal tool - the effect is amazing from the first application. Immediately after applying the lower part of the hair begins to look like silk - glitters and shimmers. To this still need to add a light fragrance from the hair for the whole day. And another advantage - the economical consumption of such funds, you need only a few drops. Liquid crystals - this is a great solution for hair tips!

What are liquid crystals?

Liquid hair crystals are a daily care product that is outside the salon walls, and at home it helps to create the effect of healthy hair, and also contributes to some healing along its entire length.

As a rule, these tools are sold with a pump for dosing or spray for ease of use. One application requires a very small amount of money, so it is spent economically.

The composition of liquid crystals

Liquid crystals for hair have an oil-silicone base with the addition of various oil concentrates, herbal extracts, ceramides and vitamin complexes.

The main feature is a significant proportion of natural vegetable oils in the composition of liquid crystals. It can be burdock, flaxseed, argan oil. They nourish the hair and stimulate the restoration of their structure in the long term.

Silicones are another basic component of liquid crystals, since they do not create the effect of weighting the hair, thus forming a temporary protective layer around each hair. Thus, a feeling of healthy hair is achieved in just a couple of minutes.

Concentrates and extracts

For additional nutrition and faster and more effective recovery, various herbal extracts and oil concentrates are used. The additional properties of liquid crystals depend on the type of component, be it gloss, elasticity, additional nourishment, and so on.

Ceramides, being fats that are included in the structure of the skin, heals the surface of the head and protects hair from environmental exposure.

What are liquid crystals for?

The main purpose of liquid crystals is to begin the improvement of the scalp and hair along the entire length, and also to give the hair a “glamorous” look, before the effect of recovery has come.

Liquid crystals contribute to easier combing, participate in styling hairstyles, and struggle with the most common problems: split ends, brittle, dry hair and dandruff.

Fragile and dry hair along the entire length

If the hair is naughty, dull, fragile and clearly in need of an urgent "first aid", then the liquid crystals - what you need.

Of course, the treatment must begin in the complex: taking vitamins, proper nutrition, hair masks, minimizing the effects of damaging factors (hair dryer, curling iron, iron).

But to the whole complex of measures, it will not be superfluous to add liquid crystals, which will speed up the recovery process and will always keep your hair at the highest level.

Due to the complex, qualitative composition, liquid crystals can help in solving such an unpleasant problem as dandruff. Both hair and scalp will be provided with nutrition and essential substances in the fight against dandruff.

How to use liquid crystals for hair?

The pledge of proper use of liquid crystals lies in a very small amount of the applied agent and in clean hair, in which it must be evenly distributed. To do this, rub a small portion of the product in your palms and light movements, starting from the tips, walk your hands through the hair. Comb complete the uniform distribution of fluid.

If you have oily scalp, then distribute the liquid crystals only through the hair, without approaching the roots.

To combat dandruff, apply a mask on the skin and roots.

Do not repeat the mistake of many girls - do not put a lot of money in the palm, so the hair may look greasy. It is better to add, if not enough, than re-wash your hair because of a damaged hairstyle.

home care with liquid crystals makes hair gorgeous

Constant delight

Liquid crystals from Constant Delight have all the necessary characteristics: smooths hair, glues the ends, fills hair with power. This product is produced in sunny Italy, and one small bottle can serve you for a long time, the price is very democratic.

Liquid crystals for hair Faberlic Satin smoothness Expert series - a tool that creates a beautiful visual effect: shiny, silky hair. The composition is quite simple, it does not contain any special oils and vitamin complexes, but it fully justifies its name - the smoothness and shine of the hair resemble a luxurious satin fabric.

A bottle of 30 ml has an average cost relative to its volume. Due to its compactness, it is convenient to travel, travel and on vacation, because there, too, you need to be at your best.

Flax seed oil in L’Oreal Green Light liquid crystals helps to restore and nourish hair from root to tip. This tool makes the hair very soft and gives a spectacular shine.

A large bottle of 100 ml is not cheap, but it is spent drop by drop, so that a large family can afford enough money for a whole year.

Liquid crystals in the form of fluid for split ends of hair Kapous “Crystal shine” - the perfect combination of all the necessary components: silicone cares, linseed oil nourishes, a complex of vitamins - restores.

A bottle of 60 ml - just the volume that you can always carry with you to come to the aid of your hair.

BRELIL Professional Bio Treatment Beauty Liquid Crystal liquid crystals are based on silicones, argan and linseed oil, as well as ceramides, which prevent hair destructurization.

Means produced in bottles of 50 and 100 ml, is not all approved smell, which lasts a long time on the hair. Nevertheless, this is an effective tool, the price of which is not very loyal, but everyone likes the result.

The means for splitting hair NEXXT Vitamin regenerating cocktail has an impressive amount of additional components, only 7 oils that make up these liquid crystals (macadamia, olive, flax, coconut, argan, avocado and hemp). The tool promotes easy combing, nourishes the hair and contributes to their recovery, with long-term use is supposed to restore the damaged hair structure.

Maria, Rostov-on-Don

Nexxt liquid crystals - this is love from the first application, once you try and forget about the existence of other similar means. It copes with its task on “Hurray”, has a pleasant smell, which is important for you, and the price for 100 ml is simply magic, considering that it lasts for at least six months of active use.

Alisa, Ivanovo

Very pleased with the means of Green Light liquid crystals, however, did not immediately adjust to it. First, after applying the hair hung icicles, as if not washed them half an hour ago, and the promised effect did not even smell. I was upset, of course, but I decided to try to apply less and distribute it differently, and then the effect was great! On the head instead of a chubby hair now neat, cute styling every day, and it does not take more than five minutes.

Oksana, Novosibirsk

It's too fat. Tried liquid crystals from Brelil, not impressed. Perhaps it is my hair that is long and thick, their condition suits me perfectly, I wanted to add shine and silkiness. But my hopes were not justified, it is difficult to distribute the product in small quantities over my pile, and a lot of money is the complete loss of the appearance of hair. Perhaps all liquid crystals are not suitable for my hair, but I don’t want to try another manufacturer and throw money back to the wind.

If you have long dreamed of beautiful, well-groomed hair, then liquid crystals are a chance to make the dream come true. They will help you to feel yourself a princess from a fairy tale, where just a minute ago you didn’t even know about the hidden magnificence of your hair, and now they are already shining with health and strength. Be beautiful and happy!

Liquid crystals - the health of your hair

The composition of liquid crystals includes vegetable oils (flaxseed or burdock), synthetic silicones, the function of which is to envelop each hair and to prevent fragility and damage. Important components that are also included in the structure of the product are ceramides, which support the renewal of hair.

The application of liquid crystals is carried out on clean, slightly moist hair. Applied on the lower part of the strands (10-15 cm from the tips) means evenly distribute by comb. Since crystals have an average degree of fixation, their use with other styling agents is allowed. You can add shine to your hair by sprinkling it again with crystals after the styling is completed.

The visible effect of the application is noticeable almost immediately - after 2-3 applications. The structure of the hair is noticeably improving - they become smoother and softer, not only the appearance but also the texture is significantly improved. Even using balsams and masks it is impossible to achieve such brilliance as after liquid crystals.

Another remarkable property of “Liquid crystals” is their ability to protect and reanimate weak and curly locks. This effect is especially noticeable on split hairs - the crystals are created to solve this problem, because they contain mineral oils, as well as betaine extract, which is a powerful vitamin complex.

Liquid Crystal Application Technique

A few drops of the product are rubbed in the palms, then it is applied to the ends, after which they are combed over the entire length. Hair should be pre-washed and thoroughly wrung out.

The mechanism of action on the split ends is to restore the cuticle, which prevents further section. It is possible to use crystals as a finishing agent - put them on the head of hair at the end of laying. The overall impression of the tool is positive, which is reflected in reviews both on the Internet and in beauty salons.

The use of liquid crystals for hair

  1. Liquid crystals - a thick, oily liquid for the treatment of hair. Apply the mixture on wet strands immediately after washing.
  2. Due to its consistency, only a drop of the product is sufficient for obtaining the effect.
  3. Women with oily hair are advised to evenly distribute the product at the tips.
  4. Liquid crystals can be easily rubbed in the hands, while they have the pleasant aroma of strawberries, watermelon or any other.

To reduce fragility and cross-section, 2 months of using the product is sufficient. Daily use of hair dryers, straightening tongs and other styling products that have a negative effect on the hair does not reduce the effect of liquid crystals.

As already mentioned, to use just one drop of liquid crystals. Part of the silicone does not carry any therapeutic purposes. The function of silicone is enveloping hairs, which contributes to their shine and smoothness and increase the volume of hair. Silicone makes invisible flaws, filling the cavity in the hairs and smoothing the scales. This effect is clearly visible on long hair: they become obedient and comb well. The therapeutic function in liquid crystals is assigned to the vitamin complex contained in the product.

The advantage of a new tool is the speed in achieving results, which appear after a short application of the tool. In addition, liquid crystals have a significant advantage in terms of ease of application, efficiency of use, which is much more convenient than using conventional balms and masks. The crystals significantly improve the condition of the hair, which previously would have required to make a lot of oil masks before washing the head. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that more and more women prefer this particular product.

Properties of liquid crystals

Substances, otherwise, the crystals that are part of such cosmetic products, can simultaneously exhibit the state of both the liquid and the crystalline body. In addition to these chemical elements, such products contain natural plant extracts and natural mineral oils, which provide your curls with good protection from damage and high-quality care. Also, silicone is artificially added to most liquid fluids to envelop the hair, giving it a much larger volume and masking their flaws.

  • give softness and obedience, facilitates combing of matted curls,
  • help get rid of split ends and warns them in the future,
  • cover the strands with a protective film that saves from external adverse effects, for example, from thermal burns during hot styling, humidity drops, too low temperatures, ultraviolet rays, and so on,
  • contribute to the restoration of the damaged structure and maintaining it in the future,
  • due to the inclusion of additional ingredients, it often has many different useful functions, such as adding shine, preserving the curl, protecting color, preventing static electricity and others.

Liquid crystals not only very effectively improve the appearance of your curls, but are also very economical means. Despite the fact that the cost of one bottle of this fluid is on average from 500 to 1500 rubles, with regular use it lasts no less than half a year.

  • Since such products in most cases contain silicone, which usually accumulates in the structure of your curls, the tips of the hair can be deformed with regular use of fluid,
  • In addition, in some cases, liquid crystals are addictive. After you have used this tool for several months or even years, if you give it up, the hairstyle may deteriorate sharply, and the curls will immediately become lifeless, dull and brittle. However, no other means, most likely, will not be able to return their former beauty.

home use

There is absolutely nothing complicated about using this tool. Before using it, wash your hair thoroughly with your favorite shampoo, then dry it a little with a soft towel. After that, rub a few drops of crystals in your palms and apply them on the tips of your hair.

If your curls and scalp are bold type, leave the tool only at the ends. Owners of dry and damaged strands should distribute the fluid over the entire surface of the hair from tip to root.

On the hair, the crystals can not withstand, and immediately proceed to styling with a hot dryer or other methods of thermal exposure.

Try not to use the tool too often to avoid habituation and deformation of the tips.

It is best to use this tool about once a week, so your curls will always look great, but it will not depend heavily on whether this fluid is applied to them or not.

In addition, serum is permissible to use only on wet hair in the process of laying. If you prefer to use liquid crystals for hair with a lower concentration, for example, a spray that can be easily purchased at any beauty store, you can reapply it, for example, to fix your hair after exposure to strong wind.

Meanwhile, it should be borne in mind that the concentration of active substances in such a means is much less than in serum, which means that one should not expect the same strong effect from its use.

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