Application of Usma oil for thick eyelashes and eyebrows

For centuries, women have sought to preserve and increase their beauty. For this, hundreds of thousands of recipes handed down from generation to generation were invented. Different countries had their own, sometimes very unusual secrets. What is, for example, a cream based on nightingale litter, widely used in Asian countries! And the use of rubbed bugs as a lipstick, as did the English nobility?

Of course, not all recipes are so exotic. And one of them, which came to us from the mysterious East, is the use of the juice and oil of a plant, known as usma, as a means of promoting the growth and strengthening of eyelashes and eyebrows.

What it is?

Usma (also known as arugula, weida dyeing) is a plant that grows in the forests of Africa and hot Asian countries. Juice usma has a bright green color, but the air becomes dark, almost coal black.

For cosmetic purposes, it is used to color eyebrows and eyelashes, as well as to create a long-lasting Smoky Eyes effect. However, the use of juice is fraught with difficulties: firstly, it can be obtained only from a freshly picked plant and, secondly, it cannot be stored for a long time, not more than two days in the refrigerator. Therefore, an excellent alternative is usmi oil.

In order to understand what is the usefulness of this oriental product, let's consider its composition:

  • Linoleic acid - has a beneficial effect on the hair follicles and the skin around the eyes,
  • Oleic acid - restores cells, helps them retain moisture, helps strengthen the immune system,
  • Alkaloids - promote active hair growth,
  • Flavonoids - are natural antioxidants, and also have antibacterial properties,
  • Stearic acid - creates a kind of protective barrier on the skin, protecting it from exposure to harmful environmental factors,
  • Vitamins - nourish hair and help them maintain a healthy shine.

And now a video on how to use oil for eyelashes and eyebrows.

As a result of regular use:

  • All hair follicles will "wake up", hair growth will accelerate, their density will increase,
  • The hairs will stop breaking and falling out,
  • The skin of the eyelids will fade, fine wrinkles will disappear,
  • The look will be deep and expressive.

Indications for use of eye oil for eyebrows and eyelashes:

  • Eyebrows and eyelashes light and rare by nature,
  • Hair loss due to illness,
  • The desire to have thicker eyebrows and eyelashes.


Usma oil can be applied to absolutely everyone, although it is desirable to pre-test for allergies. To do this, put a couple of drops of oil on the wrist area or behind the ear. If two minutes after application, nothing happened (no itching, redness, swelling of the skin), you can safely use it.

Rules of application:

  • Take a brush from used mascara, wash thoroughly, apply a couple of drops of Usma oil on it and spread it on the outer side of the eyelashes and on the eyebrows. By the way, a cotton swab will do for these purposes,
  • Within an hour, the tool should be on the hairs, after which you can wash it off,
  • To achieve the best effect, leave the oil overnight, and in the morning wash your usual cleanser,
  • This miracle oil can be used not only in its pure form, but also to dilute it with other useful cosmetic oils. Perfect castor, burdock or coconut. The mixing ratio is 1: 1,
  • Another recipe that deserves attention: take a couple of tablespoons of dry sage or calendula herb and a glass of water, then squeeze them in a water bath, strain and cool. Then add 7 drops of usma oil and process the edges and cilia with the resulting composition. Wash after two hours,
  • To obtain the desired effect, you need to smear your eyebrows and eyelashes daily with clean or diluted usma oil for a month. After the effect is achieved, you can apply oil 2-3 times a week.

I would like to clarify the following point: oil Ums, unlike juice, does not dye hair, so if you have a desire not only to increase the growth of hairs, but also to give them a darker, more saturated color, use natural henna to dye eyebrows, for example, Brands Sexy Brow Henna. For eyelashes, you can also pick up professional paint based on henna.

Where can one buy

Ask at pharmacies in your city. Of course, this oil is not as common as, for example, burdock or castor oil, in particular because of its high price (from 300 rubles per bottle, 30 ml in volume), but some pharmacies buy it a little. You can also search for it in specialized shops of oriental spices, aromas and essential oils. Well, of course, in online stores.

So, what do beautiful ladies say, who happened to try usma oil in action? All, as one notes, after regular use of the oil of this miraculous plant, their eyebrows and eyelashes acquired a healthy, well-groomed appearance, “dormant” hair follicles came to life and, as a result, the number of hairs increased, they became thicker and stronger.

Some users have mentioned another feature of this product - smoothing wrinkles around the eyes. Therefore, if you are thinking about whether to buy this unusual rare oil, our answer is definitely worth it! After all, the expressive look is a very effective female weapon, and it would be wrong to ignore such a wonderful "auxiliary" tool.

Video recipe balm for volume and growth of eyelashes, see below.

Chemical composition

Usma oil is very useful and absolutely safe. It is obtained from the leaves of the plant by the method of direct cold pressing. The product is hypoallergenic. Local reaction to it, even in children, is extremely rare. It includes many valuable components:

  • vitamins B1, B2, B6, B9,
  • provitamin A,
  • vitamin E,
  • flavonoids,
  • nitrogen,
  • phosphorus,
  • vitamin PP,
  • arachidic, palmitic, linoleic, stearic, oleic, eicosadienic acids,
  • alkaloids
  • glucose and carbohydrates.

A large number of nutrients, with rubbing penetrates the skin, hair follicles and trunks. Cells receive abundant nutrition. Intensive cell division occurs. The effect of the tool is so strong that with regular use it is able to return the hair, eyebrows and eyelashes even to the bald one.


The use of the product is diverse: it is used in pure form and is added to various preparations for cosmetic and medicinal purposes. They are treated with dandruff, hyperpigmentation, rashes of a non-infectious nature, scars. It perfectly cleans the skin, dissolve makeup, does not leave dry. It is mixed into shampoos, masks and hair balsams, applied in its pure form.

Many ladies use the product for eyelashes. It stimulates growth, restores pigment, makes cilia longer, thick and thick. This is an excellent, effective and safe means to restore the cilia after aggressive effects: chemical dyeing, curling, building. Women who often use false eyelashes should also apply usma oil. It neutralizes the harmful effects of glue, softens the skin around the eyes, improves its own hairs.

Apply the product with brushes for eyelashes and eyebrows. They allow you to evenly distribute the drug, lubricate every hair. In addition, the brushes provide a light massage to the treated area. It improves blood flow to the hair follicles and cellular respiration. Store the tool in a dark, cool place for 2 years from the date of issue.

Tips to help you apply Usmi oil to thicken eyebrows and eyelashes:

How to apply usma oil

Usma oil is applied at bedtime and left overnight. If the product is used during the day, it is necessary to stay indoors. Before going out in the sun it is thoroughly washed off with a means for washing. Putting oil consists of several stages:

1. Preparation of brushes. A new or thoroughly washed with a soap solution brush down for 10 minutes in a 0.05% solution of chlorhexidine Bigluconate, then thoroughly washed with clean water and dried.

2. Wash off a make-up, wet a face a pure napkin.

3. Pipette the necessary amount of funds, heated in a water bath to 40-50 C.

4. Apply the product to the desired area.

  • Eyelash brush dipped in oil. Carefully comb the cilia from the roots to the tips. Initially, the outer side, then the inner. The drug is left overnight.
  • The tool is collected with a brush for eyebrows, combing hairs. First, make a movement from top to bottom with a brush, then from bottom to top, covering each hair. Complete the massage by combing the eyebrows in the direction from the nose to the corners. Leave the tool on all night. Instead of a brush, you can use cotton buds.

5. To achieve a quick effect, cover the treated area with a cotton pad. To increase the density of eyebrows, oil Usmi rubbed with fingertips in the desired area, making a circular motion from the nose to the corners. To increase the density of eyelashes, the agent is applied with cotton swabs on the skin along the line of cilia growth. In the upper eyelids, the stick is moved from the bridge of the nose to the corners, in the lower eyelids - from the corner to the bridge of the nose.

6. The drug is used in courses on a schedule: applied daily at bedtime for 2 weeks, then take a break for 1 month.

What does usma oil combine with

The tool is perfectly combined with base oils. It can be added to oil bases: cosmetic olive, peach pits, jojoba, castor, camphor, burdock oil. Mixing the tool with an oil base, it is applied with a brush. This mixture can be applied in the form of lotions for 1-2 hours, then rinse off with means for washing.

The tool can be added to natural henna. In this combination, the drug acts as a fixer. The hairs are uniformly colored, and the color lasts longer. The hair after that looks natural, it feels soft and silky to the touch.

Usma oil was brought to me by friends as a gift from a trip. I shoved him to the drugs and forgot. I remembered about its existence when I was searching the Internet for the means to restore eyelashes. They suddenly began to fall out.

Then I stumbled across an article about the Internet and its magical properties on the Internet. The reviews were the most impressive, and I decided to try. Smeared every day until the cilia completely ceased to crumble. During this time, the available have grown and "stouter". There are new ones.

Now, six months later, my eyelashes look better than ever. They noticeably thickened and darkened. The natural color returned - the same as I had before the first mascara. Now I will experiment with eyebrows.

I love to travel and in every city I go to local bazaars. At one of these markets in Morocco, I was offered to buy gar-gear - a means for hair growth. Bought. Then I learned that it is an effective remedy for various hair problems. With it, you can grow a hair and thick brows make, and the cilia to return the former force.

My bottle turned out to be impressive, so I began to smear everything at once. For a month my hair really became softer, the “dandelion effect”, which I suffered after dyeing, disappeared. Eyebrows, too, grew back, even thicker than steel, but the most pleasant thing was the eyelashes. Even mascara did not save before, now a little ink and eyes look younger and more expressive. Thanks merchant - not lied!

When I was growing up, it was somehow unacceptable to use cosmetics in our family. Mom never painted. The older sister bought her first cosmetics after their wedding. She was then 23 years old.

And I never learned how to do makeup, but I was addicted to long-term salon procedures. At first I went to the salon to dye my eyebrows and cilia, then I also began to make a chemical perm of the cilia. The last years began to increase them. The result is amazing, but my natural eyelashes become worse after each removal. They are completely discolored, began to break off and thin.

About me my master told me. She brought it to me herself and gave a detailed briefing. Together with the oil she gave usmy powder. She said from time to time to brew the powder and make a mask of the resulting mass on the eyebrows. In the rest of the time, at night, rub USM oil into eyebrows and smear them with eyelashes.

The result frankly struck me. After 2 weeks of oil therapy, the eyelashes visibly revived, the hairs became softer, brittleness decreased. After the mask, the hairs are completely dark. Now I will always ask my master to supply me with usma.

Usma oil purchased through the online store. The need to purchase miracle products arose after I made lamination of the eyelashes on the stock with a 50% discount. The very next day my eyelids lost their cilia. With each blink they just crumbled, but in a couple of months I managed to grow quite thick (although so far short cilia). I continue to use, I hope, the result will meet my expectations.

Usma was also used by my grandmother: the remedy is natural and safe. With it, my mother treated many skin problems. I made people lotions, lubricated the body and sores passed. Women have always used usmy oil for thick, black eyebrows and eyelashes. It helps to preserve the beauty and attractiveness to old age.

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Indications and Contraindications

To this end, you need to drop the tool on the wrist or the area behind the ear, and if after 3-5 minutes, no reaction such as redness or itching was found, you can safely use a cosmetic product for eyelashes. Indications for use are:

  • eyelashes, eyebrows that are too rare or naturally light,
  • massive hair loss,
  • desire to have thicker eyelashes or eyebrows.

Mode of application

Usma for eyelashes is applied before bedtime and left overnight. If you want to use the product during the day, it is important to stay indoors. Before going outside, clean the product thoroughly with gel or facial wash. Apply oil for eyelashes like this:

  1. Clean the brush with a 0.05% chlorhexidine solution for 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly under running water and dry.
  2. Remove makeup, wash and dry your face.
  3. Pipette the right amount of oil, heat the product in a water bath (water should be 40-50 degrees).
  4. Apply the product to the eyelashes with a brush dipped in oil.
  5. Carefully comb the hairs, moving from the roots to the ends.
  6. Leave the tool overnight.
  7. Wash your face in the morning.
  8. Repeat the procedure daily for 2 weeks, then repeat the course a month later.

Beneficial features

The popularity of usma oil has gained because of its wonderful properties:

  • significantly accelerates the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows
  • contributes to the protection of hair follicles from substances harmful to them,
  • nourishes the hair, strengthening them.

Important editorial advice

If you want to improve the condition of your skin, special attention should be paid to the creams that you use. A frightening figure - in 97% of creams of famous brands are substances that poison our body.The main components, due to which all the troubles on the labels are designated as methylparaben, propylparaben, ethylparaben, E214-E219. Parabens have a negative effect on the skin, and can also cause hormonal imbalances. But the worst thing is that this filth enters the liver, heart, lungs, accumulates in organs and can cause cancer. We advise you to abandon the use of funds in which these substances are located. Recently, experts of our editorial staff analyzed natural creams, where the first place was taken by the funds from the company Mulsan Cosmetic, a leader in the production of completely natural cosmetics. All products are manufactured under strict quality control and certification systems. We recommend to visit the official online store If you doubt the naturalness of your cosmetics, check the expiration date, it should not exceed one year of storage.

We use correctly

How to use? For usma oil to help you quickly and effectively, you need to remember the simple rules:

  1. Any treatment procedure becomes effective if applied. regularly.
  2. To brow grew thicker, apply oil on them need daily for the night. It is more convenient to do this with a special eyebrow brush - and the oil gets on all the hairs, and you will do a light massage for the skin. In the morning, you should thoroughly wash your eyebrows with an ordinary cleanser.
  3. It is better to apply oil on the eyelashes with your fingers: rub a drop of oil between your fingers and hold it several times along the entire length of the eyelashes, then you should comb the eyelashes with a brush.
  4. If the oil usmy add dry leaf powder, the resulting product will not only make the hair grow faster, but also stain it.

In order for eyebrows and eyelashes to grow quickly, it is enough to use only usma oil, but sometimes, to maximize the hairs, make enriched masks:

  1. Coloring mask. Take a little powder from the leaves of usma and mix it with hot water to make a thick gruel. Apply the product to eyebrows with a brush (preferably not to go beyond the boundaries of hair). Hold the mask for 20 minutes and rinse with a conventional cleanser. This mask not only feeds the eyebrows, but also colors them.
  2. Mask with burdock oil. Mix the same amount of oil and apply to the eyebrows with a cotton swab. Leave the mask on for the night and wash your eyebrows thoroughly in the morning. This mask is desirable to do in a day. Burdock oil helps to strengthen the hair follicles.
  3. Regenerating mask with the addition of jojoba oil. This mask is recommended to do after plucking out excess hair. Take the same amount of oil, mix them, apply eyebrows with a cotton swab, then comb the eyebrows with a brush. Leave the mask for 2 hours, then rinse with neutral soap.
  4. Mask with olive oil. Olive oil contains vitamin E, which has a beneficial effect on the beauty of the hair. In a spoonful of olive oil, add 6 drops of usma oil. A mixture of oils applied to the eyebrows - it is better to use a brush. Leave the mask on overnight, and in the morning wash your eyebrows thoroughly with neutral soap.
  5. Nourishing mask with almond oil.

Mix equal amount of usma oil and almond oil. Cotton pads folded in half, soak them in a mixture of oils, slightly squeeze and cover them with eyebrows. Cover the appliqués with parchment or sheeting, and in order to press them more closely to the eyebrows, you can wrap this area of ​​the forehead with a bandage. Hold the mask for 15 minutes, and after two hours you should wash your eyebrows with a neutral soap.

  • Mask with oxygen. Three drops of usma oil mixed with one drop of camphor oil. Thickly lubricate eyebrows and so sit for an hour. Wash off with soap. Camphor oil contains oxygen, it is also necessary for nourishing hairs. But in no case should such a mask be made after plucking out excess hair - injured skin may respond with irritation. This mask is not used for eyelashes.
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    • “Hemani” (Pakistan),
    • “Kharnoub Establishment” (Damascus, Syria): The oil of this company is considered the best. By production of oil neither solvents, nor transport oils are used. The final product is the oil of the first extraction,
    • “East Nights” (Syria),
    • “Stix” (Austria): the oils of this company are of high quality, have international certificates.

    “Eyelash sweep, like wing flap” or “scalding look from under black eyebrows” is all about the beauty of female eyes.

    Eyebrows and eyelashes can make your eyes beautiful, and can reduce their beauty to zero.

    Nature gives women the opportunity to be beautiful take advantage of this opportunity!

    Feedback on the use of eye oil for eyelashes and eyebrows in this video:

    Usma plant: features

    Usma (vaida dyeing) is a unique plant with its properties, the use of which is widespread not only in cosmetology, but also in medicine. This amazing plant can cure many diseases. Scientists claim that it will help even beat cancer. It grows predominantly in the warm southern climate. Usma belongs to the mustard family.

    Absolutely all parts of usma (leaves, roots, seeds) are suitable for use. It was this plant that helped for the first time to get indigo dye. Extracted also juice and oil of usma, possessing beneficial properties and microelements. Roots and seeds can be dried and brewed, prepare a variety of decoctions.

    Useful elements of the plant

    As a part of the plant there are a lot of useful elements, so the feedback on eyebrow oil is extremely positive. The most important, thanks to which usma is valued in cosmetology, are alkaloids and flavonoids. They have tonic and stimulating properties, especially for hair. The composition of usma also includes acids such as:

    The action of these acids in the complex helps to nourish, moisturize and protect the skin and hair structure. The presence of such vitamins as A, B and C restores the skin and protects it from external influences. It can heal small skin lesions and prevents aging and the formation of wrinkles.

    What do people think about usi oil?

    Reviews of oil eyebrow eyebrow only positive. And if you can meet the criticism from the ladies, it is most likely from women who did not have the patience to go through the full course of recovery. Usually they give up halfway and, accordingly, not seeing the result, deny the positive effect. However, true connoisseurs of natural cosmetics are aware of the undoubted benefits of recipes with eye oil for eyebrows, hair and eyelashes.

    Effective recipes

    There are a great many recipes for using usma oil. They are created based on the requirements. Oil can be used in pure form, and you can add to it and various other oils. The most optimal ratio is 1: 1. These can be oils such as olive, jojoba, burdock, peach, coconut.

    To activate hair growth oil usma most often used simultaneously with burdock. But you can experiment by adding other substances that can help in the activation of hair growth. For example, here is such a recipe for a hair mask using usma oil to allow you to achieve stunning hair in a short time:

    • 4 tablespoons mustard,
    • 1 teaspoon oil or juice usmy,
    • 4 teaspoons of sugar or honey
    • 2 teaspoons of burdock oil.

    It is necessary to apply a mask regularly, and the result will be obvious within the first three weeks. Hair will find a healthy shine, will become much thicker and softer, and you can forget about split ends. It should be noted that, depending on the requirements and desires, you can create your own recipes by examining the properties of other oils and desired components.

    Possible negative consequences

    Despite the uniqueness of usma, it still has its pitfalls. When using juice, you can accidentally earn unwanted green hair color. Therefore, for cosmetic purposes it is better to use oil.

    Despite the fact that usma almost does not cause allergies, it is better to be safe and check all the same. Before you apply usma oil, you need to drop a few drops on any part of the skin and wait a few hours. If no reaction is observed, then it is safe to start using. If you still have allergies, you should choose another remedy.

    At primary use it is not recommended to leave usma oil on the skin and hair for more than 5-10 minutes. It belongs to the mustard family, and because of this you can feel a strong burning sensation and even make a burn. If a burning sensation is unbearable, then it is better to wash off the oil immediately and not use it anymore, since such a reaction may be the result of an allergy.

    When buying oil or juice, it is advisable to carefully familiarize yourself with the company and the seller supplying the goods. Because of the popularity of this tool, there are now many scammers who, under the guise of usma oil, sell other, less expensive and effective oils.

    So, as evidenced by numerous reviews, eyebrow oil is an amazing and unique tool that helps to maintain beauty. And undoubtedly, it is better than any paints containing chemical composition. But here you need to be vigilant and be more careful.

    Characteristics and composition

    The plant grows in the southern countries on sandy and steppe lands. In cosmetology, both roots and seeds of usma are used, but the juice of leaves has the greatest value. It produces masks, lotions and other cosmetics from the cold-pressed product, it is part of professional hair care products, and is also perfect for making home cosmetics. Oil is extracted by cold pressing. Raw materials are processed in a centrifuge, where the plant and reveals all its benefits. The final product is the usual oil consistency.

    The tool is especially popular among residents of the East. It restores the health of hair, ensures their active growth, thickens hairs, makes them thick. That is why in some nations it is common to lubricate eyebrows with this oil to newborn girls. Gradually, hairs grow on the treated area, which with age become black and thick. The fact is that the sap of the plant contains coloring pigment, which makes the eyebrows dark and expressive.

    The benefits of the product consist of its rich composition.

    • Alkaloids. A positive effect on the growth of hair follicles, so that not only activate old hairs, but also stimulate the growth of new ones.
    • Flavonoids. Impact on the strength of the hair, prevent their fragility, have a bactericidal effect on the scalp.
    • Linoleic acid It affects the uniformity of hair growth, provides protection from the destruction of the hair follicles.
    • Oleic acid. Responsible for delivering nutrients specifically to the affected hair follicles.
    • Stearic acid. Beneficial effect on the strengthening of the roots, is able to overcome infections of the scalp.
    • Glucose and Vitamin. Give the hair a healthy look, make it shiny, provide growth.

    The main benefit of the product is the absence of chemicals. The incredible effect that the oil has in the treatment of hair is achieved exclusively by natural ingredients. Another undoubted advantage in relation to other cosmetic oils is hypoallergenic.

    The drug heals hairs quickly enough, after a couple of weeks of regular use, you can notice that the eyebrows are thicker and look healthier. The product revitalizes hair follicles. In addition, you can not worry if when using the oil accidentally gets into the eyes - it is safe for the visual organ.

    Another useful feature of the tool is its ability to protect the scalp from bacteria and the negative effects of the environment. For example, mechanical adverse effects are often caused by precipitation or wearing hats. Of course, these factors damage the delicate skin, but usma oil can easily cope with this problem.

    But still the main effect of the drug has on the hair itself when growing eyelashes and hair. With regular use, hair, eyelashes and eyebrows become soft, thick, dense and shiny. Of course, the density of the hair is still mainly determined genetically, however, the oil helps to restore the once lost hair bulb, and this is the effect of thick hair.

    Another feature of the oil is the lack of oily shine, which is often attached to hair in the head and eyebrows area by other cosmetic medications. The advantage is that it acts exclusively on the hair, eyebrows and eyelashes, that is, do not be afraid of the appearance of hairs in unwanted places. The product is easy to apply and wash off, leaving no greasy spots and not coloring the scalp.

    Professional cosmetologists means recognized as one of the most powerful hair growth stimulants. Well it protects against the negative impact of decorative cosmetics and cosmetic procedures. Thus, the drug is recommended to be used in the following cases:

    • increased hair loss after stress or chemotherapy,
    • split ends,
    • loss of volume and gloss,
    • full or partial baldness,
    • prevention of hair loss during childbirth,
    • after eyebrow tattoo,
    • in the case of small non-volume eyelashes,
    • in the formation of dandruff,
    • during active pigmentation,
    • in the presence of rashes of different nature on the scalp.

    Properties and composition of usmy oil

    The juice of the plant is not subject to long storage. It is not possible to extract the extract in middle latitudes where the plant did not stick due to climatic conditions. A worthy alternative to plant sap is oil extracted by cold-pressing the seeds and leaves of the plant.

    A plant that has grown in an Asian or African climate, species growing in northern latitudes have no such qualities.

    Due to the complex of vitamins and organic acids contained in usma, with regular use this effect is achieved:

    • hair growth is activated by awakening sleeping hair follicles,
    • blood flow to the hair follicles increases, their nutrition improves,
    • hair grows faster
    • the ciliary row becomes thicker, more voluminous
    • brittleness, hair loss is reduced,
    • length of eyelashes, eyebrows increases,
    • fine mimic wrinkles around the eyes are smoothed.

    The composition of oil usmy - vitamins A, E, PP, group B, oleic, linoleic, stearic acid, flavonoids, alkaloids, minerals. The effect is achieved due to moisturizing, deep nutrition, stimulation of regeneration processes in the skin.

    Use for eyelashes and eyebrows

    Usmi oil stimulates follicles. With its help, it restores damaged, weakened cilia after a build-up, eyebrows after plucking to a thin line, hair on the head after pregnancy, breastfeeding, stressful situations, diseases. The bactericidal properties of the plant help eliminate eye and eyelid infections.

    Indications for use - brittle, dull cilia, sparse eyebrows, hair loss, baldness.

    It is possible to dye your hair, give it a dark, expressive shade with the help of juice, which is used by women of the East: they have plant juice in year-round availability. The natural pigment extracted from the stems is stored in the refrigerator for no longer than 2 days. In the middle lane and northern latitudes, this method of coloring eyebrows and eyelashes is not available.In the extract of the plant, the dye is removed, the tool is used only to stimulate hair growth.

    After what time the result will be noticeable.

    The manufacturer claims that usma oil cannot improve the condition of existing hairs. It acts on their roots, the result is noticeable on the appeared cilia and eyebrows. The first results of use are noticeable after 2-3 weeks of regular use. Cilia will grow longer, their row will become thicker, eyebrows will restore their natural boundaries, new hair will appear on the head.

    The course of procedures can be repeated if necessary. After achieving the desired effect, use the tool 2-3 times a week. To prevent allergies, you should conduct a test on the inside of the elbow. If the site starts to burn or pinch, it is better to abandon the procedure or repeat the test later.

    What means for eyelashes can be combined

    Oil eyma lash successfully combined with any base, they enhance the effect of each other. Leshmakers note the positive effect of a mixture of the product and almond, burdock, castor, coconut, lavender. The proportions for mixing 1: 1, to create a mixture it is worth taking a small bottle to test the finished product in a small volume.

    The mixtures are suitable for economical use of usma on the scalp - the product is supplied in small dosages of 30 ml, it is much more expensive than any base.

    Who can harm usma oil?

    Despite the naturalness, there are temporary contraindications to use. Doctors do not recommend using new, unusual cosmetics for pregnant women and during breastfeeding.

    Usma oil is sold in some pharmacies, shops of oriental perfumes and cosmetics, specialized online stores. According to user feedback, it saves time on daily makeup, procedures for eyelash extension and eyebrow lamination.

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