Balayazh: hair dyeing technique and shades for 4 exterior color types

The modern language of hairdressers sometimes resembles the negotiations of alchemists: shatush, degrade, balayazh ... For those who are “not in the subject”, it is not easy to understand the heap of fashionable novelties and terms! What, for example, differs from classic highlighting? How will he look on long, short hedgehog or curly hair? Is it possible to repeat this curious technique at home, or is it better not to even try? Let's try to answer these questions, and at the same time draw up detailed instructions for reproducing the fabulous "solar coloring" in our own kitchen. Why not?

What is balayazh

Those who call coloring with the effect of strands faded in the sun with relatively young technology are not quite right. It was born almost half a century ago in France, there also experienced its first rise on the peak of popularity, reigned for some time on the heads of European fashionistas, and over time retreated into the shadows. However, in recent years, an undeservedly forgotten way of transforming a dull monotonous hair into a cascade strewn with sunbeams re-declares itself, and so loudly that neither Hollywood ladies nor ordinary “earthly” beauties can avoid it. Moreover, all new varieties of “burnt out” coloring appear! And this one is one of them.

Roughly speaking, balayazh implies brightening the ends of the hair almost without affecting their main length and roots. Another thing is that the "tips" concept is indefinite. Depending on the wishes of the client, they can be a couple, or two dozen centimeters. And if you try to express yourself more fully, the technique that allows you to light a little personal sun in your hair came from two other popular coloring methods - ombr and shatush.

What is the difference between him, shatush and ombra

The word "balayage" can be translated as "ride" or "revenge, brush off," which very accurately reflects the essence of technology. Having pre-processed the tips, the master with easy, light movements “waves” the brush over the client's hair, dragging the paint of 1-2 selected shades along separate locks with strictly vertical strokes. Moreover, the thickness and location of each of the next “hooks” of the curl is chosen arbitrarily - the balayaz does not tolerate strict symmetry and the marked borders of the color. This, by the way, is different from ombre, preferring “transverse” coloring, when the color is applied to the entire hair mass, and transitions from, for example, dark roots to the bright middle part and lightened tips are more or less noticeable.

In addition, for the ombre, the use of any colors up to the most flashy is allowed, while the balayazh requires choosing shades that are close to the natural tone of the hair. Here he is more like shatush with his desire to give the curls depth and color, while retaining the effect of naturalness - so much so that even some stylists confuse these techniques. The difference is really small, it is no coincidence that both methods are equally called hair painting. However, the shatush is done on pre-combed curls, so that the overflow of color is more refined and soft. In the technique, balayazh is used only on short haircuts and for completely different purposes, and in all other cases they affect only the top layer of smoothly combed locks, not trying to penetrate into their depth.

Technology benefits

  • Although formally balayazh is a kind of highlighting, it does not require the use of foil and a warming cap. In most cases, staining occurs in free air, and the process takes less time.
  • Only the tips of the hair are exposed to the most intense effects, while the roots most often do not participate in the coloring. Therefore balayazh is considered sparing technology, permissible for use on problematic, dry or thin hair. Unless, of course, the situation is completely disastrous.
  • Separate bleached strands give the hairstyle volume and lightness without artificiality.
  • Balayazh can afford the owners of haircuts of any length.
  • Due to the fact that the roots retain their natural shade, there is no need to often look into the salon. One visit in 3-4 months is a normal practice.
  • You have a chance to try something new, without resorting to radical changes.

Who is suitable "painting on the hair"

Balayazh can surely be called a universal technique. Unlike the ombra, which on brunettes looks overly eccentric or from bronding, lost on curly curls, it successfully falls on dark, light, short, long and curly curls. Only an attempt to introduce very light hair with this interesting technique, which is pointless to further clarify, can end in failure.

He doesn’t make out the old man and his age - both very young girls and adult ladies can afford it. The whole mystery is to choose colors according to the type of appearance and hair tone. The option “I want a haircut like Jennifer Lopez” will not work here.

  • For a Winter Woman with pale skin, blue or gray eyes and black or dark chestnut hair, dark dark walnut and deep coffee and chocolate tones are suitable. Pay attention to the color of espresso or bright chestnut, a little more pronounced than your “personal” hair tone. In addition, brunettes can be advised to use the color of eggplant on the main length of the strand and bright Burgundy or even red on the tips.
  • Spring young ladies with light, slightly touched by a blush skin, blue-green or hazel eyes and light curls to the face will be honey-wheat shades, delicious caramel and amber. For lightened tips, you can use ashen and beige blond.
  • Girls of the Summer type have olive skin, blond or ashy hair and the eyes are most often gray in color — gray-blue, gray-green, grayish-brown. These beauties look good light shades of hazelnut, shaded pearl or ashen tips.
  • The colors of autumn "mushrooms" with golden brown skin and bright eyes of green, golden-brown and gray-blue hue, of course - copper and bronze! With it, a real bonfire will burn on your head, scorching the hearts of the opposite sex. The already mentioned hazelnuts, caramel and chocolate are also good.

But it is better to take the final decision only after consulting with the master, the mirror and the sense of taste.

Step by step training

Regardless of whether you decide to entrust your head with the experienced hands of a master or if you want to master a complex coloring technique yourself, you still have to wrap yourself in a barber shop. Balayazh is done on a ready-made, professionally made haircut, which will allow you to emphasize the beauty of the brightly colored strands that run along your head effectively and fix the result for a long time.

The choice of haircut depends only on your desire, and even on the shape of the face, but just in case, take note: all sorts of "cascades" and "ladders" greatly benefit from the use of this technique.

Two days before staining, stop washing your hair. The thinnest greasy film formed during this time will protect the hair and skin from the effect of paint. Finally, right before dyeing the hair must be very carefully combed, from the tips to the roots.

Short haircut

  1. First of all, the strands will be heavily scooped over the entire length, giving them the look of a stitched hedgehog. For greater reliability, the construction will be fixed with varnish.
  2. By provocatively sticking up the tips of the hair will attach a sheet of foil coated with paint on it, and the master will make sure that it does not get to the roots.
  3. As soon as the necessary time has expired, the foil will be removed, and the hair will be thoroughly washed. Whether the toning will be done after that depends on the client's idea and the length of the hair. What is good balayazh - it looks great even on the shortest haircuts, on which the master just nowhere to roam with a brush.

Medium length hair

  1. Well combed hair with a comb with a long clove will be divided into segments and tied in tails.
  2. Part of the hair at the roots, which should not come into contact with the paint, is wrapped in foil.
  3. All that remains "free" will be covered with a coloring agent using a soft sponge and brush, and after a while the paint will be removed.

Coloring balayazh at home: instructions

If you are new to hairdressing, do not set yourself a difficult task using half a dozen different shades. Try one, maximum two colors first.

Reserve in advance an unnecessary T-shirt or towel to cover your shoulders. This is a mandatory item, as there will be a lot of stains. And still do not interfere with gloves, plenty of paper or cotton strips to separate dyed strands, brush, plastic comb and of course the dye itself.

Simple option using one color:

  • Separating a strand from the main mass of carefully combed hair, thickly brush its tip with a brightening compound, and then quickly, with vertical movements, apply strokes of paint along the length, not forgetting to put a strip of fabric or paper underneath. Remember that the color does not need to stretch to the very roots, and the strand is not required to paint through!
  • The next curl should be slightly thicker or thinner than the previous one, and the paint stretched along it slightly higher or lower. Your task is natural. not mathematical accuracy.
  • Process the whole head in the same way, paying special attention to the strands coming from the top of the head and on both sides of the face: they usually burn out first. Wait for the time specified in the instructions, wash off the paint and rinse the hair with warm water and lemon juice.

If you intend to use 2-3 shades, break the staining into 2 parts. Start with the brightening of the tips and, only the washout of the brightening compound, begin to tint.

You can lighten only the tips ... or "pull apart" the color almost to the roots

Precautionary measures

  • No matter how gentle staining, it still affects the structure of the hair. Therefore, strongly overdried, discolored, spoiled strands with split ends should be left alone for some time and help them come to life with a series of firming masks and taking vitamin complexes.
  • Get quality paint that will not cause allergies or irritation. Do not save on your health, go to the company store!
  • Even first-class dyes have on their skin and hair is not a harmless effect. Therefore, do not ignore the advice on gloves and a two-day refusal to wash your head. And just before you take the brush, grease the cream on your forehead, temples and neck along the hairline.

If you do not break the clarification and tint into two stages, you need to act very quickly. Keep the paint on the tips of the hair is recommended from 15 to 30 minutes, and you need to keep within this time, otherwise you can forget about the natural shades.

To keep the staining result as long as possible:

  • Protect hair from high temperatures. Bath, sauna and sunbathing without a wide-brimmed hat are not for you.
  • Make moisturizing masks: both finished and "own production".
  • Use shampoo and balsam for colored hair.

With the strict observance of all the rules to update the resulting shade of hair, you will not need three or even four months.

Reviews of people who have tried the method, and photos before and after

From personal experience, I immediately say: it will take two hours to complete. Separate the curl from the curl with a piece of cotton wool, and do everything in thin locks very carefully! At the bottom of the tips you smear, and then upward thin threads. The bangs at the end already, starting from the forehead and back.


An interesting method of coloring, such a smooth gradient, with the effect of "burnt out". My own hair often burns out, but not as beautiful and smooth as when dyeing by burnout. Do all this better in the barbershop, and not every master can. Beautifully kept without peeling for about two months.


You know, it was not worth two thousand rubles in the cabin. Lightening with a minimum of reagents, which at cost could have cost me, as already owning powder and oxidizing agents, 50 rubles. Just not to the end, LIGHTLY, for 15 minutes, put a brightener on the tail, not on the roots - that's all! The tone is smooth, lighter than your original, but in the same vein.


Balayazh is an interesting and effective way of coloring, not for nothing that he enjoys such popularity among women of fashion. However, it is very difficult to perform complex techniques in such a way that the curls really become covered with sunny "highlights" and do not resemble running hair with regrown roots. Take up a housework yourself, only if you skillfully handle hair dye and know how to make highlights. Not? Look for a good master!

Unlike ombre

The result of staining is similar to the well-known highlighting or ombr. However, balayazh differs from ombra in many. For example:

  • Foil is not used.
  • Strands are worked out separately and vertically. While ombre suggests horizontal zoning of the entire mass of the tips.
  • Ombre effect favorably emphasizes mostly dark hair.

Balayazh on dyed hair is suitable for any original shade, but it would be best to emphasize the naturalness of the color — ashen, blond, and blond.

The duration of the procedure, depending on the length and thickness, is significantly less than the fuss with foil. The haircut is done in advance in order to immediately see the effect of two-tone coloring.

The essence and types of fashionable staining

Translated from French, the name of the technique translates as “revenge”. Actually the process is based on this - the master paints the ends of the strands with a brush, as if sweeping away the paint from the main mass.

The effect of a smooth transition is provided. Balayazh staining is performed with many shades - radically different from the original color or lighter by several tones. The latter option is suitable for women of fashion who do not decide on radical changes.

  1. The most natural result. Balayazh on the hair like burned out in the sun or regrown strands.
  2. The effect of volume due to the presence of several tones.
  3. Balayazh style is suitable for hair of any length.
  4. The best masking gray hair.
  5. Hair dyeing in the balayazh style allows you to update the hair 2 times a year. With the usual highlighting, coloring and ombre, they drop in at the hairdresser practically every month.
  6. Hair dye balayazh, sparing even for thin and weak hair. This is due to the minimum number of clarifiers.

And, of course, it is beautiful. It is worth looking into fashionable tabloids, magazines or announcements of Hollywood social events - most stars have mastered the technique and flaunt the most transformed.

Choosing a shade is a task for hairdressers: photo before and after

Turning to the advice of a professional stylist, the client will receive an exhaustive answer to the question - what is right for her?

The master selects the types of hair dye balagazh corresponding to the color type of appearance - summer, winter, autumn, spring. The correct option will emphasize the dignity, hide the flaws, make the hair unique and inimitable.

  • For the summer type - the amount of ash, the ends - pearl or bright ash.
  • For the winter - balayazh on black hair. The combination of blue-black strands and red or eggplant ends.
  • Autumn - red balayazh, dark chestnut volume with bronze ends.

  • Spring - bronze roots and amber ends.

It is not forbidden to experiment. In the end, expression has its own charm, and to master the technique of gentle coloring, perhaps with any shade.

Household staining technique

Of course, the professional hand of a master, especially with a complex staining technique, cannot be ignored. But there is no impossible for any woman and experimenting with hair of a natural light shade is quite capable.

Let us examine a few examples of balayazh at home:

The scheme of separation and styling strands

  • It is the easiest to paint short haircuts. For this, the strands are combed, the ends are slightly fixed with varnish. Caps are wound from the foil, where the mass of the brightening compound is squeezed. After they are fixed at the ends. Dressing up for short hair is a great way to experiment.

  • Average length The mass is divided into squares - parietal, temporal, occipital. Each strand is assembled into a tail, the end of which will be colored. Balajazh with a bang is selected.
  • Long strands. They are divided into zones, like the average length, and are painted with a special brush cut in the form of a triangle inside.

For work, two dyes are required - blondorant and permanent. Both are bred in the right proportion with an oxidant.

Coloring on short blond and fair hair

The lightening composition is prepared according to the type of hair - paint for hair on dark or light hair - this is a blond with an oxidant from 1.8 to 6%. Caps are rolled out of foil strips, so that the coloring does not reach the root zone by 1-2 cm.

The mass is squeezed into a foil, put a cap on the strand, pre-carded with a "dry" brush without excess paint. Foil clings for fixation. After the exposure time, the curls are washed and stained with permanent dye.

On dark long hair

The process is somewhat longer and difficult to cope with. The balayazh on dark hair requires to divide the strands into three occipital zones, parietal, two temporal and frontal.

Each one is combed and with the tip of the metal comb, zigzag areas are selected for dyeing.

Further, the balayazh hair dyeing technique:

  • Semi-dry brush coat the strand of the desired width, departing from the roots of 2-3 cm.
  • Then put a thick layer of paint, retreating from the roots by 6-8 cm.
  • A special tassel in the shape of a triangle blends transitions to make a balayazh.

It is important to remember that on the crown there should be darker than on the temporal and occipital zones.

For this purpose, an oxidizing agent with a different percentage of action is used at different sites.

It is not recommended to use a strong composition - 12%. On dark hair, it provokes yellowness. Further, balayazh on straight hair, or curly, is the usual way.

Price from professionals

At home, self balancing painting technique will significantly save. Judge for yourself - visiting the salon in Moscow in order to create a transition of colors will cost the following amounts:

  • Balajazh on dark hair - from 12 thousand rubles. Lightening, correction of roots, the creation of 5D colors, toning.
  • Balajazh for short hair - from 7 thousand rubles. 3D color.
  • Balajazh on light brown hair, below the average length - from 8.5 thousand rubles. Create highlights, pictures, smooth transitions.
  • Expert Pro. The standard procedure is accompanied by comprehensive care with protective and caring agents. From 10 thousand rubles.

Dyeing your hair with a balayazh technique at home can save you a lot

To say that the price of staining balayazh democratic - impossible. Nevertheless, professional work on long strands is devoid of shortcomings. Good luck in the transformation!

And what is your color type of appearance?

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Natural shade of summer-looking hair

Summer characters have all shades of light brown. By the way, few people know that there is no light brown color in the official gradation of hair shades. This is due to the fact that this shade is most characteristic of people of Slavic origin. In European countries, light brown is synonymous with blond. Although in Russia it is customary to distinguish not only light blond, but also medium blond, as well as a dark blond shade, which relates more to brown hair than blond hair.

It would not be superfluous to know that in special tables that hairdressers use when determining lightness of hair, a dark-blond shade has a gradation of 6 and is defined as a “dark blond”, a medium-light-brown shade has a gradation of 7 and is defined as “blond” Blonde - “light blond”, gradation 8.

Secrets of coloring blond hair

When choosing a suitable color for coloring brown hair, it should be remembered that brown hair by nature has the most natural shade of all existing. And this natural harmony cannot be broken. That is why small changes in hue with the help of such types of coloring as highlighting, coloring, using techniques of shatush and balayazh, emphasize the natural coloring of the appearance more favorably than full coloring in one tone.

  • »Highlighting - lightening individual strands of hair.
  • "Coloring - hair coloring in different shades (not necessarily bright).
  • »Shatush and balayazh - pulling the hair color over the entire length: from darker at the roots to lighter to the ends with a smooth transition. Creates the effect of strands, burned in the sun. The differences between shatusha and balazezh are in the coloring technique.

Hair Coloring for Color Type Cold Summer

Women belonging to the Cold Summer subtype have a pronounced ash shade of hair. Also includes gray hair. When choosing a dyeing technique, it is important to stay within the framework of a clearly cold range of shades.

For highlighting suitable light cold shades: platinum blond, ashy blond. Gray hair will help hide the full coloring in these tones.

For coloring it is better to use several shades that are no more than 1-2 tones different from the natural in lightness. However, these shades do not have to be light. The main thing is that they are as close to natural.

Hair Coloring for Color Type Contrast Summer

The subtype Contrasting Summer usually refers to women with dark blond hair, who, against the background of a fairly fair face, create a tangible contrast in appearance that is not inherent in other summer types.

Highlighting on dark hair does not look as good as a balayazh or shatush, creating an amazing play of shades in all the variety of transitions from dark to light. Usually a dye is applied to the tips of the hair, 4-5 tones lighter than the natural shade at the roots. Then along the entire length of the hair, a gradient is pulled from dark roots to the tips with smooth transitions.

Hair Coloring for Color Type Soft Summer

Soft Summer, as a rule, has a medium-high exterior with low contrast: medium blond hair, slightly “powdered”, dull eyes, dark skin. Do not try to break this harmony. It is not necessary to change the hair color by more than two tones in lightness relative to the natural (in any direction).

To make the hair a little lighter, give the volume and texture, ideal light highlighting 1-2 tones lighter. Choose light ashy or beige tones: pearl, ashy blond, platinum blond, light blond ashy, light blond beige, light blond mother-of-pearl.

To make the hair richer, darker in a couple of tones, use coloring in two or more shades that are close in lightness, but slightly different in tone. Shades should be selected from a cold or neutral palette. For example, it can be dark blonde and cold mocha, dark blonde and frosty chocolate, medium blonde and sandy, medium blonde and cold chestnut.

Hair Coloring for Color Type Light Summer

Highlighting on light hair will not create the effect that brondirovanie is capable of, one of the coloring subspecies. This technique assumes maximum naturalness, the absence of obvious contrasts, smooth transitions. Using brondirovanie can achieve different results: the effect of sun glare on the hair, the effect of burnt strands, the allocation of cheekbones and facial contours, the creation of texture and volume in the haircut.

For brondirovaniya light hair, choose light cool and neutral (beige) tones: ashy, pearl, pearl, beige, light-brown.

Types and features

Classical highlighting in the balayazh style is a two-tone coloring with a blurred transition. Keeping the general principle, the technique is divided into several varieties - they are chosen taking into account the length and color of the curls, age, shape of the face.

  • Coloring only the tips of the strands.
  • Asymmetrical. The stylist haphazardly smears the tips and bangs. The hairstyle becomes more air and volumetric.
  • The accent shade is applied to the curls framing the face. The intensity of the color decreases in the direction of the neck.
  • Solid balayazh. His technique is as follows: uneven staining of the strands - some at the tips, others from the roots. A good option for very long hair, especially if the natural light brown tone to highlight caramel.
  • Contrast balayazh. Dark brown color in the root zone is “removed” into a snow-white blond by the end of the strands. The technique is time consuming, the execution will require several hours.
  • The glare of the sun. Highlighting is done with the help of several shades of blond, changing the level of their application along the length. It creates a triple effect: burnt hair, volume, solar overflow.
  • Large strokes. The variant is a contrasting toning of thick strands. This is a new, very popular method of styling medium length haircuts.
  • Highlighting the entire length. Jewelry technique, in which they take the thinnest strands, coloring them in adjacent tones.

What shade to choose?

Coloring is modeled so as not to disturb the color type of the exterior, in which the skin tones, curls and iris are harmoniously combined. Balajaz on dark hair looks exotic. Extravagant black-eyed brunettes and brown-haired women prefer coloring the tips in a scarlet color like "fire tongues". If the eyes are bright, the two-tone coloration of balayazh, decorated in a violet-blue gamut, looks spectacular. Copper, amber, chocolate, maroon tones will help to emphasize the natural shade of hair. You should not make the strands too light: on dark curls such color will look sloppy.

If the brunette has a desire, an experienced stylist will begin coloring with a total clarification of 3-4 tones. The updated base tone (light brown or light chestnut) is “painted”, adjusting the additional shade to the skin color.

Light brown and light natural shade are best suited as a base for balayazha, since such hair is subject to natural fading. For balayazh on light hair suitable ashy or nutty shade (with gray-green, gray-blue eyes and pale skin), honey or wheat (if the skin is golden, and eyes are bright), coffee with milk - with a combination of tanned skin and brown eyes.

According to reviews, blond-haired girls dye balayazh helps to refresh the image, taking advantage of the almost unlimited range of choice. Here is just an incomplete list of trend combinations for light brown hair:

  • at the base is a copper shade, the upper strokes are amber,
  • on a dark lilac background - light blond accent, looks good on curly curls (long or medium length),
  • from slightly darkened roots, the color softly turns into a shade of “wheat blonde”,
  • the ashy shade applied on dark brown color makes it more stylish,
  • a mix of bronze and gold - in the summer version, reddish tones are especially appropriate,
  • Honey Blonde - provides for a three-tone color, due to which the natural light brown tone at the roots smoothly passes into the clarified tips,
  • ice blond - strands are lightened greatly, starting from the middle, the option is successful for medium-length hair.

The advantages of technology "balayazh" for dark blond hair

Technology staining in the style of "balayazh" has many advantages.

The main plus balayazha - it is suitable for all, without exception, color types with any shade of hair.

One has only to choose the right color and trust a good master - the effect is sure to be amazing. No wonder many Hollywood stars regularly demonstrate chic shades on hair dyed using the balayazh technique.

Balaig for dark ‒ blond hair will also look advantageous, as, for example, on blond and brown hair.

In fact, Balajazh - the same highlighting, only in a slightly different version. Because of this, sometimes there is confusion between balayazh and other methods of coloring, which have the same roots - ombr and shatush.

For clarity, the differences between these techniques are shown in the table.

What hair color is suitable for?

Performance technique

Coloring at home


In addition to the main advantage - universality, This coloring technique has a lot of advantages:

  • even growing hair looks attractive,
  • additional visual volume
  • allows you to experiment with a way without a cardinal color change,
  • a gentle approach to hair as opposed to regular dyeing,
  • if desired, self-staining is possible,
  • suitable for any hair: balayazh will look equally attractive on straight dark-brown hair and curly hair.

Balajazh on dark blond hair: what color to choose

Depending on what effect you want to get, the coloring color is chosen. But as balayazh implies naturalness, shades for coloring should differ on 2‒3 tones from primary color.

To create the perfect image, it takes into account not only the original hair color, but also the color of eyes and skin.

For example, shades of caramel color are perfect for owners of dark brown hair with brown eyes and dark skin.

If we talk about the division into color types, then:

  • ladies with a "cold" appearance fit silver, ashy shades,
  • Wheat and nut colors are combined with a warm one.

Step-by-step guide: how to make a balajazh on dark blond hair at home

Technique "balayazh" refers to those types of staining, which if desired can be done independently.

After carefully reading the instructions and preparing everything you need in a short time (an average of 1-1.5 hours), you can get staining close to the salon.

The coloring of dark ‒ blond hair using the balayazh technique is done on unwashed hair. This helps to slightly reduce the harmful effects of coloring agents.

A step-by-step guide to performing balayazh at home includes several steps.

Preparatory stage

For a pronounced effect, Experts recommend pre-cutting hair before dyeing with such techniques.

Therefore, if you want to get beautiful transitions and visual volume, you should refresh the haircut and make a thinning of the tips.

At this stage it is worth deciding on the color of staining.

Stage One

It is necessary to prepare tools and containers for painting:

  • bowl and comb (plastic)
  • foil (pre-cut into pieces of the desired length),
  • gloves,
  • brush,
  • small hairpins,
  • sponge.

Stage Two

On pre-combed hair with hairpins or elastic bands, strands (of varying thickness) are selected to be dyed. Under the selected area for coloring foil enclosed.

The paint is applied with light stretching movements from the bottom up, while for a smooth transition at the bottom of the strands more composition remains.

Hair wrapped in foil for 15 minutes.

Balayazh on dark blond long hair

For long hair, such coloring is the easiest to do, since you can use several different technologies. The general scheme is similar to painting hair of medium length.

When dyeing long hair at home, sometimes weave several braidsso that the transition from the unpainted part of the head to the selected color is smooth and inconspicuous.

Also relevant is the method of coloring with the tails. In this case, several tails are made along the entire perimeter of the head.

Gum is worn on everyone in the place to which the coloring is planned. Then paint is applied from the elastic to the tips with smooth movements.

When dyeing long hair, it is advisable to use foil.

Curly and wavy hair are most suitable for self-dyeing, as in the case of small errors, they will not be noticeable, thanks to wavy curves.

Balajaz on dark blond hair looks very impressive and lasts long enough.

Balayazh on dark blond medium hair

Medium length hair is universal for dyeing using the balayazh technique. Medium length allows you to improvise with colors and shadesmake smooth or abrupt transitions.

On medium hair, the soft coloring of the individual strands, as well as bright bright images, look advantageously.

Since the technique for coloring in the style of "balayazh" a few For medium length hair we can recommend the following instructions:

  1. Hair is collected in a high bun.
  2. An oxidizing agent is applied to the ends for clarification without observing a clear boundary. For 15 minutes, the ends for better clarification wrap in foil.
  3. Wash and dry the head.
  4. The selected shade is applied on the ends for 15 minutes.

After the paint is washed off, it is desirable to apply a regenerating mask on the hair.

Balayazh on dark blond short hair

Since there is no particular difference in the use of the “balayazh” technique depending on the length of the hair, often owners of short haircuts, experimenting with color, dye their hair in this style.

With properly selected shades and high-quality dyeing, balayazh even on short hair looks impressive.

The difficulty in coloring on short hair is that it is harder to hold them upright, which can spoil the result of coloring. Therefore, in order to get a quality result, they do a basal bouffant (so that the hair sticks out in different directions) and slightly fix it with a fixative.

Balajage for dark ‒ blond short hairIt is recommended to do, coloring only the tips. At the same time to create a smooth transition, the paint should be applied with soft movements and do not use foil to wrap the strands.

Is it possible to make a balayazh on dark blond hair with bangs

The versatility of the balayazh technique is also manifested in the fact that it can be applied to different versions of haircuts. Balayazh effectively looks like on haircuts without bangs, and with its various options.

At the request of the strands of bangs can be clearly lightened, but on the contrary, you can not use it in coloring, focusing on the side strands framing the face.

To the effect of staining "balayazh" on dark ‒ brown hair with bangs emphasized the dignity and hide flaws, type of bangs should be selected depending on the shape of the face.

For example, a graded “ragged” bang with straightened strands will suit chubby girls, as it will visually lengthen the face.

With self-coloring it is worth remembering that hair coloring with bangs is much more difficult.

If errors in the total mass of the hair may be invisible, then unsuccessful experiments with bangs will most likely have to be corrected with a new coloring. And it is always an additional burden on the hair.

How to prolong the effect of "balayazh" on dark blond hair

Since at this staining the regrown roots are rather a plus, the result of the staining will be kept as long as possible. And if it was done in the cabin for a decent amount, then all the more.

The following actions can help in extending the effect:

  • For washing hair, it is necessary to use suitable means for this. Balms and shampoos should be selected for dyed hair, so that the dye lasts longer in the hair structure.
  • Try to minimize the use of hot tongs, irons and drying with a hot dryer.
  • Regular use of rejuvenating masks, serums and oils. Since the clarified strands tend to absorb the coloring pigments, it is desirable that the means used be without coloring additives.

With proper attention, dyed hair, even after a few months, despite the regrown roots, will look well-groomed.

This will not only save money, but also time, which, for example, is relevant for business women or residents of large cities.

Professional tips: what you need to know for the perfect coloring in the balayazh technique

It is important to know! Balayazh is not suitable for women who have a large percentage of gray hair, as this technique in its classic version implies dyeing with a significant deviation from the roots.

To achieve the desired effect from the first time, it is worth exploring all the necessary information on the nuances and subtleties of coloring.

Advice to experts in this field will also be helpful:

  • For the naturalness of the image, shades are chosen in similar colors, differing from the base color by 2‒4 tones.
  • In order not to lose the entire effect of coloring, a haircut is planned immediately before coloring.
  • To maintain the ideal condition of dyed hair, it is imperative to use restorative care products.
  • In order to paint in the technique of "balayazh" looked effectively and was not overloaded with a variety of colors, it is enough to use 2, maximum 3 shades.
  • Do not forget that this coloring looks advantageous on healthy hair. Therefore, you should not get too carried away with frequent staining, a break of at least 2‒3 months is required.

No matter how many descriptions of this technique, video plots and tips, if there is at least a small share of uncertainty in their abilities, it is better to entrust the coloring to a professional with good reviews.

After all, no matter how simple the technology may seem, it is necessary to have a certain degree of skill and skill so that the painting in the “balayazh” style plays with all the colors and reveals all its advantages.

In this video you will be shown how the balayazh staining on dark brown hair looks like.

From this video you will learn how you can make yourself painting "balayazh" at home.

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Technique "balayazh" is to create the effect of burnt hair strands. This is a horizontal dyeing method that uses several shades of paint.

Between the selected shades, a sharp or smooth transition is made, at the request of the client. Balayazh is used both at the ends of the hair, and for dyeing most of the hair.

Light brown hair is perfect for experiments of different types of painting. They accept pigment well, both dark and very light.

Pros with balayazhe on light brown hair:

  • gives a visual volume to the hair,
  • suitable for any length of blond hair,
  • light brown color goes well with any shades of balazha,
  • the hairstyle will look original if you make a sharp transition from dark blonde to very light blonde,
  • hair seems to be more alive
  • it is not necessary to constantly update the coloring, as balayazh does not go away when the hair roots grow.

Cons include the following:

  • balayazh on light brown hair looks advantageous, provided hair is laid,
  • at home it is possible to perform the technique, but it is quite difficult and risky,
  • when applying light paint to the ends of light brown hair, they can begin to cut, and you have to resort to using scissors.

The balayazh technique for light brown hair is more suitable for owners of dark blonde shades, since the transition of colors will look much more intense.

Features depending on the shade

The most suitable shades for the technique of blond hair:

  • blond,
  • shades of copper and golden undertones,
  • caramel,
  • wheat.

When you want a global change in appearance, stylists are advised to try to paint the ends of the hair in a bright shade of blond. Or darken the roots and the upper part of the hair with a coffee and chocolate palette.

If a sharp transition seems too bold decision, then it is worth lightening the ends of the hair just a few tones. This option will be acceptable for girls working in companies with strict appearance frames.

Important to remember! Balajazh on light brown hair with the use of light shades makes the face more youthful, and dark shades add a few years of age to their owner.

What is the difference balayazh from other techniques of highlighting

Balayazh gained momentum for a long time. For the first time this technique of highlighting, that is, partial lightening of hair, was applied in France in the mid 70s of the twentieth century. At that time, stylists were thrown from one extreme to another: the 60s with their commitment to wigs passed quite recently, and women of those years did not consider it shameful to paint curls in unnatural tones. In addition, uniform coloring of the heads prevailed - such a result was considered a manifestation of high professionalism and corresponded to fashion trends.

Therefore, balayazh, with its smooth transitions and the effect of burnt hair, did not receive a special response in the hearts of the leading fashion creators. In women, this color was associated with strands burned in the sun. It was believed that balayaz does not decorate the appearance, turning a woman into a rustic simpleton who allowed such a casual attitude towards her own hair.

In the new century, the balayazh technique is experiencing a second birth. Now fashion trends are natural, natural beauty, youth, a lively lifestyle. All this is the best match for the mood that creates balayazh in your hair.

It is the effect of burnt curls that is capable of much, providing the following advantages of technology:

  • It creates volume even on weak, thin hair,
  • It gives the hair a natural look,
  • Visually rejuvenates
  • Does not require regular staining of the roots. Moreover, balayazh is the only technique in which dark roots do not spoil the appearance of the head, but give an additional accent to the hairstyle,
  • Individuality is born due to the uniqueness of the client's hair: their color, structure, length. Therefore, every woman is unique after performing this procedure
  • Cost-effective and gentle effect on the hair is provided by a small amount of applied paint.

The concepts of balayazh, ombre and shatush merge so much in the minds of many women in the same technique that it is often even on websites about hairstyles you can find pictures of balayazh under the text about the technique of shatush or ombre, and vice versa.

However, there are differences. Ombre staining is characterized by the presence of a clearly distinguishable border of two colors on the hair. It can be blurred along their entire length, as is achieved in the sombre technique, and, nevertheless, it is available. The hard answer to the question is how balayazh differs from ombra, one: the lack of a visible border between color. People should have the impression that your hair is burned out naturally. Ombre also creates the effect of regrown roots after previous staining.


In the technique of shatush, just as in balayazh, the effect of their lightening is created on the tips of the hair. But in balayazh, this clarification seems to be born in a natural way, because it is distributed evenly along the strands. Thus, the light flare on them looks natural and natural, like the last sunny little hare of a hot July, entangled in the hair and remaining in them until winter.

The difference in techniques

This is the effect that all women who choose balayazh achieve. "Memories of summer" in the hair make a positive impression on others. A woman with such staining is perceived more youthful, rested, full of internal energy.

Turning to the salon, ask the master what is the difference between these three popular painting techniques. If you have not heard a clear answer, choose another place to experiment with your hair.

On straight and curly hair

Balayazh is a universal method of coloring. Suitable for both straight and curly hair.

On straight hair, most often the master makes the brightening of the ends, but sometimes for contrast it is allowed to paint the roots with a darker shade than the natural one.

Types of balayazha:

  • partial on strands near the face - suitable for the correction of the shape of the face, affects both the entire length of the curls, and a small part near the ends of the hair,
  • classical - from the middle of the length, the hair is lightened, and the ends are darkened. The shade of the hair is more natural and not very striking.
  • reverse balancer - well suited to owners of light blond hair. The roots darken, and the ends on the contrary lighten a little. This technique on the hair keeps the least because it requires frequent color correction at the roots,
  • colored paint - will not leave indifferent a girl who loves radical changes. Bright dye is applied to the ends of the strands, and the hair remains most often in a natural light brown shade at the roots. More suitable for young girls or outrageous individuals.

The balayazh technique helps to look straight brown hair much more volumetric and lively.

Curls become structural and advantageously emphasize individuality.

The technique of balayazha for curly hair is the same as for straight strands. It should be borne in mind that when dyeing hair curls less obedient and must be carefully combed before the procedure. But, as a result, the curls are flowing and multifaceted.

Color Tips

When choosing a color for balayazha for light brown hair, stylists advise to take into account the color type of appearance.

Since light brown hair has its gradation from light to dark, it is imperative to examine the question of the combination of colors for its application in the technique of balajazh.

Features of use of shades in coloring "balayazh":

  1. Ash gray suitable for girls with fair skin, blue eyes, cold color type. Winning looks like lightening tips on medium-blond hair. The choice can be stopped on light ash and ash-brown shades. Such a gradient will give the hair a noble overflow with a light haze.
  2. Chocolate blends well with light brown hair. For the correct transition from light-blond to chocolate, it is recommended to choose intermediate shades: light chocolate, chocolate blond, and then apply the darkest: bitter chocolate or dark chocolate.
  3. Coffee, caramel emphasize the individuality of girls with dark blond hair. Looks elegantly balayazh with the layout of the color of coffee with milk. Hue varies from cappuccino to milky overflow. Caramel color can be chosen as the lightest, and rich. A honey-caramel will give softness and warmth to the image.
  4. Copper optimal for any light brown color. A variety of palettes will give a contrast balayazhu on brown hair, stand out from the crowd. For light blond girls a good combination will be copper chestnut and light copper. For other blond ones, copper-brown, golden-copper and dark-copper colors will do.
  5. Bright color shades. For lovers of outrageous transformation, the crimson, blue, green color of paint will be ideal. For light brown girls shades should be lighter and less saturated. For dark blond, well-suited colors that go into a deep cold subton.

Balayazh on the hairstyle of the square looks catchy and stylish.If on medium and long hair the transition from shades will be imperceptible, then with this design the appearance will change dramatically.

Methods of coloring "balayazh" on light brown hair (square):

  • Balajazh on individual strands in the face, or on the back curls on the back of the head. Hair is well combed, and small strands are separated from the face or from the back of the head. Depending on the length of the square, the distance from the roots varies from 2 to 4 cm. It will suit the owners of fine hair to give volume,
  • balayazh with different ways of transition from the roots to the ends of the hair.

On a short car looks better smooth transition shade. When performing such staining, the paint is combed by slow movements from root to tip.

Suitable for girls who love the natural effect on the hair and the ladies in adulthood. Sprays stained and wrapped in foil for the duration of the paint. For a sharp transition combing hair is not required.

This method of coloring will be appreciated by young girls and persons who are not afraid of changes in appearance.

Note! Mowing must be done before using the balayazh technique. Otherwise, the transition boundaries of colors will be violated and move the necessary proportions.

Tips for choosing a color for balayazha on light brown hair (square):

  • for a short square it is better to choose 1 shade to go from the roots. If the hair is naturally light blond, then it is better to choose a dye 2-3 tones darker than natural. If it is medium or dark blond, then it will be more advantageous to lighten the ends of the hair with shades of blond with pearl overflow,
  • for elongated car, you can combine several shades. It is desirable that the selected colors differ by 2 tones from each other.

Balajaz on light brown hair with a bang can be done in several ways:

  • if the bang is straight, then it either turns the same color as the rest of the strands, or it remains in the natural hair color,
  • if the bang is long and is distributed on the sides of the haircut, then it can be colored by choosing thin strands and creating a thinning effect,
  • if the bangs are very short, then it is better to leave it natural,
  • For fans of outrageous images, it will be interesting to look with a square with oblique bangs. The tips of the bangs are painted under the color of the ends of the hair.

At home

Stylists are advised to perform the procedure balayazha, given the basics of color.

Competent specialist will be able to advise the correct selection of colors in accordance with the color type of appearance, a combination of colors among themselves and depending on the structure of the hair.

Not everyone can afford a trip to the salon. But if the desire to make a balayazh at home is firm and sufficiently strong, you must first thoroughly study the sequence and subtleties of this procedure.

Required materials and tools

The main material for performing the technique of balayazh on light brown hair is dye. The color should be carefully selected taking into account all the recommendations.

The paint should be of good quality, preferably from a professional line, so that the hair remains in good condition after the procedure.

If balayazh performed for the first time, then you should look at the less radical colors. Then, in the case of an unsuccessful experiment, it will be much easier to correct the situation.

Other materials and tools for coloring:

  • foil, pre-cut strips,
  • sponge made of soft material
  • hairbrush, hair clips, paint container, brush,
  • Nourishing cream or vegetable oil to protect the skin from paint.

Be careful! Hair dye can cause allergies. Before use, it is necessary to conduct a test for portability of components.

The cost of the procedure in the salons

Salon services will be much more expensive, but professional masters will be able to realize even the most daring techniques of balayazh for light brown hair.

The cost of balayazha varies from the length of the hair, the paint company and the status of the salon in which the dyeing is carried out.

Without taking into account the price of paint, the work on the performance of the balayazh technique is approximately

  • for a short length - from 1500 rubles.,
  • for an average length (over the shoulders) - about 2500 rubles,
  • for long hair (below shoulders) - from 2,800 to 4,000 rubles. depending on the number of shades used.

Balayazh technique is gaining popularity among all ages of the female sex. This universal coloring is perfect for girls with light brown hair, since by nature this color is considered to be inconspicuous and inconspicuous. The length of the hair does not matter to perform this procedure.

Balayazh on light brown hair (square) looks very impressive and will help to emphasize the individuality for all lovers of fashionable and bold ideas.

What kind of highlighting is

This painting technique creates the effect of burning out in the sun. It appeared in France a few years ago. When it is performed, the stylist leads a brush with paint through the hair, divided into strands. Several tones are used to create smooth color transitions. By lightening individual strands in this way as a result hairstyle looks volumetric, effective and at the same time natural.

Substrates or caps are not used when applying the coloring compositions.. All necessary equipment - gloves, a brush and a flat shovel, a little foil.

The advantages of this technique:

  • insignificant, in comparison with full coloring, impact,
  • there is no need to tint growing tips, it is necessary to update the color infrequently, once in 3 months or less,
  • gives the hair pomp and volume,
  • This is a great opportunity to update the image, while avoiding fundamental changes.

This is a very versatile type of staining. It looks on the head of hair of any color, both long and medium length or short, suitable for women of any age. This technique can be used to disguise gray hair.

How to choose a paint color for different color types

When selecting a shade there two main options: leave the curls look natural when the difference between the base tone and the lightest does not exceed two tones, and make a sharp transition, creating a bright contrast. The difference in this case will be 6-8 or more tones.

The main shades of the dark-haired are chestnut or eggplant, as well as bronze and cognac. Burning brunettes can choose red or red color. If there is a goal to get an unusual and original result, you can use red, cherry and pink - they are also quite popular.

Blondes need to use platinum color, fair-haired will work well golden blond or ashen. But you can also do something more unusual, causing a bright paint, for example, pink.

For short, medium or long haircuts

Balayazh is perfect for any of these options hairstyles. The shorter the haircut, the more skill is required from the stylist to properly put the coloring composition. Another feature of this technique for short hairstyles - tinting will have to more oftenideally, right after the roots grow. Indeed, in this case, the coloring quickly loses its appeal.

When painting short hairs, the coloring composition is often put not over the entire head area, but only on a certain area. The result is a bright and original detail that effectively complements the image.

Long curls, unlike short and medium, you can paint yourself. On long hairstyles, this technique looks best.

One of the staining options in this case is to make smooth gradient from root to tipwhen the dark shade gradually turns into light. This method of coloring looks very beautiful, however, for the transformation in any case will have to turn to a good master.

On dark, light or red

Contrast margin is especially large. the owners of dark hair. For example, brunettes can try to make a balajazh with a bright contrast: you can leave the roots as they are, or darken them additionally, and make the ends much, by 8-10 tones, lighter or a completely different color.

This painting will make it look as bright as possible, as long as the color transition is still smooth. The opposite is to lighten up: this will allow mimic the sun glare, and the locks will not look colored at all.

For fair-haired girls the choice is not so great - they have no reserve of 10 tones for clarification. Therefore, their main option - coloring, which creates a kind of hair, as close as possible to the natural.

Such coloring also looks very stylish and natural: if for owners of dark hair this is a great opportunity to create bright contrasts, then blond girls can create convincing and beautiful burnout effect.

Redheads girls can make strands amber or chestnut.

On straight and curly

This technique is ideal for girls with curly hair. Painting will add volume to the curls and some sunshine. True, in life it can often be found on straight hair - simply because they are more common.

On the square, cascade or bob

Balayazh looks great in combination with a square. This is a good way to create. tender and romantic image. Cascading haircuts and bob haircuts are also very good for balaise. Look at the photo of what a fashionable hair dye technique looks like on a square with a lengthening, graduated and straight.

With bangs and without

Balayazh looks good on hairstyles with bangs, and without it. If there is a bang, it can be given increased attention, lightening it and strands around the face as much as possible, but you can, on the contrary, leave it almost intact, focusing on the sides.

Thus, balayazh is really the most versatile technique that will suit almost everyone. The main thing - to choose the right color and correctly put the coloring compositions. In this case, an excellent effect is provided on almost any hair, regardless of color, length and specific type of haircut.

Painting Technique: Step-by-Step Instructions

The technique of performing hair dyeing in the style of a balayazh differs depending on the length of hair.

Medium length hair coloring:

  • Comb your hair and separate it with a comb tip into several squares.
  • Collect curls in ponytails.
  • Wrap the foil base of each tail.
  • To sustain the coloring structure necessary time and to wash away.

Painting long strands:

  • Hair should be well combed and divided into strands.
  • Under the tips of each of them lay a strip of foil.
  • Brush paint on each of the strands.
  • To sustain the required amount of time and rinse.

Highlights on short hairstyles:

  • Comb the entire length of the strands so that the tips are on top.
  • To fix a varnish.
  • To apply the painting structure on strips from a foil.
  • Attach the foil to the curls so that it does not get to the roots.
  • Withstand the paint required time and rinse.

These methods of hair dyeing can be called basic, but they are far from the only ones - every true master has his own methods and secrets of applying paint, which allow him to achieve good results.

How to make painting yourself at home

On the one hand, the balayazh staining method is real art, and Ideally, this procedure should be entrusted to a truly master.. On the other hand, you can try to do it yourself by applying all your knowledge and skills and adding a little creativity.

Balayaz is so good that it involves an infinite number of variations, here no strict rules and even if the paint is put not by a professional, but by an amateur, the chances of success are great.

The only thing to watch out for is the paint should be laid in such a way that smooth color transitions appear on the hair. To do this, you need to use several coloring compositions of different tones, superimposing them on one of the three schemes described in the previous section.

Full list of all What you need for staining at home:

  • paint,
  • several cups for coloring compositions
  • comb with frequent teeth,
  • foil,
  • hairpins,
  • paint sponge or brush
  • hand protection gloves
  • film to cover the shoulders.

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Useful video tutorials

It is most likely that it will not work (or it will be very difficult) to dye your hair by balayaz technology yourself, but a friend can seriously help, if she watches the video, how to do this coloring correctly. We offer several useful video tutorials.

How to paint the strands on the table:

The technique of applying paint from Brandon Martinez (video in English, but the essence can be understood, even if you do not know it):

How can I paint short haircuts:

Aftercare for the hair at home

Hair after the procedure require standard care. The only difference is that, in contrast to the continuous dyeing of the head, the harmful effects when performing balayazha much less. Curls are less damaged, so it is easier to care for them.

Repeated procedure is needed no earlier than in three to four months.. The brighter the color that was chosen for coloring, the more often it will have to be updated. It also depends on the speed at which the roots grow. More often than four times a year, it is not necessary to be painted, if nevertheless there is such a need, you can slightly correct the strands with neat strokes.

Well done coloring balayazh help create a trendy and stylish image, which will be no worse than the most popular "star" beauties. With this color your curls sparkle and sparkle with new colors. It looks stylish and spectacular, but at the same time natural.

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