Step-by-step instruction: How to build eyelashes correctly (step by step)

Today, the range of “beauty” services is so wide that you can find the most incredible procedures in it. They will make you slimmer and younger, and even completely change the image without the intervention of plastic surgery. It is enough only to work on the hair: cut or, on the contrary, increase the hair, drastically change the color. There is also an artificial tan, as well as several types of tanning beds. Tattooing eyebrows and lips will give the face a clearer shape. Another important service is eyelash extensions. Someone does this procedure all the time, others - on the eve of a festive event or going on vacation. In any case, high-quality, it facilitates the application of daily makeup and allows you to look great at any time of the day.

Types of artificial eyelashes

This procedure is a modern alternative to false eyelashes. Once upon a time fashionistas and representatives of creative professions daily With the help of a special glue, a line of artificial - The development of Max Factor. However, it was a "one-off" action of beauty, which was necessary to hold every time. At the same time, remarkable dexterity was required, as the poorly fixed eyelashes could come off or completely fall away at the most inappropriate moment. And at the beginning of this century, Japanese cosmetologists developed a procedure eyelash eyelash extension.

Bundle eyelash extensions

A bundle consisting of 3 artificial hairs was attached to the natural cilia with the help of a special glue. Thus, the entire eye was filled. This method is already suitable for modern canons of beauty. The hairs were thicker at the base and thinned towards the end as natural, it was possible to pick up different lengths, and they lasted 10–15 days depending on the care. However, even this technology soon revealed a serious flaw: as soon as one bundle consisting of 3 cilia came off, an impressive hole began to gap in the eye, which spoiled the whole view. Then the Japanese perfected their invention, and so popular appeared today. lacunia extensions.

Step by step instructions eyelash

Herself the extension technology consists in gluing several single or tufts of artificial eyelashes to the base of one's own women's eyelashes. It used to be thought that, in order to avoid unpleasant consequences, such a procedure was best carried out with the help of a professional wizard exclusively in a beauty salon.

One type of eyelash extensions - puchkovoy

But due to the high cost of such a procedure, many women have learned how to build up on their own at home.

The technique includes the preparatory stage and the main one. The step-by-step process of building up is simple and if you approach it with the utmost attention and responsibility, you will be able to increase the cilia even at home.

Consider first the classification of species and methods of extension.

There are two main types of extensions:

  • by the eyelashes - with this method the cilia look natural and last longer
  • beam (a beam of artificial ones is attached to one of its eyelashes) - the look becomes more expressive, but the beams will not last long.

Eyelashes for extension vary:

  • in length: short, medium and long,
  • by color: the most frequently used ones are black and brown, there are other colors,
  • by material: natural or artificial.

There are also various extension methods:

  • partial build-up - when synthetic cilia are glued only in the corners or at a certain interval (usually they are longer than their own),
  • full - when the cilia are glued along the entire line, each artificial joining its own,
  • 3D-building - glued to each of its 2 synthetic, creates the effect of volume,
  • creative building (cilia in different colors with sparkles or rhinestones).

The duration of wearing artificial eyelashes usually 2 weeks, after which they gradually begin to fall out. This process is usually invisible to others.

When choosing eyelashes for extension, you need to take into account their length, thickness, hair stiffness and bending.

When choosing eyelashes for extension, you should take into account when buying the length, thickness, stiffness of hairs and their bending. Most often this is indicated on the packaging. The technique of the process itself can be mastered step by step independently, guided by the recommendations in this article.

When a piece of eyelash extensions need to pre-select the right type of cilia.

In total there are 4 types of eyelashes by type of material:

  • silk cilia are rather voluminous, slightly shine, they lengthen enough and give volume to their eyelashes (evening version, but not everyday),
  • Mink eyelashes - light and thin, suitable for everyday wear, but have a drawback (they can cause an allergic reaction),
  • sable eyelashes are heavier, so they do not stick to very thin own eyelashes, although they look very impressive,
  • artificial eyelashes - glued very simply (15 min.), but hold 1-2 pm.

The thickness of the hairs that will stick to the eyelashes should be no more than 0.15 mm, because thicker (from 0.2 mm) give the effect of "dollness" and are used for a very catchy evening makeup.

The length of the hairs is better to choose in the range of 10-18 mm. Optimal when buying, choose a set with hairs of different lengths, then longer ones are suitable for the outer corners of the eyes, shorter hairs - for the inner ones.

Effects to create an image

There are also various effects used to create a particular image of the eye:

  1. Natural - the look gets expressiveness without application of cosmetics.
  2. Fox effect - cilia of different lengths are used (usually 3), while the external angle of the eye is visually lengthened.
  3. Squirrel - synthetic eyelashes are glued in different lengths, short - closer to the inside, long - to the outside of the eye, creating the effect of mystery.
  4. Puppet - cilia are selected with a length of 12-15 mm, give a look puppet and coquetry.

Main rule

The classic eyelash extension is the backbone of the lash industry.. This extension technique is popular because eyelashes are lengthened in stages in a natural way by gluing artificial or thickening their own eyelashes.

This type of extension is widespread in Europe and supports the idea of ​​“naturalness” in make-up, when the eyes look spectacularly without signs of excessive makeup.

The main rule in the classical building - gluing one artificial eyelashes on one own

The main rule for the classic extension is to stick one artificial eyelash onto one of your own.

There are several basic recommendations for this procedure:

  1. The distance from the base of your eyelashes to the beginning of artificial - 0.5-1 mm.
  2. Artificial eyelash should stick to its in the direction from the base to the middle, and it is at the base that the eyelash glues more closely.
  3. The autonomy of each individual eyelash should be respected. If they are glued together, then later, with a difference in the growth of different eyelashes, the woman will feel discomfort.
  4. When gluing the entire row of eyelashes, you need to set them in one direction so that there is no “tattered effect”.

Necessary tools and materials

For a phased home eyelash extension, you need to prepare a set of special tools, without which it is impossible to do this correctly and painlessly. All the equipment and the process itself takes place directly in contact with the eyes, so infection in the eyes is completely unacceptable.

Tools and materials for eyelash extension

List of required tools:

  • high-quality hypoallergenic glue (usually black),
  • several toothpicks,
  • wadded disc packaging
  • small tweezers, better two,
  • glue container (preferably plastic) or glass,
  • eyelash sprays,


To prepare for the extension procedure you need:

  • Prepare hands (wash thoroughly with soap) and face (remove makeup).
  • Glue your lower lashes to the skin. To do this, usually used special lining of silicone or just paper tape. It is necessary to glue it, starting from the corner, so that all lower lashes are closed and do not interfere with work.

Caution! When gluing you need to make sure that the eye was closed. It is important that the glue and its evaporation do not fall on the mucous membrane of the eye, otherwise there will be a chemical burn, "tears will flow."

  • Degrease those eyelashes, which will be built, using a spray-degreaser. Spray some liquid from a spray onto a cotton swab and carefully rub all upper eyelashes into one and then to the opposite side.

The preparatory process is over. Now in order to master the technique of eyelash extension, we will consider in stages how this is done.

Building individual cilia step by step

After all the tools have been prepared and the set with eyelashes has been purchased, we will start the extension process.

Note! If you are building for the first time in your life, then it is best to invite a girlfriend or a more experienced person as an assistant, so that they can objectively evaluate the result when sticking each individual eyelash.

The most popular classical extension method involves gluing one artificial hair to one of your eyelashes.

When eyelash extensions each eyelash is taken with tweezers

For eyelash extension for each eye you need 80-120 artificial eyelashes:

  1. The glue is squeezed onto the glass.
  2. Each eyelash is taken with tweezers and a blunt tip lowered into the glue to the middle.
  3. Then the eyelash is glued, retreating by 0.5-1 mm from the eyelid, on each own eyelash separately. At the same time, short cilia are glued to the inner corners of the eye, and the longest are attached to the outer corners. This creates a cat-eye effect.
  4. Professional masters advise you to do several sticking procedures on each eye - 25-30 pieces of the first approach, then go to the other eye. And so alternately.
  5. During the last approach, empty spaces are closed, and then both eyes are visually aligned on the number of cilia.

Build incrementally

The bundle look is also called "Hollywood", because it is considered a solemn style. Keep bunches maximum 2-3 weeks.

Bundles with eyelashes are non-nodular and nodular. A nodule is a ball at the junction of several artificial cilia. In the presence of a knot the bundle is easier to stick, but it will be visible on the eyelashes at the end of the procedure.

15-20 bundles are usually glued to each eye.

Nosellal bundles (without balls) have a flat attachment and are glued to the skin of the eyelids.

Bundles also vary in length and thickness. Often in beauty salons for originality still paste rhinestones.

On each eye is usually glued to 15-20 beams.

Stages of beam buildup

Phased bonding beams:

  • put glue on the cooked glass
  • a bunch of eyelashes is taken with long tweezers, the tip should be lightly dipped in glue,
  • Own eyelashes in the right place are moved apart with the help of another tweezers, then the tuft is glued in between the eyelashes either to the base of your own eyelashes, or on the eyelid itself,
  • the direction of gluing is from the outer corner of the eye to the inner one, the tufts need to be distributed evenly along the eyelid so as not to make any gaps.

Lacquered by Japanese technology

The most popular and effective technique today is Japanese eyelash extension technology for each eyelash separately. With the help of step-by-step instructions for such a technique, any woman can do it at home.

Japanese method (step by step):

  1. Pour the hairs onto white paper or a towel and choose for yourself the necessary ones, sorting them according to length or other parameters.
  2. Prepare the glue - pour it into a small container.
  3. Defat tweezers with a special solution.
  4. Using a degreaser, treat the area around the eyes and your eyelashes, put wet cotton pads (halves) under your lower eyelids to protect the skin from glue.
  5. Own eyelashes need to comb and split with a brush.
  6. Each artificial eyelash is taken by the tip with tweezers, lowered briefly into the glue for a short time, and then applied to its eyelash near the base. The rest of your eyelashes, so as not to interfere, with the help of a toothpick you need to push. For a high-quality attachment of an artificial hair, it needs to be slightly pressed down onto an eyelash.
  7. The direction for gluing is from the outer to the inner edge of the eye.
  8. All cilia need to be laid in one direction.
  9. After the procedure, you need to lie down and wait a few minutes with eyes closed for high-quality gluing of hairs.

Correction by the piece eyelashes

Usually extended eyelashes last about 3-4 weeks. As a rule, a correction should be made once a month. With oily skin correction is done more often.

If a woman used additional tinting of extended eyelashes with mascara, then she would have to redo all the work altogether: remove eyelashes, because the carcass is clogged in the roots of her eyelashes and cannot be removed from there. Gluing eyelashes in this case is done anew.

Care for extended eyelashes after correction

There are several rules for the care of extended eyelashes:

  • it is possible to wet the eyelashes only 2-3 hours after the procedure of extension, so that the glue has time to get a good hold,
  • you can not sleep, dropping his face in the pillow,
  • you can not rub your eyes
  • the washing process is carried out very carefully, because getting wet reduces eyelash wear,
  • it is better to refrain from visiting the sauna due to the probability of straightening artificial eyelashes at high temperature (approx. 100º),
  • you can not cry, it is also better to refrain from bathing (salt water is not very positive effect on glued eyelashes),
  • for washing off make-up, it will be optimal to use tonic, but not greasy cream (fat helps dissolve glue for eyelashes), you also can’t use cosmetics with alcohol, it can dry out the skin of the eyelids,
  • for washing off cosmetics it is best to use a cotton swab and do it without touching the eyelashes.
It is temporarily better to abstain from visiting the sauna

Removal of extended eyelashes

To remove artificial eyelashes, a special tool is used - cream paste for removing eyelashes. Paste needs to be rubbed into the base of the roots of the eyelashes and hold for 15 minutes. Then artificial eyelashes are gently removed, the remaining excess cream is removed, all washed with warm soapy water.

It is important to know! When you remove artificial eyelashes, then your seem awful - rare and short. Do not be scared! This is not because your own have fallen out, but because you are visually accustomed to synthetic, thick and beautiful.

What are the features and eyelash extensions

Technique eyelash extension appeared many years ago.Previously used bundles of eyelashes, which were glued with glue. The technology of eyelash extensions, by the eyelashes, is a classic modeling procedure, different from the beam method.

Japanese experts have developed a method for modeling the ciliary row, using artificial materials of different lengths and thickness, trying to achieve a natural look. Thanks to the piece-wise technology, the masters increase the volume, give a bend, masking the flaws of their own. In theory, there are 3 types:

Full build - a classic, fixing artificial fibers to each of their own eyelashes. Incomplete type is characterized by fixation of the material at intervals (after two or three hairs). To create volume, a volumetric view is used, several eyelashes are glued to one of their own at once.

Pros and cons of the procedure

Long, fluffy eyelashes make a woman attractive, sexy, charming. Wanting to make their eyes bright, seductive, the girls think about whether to start building up. Whether the procedure is dangerous for the eyes and what the consequences are. Among the advantages of the session are:

  • security. Increasing eyelashes in the eyelashes, a woman should not be afraid of allergic reactions, the risk of getting glue on the mucous membrane of the eye is minimal,
  • resilience. As a result of gluing the material individually, the quality of its work increases. Hair does not stick together, do not weigh down their own. Provided proper treatment, the achieved effect is maintained for a long time,
  • quality. Sticking on the back of the mouth, the masters achieve a natural effect. Eyes look natural, bright. The loss of one or two hairs imperceptibly to prying eyes,
  • beauty. Eyes with eyelashes become beautiful, well-groomed. The piece method makes it possible to avoid unpleasant, awkward situations when falling out, the overall picture will not deteriorate,
  • comfort. Lacquer extension gives the woman the opportunity to feel comfortable. No need to paint or follow smeared mascara,
  • saving time. With artificial threads, hairs always look bright, twisted. No need to spend time on makeup.

Going through cosmetic procedures, a woman is afraid of negative consequences.

The eyelash is safe for the eyes, although it has several drawbacks:

  • price. The cost is small, but different from the cash costs of purchasing carcasses,
  • correction. The woman should go to the correction, over time, the effect decreases due to the gradual loss of artificial material,
  • proper care. To remove makeup, you must use tonics or other means that do not dissolve glue,
  • household inconvenience. It is necessary to monitor the posture during sleep, do not rub your eyes with your hands and do not use moisturizing creams.

One of the types of danger and a separate disadvantage is the work of the Leshmeker himself. It is difficult to find a worthy master among a huge number of his colleagues. Today, experienced and talented leshmeykerov too little.

Technology cilia eyelashes

Extension - a long procedure that requires patience from the wizard, the client. Sticking mascotically, Leshmeyker automatically increases the quality of their work. Eyelashes look natural, natural.

The time of individual extensions takes from 1.5 to 3 hours. It includes:

  1. Preparatory stage. Master removes the remnants of decorative cosmetics, degreases cilia. A pad or a silicone lining is applied over the lower eyelid. Artificial hairs are selected, tools are prepared for work.
  2. Building up Having chosen the right one, the leshmaker lowers its tip into the glue, finds the necessary natural eyelash with tweezers, attaches the material to it. The technique involves the process of fixing artificial material, starting from the outer corner of the eye, ending with the inner. To the ciliary row went in one direction, the position is fixed with tweezers.
  3. The final stage.After all the fibers are glued, the wizard removes the silicone lining, combing the extensions, fixing the effect with a retainer.

There is no difference with which eye to start building up - from the left or from the right. An important point - the correct length of the eyelashes. Too long threads make eyelashes heavier, leading to loss of your own.

To suit

Having decided on the eyelash extensions, the woman expects to get the maximum effect. Choosing long, thick hair, she risks losing a lot of her own cilia. All the nuances need to be discussed with the master, to listen to his opinion. Leshmaker gives advice based on experience. He advises to choose the length of the material, the type of procedure, the size of a particular bend.

For women with small eyes, suitable for eyelash extensions with a gradual elongation of hairs to the outer edge of the eye. The standard option for medium length is the full or bulk technique. The thickness of the villi is selected depending on the fragility, tendency to loss of their own. Usually it is 0.1-0.15 mm. Women with strong eyelashes who do not want to be painted every day, allow themselves to choose a hair thickness of 0.2 mm. Thick villi are used in case of preparation for celebratory, festive events.

During the procedure, the master uses hairs of different lengths to create the effect of naturalness.

The best option is the thread length of 8-12 mm. Long material is used in the case of photographing, festive, special occasions.

Choose the color of the material depending on the preferences, desires of the client. Black enhances the expressiveness of the eyes, visually increases them, makes them bright. Brown color suits fair-haired girls. Brown fibers give naturalness, naturalness.

Wizards' recommendations and frequent beginner mistakes

Contraindications to the extension procedure:

  • cold or colds,
  • propensity for conjunctivitis or blepharitis,
  • allergic to glue or synthetic cilia,
  • very oily face or eyelid skin,
  • very weak and thin own eyelashes can not withstand the weight of artificial,
  • high sensitivity of eyes and tearfulness.

Recommendations of professionals:

  1. Sterilization of tools - the main rule, without which it is impossible to do.
  2. In case of lash extensions, which is a more complicated procedure, it is necessary to ensure that glued eyelashes “look in one direction”.
  3. Life expectancy of natural eyelashes is about a month, so when building it is better to choose shorter eyelashes, which will grow longer.
  4. It is very important not to allow the eyelashes to stick together in the process of building up.

Frequent errors of newbies:

  • incorrect gluing of artificial eyelashes along the entire length - it is best to fix the eyelash from the base to the middle of your own eyelashes,
  • irregular spacing between the eyelids and glued eyelashes (must be 0.5-1 mm) - when the eyelash is glued to the skin of the eyelid, then the woman has a feeling of tight skin and uncomfortable wearing,
  • if the eyelash is glued far from the base, then an extra free edge is formed, the eyelash “dangles”, which reduces the time of wearing such eyelashes,
  • bonding several eyelashes together does not allow them to grow normally, which accelerates the loss of their eyelashes.

After reading this article, a woman who wants to have "Hollywood" eyelashes, will understand that the main thing is enthusiasm and experience. The correct eyelash extension technique described in this article will help you step by step through all the steps, gain experience and get an impressive result - beautiful thick eyelashes.

The master class on eyelash extension is conducted by E. Lange:

How is the eyelash eyelash extensions, see here:

The technique of beam extension is shown in detail here:

Types of lacunia extensions

It should be remembered that all materials for building are made of synthetics. Although the names may be misleading:

Eyelash extension with mink is more suitable for owners of its thick eyelashes, since the material from which the hairs are made is rather heavy. The features of this type include haze and pomp. These eyelashes look the most "festive" - ​​as if they were just made up. Mink eyelash extensions are ideal for celebration.

Silk in this case is considered the most adapted material for any type of eyes. First, the eyelashes from it are very similar to natural. Differences can serve only the length and rich color texture. Silk is very light. On these eyelashes, you can even apply mascara.

The sable is soft and light. This type is the most elastic of all. Color is a cross between natural and bright hues.

What you need to have to perform the procedure

  • Eyelashes,
  • Glue,
  • Two tweezers (one straight - to separate their eyelashes, the second curved - to grip artificial ones),
  • Cotton buds,
  • Degreaser,
  • Glass,
  • Substrate for the lower eyelid,
  • Separation brush,
  • The fixer.

How to perform the procedure

  1. Clean the workplace. Defat the face of the client, wash away any makeup residues from the eyelids
  2. Close the client's lower eyelashes with special stickers.
  3. Prepare tools and materials (mink, sable or click),
  4. Comb client's eyelashes,
  5. Capture the eyelash from the material you need with tweezers, dip into the resin and gently attach to natural hairs. This should be done until a second artificial one appears on each lash. After that, it is possible to build up already between them - until the effect desired by the client is achieved.

How to care for such eyelashes

It is believed that with proper care, eyelashes accrued by the above method can be worn for up to three months. First, you must avoid manual contact: you can not rub your eyes, as well as touch the eyelids. You should replace the alcohol lotion for cleaning makeup with a more gentle tonic. When bathing you should not direct a shower stream over your eyes. Cosmetologists also do not recommend sleeping on the stomach. In this situation, there is a risk of being left without its long-awaited beauty on the very first night after their acquisition. It is necessary to dye your eyes with mascara as rarely as possible - the pigment will weight the hairs and may contribute to their loss. It is recommended to periodically comb the extended eyelashes. But to curl them in any case impossible. As well as smearing eyelids with fatty creams.

In the following video you will be able to familiarize yourself with the step-by-step procedure of descending extensions:

Are there any contraindications for the procedure?

Most often, no problems arise, but in rare cases there is an allergy to glue. If the client began to scratch eyes strongly, and redness spilled on the surface of the eyelid, the procedure should be immediately stopped, and all foreign substances should be removed from the skin. In addition, you can not make capacity for progressive diseases of the eye. Also, if your hairs are extremely depleted and thin, then it is advisable not to perform the procedure. Or do it very carefully: insert a minimum of hairs, adding them a magnificent volume.

It's all about the quality of materials and competence of the master. With proper implementation of technology with your eyelashes and eyes, nothing will happen. Experienced masters are able to glue and remove hairs without damaging the natural framing of the eyes. But, unfortunately, there are exceptions. If in the process of removing your natural hairs cut off, then refrain from further extensions for at least a month - let your body recover. In addition, in no case should we forget about nutrition: daily intake of vitamins and masks from natural oils can revive even the faded cilia. In addition, the oils are not so expensive - well-known castor and sea buckthorn is sold in any pharmacy.

It is not necessary to re-visit the eyelash extensions every time, sometimes a correction will be enough to give the eyes freshness. It happens like this: the client comes to the master, the lash-maker determines the areas that need to be restored. A beautician applies a means of a cotton swab with a thin layer onto the retarded cilia, waits 10 minutes (while the solvent breaks the glue in this area), and gently removes the eyelashes. New mink, sable or silk hairs are glued to these same places. Masters recommend not to get involved in the correction, and at least once every 3 months to completely remove and update the cilia (this applies to those who do the procedure on an ongoing basis).

Types of capacity by volume

In addition to the above types, the predominant role of the beautiful woman is given to the future shape of her eyelashes, among them:

  • Classic. With such a variety, almost all of their cilia are involved. An artificial hair is attached to each of them. At the same time, the master makes the longest length exactly in the center of the eye, and already closer to the edges, the eyelashes gradually become shorter,

  • Incomplete build-up. In this case, the hairs do not stick to all eyelashes, but only to their parts. For example, to the corners of the eyes. In this case, the masters prefer to paint - in order to even out the color,

  • "Fox effect." This method involves gluing the eyelashes only to the outer corner of the eye. This method allows you to visually place the close set eyes,

  • "Squirrel effect". In this case, the longest hairs are not enlarged in the very corner of the eye, but a few millimeters before it. the method allows you to visually hide the eyelid,

  • "Puppet effect". The master builds up cilia of absolutely equal length, as a result of which they are not at all like natural ones, but as long as possible and expressive,

  • 2D and 3D extension involves attaching to natural cilia not one at a time, but two or three hairs, respectively, which gives pomp and additional volume.

The advantages of this type of building

Advantages of coulice extensions:

  1. Persistence If you follow the rules of care and timely correction, the eyelashes will remain in good shape for quite a long period. On average, they are worn for about a month.
  2. Nice appearance. Even if some cilia get unstuck in the process of socks, it will not spoil the overall picture and will be almost imperceptible.
  3. Naturalness With this build-up there is no effect of "weighting", regardless of the selected thickness.
  4. Security. During the procedure, the adhesion of the adhesive to the mucous membrane of the eyes is almost impossible, so the risk of an allergic reaction or irritation is minimized.
  5. No harm to natural eyelashes. Since synthetic hairs are glued on one by one, and not by massive bunches, their own eyelashes do not become heavier. Accordingly, they do not fall out. This type of building does not bring discomfort to the eyes.

What should be the glue for the procedure?

Glue for eyelash extensions should be safe for the client. At the same time, he is obliged to provide a lasting effect. Ideally, it should correspond to the following parameters:

  • Liquid and homogeneous texture, so that during the procedure there are no lumps and eyelashes do not peel off before the due time.
  • Hypoallergenic. Glue for building is made of resin. And they must be of high quality and high degree of purification.
  • Suitable glue color. It can be black, light or transparent and should be harmoniously combined with a touch of eyelashes.
  • The speed of action. The optimal time for gluing the eyelashes is about 3-5 minutes.
  • Good hitch. On average, glue should ensure the stability of the eyelashes for 3-4 weeks.

An important point when choosing this product - the smell. Despite the fact that glue is a chemical compound, it should not exude an aggressive pungent odor.Many well-known companies produce such products, either completely odorless or with weak fragrance notes.

Is it bad for your eyelashes?

Many girls, planning to change their appearance, worry if they will not harm their natural beauty with such a procedure as a build-up. Per-run fulfillment and compliance with all standards of hygiene make it possible not to worry about such things. This technique is considered the most harmless and gentle. Due to the fact that only one artificial element (hair) is attached to the natural eyelash, it does not create excessive load and does not lead to loss.

High-quality glue based on natural resins reduces the risk of allergy to a minimum, especially since it does not come into contact with the skin and mucous membrane of the eyelids. The hypothetical danger is that eye infections can be transmitted through tweezers and consumables. To avoid this, building up (including the eyelash) should be performed only in proven places, where all instruments are disinfected and sterilized in stages.

Proper care of your eyelashes

How long the eyelashes last after the extension, depends on their care. Even the highest quality materials can not withstand the effects of certain external factors. Here is a list of manipulations that can not be done with artificial eyelashes:

  • paint them with mascara (especially waterproof),
  • often touch the eyes with your hands,
  • use oil-based makeup removers,
  • sleep on the stomach (contact of the eyelashes with a pillow greatly reduces their socks),
  • frequent the pool, sauna and steam room.

The technology of eyelash extensions involves the rejection of baths with hot water for the face and visits to places with high humidity in the first 2 days after the procedure. On the day of the service, it is better to refrain from intensive washing, although it is quite possible to take a familiar shower. Wearing contact lenses significantly shortens the longevity of the extended eyelashes, although it is not a contraindication to the procedure.

Eyelash extensions: photos after the procedure and first impressions of the clients

Most girls are very happy with their appearance immediately after the procedure. Pronounced eyes and long eyelashes attract the admiring glances of others. The difference "before" and "after" is obvious: there is a volume, density and pomp. It is noteworthy that women increase their eyelashes in various professions and social strata. This procedure is popular with girls who aspire to a spectacular appearance without much time. Increasing eyelashes 1 time per month, you can significantly reduce the process of applying morning makeup. And it is very convenient.

The extension of the curtain emphasizes the natural beauty of the girl. It does not turn appearance into a puppet look. Therefore, it is quite appropriate for everyday life. Eyelashes do not stick together and look very natural. Those girls who at least once underwent this procedure with a master of high qualification, for a long time decided to abandon the mascara.

Open extensions: reviews in the process of socks

What else do girls think about this “accessory”? The majority of clients are very pleased with this service, such as eyelash eyelash extensions. Photos on thematic forums confirm the durability of artificial material for 3-4 weeks. Women claim that the look becomes more expressive without the use of mascara. Eyelashes look perfect in the morning, which saves time on makeup. This positive property is noted by girls who are going to work early, and even young mothers on maternity leave who want to look good without wasting precious time on it.

Judging by the reviews, extended eyelashes last an average of about 3 weeks. At the time of wear affects the care of them.Those who like to rub their eyes and sleep on their stomach, noticed that these actions lead to the rapid loss of unnatural eyelashes. Often this is not particularly visible, but still the effect is not the same. With a long delay correction eyelashes begin to look untidy and slowly crumble, so it should be done on time.

Are there any contraindications?

Unfortunately, not all people can hold eyelash extensions. There are a number of contraindications to this procedure. These include:

  1. Increased tearing of the eyes.
  2. Allergy.
  3. Conjunctivitis and other inflammatory processes of the mucous membrane of the eyes or eyelids.
  4. Severe systemic diseases (diabetes, epilepsy, psoriasis).
  5. Loss of eyelashes or eyebrows due to an unidentified cause.
  6. Oncological diseases.
  7. Bronchial asthma.

If during the eyelash extension the client feels a burning sensation, redness or swelling in the eye area, the procedure should be immediately stopped and any antihistamine remedy available should be taken. After this, it is imperative to consult a doctor. The occurrence of allergies is very rare, but it is not completely excluded due to the individual characteristics of each person.

How to choose a good master?

The pledge of beautiful eyelashes is not only high-quality materials, but also a skillful master who creates with pleasure. When choosing a better focus on the reviews of real people (better than friends). If this is not possible, then you can search for information on the resources on the Internet. Testimonials should show how well the master performs the eyelash extensions. Photos “before” and “after” help to assess this level.

An important point is sterility and purity. Although the procedure does not involve contact with human blood, tweezers come into contact with the skin and tear fluid. They must be thoroughly sterilized after each client. It is practically unrealistic to carry out the eyelash extensions at home qualitatively without the help of a master. In addition, the cost of the starter does not financially justify its use for one person. It is better to turn to professionals to get only pleasant emotions from the procedure and the desired result.

Every woman dreams of beautiful big eyes, framed by thick and long eyelashes. And if nature did not give her such eyelashes, then you have to find ways, how to make your thin eyelashes “Hollywood”.

Therefore, when the eyelash extension technique was created, which is being done in stages in any cosmetology salon, the women of fashion took heart and decided to make themselves such “Hollywood” eyelashes as soon as possible.

Who better to entrust the procedure?

Unlike beam buildup, the eyelash technology should be carried out exclusively in showrooms - because it is much more complex. Salon must be chosen very carefully.

First of all, read reviews about the institution and the masters working in it - the opinions of real customers will help determine whether the salon deserves confidence. Lacquer extensions require great skill of the beautician, therefore it is not recommended to strive for a low price in this case. It is best to focus on the average price category - so you can be confident in the qualifications of the masters, and in the quality of the eyelashes and special tools.

Performance features

This way of updating the cilia is called that, because the master sticks hairs on the eyelids individually. Such work can not be called simple, since it requires maximum patience and accuracy. Compared with beam buildup, this procedure is more expensive, but its result lasts for a month.

With the piece widened cilia, the girl looks natural, and at the same time neat and well-groomed. In the photo you can see examples.

Each artificial hair is attached to the natural.This is carried out with a special adhesive resin, which does not cause an allergic reaction and does not harm health. An experienced master needs an hour to complete this procedure.

To carry out the builder master need such tools:

  • glue,
  • cotton buds,
  • degreaser,
  • artificial hairs
  • substrates for lower eyelids,
  • glass,
  • wooden stick.

The technology of extension by the eyelash method is as follows:

  1. The lower lashes are protected by the substrate.
  2. Master degreases natural eyelashes.
  3. Master combing cilia to order them.
  4. An artificial hair is taken with tweezers and its tip is dipped in glue.
  5. Each artificial cilium is superimposed on the natural - the first row is ready.
  6. After the formation of the first row, the master glues new eyelashes between the already glued ones.
  7. After work, the artificial hairs are treated with a fixative.

On the video you can get acquainted with the equipment by the eyelash extension.

What are eyelashes made of

Mink hairs are identical to natural ones - they are light and soft. Used for partial extension, for example, on the outer corners of the century. Silk eyelashes are thicker, but as soft as previous ones. Silk hairs are used when a girl wants to grow puffy thick cilia.

Hair from sable fur is soft and soft, however, compared to other types of cilia, short-lived. They are used to create volumetric rows of eyelashes. Silicone hairs are flexible, so the master can curl them, bend the tips or leave them straight. Silicone cilia perfectly hold the volume.

The length and number of new cilia depend on the preferences of the girl who visited the beauty salon.


The wizard will help you choose not only the number and type of artificial cilia, but also the volume that they will create. First of all, the extended eyelashes should be appropriate - if the girl will wear them for a long time, the master puts on the most natural eyelashes. But the "puppet" is more suitable for photo shoots or special occasions.

Eyelashes, which are attached to the outer corners of the upper eyelids, are ideal for everyday life. After the procedure, the eyes will be more expressive. The photo shows the result of such an extension.

If a girl wants to have voluminous eyelashes, there will be as many artificial hairs as real ones. The length and diameter of artificial cilia may also vary. The effect of super-volume is more suitable for prom, wedding or other celebration. At study or work, such eyelashes will look inappropriate. The photo shows voluminous eyelashes.

If a girl has artificial eyelashes, which are pasted one by one, she can forget about applying makeup cosmetics for eye makeup for a while. Strongly glued cilia are not afraid of water, wind and other adverse factors.

The cost of the service directly depends on the qualification of the master and the materials used. A professionally executed procedure will earn exclusively positive feedback.

Eyelash extension with mink is the procedure of gluing artificial fibers from a special material to the base of the native hairs that frame the eyes. It is painless, practical and allows you to acquire a deep charming look with the most natural effect. With professional performance, the result is maintained for several weeks.

Features mink eyelashes

Mink is a synthetic material for creating volume on the eyes, resembling in fur and gloss of fur of a fur-bearing animal, after which it was named. Natural fur is not used by leshmakers because of the high percentage of allergic reactions. Artificial fibers are easier to care for and are immune to the effects of water, so they keep their appearance and curl for a long time.


  • Depending on how the fibers are placed, you can create different effects.
  • Affordable cost.
  • A light weight.
  • It has no external differences from natural hairs.
  • Natural look.


  • They have a large diameter, which makes them uncomfortable to wear.
  • The lash of the eyelashes and the eyelashes can be performed only on healthy, strong natural hairs.
  • During socks it is forbidden to apply fat creams, eye shadows and use mascara containing oils on the eyelids.

Despite all the shortcomings, mink fibers are the best material for creating a natural effect.

How is the procedure of increasing mink

There are two main ways of applying artificial fibers to native cilia. Each of them has its own characteristics, differences in the time of work and cost.

  • Japanese eyelash eyelash extensions mink. This procedure is performed by applying one or more artificial hairs to one native. Thanks to the piece-wise mounting, the wearing time is increased. If the added material and the glue used to fix it are of high quality, the result will please the client 4-6 weeks. The effect looks natural and does not require additional makeup.
  • Beam technique. Fibers of the same length in the amount of up to 6 pieces are fastened in one fan and, in this form, are attached to one native eyelash. The main advantage is low cost. The disadvantage is a short service life. This build-up can be done independently without the help of a professional. The bunches are heavy and exert strong pressure on the hairs, so it is not recommended to wear them longer than one week. The main disadvantage of this technique, according to the clients, is the appearance of the eyes after peeling off at least one bundle - a bald spot is visible to the naked eye and immediate correction is required. Any salon with a good reputation offers to build up beams only for solemn occasions when you want to create a deliberately artificial volume.

It is important that the procedure is carried out using quality materials that are certified and meet safety requirements. The Japanese, American, Korean product is leading in this area, the Chinese is considered dangerous and can cause harm to the health of the eyes.

Hair care rules

One month passes from building up by the eyes to correction. Time depends on the right care. Masters advise not to wash or use tonics on the first day after the procedure. Allow the glue to dry completely. Discard makeup in the first days, do not use mascara. It is heavily washed off from artificial fibers.

During the session, the extension fibers acquire a beautiful bend. Do not use curling tweezers, so as not to damage the hairs, do not spoil the effect after the session. Do not go often to the bath, to the pool, do not conduct water treatments.

At home, we behave easier. Many people like to sleep on their stomachs, rub their eyes in the morning after waking up. Do not forget about their extensions cilia. Such actions will harm them, worsen the appearance, lead to rapid loss. Conducting makeup remover, do not use oil-based fat creams. If you follow all the tips, the correction will be needed in a month.

Correction is needed to restore lost hairs. Master removes artificial material from regrown cilia, restores a uniform, beautiful ciliary row.

By sticking to the face, a woman creates an image of a sexy, seductive, uncommon personality. Selecting a master for building, pay attention to the sterility of the tools used by him, the cleanliness of the cabinet. These are the first signs of professionalism. But even the most clean Leshmeyker can not be a good specialist in the slash, if the quality of his work leaves much to be desired. Go to the proven masters, whose work was rated excellent.

Types of eyelash extensions

Agree, nothing can stop a woman before the desire to be beautiful. Even in ancient times, she found a variety of oddities to decorate her face. Today, the fair sex can change its appearance in various ways, one of which is eyelash extensions. In Moscow, this service is available at any good beauty salon.

Eyelash extension methods are divided into two types:

The beam technology is distinguished, above all, by its cheapness. The procedure is done quickly, completely painless and does not harm the native eyelashes. Only an hour and a half - and the eyelashes will be lush, thick and long. Usually, this method is chosen before a celebration or a holiday, so that after it was possible to remove the "new" eyelashes.

As you might guess from the name, during the procedure, bunches are used - 3-4 eyelashes in each to increase eyelashes. The hue is chosen by the client, he is given a wide variety. The same lady can choose the length and frequency of the beam. The material from which the eyelashes are made, are checked and receive a special certificate. The master selects exactly those materials that will look as natural as possible on the girl.

Artificial beams are attached with a gel to the outer eyelids. The gel consists of hypoallergenic substances, which makes it safe for everyone. Contraindications can affect only those who have sensitive eyelids.

The coulice method of extension is much more complicated and laborious procedure that not every professional can competently conduct. The technology will maximize the natural look.

When eyelash extensions each eyelash is subject to separate processing, respectively, the process will take much longer than when using beams. However, it is only with the help of such processing that the true depth and expressiveness of a look can be achieved.

Depending on the type of skin of the eyelids, the girls will be selected work materials for eyelash extensions. This may be microfiber "silk" or "mink." Silk is more suitable for sensitive skin and rare native eyelashes, and mink perfectly complement the thick. The method of applying the fiber depends on the time of wearing - once or for a long time.

Attention! If you will increase your eyelashes in this way, it is recommended not to use carcasses during the day before the procedure.

Types of extensions also differ in size. Experts identify three types:

Incomplete eyelash extension is used to eliminate the defect of rare eyelashes. It does not give them a special volume, but the look becomes several times more expressive and noticeable. The hairs alternate or “add” to the corners of the eyes. In order for this volume to look as natural and beautiful as possible, it is recommended to dye the eyelashes so that the color exactly matches the artificial ones.

Full volume (or classic eyelash extensions) is the most popular way. For each true cilia they grow on top of artificial. The result is a thick volume and brightness of the eyes.

Double or 3D extensions are most often used by actresses or singers. The volume is poorly perceived in everyday life, but it looks great on stage.

Eyelash extension, which all makeup artists undergo training, is a complicated procedure, therefore, it should be entrusted to the most experienced professional.

What are the eyelashes after the extension procedure?

Before you decide on the procedure of extension, many are interested in exactly how the extended eyelashes look? What are they?

Regardless of the method of application, the eyelashes will look equally impressive. They will not create a contrast with your natural eyelashes, and make them thicker and more expressive. How much they will be thick, the client decides for himself, choosing what volume suits him.

Due to the variety of ways of building it is possible to achieve effects such as:

  • natural (eyelashes look like relatives),
  • fox (corners of eyes are highlighted),
  • puppet (long eyelashes along the century, giving the appearance of a doll),
  • squirrel (imitation squirrel brushes - long hairs along the edges),
  • sparse (alternation of long and short cilia),
  • multi-color (multi-colored eyelashes).

Of course, words cannot describe all this beauty. Classic eyelash extensions, photos of the results of which can be viewed directly in the beauty salon, better to see. In the mirror.

How long do lashes last?

So, you decide on the procedure of eyelash extensions. But a logical question arises: how long will the lashes last? Is it ever possible to admire them?

Oddly enough, the longevity of eyelashes can vary significantly. It depends on the following factors:

  • how experienced is the master (if he is not professional enough, then the eyelashes will fall off after only a couple of days),
  • whether the glue is of high quality (cheap mixtures are given during the first week),
  • extension method (beam method - not the most reliable for liquid and weak eyelashes, sprouts can fall under their own weight),
  • Do you wear contact lenses (they can significantly reduce the life of the extended eyelashes),
  • allergic reaction of the body (it will immediately repel "foreign" hairs),
  • improper care for the result.

It is difficult to talk about the standard periods of wearing eyelashes, because they can not be removed until new ones grow. But do not forget about make-up - with eyelashes mascara should be a constant companion of the girl. The longest time during which you can wear eyelashes is three to four months. But in the third week the eyelashes will noticeably change their “marketable” look, so do not forget about the correction. The make-up artist will be able to correct them and give practical advice on caring for them.

How to remove eyelashes?

Increased eyelashes can bother at any time, so many people have a question: how to remove the extended eyelashes at home?

First of all, you should pay attention to what you can not do:

  1. Do not pull the extended eyelashes! Since the glue is applied to the growth area, natural eyelashes can fall out along with the real ones. And they recover for a long time - at best a month.
  2. You can not use soap or other cleaning products and try to "wash" eyelashes with it. This can lead to eye irritation and even conjunctivitis.
  3. Eyes sore? Forget about removing extended eyelashes until full recovery! Otherwise, the disease can develop.
  4. It is not recommended to remove eyelashes during menstruation. Pain can be a little stronger.

Eyelash extensions, which photo process can be viewed shortly before the procedure, is painless. Withdrawal proceeds absolutely identical.

There are four ways to remove extended eyelashes:

  • using a special solution
  • with butter,
  • with fat cream,
  • with drugs.

Special liquid - remuver - is applied to the eyelids and dissolves not only glue, but also more durable resin. However, the price of the drug bites, so you can use the tools at hand.

From oils suitable olive and castor. You should apply a couple of drops on the eyelids and leave overnight. By the morning cilia already subside.

The cream will help remove the cilia as imperceptibly and painlessly as possible. The main thing is to choose a suitable consistency. The cream should be fat and thick. Only in this case, after applying the cilia will subside within a few hours.

Medication is an extreme measure. If you urgently need to get rid of excess hair, and there is nothing at hand, apply a remedy for conjunctivitis to the place of gluing three times in a row. You will feel a slight burning sensation. After a couple of minutes you can shoot hairs.


Eyelash extension, reviews of which it is desirable to read before the procedure, you can not do everything. There are a number of contraindications:

  • tearfulness,
  • allergy,
  • bronchial asthma,
  • unbalanced psyche,
  • severe hair loss
  • viral disease
  • tuberculosis,
  • syphilis,
  • pregnancy,
  • diabetes,
  • oncological diseases,
  • psoriasis,
  • demodicosis,
  • epilepsy,
  • eye disease,
  • HIV infection.

Turning to the lashmaker to improve the appearance, you can count on several types of eyelash extensions. This is a classic curtain extension, 2D, 3D and Hollywood volume. What is the difference between these types of eyelash extensions? 3D, 2D - what does this mean for ordinary people, not lashmaking professionals, and which option is best to choose in order to look irresistible? In addition, it is important not to spoil the eyelashes artificial material. Does 3D-volume damage the beauty of the eyes after removing artificial cilia? We will discuss this topic in this post.

The essence and technology of eyelash extensions

Gluing cilia to the eyelashes is a rather laborious process. But the result is worth it. Eyes are incredibly expressive, look natural and natural. The technology of such a build-up is characterized in that each artificial villi is individually glued to natural eyelashes, carefully selecting them in length, thickness, color, and bending.

Of great importance to achieve the effect of naturalness is the non-uniform thickness of each hair along its length. They, like natural cilia, wider at the base, tapering towards the end.

For the procedure required:

  • glue,
  • eyelashes,
  • degreasing agent
  • fixing solution
  • tweezers with thin tips,
  • thin sticks (you can toothpicks),
  • disposable wipes and cotton buds,
  • pads on the eyelid of the patch or silicone.

Eyelash eyelash extensions: technology performance

Having established an overlay for a lower eyelid, eyelashes degrease and comb.

  1. Then tweezers cilia one by one and grab the tip dipped in glue.
  2. They are glued to each eyelash one artificially, forming the first row.
  3. Then between them you can stick one more to the second row for a thicker and more magnificent shape.
  4. After that it is possible to put a clamp for fixing.

Eyelash extensions, by the eyelashes in the salon

An experienced master spends the entire procedure from one and a half to three hours (it all depends on the expected effect, the level of fixation of the adhesive, the quality of the materials used).

  1. Moving from the outer corner of the eye to the bridge of the nose, the master defats each eyelash, sticks one for each.
  2. Additional eyelashes can be several (2, 3 or more per one natural), but they are also glued individually.
  3. It is possible to build only on the outer corners of the upper eyelids.

Artificial hairs for extension are called: "mink", "silk", "sable". These names speak about the appearance and some of the qualities and properties of cilia, understandable to professionals, and not about their origin. Natural hairs are not applied for hygienic reasons, as they have a porous structure, are more susceptible to the effects of microorganisms and the spread of infection.

What are you doing the procedure for: everyday look or for a festive event

    1. Of course, in the first case, attention should be paid to the cilia of medium thickness and volumewhich will be quite a bit longer than yours. In this case, you will achieve the effect of naturalness, and most do not even think that these stunning cilia - artificial. And it is worth a lot, especially since makeup in the nude style is not the first season topped the style rating.
    2. If there is a bright holiday event ahead, then here you can experiment with volume and coloror maybe take a chance using ribbed cilia or feathers. However, keep in mind that then have to go with them for a long time, or sign up for the removal procedure.

As for the rest on the sea coast, here the opinion of stylists is ambiguous. Someone is in favor of the everyday image, while others allow a little "bully." The main thing is that bright thick eyelashes are not tired of the owners for 14 days of rest.

Should take into account the features of your face

  • If you are a happy owner large features and large eyes, then boldly ask for long eyelashes14 mm.
  1. However, if this situation is far from your reality, then consult with the master: what length and thickness will look more harmonious.
  • Take into account the thickness of your own eyelashes, in order not to cause serious damage to their health. In addition, too thick artificial eyelashes on their thin will interfere with their mistress and climb into the eyes.

Care for extended eyelashes

Of course, extended eyelashes - it is an opportunity to always look great, as well as save time on makeup. However, to please you, you should abide by a few simple rules:

1. Do not use oil products for eyes and eyelid skin, otherwise the eyelashes will start falling out too quickly,

2.If you want to wash your eyes, you should do it with plain or micellar water, as well as makeup remover liquid, which does not contain oils. It is better to gently wipe the eyes with a cotton swab, without touching the eyelashes,

3. Once again, rubbing the eyes and eyelashes is not the best option.

Correction and removal of artificial eyelashes

Eyelashes need correction every 2 to 3 weeks. It depends on how fast you lose yours, because artificial ones will fall out with them. On average, the procedure lasts from 40 minutes to 1.5 hours. Master carefully look at those cilia that have survived. With the help of a special tool will remove those that "are about to fall off", while maintaining native cilia. After that, the procedure will be re-build on the right areas.

It is recommended to go with the extended eyelashes for no longer than 3 months.. After this period, you should sign up for an eyelash removal procedure. The wizard will remove the remaining special tool. Thus, you do not have to wait until they all fall out. To remove the cilia in this way is better and those who made them only for a festive event, in this case, their own will not have time to weaken.

It is not recommended to remove eyelashes by yourself.however, if there are no other options, then it is necessary to wipe them 2 times a day with a cotton pad gently with an oil preparation: natural coconut oil or a means for removing waterproof makeup.

How to choose a master, and how much is eyelash extension

The cost of the procedure for all countries varies greatly. In some regions it starts from 800 rubles, in Moscow the initial cost is 13 00–150 0 rubles.

In addition, as always, it is cheaper to do the master's procedure at home (on average, 1,500 rubles for the classic build-up, 1,700 - 2D and 3D, 2,000 rubles - the Hollywood volume), much more will have to be paid for visiting a cosmetologist in a beauty salon (2,200 rubles for the classic capacity, 2500 - 2D and 3D, 3000 rubles - Hollywood volume).

Some recommend not to buy at a low price and go to a certified specialist working in a serious organization. Others do not see anything terrible in visiting a home wizard, because they often also have diplomas and certificates. Therefore, in this case, you will protect yourself if you go to the master, whose works have already been seen.. If he made beautiful cilia for 3 - 5 girls, and at the same time none of them has any allergic reactions or other complaints, then it is probably worth the risk. In any case, you know - you are going to entrust a very important organ to him - the eyes.

Shortcomings of extensions

Of course, like many other “beauty” procedures, this one has its drawbacks.

  • First of all , eyelashes after building become thinner and weakeras well as thin. The thing is that it is for them an additional load that provokes a fallout before they are pushed out by the new cilium. Thus, the old ones fall out, and the new ones are not yet starting to grow, the process of updating slows down. Therefore, experts advise not to do the procedure longer than 2-3 months.Unfortunately, many girls go with them for years and fall into a vicious circle. Not taking a break after 8-12 weeks, they get almost bald eyes.therefore, they are again in a hurry to rush to the procedure and no longer wish to part with it, without thinking about the future. After removing the cilia, they definitely need good care. - castor or coconut oil at least once a day.
  • Another disadvantage of this method is to get spectacular cilia - This is a time consuming. After all, you will need about 2 hours to build up and then another 1.5 hours to make corrections.

Alternative to eyelash extensions

If the disadvantages of this procedure seem to be more significant than its advantages, then you should not be upset. There are many more ways to make your eyelashes charming and your eyes look bright and mysterious.

  • The easiest way is known since the time of our grandmothers - this Castor oil. However, they did not have coconutwhich will produce the same effect. It is enough to drop any of these products on a cotton swab or a clean brush and apply from the roots along the entire length of the cilia. It is necessary to carry out the procedure every day before bedtime, the first results will appear after 2-3 weeks. Of course, the eyelashes will not grow to a centimeter, but you have one millimeter. In addition, they will become thicker and brighter.
  • Today, many cosmetic brands offer means for the growth of eyelashes. There are cheaper, which are based on the same oils: castor, remeynom, coconut, etc. They are packaged in a tube-mascarograph, so very convenient. More expensive products are based on bimatoprost - a component that irritates the receptors responsible for hair growth. It is also necessary to use it daily, after 6 weeks very noticeable results appear. However, if you stop using the tool, the effect will disappear.
  • Also exists biowave eyelasheswhich will give them the desired bend, and permanent (indelible) mascara. It will not make your eyelashes longer and thicker, but you will feel the visual effect. In addition, it also simplifies the daily application of makeup.

Details about the choice of mascara for eyelashes and technology for creating voluminous and thick eyelashes here.

From classic to 3D

If you go back to the origins of eyelash extensions, then the first method that masters mastered was beam buildup. It is on the beam extension that 3D eyelash extension training is based. 10 years ago there were no professional lashmakers, and artificial materials were attached to their own before any event or photo session.

Such an image required spectacularity, not long wearing - eyelashes were removed immediately after the event. However, at the same time, it was noted that if you do not remove artificial eyelashes, they can be worn for more than one day.

How was the build up?

An already formed, formed bundle of artificial eyelashes was taken, and with the help of glue, he clung to several client's own cilia at the base from above. This method is not very good, because it creates unnecessary pressure on your own eyelashes, it is not worn for a very long time (1-2 weeks, if there is no interaction with water or other solvents), and if at least one bundle falls off before the others, then the eyelid will look like as if it has a “bald patch”.

Over time, this method has evolved into another technology of ciliary extension, that is, it was fastened on an artificial harvest to the real one. Masters who decided to engage in eyelash extension, became known as Lashmakers. Eyelash extension has become a kind of profession. There are a lot of people willing to buy long eyelashes for a month and a half, especially in large cities. After all, here a spectacular appearance is of great importance.

In order to understand the difference between 2D and 3D eyelash extensions, you first need to figure out what is the classic eyelash extensions, since it was the start for new trends in lashmaking.

Cilia to cilia

In any direction of art, fashion or makeup there is a so-called classic. This is something that will always remain in trend and appropriate anyway. If you take fashion, then this little black dress, classic pointed-heeled stilettos. If we talk about make-up, then no matter how the epochs and trends change, black arrows and lipstick of the appropriate shade will be considered classic.

Let's return to the eyelash extension. Lacquer extensions are classics. This procedure occurs as follows. An additional eyelash is attached to each eyelash of the client with a special glue, consisting of synthetic fiber or animal fur.

The effect is very neat, and others will not develop feelings of unnaturalness or dolliness. That is why the eyelash extensions are considered classic; they teach the novice lashmaker. Subsequent trends in fashion eyelash extensions, such as 2D and 3D, are in any case based on the eyelash extensions. If you set yourself the goal of becoming a lashmaker, it is from him that your training in this modern profession will begin.

Main difference

Over time, the classics began to seem boring to the masters, besides not effective enough for some events. Lushmakers decided to experiment with the volume and make it bigger. In English, the word volume is translated as dimension, and therefore 2D means double volume, and 3D is, respectively, triple.

However, the masters did not stop at 2 and 3 volumes - they can offer you 4-, 5- and 6-volume extensions. However, according to what technologies such a procedure is performed - a moot point. It is impossible to technically build 6 artificial eyelashes on one of your own.

What is the essence of bulk capacity?

If, in the eyelash extension, one artificial one is attached to each of its own, then in 2D, two blanks are glued to each eyelash, respectively, the triple volume implies the attachment of three cilia. If we talk about eyelash extensions 2D and 3D, the only difference is this.

Eyelashes, so extended, look gorgeous, but unnatural. If, when scrolling through the eyelashes, an outside observer can decide that nature simply rewarded the girl with such amazing eyelashes, then double and triple volume do not create such intrigue.

Harm that bears eyelash extensions: classic and 2D

Both 3D and 2D differ from classic extensions in that they harm their own eyelashes less. Why? It is clear that the additional weight of artificial fibers weakens the strength of their own eyelashes, and sometimes breaks them off. After removing their own look more rare and short than before building.

With a volumetric technique, you can make an extension through one eyelash. Due to the fact that a lot of them, you can skip the client’s own eyelashes in one or two. Such a build-up is more useful for eyelashes and their beauty afterwards.

However, the masters say that even if you stick 2-3 eyelashes on each of your own eyelashes in the right way, without weighing it with glue, you will not do much harm to your eyelashes.

What choose lashes? Quality of material

Building 3D-eyelashes, the effect of which is comparable to the doll, requires careful selection of materials. The first question that beginner leshmeikers ask themselves is what eyelashes need to be purchased for work?

The domestic market offers us synthetic fibers, that is, of the thinnest plastic, and natural - most often of mink or silk. The latter are distinguished not only by their pleasant texture, but also by their more natural appearance. It was the extended mink eyelashes that first "handed down" to the audience the actress Jennifer Lopez in 2005.

However, the price of natural higher than artificial, about 10-15 times. Of course, product consumption is quite small, but is it worth paying more?

First of all, keep in mind that eyelash extension in 3D-volume requires, above all, subtleties from cilia and low density. Mink fur is thicker than specially created cilia. The second reason for choosing an artificial product is that girls may have an allergy to natural mink fur, unlike artificial ones, which are hypoallergenic.

Eyelash thickness for 3D extensions

The task of the leshmeker is to create a volume extension in such a way as not to make the eyelids of the client heavier, and in addition to allowing the cilia to comb freely in any direction. For this reason, for eyelash extension 3D lashes you need to select the minimum density of the material. That is, the synthetic material should be as thin as possible. Masters are advised to choose 0.07 in density for 3D and 0.1-0.15 for 2D building. These eyelashes are very light and do not spoil your own.

Technique and effects of building mink

A common cause of negative feedback in the direction of increasing is the insufficient experience of the master and non-compliance with the fundamental rules. It is important that the technique of fastening cilia clearly corresponded to the cut and location of the eyes. A professional knows how to reduce bulging eyes and enlarge narrow ones.

Effects of build-up:

  • Squirrel. It implies the imposition of hairs of different lengths - the alternation of the shortest with the maximum length. The largest stretch is 12 mm. Fastening begins with long fibers from the outer corner with an indent of 5 mm. with a gradual decrease towards the inner edge of the eye.
  • Puppet. The method involves attaching artificial eyelashes of maximum length, which remains unchanged around the perimeter of the eyelid. The result is a look like a doll. Suitable for special occasions and very young persons.
  • Lysis. The coulice overlay method. The length of the material varies depending on the place of attachment. The central part is decorated with a medium stretch, the inside is short, and long eyelashes are attached to the outer corner. Allows you to mask close-set eyes.
  • Sparse. Hair of different lengths are attached at a certain distance to create the most natural makeup.

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Building techniques:

  • Full - involves fixing one artificial cilia to one native.
  • Incomplete - the fibers are glued in separate zones at the base of growth.
  • 2D-effect - two artificial ones are attached to one natural hair.
  • Volumetric eyelash extensions mink 3D-effect - a complex technology of coupling with one natural hair of three synthetic fibers.
  • 4-8D - depending on the volume, the number of fibers applied to one natural eyelash increases.

Pluses eyelash extensions lush eyelashes

The technology of eyelash extensions with many eyelashes has a lot of advantages over other types of this cosmetic procedure:

  1. natural look
  2. longer effect (in comparison with beam buildup),
  3. hypoallergenic and hygienic materials,
  4. The procedure is completely harmless to the eyes.

Even if one or several cilia come off, it does not significantly affect the overall appearance of the ciliary row and does not require immediate correction or peeling of all eyelashes. Whereas when a bundle grows, when a single bundle is peeled off, a significant tear is formed, which spoils the whole look.

The cost of eyelash extensions thick eyelashes

The price of eyelash extensions depends on several factors:

  • quality of materials used
  • the type of effect created (look 3 D, incomplete buildup, “corners”, “kitty”, “crown”),
  • master qualifications
  • saloon popularity.

The average cost of a classic extension varies between $ 25–35.For the 3D effect and the Hollywood volume will have to pay from $ 28 to $ 55. Save on yourself is not recommended. But if you know a good master at home and completely trust him, then the risk is minimal.

The method of eyelash extensions using modern technologies is quite simple, but it requires patience, diligence and utmost accuracy from the master and the client.

The number of advantages of this procedure prevails over the number of flaws, but a beautiful and luxurious look requires proper care from its owner. They need periodic timely correction, it is impossible to use oily and fatty means for skin care and removal of waterproof cosmetics, it is not recommended to rub eyes either.

The rules for caring for thick and lush eyelashes are simple, and the effect is worth the time and money spent, so the procedure has become so popular and in demand among modern girls.

It is important: what are eyelashes afraid

So, you left the salon, acquiring beautiful long cilia, built up in 3D. Before returning to the traditional experience in life for you, read carefully what artificial fibers are afraid of like fire. Agree, it is not rational to give a decent amount, to withstand the procedure for 2-3 hours, and then lose all this magnificence in a day or two.

With the right wearing of eyelashes, you can extend the term of "operation" up to one and a half months. At the same time, if you break the elementary rules, you can lose up to 50% of your eyelashes overnight. The first thing to remember is that artificial eyelashes, and in particular the glue with which they are attached, is afraid of oil and any solutions, oil-containing. Thus, you need to abandon any means of makeup or to remove it containing this ingredient.

Do not sleep face in the pillow!

Eyelashes, glued with a special glue, hold tightly enough. However, after spending the night with your face buried in the feather bed, in the morning you may find that most of the cilia have fallen off.

The second thing to worry about if you have extended eyelashes - is that you should not visit the baths and saunas. Hot steam and high temperatures break the molecular bond of the glue.

Are eyelashes afraid of water? No, you can gently wash with ordinary or micellar water - artificial splendor will not fall off. However, do not cry, because salt also acts destructively on glue. For the same reason, do not dive headlong into the sea or into another body of water. This will allow you to remain beautiful for a long time.

When a woman visits a beauty salon for the purpose of eyelash extensions, she, first of all, wants to get the most beautiful and natural eye-framing. It is necessary to take into account that the more natural the effect is, the more difficult the procedure will be. This applies to the eyelash extensions, so you should consider exactly how it is performed.

Watch the video: Making Mega Volume Fans Step by Step Guide eyelash extensions (November 2019).