How to dry hair at home?

Greetings to you my dear readers of my blog! The topic that we will talk about today is close to all of us girls, regardless of age. I decided to collect the advice of trichologists, masters - hairdressers, stylists on the issue of how to dry hair properly? Personally, I always wonder: why after drying my master in the salon laying is magnificent, brilliant, and when I do it at home, it turns out something fluffy like a dandelion?

Some general tips

If these same questions worry you too, let's learn how to dry and style your curls correctly, regardless of their length and structure.

How to dry hair

For different types of hair, for different lengths, there are different rules of care. Despite this, there are some basic rules that apply to everyone:

  1. Hair in a towel after washing should be wrung out, easily and gently, but carefully. With intense friction, the structure is destroyed, the strands become brittle and split.
  2. Do not go long with a wet head - prolonged exposure to moisture is also unfavorable for our hair.
  3. Wash the washed head with a soft towel, soak for 10 minutes, walk without a towel for another 10 minutes without combing it: just time for breakfast or morning coffee. Only then proceed to the drying and styling a hair dryer, or without it.
  4. The main taboo of care is going to bed with a wet head. It's not even how the hairstyle will look like in the morning. The friction that exists between wet hair and bedding is detrimental to the cuticle.

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After washing, the hair is especially vulnerable: the detergents that make up the shampoo raise the hair scales, making them a convenient target for an aggressive environment — hot air or metal, a hard towel, styling products, and even an ordinary comb. Therefore, such an ordinary procedure as hair drying can become traumatic if you do not follow the recommendations of experts! We figured out how to properly dry the hair so that it does not fluff, break or burn.

How to dry hair naturally?

Many people prefer to give up the hair dryer, considering that hot air damages hair. Well, it's hard to disagree with this - the natural way to dry hair is much softer! However, here you can also make mistakes, as a result of which, instead of smooth shiny hair that lies ideally, we get at best a lack of volume, and at worst a fluffy dandelion.

Here are some tricks from professional hair stylists in a natural way.

Dry straight hair

Straight hair when drying in a natural way and without fluffiness - easy! Use our step-by-step instruction:

  • after washing, wrap your hair in a towel and leave for 10 minutes,
  • apply an indelible balm for smooth hair
  • wait another 10 minutes and only after that comb your hair with a comb with rare large teeth,
  • let the hair dry on its own, not collecting them in the tail and not fastening hairpins.

Dry wavy hair

Wavy hair is surprisingly capricious, so drying in the natural way is most optimal for them.

Let's tell how to do it correctly:

  • comb your hair before you wash your hair: so you keep perfect curls,
  • after washing, wrap your hair in a towel and leave for 10 minutes,
  • never rub the hair with the towel too intensely: it is enough just to get wet slightly,
  • apply indelible balm for clear curls,
  • let the hair dry on its own, not collecting them in the tail and not fastening hairpins.

What not to do so as not to damage the hair when drying

Morning bustle and eternal time trouble often make us forget about hair care and make every effort to dry out as soon as possible. What can not be sacrificed even to save time?

  • Say "no" to intensive towel drying: so you break your hair!
  • Do not use fluffy brushes in order to comb hair after washing - you only hurt them!
  • Do not take the hair in the tail and do not fasten with hairpins until it dries: so there are ugly creases!
  • Do not overdo it with styling products, use the basic set: indelible balm, powder for basal volume, fixing spray.

The main mistakes when drying hair dryer

It would seem that there is something difficult - to dry your hair with a hair dryer? But stylists can result in at least five mistakes that each makes regularly:

  • Do not hold the hair dryer too close, otherwise you will burn your hair! The optimal distance is 15–20 cm,
  • do not dry your hair too wet, give them 10–15 minutes for natural drying, which will prepare them for exposure to hot air,
  • do not dry the hair to the end: creating the styling, leave the tips slightly moist, because this is where the hair is most vulnerable,
  • use nozzles: a nozzle-diffuser or a concentrator nozzle allow you to direct hot air to a specific area, rather than “blowing” them in different directions, creating chaos,
  • do not hold the hair dryer in your right hand: freeing your right hand, you can create a more thoughtful styling.

Create volume

A hairdryer is a great tool for creating volumetric styling with minimal use of styling products.

We tell how to do it right.

  • Dry hair upside down: so the hair will not have a chance to be flat at the top.
  • Start drying from the root zone: if you first pay attention to the rest of the length, the hair at the crown will have time to dry on its own.
  • Use a diffuser nozzle: at the expense of small “fingers”, the hair is divided into strands and dried separately, which contributes to the creation of additional volume.

Rule number 1: gently squeeze the hair out with a towel

The first thing you need to do - remove excess moisture from the hair. Because of her, the cuticle (the protective sheath of hair consisting of transparent keratin flakes) swells The Healthiest Way To Dry Your Hair, which leads to increased fragility and increases the risk of split ends. Therefore, the shorter the contact with water, the better.

It is best to remove moisture with a soft, absorbent towel, for example, microfiber.

Do not rub your hair!

Energetic grindings damage the cuticle softened by water, its scales literally stand on end. Because of this, the hair loses its smoothness and ability to reflect light, which means you can not count on shine. The best way is to gently press the towel against the hair, squeezing moisture out of them. If you have long braids, you can twist them with a cord in a towel and then squeeze them out. It is enough if after this pre-drying water does not drip from the hair.

Rule number 4: dry in cool air mode

Hot air has an undeniable advantage: it quickly evaporates excess moisture. The hair dried up in such a way becomes overdried, but it perfectly keeps the shape that they have been given. Therefore, drying with a hot dryer is indispensable if you are planning a styling.

However, an elevated temperature has an obvious minus: hot air evaporates not only excess moisture, but also necessary, which leads to damage to the hair. In addition, rapidly evaporating, moisture raises the scales of the cuticle, which means that the hair becomes more fragile and less shiny. It is for this reason that hairdressers recommend using a hairdryer in a cool mode whenever possible.

Rule number 5: use a narrow nozzle for a hairdryer

Such a nozzle - a diffuser or a slit-like concentrator - knowingly comes bundled with every more or less decent hairdryer. It directs the air flow exactly where you need it, rather than randomly scattering hair in all directions. Thus, the hair dries faster. It is recommended to keep the hair dryer at a distance of at least 15 cm from the scalp in order not to overdry it.

It is best to dry the hair in the direction of their growth - from the roots to the ends. It smoothes the cuticle, giving the hair shine, and removes fluffiness.

How to dry the hair after washing, so that was the volume

The device was created as a facilitation of the life of its owner - quick drying, ability to pack. Over time, the functions became more. Now the electric “handler” is accompanied by such a regime as massage of the scalp, cooling for better fixation, adding volume or other effect. The use of an aggressive unit associated with the heating of the lid of the head does not lead to an improvement in the hair follicle in any case, no matter how sophisticated the hair dryer manufacturers are in advertising.

How can girls dry up keratin hairs with long air or short hairs in 5 minutes without harm by cold air

  1. Eliminate overheating. This is achieved by a special mode of the device and applying to the wet hair formulations that prevent the hair from drying out - sprays, serums, oils. There is no need to water their heads after washing - just rub a few drops between the palms and smooth the hair, paying special attention to the ends.
  2. Create adequate ventilation. This method is also good for natural drying. Hair is divided into strands and dried separately. Thus, the head receives an influx of fresh air, causing the blood vessels to start working. Increased nutrition - improves the appearance of the hair.
  3. Properly blow-dry your hair, which means sending hot or cold air through the growth of your hair. It is impossible to allow the reverse movement, since the force of the air is able to split the hair scales, thereby opening the head of hair for polluting or spreading the pathogenic bacteria. On the form of hair and can not speak - dandelion field medicinal.
  4. Use special nozzles for a variety of effects. They are created for good reason and help to achieve the desired effect without long-term drying. For example, for a volume it is useful to use a diffuser - it, apart from everything, distributes hot air over the head, therefore the sections will not receive more than is required.
  5. The concentrator quickly helps to draw strands - it directs a stream of air directly to the strands, bypassing the scalp.

The hub directs a stream of air directly to the strands, bypassing the scalp

Manual drying has its own rules, making it possible to preserve the appearance of curls in a natural way, without damage by mechanical means - sometimes it is very difficult to correct the intervention of devices.

Terms of use of towels to quickly make hair dry, beautiful, straight with the volume at the roots in a natural way

Before describing the dogmas of drying with your hands, it is important to wash your hair correctly - before the procedure of cleansing, they are combed several times to reduce entanglement during the shower. You can not rub your hair while bathing - only the head and root part are exposed to massage. The ends will clear themselves during the flushing - they, in general, are not subjected to any action. Next, drying:

  • Hair wrapped with a warm towel.

Wrap your hair with a warm towel

  • While the procedure is washing, it is heated in the bathroom on a heated towel rail. The remnants of moisture will give him a hair. This method is suitable at any time of the day, even if the head is washed for the night. But you still have to wait for complete drying before you go to bed.
  • Strands do not squeeze - moisture evaporates freely without interference. If you want to speed up the process, with your fingers, shake them slightly at the roots. Twist your head like a propeller - is prohibited. Firstly, it will affect blood pressure with ill health, and secondly, the strands will become entangled.
  • In the warm season, properly dry the hair after washing should be with the window open - they will be saturated with oxygen, will gain vitality. In winter, protective sprays and lotions are applied to the hair, which protect the hair from overcooling.

It is important - to go out with a wet head, even under a hat is strictly prohibited.

After drying it is important to properly comb the hair. Long from the tips, rising with each movement above, short - from the roots. It is important to choose the best option comb - wooden comb with sparse teeth or a brush with natural bristles. The remaining types for styling and modeling hairstyles.

Observing these simple rules, achieve a common result - the hair is well-groomed and the hair is full of health.

Natural way to dry hair

This is the best way to dry hair and, as far as possible, it should be resorted to as often as possible, because under the influence of thermal instruments, hair is often overdried, which leads to disruption of their structure, increased fragility and sensitivity. However, natural drying requires adherence to certain rules, without which it is ineffective. They are listed below:

1. Never allow long-term drying of hair in the open air. This leads to the weighting of their roots and subsequent loss.

2. After washing, gently squeeze the hair with your fingers to remove excess moisture from them.

3. Use a towel to dry hair. It should be warm (heated on the battery or with a home iron).

4. Cover the hair with a towel from above and wrap them tightly.

5. If necessary, replace the wet towel dry until the hair is completely dry.

6. Allowed to dry hair in the open air. At the same time, with quick but gentle movements, massage each strand dried with a towel, slightly lifting it at the roots with the help of fingers.

7. Do not dry your hair in direct sunlight. In this case, wear a hat.

8. To comb, start only after complete drying of the hair.

Drying hair with hair dryer

Most often women, due to the elementary lack of time, resort to a method of drying and styling a hair dryer. In this case, in order to maximize the possible negative effect of the thermal device on the hair, it is recommended to adhere to the following recommendations: 1) before the drying process, apply special thermal protective agents (spray or gel) to the hair, and then comb the curls, dividing them into several strands, 2) in the process drying is better to use the cold air supply mode, directing its flow along the hairline - from the roots to the tips and using a special concentrator head, 3) the hairdryer should be kept at a distance 8-10 cm from the head and make them evenly moving across its surface, 4) drying the strands must be alternately lifting them at the roots using a round brush with natural or plastic bristles, 5) to achieve a stable and voluminous styling, the hair must be dried in the direction opposite to where they will be combed afterwards, 6) it is desirable to leave curls at the end slightly undried, in order to avoid drying.

When choosing a hair dryer, you should give preference to the device: a) with more power (especially if you have long and thick hair), b) having several speed ranges and temperature regimes of drying, which allows you to adjust based on the length of your curls, c) 2 nozzles in the kit - a hub, which directs the air stream to each strand and a diffuser, which dries hair at the roots and gives them extra volume during styling.

If possible, give your curls a rest from a hairdryer, periodically drying them in a natural way. This will protect them from dryness, breakage and premature precipitation.

Everyone knows that the main element of a woman’s beauty is her hair. Gorgeous, silky hair has always attracted male attention and was the object of envy of other women.Girls use a variety of hair care products. But besides this, you need to know how to dry your hair properly after washing.

How to blow dry hair

Depending on the type of our hair, we. However, sometimes we do not pay enough attention to drying. Blow-drying is harmful to hair, but sometimes it is necessary. If you often wash your hair, then you just need to buy gentle hair dryer with function ionization. Positively charged ions reduce the harmfulness of hot air on the hair, preventing over-drying. But a hairdryer does not solve all the problems, it is important to observe several recommendations:

  • Immediately after washing, collect excess moisture from your hair. Before drying it is necessary to wrap the hair with a towel so that it absorbs all the moisture. Pay attention to the hair roots - blot hair at the roots. Do not hold hair in a towel for more than 5-9 minutes. Do not rub your hair and do not twist them in a towel - this will lead to their fragility. In the wet they are very weak and sensitive.
  • Turn on the "gentle" mode hair dryer. Usually it is indicated by a snowflake on a hair dryer. If you have damaged hair, dry them with cold air,
  • Protect your hair from the damaging effects of hot air. This will help you a variety of means for thermal protection. Most Popular - sprays, balsams and serums . These tools are good because they do not need to be washed off with water. Before using the spray, separate the hair into strands. Each strand must be sprayed along the entire length from the crown to the ends. Serums and balms are used according to another principle: rub the product in the hands and distribute through the hair from the roots to the ends,
  • Prepare in advance. Pre-lay out in front of you a hair dryer and comb, so you do not get distracted during the drying process. This will prevent excessive hair drying while you are looking for a suitable comb,
  • Do not forget the nozzles. The nozzle is an integral part of the dryer. Without it, he would be useless. If you want to make your hair more voluminous, use nozzle diffuser . When using a round comb, usually use hub attachment . It allows you to impose a stream of air in a certain place
  • Hold the comb in your left hand and the hairdryer in your right. With this technique, you can make your hair perfectly straight,
  • Before drying, separate the hair into strands. In this way, you can speed up the drying process and make it more efficient. To prevent the strands from getting tangled, pin them with a clip (except for the one that will be dried),
  • Dry the roots first and then the tips. The ends dry out faster than the roots, so by the end of the drying they can dry out,
  • Observe the distance. Keep the hair dryer at a distance of 10-20 cm to avoid draining them,
  • After drying, comb your hair. The whole process will take you no more than 15 minutes.

What not to do when drying hair dryer

  • Do not brush your wet hair immediately, let it dry. Otherwise you have a lot of excess hair.
  • Do not finish drying with hot air. At the end of the process pour the curls with a stream of cold air. This will reduce the detrimental effect of hot drying and will make the hairstyle more well-groomed,
  • Do not go out in cold weather into the street with undressed hair. This can lead to damage to their structure and severe precipitation.

How to dry hair without hair dryer

Since frequent drying with electrical appliances is very harmful to the hair, from time to time it is necessary to dry them naturally. But even with natural drying can seriously harm the hair. To keep your hair beautiful and healthy, follow a few simple rules.

  • To dry your hair faster, comb it before washing.
  • After washing, gently squeeze the curls and wrap them tightly with a warm towel (preheat it with an iron). Even better, after bathing a towel (removing the main moisture), you will blot your hair with a paper towel. This will speed up the drying process.
  • After a few minutes, change the wet towel to dry. But you can not wear it for more than 10 minutes, otherwise the structure of the hair will suffer greatly.
  • Periodically comb your hair with your fingers and shake it or whip it at the roots to get more air and your hair will dry out faster.
  • To get air, you can also shake your head from side to side. If you have long hair, it will be harder for you to do it, but for owners of short hair it will be easier.
  • Take the hair by the tips and shake them, so you remove the excess moisture.
  • A cup of coffee or herbal tea in sunny weather on the terrace will also speed up the process of drying hair :). The warm wind will contribute to quick drying.

Hair specialists do not recommend combing hair with a fine comb while it is wet. Coarse combing does not harm wet hair. Intensive combing of hair is possible only after they have completely dried.

The main rules of working with a hairdryer

To quickly dry the wet strands, make a beautiful styling and keep your hair healthy, remember these important rules.

Rule 1. Do not turn on the hair dryer immediately to the maximum temperature - it is harmful not only to the device, but also to hair. So, one of the most common causes of head itch and dry dandruff is just regular drying of hair with too hot air. The first 5 minutes is better to choose the average mode, and when the main part of the hair dries, go to the maximum. Finish the procedure with an average or minimum temperature.

Rule 2. Be sure to keep a distance between the hair dryer and the head. Optimum performance - 15-20 cm. With a shorter distance there is a big risk of dry hair. If you keep the hair dryer on, the strands will dry out badly.

Rule 3. Do not forget to make a 5-minute pause - at this time the hair is covered with a towel.

Rule 4. Do not rush to apply foam or varnish on warm strands - this leads to their fragility.

Rule 5. If after shampooing you use a healing mask (especially with essential oils or proteins), do not rush to blow-dry. Wait a quarter of an hour, remove excess moisture with a towel, and then use the device.

Rule 6. Divide the hair into several thin zones - this provides good ventilation and allows you to effectively straighten the strands. Start near the forehead, gradually moving to the temples and the central part. Working with a separate strand, clip the rest of the hair with a clip so as not to interfere.

Rule 7. Take care of protecting your hair from overheating. Before drying, apply a good thermal protective agent - lotion, spray or oily serum. They are applied in different ways:

  • The spray is sprayed on the combed hair from top to tip,
  • Serum and lotion is ground in the palms, which are then carried on the head of hair from top to bottom.

Rule 8. Dry the head in the direction of hair growth. Drying in the opposite direction leads to splitting of scales and stratification of the ends.

Rule 9. Pay special attention to the nozzles for the dryer. So, a concentrator (an elongated nozzle in the shape of an arc) is best suited to a round nozzle. It directs the flow of air to the right place. To give the hair a volume and create beautiful curls, use a diffuser. This nozzle is great for dry strands. It distributes the air and prevents the curls from drying out.

Rule 10. Hold the instrument in your leading hand.

Rule 11. To give the hair extra volume, lift the hair at the roots and stretch them to the tips.

Can I dry my hair so that it is thick and voluminous? Make it very easy! This will help you our detailed instructions.

Prepare everything you need:

  • Hair dryer
  • Styling fluid,
  • Crab or hairpins,
  • Shampoo, giving volume,
  • Big round brush
  • Varnish

How the process looks like:

Step 1. Wash your hair with shampoo to increase volume. It should also match your hair type.

Step 2. Lubricate the tips with balm or conditioner. Due to this, the hair will not become heavy, and the resulting volume will remain for a long time.

Step 3. Dry the hair with a towel so that there is no moisture left. Otherwise, the styling product will glue the strands together.

Step 4. Begin to dry from the back of the head, and fix the hair on the crown with a crab.

Step 5. Take a strand of hair in your hand, sprinkle it with styling liquid and wind it on brushing. Direct the air flow first to the root zone, then to the ends. Drive them back and forth so that the hot air doesn't hurt the hair.

Step 6. Fasten the dried curls with a lacquer of medium fixation - it will keep the styling and will not weigh it down. Gel or foam is better not to use - a dense structure of funds will not keep the volume.

Step 7. Remove the crab from the hair and dry the hair on the back of the head, at the temples and near the forehead.

Step 8. If there is a cold air supply mode, dab them with all the hair. This will close the scales and make the hair smooth and shiny.

Step 9. At the end of the process, tilt your head down and sharply lift up.

Step 10. To keep the volume for a long time, add strands in the temporal, occipital and frontal zones.

Step 11. Spray varnish in the root zone again.

Watch the video: All about the secrets of proper hair drying hair dryer.

The problem of fluffy hair is familiar to most women. To not look like a dandelion after washing your hair, use our advice.

  • Hair dryer without attachments
  • Means for thermal protection,
  • Comb with wide teeth
  • Straightening shampoo
  • Hairpin or crab,
  • Straightening oil
  • Wide brush.

To dry strands need to:

  1. Wash your hair with a shampoo.
  2. Blot wet hair with a towel.
  3. Comb them with a wide comb.
  4. Use the means for thermal protection.
  5. Blow dry without attachments. Separate the bottom layer, stabbing the rest of the hair with a crab or barrette. Pull the strands down with a wide brush until completely dry.
  6. Repeat the process with the remaining strands.
  7. At the end of drying, dab your hair with cold air to close the scales and fix the result.
  8. Lubricate the strands with straightening oil - it will make them shiny and smooth.

How to dry curly hair?

How to dry hair with a hair dryer, if they curl? And with this difficult task you can handle it with a bang.

  • Round brush,
  • Hair dryer
  • Towel,
  • Means for thermal protection,
  • Foam.

Now go to the drying process:

  • Step 1. Wash your head.
  • Step 2. Dry the strands with a warm towel.
  • Step 3. Apply means for thermal protection.
  • Step 4. Shake the bottle with the foam, squeeze the ball on the palm or comb and distribute through the hair. First, apply the foam to the roots and then the entire length. Do not overdo it, otherwise the locks stick together.
  • Step 5. Dry the hair with a hair dryer, lifting them with your fingers near the roots and twisting it with a round brush (wrap the curl on the brush to the tips).
  • Step 6. Secure the styling varnish.

If you have a hair dryer with a diffuser, use this nozzle to create a very beautiful styling.

Prepare everything you need:

  • Hair dryer with diffuser,
  • Comb with rare teeth,
  • Gel,
  • Air conditioning.

Step 1. Well comb the washed head of hair with a comb with wide teeth.

Step 2. Apply a special conditioner to the tips.

Step 3. Divide the strands into several identical parts.

Step 4. Dry each of them with a diffuser. It is advisable to switch on the dryer to the lowest air flow rate Curls in this case come out neat and identical.

Step 5. If you want to increase the amount of hair, dry your head, tilting it down.

Step 6. Individual strands can be treated with a small amount of gel to give them a texture.

Is it harmful to blow-dry your hair?

Perhaps this question is almost the most important. Most experts insist that the strands dry out only naturally, but the hair dryer works much faster. So is it harmful to blow-dry your hair?

There are several factors that should be avoided in order to reduce the negative impact of this device on strands:

  • High temperatures. The constant use of hot air leads to weakness, breakage, dullness and hair loss,
  • High air flow rate. The large force of air blow on the hairs facilitates its separation. To protect yourself from such problems, buy a hairdryer with an air speed regulator,
  • Excessive fan hobby. Use this device only twice a week,
  • Drying wet strands. This is one of the most common mistakes! Be sure to blot the strands with a towel and remove excess moisture,
  • Using cheap appliances. More expensive models are good because they give not very hot air. Cheap counterparts often give too hot a stream of air, which is fraught with deterioration of the state of hair.

By following these recommendations, you will be able to preserve the health and beauty of your hair for a long time.

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How to dry hair: use a hair dryer

Hair dryer has long become an indispensable helper, which allows us to reduce the time for morning procedures, facilitates styling hairstyles of various types and lengths.

How to use a hairdryer

Dry to the volume

A round hairbrush - a brush, a nozzle for directing an air jet, a comb with wide teeth, a varnish or other styling products will help you to create a voluminous hairstyle with a regular hair dryer.

  1. Using a comb, gently comb your hair so that it becomes smooth, without tangled tips.
  2. Screw the individual strands onto the round brush, and dry them individually, starting from the base.
  3. Gels or serums for styling are applied before drying begins, and the result obtained is fixed with varnish.

Giving volume

Volume with diffuser

The creators of hair dryers invented for us girls, an excellent thing - a special device called a diffuser. It looks like a round disk with protruding teeth. This attachment helps speed time significantly, and reduces the risk of dry hair. In addition to creating a volume diffuser can be used when you need to smooth out a naughty wave.

Council When choosing for yourself such an assistant, pay attention to the length and thickness of its “tentacles”. For those who have short hair suitable diffuser with short fingers, long strands - which means that the spikes should be longer.


Recommendations for drying with such a nozzle do not differ from the main ones: the use of thermal protective agents, drying in separate parts, temperature control.

Curly hair

Usually thick curls are always somewhat tougher and thicker than straight strands. When exposed to a hot jet, these qualities of curls are enhanced. Your curls will always attract the eye, if after washing you follow these recommendations:

  1. Curly hair - this is the case when drying naturally in the air is preferable to a hair dryer.
  2. If you wait for drying without external intervention for a long time, choose a hair dryer with a diffuser or a hair dryer - comb.
  3. Do not completely dry curls. Leave wet ends, give them a spiral shape. Such wet curls tightened curls down, slightly straightening them at the base.
  4. The exception is when, when laying, you want to slightly level the wavy strands with a flat iron - for this, they must be completely dry. To abuse this method is not worth it, in order not to damage the already weak, protective coating.

Curly hair drying


Perform a voluminous long hairstyle on thin and sparse hair perm. After this procedure requires special care:

  1. Dry the curl in a natural way, occasionally beat your hands for ease.
  2. If necessary, dry quickly, use light cold hair dryer modes.
  3. Do not forget about the special means of protection against overheating.
  4. Practice laying on large curlers.

How to dry hair through a colander

And here is a colander, you ask? Kitchen device for this purpose - a fine sieve with a metal grid. Using a simple device you can create beautiful small curls, as after a light chemistry. Do it like this:

  1. Wash and blot hair with a towel.
  2. Apply styling gel.
  3. Fold the wet hair in a sieve and blow dry through it.
  4. Do not bring a hairdryer closer than 20 cm from the sieve.
  5. The effect of this procedure is an easy, pleasant curling.

How to dry hair through a colander

After keratin straightening

Naughty fluffy strands become smooth and shiny after exposure to them with special mixtures with a high content of keratin. These products also contain nutrients that favorably affect the hair follicles. Washing and drying the head after straightening is somewhat different from the usual procedure:

  1. You can wash your hair only three days after application.
  2. Dry quickly and very hot hair dryer.
  3. Use only special shampoos.
  4. Keep your hair from getting wet, and if you happen to fall under the rain, as soon as you can turn on the dryer to a high temperature and dry quickly.

Waxed curls

Modern methods of hair extensions allow you to successfully carry out with them dyeing, all kinds of styling, toning, straightening or winding. The main caution is not to affect the capsule mounts. Given this moment, when drying hair extensions, use the following rules:

  1. You should not wrap the towel on your head, just blot your hair so that the water does not drip from it, and dry it naturally.
  2. Combing wet strands is also not recommended.
  3. If you hurry and need to dry quickly, use a hairdryer with cold air, but bypass the space with capsules.

How to dry without hair dryer

Do not think that drying thick mop in the fresh air does not require adherence to a specific algorithm. Prolonged exposure to moisture weights the hair, and leads to loss. So let's take a look at the expert advice:

  1. So that the hair after washing is less confused, comb it necessarily before the procedure.
  2. Wet strands squeeze hands separately.
  3. Wrap your head with a warm towel, which is preheated with an iron or on a battery.
  4. After getting wet, change the towel to others, also warm.
  5. Exfoliate slightly damp hair in the air, brush it only after that.

Proper hair care - the main condition of its attractive appearance. I hope that our advice helped you today to get answers to the question of how to properly dry your hair. Do not forget to share this with your friends and visit us again - we are preparing a lot of interesting things.

Drying naturally

What can be said about natural drying?


  • smooth drying at a comfortable temperature does not harm the condition of the hair, as a result, they always remain healthy,
  • in the process there is no need to constantly comb wet hair, and they are not injured once again,
  • This type of drying does not require any special skills.


  • With the help of the natural method it is difficult to achieve additional volume, the hair will look lush just as much as the natural density of hair allows,
  • This is a fairly long-term method, especially for long hair.

Drying with special devices

Blow-dry very comfortable in the rhythm of modern life, for many girls it has become a familiar morning ritual. What are the strengths and weaknesses of this method?


  • allows you to significantly save time
  • hairstyle is easy to give the desired volume,
  • haircuts look as impressive as possible when laying a hairdryer.


  • severely damages the hair structure
  • hair is electrified.

How to blow dry: instruction, video

Many girls regularly use a hairdryer. To minimize the harmful effects of hot air, it is important to follow a few simple rules.

First of allIt is not recommended to blow dry your hair immediately after washing. Even ordinary combing is bad for wet hair, and the directional influence of a hot stream of air is even more so.

SecondlyIn order to cause the least damage to the hair, the stream of air must go from the top of the head to the ends.

Drying in the opposite direction is very harmful, as it leads to the splitting of the structure. As a result, the strands become dry, brittle, lose their smoothness, split at the ends.

You should not hold the stream of air in one place for a long time. It is better to move the hair dryer all the time, moving from the lower strands (at the neck) to the upper ones.

In more detail see the process of drying hair with a hairdryer in this video lesson.

Rule number 6: divide the hair into zones and dry each separately

Pay attention: this is exactly what professional hairdressers in salons do. This facilitates and speeds up the drying process. As a rule, the head of hair is divided into four parts: vertically - half-apart, horizontally - from ear to ear along the back of the head. It is recommended to start drying from any of the zones in the back of the head.

Rule number 7: leave hair slightly undressed

This rule will help you not to overdo it and not to overdry hair by accident, damaging their cuticle. Determine the degree of final lack of self-determination. The best thing to turn off the hairdryer at the moment when you understand: now it takes only 5-7 minutes for the hair to dry naturally, no more.

Yes, before turning off the hair dryer, put it into cold air mode and walk along the head of hair: this will help to smooth the cuticle scales and fix the shine.

Straighten hair

You can trust ironing, and you can equip with a round brush and hairdryer! So the hairstyle will be not only smooth, but also voluminous.

Our step-by-step instructions will tell you how to straighten your hair with a hair dryer.

  • Before you start styling, carefully comb your hair with a comb with rare teeth.
  • Divide hair into zones and levels, twist loose strands into soft spirals and secure with a light hairpin.
  • At the same time spend on strands round comb at the bottom, and a hairdryer with a concentrator nozzle - at the top.
  • Make sure that the movements of both hands strive upward: pull the strand in an arc, as if drawing a rainbow in the air.

Make curls

The diffuser as a hairdryer was originally invented to create visible basal volume, and only then the curly owners appreciated the cap: it turns out that pretty fingers can make pretty curls.

Let us tell you how to create curls with the help of a hair dryer with a diffuser nozzle:

  • drying with a diffuser eliminates a distance of 15–20 cm, so choose an average air heating mode,
  • to create a basal volume before styling it will be enough to apply powder to the hair,
  • To create curls, apply a curly foam or light styling wax on your hair over the entire length.
  • do not dry the ends without changing the nozzle - the volume in this part is useless, but you can burn sensitive hair very easily.

Brashing: the secrets of easy styling

The advantages of brushing - a round brush with special holes - is that it prevents overheating of the hair, and the styling thus turns out to be not only voluminous, but also careless.

Here are some life hacking when styling in this way are used by professional stylists.

  • Correctly choose the size of the brushing: the longer your hair, the larger the comb should be!
  • Apply styling product to the hair along the entire length.
  • Dry your hair without brushing at an average temperature so that the degree of dryness is about 80%.
  • Arm yourself with brushing: work through each strand, straightening it with this comb and holding the dryer at a 45-degree angle to your hair.
  • Then run brushing along the strand, twisting it around its axis (hair dryer in the same position, the strand remains taut).
  • Work through all your hair in this way, controlling the brushing from the face.
  • Fix the result with a fixing spray or hair spray.
  • Lightly comb your hair with a sparse tooth to give it a natural look.
  • Hair care
  • Long hair
  • Medium length hair
  • Stylish hairstyles
  • Styling

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Thermal protection

To protect hair from overheating, many cosmetic brands produce lines thermal protective equipment: sprays, serums, mousses, oils, etc.

Such compositions often perform several functions at once: protect, fix, smooth, restore.

Apply them in the direction from the roots to the ends.

Air temperature

Temperature is very important indicator with regular blow dryer. Too high will deprive hair of shine and silkiness, dandruff is formed on the scalp. Therefore, the temperature adjustment function is very useful.

There are situations when you need to dry your head as soon as possible. In this case, instead of raising the temperature, it is better to increase the power.

Finishing drying with a hair dryer, it is useful to finally lightly curl the curls with a stream of cool air. This little trick will help better secure the styling. Varnish for fixing can be applied in a few minutes.

If used for styling round brush (brushing), then you must put a narrow concentrator head on the hair dryer: this will allow you to direct the air stream locally and better fix the position of the individual strands.

In that video professional advice on how to dry hair brushing.

Nozzle diffuser gives the opposite effect, distributing air evenly and allowing it to penetrate between the strands. Due to this curls dry faster and become noticeably larger. Drying with a diffuser is suitable for dry hair, because it makes exposure to hot air more gentle.

Dry hair

Dry hair is recommended with combotherwise they will look untidy in the end. For convenience, they can be divided into several parts - this will provide good ventilation and make it easy to straighten strands.

Professionals advise to divide all hair into 4 parts: the upper, two lateral and occipital.

It is necessary to dry long curls by tilting the head down and pulling each individual strand with a comb. The remaining parts can be stabbed for convenience.

How to make hair straight

With the help of a hair dryer, a comb and several hairpins, it is quite possible to straighten curly hair as well as an ironing. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. Wash and dry hair. For best results, they should be slightly wet, but not wet,
  2. Unravel the strands with a comb with occasional teeth
  3. Over the entire length, apply a means for straightening and thermal protection,
  4. To split the hair,
  5. Dry each strand downward, pulling it off with a comb,
  6. Complete laying in cold air mode.

How to give hair volume

Additional volume can be achieved by alternately lifting each strand at the roots and fixing this position with a hairdryer.

Great effect will provide and nozzle diffuser.

The general rules are:

  • Apply to the roots for volume,
  • dry your hair with your head down
  • use a round brush to dry each strand with hot air,
  • fix the result with cold mode and varnish.

Dry hair naturally

If you use the hair dryer only occasionally, you can avoid many problems with hair.

Natural way Especially indicated for weak and damaged hair, as it does not cause them to lose their moisture. But how to ensure that the curls are beautifully lay without a hairdryer?

There are a few tricks:

  • Many girls have a habit of rubbing their just washed hair with a towel, squeezing them out or twisting them into a bundle, which definitely harms them. It will be much more correct lightly press strands, accelerating the run-off of water, and then wrap up the head with a soft towel for 10 minutes,
  • one of the most important rules: wet hair can not be combed! As a rule, immediately after washing, not only they are vulnerable, but also the scalp,
  • useful to use after washing regenerating spraythat will provide extra protection, shine and easy combing,

How to dry hair after keratin treatment

Hair after keratin straightening procedure will look great if you dry it. hair dryer and straighten the iron. Why?

A special composition is applied to them, which tends to harden at high temperatures. Consequently, from drying at a sufficiently high temperature, the hair will be especially smooth and silky.

But natural drying lead to the formation of irregularities and waves. If the hair after treatment with keratin is regularly dried in a natural way, the effect of the procedure will quickly pass.

After keratin straightening, it is not necessary to use special styling products. Keratin helps to permanently fix the hair in the right position.

Watch the video: How to repair your dry and damaged hair at home I Best hair mask for heat damaged hair (November 2019).