How to properly care for hair after Botox?

The modern beauty industry has prepared several effective methods in the struggle for silky hair, flowing healthy shine. One of the most popular procedures is Botox. "Beauty cocktail" is applied to the hair or injected into the skin of the head and begins to actively act. But the main question remains, how to maintain the achieved result a little longer, what kind of hair care will be needed after Botox.

State of curls after Botox

Procedure botox refers to the professional methods of care for hair. She is guarantees improvement in the appearance and condition of the curls, filling the hair shaft with moisture and nutrients.

The composition used in the procedure of the drug includes amino acids, hyaluronic acid, keratin, natural oils and plant extracts. but The main active ingredient is botulinum toxin. This ingredient penetrates deep into the hair shaft and creates there an elastic and durable frame. In addition, botulinum toxin transports nutrients to problem areas.

Important! The combined action of botulinum toxin and vitamin supplements, keratin and amino acids provides instant hydration and improvement of the hair. The drug acts from the inside of the hair, penetrates to its roots, so the effect is quite strong and persistent.

At the same time, you should understand that regular shampoos, high temperature effects of heat shrinking and chemical compositions of styling products reduce the protective film created by the preparation around the hair shaft with each use, respectively, and the effect is lost. Therefore, hairdressing professionals offer their version of how to care for hair after Botox.

Nuances of daily care

Care after performing the Botox procedure somewhat different from the usual. This approach allows you to extend the effect of the technique, give time to the curls to fully restore strength and energy. What does this particular care imply?

  • Keep your hair from prolonged exposure to moisture - this applies to rainy or foggy weather, rooms with high humidity. Professionals recommend minimizing contact with water particles. To do this, after each shampooing, be sure to use a hairdryer, and in a rainy or snowy weather, wear a hat.
  • Wash my hairafter botox is better sparing sulphate-free shampoo - The winner of sodium sulfate, which is part of the usual shampoo, quickly destroys the expensive coating of the hair shaft, so the effect will not last long. Before buying a shampoo, carefully study the composition, avoid products with aggressive ingredients. This is the only way you can delay the effect on your hair as long as possible.
  • Blow-Drying Required - the choice of which is better to dry curls with a cold or hot stream of air is yours. However, you should remember that it is necessary to dry the strands after each shampooing.
  • Lining cosmetics, curling iron, heat-shrinking and chemical dyes are detrimental to Botox, so it’s better not to use them at all - Chemical compositions of cosmetics for styling and coloring hair destroy the achieved smoothness and luster of curls, harm their healththerefore, their use will have to be reduced or eliminated altogether. Whether it is possible to dye your hair is a moot point, and how much you are willing to donate the money spent on holding Botox, as well as the health of your own hair, only you can choose.
  • Recommended additionally moisturize and nourish curls with vegetable oils and natural masks, made from homemade ingredients - the easiest way is to use vegetable oils. Spread a few drops of your favorite elixir on a wooden comb and comb through it the hair. Such actions repeat1-2 times a week. For lovers of homemade masks, use recipes with the addition of kefir, yolk, herbal decoctions and the composition of oil extracts.

Choosing cosmetics for washing the head correctly

In order not to wash off the whole effect from the head of hair, hairdressers recommend using gentle, mildsulfate free shampoos. Choose a product without sulfates in the composition. It is desirable that they are intended for normal and healthy curls. Do not miss the opportunity to supplement the care with nourishing masks, balsams from the same series, when you can.

Worthy and low-cost options will be sulfate-free shampoos brand "Recipes grandmother Agafi", "Belita" or Natura Siberika.

There are several clarifications on shampooing:

  • To wash hair after the transferred salon procedurebetter on the 3-4th day. Allow time for the active ingredients to be thoroughly absorbed into the strands and skin of the head.
  • Every day, do not need to wash the hair. as pollution.
  • Soak the hair over the entire length twice: the first time you wash off particles of fat, and the second time - remove dirt and dust.
  • It is recommended to wash the curls cool, pre-boiled water.
  • Wet strands are best not to comb, it can hurt and stretch them. First blow dry a hair dryer, and then proceed to combing.
  • Start combing the hair after washing in the direction "from the ends - to the roots."

Sulfate-free shampoo after botox for hair is the main secret of soft shampooing. It will wash away particles of dirt, fat and will not disturb the achieved effect after the procedure.

Is it possible to paint after botox

Botox hair can not become an obstacle for their further coloring. You can dye your hair after such procedures but how practical it is. Chemical compounds destroy the structure of the hair shaft, so they will be merciless for the "beauty cocktail".

In most cases Professionals recommend applying a nutritional composition to already painted or washed out curls. This will smooth the damage caused by chemistry, return healthy shine and radiance to the strands. However, note that the color after Botox may partially fade.

The peculiarity of Botox is that it does not cause a color change after dyeing. Rather, on the contrary, after such a restoration, blond hair loses an unpleasant yellow tint.

With proper care, the effect of an innovative drug in 3-4 monthswill pass and you can safely do the staining. So, you and justify the investment, and the paint will fall on the curls evenly.

Council For those who can not do without staining professionals will recommend restoration procedures with a dyeing effect from Japanese manufacturers Label.

Useful care tips

To enhance the effectiveness of botulinum toxin, especially with the method of administration of the drug in the integument of the head, hairdressers advise additionally drink a complex of vitamins. This will be useful not only for the hair after the postponed exposure, but also for the immunity of the organism as a whole.

In the first week after Botox has been applied to the hair, it is not necessary to additionally moisturize them with masks and balms.

Do not expose the curls to sunlight, high or low temperatures.. To do this, wear a hat in summer and winter, cover your head in rainy weather and in fog.

Botox is a proven method of professional care and improvement of the state of hair. The high cost of the procedure is fully justified. Sulfate-free shampoos and proper care can preserve the grandeur and luxury of curls for up to 5 months.

Useful videos

Important hair care tips.

Botox for hair: before and after.

What is botox?

To cope with this problem, they use a very popular botulinum toxin protein based remedy today - Botox, which helps to cope with the consequences of negative environmental factors.

It restores the structure of curls, moisturizes them, contributes deep nutrient penetration in each hair and prevents the subsequent leaching of nutrients from the structure.

If you do not, then you waste time, money and effort on the procedure of rejuvenation.

Indications and Contraindications

The process of healing strands is perfect for those who have The following hair problems:

  • Dryness and lifelessness.
  • Excessive prolapse.
  • Lack of gloss and silkiness.
  • Cross section of the tips.
  • General unhealthy look.

As with any procedure, recovery by botox is contraindicated to the following people:

  • Nursing and pregnant women.
  • Having hormonal disorders in the body.
  • Having mechanical damage to the skin of the scalp.
  • Suffering from fungal skin diseases.
  • At the age of 18 and after 60 years.
  • There is an allergic reaction to the components of the composition.

Before you perform the procedure, make sure that you have no contraindications for its use. If you ignore contraindications, the consequences can be disastrous, even paralyzing and fatal.

Hair care rules

Hair care after Botox differs markedly from caring for them after applying other cosmetic procedures.

First of all, there are a number of rules that should be strictly followed if you want a preparation based on botulinum toxin protein acted and gave a visible effect:

  1. Use a special shampoo for washing the head. Regular shampoos are not suitable, since almost all contain sodium sulfate (lauryl), which negatively affects the component composition of Botox, neutralizing its action. Among the huge number of different shampoos, you can find one that does not contain sodium sulfate, and at a bargain price. The main thing - do not hurry with the choice.
  2. Do not allow dry hair. Use various conditioners and balms consisting of natural ingredients and excellently nourishing hair. Moisturizing can also be carried out with the help of available tools, for example, using essential oil. 5-10 drops of oil applied to the comb and make combing hair.
  3. Refuse to use styling products. Gels, varnishes, wax - affect the structure of the curls, gradually bringing them to a deplorable state. Beauticians do not prohibit the use of these tools after the Botox procedure, but it is better to abstain.
  4. As little as possible thermally affect the strands. The use of curls, hair dryers and forceps should be kept to a minimum, as they also have a negative effect on hair. It is possible to make hair drying with a hair dryer only under the condition that drying will occur with cold air.
  5. Humid air - detrimental to the components of Botox. As much as possible, expose the strands to wetting (not counting their washing). Rain, snow, excessively wet rooms (clothes dryer, bath, sauna, etc.) - have detrimental effect on curls, reconstructed on the basis of botulinum toxin.
  6. Reception of vitamins. After the Botox procedure, drink a course of vitamins and minerals that your doctor should prescribe. Vitamins help the active substances of the product to be better absorbed and penetrate into the hair structure.
  7. Use masks to moisten the strands. Using moisturizing masks 2 times a week, favorably affects the health and beauty of curls, so conduct a similar procedure to preserve the effect obtained from Botox.

Ginseng-based moisturizer mask

Ginseng is a plant with a number of beneficial properties for hair. It perfectly nourishes the strands and allows you to maintain the water balance for several days after its use.

Cooking: 4 tbsp. spoon cream (you can use sour cream), mix with 1 chicken yolk and add 20 ml of ginseng tincture. All mix thoroughly until a homogeneous consistency.

Application: apply the mask on the curls, with light massage movements. Leave on for 15-20 minutes, then rinse your head with warm water. Repeat the procedure 2 times per week.

Kefir-based moisturizing mask

Kefir is useful not only for the digestive system, but also for hairline. The serum contained in its composition, perfectly saturates the curls with moisture, as well as the nutrients that it contains.

Cooking: Heat 150 ml of kefir to a temperature of 45-50 degrees, but do not allow it to coagulate. Add to kefir 1 tbsp. spoon of olive and 0.5 tbsp. spoon of castor oil and mix thoroughly until a homogeneous composition.

Application: The mask is applied to the pre-washed strands, and left for 20-25 minutes. After that, the tool is washed off with warm water. You can not use the mask more often than 1 time in three days.

Coconut oil based moisturizer mask

Coconut oil contains many nutrients and vitamins, including vitamins A and B, magnesium, zinc, manganese, lauric and folic acids. Oil has a beneficial effect on the structure of the hair, moisturizing it from the inside, and preventing a decrease in its water balance.

Cooking: Heat 1 tbsp. spoon of coconut oil and add it to 100 ml of yogurt (without dye), here add 1 tbsp. spoonful of aloe juice (sold in all pharmacies), and mix the ingredients thoroughly.

Application: the mask is applied to the curls with a cosmetic brush and evenly distribute it, with fingertips, over the entire length. They create a thermal effect (covering the head with cellophane and covering it with a towel). Wait for 20-25 minutes, then wash off. The procedure is repeated. 2 times per week.


Botox is not only the beauty of your hair, but also their health. After completing a similar procedure, provide it with a prolonged effect (prolong its effectiveness) by following simple rules for caring for curls. If you follow the recommendations written above, you will be able to please yourself and those around you with your luxurious hairstyle.

The subtleties of everyday care

Professional cosmetologists have compiled a list of cautions and tips on how to provide care over botoxin-treated hyaluronic acid head:

  1. It is necessary to reduce contact with water. Such advice is especially useful for clients of beauty salons who carried out the procedure without the injection method. Botox forms a protective film on each hair, which makes them visually healthy, and the hairstyle is well-groomed in appearance. Therefore, you can not walk without a hat on the street in the rain or fog. After washing, the hair is dried with a hair dryer so that contact with the liquid is minimal. The temperature of the air flow does not matter, it is equally good to use in both cold and hot conditions.
  2. The Botox-based hair shaft coating is destroyed by sodium laureth sulfate, which is part of the main composition of 90% shampoos. Therefore, to choose hair care products after the Botox procedure will have to be very careful to preserve the effect of the service.
  3. You can not use any accessories that create hairstyles based on thermal effects on curls. While Botox is on the hair, you will have to forget about curling irons, iron curlers and curlers. Means for fixing the hairstyle contain aggressive chemical components that can destroy the artificial protective cover on the hair shafts.

Once every 2-3 weeks you will have to “feed” hair with oils. This will prolong the effect of the procedure for several weeks.The hairstyle fruitfully reacts to the nutritious masks prepared on the basis of national recipes for dry and brittle hair.

It is enough to put a couple of drops of the product on the comb with sparse teeth and comb the curls over their entire length to get the effect.

I grew RUSSIAN spit! According to the village recipe! +60 cm for 3 months.

Most visitors to cosmetic sites indicate an unusual feeling of greasiness after applying sulfate-free shampoos. However, few people pay attention to the recommendations for use.

Women do not think about the quality of water from the tap. It must be boiled and only then used to wash and rinse the head. Such water is softer. She cleans the head better, more careful.

Hair should be blotted with a towel without rubbing and dried with a hairdryer. And only after that they can be combed, starting from the tips, in order to preserve the composition on the rods.

Tips for those who want to change hair color

Chemical compositions of paints destroy the surface of the hair shaft. "Beauty Cocktail" can be destroyed at the first attempt to make the hair brighter or remove the starting gray hair. Therefore, in the care of hair after Botox, beauticians and stylists do not recommend staining.

It is best to highlight, bleach or paint before applying the vitamin composition. This will heal the hair, although the desired shade may fade somewhat. Botox hair does not etch. The procedure is particularly beneficial for blond hair, removing an unpleasant yellow color on a discolored hairstyle. After a few months, the effect of the new cosmetic procedure will disappear. This will allow you to change the color without sacrificing the desired shade and without regret about the money spent.

If you can not do without painting, there are health-improving compositions, which are based on soluble particles of hair dye. This effect has a complex from the Japanese manufacturer of the brand "Label". The cost of the procedure will increase significantly, however, it will allow women to keep youthfulness, watching with anxiety after the appearance of gray hair.

Features of the effects of Botox

Most of the fair sex is subjected to severe tests of the hair every day - you need to dry them with a hairdryer, straighten, curl. The condition of the hair is affected by the environment. Curls become weak and brittle, they are difficult to stack and comb.

Botox is a professional hair care procedure that restores its structure from the inside. The hairstyle becomes healthy and gains volume. The effect is noticeable instantly and persists for a long time.

Key recommendations

Tips, adhering to which you can permanently save the effect obtained after the procedure:

  1. In the diet it is desirable to include dairy products, legumes and cereals. Vitamins A, B, C and E will have a beneficial effect.
  2. Avoid prolonged exposure to moisture. Remember this in rainy and foggy weather, in rooms where humidity is elevated. Out in the rain to go out wearing a hat. After washing your hair, wear a turban. Dry curls - only a hair dryer. This will enhance the shine and allow the strands to give the desired shape. But the choice should be made in favor of cold drying, which is less traumatic hot.
  3. Low and high temperatures also have a bad effect on the condition of the hair in general and on the post-procedure effect, in particular. Therefore, in the bath, be sure to wear a hat, and in the cold season to wear a hat.
  4. Comb your hair only after it is completely dry. Use combs and brushes made from natural material.
  5. It is not advisable to tighten the tight “tail”, to braid the braid, to wind the strands. Accessories should be smooth and without sharp details.
  6. Try to use less styling. Minimize the use of curling and ironing, due to which the curls lose their smoothness and shine.
  7. It is recommended to periodically perform aromatherapy - apply essential oil on a wooden comb and comb curls. So you can refresh the strands, soften, saturate the aroma and shine.

There are a number of recommendations regarding shampooing:

  1. After passing the Botox session for hair, it is advisable to wash your hair for 3-4 days. This time is enough for the active ingredients of the drugs used to be absorbed as much as possible into the skin and curls.
  2. Do not wash strands daily. This should be done as far as pollution.
  3. Apply shampoo twice. The first - to remove greasy particles, the second - to wash the dust and dirt.
  4. Rinse hair with cool, preferably pre-boiled water.
  5. Use sulfate-free shampoos and masks.

Moisturizing mask

Below are the effective hair masks that you can prepare at home. It is recommended to apply the compositions at least 2 times a week.

  1. Kefir. Heat the kefir on low heat, so as not to curl. You can leave it for a while in a warm place. Spread over hair and hold for 15 minutes. No need to wrap your head.
  2. In oil. Heat olive oil over the fire, cool it and apply on curls. Hold 40 minutes.
  3. Combined. Take 10 ml of natural honey and 100 ml of sour milk. Melt the composition and combine. Add 20 ml of olive oil. Apply the mask for 30 minutes.
  4. Egg. You will need yolk, plain yogurt (100 ml), coconut oil (10 ml) and aloe juice (10 ml). The last ingredient can be purchased at the pharmacy or squeeze out of the home plant. Heat the olive oil in a steam bath, pour in the yoghurt and grind the yolk. Aloe juice is added to the mixture and mixed. Keep at least 30 minutes on hair.
  5. Glycerin. Mix yolk, apple cider vinegar (1 tsp.), Olive oil (5 tbsp. L.) And glycerin (1 tbsp. L.). Apply for 25 minutes, rinse.
  6. Ginseng. In the pharmacy buy tincture of ginseng. Take 15 ml of tincture and combine with 100 ml of cream. Add yolk and beat with a blender. Apply for 30 minutes.

Moisturizing oils

Vegetable oils moisturize curls and nourish them with beneficial elements. You can prepare effective complexes with your own hands:

  1. Sea buckthorn Take 9 tsp. sea ​​buckthorn oil and add 1 spoon of any vegetable. Rub the mixture into the skin of the head and hair with light massage movements. Hold 50 minutes. Rinse with warm water using Botox post-hair shampoo for dry strands.
  2. Castor. A portion of glycerin or vinegar and two parts of castor oil will be needed. An egg is added to the mixture. The complex is applied for 30 minutes.
  3. Olive. In equal parts take olive and castor oil, honey and yolk. It is recommended to add 10 capsules of vitamin A and 1 capsule of vitamin E. Mix everything to a uniform consistency and apply on curls for 30 minutes.

Popular brands of Botox hair care shampoos

After the Botox procedure, you should wash your hair with sulfate-free shampoos. On sale there are both professional compositions, and budget, commonly used at home. Products made from natural ingredients are always more expensive in price than containing chemical ingredients.

Condition of hair after the procedure

To understand how important the careful care of the hair after treatment is, you need to figure out how the procedure works. In a certain sequence, the master applies a special mask to the strands, the components of which penetrate deeply into the hair structure and restore it from the inside. After that, the effect is fixed with the help of hot styling.

The main active ingredients of the composition are:

  • natural or synthesized keratin,
  • a complex of vitamins useful for hair (A, E, B, C, PP, etc.),
  • plant extracts,
  • Intra-silane molecules
  • amino acids, etc.

As you can see, the serum composition with injections for skin tightening has nothing in common. There is no poisonous botulinum toxin in the media, which for some time paralyzes the muscles. For this reason, Botox for hair has a minimum of contraindications.

After it, the hair becomes well-groomed, more voluminous, polishing their surface by filling porous structures. Stylists promise that the effect lasts from 2 to 4 months, but only if the correct care of curls.

Care in the first 3 days

The main task after visiting the salon is to keep all the beneficial substances in the curls as long as possible. Wooing your hair should be as careful as possible, it is significantly different from what you did before Botox.

Particular attention should be paid to the first three days after applying the therapeutic serum.. The following precautions must be taken at this time:

  1. Completely eliminate the contact of hair with water and moisture, during a visit to the shower be sure to wear a hat, cancel trips to the pool and sauna.
  2. If you accidentally fall under the rain, be sure to dry the strands with a hairdryer and pull it out with an iron.
  3. Do not use hairpins, erasers and other accessories. You can not create creases on the hair, because from any hairstyles, wearing a hoop, glasses or hats will have to be abandoned. Experts recommend not even lay strands behind the ears.


When all the useful components firmly entrenched in the curls, you can proceed to the bath procedures. But this should be done especially carefully.

You can not wash your hair shampoos, which contain sulfates. Why? Everything is simple - these chemical elements are able to flush out all the nutrients that they got strands. From this hair begins to deteriorate, become fluffy, naughty and brittle.

To avoid this outcome will help the following steps:

  • We wash hair only when it is dirty. You should not be zealous with the bath procedures, it is best to hold them as needed, if the strands become fat.
  • Choose a quality sulfate-free shampoo. Wash your head with a conventional tool or soap will not work, you will have to carefully study the composition of cosmetics. It is not necessary that it be professional and expensive, you can find affordable analogues of domestic production, the main thing is that they should not contain harmful chemical agents.
  • We use a hair dryer. After most salon procedures, blow-drying is prohibited, but not after Botox. On the contrary, straightening strands comb will emphasize the effect of care. But note that you need to use the mode with the supply of cold air. It is desirable that the device has the function of ionization, it will prevent the evaporation of moisture and hair.
  • We do not abuse devices for straightening and curling. It is possible to do styling, but not too often, because the forceps and irons strongly dry the curls. Minimize their use to keep your hair healthy.
  • Do not create a greenhouse effect. Long walking in a turban from a wet towel negatively affects the state of the follicles, it becomes weak and the strands start to fall out after such procedures. It is best to dry the hair after washing, gently squeezing them with a cloth, and do not wrap your head.
  • Correctly combed. Do not use a comb or brush if the hair is wet or wet, as they are easily damaged. Do this only after the head is completely dry. Short haircuts are combed from top to bottom, and long curls begin to work from the tips, gradually moving to the roots.
  • Strengthening strands of aromatic oils. Combing with the use of esters has a beneficial effect on the condition of the hair. Put 2-3 drops of your favorite oil on a wooden comb and gently comb the hair for 10 minutes. The procedure is carried out 2 times a week.
  • Do not perm and avoid staining in the first two weeks. The chemical composition of paint, tint or emulsion for curling can damage the curls. Be sure to maintain a gap of two weeks, so as not to lose the effect of Botox.

Painting recommended before botox. The procedure will protect the pigment from leaching and fading, enhance its brightness and prolong its validity.

Useful masks

Why do you need to moisturize the locks and nourish after Botox? It's very simple, the more moisture they have in them, the longer you can enjoy the results of salon care. You can buy cosmetics in specialized stores or make at home.

Girls who have already experienced the effects of purchased and self-made drugs claim that the effectiveness of the latter is no worse. In addition, to create funds used natural products, the quality of which you can control.

Despite the fact that natural masks are recommended to stand under a plastic cap and a warming cap, in our case this rule should be ignored. The consequences of the greenhouse effect after Botox are deplorable, the hair begins to fall heavily, and instead of being good, you get a complete disappointment.

For softness

Prepare the composition of one cup of kefir with high fat content, add 30 ml of olive or burdock oil into it, heat it in a water bath. Make sure that the fermented milk product does not curl, and the mixture does not boil. When it reaches a comfortable temperature of 37-38 ° C, remove, add well-beaten egg yolk. Apply to hair, hold for half an hour, wash off with warm water.

The mask will not only fix the result from Botox, but also strengthen it. It adds shine to the locks, making them even more resilient, docile and soft.

To strengthen the follicle

Beat with a whisk or a mixer 80 ml of high-fat cream and 2 egg yolks to form a foam. Add 20 ml of ginseng tincture, mix well. We distribute by strands, we pay special attention to the roots, withstand 30 minutes, wash off.

This remedy gives a double effect: it fights dryness of the strands and scalp, strengthens the roots and nourishes the bulbs. It will suit girls suffering from excessive hair loss.

To restore and shine

To make your hair look bright and shine, and the strands become more docile and strong, you can use this mask. It will prolong the effect of Botox, because it gives a similar effect to it.

In a water bath, melt 15 g of coconut oil, mix it with 20 ml of aloe juice, 100 ml of natural fatty yogurt, add whipped yolk. Mix the components thoroughly to form a homogeneous mass. Apply the product for the entire length of hair, wait 30 minutes, wash off.

In conclusion

Proper care of curls after Botox will not only prolong the effect of the procedure. The transition to sulfate-free cosmetics and regular hydration will have a healing effect. You will notice that the strands do not lose their luster after visiting the salon and become stronger. It is not necessary to use for this expensive professional preparations, you can find quite affordable and effective analogues.

Give your hair careful care, and they will certainly delight you with its excellent appearance for a long time.

Hair care after Botox for hair: nutrition

To the effect of Botox on the hair lasted as long as possible, you should drink vitamin complexes, maintaining the effect from the inside. In this case, the benefit is twofold: and the hair will become healthier and the immunity will significantly strengthen.

Cosmetologists do not recommend abusing fatty and sweet food, sweet and flour dishes. Due to inadequate nutrition, skin secretions may become more intense. Hair reacts well to juices, detox smoothies and healthy foods without preservatives and dyes.

Procedure cost

On average, the introduction of botulinum toxin into the scalp or the application of a specific drug on the hair shafts will cost between 1,000 and 3,000 rubles.At the same time, the price directly depends on the popularity of the salon and the wholesale cost of the means used.

At home, you can make your hair visually healthier by using offers from online stores. However, it should be remembered that the procedure can lead to serious consequences:

  1. Fakes. Poor botulinum toxin may cause unpredictable scalp reactions. You can experience hair loss, powerful allergies and chemical reagents poisoning tissues.
  2. Combinations of drugs. Using Botox at home is difficult to control how it interacts with the components of other care products. For example, after whitening blondonoran and subsequent recovery, the hair will turn into a "wire" and will begin to fall out actively.
  3. Frequency. Using Botox more often 1 time per season, you may encounter a cumulative effect. An excessive amount of serum will lead to the opposite effect, worsening the condition of the hair.

The main problem lies in the complexity of the process of applying Botox. There are also many nuances that strongly influence the result. Due to ignorance of the subtleties of the procedure and errors occur. The expected result will be great only after the work of professionals, so you should not risk it.

It is useful to review the online reviews of beauty salons and talk with several masters about the nuances of the procedure on an individual basis.

Contraindications to the use of Botox on the hair

Since the procedure is considered to be potent, it is not recommended to perform the event in the following cases:

  1. Allergy. If there is an individual intolerance to the components of the drug, be sure to conduct trial testing before a full recovery.
  2. Pregnancy and lactation.When feeding a baby with breast milk absorbs all the substances from the body of mommy. During pregnancy, they do get directly into the blood of the child. For this period, the use of Botox is better to refuse.
  3. Diseases of the nervous system.A caution to use Botox applies to people with neuromuscular transmission problems.

Particular care should be taken when administering a “beauty cocktail” subcutaneously. Like any injection, the procedure has some risk for clients with metabolic disorders in the epidermis and the presence of scratches, cracks in the skin of the hairy part. A good specialist always suggests first to be examined by a dermatologist and only then come for injections of botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid.

Useful tips

Botox is now becoming increasingly popular with the fair sex. The procedure can be carried out in the cabin and at home. How to make Botox hair at home more here. It will help to preserve the health of the hair, they will become soft, silky. But the beneficial effects of botulinum toxin may weaken in the following cases:

  • Woman eats improperly. Experts recommend a balanced diet: the diet should certainly contain food containing signs and legumes. From fast food and fried foods should be abandoned.
    After the procedure, you need to include in your diet fresh vegetables and fruits. They charge the body with positive energy, provide it with essential vitamins and microelements. But about alcoholic drinks you need to forget for a while. Alcohol reduces the effectiveness of botulinum therapy.
  • The woman wants to impress the surrounding with luxurious curls. This desire is quite understandable, but in everything you need to comply with the measure. After the procedure, curling strands using forceps can not be categorically. In this case, the effect of Botox will quickly disappear. After applying botulinum toxin is not recommended and strongly tighten the strands with rubber bands. The use of different barrettes is also discouraged, they can damage the hair.
  • A woman regularly visits the sauna after using Botox, but does not wear a special hat on her head. This causes significant damage to the hair, because they are exposed to moist air. Sauna cap can be bought in the store. Then the hair will not be afraid of sharp temperature fluctuations.

How to properly care for hair after Botox?

Immediately after botulinum therapy you should not wash your hair. The active ingredients of the drug should be well absorbed into the hair. After two days, washing the head is allowed, but you must use a shampoo that does not contain harmful sulfates. You can buy inexpensive shampoo containing plant extracts. For example, the tool from the series "One hundred recipes of beauty."

Botox for hair involves gentle care - the first days after the procedure do not need to wash your hair with hot water. It should be slightly cool.

It is necessary to wipe the strands gently: from the ends of the hair you have to rise smoothly to the roots.

At first, it is not necessary to use medical masks and balms. Since the means for botox hair gives the strands all the nutrients in sufficient quantities, since the preparation includes a vitamin complex.

Dry hair with a hairdryer that provides cold air after applying Botox is possible. Such a device will not harm the hair.

Aromatherapy after the procedure

Hair care after Botox can deliver a lot of positive emotions. It is worth trying a procedure like aroma scaling. This procedure can be performed several times a week. In the presence of an allergy to the components of the essential oil from aromatherapy should be abandoned.

Aromatherapy is done like this:

  • On a simple comb made of wood, a few drops of fragrant essential oil are applied.
  • Strands carefully comb.

Nutritious masks - care after botox

They must be done at least twice a week. Here are examples of the most effective masks:

  • Kefir. To make it you need to take a little kefir. This useful product is heated on low heat. Kefir should not curl. You can just put it for a couple of hours in a warm place. After this tool is applied to the strands evenly. It is necessary to wash off the mask in 15 minutes. Wrap your head completely optional.
  • Oil mask. It is necessary to heat a small amount of olive oil over the fire. The tool needs a little cool and gently spread over the entire length of the strands. Wash off the mask is necessary after forty minutes.
  • Combined mask. For the preparation of this care product you need 100 ml of sour milk and 10 ml of honey. It must be melted to a liquid state. Add 20 ml of olive oil to the mixture. The specified ingredients mix well and put on strands (for 30 minutes).
  • Egg Yolk Mask. It consists of the following products: white yogurt without filler (about 100 ml), one yolk, coconut oil (10 ml), aloe juice (10 ml). The last ingredient is usually bought in a pharmacy. Aloe juice can be prepared at home and independently from agave leaves. They need to be wrapped in cheesecloth, put in a bag and left for three days in the refrigerator. After this period, the leaves are carefully crushed, then they are put in clean gauze and squeezed out of the plant juice.
    The mask is made like this: olive oil is heated using a water bath, then yogurt and pounded yolk are added to it. Aloe juice is poured into the mixture, gently stir the product. It must be kept on strands for at least half an hour.
  • Glycerin mask. For its production will need: the yolk, 5 tablespoons of olive oil, a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, a tablespoon of glycerin. All ingredients are well mixed and applied to the hair for 25 minutes.
  • Ginseng mask. You must purchase in a pharmacy medical tincture of ginseng. 15 ml of this medication is mixed with 0.1 l of cream. Then add the egg yolk to the mixture, beat it with a blender and put it on the hair. The duration of treatment is about 30 minutes.

See how discolored, “tired” and weakened hair looks after a Botox procedure:

Botox gives an excellent result. Thanks to him, damaged hair regains its beauty and health. But after Botox, you need to make nutritional masks, you need to monitor your nutrition.

You can find more information on this topic in the Botox for hair section.

The essence of the procedure

By the traditional "beauty shots" Botox for hair has nothing to do. This is a modern, safe, non-invasive procedure, during which the strands are soaked with a special composition. It usually contains:

  • liquid keratin - it is embedded in the structure of the hair shaft, replacing damaged scales,
  • hyaluronic acid - attracts and keeps moisture on the hair, saving it from dryness and fragility,
  • multivitamin complex - strengthens and nourishes the hair shaft,
  • natural oils - protect hair from the negative effects of the environment and soften them,
  • amino acids and peptides - accelerate the growth of hair, give it vitality.

If for the procedure qualitative compositions are used from proven manufacturers, then they provide an excellent therapeutic effect and can be recommended for the quick recovery of very weak and severely damaged hair.

Performance technique

The procedure is so simple that it can be performed even independently at home. The main thing is to carefully study the instructions for use of the drug and carefully follow the sequence of actions.

Step by step technology looks like this:

  • Head thoroughly washed with shampoo for deep cleaning.
  • Towel from the hair is going to excess moisture.
  • On each strand is applied the drug Botox hair.
  • After 20-30 minutes, the hair is impregnated with a fixative composition.
  • After another five minutes, you can wash your head, dry it and do the styling.

The effect can be seen immediately - the beautiful hair shines, flows, becomes smooth and well-groomed. But for those who want to keep the result for a long time, it is useful to know how to care for your hair after the Botox salon and adhere to these rules all the time.

Washing and drying

The more often the head is washed after Botox, the faster the result from it is leveled. So water and even moisture become the enemies of luxurious hair. In the first two days, it is generally better to avoid them in all possible ways. Even going under the shower, you must wear a plastic cap.

But with dirty hair you will not walk. What beauty can we talk about in this case! Therefore, it is very important to know how to properly wash and dry hair after Botox:

  • You can use only mild sulfate-free shampoos - aggressive substances very quickly wash out Botox.
  • Water should be summer - keratin scales open up from hot, and hair loses moisture and nutrients obtained during the procedure.
  • You do not need to brush your hair too intensively - it is better to lather and rinse with delicate careful movements.
  • Rinsing with cool water will give them extra shine. But vinegar and other acidulants should not be used - they are also harmful to Botox.
  • Blow-drying should be carried out from the top down - this contributes to a more tight closure of keratin scales.
  • It is better to use cold air, and in winter - to include the first level of temperature. To try to use the curling iron and the iron as seldom as possible.

Extremely negative impact on the state of hair of a hot bath and sauna. If you really want to use them - you should definitely protect your hair with a towel turban, and then dry it with a hairdryer as soon as possible.

Combing and styling

Few women pay serious attention to the technique of combing hair. Namely, due to improper performance of this simple manipulation, they can lose strength and begin to break. And even Botox in this case will not be a salvation from regular mechanical damage.

The recommendations of experienced hairdressers are:

  1. Constantly use metal combs can not. It is better to opt for plastic or with natural bristles.
  2. Combing wet hair after Botox is strictly prohibited - first, they must be completely dried.
  3. On short comb moves from the roots to the tips. Long - first, the ends of the strands are combed through, and then the comb gradually rises higher. But the direction from top to bottom is maintained.
  4. If knots or tangles were formed on the strands, they should be carefully untangled with your hands - you cannot tear the hair with a comb.
  5. After all the strands are disassembled, it is necessary to comb the entire head several times with a high-quality massage brush, stepping back a couple of centimeters from the roots.
  6. To give your hair extra shine and a pleasant aroma, you can add 3-5 drops of lemon, orange, lavender, rosemary, ylang-ylang to your brush before combing.
  7. It is impossible to leave them to dry naturally, as well as wet them in a turban from a towel. It is better to immediately pick up a hair dryer.
  8. To create waves and curls, it is better to use cold styling methods: papilotkami, braiding, soft curlers, etc.
  9. To pull out the hair with an iron, and even more so - with a brush under a hair dryer, you need as little as possible - this greatly destroys the applied composition.
  10. If it is not possible to completely give up hot styling, you should buy a quality device with a ceramic or teflon coating and ionization function.

Careful adherence to the above precautions will help to keep the hair structure restored by Botox longer. However, they are useful for healthy curls.

Extra power

The key difference between Botox and keratin straightening and lamination of hair is that it does not create a protective film. This means that at any time you can provide additional nutrition to your hair and, thereby, prolong the effect of the procedure.

For these purposes, it is desirable to use specially designed masks of the same manufacturer, which was used to restore the hair. But they are quite expensive, and not everyone can afford to regularly apply them at home.

The alternative is, though not as effective: masks, prepared according to popular recipes. Here are some of the most simple and useful ones:

  1. Kefir. Kefir can be applied in its pure form, and then wrap hair with a film and leave the mask for 1-2 hours. But even better to add to it the yolk and a little burdock oil. Means well soothes irritated skin, smoothes and softens the strands.
  2. Aloe with honey. One of the oldest and most effective recipes that stimulates growth and strengthens the roots of the hair. On a tablespoon of honey is taken the same amount of olive oil and the pulp of the two leaves of a five-year aloe.
  3. Glycerin. This mask provides extra hydration and is useful for dry and thin hair. In two tablespoons of olive or burdock oil add two teaspoons of liquid glycerin and one - of natural apple cider vinegar. Keep this mask - no more than 20 minutes.
  4. Ginseng. It perfectly strengthens the roots, smoothes and nourishes the tips, awakens sleeping hair follicles. A tablespoon of spirit tincture of ginseng mix with two spoons of peach oil or apricot kernels and egg yolk.
  5. With henna. Remember that natural henna dyes hair a red color and slightly dries it. But now there is a bleached powder on sale, the medicinal properties of which are preserved.Pack henna (for long hair two) diluted with hot water or a decoction of herbs to a thick slurry, mix with a tablespoon of honey and tea castor oil, evenly distribute through the hair. Wrap up, hold up to 1 hour.

But remember that masks can not be abused, and after Botox - even more so. It is enough to do them 1-2 times a week, so that the result of the procedure is preserved up to 4 months.


Separately, a few words I want to say about the coloring. The Botox procedure does not allow the colored pigment to be fixed on the hair, so those who regularly dye themselves will have to look for gentle ways to refresh the shade of the hair. It is better for blondes to do Botox after clarification, and not before it - this way it will be possible to partially pay off the often appearing ugly yellowish tint.

It is best to use non-ammonia or completely natural paints. Tint balms are also good. You can use plant extracts and decoctions of herbs: chamomile, walnut, coffee and black tea, etc. But it is better to put persistent paints and tinting sprays aside - they quickly level the effect of the procedure.

Summing up

In principle, hair care after Botox does not require much additional effort. Properly wash, dry and comb even a healthy hair - then you will not have to do expensive restoring salon procedures. So the above recommendations of experts will be useful to absolutely everyone.

The only important nuance is the use of sulfate-free shampoos. It takes some time to get used to them. At first, dandruff and the effect of “dirty hair” may appear, but after a month everything will normalize. Regular care and gentle care will help the skin to recover, and the curls will make it thicker and stronger.

According to most women, the use of professional masks can extend the effect of Botox to several months. Best of all proved to be the means of such manufacturers: "Inoar", "Phelps", "Next", "L'real". Their shampoos and masks are economical, they smell good and wash strands well.

Watch the video: Hair Botox a new trend in hair treatment (December 2019).