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Spring for women is a time when you want change most of all. And many now have a question: cut or not cut hair? Let's look at this topic from a philosophical point of view. We omit the banal claims that “long hair is feminine,” that this is what attracts men and so on. Talk about freedom, strength and independence, and how the hair style reflects our essence.

Many of us know the myth that the seducer Delilah cut Samson's hair and thus deprived him of strength, and when his hair was returned by a deity, Samson brought his power to the enemies.

Slavs believed that the girlish braid, consisting of three plexuses, is a kind of symbolic combination of the world of the divine, the world of the dead, and reality, standing somewhere between them. Women walking with flowing hair, and among the Slavs, and many other nations were considered witches. In the Middle Ages, they were burned at the stake.

The woman who cut her hair was called Karni, in honor of the goddess of sorrow. From here came the word "lop".

A woman’s long hair is not only her strength, but also the life force of her unborn child. That is why after marriage, the girls braided two braids. For a long time, the belief has been preserved that a pregnant woman cannot cut her hair, otherwise she will lose strength, and with it her baby may die or be seriously ill.

Hair has a memory

By analyzing the hair, you can find out the nationality, diet, bad habits, environmental information about the area where the person lives and much more. The longer the hair, the more information you can gather, exploring them. Some psychologists recommend cutting hair after negative shocks, stress and illness. And if you need to collect your thoughts or just throw off all the problems that have accumulated during the day, you just need to comb them thoroughly.

Many believe that not only energy is concentrated in hair, but also memory. That is why, when we are so eager to start a new life, we first go to change the hairstyle. This ritual can be found in various religions: monastic vows, Buddhists shave their heads baldly, parting with the old life, etc.

As for ordinary people, only a serious illness, misfortune or emotional experience could cause them to cut their hair.

So if you ask yourself about cut or not cut, you feel the need to change the hairstyle, it is almost certainly due to your state of mind. If the desire for change haunts you constantly, it means that you are either not happy with yourself, or with the situation that prevails in your life. Perhaps you should not change your hairstyle, but something completely different: your profession, environment, hobby, attitude to the world and yourself.

Long hair as a symbol of disobedience

By the way, an interesting fact: hair follicles in women are located 1 mm deeper than in men. This is one of many factors explaining why women’s hair is stronger than men’s and why women traditionally grow their hair. Despite this, there are still men today who prefer short hair.

Long hair in men - manifestation of strength, independence, originality, rebelliousness and audacity. A vivid example of this can serve not only the well-known bikers, rock musicians and hippies, but also dancers and cantaors of flamenco. Their elements are rhythm, freedom, passion. All these qualities and aspirations manifest themselves in their hairstyle.

To cut it means to subdue

On the question of whether to cut or not cut, remember how in Soviet times, fought with male long hairstyles. Such "persecution" is not accidental. After all, even in ancient times, to cut it meant to subjugate someone, to force a person to fulfill certain requirements working on the system. The emperor of Rome Nero ordered to trim his legionaries, not wanting them to "think for themselves."

And now, before serving in the army, men are shaved bald! And look at the office workers: almost all men wear short hairstyles. Today, the choice of such a hairstyle is explained by status, maturity, but let's ask ourselves a philosophical question, is this really so?

Haircut - a kind of sign of a certain system, one way or another subordinating his people. In our case, this is the economic structure of human civilization as a whole.

Apparently, it is not by chance that in this world, people with long hair, both men and women, are given special attention and admiration for strict suits and short hairstyles.

And if the hair falls out?

The bulb grows hair for 2-5 years, and then its activity subsides. But only the hair and part of the root fall out, and the bulb itself remains, and it is ready to perform its function again. After the hair falls out, the next one starts to grow in its place. 8 months before the “retirement” of his predecessor, he is already preparing for the appearance.

And if you are worried about the fact that your hair is not as thick as we would like, I dare to calm you down: the amount of hair is a genetic fact, and we cannot change anything here. So we are satisfied with what we have and grow gorgeous hair!

Cut or not cut?

Long or short? Haircut or curls? To paint or not? These decisions are worse than choosing a future husband. Each of us shakes over his hair, even if there is nothing to suffer there. And, of course, I often come across the question: cut or not cut? Today here again ..

I have no answer to everyone. I do not think that the older the woman, the shorter her hair. Everything depends on the appearance, on the oval of the face, on the figure, on the way of life. There are examples and successful haircuts, and not quite. Therefore, every time I look at the situation.

I myself very madly like long hair, when they are well-groomed and laid. These are two key points. If they, without proper thickness, hang sadly, can it be better to say goodbye? But, and for the square, and for short hair also need to take care, they are no longer hidden in the tail. Sitting with the child at home, I was tortured with my haircut, because it must be laid every day, it does not have to wallow on the sofa with the baby. In the morning I slightly remind the witch, it is very stimulating for timely shampooing. Now I would need a tail oh so useful.

Often, with the hairiness do not want to part because of men's ideas about beauty. Say, only give them long. It seems to me that we are chosen for a combination of qualities, and if the basic configuration suits, then no one suffers from the absence of curls.

But, in fairness, more enthusiasm on the first date get long-haired. Princess haircuts are not worn, all are from childhood.

What do you think? Who wore both long and short, with what is more comfortable? And more spectacular? What stopped?

Haircut selection: how to properly cut the length of hair depending on the type of face

It is no secret that a well-chosen hairstyle can be an advantage, hide small flaws in appearance, and correct the shape of the face. It is logical to assume that if the haircut is chosen correctly, you can achieve the exact opposite effect.

Doubt what shape your face? It is very easy to determine this: put the hair in a ponytail, take a felt-tip pen or an old pencil for makeup, go to the mirror and circle an oval in the reflection. The resulting figure is the type of face you need.

Stylists distinguish several types:

  • Oval face. Owners of this type of appearance fit any haircuts - feel free to experiment, find solutions that are universal for you, follow the fashion or choose a classic. The main thing that you were comfortable.
  • Round face. It usually looks big and sometimes flat. Therefore, the haircut should visually lengthen and narrow the face. Fit straight hair with a length below the chin, voluminous hairstyles without direct parting. Avoid cuts, small curls and curls, especially on short hair.
  • Square or rectangular face. Hair should be cut properly so that visually the face is drawn out and at the same time no straight sharp lines are created. It is better to avoid short even haircuts that require perfectly smooth styling. Long and medium-length hair will help to hide the angularity of facial features, side parting, elongated bangs on the side, slightly curly hair - all these hairstyles will perfectly cope with the task of making the face "easier".
  • Triangular face. In this case, haircuts that are forbidden for owners of round and square type are perfect: a hairstyle that is chin-length will balance a wide forehead with a narrow lower part of the face. And add to the image of grace long asymmetric fringe. Short bangs, emphasizing the cheekbones, it is better to avoid.

The first rule of haircuts - do not cut your hair yourself. But from each rule there are exceptions. Model haircuts are best done in a hairdressing salon. But it is quite possible to trim long hair, cut bangs at home.

How to cut long hair: true / false

You can take any scissors

Wrong. Scissors should be well-sharpened and of high quality - conventional paper cutting will not work. It is best to purchase professional hair salons: otherwise you risk damaging the tips of your hair.

Hair is better to cut wet

True False. Slightly wetted hair will not fluff, they will lie flat to each other, they are easier to cut. But keep in mind that when dry, the hair will become shorter. This is due to the fact that wet hair is stretched.

Therefore, curly and strongly curly hair is recommended to cut dry - so you will immediately see how long it will remain. The same goes for bangs: not sure - cut to dry.

Before cutting the hair is enough to brush

Wrong. Long thick hair should be carefully combed over the entire length, and then align the ends with a rare comb. If you plan to give some length to the shape, then use a comb-tail - it is convenient for her to lift the top strands. To secure the strands, use special clips.

Long hair should be cut in a straight line.

True False. This haircut looks good only on perfectly smooth hair. If you straighten your hair daily with an iron and do not neglect the performance of home wraps and masks for shine and beauty of hair - this is your choice of hairstyle. In another case, it is better to trim the hair in the entire length in a semicircle - it is convenient to assemble such a haircut in the hairstyle or leave the hair loose.

Owners of long hair do not change the image without a cardinal haircut

Wrong. If you are not ready to part with the length of the hair, cut the bangs or make a cascade haircut: this way you save the length, add additional volume to the hairstyle and refresh the image.

Our ancestors attached great importance to hair cutting. It was believed that the hair stores vital energy, so it was not desirable to cut it. And if the hair and sheared, then obeyed certain rules. Some of the beliefs still exist today.

Believe it or not: you decide.

  • To grow hair faster, you need to cut the ends with a full moon.
  • Get sick - cut your hair: along with trimmed tips will leave the disease.
  • Resurrection is a bad day for a haircut. The most appropriate days of the week are Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Many will answer this question with the standard phrase “once a month and a half”. In fact, there are no universal recommendations. The fact is that hair grows every second and not quite evenly: for example, along the line of the forehead, at the temples, around the neck they grow faster than at the crown, they also appear from under the skin from different angles.

Therefore, if a haircut for you is a decorative goal, then to maintain its shape will have to cut more often. In general, the shorter the hair, the more often it is necessary to trim them: men with a classic short haircut visit the salon every 2-3 weeks.

If you grow the length, then you need to take into account the peculiarities of your hair type. In this case, the haircut has a healthy function: by cutting off the loose and split ends, you do not allow your hair to be stratified in length and tangled.

Believe me, if you decide to grow your hair, you need to regularly cut your hair - cutting several millimeters at least once every 2 months, you will grow your hair a year later than you wouldn’t cut it all the time. But they will still be healthy!

In any case, remember that in order to maintain the beauty of any haircut, it is not enough to put your hair in your hair every day and periodically trim the ends. You still need to properly care for your hair.

Choose professional products from the ALEANA line, which is provided with shampoos for all hair types, masks, balms and serum, stimulating hair growth - a great option for those who dream of a luxurious long and thick mane.

Face shape

Feel free to make any short haircut can only owners of the correct oval face shape, and even then - with the figure. The rest need to think hard. Yes, a good styling helps to hide flaws, but not everything and not always - moon face will remain moon face (we mean shape, not divine pallor), no matter how you cut your hair. But you can adjust. The ideal option for a round face is a pixie haircut, for a square one - a square bob, for a triangular face - cool curls.

The face is already arched bangs, visually reducing the width of the cheekbones and facilitating the chin line. A long bang also helps to cope with an imperfect facial oval: it is laid on its side, made oblique, smoothly turning into the main mass of hair, asymmetrical, “torn”, thinned. The bang in principle works as a corrector - a short straight line hides excessive elongation.

Somehow a girl-inch with small features and a snub nose made a once-fashionable haircut page - in the Soviet Union they called her Vidal Sassoon for some reason, although this is fundamentally wrong (Vidal Sassoon is the predecessor of the pixie). The girl looked amazing even in silhouette. Her fluffy girlfriend immediately wanted the same haircut. They tried to dissuade who could, but children's stubbornness overcame - the hair fell victim. As a result, parents, relatives, neighbors, hairdresser wept. The girl did not sob - solely from the same stubbornness, but very pleased with the rapid growth of hair. Only a wet pillow knew how to really "like" a new image of its owner.

The shape of the face is not the only physical criterion that influences the choice. Body build is equally important. About the page we have already said. Even plus size girls better to abandon the idea of ​​a haircut under the marine. However, the spit to the priests will not suit them either. Surprisingly, this rule works for inches too. Too thin girls need a voluminous haircut.

Yes, yes - the hairs themselves, their texture, if you can put it that way, must be taken into account: curly, hard and too thick do not shorn dramatically short - you simply can not cope with them and become like a disheveled hedgehog. But the subtle and obedient - always welcome: they will support any given shape.

Character, and also a way of life, usual clothes, age - all this should correspond to the chosen hairstyle. A bob full of dignity will not suit the quivering doe, romantic curls will spoil the owner of a strong-willed character, a perky pixie will look out of place on a strict face with glasses - this haircut for girls who are always ready to laugh with hiccups.

And do not forget about the dress code: not every boss will enthusiastically accept your unexpected skinheads or gentle curls in the office, in a picturesque mess scattered over the shoulders. Knockdown is not where you want to send the management team.

Again: the stylist is your best friend. This is his profession - to find the right images. Many women, who decided to follow the advice of a specialist, discovered for themselves the beauty of their own hair only after the recommended changes (this is not always a haircut, maybe a change of hairstyle).

Haircut Kills Femininity

This is the main myth, a very harmful myth, forcing to wear the long hair of those to whom they don’t go, and those who don’t have any hair. The fudge was repeatedly trampled to ashes - who only did not try in this field: Demi Moore, Sinead O’Connor, Cara Delevingne, Ketty Parry, Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson, who had been wearing long hair for a long time.

Gorgeous Charlize Theron, always ready to experiment with hair, looks most feminine with a very short haircut.

Penelope Cruz only won, cutting her hair short, although it was hard to imagine such a thing. The same goes for Natalie Portman.

Emma Watson, in our opinion, is contraindicated for long hair - just with them she loses the lion’s share of femininity (the boy looks through), although in childhood she wore her hair unusually (who does not remember charming Hermione).

Rihanna is more beautiful than ever.

But the argument for the haircut arguments is Angelina Jolie. And why the orthodox postulate about the loss of femininity is still alive is incomprehensible.

Not a single gram of femininity disappeared from Larisa Guzeeva - one of the first beauties of Soviet cinema.

Not so long ago, the myth was brilliantly debunked by Anya Chipovskaya, the owner of luxurious hair, who was not afraid to cut it off.

Anya Chipovskaya about haircut, beauty, fashion and femininity

Anya Chipovskaya wanted a short haircut for a long time, but she constantly put it off, although for about 10 years she thought that her hairstyle did not match the internal state. And Anya was not going to change her life at all, starting with a cardinal change of image. Everything turned out the opposite: life changed first, and the haircut played the role of the logical conclusion of the process. The actress made a solid break in work, read all the books she wanted to read, began to learn Italian, and finally got her hair cut.

Anya did her haircut with a friend, a hair style master. The selection process was slow and took two months. The inspiration was provided by the images of Anne Hathaway, the young Linda Evangelists, and Jennifer Lawrence, the punk and grunge of the 90s.

I really like that time - before the era of the winning HLS, morning runs, fruit smoothies and neat curls. Then everything was different: careless makeup, worn out leather jacket, alcohol and cigarettes surprised no one. I do not blame others for a healthy lifestyle, I just wish rock and roll was dying. And then I listened to Sinead O’Connor's skinhead, adored The Cranberries and Annie Lennox.

We didn’t find much respect for Anna’s fashion, but she spoke clearly about beauty:

Fashion is cyclical, and everything is repeated in one form or another, but when they talk about beauty, I first remember Charlize Theron with a short blond haircut in the film The Astronaut's Wife: how she dances in the kitchen in a simple white shirt and black leggings. Or Winona Ryder in “Autumn in New York”: with her dark hair cut, in a flowered dress - she looks so much like a child, but with character and will to fight.

And about femininity too:

In no case does short hair make you coarser and more masculine - exactly the opposite. A haircut emphasizes your femininity, the subtle curves of your neck, collarbone, and soft features. Finally, I can wear sexy dresses with a clear conscience.

For the sake of justice, we cite an argument and are against it - we have been looking for it for a long time. Sharon Stone is somewhat aggressive with a haircut (this is the softest photo, the rest are much worse).

She is much more go long hair, cleaned back. That is how she looked in the "Basic Instinct" and "Casino", it was in such a Sharon massively fell in love.

And the actress, an opponent of plastic and a supporter of noble natural aging, returned to a smooth hair, despite the wrinkles on her forehead. It seems to us that this is the right decision. Once Sharon said that haircut is young. Maybe, but not all. In any case, the decision to cut your hair should be weighed, and the choice of haircut - the right one.

There are several arguments against haircuts for long hair

There are several arguments against haircuts for long hair

For example, torn or cascading haircuts can sometimes lead to a restriction in the reproduction of hairstyles. Since it is likely that some strands will simply stand out from the stack. On the other hand, haircuts for long hair may look more advantageous if, for example, they curl.

If you are considering whether to make a haircut for long hair, use a few simple tips that reveal the pros and cons of haircuts.

For example, any haircut requires frequent updates and styling. So, if you do not update the haircut for a month or a month and a half, it is likely to lose its shape after this time. In the end, you will be left with some kind of muffled surrogate on your head, not a haircut, but its likeness.

Consequently, frequent visits to the hairdresser entail material costs. If your length is fourth, then a haircut will cost much more than a haircut on short hair. And the renewal of tips at a cost does not go to any comparison with the update of a haircut for long hair and costs many times more expensive.

If there is a haircut on the long hair, then at everyday gathering you will probably also need styling, which takes the longer it takes the longer the hair. Ordinary long straight hair can be simply tied into a braid, bun, tail, or gently combed - and you are beautiful, ready to leave the walls of the house and go outside. If you have a haircut, you will have to carefully strain your memory to remember all the recommendations of the master hairdresser for styling, arm with a comb, hairdryer, foam, varnish and spend a good 30-40 minutes in front of the mirror, returning the haircut to long hair to its original form.

Haircuts are the lot of those who love consistency, because with an original haircut it is rather difficult to look different every time. Partly haircut for long hair immerses you in a certain image that you have to put up with until you want to make drastic changes.

And one more thing, just long hair at any time can be cut and give them an interesting shape, while getting rid of the haircut for long hair is only to cut them to medium or short length, thereby changing the image.

On the other hand, hair with a haircut often look more well-groomed, and their owner becomes younger. There are also such options haircuts for long hair, in which all restrictions are only half the power. For example, long hair with bangs is already some zest, which hardly constrains you in the construction of complex hairstyles. By the way, the shape of the bangs can give your image some shocking and change the appearance for the better. Also popular haircuts for long hair is a ladder or cascade. But when you turn to the master to do something similar to you, you need to weigh the "cons" and "for", because the shortened strands inherent in such haircuts for long hair, can cause difficulties when making hairstyles.

In any case, to cut or not cut hair is up to you. For the sake of experiment, you can try to make a haircut to look at yourself in a new role. After all, hair is not teeth, it will grow anyway.

Catherine Strazhenskikh

Psychologist. Specialist from the website b17.ru

was Yozhig, and you will be like a hedgehog

It’s easier to live with long hair (strange, right?). Trim the tips, if necessary, and all. Of course, if the hair is thick, shiny and good color, and not three hairs (sorry).
Kare - a complicated hairstyle. Be sure to find a good master. If you are not lucky, the search may be delayed.
Hair tend to grow, and sometimes not the way you want. The hairdresser will have to visit often.
Can really "not go." On average, hair grows 1 cm per month. It will take a long time.
I can write something else.

Why look for reasons not to cut, if you want? If you don’t see the reasons themselves, then they aren’t for you.

1. you have already got the hang of doing some hairstyles, and styling haircut requires skills. It often happens that people get psyched when the devil knows what happens before going to work, even with such a simple haircut as a square
2. the hairdresser still needs to be sensibly explained what exactly you want, or they will cut it. Tears can be quite a lot, and you have to correct a couple of years
3. well, a quarantine will actually forgive many
4. you need to have a beautiful non-pale, slender neck and beautiful shoulders so as not to look like a Klava-schoolgirl from a rooster
5. Well, I do not know, in my opinion, dofiga already ..

So that you will regret - a little. That is why this is not always enough for us. Or almost always. I now really want to grow. I do oriental dances, I need long hair, but they grow slowly, and if they grow back, they do not look very good, they cut their length with a ladder (maybe not a ladder, I don’t know how to call them) - those that are shorter like panicles, but not so much will become So I suffer that I can not grow (((

5 reasons I will not name. I will name one, all men are crazy about long, beautiful hair.

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Darina, you are mistaken, not all men are crazy about long hair. Some men are excited sometimes by a short haircut. And when a girl is shaved under C grade, then she is exactly ensured the attention of men everywhere. And I do not say this from the bald, checked for myself. When I went to the square I paid less attention than when I was bald)))

But it's really hard to grow. But I do not worry, they grow very quickly with me)))

1.with a short haircut a lot of trouble, styling, etc.
2. Long hair is beautiful and romantic.
3. Long cheaper cost.
4. If anything, you can always remove, and short ones will be tattered.
but in general, make a square yourself, it will, if anything, grow quickly.

1. Long hair is beautiful. Valid
2. Long hair is simpler and cheaper in terms of care (minimum styling and costs for hairdressers. You can use the "folk" tools to the maximum, but without fanaticism :)).
3. Short haircut looks easier.
4. Short haircut must be laid daily.
5. From paragraph 2, 3, 4 - less costs and better results.

5, I have the same thing. In the sense of a haircut. Like a cascade called. The ends moss and look very sloppy, every day you have to try to style the hair dryer somehow. When it turns out, I even like it, but it's so boring. I grow, but there is no patience anymore. My ends are dry, and therefore they stick out, I put it in with a hairdryer, that's why it's a dry-closed circle. So, author, think. Although, the square care is not so difficult, it looks clean and neat. Unless of course coming to the face.

Glad, and can dry your hair in a natural way?

I had hair to the waist, I made myself a square, then I went with a short couple of years, I had a cutting mania, now I’m growing again, now I’m getting to the middle of my back. I’ll get tired again, I’ll cut off. Do not teeth, grow back. Want to change, change

if healthy, thick hair and face muzzle wow so-- a quad will not spoil you
and if three hairs.

10, long more expensive. Long hair needs more nutrition. I constantly buy expensive masks, because of the cheap effect is not observed. Yes, and I use only professional shampoos, the rest are not suitable.

Her long hair is a fetish. I do not have very long - just below the shoulders, so when the hairdressers take off more than necessary when trimming - I get very upset, I worry about the haircut, and my long hair would be depressed for a long time. not necessary, in general

16, I just walked for 15 years with a short haircut, then I grew it and was surprised to find that all the efforts had disappeared.
If the hair is sick, dry and brittle, then in the square it will be much more noticeable than in the long-haired hairstyle.
And how much money was spent on gels, foams and other cosmetics for hair! whoa.
Get a haircut, just want. Themselves appreciate.

read that long hair is kind of like energy protection

1) easier to live with them
2) they look prettier
3) no need to run to the hairdresser every month
4) you can always pick up the tail

By the way cheap too. I do not do any masks, my shampoo for 100 rubles and all. and with a short haircut how much should be laid, gels, foams, wax, horror.

19, and bald head - communication with space.

If you are doing a haircut, find 100% of a good master. I have a square (short nape and long strands near my face), I wash my head and it dries beautifully - so they trimmed it successfully (all the time, the same master). Much depends on the hairdresser. Or even everything.

By the way, when I wore a short ragged haircut, then the fussing in the mornings was a thousand times more than with a square.

And how old are you? I had such a mania at the age of 16 and I cut off the hair to the shoulders, did the styling, etc. 4 years, and then began to grow, because short horror did not like. Now hair up to almost priests. You go crazy and pass.

Yes, cut your hair already, grow back if you don't like it.

several times I shaved the back of the head, it was long, but every razz when I cut my long hair and came home to husbands and other well-known men scolded me, and do not argue and say nonsense that men like short hair. beauty of a woman in her hair. less hassle, if you’re tired or hot to put a beautiful bun into a tail or to lift and stab a hairpin, so a short haircut is ready, your evening hair is chic and clever, you can’t put a short one like that. In short, I am “for” long hair, at one time I nursed my pleasure almost shaving off the back of my head, and the square, and there were many different ways, but the most beautiful was the long hair, no matter how cool it was. I still decide the author myself, I just expressed my opinion

and yet I do not grow just hair, I do a haircut for long hair, the top is shorter, I always leave the length well, just the tips a little bit. There are many options to fix long hair, and to make them a kind of meek hairstyle, I do not like karets, it looks like a pot and I consider this hairstyle acceptable for girls of junior schoolgirls. but just long hair when the bang becomes the length of the shoulder blades is not interesting and simple and rustic like that. hair can be licked, twisted into curls luxurious, make palm tails if there is a reason and mood, make a tail, poke at the back of the head, and there are many other options

Do not worry! You yourself wrote that you regret it later.
1. Long hair looks much more beautiful. And short as you have already written easier).
2. It is more sexy.
3. Podstitet hair, and a new hairstyle may not be suitable.
4. Laying easier, which means fewer injuries to the hair.
5. You yourself like more long ones!

I have long thick hair! I want to shave terribly! because with them it is very difficult! I’m picking up my haircut

was in your situation, exactly.
I went and cut my hair straight from the waist up to the square with the back of the head.
do not get tired dostrich-already roar roared. Until now, I consider the most stupid own act.
Sprouted hair on the shoulder, long grown, they need to be dubbed, the shape maintained (

Well, that's right, a girl with long hair - the main thing is that they do not hang like icicles, but beautiful and well-groomed hair is feminine and sexy.

Well, if the itch has not stopped, let them make a cascade or some other short tails on long hair, they can do it. It will be like and long, and you will have to build, and you want your normal ones again.

the author, if you want something new, make a couple of strands, like Sans-kis or brighter

The author, I now have the same state)) Cut / not cut.

At the age of 16 I had this - hair up to the priests and a terrible desire to make a square. I did it :) I won't say that I regretted it, I just since realized that I have long hair :) By the age of 22 I grew back to priests :) Now I just trim my tips.

damn how you can live your whole life with one haircut.shit on fig !! NO REGRETS

Is hair up to the waist / priests - is it beautiful? I think this is a crazy mermaid)) to the shoulder blades - the most it!

Girls with long hair, and how old are you and what hairstyles do you wear? Young women with well-groomed long hair are really beautiful. And aunties 40-50 years old with flowing hair are like old mermaids. Or with bunches. Or another option super - horse tail with rubber bands for hair.

It is necessary to buy a wig caret, and so far it’s not annoying, but you get tired quickly!

37: +10! The author, is it really not boring to always be in the same image? This is sometimes so annoying. Strike, change.

Women with short haircuts seem to be some kind of “unfriendly” women.

I, too, all my life had long hair, to priests. Cut off under kare. Nothing, hair, too, seemed interesting. But, still long hair is better. Began to grow. Over 3 years otrostyla.

and I love the square, I go :)

I have long and thick hair all my life, even in childhood my parents never cut my hair, I wanted to cut it a year ago, but my husband forbade me to do this, even put a compromise "if you cut your hair, go to live with your parents"

Yes, cut your hair. Will grow later, business. I, too, were long, cut off the square because I dreamed since childhood, but my mother forbade me. I walked half a year, now I grow again. I like both long hair and four of a kind, only mother mills now constantly. I grow a bit. After a year, maybe I'll cut it off again.

45: You have a good husband, for the length of his hair he loves.

But I plucked my eyebrows into a thread and now I can not grow. Hands and stretch trim. And with hair even worse, the transition from short to long is terrible.

The author, you have your own permanent hairdresser, who knows what you want and from which you know what to expect? If not, look for familiar ones, a competent wizard will advise options for cutting / styling or a way to brush long hair so that you don’t have to regret. Or at least look in the network for a program for modeling hairstyles, experiment first on your computer and decide what exactly you would like, and what exactly will not work, because variants of the same car - weight. Personally, after the game with such a program, I have had all the itching itching :)

And really, let's start: how old are you? What physique? I agree that all the time with the same hairstyle to walk is melancholy. And besides car there are options? A woman should change her hairstyle, man and work every three years! By the way, the other day I cut off the elegant, long, wavy hair. I just wanted to change. For lovers of exceptionally long hair: do you really believe that men love for the length of their hair. What a horror! I face a divorce! (Ha ha)

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