Hair on hairpins, clips, tresses

Thick and long curls - this is the dream of every woman, but not every lady can achieve this. Therefore, hair extension on tresses is gradually spreading, which is perfect for those who by nature did not get chic curls. This is a modern method that people have learned about not so long ago, but it has already managed to surpass some innovative technologies and become popular in different countries.

What is tress

Tress called overhead strands, which are used to increase the volume and length of hair. As a rule, the length of these strands varies from 10 to 80 centimeters. Hair extensions on tressa involves the use of natural or artificial hair, fixed on a special tape and having small hairpins in certain places. The width of the strands is determined solely by their purpose. That is, narrow ones are used to increase the length and volume on the sides, and wide ones - on the occipital zone of the head.

Hair extensions on tresses (photo below) may vary in cost due to the quality of the hair used, as well as their length and type of fixation. The most expensive option is to fix on the polymer tape, as this method can prevent active combing.

Hair extensions on tresses can be carried out for a short time, when the strands are fixed with the help of barrettes, or for long-term wearing, when ribbons are sewn onto natural hair.

Types of hair on tressa

Overhead strands have differences between themselves in many ways: length, origin, and so on. These parameters are undoubtedly of the utmost importance when hair extensions are required on tresses. It is on the basis of this information that one or another method is chosen, as well as the price of the procedure. In order for the final result to be positive, it is necessary to discuss all points of interest to the client with the master in advance.

On hairpins from natural hair

The best solution is to choose natural hair, as they will harmoniously look in the total mass without standing out. With proper selection of tone, it will be very difficult to recognize the presence of extended strands. In addition, natural hair is easy to care for, because they do not need any special procedures.

Natural hair extensions have a different origin:

  1. Asian They are the most affordable option and are distinguished by rather high rigidity and dark tones.
  2. European. They have a rigid structure and require additional care, so they are not suitable for everyone.
  3. Slavic. By right, they deserve the status of the highest quality hair, because they have maximum softness and in most cases there are light shades. This type is highly valued not only in Russia, but also in many other countries, because of which Slavic hair is of considerable value.

It is very difficult to find long strands for extension, because not every girl or woman is ready to grow hair for many years, and then become a donor and give them to someone else.

Artificial hair

The name itself makes it clear that the hair is created only by artificial means, therefore, it has absolutely no connection with living donors. Undoubtedly, this approach has its advantages, for which it has spread. The biggest advantage is the ability to create a canvas of any length, as well as giving it any shade.

Despite worthy advantages, artificial strands are not so easy to wear. They look completely different from natural ones, so it’s pretty easy to distinguish them. Such strands will be especially noticeable in sunny weather. A lot of restrictions exist in hair care:

  • It is strictly forbidden to paint,
  • it is necessary to purchase special care products (shampoos, balms, etc.),
  • It is forbidden to subject to strong thermal effects when laying,
  • you can wind up only one type of protein tress, but even in this case, you can not make the temperature above 180 degrees.

All these disadvantages are covered by low cost, so that each person can afford artificial hair. As a rule, they are increased only for a short time, for example, to look gorgeous at some important event or just experiment with their own appearance.

Advantages and disadvantages

Before you consider carrying out the procedure in detail, you need to know what the positive and negative aspects of building up a pressure. Short hair can also be varied strands of a different color, which is the first important advantage. But there are a few more points from which one can understand the benefits of the procedure:

  • this extension method is the safest,
  • thanks to him, you can become the owner of an elegant volume and length,
  • there are no special restrictions on visiting baths, beaches, and so on,
  • during the procedure does not apply chemicals
  • tressy can be easily removed at any time
  • Having obtained the desired result, you can create the most interesting hairstyles using your own fantasy.

This technology has practically no disadvantages. As a rule, clients experience only temporary inconveniences, when they are just getting used to pressure. At the very beginning, they may pull a little, but over time they will not be felt at all. In addition, before going to bed or going out for a walk in windy weather, it is recommended to collect all the hair in a ponytail or braid in order to avoid entanglement.

Hair Extension Sewing Tress

There is a removable and non-removable placement of overhead strands. In the first embodiment, the build-up can be done at home, using the help of friends. For this procedure, used tressy on hairpins, which can easily be placed on the hair or removed from there. The second option is a Hollywood hair extensions on tresses. It can be carried out only by a professional and is distinguished by a long period of wearing. This procedure is implemented by sewing the tape to the hair and goes through several stages:

  1. The allocation of levels on the head for mounting tapes.
  2. Braid of braids in places where tressa will be located.
  3. Applying false hair close to the braid and sewing on with a special thread.

The procedure is considered complete only when all tapes are sewn and the required volume is reached.

Coloring and care

Not every person knows what to do after the hair extensions on the tresses have been completed. The Moscow region represents a lot of beauty salons, where you can not only undergo this procedure, but also get a decent consultation of specialists in proper hair care. But even if it is not possible to visit the salon, you should follow the standard rules that will help the owner of beautiful hair to cope with them and always look beautiful and attractive.

Dyeing artificial hair is not worth it, because it will not give any effect. You should take care of natural hair extensions in the same way as you would for your own hair - dye it in any color, lay it using any method, and so on. But it is not recommended to experiment too much with natural strands, since the extension procedure is rather expensive. It is best to contact a specialist who will answer all questions based on the type of hair and the characteristics of the client.

Hair extensions on tresses: reviews

The procedure for the time of its existence has collected a huge amount of positive feedback, which is not at all surprising. People who have built up especially for events are satisfied not only with the resulting volume and length, but also with the admiration of others. Customers who use natural strands, note a long time using without problems and full compliance with price and quality.

Feedback on hair tressa! Natural strand +++ PHOTO

Today my review will be about natural hair on tresses.

In pursuit of chic long hair, I am from April 2017why? - I wrote a detailed review of keratin hair extensions. Because I burned my hair myself and when I came to the hairdresser I was cut very shortly.

Feeling when you are not comfortable with such appearance (short hair) tormented me for a long time, I bought all the various means to accelerate hair growth. For 10 months my hair grew by 8 cm, I trimmed it once.

I bought shampoos, masks, oils, vitamins, but all was in vain (except for vitamins) and the result was only money spent. Anyone interested can read my reviews of shampoo company Hair Jazz, the mask of the company Kerastase Chroma Riche.

By January, I began to wonder what I could do with my hair, how to embellish it and lengthen it without causing more damage.

Initially, I thought that there were only wigs or hair extensions, but on the Internet I stumbled upon the information about hair on tresses. I immediately set about trying to buy a tress.

I purchased the natural Slavic hair of the company Belly Capelli, the color of super blond, 60 cm long and weighing 300 grams.

The price of this pleasure cost me 12,600 rubles.

I bought hair in a store, not through an online store. In Moscow, in a professional salon, which directly buys hair from the Italian factory.

I called a lot of companies engaged in false hair, but nowhere was the color and length I needed, except where I bought it.

Hair is very high quality, soft and after washing they leave a small wave, my native hair is much tougher and very curly, so that I don’t see the difference, I had to either straighten all my hair with an iron, or curl all my hair. For me, this is not very convenient, since I do not like to heavily load hair with styling and tools for it. Just because I shoot one star.

The hairpins themselves are made with high quality, fixed very simply and hold on for a long time. I watched video clips on how to properly wear tresses, so it was not difficult. My hair is thick, so I didn’t do my bouffant, I just carried it and put it on, everything was calm for about 6 hours. If you wear the tress correctly, the HANDLE will not be visible.

But after 4-5 hours of tress socks, my head began to ache, but this is from my childhood, I am always uncomfortable in elastic bands and hairpins, so I don’t wear them. I am also uncomfortable putting on and removing tresses every day. So I did a build up, but now it’s not about him.

BUT! Tresses are a very useful thing, because no one has canceled beautiful hairstyles, just thick hair - for ALL of this, I will wear tresses!

We choose tressy

All the expensive strands on display can be divided into two huge groups:

Artificial material gives it a non-natural shine and a short service life. The cost of such tress is small, because they are widely used in the development of hairstyles.

If “by eye” it is not possible to distinguish between natural and artificial hair, separate one hair and set fire to it. The emergence of plastic fragrance and the melting of the hairs indicates its artificial origin. In addition, natural hair does not creak when rubbed between the fingers.

Select the length of the strands

Synthetic Tress

Having made a choice in favor of synthetic strands, you should keep in mind that they are not subject to styling, they can not be laid with a curling iron, hairdryer or iron. All that you can allow for yourself is their application in its original form. In addition, synthetics can not be dyed and highlight. (See also the article. Lumpy hair: features.)

You can purchase these products are already painted in the desired color.

Artificial linings can also be of different properties. If you are counting on repeated introduction and long-term preservation of a pretty appearance, choose a copy marked on the “Japanese fiber” package. Thanks to additives from aquatic plants, such strands are pleasant to the touch and have the greatest resemblance to natural curls.

Japanese fiber, in contrast to the common Kanekalon, can be subjected to heat installation, subject to the use of styling devices with a temperature not higher than 90 ° C.

High-key synthetic strands - non-replaceable satellites of prestigious shows

Natural strands

Natural strands on hairpins behave in the same way as hair.

Depending on your own stylistic plan, you can without horror:

  • wind up
  • to comb
  • straighten curls
  • fix them with mousses and varnishes.

If your goal is natural tress, pay special attention to the choice of their “field”. More suitable for the Russian type of hair will be strands marked "Slavic" or "European".

An order of magnitude lower price Asian natural strands, but they are tougher and will differ significantly from the total mass of hair. You will not be able to curl similar curls and paint them in a uniform color, they behave "in their own way."

If you are the owner of wavy hair, choose strands with a light wave.
Completely even tressy will stand out from the crowd and spoil all the memories from the hairstyle.

Strands on barrettes - a step to healthy curls!

If your hair is thin and soft, you can use European hair. Slavic and South Russian strands are more dense and rather languid.

Pay attention!
When making a purchase, by all means check the attachments.
They must firmly hold the strand, just unfold, while maintaining its strength and invisibility.
The absence of one of Fri can reduce to zero your desire to get a natural look.

Kind of strands on tresses - expensive fringe

Seven-color flower

The introduction of strands of natural colors to match your own hair color looks more harmonious

  1. The color of the expensive strands is chosen depending on the type that you plan to recreate using their. If your goal is to increase the volume or length of hair, choose the color that will have the most similarity to your natural color.
  2. If your color is so complicated and it’s impossible to make a choice, being guided by the first rule, get the tresses on the tone darker. Due to the fact that the hairpins are attached under a mass of natural hair, the effect of natural burning out appears.
  3. For the creation of non-standard and the brightest images suitable tress neon colors. But their number in the hairstyle should be the smallest, otherwise you risk getting a clown wig instead of a shocking hairstyle.

If the strands on the hairpins are slightly different from the natural hair color, go to the trick - paint them with tonic or tinted shampoo.
Ease of use allows you to carry out the function in the home criteria.
Kohler on cut hair falls rapidly, because the exposure time must be halved.

As we see, there is a huge amount of flowers, and in this photo, not all is far!

Tress attachment technique

So, to perform the procedure with your own hands you will need:

  • a fairly large steady mirror
  • comb with a sharp tip,
  • set of tress.

Before proceeding with the procedure, we analyze the composition of the kit. The number of strands depends on the goals that should make tress.If their main task is to increase the volume, it will be enough for 3-4 strands for the occipital part and 4-6 for the temporal one. (See also the article How to wind hair on hot rollers: especially.)

For the growth of length will need more than 12 narrow and 6 wide strands, which will be moderately distributed throughout the scalp.

Annotation for fastening hair with hairpins:

The sequence of fastening strands

  1. All strands included in the set, spread out depending on the width, the more extensive the element, the closer to the makovka it will be placed. Narrower - temporal.
  2. Hair carefully comb, fasten the highest part on the head with hairpins. For this purpose, you can use the "crab" or a wide "crocodile".
  3. Comb with thick teeth, make a pile at the roots.

If you are the owner of straight hair, sprinkle a little with varnish.
The fixative is applied to the individual strands before the specific anchoring.
This easy manipulation will help better fasten the tress barrettes.

  1. Take strands for the occipital part, open the pins and pin them along the strip, performing the function from the bottom up. After you attach one strand, release some of the hair collected in the tail and cover the expensive curls with your own.

Photo mounting instructions tress

  1. Then part for the 2nd strand. Be sure to keep in mind that there should be a distance of 2–3 cm between the 2 tresses. The last wide strand is fixed on the back of the head.
  2. Temporal locks are fixed in a similar way at a distance of 2 cm from each other.
  3. Having completed the attachment function, lower the hair collected on the poppy and comb it.
    If nature has endowed you with a languid or vitreous (extremely smooth) curls, latex micro gum will help fix the tresses. More suitable would be gum for bracket systems. Strand your own hair strands at the root in the tails and secure with a rubber band. On tails fasten clips with overlays.

With the help of these products you can change your own image, and more than once.

A few words about proper care.

The durability of hair on hairpins almost all depends on the correctness of care:

  1. Be sure to comb the strands. To do this, fit a comb with a soft bristle or a special comb recommended for extension hair.

Comb for extensible hair suitable for strands

  1. When combing, use moisturizing sprays that will give the strands extra care. Remember that the hair on the hairpins has nowhere to take power, because they require care marked "for dry hair."
  2. In the process of laying the temperature of the devices should not exceed 160-170 ° C.
  3. Shampoos for warped and dry hair containing collagen or keratin are suitable for washing. These substances make on the surface of the hair shell, preventing damage and cross-section. (See also the article Mint oil for hair: features.)

Do not be afraid to change - beauty will help the world!

Strands on hairpins - an excellent candidate for building, which allows you to change the image and follow the fashion trends in hairstyles and styling. The video in this article will answer your questions about the care and proper attachment of tress.

Types of false hair on tresses

On sale are available such natural and artificial strands. They differ in cost and material. It is important to learn to distinguish natural strands, because often synthetic ones are sold under their guise. You can also stumble upon a fake by selecting semi-synthetic beams. They can be recognized by staining - the artificial part is not “taken” by the dye composition. If you burn the tip of an artificial curl, it will begin to melt. Thus, you will be able to recognize the quality of the purchased goods.

How to attach strands on hairpins

Such bundles are attached to the roots. Fixation is carried out using special scallops. Wear them alternately, starting at the back of the head. To make it convenient for you, pre-divide the hair into several sections, securing each clip. Start with the lower strands, moving up. Gradually move to other sections, processing in this way the whole "dig."

The second method involves pre-weaving braids in the root zone. This technique is more difficult. It consists in interweaving donor strands with relatives. Pigtails last longer and do not require such frequent adjustments. But this technology is more complicated, and therefore need to use the services of an experienced master.

Video about hair with clips

See how to properly perform this build. The video shows how, starting from the occipital region, attach the tresses gently so that the hair looks natural. You make sure that the technology is extremely simple, and each of you is able to do it yourself.

How to care for hair

In order to get a lasting result, it is important to ensure proper care of your hair. Otherwise, you will not avoid the formation of creases and tangle of strands. Follow the simple rules:

  • Carefully comb the curls, paying special attention to attachment points.
  • Once or twice a week make firming masks.
  • Use balms and sprays.
  • Do not use drugs on a fat basis.

If you want to remove the hairpins, you can do it yourself manually. You do not have to use the services of a qualified hairdresser, because the procedure does not require special knowledge and skills.

Is it possible to dye hair on hairpins

If you have purchased natural Slavic or other bundles, then painting is doable. In this case, take care of the hair later, as for the usual painted. Pre-recommended to remove the tress. It is also allowed to do tinting, highlighting, to color selective curls.

If the beams are artificial, they do not absorb the dye, that is, to achieve the desired result will not work. In this case, initially choose the straps according to the color of the relatives. Be sure to check authenticity before coloring. Set fire to the tips. If they melt, but do not burn, it means that you bought artificial bundles.

Wash and care for your hair, like your own curls. But it is best to use for this basin or another large capacity. Fill it with warm water and add shampoo. Lower the "mane", removing it, for 10-15 minutes. Use regular shampoo for normal hair.

After washing, do not wrap curls with a towel. Rinse them gently and remove excess moisture with a blotting motion. Apply balm. Wash off. Treat with a spray to moisturize. Hang the bundles with barrettes up or lay them on the cloth to dry out. Then gently comb.

Reviews after hair extensions on tresses

If you still doubt whether it is worth buying such hair, read the opinions of other girls who use such devices to increase the length of the strands.

Ekaterina, 24 years old

Because of its ease of use, she chose the tress on the hairpins. The process of weaving seemed to me too complicated and time consuming. My head is rare (every few days). It is enough to gently comb in the morning - and the hair looks neat and well-groomed all day.

Olga, 36 years old

Used such trailed bundles once. I thought that they hurt my curls because of the presence of pins. But no harm was done. The clamps are flexible and relatively soft. I did not feel any discomfort when wearing them.

Ksenia, 19 years old

I bought wavy curls. It turned out that they are synthetic after testing with ignition. But on the head look very good. The tone coincided with my natural. I rarely wear them, so they are preserved in good condition.

We choose tressy

All presented overhead strands can be divided into two large groups:

Artificial material gives off its unnatural brilliance and short life span. The price of such tress is low, so they are widely used to create hairstyles.

If “by eye” it is not possible to distinguish between natural and artificial hair, separate one hair and set fire to it. The appearance of plastic smell and melting of the hairs indicates its artificial origin. In addition, natural hair does not creak when rubbed between the fingers.

Select the length of the strands

Before and after pictures with patch strands

It is easy to use tresses - it is important to properly attach them with weaving or a clothespin. Increase curls without the introduction of capsules under the skin and enjoy a long shovel - the dream of almost every owner of short haircuts. The photos below prove that hair on a fishing line or hairpins looks natural and spectacular. A woman becomes a real beauty with lush, curly hair.

Watch the video: Quick Hairstyles using French Braiding Tool. Easy French Braid. Hairstyles for Long Medium hair (December 2019).