How to safely dye hair tonic?

Tint shampoo, also known as tonic, has long been quite popular with the fair sex.

There are only a few types of tonics:

  • Bright,
  • Dark
  • Red
  • Chocolate.

You should not use this type of dye for gray hair, because color may turn out too bright. In addition, the tinting shampoo is unable to paint over 30% of gray hair.

But to use such a tool should be very carefully: if you overdo it, you can get an intense ash-gray tint. Do not forget to read the instructions written on product labels.

All tinted shampoos are designed mainly for:

  • neutralize unwanted lightening backgrounds
  • revive your color
  • maintain colored bright shades.

Here are some examples:

  1. Blonde hair can absorb a sunny shade if they are painted with a brightening tonic.
  2. Special tinted shampoo for dark matte hair will give them a depth of color and shine.
  3. Brown hair can use a tint to the hair, which will give a reddish tint. If brown hair has a classic hair color, they can become bright copper. More intense tonic color will give such hair a reddish color.


Contraindication to the use of tonic for hair is only one, but very important. In no case do not apply the tint shampoo immediately after lightening or perming. If you're lucky, the result will be only slightly worse than you expected. But if you still do not get lucky, then this procedure will bring significant damage to hair and color.

How to apply tint balsam?

It is much easier to dye your hair with tonic. You must follow the following instructions:

  • Adhere to the very principles that when using any coloring agent. For a successful staining need tonic, shampoo, brush, gloves, porcelain bowl and comb.
  • Before dyeing, you should wash your hair with a shampoo, towel to remove excess water from the hair and apply a little balm. For those whose hair is in perfect condition, and who is not afraid of rich color, you can skip this step. After all, if the hair structure is heavily damaged, then the pigments that are in the tonic, penetrate very deeply. This will cause the color to become saturated, but not uniform. It will be held for a long time, in that case it is difficult to wash off. And it does not look aesthetically pleasing.
  • Using a brush, evenly apply the tonic on the curls and distribute it over the entire length. Do not forget that any coloring agent seizes faster on blond hair.
  • Comb curls to distribute the tonic throughout the head. Take care not to skip any areas.
  • Next, you need to withstand the recommended staining time. It depends on the composition of the tonic, as well as the type, color and thickness of the hair.
  • Wash off with warm water until the moment when the water is completely transparent.

If the result is not satisfactory, then you can perform the procedure again, because the tonic does not harm as much as paint. But you should not get involved.

How to wash off tint balm?

In order to get rid of the unnecessary shade, subsequently obtained by changing the shade with the help of a tonic, you can use the tried and tested folk remedies, the most effective of which are listed below.

Tonics of light exposure, as a rule, can be washed off using repeated shampooing with shampoo for oily hair or anti-dandruff (you can also use laundry soap).

For this reason, after applying them, a moisturizing balm or cosmetic oil should be applied to the hair.

This substance quickly eliminates unnecessary tone from the hair, however, it is necessary to use it not in its pure form, but in combination with vegetable oils. (1:1).

When using such a mixture, try not to affect the root area of ​​the hair and scalp, otherwise you may get burned. It is necessary to hold such a mask for no more than 3-5 minutes, after which it should be washed off with plenty of warm water and shampoo.

Cosmetic oils

Vegetable oils can help not only eliminate the unnecessary tone, but also improve the overall condition of the curls. They tend to penetrate the hair structure thoroughly, enveloping the hair shaft and smoothing the cuticle scales.

In case you want to completely remove the tone, the oil mask should be done in several stages, applying it on slightly damp hair and keeping it for an hour and a half under warming. Wash off with hot water and shampoo.

Baking soda

Soda gently washes away the tone from the hair, returning to them the initial tone. Simply melt fifty grams of soda in 1 liter of hot water and rinse the hair with the purchased composition.

You can also mix ten to fifteen grams of soda with a portion of shampoo and wash the head with this consistency.

The acid contained in this drink helps wash out synthetic pigments, lightening the hair in a couple of shades. You can use not only kefir, but also other dairy products with a large amount of fat (yogurt, ryazhenka, white yogurt).

Spread this product on the curls, evenly distribute with a comb, collect them in a bun and wrap the head with a film. Through forty to fifty minutes rinse hair with warm water.

How often can I use?

There is no definite answer to this question. Of course, manufacturers say that this tool is absolutely safe and can be used repeatedly.

Women who regularly use tint balsams from personal experience, argue that you should not use it with every shampoo. It is best to use this scheme: once you wash your hair with a tonic, twice without.

How much tint balm keeps?

Keeps tonic on the hair, depending on its type of exposure. There are two main types:

  • Tonic light effects in the form of a shampoo or balm. The color palette is very diverse. Color or selected strands, or the whole head completely in the most amazing colors. But such a means holds on average for two weeks (the more often the head washes, the less it holds).
  • Tonic deep exposure is used by those women who plan to change the hair color for a longer time without harm to their structure. The color palette of such funds is not large enough, but holds a shade of an average of two and a half months.

Tonic is an excellent tool for girls who like to experiment with their appearance, but at the same time they don’t want to spoil their curls with ammonia colors.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any cosmetic product, Tonic has its pros and cons.


  1. The ease and speed of staining at home.
  2. Surface stainingthat does not violate the structure of the hair.
  3. Creates a protective barrierprotecting the hair from the negative effects of the environment.
  4. It has a conditioning effect. Strands after it are not confused and easy to comb.
  5. Does not contain ammonia.
  6. It does not require extra care products for you.
  7. Affordable pricethat matches the quality.


  1. Liquid consistency, because of what the balsam leaks during the coloring.
  2. Easily and firmly paints skin, fabric, tile and ceramics.

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The color palette of the Tonic of the company Rocolor is distinguished by its diversity. There is where to roam and blondes, and brunettes.Divide shades into four groups, starting from what kind of hair will be exposed to chemical attack.

For natural hair:

  • graphite (7.1),
  • Blonde (5.0),
  • light blond (6.0),
  • dark blonde (3.0),
  • black (1.0),
  • mocha (5.43),
  • cinnamon (6.5),
  • chocolate (4),
  • golden chestnut (7.43),
  • dark chocolate (3.01),
  • espresso (1.03),
  • cappuccino (6.03),

Group of bright colors:

  • ripe cherry (3.56),
  • indian summer (6.65),
  • Mahogany (6.54),
  • mahogany (5.54),
  • Bordeaux (4.6),
  • red amber (5.35),
  • Cuban Rumba (5.4),
  • eggplant (3.2),
  • golden walnut (7.35),
  • iris (4.25),
  • wild plum (3.1),
  • red (6.45),

For bleached hair:

  • fawn (9.03),
  • smoky topaz (9.10),
  • milk chocolate (7.3),
  • Amethyst (9.01),
  • pearl ash (8.10),
  • creme brulee (9.23),
  • cold vanilla (9.12),
  • ash blonde (9.21),

For gray hair:

  • platinum blond (9.1),
  • smoky pink (8.53),
  • pink pearl (9.05),
  • mother of pearl (9.02),

The colors numbered 1.03, 6.03, 3.01, 9.23, 6.45, 9.12, 7.43 and 9.21 are a new formula with a lamination effect.

How to choose the right color?

When choosing the right shade, you need to focus on your original hair color. Tonic is able to change the tone only in the dark side. Brighten them will not work. For owners of dark and black curls, you can take any, even the most daring colors.

After coloring, the hair will gain shine and curls in a new way will play in the light. Fair-haired beauties should stick to calm and natural colors. "Wild plum" or "Ripe cherry" firmly take on the blond strands and get too rich.

How to paint?

Before applying the balm, you must carefully read the instructions and prepare all the necessary equipment:

  1. Wash the head and blot with a towel.
  2. Wear disposable glovesIn order not to stain the skin and nails.
  3. Apply greasy cream to hairline and ears or a special protective agent.
  4. Pour 1/3 bath of water and add any bleaching agent. If in the process of painting the tonic gets on the tile or ceramics, then immediately remove it with a cleaning agent.
  5. The right amount of tonic pour in a glass or ceramic dish.
  6. Cover the shoulders with a towel.
  7. On the wet curls with a brush to gently apply the composition starting from the occipital region.
  8. Evenly distribute the tonic comb.
  9. Leave for 10 -30 minutes depending on the desired result.
  10. Wash off with plenty of warm water.
  11. Dry hair or make styling as usual.

Price and reviews

Shade balm "Tonika" is an affordable tool for all women. He has a very affordable price. On average, it costs from 90 to 200 rubles per bottle, depending on the region. In online stores, its cost is 130 rubles.


Olya: I use tonic for about a year. Overall pleased with the result. Of the minuses that is very quickly washed off (I wash my head every day), strongly stains the skin and bed. But the advantages still outweigh: the price allows you to buy it in the right quantity, even with frequent use does not harm the hair and most importantly, with it, my color has quietly grown. Already up to the shoulder I'm dark blond. Soon I plan to stop painting and walk with a natural tone.

Lena: Wild plum is a great solution if you have a blue jacket. Conducted an experiment, painted a few strands. On my blond hair, the blue color was clearly visible. Elegantly in harmony with the clothes of this shade. Well, it's my own fault. It is written not to dye blonde hair. I decided not to spoil my hair any more, I didn’t bother with the wash. After a week of daily washing, the color faded and I think that in a week it will come down altogether. Unambiguous plus that is quickly washed off.

Natalia: I paint with tonic to add shine to my streaked strands. I take a pearl or ashen. The result is satisfied, nothing paints: neither clothes nor a pillow. Several times painted brighter shades. It turned out cool coloring. But when washed off, especially red, the hair of some strange piebald color is obtained. And we must either wait until it all comes down, or tint again.

What this tool is and to whom it suits

Color balm is a gentle way to maintain or slightly change the color of the hair. Due to the fact that there are no aggressive components in it, it is possible to give the curls a new shade without harm and special work. Of course, with the help of a tint, it is impossible to turn from a blonde into a brunette or produce a lasting dye. But, to make hair color brighter and more expressive - that’s what he can do.

Pros and cons of tint tools

Let's start with the positive properties. The main ones are:

  • The use of balm does not cause such harm as traditional cream paint.
  • The procedure does not take much time, it can be done independently at home.
  • A varied palette of colors and shades.
  • Availability both at the price, and in the place of sales.

Among the disadvantages are the following:

  • The visible effect of the use of balm persists up to 8-10 times after shampooing.
  • Balsam pigments do not penetrate inside, but are only on the surface of the hair, which is why everything that comes in contact with them - towels, pillows, clothes can be colored, which is especially noticeable when using balsams of dark and bright shades.

The most popular tint balms: Estelle, Belita, Lux color, Capus and Henna

Five of the most popular balms are as follows:

  1. Tonic's tint is affordable and of high quality and has a wide palette. It consists of natural ingredients, there is a special line for gray and bleached hair.
  2. Estel Balsams is a popular and high-quality product with a gentle action. For independent use, you can choose one of two series with a wide range of colors.

How to choose the right shade

Each manufacturer tries to please its customers, therefore, produces a rich palette that can satisfy the requirements of any fashionable woman. Choose the right shade will help table of colors with the source and destination colors.

For the first use, it is better to choose a shade that is not much different from the natural hair color.

It is also not recommended to use a coloring hair balm that has been dyed with natural means (henna or basma).

How to dye your hair tonic color chocolate, ashy blond, pearl, brown

For proper application, it is necessary to study the instructions attached to each tint. The main stages of coloring with balsam:

  • Wash and dry hair a little.
  • Wear protective gloves to protect your hands.
  • Apply dye evenly to all hair, comb it with a comb with rare teeth.
  • Hide dyed hair under a plastic cap.
  • To sustain the time specified in the instructions.
  • Rinse hair with running water without shampoo until it is transparent.

Is it possible to get rid of the resulting shade before

If the resulting shade is not liked or tired of something, you can easily get rid of it.

To do this, rinse hair with shampoo 5-8 times and the pigment is washed. Another option is to purchase a special tool that is sold in specialized stores.

Successful to you experiments. Be irresistible and charming!

The benefits of tonic

The advantages of using tinting agent for hair are much greater than the disadvantages:

  1. Tonic does not contain aggressive chemical elements, i.e. does not harm your hair.
  2. Shampoo can be used as often as you like.
  3. A quality product, besides giving the desired shade, moisturizes the hair. Thanks to this they get a well-groomed, healthy look.
  4. The palette of tonics is quite extensive, which allows them to be used as a safe coloring option.

How to choose?

So, what should I look for when choosing a hair tint?

  1. Herbal extracts should be present in the product. They will nourish, strengthen and restore hair.
  2. If you still can not decide between two types of goods, try both.But it is not necessary to paint the whole head - two strands will suffice for the experiment. One paint one means, and another - another. Compare the results and select the most successful.
  3. If you want to emphasize the beauty of your natural color, then it is advisable to choose a golden tone of shampoo. The procedure takes only a few minutes.

How tonal balms better than standard paint?

First, you can really change the hair color every two weeks. Secondly, there will be no damage to the curls and scalp from a quality hair tonic. After dyeing with tinted conditioners, hair becomes softer and more shiny. They contain about 20% of the pigment, the rest is care.

Depending on the chosen hue, the tone is kept on hair from 4 flushes to 10. For example, purple, blue, green, cherry and other dark colors last the longest, pastels can last up to two or three washings. And that, on the bleached hair.

Another point - in contrast to bezamochnyh colors, from tint balms on the hair will not be yellow and divorce after leaching of color. So, it is not necessary to paint over the tonic with some other color. In a month, all toning particles will be washed off and you will return to your natural (or original) hair color.

Manufacturing companies

There are a lot of manufacturers of coloring shampoos, and the products of each company have their own characteristics. Let's try to help you understand the differences.

The tonic of this company has 17 shades. A special feature of this product is its conditioning effect, which gives hair softness, shine and vividness. This tonic gently paints the hair, the color is well kept even under the influence of sunlight due to the UV filter.
Estelle color shampoo palette:

For bleached hair it is recommended to select this particular manufacturer. It highlights and enhances the effect of cold hair shades (for example, trendy gray shades), and also neutralizes yellowish shades.

The tonic of this company is applied for only 5 minutes, and for a minimal effect you can hold it for just a minute.
For easy color recovery - hold for 3-5 minutes.

For intensive toning - hold for 15-20 minutes.

rsya This shampoo is represented by several products at once. For example, the hair care complex Irida MDe Luxe. His task is to care for the hair not only during the dyeing, but also after the process.

It does not contain harmful elements like peroxide and ammonia - therefore, the structure of the hair does not change. Color keeps on hair till 12-14 washing. Additional advantages of the complex - the possibility of painting over gray hair and hair roots.

This tonic is considered an effective means of preserving the depth of color. Its properties are neutralization of oxide residues and a cumulative effect. In addition, tinted shampoos of this brand restore hair, making it silky and accelerating the growth process.

  • Tinted shampoos of such companies as are also popular:
    • Wella
    • Rokolor ("Tonic"),
    • Cutrin (professional line), toning mask
    • Kapous (great for brittle and dry hair), etc.
  • How to dye your hair tonic?

    1. Soak your hair and blot them with a towel.
    2. Massage the tinted shampoo and spread it over the entire length of the hair.

  • Leave the composition on the hair at the right time.
  • Wash and repeat the process.

    Usually quite detailed instructions are attached to the tonic, where the necessary time of keeping the composition on the hair for the desired result is indicated.

    Disadvantages of hair tonics

    Even the best quality tonic of light shades will not take on light brown and dark hair, for coloring you will have to lighten up. Pastel shades of tonic on a balayazh, highlighting and ombre look very cool. So the balm does not affect the natural dark shade of hair, dyeing only bleached strands.

    For dark hair, you can use rich shades from the palette of tonics, but not every company has it, which is also a minus.And all the dark tones - blue, green, red, purple, wine - do not take on brown or black hair. So, not to do without clarification.

    We select tonic for hair coloring

    Every girl and woman dreams to have beautiful and thick hair. To ensure the beauty of your hair, you should definitely find the right care products for your hair. Any woman at least once in her life would like to change her appearance. It is worth noting that changing the style, you can encounter certain problems.

    However, if you properly think through all the steps, then you can achieve excellent results. Thanks to the huge amount of tonics, you can easily choose the right color. Do not worry about the consequences if you have purchased a high-quality color tonic. You can paint with tonic as much as you want, until you achieve the desired result.

    If you are indecisive, then first you should contact your hairdresser.

    To give a zest to your appearance, we suggest to get acquainted with various tonics. It is necessary to think about all your wishes. Since when you change the color, your appearance will definitely change. Many stylish girls and women change their image and style quite often. They are not at all afraid of change and are experimenting on their own experience.

    Almost all women of fashion know that represents the newest tonic which is not unhealthy. This unique cosmetic can be used several times. Thanks to an effective product, you can change the initial color of your hair. You can also choose other brighter shades.

    If you take a simple dye and dye your hair in a different color, then on the second morning it will be impossible to wash off the shade and achieve the same result. Therefore, if you want to change your hair color for only a few days or hours, we recommend using a tonic from any well-known company.

    It should be noted that any palette of shades is washed off quickly enough.

    It is worth noting that tonic is used in special cases. For example, when you need to change hair color for a particular event. Pregnant women are also allowed to dye their hair in any color using new shades that do not contain chemicals.

    Manufacturers produce quite a variety of shades of tonics that perfectly sit down on a natural and natural color. If they tell you that there is no difference between tonic and paint, do not believe the rumors at all.

    Since the color tonic is valued by the fact that it has natural extracts and substances.

    What are the advantages over paint?

    • All components that prevail in the tonic, do not reach the roots and, in turn, do not spoil the hair structure.
    • It turns out quite a light effect on the hair.
    • Tonic can be kept on the hair for several days. The maximum period does not exceed more than two weeks. Therefore, you can safely take advantage of different shades.
    • After staining with tonic, the tips will not be damaged and dull, but quite the opposite.
    • After applying the tonic should not use a variety of care products.
    • Any tonic you purchased from a store or pharmacy does not have ammonia or other chemical components. Accordingly, all women can afford coloring with the newest tonics, even pregnant women.

    The difference between paint and tonic

    It is worth noting the important fact that the tonic is really different from any paint for dyeing hair.

    First, using tonic, it is impossible to make the hair lightening, because the product does not possess chemicals that, in turn, affect the hair. Accordingly, the structure of the hair is not destroyed.

    If you get an unfortunate coloration of the hair, then you can replace it with another shade and give it a new color. It is also recommended to use tonic for pregnant girls and women.

    How to choose?

    According to the stylists, lightening hair at home with a tinting agent is almost impossible. If you are the owner of dark or black hair, then the tonic will not look on your hair. Everyone knows that this tool is intended only to give a different shade.

    In general, hairdressers recommend using different tonics for light brown hair, since the result will be more effective. Dark hair hides the shade of dyed hair.

    In this case, you will have to apply other methods of hair coloring. For example, in this case, an ordinary paint is suitable (with or without ammonia).

    It is much easier to contact a hairdresser for a professional stylist who will select the right color.

    How to apply?

    If you think that hair toning is done exclusively in hairdressing salons, then you are deeply mistaken. Black tonic is applied to the hair and at home. The process is quite easy.

    In order to dye your hair at home, you need to stock up on special tools in advance, which, in turn, will facilitate your coloring process.

    You will have to get a towel, gloves, a plastic or glass container, a special brush (sold in all stores), a comb with rare teeth.

    Next, the finished coloring agent should be applied to dried and slightly wet hair. To do this, you should definitely use a brush. The finished mass should be distributed evenly to apply on the entire length of the hair or on a certain part of the hair. Then you should read the instructions for the time for staining.

    The fixing of the tonic on the hair is very fast. Therefore, that part of the hair, on which the tonic will be applied earlier, will color faster than the next one. The second part of the hair will be slightly lighter.

    In order for the tonic to be immediately fixed on the hair, it is necessary to leave the curls more moist. Consequently, the toning of the hair will be uniform.

    If the toning is brighter, then the process of dyeing the hair can be repeated again.

    How to wash tonic from hair?

    Many girls are quite capricious. After dyeing the hair, the color may not be what you expected.

    At this time, some girls and women panic and wonder: how to wash tonic from your hair? Therefore, we offer to quickly and effectively get rid of the unpleasant shade. In order to remove the shade, you should wash your hair well with shampoo several times.

    It is advisable to make a mask with the following components: take burdock oil, kefir, mix the mass and apply on the head. It is recommended to keep this mask on your head for about three hours. Together with the mask, respectively, you can wash off the pigment shade.

    Hairdressers recommend buying a special balm that washes away hair tonic at home. It is better to buy a balm of the same company as a hair tonic.

    Popular tinting products

    If you are the owner of weak, damaged and dull hair, then you should purchase a special tonic to care for your hair.

    Tonics are different, both for oily and dry hair. A good color tonic can enhance the beauty of your hair and restore damaged tips.

    Many hairdressers recommend using a tonic activator to improve hair growth.

    According to experts, it is best to use a tonic = activator from Estel, which does not contain ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Thanks to this product, you can carefully take care of your hair, give shine and natural beauty.

    If you have exhausted, dry and brittle hair, then you should definitely try “Estelle Oium” - an activator for hair. This tool has a therapeutic effective effect on the scalp, thereby eliminating hair loss.

    This product contains minoxidil.Tonic is equipped with natural and useful components that restore not only the structure of the hair, but also treat the scalp.

    This product is generally recommended for both oily and dry damaged tips and hair roots. Estelle strengthens and restores hair in a short time. Owners of greasy hair should regularly use this care product.

    The maximum effect can be achieved if you also use the shampoo of this company. After a while you will see the result.

    Hair balm

    In order to give the hair a natural shade, experts recommend using the so-called “Tint black shading balm”.

    The palette of various tonics is presented not only in online stores, but also in all shopping centers. Updated tonics provide a bright and durable pigment.

    In each “Tonika black” shading balm, a balanced formula prevails, which is designed to take care of damaged hair.

    The palette of “Toning Black Balm” is equipped with white flax extract. After applying tint balm hair will be silky, natural and, most importantly, natural.

    If you want to give your hair a natural and natural look, then you should try a new balm. Black tonic is great for light brown and dark blond hair.

    A different palette of shades of new tonics, in turn, has alcohol, ammonia and hydrogen peroxide

    Shade balm is perfect for dry and greasy hair. The composition includes all natural ingredients, so there is no difference for which hair structure a black tonic of a certain company is selected. Only you should read the instructions before you purchase this product.

    It indicates how much time should be kept on the head of this tool to get an effective result. After applying this product on the head, the balm can be held for about ten minutes. However, everyone has their own specific rules.

    Hairdressers advise pregnant women to use tonic as there is no likelihood that this balm will somehow harm the health of the baby or mother. This balm is absolutely not harmful to health.

    Therefore, if pregnant women want to change their style, then feel free to buy this balm for easy dyeing hair.

    The palette of tonic balm "Tonica" offers several different options. Any girl or woman can choose different shades. For example, tint balsam in stores is available in the following colors: white, black, blue, violet, and other more saturated colors. Thus, you can create a new original image. After a certain time, the tonic is washed off with warm water.

    The color palette is quite diverse. Shades can be chosen to any taste. So if you are a fan of bright colors, then you should try painting with tonic. Blue tonic will give a more natural look than purple. However, bright colors are very appreciated and loved by little girls. The blue color is washed off very quickly.

    Paint with ammonia is not recommended for young girls and for those women who suffer from allergies. Therefore, experts say that it is better to be painted with a tonic. It is worth noting that gray hair tonic can not hide. However, to get a fresher look, you should try a tonic from any company. Hair tonic is also used at home.

    Being beautiful on your own is not so difficult.

    If you are interested in the price, how much is one bottle of tonic, then we recommend to go to the site, where prices are indicated.

    You can also ask around at pharmacies or at the nearest malls that sell hair care products. Any paint can damage your hair, but the color tonic will give shine and freshness.

    Any hair tonic can be applied at home. And, accordingly, to make the correct coloring of the hair.

    Tonic Color Balm

    Shade hair balm of this brand has several advantages. So, the color palette is diverse, which means that you can get the desired shade by choosing a balm of the desired color.

    In the shops you can find Tonica: wild plum, malachite, black grapes, chocolate, ripe cherry, red amber, burgundy, toffee, mahogany, golden walnut, pearl ashy, amethyst, mother of pearl, smoky topaz, pink pearl, smoky pink, apricot, fawn, golden honey.

    With the help of the tone map, you can easily determine what color you get after using the balm, given the original color of the curls.

    Cosmetic product is suitable for brunettes and girls with black curls: Tonic can even dye dark curls. Tint balms of this manufacturer is the choice of those women who want to radically change their appearance or get an unusual, exotic hair color: wild plum can dye brown hair in blue.

    After toning the hair remains soft and shiny, has a well-groomed appearance. This is achieved through natural extracts that are part of the cosmetic.

    The tonic is washed off after 6-8 times, which is quite a long time for a tint balm that does not contain ammonia or other chemical compounds.

    Balsam is easy to use, it’s enough to know only some rules, for example, that Tonic is unacceptable to be washed off with shampoo. About these subtleties said in the instructions for use, it remains only to be careful.

    Interestingly, there is also a means, the opposite of its action - Retonika. With it you can wash off the balm from the hair, if the color did not like.

    Tonic, like other tint balms used for hair, is suitable for dyeing, including gray, melirovannyh, light brown hair.

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    - April 29, 2011, 11:19

    Before tonic hair is not painted at all. I did not want to, and I really liked my hair. About 5 years ago, something came to my mind and decided to make a chocolate bar out of myself (my natural color is light brown). In order not to spoil the hair, I bought tonic. The first time I really liked. Her hair really became shiny and silky. I used it several times. was very pleased. Until I left over the hill. It is natural that there was no possibility to buy this tint balm. Literally in a week and a half, I observed the result: a terrible green tint. This is probably the irony of the producers, because the bottle was also green in color - sort of like with a hint. I was not funny. It was not washed away by anything. Plus, the hair was burned to a morally unacceptable level. After that, start to mimic. Still, for some time - six months or a year - despite all my efforts, a greenish tint was present. I won't even look at this stuff anymore.

    - May 6, 2011, 00:51

    Today she dyed tonic "dogrose" on my blond hair, she did not take it at all, very upset!
    I would like to get a bright red color, which tonic is better to take and how to achieve the desired result?

    - May 10, 2011, 8:50 pm

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooo! Tonic, simply-awesome, Now there are 2 shades that you want to take and throw in the trash. Once and forever bury Tonic

    - May 14, 2011, 03:26

    and today I bought tonic chocolate, I wanted to paint myself on my fair-haired ones. now in thought. probably still throw her, risk hair and color will not, you never know ..

    - May 18, 2011, 10:49 PM

    Girls, someone saw this RETONIC in Kiev. She helps to get her color back.

    - May 26, 2011, 15:39

    I have always had terrible hair loss from ordinary paint (any). Only tonic and helps - super color. And the hair does not fall.

    - May 27, 2011, 20:32

    Tonic is a delicate matter. and if you bought it, use it wisely. I use a shade of 8.10 pearl ash. for the first time I did everything as per instructions, as a result, some strands turned slightly pink.the next time I just added a few drops of tonics to the balm or to 220ml. water and rinsed hair. the yellow tint faded. minus - dries hair

    - June 2, 2011, 10:40

    Tonic itself sucks. BUT.
    And the truth is, who does not like the yellow shade of hair after painting - buy Tonic (silver-purple) and you will not regret it. The yellowness is removed, the hair color is fucking. Not one thing in the world gives such an effect anymore, I tried everything. And, by the way, Tonik was advised to me by a hairdresser, moreover, not one, but only for such purposes. Just do not use it for anything.

    - June 2, 2011, 20:23

    Its blond, poravsila in black, put as usual paint, and not as shamput
    Super, very much, the color is good, rich!

    - June 7, 2011, 20:36

    Its color is light brown, hair is long, very. She knocked me in a golovu that I want to be black, I have long wanted. I went to the store for paint, and I was advised to try tonic, otherwise I would not like black, and this type would be washed off. in general, I wish I had bought the paint, the tonic color is black - in the end I gave green :)))) I’m laughing at myself :))) I don’t know what to wash off, they said in the barbershop that you can block this green

    - June 9, 2011, 12:39

    I tried the tonic 2 times, for the first time when one of the fives was painted dark, I took the color of mocha to tint the roots, I liked the result, but it wasn’t completely washed out of my hair, i.e. as a variant of temporary coloring, the tonic is clearly not suitable, and even then when it decided to return to the blonde, it was the hardest part of the hair that had been tinted. The second time I tried it when 50% of my hair was 50% dyed, the ends were lighter than their color and decided to take 8.10 pearly ashy to even out the shade. The color turned out to be very beautiful, in the sun it is unrealistically brilliant and of a pleasant shade, but it was completely washed off after 1 bath, although it held for 30 minutes. Harm to the hair did not notice, just dried the ends, but they already are not so hot because were clarified, and their own were fair-haired and remained after the wash, no changes in the structure, etc. I have not noticed. If you want to just slightly emphasize your color, then take the tone as similar to yours as possible, but I do not advise you to change the color drastically with tonic

    - June 20, 2011, 17:56

    I am a hair stylist. I have been working in this field for a long time. I want you, girls, to say, even at the hairdressing festivals no self-respecting hairdresser will take a model that has applied this rubbish to your hair at least once a year. It is not that the TOKE hurts the hair, no, IT FULLY CHANGES THEIR STRUCTURE. And you can’t bring her out! Only shear and re-grow. For the sake of interest, you try to go to the hairdresser and say: “But please, tell me .. Only six months ago I was wearing Tonica here, but don't worry, she’s already washed off.” The color disappeared, the changed structure of the hair remained! Neither highlighting, nor staining, or even chemistry will not make you with a guarantee that it will work after Tonics.

    Not true. I bleached my hair more than a year ago (I was a brunette, I became a blonde). During this time I have been using the tonic Bolzam tone 8.10 after 2-3 washes. The hairs themselves are thin, and if there were something harmful in it, you should have got out long ago, believe me (I already had such a problem) The hair after application is very soft and docile, although I often use dry hair. It is necessary to dilute 2-3 drops in a liter of acidified water and carry out the last rinse. And 2 months ago in the cabin made coloring in a dark color. What I wanted, it happened - just super. So do not slander. if you do not know how to use.

    - June 20, 2011, 19:27

    Before graduation she decided to even out the color (she never dyed her hair, her hair was long and slightly burnt out). A hairdresser with a lot of experience at the age of 20 said at once: since you don’t want paint, let's use a fine shampoo, but no tonic! She was on the course, claims that it is impossible to put it on the hair at all. And I believe her) In general, to paint or not is everybody's business, but my advice to you is not worth it.

    - June 26, 2011, 00:08

    Hello! I want to buy tonic! Advise what brand to buy! What brands of tonics are safer for hair !?

    - July 6, 2011, 20:13

    Tell me please. And does the former hair color come back? A friend has dyed.

    - July 9, 2011, 17:29

    I will say such a thing

    - July 12, 2011, 19:40

    Hello! For the last 2 years I went with my hair color, it was blond, did not make up and did not use shampoos made with tint, but 2 weeks ago I decided to dye my hair with tonic, chocolate 4.0. my color) will not, but it turned out just the opposite! the first time was a rich shade, then paler and paler, eventually a terrible red color became and it is no longer washed off, maybe you brought out this red color. (like after using henna) please tell me how to return your hair color without causing harm. Thanks in advance for your reply!

    I had the same occasion, dyed my hair with a chocolate color, and two days later I turned red! I asked others to quickly bring out this color, but alas, no one knows how to do it, they allegedly answered, just wash my head more often and 3-4 times, the color came down somewhere after 10 days, and returned its natural color.
    I understand you as not walking with such a color.

    - July 13, 2011, 11:23

    Tonic is a great thing! I now crash "wild plum" (blue), I have six bottles of house standing. And inexpensive, and does not harm the hair, as resistant paint. Tonic, too, with the mind must be used.

    I also sneak up on a wild plum, the result is very satisfying.
    A good thing is available.
    washed off after 8 times where I paint it after 4-5 washes

    - July 24, 2011, 23:24

    Hmm. you better listen to a ton of ammonia on your head. you just need to carefully read the instructions and clearly realize that Tonika is NOT PAINT, but just a tint balm. she doesn’t paint, but simply darkens or slightly brightens her native hair color. This does not at all mean that light blond hair “painted” with Tonic, “chocolate” for example, should suddenly become chocolate. It’s clear that with such coordinated experiments and color changes anything can turn out — both green and gray-brown-crimson with spots and la on the list. And just as it was not once noted that there was no need to dump it on Tonic to dry, it may be because of water, changing shampoo, paint with ammonic (or without it, although it is still there, it's a note who don’t know) and a lot of reasons. I don’t want to impose my opinion, thank you for your attention so to speak)

    - July 26, 2011, 1:15 pm

    Girls! I decided to grow my hair color (I have it blond)! Before that I did coloring several times, where there was a light brown shade. Then I decided to paint in dark colors, but the paint was quickly washed off, and in a month I was almost blond (my hair quickly burns out in the sun). It became a pity to dye my hair, and I decided to buy Tonika (golden nut)! I held 15 minutes and. i'm carrot. when it is washed off. I bought a dark shade (mocha), but I read the comments and was afraid to use it!

    - July 29, 2011, 14:32

    I want to be painted with tonic, but I'm afraid
    many do not like

    - August 1, 2011, 14:04

    This is a professional tinting paint. Is on sale on the Internet or in the magician. for profs. hairdressers.

    yes it will probably cost.

    - August 1, 2011, 2:08 pm

    advise some balm I want to try with brown to blonde. I do not know what to use!

    - August 1, 2011, 16:03

    Well, what we are smart, damn it! Normal shade! I personally approached! And the hair from it does not become dry and difficult to disintegrate!

    - August 2, 2011, 09:09

    A great tool for those who want to get rid of Tonika - hot burdock oil! Just watch the scalp do not burn. Heat the oil in a water bath (not to boiling water, but also to feel that it is warming), apply to your hair, wrap with cellophane, then a towel, hold for 1 hour, wash the head twice with shampoo.For 1 time it will not completely wash away, but on the second it is VERY NOTICEABLE! I am again blond. and this week. My hair every other day. And healthy hair)))

    - August 2, 2011, 12:43

    girls for those who do not know, tonic is designed for unbleached and not dyed hair, they can turn green and from blonde to brunette is better for the master.

    - August 3, 2011, 20:17

    The first time I painted my face with tonic in the 11th grade, then I had a mulling on my native color (light brown-haired). So, I wanted to dread how to paint in red, bought Mahogany tonic, did everything as per instructions, the result was what was necessary (with the exception of hopelessly spoiled towels, resistant skin and bath color). But after washing my head twice, the natural hair got an unpleasant reddish shade, and the silly pinks were silly, and since it was before the new year and I didn’t have to wait until all this shagu was washed off, the Cuban rumba was painted over. The color stayed for about two weeks , then everything began to wash off: where there was no redhead, and where it was brightly bright. purple ((((I tried to wash it all off for about two months, and I washed it every day, but the bestolk became an unpleasant reddish color, and the styled ones turned gray. I had to buy paint and paint it all! But after a while the devil misled, I bought the Wild Plum tonic again: I didn’t like the color, cast greens in the light, but not blue, moreover I quickly started to wash off the top of my head and natural hair, but I kept the colored ones for a long, long time, until I cut off! sorry g ****! It is better to buy Irida, and the color does not overload, and not gets dirty and at the price of a penny

    - August 5, 2011, 12:46

    if a person writes “I am a hairdresser-stylist”, it seems that the English queen would immediately go. and about paints in order to sell my salon, and about each other, saying that you don’t go to her, go to me.
    Well girl about ingredients told.
    and in general, try it yourself, everyone has different hair.
    and for the stylist-hairdressers, the small question is: WHAT ARE YOU YOURSELF IN YOUR SALONS, USE A SILENT TONIC ON A SURFACE AFTER FAILED YELLOW MILLING?

    - August 10, 2011, 00:56

    I dyed my hair only today with Tonika Black) How fast will it wash off who can say? And if I return to myself the golden color will not remain black? Will it not turn golden and vidin black?

    New on the forum

    - August 15, 2011, 17:10

    I dyed my hair only today with Tonika Black) How fast will it wash off who can say? And if I return to myself the golden color will not remain black? Will it not turn golden and vidin black?

    If this is your natural color, it will be washed off sooner or later, but if dyed, it is likely that only a repainting can return the shade! Starts to wash off after 2-3 washing

    - August 15, 2011, 17:14

    I remember how it was painted in black, everything was spattered, the most cheerful was when one strand of me was turning green in color after bathing))) it seemed to wash off, its hair is medium blond

    - August 15, 2011, 17:22

    GIRLS! Help me please. Oooooochen I want to dye in dark blue with the help of Tonika “Wild Plum”, but my native color brown earlier painted black, for a year now I grow my own natural and tint Irida Black Coffee. The hairs that were painted black turned dark dark brown (and this is by the way after two washes in the cabin and all kinds of torments of folk remedies). So, if I paint the whole thing, the Wild Plum will take on the color or not, how long , and what will be the consequences (((Please advise, otherwise I already bought Tonic))))

    The best tinting balms

    In Ukraine, there are not so many tint hair balsams. Most often you can hear the name "Tonic" - tint balm from Rocolor. But there are not all shades equally well affect the hair. Some balms leave hair rather stiff.Of the bright hues, only 8.53 (smoky-pink) and 6.65 (Indian summer) can be praised, and then only in combination with each other to achieve a shade of millenial pink. Black tone, blue and eggplant for toning dark hair also works well. I would not recommend the rest, since they leave stains, and discolored strands turn yellow after complete washing.

    Tonika balsam from Rocolor

    Plus - well paint over hair, caring for curls. Minus - with a rather wide choice of shades, not everyone acts equally well on hair. Most of the chestnut and chocolate shades leave a “rusty” stain after washing out.

    Tint balm "Estel Quality"

    Tonics "Estel" need to be applied on the head for the entire time of staining, indicated on the package, since they act rather slowly, despite the fact that the skin is painted in a second. They dye their hair fairly evenly, they do not harm the hair, but they are uneconomic. Minus - not enough fashionable shades, the standard set from red to black.

    Coloring Balsam L'Oreal Paris Colorista Washout

    Tint balm keeps on hair up to two weeks, depending on the tone. Pastel shades are "taken" only on light or bleached hair. But L'Oreal Paris in this series has shades of coloring balms for dark hair. This information is indicated on the packaging.

    Color Bomb Toning Balm from IdHair

    The color palette of these tinting balms is wide enough - from pastel gray and silver to copper, violet and vanilla. Very well dyed hair, curls become softer after exposure to the balm.

    What is tonic

    The tool is a special cosmetic composition that changes the shade of the strands without penetrating into their structure inherent in conventional paints. Tonics envelop hair with a fast-flush color film. Some believe that the paint provides the same effect, but has a clear advantage, due to its durability, but it is not. To understand the difference, you need to know what toning is and what is the usual painting.

    Dyeing resistant means is a chemical process in which the pigment penetrates the hair. The toning procedure involves the use of unstable paints. As a result, the dye remains on the surface of the hair. Thanks to the tonic it is possible to change the shade of the strands or to give a natural color brightness. High-quality tool is not composed of oxidizers such as ammonia. Due to the gentle composition, the hair structure remains intact after toning, in contrast to the procedure of dyeing with ordinary paint.

    • harmless to the ends of the hair (after normal dyeing, they become split),
    • the ability to change the tone often,
    • the acquisition of strands of shine after application,
    • profitability (there is no need to buy expensive regenerating masks after dyeing),
    • simple application instruction,
    • moisturizing effect.

    Types of hair toners

    Almost all dubbing products are rich in colors. The spectrum includes black, blue, amethyst, eggplant, beige, white, turquoise, gold, pearl, plum, malachite, walnut, and others. In addition, tonics differ in the degree of durability and composition. As a rule, coloring agents are divided into three categories: tinted shampoos, paints and tinting balms. The first is perfect for blondes and girls with light brown hair. The latter are intended brunettes. Paints are considered more versatile.

    Belita Tint Balm

    There are a lot of Belarusian products among the tint balms. This, for example, a series of "Color Luh", "Color", "Beauty Color".

    The palette of tinting balms is rich, for example, Belita “Beauty Color” remedy: golden blond, blond fawn, hazelnut, chestnut, amber, fiery red, red ruby, red titian, ruby, light red garnet, garnet, burgundy, beech , eggplant, wild plum.

    After using the balm, the hair looks attractive, does not lose its softness, gain additional shine. Reviews note some weighting of the curls, which helps to give the hair a missing volume.

    These are not all pleasant surprises: the product from Belita is well applied, easily washed off the scalp. Color remains for a long time. In some cases, the color remains even after 7-8 washing curls.

    Reviews often note: the use of Belit balm allows you to achieve the effect of lamination strands.

    Belarusian tint balms also, as they say reviews, are pleased with the low price.

    Londa Color Balm

    Londa presents tint balms for different hair types (including melirovannyh, dark, blond) series "Londoren", "Londeston Creative Color" and others.

    "Londoren" - tint balm with provitamin B5. Using this balm, you can get glowing, glowing shades without an oxidizer and ammonia. The color range is as diverse as that of cosmetic products from Belite, Tonic, Estelle. The balm is washed off after 6-8 times washing the head. The contents of the bottle is enough for 4-5 times the coloring of hair of medium length.

    "Londeston Creative Color" - a balm in the form of a foam, perfectly suitable for refreshing the color between the stains of the strands. Special care and dyeing combination of components allows you not only to give your hair a specific shade, but also to take care of them.

    Kapous Life Color Tint Balm

    This product is professional. Country of origin - Italy. Kapous ottenochny balm is great in order to give the curls extra shine and refresh colored hair.

    The cosmetic is intended to make the natural color more saturated or noticeably change the hair color.

    Kapous protects hair from the harmful effects of the environment, has an antistatic effect, restores hair elasticity, facilitates combing. The manufacturer also ensures that Kapous is able to protect the hair from burning out.

    The product contains fruit acids, due to which Kapous performs another function - it moisturizes the hair well. Regular use of Kapous allows you to achieve a deep uniform color or maintain the attractiveness of the hairstyle until the next coloring.

    So, the above were considered the main tint balms used for hair by many girls. Of course, the choice is not limited to the manufacturers represented. Good tools are offered not only by Tonic, Belita, Estel, Kapous. Suffice it to recall the equally famous firm L'Oreal. In any case, one thing is important: carefully study the instructions for use.

    How to apply a tint balm on the hair to get the desired color

    All women tend to change their image from time to time, surprising with their beauty and originality. Some girls prefer to cut their hair, others let go, but they both tend to change the color of their own strands.

    How can this be done so as not to spoil your darling hair? In the matter of changing the color will help you not only paint, but also a special tint balm. We will talk about how to use tint balm.

    What is a balsam with color

    As you know, the hair does not like when they are dyed, and of course they can not stand when they often begin to repaint. After two or three procedures for changing the color with ordinary paint, they begin to lose their life, becoming more fragile and brittle. That is why, it is recommended to use tint balm.

    What is the tint balm different from the usual? It consists of special products and pigments that allow you to give the desired color or shade to the strands.

    Of course, we should not forget that the result of using tonic is not durable. After washing your head two or three times, you will return to your previous color.If you dye your hair with ordinary paint, the color will last much longer, but the curls will be in the worst condition.

    Use of the drug for hair

    Often on the Internet there are questions: "How to apply a tint balm?" You will find the answers to these questions in this article.

    Let's begin, perhaps, with how correctly to use the tint balm? Each package has a special instruction that explains how to use the balm correctly. However, it very often happens that not all uses are listed in it. Sometimes, additional questions may arise because of this, for example: “What hair does tint balsam are applied on?”.

    Basically, it should be applied to clean, damp hair after shampooing. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that the strands were just wet, not wet, they should not drip water, but they also should not be dried, otherwise applying a tint balm will be extremely uncomfortable.

    We turn to another equally important question: "How much to keep the tint balm?". After applying this tool on the strands, they are fixed, or put on top of a plastic cap. Keep this drug on the curls need no more than half an hour.

    If you have dark strands, you can increase the usage time by 10-15 minutes, this will not harm your curls, but will make the color more intense. After the right time has elapsed, the strands must be rinsed thoroughly until the water running off them becomes transparent. Can I do this with shampoo? Of course not, because shampoo will wash away all the color.

    After dry head look in the mirror. If the resulting shade suits you, remember how many minutes you held the drug. If not, wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo. All the paint will not go away, but the color will definitely become lighter.

    What to do with blond hair?

    There is a separate way how to apply a tint balm on blonde hair. This method is especially suitable for blondes, who often have yellowness on dyed locks. Moreover, it happens even to those who know how to paint, and no matter how much they keep the drug on the curls.

    If you do not help tips how to apply tint balm, this method was created exclusively for you!

    To get rid of the yellowness, you need to add a couple of drops of ashy tinted balm to the shampoo. The result can be seen after the first use, but the procedure should not be repeated very often, just once a week.

    How often can you use tint balm, so as not to harm your curls? Given the fact that neither ammonia nor peroxide is included in the tonic, it is safe to say that if you use it often enough, it will not harm you, but you need to do it right!

    Basic rules you need to know

    You already know how to apply a tint balm to your strands, but you need to learn a few more rules to help you avoid trouble, or unexpected results.

    • The main difference of how to paint with color balm lies in the fact that it is applied exclusively on pure strands. As for the paint, then it is better to use on dirty curls.
    • Rinse tonic residues can only be using ordinary, running water. Use for this shampoo, soap, or other detergents can not be, because you risk washing all the paint.
    • You can get a rich color or shade only if you do not dilute the tonic.
    • If you do not need a bright, rich color, it is proposed to dilute the tonic in a small amount of shampoo, conditioner, or water.
    • You should never throw out the instructions.Despite the fact that in most cases the drugs are used equally, some have their own special properties, which you can learn about only from the instructions.

    When to use paint

    Even those who know how to dye their hair with a tint balsam have no idea at all whether it is possible to dye their hair with a tint balsam. What do you think, is it possible to do this?

    Of course, if you go to paint in a good salon, you will be asked to make a wash, but this procedure is absolutely useless. The wash is very useful if you have painted your curls with paint before.

    However, if you used tonic, it will be much easier for you to just wash your head several times.

    It is absolutely not recommended to paint your treads with a tonic, because there is a chance that when you first wash your hair, the paint will come off in place with tonic.

    Pros and cons of tint balm

    You already know how to dye your hair with a tint balsam, but rarely anyone warns about the difficulties that may arise from the use of tonic.

    You probably guess why. Even if you know how to use a tint balm - it will not save you from the fact that the paint will wash off at every opportunity, regardless of whether it rains or a shower. However, these are real trifles, compared to other problems in life. Despite its small minus, tonics also have a lot of usefulness.

    Basically, tonics contain natural, natural ingredients that protect your curls from dirt, they also very well nourish the structure of each hair.

    In addition, natural components create a special protection against burnout, they are also able to further moisturize the strands.

    After the first use of the tonic, you immediately want to repeat the procedure, because your curls will become softer and more shiny.

    Color spectrum

    Manufacturers of tint hair balms offer a wide color palette, including shades of light, dark, chocolate, blue, red colors.

    Having stopped on the choice, consider the color type of your curls - then your image will become not only bright, but also harmonious.

    You will find the desired color shade of the balm from import companies and from domestic ones, which offer at least a rich choice.

    Hair tinting products from the best manufacturers

    Shading hair products exist in the concept of world famous brands, and not only foreign ones. Products with unfamiliar names are better not to use - curls grow, but for a long time.

    Yes, the production of foreign goods with “loud” names (L'Oreal, Schwarzkopf, Vella) is of high quality, but domestic products have also been placed on the trust of women, because their price is more attractive, and the quality is just as good.


    1. Estel brand is known for every fashionistas. The range of it has more than 700 units of cosmetic products, including tint balms for hair without ammonia and peroxide. The Estel Solo Ton series is presented in 25 color shades: from ashy, silver to eggplant, wild cherry and bright black.

    The Estel Nuance LOVE palette, consisting of 17 shades, is suitable for gray hair, blond hair and underlining of red flowers. Belita Belita-Vitex is a leader in the market of cosmetics and professional hair care products. One of the best examples confirming the durability and quality of products is the Color Lux line.

    It will give charm to your image and will make you feel confident. For lovers of bold decisions, the collection will fit perfectly - there is a blue color, pearl, white, apricot. Irida cares for hair during and after dyeing.

    The composition of the tonics is not ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, they are made exclusively from natural environmentally friendly components that completely paint over the strands and hide even gray hair. The hair color is saturated and shiny, does not wash off for a long time - you can wash your head 10-14 times.

  • Brand Rocolor has released an updated line of Tonics - now a balm with flax extract (white) and color pigments of exclusive quality. Due to the coloring products of this line, hair gets deep noble colors. Strands become silky, docile, shiny and shiny even after multiple shampoos.
    1. The shades of Wella tonics are identical to the colors of professional paints. Popular in the market of cosmetics for hair due to bright colors: blue, pink, yellow, green. Especially suitable for those who are not afraid to experiment with appearance.

    Balsams when mixed will help each to create an individual color - for a risky lady this is exactly what she wants. L'Oreal has been recognized by many women for their deep, rich colors. Strands do not lose their softness after applying the balm, grow faster.

    Thanks to the tint means of a world brand, dull and faded hair will begin to shine again, and relatives will become more natural. A great option for those who are eager to transform without the extra cost of painting in the cabin! Tint Kapous shampoos are suitable for all types of hair of any color, give them shine, strength, desired tone.

    Popular among women who have begun to show the first gray hair. Restore damaged curls, leaving the color natural. The palette includes shades from the lightest tones to dark, colors well and for a long time.

    How to use tinting hair

    Before painting tint tool you need to prepare a standard set of tools:

    • comb,
    • glass or plastic container
    • shampoo,
    • rubber gloves,
    • sponge or brush (you can do this and that)
    • towel.

    Rate the natural hair color - tonic should be darker at least a tone, otherwise the result will not be noticeable. If you have not previously used tinting hair balm, be sure to test on one strand to see what the result of the painting will be. When you decide what you like, you can safely start painting the whole head. How to do it step by step:

    1. Wear rubber gloves (you can take disposable medical).
    2. Pour into the prepared container means, diluted with water, thoroughly stir. We look at the proportion of water on the packaging - it is different for each manufacturer.
    3. We wet the head, we put tonic. We start from the parting to the center, gradually moving down. First we paint one side, then the other. We comb, we mass head, until we see the foam.
    4. After 20-30 minutes you need to wash the composition from the head with running water. Admire the new way!

    Where to buy and how much it costs

    Hair tonic can be purchased at cosmetics stores in Moscow and the Moscow region, in shopping centers or ordered online. Pricing policy in all places is different - for one bottle you pay from 139 rubles to 500 p. It all depends on the popularity of the place where you purchase goods, for example, in beauty studios you can buy a bottle of tonic for 5000 p.

    50 shades of beauty or tint hair balm

    Today, ladies of the whole world are storming salons, putting their precious manes in the hands of illusionist hairdressers, in whose mouths the most trending words of the season ombre, shatush and balayazh sound like a spell. However, in pursuit of beauty, Rapunzeli do not fully understand the cruel violence their braids will undergo.

    The technique of fashionable dyeing is such that, in any case, stylists will resort to lightening hair (after all, even the most inexperienced readers know that this is fraught with breeding color pigment from the hair by destroying its structure). Yes, beautiful, and yes, fashionable. However, most girls still agree that it is a pity to spoil.

    And is the game worth the candle?

    Good girls say "Not tasty!" And go on, in search of an alternative way of coloring their female dignity. There are alternatives to the hot trends of the season.The adherents of the “old school” school use almost the grandmother’s method.

    This is a good old hair tint using tinted balm. As a result of applying the coloring composition, you not only refresh the color, but also care for the curls thanks to the nourishing oils that make up this product line.

    Why is it still worth tinting hair:

    1. Firstly, carefully (yes, precisely, rather than thickly smeared mass applied to the head) tinted hair looks more natural, especially if before that you bleached your hair with a brightening dye or powder.
    2. With the use of tinted balm, you can adjust the color nuance resulting from the previous staining.
    3. Toning has a more gentle effect on the hair structure. Dye, penetrating into the hair scales, fills them, envelops, and gives extra care to damaged hair. As a result, you get a bright image without compromising “health”, for beauty, in this case, you only pay with a ruble.
    4. Availability of the procedure. In order to refresh the color, it is not necessary to go to the salon, dyeing can be carried out at home.
    5. Product availability. Buying a regular bottle of dye balm will not hit the pocket, the price depends on the manufacturer and varies within a few hundred rubles.
    6. Anyway - just BECAUSE. Do not consider it insolence, but this is the subjective opinion of the author of the article, which must be taken as an axiom that does not require proof. She has been conducting all her hair experiments for over twelve years (being a 9-row blonde, she has already eaten a dog on a selection of modern coloring products that can gently correct the color nuance on her perhydrated mane).

    Every hunter wants to know ...

    So, what manufacturers offer tint balms? The most famous since high school, as if taken out of a grandmother's chest, is the tonic balsam “Tonic” of the company “RoKolor”

    Yes - yes, the same one (no, not with an elephant, but in a green bottle, although today it can be more often seen in an azure-blue version). The palette of tonic balsam "Tonica" is very wide. Here you can see all the shades and colors, even for those who want to radically change their hair color.

    (Here the author of the article publishes a nervous laugh, recalling how in grade 8 he tested a shade of 6.65, called the manufacturer Indian Summer). Indeed, the line of colors is quite unique. Lovers of all bright colors will be pleasantly surprised by shades of the third row, especially 3.1 “Wild plum” and 3.

    13 Malachite. It remains only to remove this article away from the eyes of daughters or younger nieces.

    But seriously, the tonic balsam tonic has not only screaming teenage shades, but also quite decent ones that can be used by noble girls for publishing, such as 4.0 “Chocolate”, 5.35 “Red Amber”, 8.10 “Pearl -ashen".

    The latter, by the way, is very often used by both professionals and amateurs to neutralize the “perhydrol” blond and color correction. (The author, again, was flooded with pleasant memories).

    When using for the first time, do not be surprised to open the bottle with the last mentioned shade and find a caracatically-ink color instead of a pearl. Just keep in mind - it should be.

    Every hunter should know where their Pheasant is sitting, the whole point is that the purple hue well neutralizes the yellowness, which then successfully turns into the desired pearl-ashy.

    Reviews on the tonic balm "Tonica", for the most part, are positive. However, there is one caveat - in the root zone a tint balm does not always work successfully. When applied simultaneously, the color of the main part of the hair and roots will differ by a shade of two, so it makes sense to apply the composition first on the roots, then on the entire length.

    Last a moment, you're beautiful!

    Following the “RoColor” tint balsam, the teltel tint balsam, not less well-known in narrow circles, historically fell into the hands of the author of the article.

    In general, it is worth to single out this brand as a separate line, because, according to the author, it is one of the most acceptable mastodons on the market today - manufacturers of professional cosmetics for hair coloring.

    According to the manufacturer, ESTEL Professional has become one of the strongest brands and the absolute leader in the production of professional cosmetics for hair in Russia and the CIS countries, one of the largest suppliers to Europe with its own official representative of ESTEL Europe.

    Being well acquainted with the products of this company and trusting its mermaid curls only to her, the author of the article will certainly agree with such a stilted statement.

    However, it is worth noting that the products are manufactured in St. Petersburg, and outside of Russia, in the EU countries, it is little known, to be honest, you will not find her there in the afternoon with fire. For example, the author, living in Denmark and experiencing an acute need for staining, was severely disappointed, not finding her favorite manufacturer on the shelves of professional cosmetics stores. Therefore, dear readers, enjoy and appreciate what you have, all good things have an unpleasant property of quickly ending.

    So, directly about the product itself. Estelle ottenochny balm is not less classical product in the market of the painting means. The palette “Estelle”, unlike “Tonika”, has calmer and more mundane tones.

    In this regard, the balm, of course, loses to its competitor (now adolescent seekers unanimously expressed their “Fi” and, without reading this further, with a confident gait and with a predatory grin, went in search of “RoColor”).

    Yes, Estelle Tint Balsam is still more suitable for their older sisters. Well, or moms. Well, or grandmothers, because in the Estelle lineup there are shades that perfectly filter the gray hair, turning your beloved granny, for example, into the noble “Silver blonde” (shade 10.

    one). Works with a bang. The only thing we don’t forget about the roots, as in the case with the tonic balm "Tonic".

    Cherche la femme

    In the literal sense, “refresh” the color of your hair is also possible with the tint balm Concept Fresh up. All you need for this is a lot of free time and about 300 rubles. The product is sold exclusively at the point of sale of professional cosmetics, and then not everywhere.

    Here you and Shershe la femme. The manufacturer emphasizes that the tint balm does not contain ammonia and aggressive chemical compounds, and therefore provides the hair with a soft toning.

    The balm contains a unique caring complex of natural ingredients based on lecithin, beeswax and linseed oil.

    The author does not like to splurge, therefore, he honestly admits that he has not tried this “concept” and fully relies on the opinion of users published on the web in this matter. Product reviews say that the balm is not inferior to resistant paint in intensity and durability. Therefore, you will not regret the time lost in search of Concept's tint balm.


    No less popular with world-renowned women of fashion is the Color Lux, a tinting balm from the manufacturer Belita-Vitex. The palette of tinted balsam "Belita" will pleasantly surprise the owners of natural, bleached and gray hair.

    From readers' reviews published on the forums, the advantages of this product can be considered: rich color, gentle effect on hair, affordable price, lasting toning, a large palette of colors, and even a pleasant smell. However, few still admitted that the balm "dries hair."

    In addition, the balm must be washed away from the hair for a long time, while the coloring composition is printed, literally, on a towel during the drying process.Although, this was to be expected, since by nature, tint balm is not a durable paint.

    Its effect in this regard is more like the effect of a tinted lip balm - beautiful, fashionable, refreshing appearance, but, unlike persistent lipstick, it gets dirty and leaves traces.

    Finish line

    Reviews - this is certainly an iron argument, though always controversial. Tastes differ, as they say overseas. Although the average man is always aware that the truth is somewhere near. In general, dear readers, think for yourself - decide for yourself whether you have in your arsenal an improvised remedy, such as tint balm or not.

    50 shades of beauty or tint hair balm was last modified: April 16th, 2016 by MaksimB

    Tinting balm

    The composition carefully paints strands and creates on them a film that protects against ultraviolet rays. Tonic tinting for hair contains only the components of the soft action. The shading balm differs from the usual one in that it includes special coloring pigments. They give the strands the desired tone. The result of this staining is short-lived, the natural color returns through several procedures of washing the head.

    The tool of any manufacturer has an instruction that describes the rules for applying a tinting balm. However, quite often some important points are missed in the manual. Tonic should be applied to clean, lightly moistened hair. It is necessary to hold means on locks for 10-30 minutes, and you should wear a plastic hat or an ordinary cellophane bag on your head. Girls with dark strands can extend the procedure by 10 minutes to achieve the most bright shade.

    When the waiting time is completed, the tonic should be washed off the hair. Rinse the strands thoroughly under running water until the liquid flowing through the hair becomes clear. You can not wash off the tonic with regular shampoo, because it will immediately wash the acquired color. Blow dry your hair to see the effect. If you do not like it, wash your head again using regular shampoo - the new shade will disappear.

    Unlike the usual, tinting paint does not contain ammonia, which opens the scales and activates the chemical reaction inside the hair. The shading agent acts at the expense of a small percentage of oxidizer. How to dye your hair tonic correctly:

    1. The tool is applied to washed, slightly wet strands.
    2. Pigments are instantly fixed on the hair and provide coloring.
    3. During the procedure, it is worth considering that the zones that were treated first will be painted more intensively.
    4. Tint paint is kept on the hair for 15-30 minutes, then washed off with water.

    The effect of toning persists for 2-3 weeks, with many girls noting the simplification of combing and styling hair after the procedure. Like any other coloring, toning has its pronounced pros and cons. The advantage of the procedure is a sparing action for the hair, disadvantages - the effect does not last long, and the paint does not paint over gray strands.

    Watch the video: How I dye my hair purple & blue DIY (December 2019).