Hair shielding: what it is and how it is made

To reduce the impact of harmful environmental factors and styling products on the strands, experts recommend shielding hair. This procedure causes a real stir, because it gives the hair a well-groomed look and shiny curls. That is why many rush to try it for yourself. But is she so amazing and safe? This is worth a closer look.

What is shielding

Shielding is a procedure that, due to its composition, acts on the entire structure of the hair and gives it a special protective film. This coating is able to reflect light like a screen, hence the name.

There are two shielding methods:

  • transparent - recommended for owners of bleached hair and those who do not want to shade them,
  • color - able to tint strands. Unlike paint, such compositions do not contain alkalis and ammonia, and therefore do not harm the hair.

Other name this method - shining (from the English. shine-shine) and in appearance it is easily confused with lamination. But these two methods of processing strands differ significantly.

Difference from lamination

Shielding not only covers the hair, smoothing the cuticle and protecting the surface from daily harmful influences, it also nourishes the strands from the inside. In the formulations intended for this procedure, there are caring components that penetrate and heal the curls. The strands themselves become dense and voluminous. The procedure is classified more as a wellness.

But Lamination is reduced only to covering the hair cuticle with a protective film and the composition does not penetrate inside. It belongs to the methods of withdrawal. And to enhance the effect, hairdressers propose to combine both procedures.

How much does hair shielding cost?

Those who wish to get an excellent result should resort to the help of a master hairdresser. It is in the cabin one can hope that such a recovery will be carried out according to the rules. The price for this procedure in most salons starts from 600 rubles and above. And given that this method is not convenient for everyone, manufacturers of cosmetics began to produce kits that allow screening at home.


You can not carry out the procedure in such cases:

  • intolerance to drugs that are contained in
  • the presence of various skin diseases
  • cracks, scratches and other damage to the head,
  • when bleaching / permanent curling was done less than two weeks ago,
  • the problem of hair loss. They can fall out even more, because the procedure weights strands,
  • thick and stiff head of hair. Such hair, after shielding, can become similar to wire,

Attention! With caution is to resort to this method for owners of greasy hair, because shining can only exacerbate the problem.

The procedure for carrying out the shining

This type of hair recovery passes in several stages:

  1. Cleansing. To do this, choose a shampoo that is able not only to clean the strands from various contaminants, but also to open access to the penetration of the composition.
  2. Applying conditioner. It is applied to wet (not wet) curls and aged on the hair as long as indicated in the instructions. After that means is washed off with water.
  3. Applying a screening compound. It is distributed over all strands and warmed by a hairdryer. This allows you to improve the penetration of the active substance in the hair itself.
  4. Fixing. It is carried out by applying a special oil, which must be evenly distributed over the hair. After that, the strands are dried and stacked properly.

In addition to these, the main stages may be intermediate: using different oils, masks and other cosmetics.

Salon Screening

For shading masters often use a series from Estelle.

It is presented in two forms:

  • Q3 Therapy (for dark-haired women),
  • Q3 Blond (for blondes).

The procedure performed using this series takes about half an hour and takes place in three stages:

  1. Alignment and hydration. To do this, the master uses air conditioning spray Q3 INTENSE. It helps strengthen and moisturize the strands. Combing is also easier.
  2. Nutrition and hydration. Achieved by applying Q3 THERAPY oil. It actively strengthens the hair shaft itself, thickens it and smoothes the cuticle scales. In this case, the tool itself is applied first in the palm of your hand, and then distributed to the curls. The roots of the master does not affect, retreating about 2 cm.
  3. Film application Hairdresser sprays hair with Q3 LUXURY oil, dries every strand with a hair dryer and sprinkles again. After that, the strands are also warmed up either with a hair dryer or with a flat iron. As a result, the oil firmly envelops each hair and creates a film that reflects light well.

How long does the effect last

The effect of shielding can last from several days to several weeks. It all depends on the structure and degree of damage to the hair. In any case, since shining has accumulating properties, with each subsequent procedure, the state of hair will improve. But this does not mean that screening can be abused.

How often can you do

Experts recommend a screening procedure no more than once every 2-3 weeks.

Important! In the care of the hair after the procedure, the main thing is not to use deep cleansing shampoos that destroy the film. Also, after washing, it is necessary to apply a conditioner balm.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • hair becomes more manageable and better fit
  • the color of the colored strands becomes more resistant, since the external film created does not allow the pigment to wash out,
  • protection from harmful external factors
  • the radiance of the strands,
  • nutrition of hairs with amino acids and vegetable proteins
  • increase in volume due to thickening of the hair from the inside.


  • the effect quickly goes away. You need to do this procedure all the as not to lose shine
  • hair becomes tougher.
  • high price.

Useful video

Screening procedure Q3 from Estelle.

All about hair shielding from art director Estel Denis Chirkov.

Indications for the procedure

  1. Split, weak and dry curls.
  2. Frequent use of styling devices.
  3. Hair after dyeing, chemistry and straightening.
  4. Faded and dull color of hair.
  5. Often stay in a hostile environment.

Photo before and after shielding hair

How do shielding in the cabin?

Before you decide whether this procedure will help you, let's look at how specialists do it:

  • Step 1. First, the master will wash his head with the use of a special shampoo and give the curls to dry in a natural way.
  • Step 2. Then he will apply products with active substances to each strand, whose actions are aimed at protecting, moisturizing and nourishing. The number of drugs may vary depending on the salon, but usually there are at least three of them.
  • Step 3. When the substances penetrate inside the hairs, your head will be washed again and treated with shielding mixture. If hair coloring is intended, then pigments will be present.
  • Step 4. In half an hour the master will dry your strands with a hair dryer. It is necessary to accelerate the penetration of the last means into the hairs.
  • Step 5. The result obtained is fixed with a special balm. Next, the wizard will advise you on proper care.

What do you need for home screening?

You can do the shielding procedure yourself. To do this, you need to buy hair shielding products. Total home screening will require:

  • shielding kit
  • hairbrush,
  • hair dryer
  • gloves,
  • towel.

The instruction in each kit has a detailed description of the procedure. Even if you have not encountered such manipulations before, you can deal with the intricacies of screening.

Try to get a high-quality hair shielding kit from a reliable brand. After applying a cheap product, you can spoil the hair, after which only a professional can restore it.

The rulers of some brands assume a clear separation of the sets depending on the hair color, therefore, shielding of blond hair can be done without fear. This is where q3 hair shielding comes up.

The most popular, the following sets for hair shielding from the company Estelle:

  • Q3 Estelle SET for damaged hair screening ESTEL
  • Estel, Q3 Blond Kit for shielding blond hair

Homemade hair shielding: instruction

How to do screening yourself:

  • Step 1. Wash curls with warm water and shampoo from the set.
  • Step 2. Dry your hair with a towel without using a hair dryer.
  • Step 3. Apply balsam or mask from the set to the strands. The tool is used to power the curls and preparation for the absorption of medicinal substances. It makes every hair more susceptible to the components of the drugs, lifting scales.
  • Step 4. Wait the time specified in the instructions and wash your head.
  • Step 5. Now it is necessary to put weight for shielding. Carefully coat each strand and hide the curls under the cellophane. Heat your head with a towel.
  • Step 6. After half an hour, wash your hair and blow dry.
  • Step 7. At the end, apply a means of fastening to the hair and do not wash it off.

The procedure of the procedure and video review with the results of hair screening at home.

Frequency of procedures

You will notice the effect after the first procedure, but it will quickly disappear if the screening sessions are suspended. Already at the third application of the remedies, the curls will acquire an average degree of protection, and at the fifth - the highest.

Well-groomed appearance after each procedure is maintained for 2-3 weeks, so the frequency of sessions depends on how much the effect lasts, and is 1 every 14 days.

After six months you will be able to repeat the course.

When is better to do shielding

It is recommended to screen hair in the summer. Invisible film will be an excellent protection from the scorching sun and salty sea water, if you are going to rest on the sea. These factors adversely affect the state of the locks.

The shielding contains ultraviolet filters that protect the hair in the same way that sun cream protects the skin. The film prevents color from burning out.

Hair care after the procedure

If you want the effect to last for a long time, then you need to properly care for your hair. The recommendations are as follows:

  • wash the hair with alkali free shampoos of the same brand as the shielding kit,
  • give up alcohol masks,
  • use hair electrifying compositions
  • don't scrub your scalp
  • after washing your hair, you do not need to squeeze them out and rub them intensively with a towel,
  • try to wash your hair as little as possible, as frequent procedures will lead to the rapid flushing of substances.

Description of the procedure

Hair shielding - This is a medical procedure for hair care, in which the inner structure of the hair is nourished. In this procedure, the hair is nourished, moisturized and protected from external environmental influences. Hair is covered with a protective film, forming the effect of glossy hair. The composition for hair shielding includes amino acids, soy protein, oils and other natural substances. Hair shielding can be transparent and colored. The hair after shielding gets shine and healthy look.

The most famous hair shielding preparations are considered Q3 Blond and Q3 Therapy firms Estel (Estel Professional, Russia) and Shine Clear and color shielding company Paul Mitchell (USA).

The palette Shine Clear Paul Mitchell is presented in 32 colors:

Impact mechanism

The effect of shielding preparations is the same as during lamination and biolamination - a protective film of oils is formed on the surface of the hair, which evens and protects its structure. The cuticle becomes smoother, which is very noticeable on damaged hair. In addition, the hair fills the water balance and receive nutrients that go into the hair and "sealed" there, providing a regenerating effect on the hair. To maximize the effect of shielding, you can use hair care products from Loreal Paris.

Indications for hair shielding

  • Severe damage to the entire hair shaft - section along the length and on the tips, dryness, brittleness, tangling.
  • The effects of staining with aggressive dyes perm or straightening.
  • Faded and faded hair.
  • Aggressive environmental exposure high humidity, cold, wind, salty or chlorinated water, dry air

Result Photo before and after

After shielding, the curls become soft, smooth and supple to the styling. The hair is protected from aggressive sunlight and high temperatures.

Types of shielding

There are two types of shielding, more about them:

The protective film performs not only protective functions, but also gives the hair the desired shade. This type of staining is safe for the hair structure, since the pigment is attached outside the core, not inside. In addition, the coloring composition is enriched with ceramides and fats useful for hair.

Stages of the procedure in the salon

In the salon hair shielding occurs in several stages:

  1. Washing your head with shampoo.
  2. Multistage treatment of wet hair with nutrients and their aging.
  3. Wash.
  4. Natural hair drying without hair dryer.
  5. Applying a screening compound.
  6. Uniform drying with the help of a dryer, to accelerate the absorption of nutrients.

Estel Q3 therapy for damaged hair

Products of this line are designed for emergency restoration of heavily weakened and damaged strands. The composition is enriched with soy protein, amino acids and ceramides, as well as vegetable oils of macadamia and argan.

The composition includes:

  • Conditioner-conditioner.
  • Oil for shielding.
  • Oil shine.

Estel Q3 BLOND

Unlike the previous set, it is great for the treatment of blond hair.

  • Two-phase conditioner for blonde Q3 Blond.
  • Q3 Luxury oil for all hair types.
  • Oil shine for all hair types.

Kemon shielding is recommended for girls with curly and curly hair, because the product not only nourishes the hair, but also perfectly smoothes it.

The kit includes:

  • Cream for smoothing curly hair.
  • Regenerating oil.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Neutralizer

The kit is rarely found in the public domain and is more intended for salon procedures.

Paul mitchell

In the product line from Paul Mitchell can be means for both color and colorless shielding.

For the procedure need:

  • shampoo for deep cleaning,
  • moisturizing mask
  • coloring or colorless screening compound,
  • treated oil.

Unlike the brands listed above, Paul Mitchell does not release kits - each tool must be purchased separately.

What else can be combined screening?

If your hair is very weak and dry, then beauty salon specialists may advise you to first lamination (or phytolaminating), and then shielding. The procedures complement each other, with the result that the “before and after” difference will be simply enormous.

What is better - botox for hair or shielding?

The therapeutic effect of Botox for the hair has not been proven, however, cosmetic - there is. For the sake of visual grooming and gloss, many young ladies do this procedure time after time.


  • Eliminates cross section and down.
  • It returns shine and elasticity to hair.
  • Does not weigh strands.


  • It has a large list of contraindications.
  • With frequent repetition worsens the structure of the curls and makes them more brittle and dry.

Keratin straightening

Deeply restores the keratin layer of the hair, making the hair smoother and shinier.

There are 2 types of procedure:

  • Brazilian - during the procedure used formaldehyde. Intensively straightens hair, but requires the additional use of shampoos and conditioners with keratins.
  • American - has a more gentle composition and accordingly - high cost.


Shielding can be a great solution before vacationing on the sunny coast - your hair will be safe despite the scorching sun and salt water. But residents of megacities also note the advantages of the procedure - despite the poor environmental conditions, constant smog and gas content - the curls look healthy, smooth and shining.

Several reviews from popular resources and, images can be increased.

The essence of the method

Escaping is a procedure that has both a cosmetic and a healing effect. During its implementation, due to the deep penetration of nutrients and caring substances, damaged hair shafts are restored, their water balance is normalized. On top of the hairs are covered with a protective glossy layer (film), which gives shine, smoothness and reduces the negative impact of environmental factors: sudden changes in weather, wind, frost, ultraviolet rays, high temperatures. After the procedure, strands become more voluminous, resilient and elastic, easier to style in any hairstyle.

The result of shielding will be noticeable immediately. After the first time, it will last from one to three weeks depending on the initial condition of the hair and the characteristics of their care. Frequent washing of the head contributes to the more rapid disappearance of the applied protective film. A feature of hair shielding is a cumulative effect. Many masters to achieve good results are advised to conduct a course of 5-10 sessions with an interval of 2-3 weeks. Repeated course can be performed in 6-10 months.

The composition of professional tools to perform the procedure includes:

  • amino acids
  • squirrels,
  • natural oils
  • ceramides
  • vitamins
  • plant extracts.

There are two types of shielding. Transparent enhances the shine of the hair, preserving their natural shade. Colored gives shine and at the same time the desired shade with the help of safe dyes that do not contain ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and other aggressive chemical components, although the stability of this toning is lower than with conventional dyeing.

Interesting: According to the visually observed effect, shielding has similarities with lamination. However, during lamination, a protective film is only applied to the hair, but the active components do not fall inside the hair shaft. For the best effect, many hairdressers advise to combine these two procedures.

Considering that shielding is considered primarily as a therapeutic effect, it will suit the fair sex with the following hair problems:

  • dryness,
  • damage after frequent dyeing, straightening, curling,
  • fragility
  • dullness, deterioration of color,
  • the deterioration of the appearance due to the constant use of thermal devices for styling (curling iron, tongs, ironing, thermal curlers),
  • split, thinned tips.

This procedure is not recommended for women with oily scalp, as it can aggravate the situation even more.

Popular tools

Preparations for shielding hair differ in composition, method of use, cost.

Q3 Blond from Estel Professional (Russia). Designed for blonde hair, includes a two-phase conditioner Q3 Blond, oil Q3 Blond, oil gloss Q3 Luxury. The product contains argan oil, macadamia nut, camellia, allows you to moisturize and strengthen hair, restore the natural pH level, add shine and neutralize unwanted yellow tint, protect from UV rays and thermal effects.

Q3 Therapy from Estel Professional (Russia). It is recommended for the care of dull, brittle, weakened strands, subjected to frequent chemical and thermal effects. Ingredients include macadamia, avocado, argan, walnut, camellia and grape seed oils that nourish and protect hair, saturating it with moisture and beneficial substances. The kit includes a Q3 Intense biphasic spray, Q3 Therapy oil and Q3 Therapy gloss oils.

Screening from the brand Paul Mitchell (USA) - colorless (PM Clear Shine) and color (PM Shine). Contains shampoo, moisturizing mask, remedy with oleic acid and soy proteins, disintegrating agent. After applying the composition of the hair becomes smooth, silky, enriched with essential nutrients, damage is restored. When color shielding is performed, pigment is added to the hair before applying the screening compound (32 different shades are available to choose from).

Important: It is necessary to buy trains only in company stores or from official representatives, making sure that you have the appropriate certificates. This will avoid the acquisition of a fake, which may not only not improve the appearance of the hair, but also further worsen it.

Stages of

Screening in a salon or barber shop consists of the following steps:

  1. Washing head.
  2. Alternate application to wet strands of special formulations.
  3. Keeping the active ingredients on the hair for some time.
  4. Flushing applied funds.
  5. Drying hair without the use of a hair dryer.
  6. Putting shielding mixes.
  7. Uniform drying at high temperature for faster absorption of useful substances.
  8. Applying a special fixing balm.

Special preparation for shielding is not required. In the case when the hair is too weak, it falls out strongly, splits, there is a lot of dandruff or problems with the scalp, it is recommended to consult a trichologist and undergo a course of treatment. Before performing the procedure for a couple of days, it is better to correct the shape of the hairstyle or trim the ends of the hair, if necessary.

Home procedure

You can perform the procedure at home if you purchase special professional tools. In this case it is necessary to do hair shielding, strictly adhering to the instructions included in the package for the preparation. For example, when performing its compositions from Estel, you must act in this order:

  1. Carefully wash your hair with shampoo and dry your hair with a towel.
  2. Using a spray gun, apply a two-phase conditioner and distribute it evenly over the entire length of the strands.
  3. Put your hands on strands Oil Q3 Therapy or Q3 Blond, retreating 2-3 cm from the roots, to the tips. The more damaged they are, the more oil they use.
  4. Comb strands for even distribution of the product.
  5. After 15 minutes, apply Q3 Luxury oil shine, spraying it over the entire length of your hair, and carefully comb it.
  6. Perform hot styling with a hair dryer or ironing.

A couple of days after shielding, it is not recommended to wash your hair in order to better absorb the active ingredients. In the further care, you should use alkaline-free shampoos and apply a balm from electrification of hair after each washing of the head.

Advantages and disadvantages

As with any other procedure, screening has pros and cons. The advantages are greater than the disadvantages. The positive effects for hair include:

  • treatment, hydration and nutrition of the damaged structure of the hair shaft from the inside,
  • easier combing, obedience in laying or no need to do it at all,
  • elimination of excessive fluffiness and tangle of strands,
  • thickening, reducing fragility,
  • increase the volume of hairstyle by about 1/3,
  • appearance of healthy natural shine,
  • the ability to change the shade
  • protection from the harmful effects of the environment,
  • the possibility of holding at home.

On the other hand, there is a not very long period of action due to the gradual leaching of the composition, the high cost of the compositions and the procedure in the salon, the electrification of the hair after washing the head. Hair becomes more rigid and heavy due to increase in their durability. Can not be used for oily hair.

How to spend at home?

For the best shielding effect, the procedure should be carried out periodically. For this you will need:

  • A set of shielding means.
  • Shampoo for deep cleansing.
  • Towel.
  • Hair dryer
  • Comb with rare teeth.
  • Brush for brushing.
  • Clips and hairpins.

Before you begin, you should thoroughly wash your hair to clean the hair from dust, dirt and residues of styling. Hair should be a little dry with a towel, but not until completely dry. The further process depends on the materials you use, the products of different companies require a different number of stages and a different amount of time.

Estelle has two sets of shielding lines: Q3 Blond (for blondes) and Q3 Therapy (for brown-haired women and brunettes). Women who have encountered yellow hair can eliminate this nuisance with the help of Q3 Blond.

Estelle Screening passes in three stages:

  • Apply a two-phase air conditioning spray Q3 INTENSE for severely damaged hair. It will moisturize the hair, strengthen them from the inside and facilitate their combing. After applying, gently comb the hair, start from the ends and gradually move to the roots.
  • Q3 THERAPY oil is designed to normalize the pH balance, additional nutrition and moisture saturation. It seals the inner part of the hair shaft, strengthens it and glues the cuticle scales. This is especially noticeable on the split ends. It is necessary to spray the product on the palm (it is enough to make 1-3 presses, no more), rub the oil between the palms and apply on the strand, stepping back from the roots by about 2 cm.
  • Again, brush your hair. Then proceed to the application of oil-gloss Q3 LUXURY for all hair types. It creates a transparent reflective film. For a perfect result, slightly sprinkle the locks with the product, divide into strands with hairpins, and begin to dry and stretch the curl after the curl with a hot hair dryer and brushing brush. After that, a small amount of the product is again sprayed onto the hair, divided into strands and proceed to the final stretching and drying. If the hair is not very damaged, at the last stage, you can use the iron for the hair.

The advantages of this complex is that it is not very expensive compared to other drugs. Also note its economical use. One box is enough for 6-7 courses.

Glitter hair is noticeable immediately after the first use, and after the third procedure, the hair becomes smooth and docile.

Among the shortcomings it can be noted that the set is not available in regular stores, only in specialized stores for professional cosmetics. Also, girls who have already used such a kit say that oil consumption is not even. That is, when the oils for the first and third stages have already ended, about half of the oils for the second stage remain.

Paul Mitchell

American company Paul Mitchell presents several options for shielding compositions. Shines Clear is designed for standard shielding, and Shines provides not only care, but also tinting. This is very convenient when you want to dye your hair or refresh your color. But keep in mind that such coloring will not be long-term, the tone will wash off after you wash your head several times.

Cosmetic line shielding Paul Mitchell more expensive analogues from Estelle.

The standard colorless shielding kit contains four means:

  • Deep Cleansing Shampoo Shampoo Three Paul Mitchell, which is suitable for all types of hair, saving them from accumulated harmful substances, drugs, damaged pigments, salts and chlorine.
  • Regenerating masks Super-Charged Moisturizer or Instant Moisture Daily Treatment for deep nourishment and hydration.
  • Shielding compound Shine clear
  • Balm for easy combing The detangler with UV protection.

How to carry out the procedure?

The shielding procedure means Paul Mitchell differs from the procedure using the Estelle kit and takes a little longer:

  • My head is deeply cleansing shampoo, in a set provided by Shampoo Three Paul Mitchell, but if you prefer, you can replace it with another shampoo of the same effect. Dry your hair with a towel, removing excess water. Strands should remain slightly wet.
  • Apply conditioner for disentangling or nourishing mask. For healthy hair, The Detangler conditioner is needed for easy combing, it is applied for 2 minutes. Super-Charged Moisturizer and Instant Moisture Daily Treatment masks are designed for intensive moisturizing of porous dry hair. Masks hold from 3 to 5 minutes
  • Rinse off with warm water and dry your head with a hair dryer.
  • If you do transparent shielding, apply Clear Shine. For color shielding, we’ll need PM Shines tinting compound and PM Shines Processing Liquid developer oxide. Apply them to the hair along the entire length with a brush for dyeing, cover the head with polyethylene and leave for 20 minutes. Next, wash off the tint with warm water and a mild shampoo.
  • Apply the Super-Charged Moisturizer Mask and through 3 minutes my head Dry hair hair dryer.

In the funds for the screening of this company from the advantages it can be noted that each tool can be bought separately, that is, if you have finished any one mask, you do not have to buy the whole set.

These remedies very well normalize ph hair and scalp. But to buy it is even harder than the products of the previous company, and the price is much higher.

How is hair shielding done

The process itself is quite simple. Consists of several stages:

  • The head is washed. To do this, use shampoo deep cleansing.
  • The hair is dried with a towel.
  • On the strands cause the first drug, which repairs damage.
  • After the time specified in the instructions, the composition is washed off and the second agent is applied to nourish and moisten the curls.
  • This tool is washed away after waiting for the right time.
  • When the strands are dry, a third gloss is applied. It is not washed off, but simply waiting for the composition to work, and the curls will dry naturally.

For two days after the procedure, you can not wash your hair. During this time, all active ingredients are absorbed. Due to this, it will be possible to provide a more durable result.

Kemon Kit

For straightening and recovery, a set of preparations from this manufacturer will be suitable. In such sets there is a straightening cream for strands, a regenerating agent, as well as an air conditioner that captures the result. These kits are in great demand among professional hairdressers.

Q3 Therapy Estel

These kits are available from Estel for owners of dark and light hair. If you want to remove the yellow tint after painting in blond, choose the Q3 Blond series. For owners of the dark "mane" suitable set Therapy. Natural oils are present in these preparations. Also in the composition is siloxane. This substance is similar to silicone. The set includes a special spray to add shine to the hairstyle.

How to make the procedure at home

The procedure can be performed at home, thereby saving money. It is performed in the same way as in the cabin. However, if you decide to do screening without the help of a professional, it is important to know some nuances:

  • When using a color shielding kit, lubricate the skin near the hair growth zone with petroleum jelly.
  • Apply glove dye.
  • For uniform coloring use a hairbrush. With the help of the comb it is possible to quickly and easily distribute the drug over the entire length of the hair.
  • Strictly follow the instructions from the manufacturer, as some steps may differ from the above manual.

Video: what is better shielding or lamination hair

These are similar techniques. But what are their differences? The answer you will learn from this video. It shows in detail how both procedures are performed and what effect can be achieved after each. It is noted that the screening is the only existing salon procedure that allows you to combine the restoration of the internal structure and staining.

Photos before and after the procedure

Can long list the benefits of screening. But the photos taken before and after this procedure look much more convincing. The pictures show how dramatically the appearance changes. If you want your hairstyle to look well-groomed and neat, and your hair shone - you should definitely try shielding.

Reviews after hair shielding

Find out what other girls think about this technique. Perhaps their opinions will influence your decision.

Anastasia, 27 years old

I like to experiment with my appearance and often change hairstyles. Painting, bleaching, waving - which I just did not try. As a result, my hair became thinned, brittle, the tips were heavily bitten. I have been looking for a remedy for a long time. It turned out that you need to use several tools at once. The shielding literally saved my hair. Hair now looks great. I plan to complete the whole course in order to achieve a lasting effect.

Julia, 22 years old

New hair care products always arouse my interest. Progress does not stand still and in hairdressing, including. I learned about screening not so long ago. Having read about the benefits of such a restoration, I decided to do it on my hair. Used a set from Paul Mitchell. The result exceeded all my expectations. True, the effect did not last long (about a month). It is a pity that the procedure is expensive ... I can not afford to carry it out often.

Alice, 31 years old

After resting on the sea, hair burned out in the sun, looked like a bundle of straw. I signed up for color screening at the salon and have no regrets about this decision. Curls just do not know: voluminous, thick, shiny, smooth, healthy. The color is uniform, saturated. The dream of every girl. Anyone who wants to improve the state of hair, definitely advise you to make a screen. You definitely will not regret!


1. Hair after washing electrify, should be used after shampoo balm.
2. Hair becomes heavier, stiff and can get the form of "icicles".
3. Estelle Q3 Therapy contains siloxane, an analogue of silicone.
4. On healthy hair, the effect is almost invisible.
5. Not suitable for greasy hair.
6. The effect is not long-term, you need to undergo a course of procedures.

2. Screening with Q3 Blond and Q3 Therapy by Estel

• Q3 BLOND is made specifically for blondes and bleached hair, it contains nourishing oils (argan, macadamia nut, camellia), it also contains a purple pigment that neutralizes yellow tint.

• Q3 THERAPY for damaged hair includes: argan oil, macadamia oil and grape seed oil, siloxane.

The procedure consists of 3 phases with special bottles No. 1, No. 2, No. 3

1. Deep cleansing hair with a special shampoo. Drying hair with a towel.

2. The use of funds numbered 1 (two-phase air conditioner Q3 Intense or Q3 Blond). Spray on wet hair over the entire length, after shaking the bottle well. The task of this drug is to moisturize, restore the natural pH level of hair and align the structure of the cuticle, as well as neutralize the yellow shade.

3. Means at number 2 (Oil Q3 Therapy or Q3 Blond) is squeezed in a small amount into the palm and applied over the entire length of the hair, retreating from the roots by 2-3 cm to the tips. Comb hair with large teeth. On the bleached, thin hair put the minimum amount of oil (1-2 clicks of the pump), on the porous, badly damaged and bleached hair, you can put more oil. The task of this drug is nutrition and restoration of damaged hair structure, as well as an increase in density.

4. In conclusion, the tool is used at number 3 (Oil-gloss Q3 Luxury). After 10-15 minutes, spray the preparation with all hair and carefully comb the hair. The tool creates a protective film from heat and UV rays, makes the hair shiny and silky, dyed hair becomes a bright color. Do not abuse the oil-shine on thin hair, so that there is no overload.

5. Be sure to hot styling with a hair dryer or ironing.

The duration of the effect and the number of procedures

The effect of the procedure does not last long: from 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the initial state of the hair. You can repeat the procedure in 1-2 weeks. It is required to carry out 5-10 procedures depending on the standing of the hair. The procedure has a cumulative effect, the more procedures you have done, the less screening will be washed off. Repeated course can be carried out in 6-10 months.

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