Dark hair shatush

Dark hair coloring using shatush technique Natural beauty is the trend of recent seasons. Even if a stylist worked on your image for several hours, this should not be noticeable to others.

Ampoules from hair loss

The best ampoules for hair loss Every day a person loses up to a hundred hairs, this is considered normal. But there are cases when, for some reason, the hair replacement mechanisms on the head are violated, the process of their loss increases, they are thinning.

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How often can you dye your hair?

Hair Dye Paints are divided into resistant and unstable (soft). In the dyes of the first type, you will not find ammonia, and hydrogen peroxide in them will be quite a bit.

Fashionable hair color in 2018 (51 photos)

How to get a beautiful blonde hair color, we select a fashionable shade. Sun glare gives a special charm to the exterior. Curls delight with brilliance and radiance, refreshing the complexion, giving expressiveness to the look.